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| Friday, September 16, 2005

Maggie Cheung wore a cleavage showing low-cut blouse to attend the opening ceremony of a well-known watch shop in Shanghai yesterday.

Having filmed so many movies throughout the years, Maggie had some reflections of her movie career, she found out during her break: "Collaborationg with Andy Lau in As Tears Goes By was my most happy experience." It's because the earlier supporting roles she got didn't gave her any feeling whereas later roles also didn't satisfy her much. Maggie says: "I'm very satisfied with my collaboration with Andy then as we were both starting to mature, furthermore, thinking of the movie also made it so special as the whole production team was mature and creative, I personally feel that it's a good enjoyment."

When reporter asked if she had watched Andy's Wait Till You're Older which had just opened in the cinema, Maggie exclaimed that she had yet watch it but she believed that Andy is not only a hardworking but also a talented actor.

news from: Youth Daily (Shanghai)