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| Thursday, September 15, 2005

For this month, Andy Lau seldom appeared in Hong Kong as since the end of August, he had started his Mainland China concert tour in 9 different venues as he will go to Xi-an, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Linxi, Wuhu, Shengyang, Hailing, Changsha and Guiyang, in between he'll stop by Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

He'll be jetting around in a private jet plane with the number B3993, being on a plane more than on buses is not exaggerating as the B3993 would be jetting Andy and his crew members around 25 times in China within this month.

Normally the audience capacity for a concert is 50,000, this is just the official ticket sales figure from the organiser as those whom didn't buy tickets and entered the venue by climbing over the wall was not included. In the earlier concert in Wuhu, the chaotic situation appeared as "illegal" audience were standing in lines. It's estimated that there would be a total of 600,000 million audience watching his 9 concerts. In just a space of 1 year (as he had a concert tour in China last year), the audiences' continue craze of him is amazing, no wonder the Chinese claimed that Andy's popularity in China is uncomparable, looking at the stats of this tour, indeed it is uncomparable.

With his uncomparable popularity in China, in fact Andy hardly move around as to prevent chaotic situation, during his tour, other than rehearsal, sleeping and perform, most of the time he was locked up in his room reading scripts, watch movies to kill time. Despite that, Andy still seek happiness himself as on the plane, in his hotel room, the field outside the hotel, he also can find his own joy. You might have seen his steady and handsome look onstage, we'll show you the precious shots of him when he's offstage as he disturb air stewardess, seek happiness with his "other half" or imitating a crab....

At his Xi-an stop, he screams after entering his hotel room: "Quick come and see, someone on the bed!" It was actually a teddy bear soft toy arranged by the caring hotel staff, Andy took the bear to hug and refuse to let go. Andy travelled many places to perform, thus he can sleep with a bed, he had no particular request on hotel as he bring along his own sanitizing lotions. Since a fan found hiding under his hotel room's bed when he was filming A World Without Thieves in Lanzhou, nowadays he always checked under his bed when he first entered the hotel room.

Talking about B3993 which can carry 8 passengers. It's easier arranging flight time for a private jet, injuries can be prevented as it will be a chaotic situation wherever Andy appeared in airport as his nose once poked by the pen of a fan asking for autographs, sometimes custom staffs would also seek a closed-door autograph session. However, using a private jet had a rare sight as hundreds will stand on the landing track surrounding the plane to welcome him.

Recently, Andy love to perform magic as a Taiwanese magician passed him the tricks. Audience is needed for a magician, other than the crew members becoming audience of his magic show, the air stewardess became his new target as they were smiling when Andy made them happy with his magic performance.

Why he like to perform magic, Andy says: "I feel that magic is incredible as a small magic trick can make one happy, that's the incredible part of magic. I would like to learn magic overseas and could be of good use in my concerts..."

Seldom Andy had chance to tour around, during his Wuxi stop, there was a gaint crab on the big field of the hotel that he was staying, he wanted to play with it upon alighting from his car, of course his crew members disallow him. After his concert, he's taking an early flight to Zhengzhou, as it was early in the morning, on seeing nobody on the open field, Andy immediately alight from the car and imitate the carb as warm-up before climbing onto the gaint crab.

He stayed on the crab for a total of 5 minutes and sang the Commercial Radio promotional song!

news from: MingPao