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| Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earlier it was reported that hacker hacked into Andy Lau's mask change shifu Peng Denghuai's e-mail account and published some of their e-mail exchange into online forums. Days earlier, a fan jumped into the sea while shouting: "Andy Lau will come to save me!" Facing all these allegations, Andy didn't step out and reply on these allegations. When interviewed by reporters on the telephone, Andy expressed that he does not wish to become an "unsteady element" and added that he had reached the most important part of his rehearse for his 13 September concert, he does not wish to allow such matters affect him. Meanwhile, the organizer revealed that tickets were sold out at Ma An Shan, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou, the remaining 800 tickets in Nanjing is not enough for the city, its expected that tickets for Nanjing concert will also be sold out by next week.

Artistes whom have their privacy invaded does not limit to Andy only, last year Gillian Chung of Twins was being photographed when she was changing at the backstage during her concert, many artistes came out to support her, Andy and other artistes participated in a "anti-paparazzi" activities as he said the paparazzi's action is immoral. When he attended the hepatitis prevention press conference, Andy expressed his anger against the paparazzi as they should not invade artist's privacy, "Artistes appeared in the media rather often, no matter when they would have to maintain a good image, they tried their best to smile in front of the camera, but that does not represent that artist has no privacy. Take me for example, I seldom discuss about my love life and family matters, that's my bottom line."

When comparing to his actions toward Gillian's incident and his low profile handling of the recent allegations, Andy did not step up to express his views. So it means that these incidents had not exceed his bottom line? When asked by reporters, Andy finally gave in and revealed the reason, most importantly he does not want to stir up the matters, he said: "I would always replied to any matters in the past which resulted the matter being blown up and others may be brought into the picture, this is not what I wanted to see."

Meanwhile, in order to gave Nanjing's audience a good performance, Andy also does not wish these non-important matters affect his condition. He said: "Currently is the most important part of my rehearsal, I'm in tip top condition and very confident. I anticipating the reviews from the audience."

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Organized by Taipei FM107.7 and Hit FM, Hito 100 Celebrities D.I.Y caps Auction will be held from 5 - 15 September 2007, each cap will have a starting bid price of a dollar, all earnings of this auction will be donated to Chung Hwa Children Organization Children Care Association to be used as its consultation fees, hoping to do some part to help the children.

It had been two months since the auction had approached celebrities to D.I.Y their caps. Andy Lau, Jay Chou, A*mei, Wang Li-hom, Stefanie Sun Yanzi, Elva Hsiao, S.H.E, May and many other heavenly kings and queens do their part for this charity event, although some of the celebrities' drawings are primary school level, some are worried that their drawing are not presentable, however their sincerity is shown.

For the best effect, many celebrities brought the cap home to draw on their free time. Andy changed from the traditional way of leaving his signature, instead he drew a "hua" stamp on the cap.

Bid for Andy's D.I.Y cap here

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, August 27, 2007

Enjoy the style and comfort of a superstar.

Mobile phone supplier LG and mega Hong Kong singer/actor Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) collaborate to please all users with captivating elegance. Coming as slide-cover model, the multi-media cell phone, LG KE970 Shine x Andy Lau, features a striking crystal screen. It's also equipped with a high quality 2 mega pixel lens for precise picture taking, messaging support and game accessibility. As far as music fans are concerned, they can look forward to listen to MP3, AAC and AAC+ formatted music sources in superior quality.

The phrase engraved on the phone was picked by Lau himself and means, "If you are virtuous, paradise awaits you everywhere". It can be traced back to Buddhist teachings and should come as a useful reminder to all users to be reasonable and kindhearted at all times.

Buy from YesAsia @ US$439.99

| Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Protege which had done very well in the box office with more than HK$20 million collected but it only had one nomination in the upcoming 12th Bauhinia Awards which surprised many.

On the 12th Bauhinia Awards press conference yesterday, Protege; Curse of the Golden Flower and After this Our Exile were included into the Top 10 Mandarin Films which surprised everyone!

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

Earlier, Andy was in Taiwan as he attended and was interviewed in Variety Show of Mr. Con and Ms. Csi. During the interview, Andy revealed that he would have "natural body reaction" when he shooting intimate scenes during movie shooting.

Among them is his collaboration with Maggie Cheung in As Tears Goes By, a bra-less Maggie was wearing a translucent top which make him unforgettable after one look.

Andy whom had collaborated with many actresses, among them Idy Chan is the most memorable, Anita Mui is his best "brothers", Rosamund Kwan is the most beautiful and Maggie Cheung is the most sexy. Andy narrates that when he collaborated with Maggie in As Tears Goes By many years ago, there was an intimate scene when he was only wrapped in a towel from waist down, while a bra-less Maggie was wearing a translucent top which reveal her figure, Andy sing praise: "She's very sexy."

When shooting intimate scene, Andy admit that the actors will hardly escape the natural body reaction, thus he would also communicate with the actress before shooting, he said: "It's very hard to detect the natural body reaction for woman, but they would always be able to detect ours." When asked which actress cause him to have natural body reaction, Andy said: "It's not good to reveal, if not the person whose name got mentioned will be angry with me."

Then Andy said that he does not own a collection of porn films, Hsu Hsi-Ti then quipped that porn could help spice up emotion as it result her to be soon the mother of 2 children, Andy then quipped: "Then I would buy some when I'm going to have children!"

Andy also revealed that he did had a quarrel and fight with someone in showbiz, the reason being that person lied to him that he had work on had thus could not meet up with him, however the person was meeting Alan Tam for dinner.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

Everyone is No.1 which is written by Andy Lau for the 2008 Paralympic Games had won good reviews from all areas, some fans pointed out the common mistake of Andy as he pronounced the wrongly for "自怨自艾" as he sang 'zi nu zi ai' instead of the correct 'zi nu zi yi'. Although many fans feel that the mistake is negligible but Andy had expressed through his assistant that he had discussed with the record company to change to the correct version, he also get in contact with TV and radio stations, if fans discovered that they are broadcasting the wrong version, he should be informed immediately.

The mistake was pointed out in a forum posting by a fan whom wrote: "Today I watched the first time of Andy's Everyone is No. 1, I also watched the making of it two days ago, he looked very serious when he wore the artificial limb, it show how much he care for the disabled. However he made the wrong pronunciation when he sang 'zi nu zi ai' which should be correctly pronounced as 'zi nu zi yi' because in the latest Mandarin dictionary, the correct pronunciation for the word should be 'yi4'". In addition, another fan also listed out Andy's previous mistake as in 'Bing Yu', he sang "刽子手" as 'kuai zi shou' instead of 'gui zi shou'.

In contrast to the above comments, majority of the fans expressed their recognition for Andy's care and concern for the disabled. One fan from Tianjing commented: "When he wrote 'Han' for the Paralympic Games until today's Everyone is No.1, it's still as touching. Thank you Andy, as you always use your strength to remind us those important things that had been forgotten by us, you're our pride!"

Meanwhile, another fan from Sichuan expressed: "Being a disabled person, I'm touched after watching the music video, I know that I'm not No.1, but I won't be the last one!"

Andy immediately made changes in a new version, the reporters were told that when Andy found out the wrong pronunciation comments in the Internet, he immediately check the dictionary and discover that 'ai' could also be pronounced as 'yi', he also telephone many people to ask them. When told that the correct pronunciation should be 'yi', Andy was shocked as he revealed that he was unsure previously thus he had recorded two versions for the song, he thanked the fans for upping his level of Mandarin. He added that he had informed TV and radio stations to broadcast the correct version.

Meanwhile, Andy's assistant is taking this wrong pronunciation matter seriously as he would continue to understand more of the situation and ask all to take note if the TV and radio station had broadcast the changed and corrected version, if not he shall be informed to make the change immediately.

news from: Sina.com, News Times

| Thursday, August 23, 2007

Although The Warlords post production is yet to be completed, but after the investors watched the unfinished product, they're full of confidence as they registered the movie in next year's Academy Awards!

Directed by Peter Chan, The Warlords will represent itself as a Mainland China film has registered for the Best Foreign Film in next year's Academy Awards, but the requirement for Best Foreign Film is that the film must be screened for at least 7 days before the end of September 2007, with the film still doing its post production, it's still a question whether the registration would be successful. Director Peter Chan expressed: "Currently the special effects and sound effects are not yet completed, normally it would require 6 months, thus we would not be able to meet the deadline. (Would it be a pity?) Every film has its own fate, it can't be sad to be a pity, if we failed to make it this year, there's always next year, if it could make it this year, surely it would help promote the film." Due to the rush of the film's post production, the film had redraw itself from film festivals in Venice, Toronto and Roma.

When told that the film tried to register for the Academy Awards, one of the male lead Andy said: "Everyone including the production team put all their efforts for the film, especially the director, I'll be delighted if the registration is successful, most importantly the post production must be done properly, winning the hearts of the audience is more important."

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There are several new mobile phones being released recently, but the most talked about should be Andy Lau first collaboration with LG as they released the special edition Shine KE970. Andy's famous "7-words advise" calligraphy was craved on the back of the phone, it made the shiny phone more outstanding, it would surely become a hot item among fans.

The collaboration between Andy and LG is the most talked about, one important factor is Hong Kong artiste seldom has direct creation with mobile phone. Andy said that LG took the initiative to invite him to write calligraphy on the phone, he feel that using mobile phone as a communication platform is rather refreshing, LG also sponsored Andy for the music video shooting of 'Gui Shu' from his latest Mandarin album, thus he decided to take the challenge. Andy wrote "Being Kind Being You to Heaven" on the back of LG Shine, the words arrangement is full of Oriental flavors and Andy's own style. Andy quipped: "The 7 words are words from my heart, hope to spread the message of showing care and concern for each other, remind everyone the theory of being kind, the whole designing procedure took only 15 minutes to complete."

It's a rare chance to collaborate with Andy, LG decided to raise its collection value as only 2,000 sets to be released worldwide, it would sure become a hot item among fans.

In addition, Andy added that he's full of creative interest at all times, with regards to any creative platform, when given a chance and he's able to do it, he would try because in life, one should always continue to create new things and not like a pool of water! It's believed that the reporter and fans would be anticipating more creative creations from Andy!

news from: HKheadlines

| Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Several huge casinos opened in Macao recently, it has become the money making place for Hong Kong artistes. After Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Chow Yun Fat become the spokesman and invited as the special guest for the opening ceremony for Star World Macao and Crown Macau Hotel & Casino with heavenly high fees, Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel which will be opening on 28 August also approached singers from four different countries to grace its opening ceremony.

After seeing Star World Macao hired Chow Yun Fat for their commercial, Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel initially wanted to hire "The Knight of Gamblers" Andy Lau to sing 6 songs for HK$6 million, average of $1 million per song, the hotel willing to splash such a huge figure on Andy as it banks on the drawing power of Andy in the Mainland China market as he could attract tourists from China during the National Day Golden Week in October.

Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel had contacted Andy many times as they also delayed the opening ceremony from 22 to 28 August to accommodate Andy, however he need to go for his Mainland China concert tour which his first stop in Inner Mongolia on 1 September, he need to be there to rehearse 2 days in advance thus he rejected Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel's invitation.

When reporter contacted Andy's management company, Miss Wu admitted that Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel did get in contact with them, she said: "Andy need to be in Mainland China on 1 September for his concert, thus he could not make it."

With Andy unable to attend, Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel had no choice to seek alternatives as they replace Andy with Alan Tam and Hacken Lee whose concerts are doing well in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Saturday, August 18, 2007

Earlier heavenly king Andy Lau go training under magician Liu Chien in order to show off his poker card skills. Andy admitted that he learnt magic when he was shooting God of Gambler movies and managed to perform "see through glass" and "read your mind" tricks, he also expressed that on CTV's Big Brother's Return which will be telecast tonight at 8PM, with only the audience on TV to guess the card, he would be able to read out what's the card that the person is thinking.

news from: Apple Daily News (Taiwan)

| Friday, August 17, 2007

Andy Lau is the idol for many people, an idol also has an idol himself, when talked about Brad Pitt shinning eyes, he sing praise of his good figure. Andy also take notice of the soccer games results of David Beckham, however Andy said proudly: "Beckham's figure is not as good as mine." Apple Daily News reporter prepared a "monthy exam" and he obtained 70 marks.

Andy revealed that he had one autographed photograph of David Beckham, so an idol also seek autograph? He quipped: "Yes!" and he added if he had the chance, he also hope to get autograph photograph from Brad Pitt. Andy sing praise of Brad Pitt's good maintainence of his figure and his good style. He said: "How could one person wore grey Western suit and does not look like a business man, his wife Angelina Jolie is also very pretty."

Being in showbiz for 26 years, Apple Daily prepared an exam script which draws its questions from albums and movies to test how much Andy know about himself, he got 3 out of 10 questions wrong, obtained 70 marks, it considered not a bad result. There is one question asking which movie that he he did not appeared in a scene wearing only his underwear, he mistaken the question asking if he had appeared in a movie's scene wearing only his underwear, he put the correct answer as Casino Raiders instead of Casino Raiders, the reporter initially wanted to grade him half correct, but he said: "Wrong is wrong!"

Andy expressed that he remember clearly many things in his mind, "If I experience it once, I will remember it for life." However he remember wrongly whether he was wearing a black or white Western suit when collecting his first Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, the correct answer is white but he gave the answer as black. Then he laughed at himself: "I'm too over confident."

The exam also asked which actress that he collaborated with for the most number of times in movies, in the end Rosamund Kwan beats all other actresses like Chingmy Yau, Sammi Cheng as she collaborated with Andy 11 times to become his classic screen lover.

news from: Apple Daily News

Brothers which has a cast of Andy Lau, Michael Miu, Ken Tong, Eason Chan, Felix Wong and Betty Huang held its press conference yesterday as the whole cast and director Derek Chiu attended. Andy exposed Michael's wife came to monitor him when shooting the kissing scene with Betty and Michael returned the favor by openly sing praise Eason as god of song whereas Andy is just a singer.

Andy announced that he will duet with Eason for the theme song for Brothers, the music will be composed by Eason whereas lyrics will be written by Andy. Being the boss, Andy was asked why Eason was approached to be one of the main lead, he said: "Eason's character is unlike those you see in hero films, the director also highly recommend him."

Andy revealed that initially he only cameo in the film but unexpectedly the shooting time is more when compared to the Protege, he quipped: "I initially though I'm just cameo thus my fee is the same as the extra which is $4 per day."

Eason expressed that he's excited to be able to collaborate with so many experienced actors, he said: "I'm delighted to be admired by Andy, he and the other 4 Tigers did not changed at all since I watched them on TV when I'm young, to be able to collaborate with them is like a dream."

With regards to Michael saying that he's just a singer and not a god of song, he said: "I've already shown improvements, from an idol becoming a singer, he had already promoted me one level, step by step is also considered as improvement."

With regards to Tony Leung despite being one of the 5 Tigers and unable to be in the film, Andy said: "It's not good to continue discussing the problem of which actor is casted in the film, I also hope to gather 5 of us, it's not re-grouping 4 or 5 Tigers, this time it's shooting a brother's film."

When asked if Tony would be invited to the premiere of the film, Andy said that it would depend on the movie company's decision. Meanwhile, Felix denied the allegation that the 4 Tigers are not on good terms with Tony as he explain that Tony was not cast in the film due to him unable to find time for the film, he decided to talk more in case more allegation arise, he added that Andy is unhappy of the allegation and he also hope that the 5 Tigers could collaborate again.

As Brothers is a triad story, the story is about one triad boss from an earlier era against a new era triad boss, this makes one relate it to the Godfather movies. With regards to this question, Andy admit that he like the Godfather movies and thinks that the trilogy had all the elements of a triad movie, thus he thinks that every triad movies will have images of Godfather. He said: "I will re-watch Godfather every year, it's too classic, I feel that every triad movies will have images of Godfather. But we're using a different background, the story and theme is also different, thus the movie is different from Godfather."

Andy specially write the film's Chinese name ('Xiong Di') in calligraphy, the director specially inverted the second word. Andy said that he didn't write wrongly as the word carrying a meaning of not brothers as it includes many betrayals, no-trust and battles among each other, as the film is about brother going against brother and betraying one another, one had to watch the movie to find out the answer.

news from: SingPao, Ming Pao, Sun News, Sina.com

The 12th Bauhinia Awards presentation ceremony will be held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 1 September, the press conference was held yesterday at Tuen Mun Town Plaza where the list of nominees were announced. Directed by Pang Ho Cheung, starring Simon Yam and Annie Lau, Exodus which yet to be screened in the cinemas had 10 nominations, followed by A Battle of Wits with 9 nominations, Eye in the Sky with 8 nominations and Exiled with 3 nominations.

Andy Lau will be vying for the Best Actor award for his role in A Battle of Wits with Simon (Exodus), Tony Leung Kar Fai (Eye in the Sky), Aaron Kowk (After this Our Exile) and Lau Ching Wan (My Name Is Fame).

With regards to the nominations, Andy expressed in a telephone interview: "A Battle of Wits is a natural performance, not much killing effect, although I love that film very much, but I don't pit too much hope on winning the award. I personally think that Lau Ching Wan stand a chance with My Name Is Fame."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Thursday, August 16, 2007

Andy Lau was in Taiwan earlier for promotion and within 11 hours, he completed the recording of 6 variety programmes. Despite his heavy work load, Andy doesn't mind the hardship as he said: "To be able to do the job I like, I don't mind it being tough, I only complaint that time is not enough."

After completing his work in Taiwan, Andy returned to Hong Kong yesterday where several fans came to welcome him at the airport. As per normal, Andy was full of smiles as he collected the presents from his fans before boarding his nanny car.

Meanwhile, two e-mail accounts of Andy's mask changing master Deng Peng Huai were hacked, with his passwords cracked, his personal mails exchange with Andy was published online by the hackers, the emails being posted included "message from the Olympic Organising Committee", "regarding to Andy being invited to the 2008 Olympic Games Welcome gala show" and other e-mail messages, all messages are personal e-mail exchange between Andy and Peng, the online forum post also have 2 of Andy's e-mail being posted, including a e-birthday card to Peng from Andy.

When Peng was contact to verify the matter by reporters, he exclaimed that the 2 e-mail messages are indeed from his personal e-mail accounts, he indeed could not access his e-mail accounts when he was out station in Tibet this July.

Peng was worried that the hacker will do harm to Andy as he think Andy is a man with good manner, although there is nothing being discussed in his e-mail exchange with Andy but hackers hacked into personal e-mail accounts makes one angry. He said: "I will hold onto my rights to act against the hackers, meanwhile I urge all artistes to take note and protect themselves in the Internet."

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, ent.163.com

| Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau was in Taiwan for his second round of promotion for his album, he went to record 6 variety shows as he showed his tiredness, however he claimed that his record was going to 10 different venues, this time round could be considered as more relaxed, Andy is indeed worth his nickname of "superman".

For Andy's arrival in Taiwan, other than the driver whom had drove him around in his nanny car whenever he's in Taiwan for the past 5 years, a makeup artist also accompanied him around, he revealed that the makeup artist followed him around was to cover up his new mole, he quipped: "Hair will grow on the mole, it need to be plucked every few days."

When recording Variety Show of Mr. Con and Ms. Csi, host Hsu Hsi-Ti teased Andy that initially he was Chan Chao now became magistrate, this anger Andy as he vow to remove the mole tomorrow. Everyone in the studio is waiting for Andy's arrival to record the show as they want to catch a glimpse of Andy. When Andy arrived, many staff came to catch a glimpse of him, in order not to prevent disruption to the recording, Andy was asked to rest at the makeup room as the production team did a "clear-out" in the studio before the recording starts.

When the show starts, Hsu Hsi-Ti and Tsai Kang-Yung immediately asked about how the mole on Andy's face came about, Andy feel that it's quite boring that the media stirred up of a mole which made him neither wanted to laugh or cry, he also specially made a trip to the hospital to check on the mole which is harmless.

Hsu Hsi-Ti then made joke of Andy's mole as she quipped: "This is a nosy person's mole, did you feel that you become more nosy recently? Will hair grow on it?" Hsu Hsi-Ti then made a pluck hair hand movement, Andy then quipped: "Okay then, I'll go see a doctor tomorrow to remove the mole."

However, Hsu Hsi-Ti "crazy actions" does not stop there as she asked about Andy's love life as in if he was hurt in a relationship before. Andy said no but Hsu Hsi-Ti doesn't give up as she asked Andy if he watch porn. Andy answer that there's nothing much to watch come to his age, he do watch when he's young, meanwhile Andy betray his younger brother as he revealed that he had a porn collection, after much explaination, it's understand that Andy's younger brother is a professional publisher RD as he's pro in nude women, this made everyone stand up that Andy do have such an outstanding younger brother.

When Andy went to record Lollipop, host Fan Weiqi revealed to Andy that she always see him in her dreams which made Andy smile embarrassingly, they then dance, when Andy hold onto Fan Weiqi, his hand accidentally touches her left breast.

In addition, there was also sources that crazy fan Yang Lijuan whom kept a low profile in recent times was sponsor by a beauty salon for plastic surgery in Nanjing as she hope that Andy would take note of her. As Andy would be going to Nanjing for his concert tour on 30 September, with the news of Yang Lijuan, the organising committee would be tighten its security, they said: "We could not stop her from coming to Nanjing nor attend the concert, thus the committee will tighten the security, hired more body guards for Andy to prevent any crazy actions." Meanwhile, fans from other proviences had also decided to come to Nanjing to watch Andy's concert and gather together to protect their idol from getting harmed. One of the fan exclaimed: "We're all fans, we could understand Yang Lijuan's feeling of supporting Andy, this is good for Andy's fans, if she goes to Nanjing to watch the concert, we had discussed to protect our idol till the end, we would also show her with our actions on the correct way of supporting your idol."

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Andy Lau was in Taiwan yesterday as being an avid reader, he went to Eslite Bookstore which he always wanted to do when he came to Taiwan. Meanwhile he also donated 500 children books to children of remote areas to show off his caring side.

Every movement of Andy attract attention, finally have the chance to shop around at the famous huge book store, but fearing of causing a huge commotion, thus the bookstore only allow him a small corner for reading, this fails to satisfy Andy.

The reading culture in Taiwan is always being admired, Eason Chan revealed that he always shopped around bookstores when he's in Taiwan as he feel the strong reading culture of Taiwanese. Andy also share the same view, he said: "Reading is one kind of culture, Hongkongers perfer to buy clothes, watches, follow fashion trend, they seldom goes to bookstore." Actually Andy like to read during his free time, but he could not shop in bookstore, he said: "When I went to Dunnan Eslite Bookstore, I specially choose to go during night time, never expected that someone recognise me at the entrance, thus I went back to the hotel immediately."

Other than reading, Andy also didn't forget to do charity as he bought 500 children books worth $100,000 out of his own pocket to donate the books to students staying in remote areas. The books that Andy bought includes World Flags Encyclopedia, Romance of the Three Kingdom, Fairy Tales and Stories of Hans Andersen and historic books for the students.

Andy exclaimed that he had just finished reading The Kite Runner and was touched by the book, he added that he also read recipes books. Andy donating books to the students is related to his childhood experience of mistaken chicken feet as drumstick, which made him remember of his village days, Andy said: "I stayed in a very dirty village, the mice are huge thus making me fear of mice, I think that cat also scared of them, Andy Lau fear of mice is nothing!"

Other than donating books, Andy added that his trip to Taiwan also include promoting his latest album. He revealed that he had completed the shooting for the movie Brothers, he cameo as a policeman in the movie.

news from: Sina.com, udn news, China Daily Times, Liberty Times

In showbiz, Andy Lau is a "forever idol", he still maintain his handsome face, however there are 3 "secrets" on his face!

As his age increases, Andy's face doesn't seems to leave any trace of aging but rather added maturity, he exclaimed that unless work required, he would rather goes without makeup, he said: "After 40 years old, the crew members would request me to makeup before going on camera, but the more makeup I applied, the older I looked."

Maybe due to makeup, seldom people know that on the top left corner of Andy's mouth, there are 3 moles, one of the mole's color is getting darker for the past 3-4 months which made him notice the presence of this mole. The reason why nobody discover is due to covered up by makeup and removed by computer, there's no trace of the mole in the album cover of A Miracle World. While touching the mole, Andy quipped: "This mole should not be on a man's face!" When asked if he's worried that the mole would be an indication of illness? Andy answered with his eyes wide open: "Really? Think I should go see doctor."

During the interview, Andy show us his mole, he said: "There is 3 moles above my lips, 2 moles faded, whereas one is getting darker." Andy doesn't mind it as he like to leave it naturally, but he don't understand as he says: "Very strange, that mole is always digitally removed for my photographs in commercials."

The second secret that Andy revealed "white hair" grew out of nowhere in the area between his eye brows. Up till now, nobody except himself knew about this, he said: "I does not know it myself too, I only discover it around 10 years ago." The white hair will grow every 3-4 days, Andy will always pluck it out.

Other than white hair growing in the area between his eye brows, Andy also disclose that he would have white moustache on his chin, during the shooting of A Battle of Wits, Andy kept a mostache where one patch would be white, the crew member had to dye that patch black.

It's said that white hair was the cause of troubles, when asked if Andy is troubled? He quipped: "I don't have huge troubles but small troubles, like performance not perfect, does not act well, didn't remember my song's lyrics well, but it would go away within 3-4 days."

news from: Liberty Times, China Daily Times

During this year's Mother's Day, Andy Lau was location shooting in Dunhuang, as he's unable to go back home to visit his mother, he sewed a sponge figure named Andox to send his regards to his mother. In the press conferences of his just released album - A Miracle World, Andox appeared as special guest which became the highlight and snatched the limelight away from Andy whom also admitted that he had become a "mother" and he introduce Andox's background.

After his press conference, he was interviewed by Sohu and Andy was given a "photograph" of an "angel ox" as a life partner for Andox. Andy accepted the "photograph" and was excited that the angel ox become Andox's girlfriend.

A few days later, Andy was once again being interviewed by Sohu and this time round, the angel ox figure with wings was created and presented to Andy whom appeared surprised, he then asked his crew member if they brought Andox along as he would like Andox to be photographed with the angel ox, however Andox didn't tagged along with Andy.

However, Andy accepted the angel ox figure as he prepared to bring it home, thus Andy and Sohu become in-laws, the angel ox had married into a good family to become Andy's "daughter-in-law", it's such a happy news.

news from: Sohu.com

| Friday, August 10, 2007

Warlords which was directed by Peter Chan, starring Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro will open in the cinemas during December's Christmas holidays. Just 4 months away from screening, the post production had already come to an end. Initially the movie company wanted the movie to participate in Venice International Film Festival and Pusan International Film Festival, however Peter does not want to rush through the post production in order to join the film festivals, thus this suggestion was rejected.

It was known that the basic editing had been completed, now they are doing the details adjustments, however Peter is having an headache on the actors' screen appearances. He once expressed that the 3 actors are Asia's top notch actors, they should have equal screen time, but it should depend on the script, the script does not allow the 3 of them to be divided with equal screen time, thus this result to Peter's headache.

With regards to allegations that Andy get into an arguement with Peter during the shooting set when his scenes were reduced, Peter refuse to answer these non-relevant allegations. Whereas to allegation that he added scenes for his favorite Takeshi, Peter also refused to answer.

Media Asia spokesman expressed that everybody know that Jet had the highest popularity internationally among the 3 actors, Andy has box office guarantee in Mainland China and Hong Kong, while Takeshi become Peter's favorite since their collaboration in Perhaps Love, thus 3 actors has their own advantage, for any of them to take the main stage in this movie, the movie company would not question it, as everything would be decided by the director, because the company would not like to see anyone get angry from this matter.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com