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| Monday, September 12, 2005

Andy Lau and several other of the cast of the movie - Wait 'Til You're Older which includes Lam Ka Tung, Felix Wong and 2 child actors (Jacky Wong and Sit Lap Yin) as they appeared at Metro City Plaza for Wait Till You're Older activity as it attracted many onlookers which jam packed the shopping mall.

Andy fans were present to show their support with large cupboards and screams when Andy made an appearance. A "childhood revisit" competition was also held with Felix and Lam as the judges where 2 pairs of children went onstage to play the old and young character as they followed Andy to say out the dialogue from the movie.

Andy also demostrate playing shuttlecock.

When one female audience was asked to throw a basketball into the net, instead she kept looking at Andy as he quipped: "Don't look at me, looked at the net, I feel so embarrasses when you looked at me."

It can be seen that the 2 child actors were very sticky to Andy as they kept hugging to Andy as he expressed that they become very familiar with one another during the shooting of the movie.

When asked if he feel that Sit Lap Yin whom played when he was a boy looked like him in what ways, Andy express that it's Sit's character which is optimistic but when shooting starts initially, Sit was rather quiet but after communicating with Andy long enough, he became more open.

Andy expressed that he like to act with children as getting along with them made him feel like a father but they seems hard to be controlled when attending activity, just like when Andy was playing the shuttlecock, the children kept running around and almost injured a dashing boy, where a shocked Andy claimed: "How can I borne a boy of such age, how am I going to compensate!"

Concidentally, it was also Jacky's birthday and Andy whom birthday also fall in this month sang birthday song for him while Felix paste some cake on Jacky's face.

When asked when will he visit the injured Cen Haoran, Andy expressed that he had sent a card to him earlier and he was discharged and staying in a friend's house. Andy expressed that he had ways to contact him, other than paying him a visit, Andy also hope to visit his granny as she need some mental conselling.

With the Disneyland opened, when asked if he would go there to enjoy himself, Andy expressed that it might have to wait till next year during the off-peak period then he would have time to go to Disneyland as he was currently busy with his concerts in Mainland China and jetting off to Beijing for the shooting of Mo Zi Gong Yue.

However Kelly Chen had complaints of unpolite treatment from Disneyland's staff. Andy expressed that it might be due to the high expectation of Disneyland from Kelly and a special case, but there should be a problem since Kelly had complaint since she's not a trouble-maker. Actually people will complain when people support it. Andy added that this Disneyland represented Hong Kong and hope Disneyland rectify the problem.

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