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| Monday, April 14, 2008

Recently Andy Lau was in Thailand for location shooting of Taoti White Tea commercial, he transformed into a teacher as he was giving guidance to children from all over the world in a village, teaching them that one must be full of dreams in life, Andy said: "Most unforgettable is to see the school being built from scratch within 2 nights, initially the director had found a school, but when I arrive, the director told me that the king is coming thus the school need to be tear down and rebuilt. When I saw a flat land, we are all stunned. We prepared for the worst as in changing the commercial's story, never expected the Thai told 2 days to rebuilt the school, just in time for us to shoot the commerical."

To accommodate the theme of the commercial, the school need to be painted white, thus the crew members immediately rushed to paint the school white. Upon seeing everybody so hardworking, he also helped to paint the school, he seems skille4d as he told the crew member: "Don't you think artist could not paint, before I become an artist I did many odd jobs, while studying I part-time in a hair salon, become a street market hawker during the summer holidays, I even worked in a transportation company, how would not I don't know painting! When I was young, I woke up at 4 am to help cook porridge as I prepared breakfast for the family, I experience a lot, so colorful."

In the commercial, Andy need to star opposite many children. He teach them in a class room, play on the field.

In a situation of one against more than 10 children in a tug-of-war, they almost pull Andy to the ground, not admitting lost, he asked for help in order to gain victory.

There is a little girl in the commercial named small Gaile, even Andy said that she is very pretty. The director said that the little girl had the potential to become an actress and model!

Click and view the commercial here

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News, Ta Kung Pao