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| Thursday, September 15, 2005

Andy Lau was interviewed by Commercial Radio's Teapot programme as he expressed that his skin became sensitive after the makeup sessions during the shooting of the movie - Wait Till You're Older but it had recovered up to 80%. He exclaimed that he don't like makeup as he once vent his anger during makeup, he was worried that he need to makeup until he looked like a 70-years-old in his upcoming movie - Cao Tsu-lung.

Earlier Andy had recommend the parents of 7-years-old Cen Haoran whom got chopped by 2 men to watch Wait Till You're Older as he thinks the story is suitable for them.

When talked about artistes complaining of the service from the staffs of Disneyland, Andy thinks that the problem might be due to the foreign workers or they yet to watch his customer service advertisment. Andy declare that he will go to the Disneyland but he would visit it during the Chinese New Year when most people goes overseas.

Due to his unhappiness of Commerical Radio's way of calculating points in their music awards which leads to their relationship turning sour as he had not attended their award ceremonies for many years, as the year is coming to an end, Cha Xiao Xin asked him if he would start to carve for awards? Andy quipped: "Every year I'll be carving for awards, but if I can win the top awards in Commercial Radio music awards, I'm not sure how to handle the situation as I can't accept people booing me." Andy was meaning that he had absent himself from the ceremony for so many years, if he attend and win an award, allegations will fly.

news from: Oriental Daily News