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| Saturday, September 17, 2005

Around 16:42 hrs yesterday, Andy Lau whom many fans anticipated his arrival had finally came to Shengyang as tonight at 19:30 hrs, it would be another sleepless night at Wulihe Stadium.

It was understand that Andy will arrive in Shengyang around 16:40 hrs yesterday as since 15:00 hrs, thus our reporters were on their way to Taoxian Airport.

Around 16:42 hrs, Andy's little private jet plane landed, it was thought that it would be a large entourage but it turns out to be 7-8 person, the reporter stand afar at the fence to see the appearance of Andy. Being the last one to alight from the plane, he wore a black T-shirt with white trousers. He swiftly board a grey salon car among the crowded fans.

Around 20:35 hrs, a causual Andy wearing the same black T-shirt and white trousers appeared at Wulihe Stadium for rehearsal, his opening song is 'Mei Chi Xing Lai'. He appeared serious onstage but occassionally still reveals his smiles and mischief self. After singing 2 songs, Andy begins to practice his dancing.

After singing 'Chang Mian', when the sound system was undergoing some tuning, Andy seize the chance to sing Only You. He complete his rehearsal around 21:00 hrs as he sang a total of 4 songs seriously.

news from: huash.com