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| Monday, April 14, 2008

Andy Lau won the Best Supporting Actor award with his performance of The Protege at the Hong Kong Film Awards last night.

It was the first time that Andy win the Best Supporting Actor award and the audience cheered for him for 30 seconds.

He was so excited that he hugged with Eric Tsang, Chapman To, Sammi Cheng, Sandra Ng and Carol Zheng on the stage. Sammi was also excited as she scream out loud before rushing forward, she even asked Carol to walk faster.

Earlier, it was alleged that Chapman To who offended Andy and was forced out of Andy's rented apartment shook Andy's hand for the first time.

Eric Tsang arranged Chapman to present the award to Andy and they hugged each other.

When collected the award, Andy said on the stage that the movie did not differentiate actor and supporting actor: "I'm so excited winning this award, I think it's best not to think so much, I will be happy when I win the award when I attend the ceremony."

It seems that winning the Best Supporting Actor awards symbolize that he will not be winning the Best Actor award, Andy added: "After winning this award ... that means I have no chance of winning the Best Actor award? I don't so much, I will enjoy my fullest of winning this award."

Eric then made fun of Chapman: "How many of your movies were nominated? So many people passed away, why are you still around? I think you also seldom being casted in movies nowadays, are you suffering from some sickness?" Chapman then said: "It's being some time that I fooled around..."

Eric added: "Retribution." Then they both quipped that the "Best Supporting Actor" nominees are good people but do evil things.

Meanwhile, The Warlords also won many other awards which includes Best Cinematography (Arthur Wong Ngok Tai), Best Sound Design (Sunit Asvinikul & Nakorn Kositpaisal), Best Visual Effects (Ng Yuen Fai, Chau Chi Shing & Tracy Kok), Best Costume Make Up Design (Yee Chung Man, Jessie Dai & Lee Pik Kwan), Best Art Direction (Yee Chung Man, Yi Zheng Zhou & Pater Wong), Best Actor (Jet Li), Best Director (Peter Chan Ho Sun) and Best Film.

Protege won Best Film Editing (Eric Kong Chi Leung).

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, SingTao News