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| Tuesday, September 13, 2005

For this year's Golden Horse Film Awards, it was trying for a Andy-Amara combination, if Korean megastar Lee Young-Ae Amara did arrive for the event, she would pair up with her "first lover" Andy Lau to present the Best Actress award.

As the Golden Horse Film Awards seek to go international, it sent invitations to international artistes and movie-makers to attend it's award ceremony at Keelung on 13 November as it focus on Lee Young-Ae. It tried to contact the agent that had helped them invite Kim Min, Choi Ji Woo and Kim Yun-Jin in previous ceremonies to invite Lee, even the Government Information Office which funds the Golden Horse is concern of the matter.

Golden Horse (GH) did invite Lee for the ceremony 2 years ago, but she was then busy shooting Jewl In the Palace thus she had to give it a miss. This year, Lee had just completed the shooting of the movie - Chin-jeol-han Geum-ja-ssi (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) which was participating in the 62nd Venice Film Festival, currently she had no projects on hand. The GH heard that Lee can't forget her collaboration with Andy Lau in a commercial when she first entered showbiz, with Andy being the Best Actor last year, if Lee agrees to come to Taiwan, thus she will present the Best Actress award with Andy.

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