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| Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear faithful readers and visitors of AndyLauSounds,

I managed to register the domain name and host the blog in a paid server, running on Wordpress platform. The site will be presented in a more professional style and has more content i.e. video streaming.

Currently the site is still under construction and still have rooms for improvements. Do drop by the new site and check it out. Do feel free to give any suggestions to make ALS a better site by sending an email to andylausounds@hotmail.com.

For latest news, go to the new site. Thanks.

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Earlier reporter revealed for the first time couple photograph of Andy Lau and Carol Zhu Liqian in 24 years.

Inside the photographs, there is also a secret little girl around 6-years-old, her face resemble Andy. She could be the alleged daughter of Andy!!

Insert: Andy and Carol spotted together in Malaysia, both wearing white T-shirt as they discuss with friends about their wedding.

Insert: When Andy is in Malaysia, a little girl around 6-7 years old was spotted within the premise of Zhu's father condominium.

Insert: The little girl has a rounded face, looked rather "handsome", her eyes and nose resemble Andy. She's active and cute.

Insert 1: Andy and Carol were seated side by side in the restaurant. Carol always have a lookout around the restaurant.

Insert 2: After 7-8 family members and friends arrived at the restaurant, Andy appeared very familiar with them as once seated, he kept chatting with them and also broke into laughter.

Insert 1: "Soon-to-be-groom" Andy kept laughing and communicate with them. A happy Andy kept talking as if it's his personal talk show.

Insert 2: Sitting by the side of Andy, Carol also kept talking.

Insert: When excited, Andy stand up and raise his T-shirt to show his abs, apparently saying that he need to keep fit. Carol nob her head in agreement, they seem to have good chemistry.

Insert 1: Andy was full of expression when talking, Carol kept quiet and sat by his side.

Insert 2: In front of Andy, Carol was so lovely, Andy was like the head of the family discussing matters.

Insert: At Carol's Kuala Lumpur apartment, it was full of wedding decoration, it's like preparing for wedding.

Insert: Hardly Andy and Carol were back in Malaysia, a normally hardworking Carol's father whom seldom on leave stayed at home awaiting the visiting of friends and relatives.

Insert 1: Andy's April wedding will be held at Malaysia 5-star hotel Berjaya Times Square 14th storey ballroom, there will be tight security for the wedding to be held successfully. The boss of the hotel is Carol's uncle. Last year, Carol's sister wedding also held at the same venue.

Insert 2: Andy's present for Carol will be the house worth $70 million at the remote area of Kuala Lumpur. After buying the house, Carol's family all moved in with her.

Insert: The song Longtime Companion in Andy's latest album is a wedding present for Carol. He recently describe longtime companion in a radio station interview: "Both should love each other and get used to it, when everyone did not want to be calculative, two persons' life slowly become one person's life. There is no perfect companion, love is to withstand gain and lost, change your own path, it's a big knowledge, and cannot be discuss easily." The song Longtime Companion represent Andy's outlook in love, it's hot and warm during wooing, after some time it will be wishing for eternity ....

Insert: It was spotted by reporter that a banner was hang inside Carol's apartment which is a blessing wish for a son.

Insert: For many years, the only relationship that Andy admitted was his 3-years relationship with Taiwanese Yu Kexin, he never talked about Zhu Liqian who always stay by his side quietly to be the woman behind his back. She did not asked for any return for her sacrifice. In recent years, Andy's attitude begin to soften as the relationship slowly surface.

In 1986, Carol came in third in Malaysia Miss Modern pagnent. Being Andy's fan, she came to Hong Kong to take beauty courses and was introduced to Andy by a good friend, they become an item.

In 1992, it's alleged that Andy bought an apartment in Kandoorie Hill to stay with Carol whom was spotted in out of the apartment.

In 1995, it's alleged that both bought a love house in Penang, it was also reported that Carol become an employee of Andy's TeamWork Production.

In 1998, it's alleged that Andy brought Carol to dine with George Lam and his wife, Andy introduce Carol as his wife.

In 2000, a magazine photographed Carol walking in and out of Andy's Kandoorie Hill apartment and also used the same nanny car. In the same year, it was said that Andy sponsor Carol to set up a travel agency, the employee addressed her as Mrs. Lau.

In April 2001, Carol was spotted bringing a little girl to watch movie. At the end of the same year, Carol was spotted at Andy's concert with a little girl.


In December 2001, when Andy was interviewed by a radio station, he admit that he had someone that he loved as he hope to get married within 3 years and have children. When asked who is the woman, he said: "I don't need to say anything!" It kinda of declaring Carol's status.

In September 2003, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Carol was spotted shopping in Causeway Bay with Andy's nanny car.

In January 2008, Carol was spotted at the last night of Andy's concert. Andy told reporters: "Anyone whom had watched my concert is my angel!" Hinting her as his guardian angel.

In May 2008, East Weekly photographed Andy attending Carol's wedding dinner in Malaysia, he went onstage to sing and teach them what to do on their wedding night as if he's one of the host family member.

In December 2008, when Andy stage his concert in Singapore, Carol, her mother, sister and her husband entered the venue after the stadium started to watch the concert, among them is a 6-7 years old little girl.

In February 2009, Andy's latest album has a song titled Longtime Companion. When interviewed by media, he always talked about wedding and family.

news from: ent.tom.com

Heavenly king superstar Andy Lau had not stepped onto the stage in Guangdong for more than 10 years. Finally in 2009, he's back with the brand new "Wonderful World" performance. On 20 March, Andy Lau's Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour will arrive at Guangdong's Olympic Stadium, on 1 April it will switch to Foshan Lian Century Stadium, the audience will be able to enjoy the charisma of the heavenly king among his classic songs.

It is known that for this concert tour, a total of $70 million is invested, Andy had prepared this for a long time in order to present his best to the audience. No matter the stage design, production, costume or sound system, a perfectionist Andy did not miss out any details as he want everything to be the best in order to give audience the best enjoyment. For a wonderful world stage effect, the production team invest heavily for the world's most advanced sound system which included the huge LED screen imported from Japan. The LED screen is able to follow the stage effects to combine with it, their perfect combination will make the LED a background for the stage.

At the opening, Andy will be dressed as an astronaut landing onto the venue, this effect will be shown on the giant LED screen, this is the first time in Chinese concerts. In addition, the side of the stage will be extended, together with colorful light effects, surely it will give the audience a stunning experience.

When come to songs, Andy will be share with fans his best songs. He would be singing 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui', 'Ben Xiao Hai', Bing Yu' and 30 other classic songs. Among the classic songs, he would also sing a few new songs which was included in the new album recently released on Valentine's Day. Andy hope that he would be able to sing I Wish as he wanted to give his love to all Guangdong fans.

Other than classic songs, Andy will also include magic performances and dances. One thing to mention is that the dance choreographer is Hong Kong dancing circle well known Mui Cheuk-yin, Mui will be using her famous "walking between modern and traditional, western and oriental" style that she had performed in numerous international dance festivals. Under her guidance, Andy will be presenting his "new dancing king" charisma.

When talked about the theme of the concert, Andy called it Wonderful World because he wanted to bring a perfect beautiful world to everybody. Andy revealed that Wonderful World is his own wish as he hope to use this to present his blessing to human and earth, showing off high tech stage technologies, experience space travel journey, also symbolize the world entering a brand new world, he will show off all his skills in the more than 3 hours concert as he recall the exciting moments in 2008. These includes China's first space walk, Beijing Olympic Games and others. Despite the current economy downturn, Andy hope that through this concert, he would share his optimism and never say die attitude to fans, encourage them for a new beginning in the new year, be more optimistic of their own life!

The Wonderful World concerts kick off in Hong Kong at the end of 2007, the 16-nights shows broke the record of total sold out within 2 days of ticket sale. With regards to this, Andy expressed: "For 20 years all of you have supported me and endured me till today, I suddenly find out that my career is like this stage, on this stage, there is you and me, together everything we walked through these 20 years."

The Andy Lau Wonderful World concert in Guangzhou and Foshan will be produced by experienced Guangzhou Yao-Star center, advance concert tickets booking had already started.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, February 23, 2009

During yesterday's launch of Andy World Club Shanghai, Andy Lau swear: "If currently I have children, I'm willing to use my whole life's luck to exchange!"

After such affirmation, Andy added that if he has a family in future, he's willing to retire from showbiz for a happy family.

With regards to allegation that he would collaborate with Gillian Chung to support her comeback into showbiz, Andy said that he personally support Gillian to make a comeback but currently there is no plan of collaboration.

Andy who will be staging his solo concert in Changsha on 10 April, thus the organizer arranged a female from Changsha to perform magic with him.

In the magic performance yesterday, Andy's "cutting up of live person" and "change costume when tied up" have professional standards.

When interviewed, Andy exclaimed that he always has an interest in magic and revealed that he was once a student of famous magician Lu Chen. He said: "When I attended his shows in the past, he taught me a few magic tricks, the basics of playing with poker cards."

There are news that Andy will collaborate with Jay Chou in a magic related movie, Andy confirmed this and said: "I have already received the script, read it and know the basic story and characters, but to start shooting would have to wait for one year later."

Andy revealed that he would collaborate with director Tsui Hark in Detective Dee next. With regards to him revealing that he would like to become a director, Andy expressed that he does not have any suitable script currently, he says: "I hope I can direct my first film in 2011."

In 2006, Twins announced themselves as Andy World Club members. It was reported last week that Andy dine with Emperor Group's Albert Yeung Sau-Shing to discuss of a collaboration in a film with Gillian to help her comeback. Charlene Choi and other artistes also join in the dinner.

With regards to this, Andy denies: "I only met with Mr. Alfred, we never discuss of a collaboration with Gillian, also didn't discuss it with Charlene."

However, Andy express: "I feel sad for Gillian. I'm not sure if she will return to showbiz, if she decide to make a comeback, hope that everyone can give her a relax environment." Although there are several negative feedback on Gillian's comeback, but Andy still support her by saying: "I support her!"

Andy who recently release his latest Cantonese album Love.Hope which resulted the media to look into his love life. Actually last year it was reported that he brought Carol Zhu Liqian to watch his concert and media said that he had a twin daughters.

Andy once asked his fans: "If one day your idol get married and have children, will all of you accept it?" This made people guess if Andy is pathing the way to announce his love life.

Actually the fans always tell Andy: "Hope you can have a family soon, we will still support you the same way as we do...."

With regards to this, Andy said: "Please don't always think that I have children, or said that I tried to cover up that I have children. If I have, surely I'll not cover up." Andy even swear in front of the media, "If currently I have children, I'm willing to used my whole life's luck to exchange!"

Meanwhile, he also expressed that if he is to get married one day, he will tell everyone in Andy World Club. When asked what he would choose between family and career, Andy answers: "At most I retire from showbiz because I still have so many fans."

In addition, it was found out that purchasing the Changsha concert tickets would entitle fans to a free photo album of Andy.

news from: ent.qq.com, Sina.com, ent.tom.com

Andy Lau became the first Hong Kong artiste to set up a fan club in Shanghai as he specially jet off to Shanghai and attended the setting up ceremony at Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre yesterday.

It was a crowded atmosphere as close to thousands of fans attended. Andy expressed that he hope to set up fan club in other Mainland China cities.

At Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre, fans from all cities of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, even fans from Japan gathered to celebrate the setting up of the fan club in Shanghai.

Among the fans attended, several are of special identities, one of them is a doctor from Sichuan as he expressed that he always learn the help people spirit of Andy. In addition, a family of three different generations are members of the fan club, this allow the family which initially has dispute to have a common topic to discuss. There was another fan whom suffered from cancer previously but managed to win the battle against cancer under the encouragement of Andy.

With the song 'Mei Li De Hui Yi' (literally translated as Beautiful Memories) playing in the background, Andy World Club bus drove in. Andy wore a white western suit with a gold tie and a white shoes, he was dressed as if he's prince charming. Andy alighting from the bus symbolize AWC had arrived in Shanghai, it also symbolize that this bus will travel all areas in Mainland China to meet fans.

Andy exclaimed that he's very familiar with the fans that attended the event as he always take out time to attend his fan club activities because he enjoy the family feeling with his fans. He think that his fans is like his family, if the fans need help can approach him, even it's money issue, all the fans has to do is to tell him.

Andy's two sons Andox and Box also changed new costumes when attending the event. They sang their single 'Zhong Guo Niu' (literally translated as China Ox), they also seize the chance to show off their talent, going through a popularity test to show who is the better one, the audience greeted them with loud applause. Andox and Box said that they wanted to thank Andy as they think likewise every fans would also want to thank Andy.

At the beginning of the event, Andy quipped: "I'm going to introduce my girlfriend," actually the female is his assistant in the magic performance. Andy performed magic tricks which includes putting a sword through a beauty and changing costume for a female crew member, the tricks stunned the fans.

After the changing costume trick, the female crew member quipped that she was worried that her clothes will be gone after the trick, Andy then quipped: "I've already change away your undergarment, you can check if you don't believe." The female crew member quickly change a topic.

Andy also sang his classic songs where the fans sang along with him. The duet bring the event to its highest point. Andox and Box then brought a car key onto the stage, Andy twist and turn the key as the giant screen show Shanghai map followed by the map of China.

Andy said: "I'm delighted to see that I've the support of so many fans, I'm so touched, I hope to have more interaction with Chinese fans thus I set up a fan club in Mainland China, I also hope that there will not be differences between fans of all over the world and all supported each other."

The fans took turns to give Andy presents and flowers, Andy also cut a huge cake to celebrate the setting up of the fan club as he spend a happy two hours with the fans.

After the gathering, Andy was interviewed by the media. When asked about news that Albert Yeung Sau-Shing seek help from him to help in Gillian Chung's comeback. Andy said that he dine with Albert to discuss on film collaborations and did not talk about Gillian's comeback.

When asked if he support Gillian comeback into showbiz. Andy said: "Of course I'll support her. She's an artiste and got hurt too, she lost her idea on how to continue. If she's ready to comeback, we should give her our blessing, if she leave showbiz quietly, we shall not go and disturb her."

Andy whom will be participating in the shooting of Mainland China 60th anniversary film tribute Founding Great and collaborate with Tsui Hark for the first time in Detective Dee. Andy revealed that he would start shooting for Founding Great next week and the shooting of Detective Dee will start in May.

Andy revealed that he learn his magic tricks from Lu Chen. When asked if he would be joining the cast of Jay Chou's Secret 2, Andy said: "I only have initial communication with Jay, whether I would be joining the cast would have to wait for one year before deciding."

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Sing Pao, Ta Kung Po, Headline Daily, Sina.com, ent.qq.com, ent.163.com