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| Sunday, September 09, 2007

Heavenly King Andy Lau's love life always makes one curious, earlier he was being asked about his love life by the compere Chen Ya-ling in Sanlih E-Television's Taiwan Light Up, he said: "It seems that this is a mystery that I owned everyone, however love life is a topic of after 40 years-old, it should be managed properly."

Andy brought his figure Andox along to attend the programme, when asked by Chen Ya-ling when would he really have a real son, Andy expressed: "This is destiny, I should not arrange this." He also added that if he has a family and children, he would spend two third of his time on his children, thus he would have lesser time to appear on TV.

Andy said that he had always admired female with long hair, he quipped: "When I'm young, I feel that Ling Ching-hsia is too pretty, thus the long hair image leave me a deep impression." He also said that short hair is fine for him, he don't have too much stand on this.

Andy has a deep impression of the enthusiasm of Taiwanese, he once dine in a Kaohsiung restaurant seven years ago, the boss asked him to autograph on his shirt, he went back to the restaurant every year since then, he said: "I've autographed 6 times."

In addition, Hong Kong's Apple Daily News announced Hong Kong's Showbiz Most Influential Chart which list 50 most influential persons, topping the list is the creator of TVB and Taiwan's TVBS Sir Run Run Shaw and his wife, Infernal Affair's investor Media Asia boss Peter Lam was second, Andy Lau and Stephen Chow were at number 8 and 9 respectively, they are the highest ranking artistes.

news from: udn news, Taiwan Apple Daily News