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| Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In line with romantic love story movie - All About Love which will be screened in Malaysia on 20 October, the male and female lead - Andy Lau and Charlene Choi had accepted the invitation from the movie's distributor AOE Worldwide to arrive in Malaysia to promote the movie on 12 October as they will get close with local fans. Then, they will personally introducing the touching movie to fans, it would be 2 years since Andy came to Malaysia to promote his movie, it's a rare chance that he'll be bring Charlene along with him to meet the Malaysian fans, believed it would be anticipating for the fans.

The 2 megastars would only stay in Malaysia for 1 day thus their schedule would be packed. Upon arrival, they will attend a press conference in the afternoon before going to Berjaya Times Square Shopping Center to meet and played games with their fans, then they would attend the premiere of the movie at GSC Times Square. The movie's distributor would reveal more details of their schedule in a later date, thus for those fans whom like to meet them should take note!

All About Love is a production of Focus Film and directed by Derek Yu, it would premiere in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Mainland China on 20 October. After the album, comic and radio drama of the same name, a novel of the same name would be launched soon, fans could also see Andy, Charlene and Charlie Yeung on the silver screen in the movie of the same name, then All About Love would create a stir! Fans could also visit the movie's official website - www.allaboutlovethemovie.com

news from: China Press