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| Thursday, August 04, 2005

Andy Lau's professionalism is never being doubted!

Earlier, he was shooting for GQ magazine under the hot sun and his face is stil full of smiles, so how he obtain happiness in his work? He quipped: "All of you are being chase after by work while my work are my own request."

He relate this to fishing, "With the fishing rod on hand, how could your hand be tired?" Andy whom always read Buddhist book has his own way of looking at life, he quoted that instead of holidaying overseas, why not stay at home to cook and iron clothes, andy says: "I'm care-free most of the time, why stressing on weekend?"

Andy also has his own understanding in relationships, he said even he returned to become 20-years-old, he'll still not put importance on love, he admit that he not a person that live and die for love, now being more than 40-years-old, then he had time for someone he loved.

news from: Liberty Times