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| Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Warlords which starred Jet Li and Andy Lau was the biggest winner at the 27th Hong Kong Films Awards held two nights ago as it won a total of 8 awards. Media Asia held its celebration party at Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate its movies Protege (2 awards) and The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt (1 award) which also won awards. Other than Shu Qi, Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Zhao Wei, Ann Hui, Derek Yee and Zhang Jingchu, even Best Actor nominee Lau Ching Wah brought his wife Amy Kwok to attend the party to congratulates newly crowned Best Actor Jet Li.

It was a joyful atmosphere at the party as they celebrated with champagnes opening and it last past midnight.

Both Andy and Jet attended the post Hong Kong Film Awards celebration party held at InterContinental Hong Kong before making their way to the Media Asia's party after staying for 45 minutes. When Jet arrived, he was interviewed by many reporters and surrounded by many people which resulted in a little chaos which made Jet raise his eye brow when he alighted from his car. Jet pointed out that he was not very excited of winning the Best Actor because it's just acting as he maintain his normal low profile behavior.

When Andy arrived at the party, he was welcomed by large group of fans whom cheered for him, he also enjoyed the celebration by shaking hands with fans when he leaves the party. He exclaimed that he always tipped Andy to win the Best Actor as Jet's win can be also considered as winning the award himself as he's also excited that his friend win the award.

Andy said: "Frankly said, I'm not disappointed that I didn't win the Best Actor award, I don't think losing to anyone this year is not a disgrace, everyone acted very well, I'm happy losing to someone superior like Jet."

When asked if he would considered marriage and have children, Andy quipped: "Didn't the media said that I'm already married and have children? Asking this question means that I'm not married and not a father, everybody please remember! However, I'll try my best to find a wife and have children."

When talked about Jet declaring that if he win the Best Actor award and will give the award to him, Andy said: "Of course not, he would not be saying this as he had win the award. (This is the blessing of joining Media Asia?) I hope this blessing will remains."

Meanwhile, with regards to The Warlords winning 8 awards together with Jet and Andy's acting winning recognition, Media Asia boss Peter Lam expressed that he's delighted and he would treat all crew members to a meal to celebrate. Peter expressed that his motive of shooting movies is not to win awards but to delight the audience and wanted to shoot more movies. With both Andy and Jet winning awards, Peter sing praise of their performance as Jet win it without his usual kungfu movie and Andy's win is also worth congratulating.

news form: Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News