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| Thursday, August 04, 2005

After becoming a fatso, muscular man and old man in his movies, Andy Lau's next step is to be a wild man whom will meet a sassy modern girlfriend!

Andy had been in showbiz for more than 20 years, winning his fans with his friendliness and way of handling things, he also made new attempts in his work and seek changes. With a tag of "forever idol", Andy is willing to put down his idol tag and become a fatso in Love On A Diet, a muscular man in Running On Karma, he also become a 80-years-old in his new movie - A Child's Dream.

Andy carves for those "non-idol" roles, he said: "There are many things in life which you can't encounter in real life, meanwhile I get to experience them in my movies."

So what's the next step of the heavenly king? "Hehehe, this is a big secret!" He then revealed that he wanted to be a wild man and get to have a love relationship with a sassy modern woman.

"I've discussed about this project for 3 years, but it was still in the works." The heavenly king wanted to take up the challenge of becoming a wild man, it sounds attractive, he revealed on the image wise, it won't be those old times wild man but a more modern version, "The face feature will be as outstanding as a wild man, whole body full of hair, just an image of a wild man will do."

When talked about movies, Andy becomes energetic, he continues to narrates the story: "I thought of the female lead to be from the city, a high rank officer working in Central, love the nature and jet around alone, during one of her trip, she landed at a deserted island and met this wild man......"

The story will structure around modern and adventures, Andy stand up to act a bit as he explains, the reporter remind him that the male lead is a wild man whom can't speaks. Andy then follows up: "I thought of that too, after the male and female lead meet each other, they can't communicate through conversation and need to depend on body language."

Although Andy refuse to reveal his love life in the realistic world but in his movie dream, he revealed his desire in love, "What's the difference between love expression of civilisation and uncivilisation? Maybe for the wild man's expression might just gave the opposite party a punch and drag her for sex."

Wow! Andy's skills of scripting gathers selling points of fantasy and realistic sexual points, from his narrative of his dream movie, we know that he's an expert in story telling and a movie company boss that know the commercial selling point of his movies, he had the stuffs to transform from an idol to a talented Best Actor!

news from: Liberty Times