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| Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Director's Wong Jing new film Future Cop had already started shooting in Beijing as leads Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu had already made their appearance meeting the media. Reporters had also got the draft drawing of Andy's future cop costume.

The film narrates future cop Andy time travel from 2085 to 2020 to break a case. Normally future cop dressed in western suits, when encounter danger, they will press the button on their leg to transform into armor form which has a laser gun, which is similar to Japanese manga Guyver. Other than Xu Jiao, Fan Bingbing had been announced to be Andy's wife.

Other than Fan Bingbing, another Chinese actress is confirmed to be cast in Future Cop, she is Liu Yang, she will also be a future cop whom collaborate with current cop Barbie to save the society. From our understanding, director Wong Jing is looking forward at these 3 beauties partnering with Andy, he said: "Liu Yang is a new Oriental beauty discovery, I feel that through this movie, people will be able to witness a new performance from a Mainland China actress, I really hope that Liu Yang can seize this chance, I also looking forward to see her image and acting."

news from: Beijing Daily News, xkb.com.cn

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