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| Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gathering actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Wong Jing's new movie Future Cop started shooting last Wednesday (5 November), Bai Long Wang's disciple was invited for the start shooting praying ceremony.

Other than male lead Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu, Mainland China child actress Xu Jiao and Taiwanese handsome young actor Mike He were present for the ceremony.

As Mike had recently inked a contract with TVB, high offical Virginia Lok was present to accompany this "fresh guy". Recently it was reported in magazine that Virginia Lok asked Lin Feng out for meals in order for him to win Best Actor award.

Having won countless awards resulting his name in the Guinness World Record Books, Andy quipped: "Wah! I also wanted to the Best Drama Actor, I wanted to dine with Virginia Lok!"

Virginia Lok had problems with Andy's fast attack, thus after the press conference, she brought Andy and Mike for lunch at Tsim Sha Tsui's Pacific Club.

It had been 9 years since Andy acted in a Wong Jing directed film, their last collaboration were Prince Charming and The Conmen in Vegas. If Andy wanted to return to TVB to shoot drama serials, he sure has the abilities of winning awards in TVB.

news from: Next Magazine

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