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| Thursday, August 04, 2005

Every fan wanted to enter the inside world of Andy Lau as his composition reflects his inside world, he composed 5 songs in his latest album, so what does the 5 songs revealed about his inside world?

Andy said that although 'Heng Xin Yi Ke' (A Cruel Lesson) is a love song but the idea came from Leslie Cheung who committed suicide. He and Leslie can be considered to have enter showbiz around the same time, when they were yet so popular, they learn singing from the same singing instructor and become good friends. When both of them make a name for themselves and busy with each others' work, they seldom keep in contact with each other, thus when Leslie committed suicide and Anita Mui passed away, it gave him a huge feeling.

"I was thinking, god wanted to remind us the importance of friends but should not bring them away, that kind of feeling is like what I read what was written in a book by my idol - James Dean, when his mother passed away, he cried infront of his mother's grave and asked why his mother wanted to use this way to tell him the importance of family love?"

Everyone need to lost something before knowing what's cherish, this is what Andy had learnt from James Dean, from family love, friendship and love relationship, which trigger Andy to write A Cruel Lesson to remind himself and the fans to know about "cherish".

With regards to what ways he used to cherish love? Andy maintain his low profile on love relationship and refuse to reveal anything, he says: "I'm not married or have children, if I'm married, I'll tell the fans."

news from: Liberty Times, Ming Pao