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| Friday, March 30, 2007

It was known from Hong Kong media that when Andy Lau was told of Yang Lijuan's father committing suicide by jumping into the sea, he was stunned as he said: "How could he do that?" Andy then immediately send his company staff to pass his regards and quite a huge amount of money for Ms. Yang and her mother to return home.

However, they refuse to take up the offer as Ms. Yang's mother said angrily that Andy is a murderer as he caused her husband's death and wanted to seek $500,000 renminbi as compensation. Facing such unreasonable request from them, Andy's company representative expressed that it's impossible to provide any more assistance. In addition, Ms. Yang whom exclaimed that she love her father didn't collect her father's body and left for Shenzhen at 8:55 pm on 28 March. Ms. Yang's mother said that they would stay in Shenzhen for a few days to settle some matters before returning to Hong Kong to look for Andy.

Andy's mask-changing master Peng Denghuai whom had close contact with Andy was informed of the matter by reporters, he said: "I was informed that Yang and her mother request a compensation of $500,000 from Andy, this is impossible! They should not push the blame on Andy and even scolded him, this is so unreasonable! It's action from someone who's not right in their mind!"

According to Peng, Andy did gave them huge support after Ms. Yang's father death. Other than supporting them mentally, Andy also gave them money to return home. Peng added that Andy is very kind and easy on money as he gave them quite a large amount of HK dollars.

Peng revealed that he specially went to Hong Kong on 27 September 2006 to attend Andy's birthday gathering and talked about Yang's wanted to meet Andy with all cost. They also discussed how could they assist the Yang family. Andy was saying that after Yang Lijuan had started to work normally, he will surely find a chance to meet her, gave her autographs, take photographs with her and even chat with her, most importantly she must work and not burden her parents. Peng had seek his Chengdu friends in food industry help to find a job of $1000 monthly salary and also assist her parents. When Peng informed the family of his offer, they provide no reply.

According to Hong Kong media, Yang whom said that she had done wrong to her father had return to Shenzhen on 28 March without collecting her father's body. Hong Kong police said that the body of Yang's father will be bury in Hong Kong cemetery within 2 weeks. Yesterday, after further reportings from Hong Kong media reported that Yang is very selfish and her mother said that they had no money for burial unless Andy come to pay his respect.

When Yang and her mother return to Shenzhen, reporters asked how her mother felt after returning to Mainland China, she said: "I'm so depressed, my daughter is suffering from shock, she could not accept her father's death, she kept crying and crying." She added that they would be staying in Shenzhen for a few days to settle some administrative matters before going back to Hong Kong to look for Andy.

According to Hong Kong reporters, Yang's words are contradicting as she first started saying that she did not take photograph with Andy as she quoted that the photograph in Internet was doctored as she didn't take any photograph with Andy alone, she suddenly said that she like Andy and suddenly said that she hate Andy and refuse to be called a Andy Lau fan, she said that she is correct as her father's death had nothing to do with her, suddenly she said that her father's death is caused by Andy and suddenly her father's death is caused by the media.

On the other side, there was news that Andy will be delaying his trip to Gansu for the shooting of Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon because of this incident. According to our understanding, Andy currently has no plans of changing his schedule as he will still set off to Gansu to meet the filming crew.

news from: Sina.com

Earlier Andy Lau discovered that his photographs were used on the box of a DVD player in Mainland China, image of him was also used in the power on screen of the player, the instruction manual used 'Andy Lau, you're my pride, (DVD brand) you're my pride', 'Andy Lau You're My Pride concert photographs' and Andy's autographs, thus he had filed a lawsuit against the DVD player company, product distributing company and a certain television company as he request the companies to apologise on all newspaper in Mainland China and seeking $2000,000 renminbi financial compensation, $100,000 renminbi emotional compensation and $100,000 other miscellaneous compensation.

Andy's representative pointed out in court that the company had seriously violated his image infringement, demoted Andy's image usage in commercial value. The case is still undergoing, but both parties agreed on an out-of-court settlement.

news from: Sun News, SingPao

| Thursday, March 29, 2007

Earlier it was alleged that Andy Lau had refused to be casted in Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, there was sources from Gansu that the filming crew had already arrived at Sumo Hung whom will be Zhang Fei and arts director is also there. It was heard that shooting will start on 1 April. Some media in Shanghai also pointed out that Andy Lau had set off to Gansu to meet up with them, this break the allegation that Andy had rejected to be casted in the movie.

According to reports by Gansu media, Sumo and the filming crew set off to Gansu to prepare the shooting on 23 March, when encountered with fans, Sumo even shake hands with them. The movie's producer had revealed that Andy had agreed to be cast in the movie before the script is completed, currently he had not go back on his words. It was pointed out that Andy will meet the filming crew in April.

news from: SingTao News

Yang Li Juan from Lanzhou whom had idolise Andy Lau for 13 years, she was been told off by Andy before that she should not used up the finance of her parents to satisfy her chasing idol dream and was tagged as "unfilial". She and her parents lend money for a chance to meet Andy in person. Andy is kind enough to have a close contact photograph taken with Yang Li Juan, as they did not meet alone in private, her father wrote a 20-pages will before committing suicide by jumping into the sea. Yang wanted to meet Andy again even she had to use a large amount of money as she wanted Andy to know that she is not unfilial.

Yang's father committed suicide at Tsim Sha Tsui, after investigation from the police show that Yang and her parent came to Hong Kong and their visa had expired. Yang and her mother were detained in police station 2 nights ago before arranging them to the mortuary, they were brought to the custom to extend their stay for another 2 days. Yang and her mother seek help from the media in hope to meet Andy again. As both of them does not have much money left, reporters paid for their stay in a hotel in Marsh Road.

With regards to Yang's 67-years-old father's death, 29-years-old Yang feel that it's not worth it as she said at her father's funeral: "Dad, you're still sitting with me yesterday and you left me today, why?" Yang's favorite song of Andy are 'Bing Yu', 'He Zi Qing Yuan' and 'Deng Ni Wang Le Wo Shi Shui' as their lyrics resemble her current feelings.

Despite her father's death, Yang's mind is still fill with images of Andy, she sighs: "I just wanted to see Andy and tell him that I'm not unfilial, this is my dream and also my father's dream." She said ever since she dream of Andy some 13 years ago, she felt that Andy is like her family member and hope to meet him, she would be satisfied to have a short conversation and not married to Andy, it's a pity that she could not fulfill this small wish of her, now it even cost the life of her father.

In actual fact, Yang had used up her parents' finance for the past 13 years just to meet Andy. Her father sold away their house, the family is bankrupt. However, Yang is unhappy that Andy told her off as being unfilial, in order to make herself clear to Andy, they took high loan to Hong Kong for the third time. They stayed in a hotel in Yau Ma Tei, due to their constraint finance, they begin to seek a place to stay for the next 2 days. When they first touch down to Hong Kong, they rushed to the Andy World Club office to express their wish to meet Andy whom the staff replied that they would be contacted soon, fearing that they request would not be entertained, they rushed to the government office to send a letter to the Chief Executive Donlad Tsang hoping through government arrangement to get their request entertained. Andy World Club then contacted them to arrange a date to meet Andy.

Yang was arranged to participate in the birthday gathering on 25 March, the Yang family was delighted as Yang got the chance as other fans to take a photograph with Andy and say a few words to him. When told, Yang's father was very angry as the family spent the night at a 24-hours fast food restaurant. When Yang and her mother woke up, her father was missing and left behind a 12-pages will. They reported to the police and manage to find her father's body.

Meanwhile, when reporters tried to contact Andy, his company gave an official statement from Andy. It wrote that Andy had already fulfill Yang's request to meet her on 25 March 2007. When being informed of her father's death, he had sent someone to meet Yang and her mother to provide suitable assistance and regards, with regards to abnormal request from Yang, he would not entertain. What Yang should do is to return to her hometown and start a new life.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, March 26, 2007

Andy Lau whom had earlier injured one of his left hand's finger during the location shooting in Shanghai, then he was worried that it would result that he could not bowl again, however he's on the road of recovery after a qi-gong master from the crew member help him.

When Andy returned to Hong Kong, he went for an X-ray and the doctor express that he only suffered slight injury which is nothing to be worried, it will self recovery within 2 weeks but the doctor remind Andy not to carry heavy stuffs and exercise that would affect his injury to prevent his finger to suffer further damage.

However, Andy did not listen to the doctor's advice as he met his friend Michael Mui and Kent Cheng for bowling at Whampoa. Wearing sports gear and a hat to hide his shaven head, Andy concentrate on bowling as he shows off his nifty skills and outstanding results of several strikes with Michael, Kent and those present applause to Andy's performance, it seems that his injury has no effect on him. There were times that Andy lose standard and didn't get a strike, he immediately seek advice with Michael on his positioning and footsteps. Andy was serious when he bowls.

When discover reporters taking photographs, he waved back at the reporters, Ng Ka Lok also met up with Andy for bowling.

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Friday, March 23, 2007

Japanese movie Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and the Sea which stars Takashi Sorimachi and Ara held its premiere at Pacific Place AMC cinemas. After collaborating with Andy Lau in Full-time Killer 5 years ago, Sorimachi had not met him.

Two nights ago, Andy specially appeared to show his support. When Sorimachi saw Andy, he appeared shocked and excited, both of them shake their hands and send regards to each other.

Sorimachi asked Andy in English why do he wear a hat. Andy replied that he doesn't have hair. Sorimachi expressed that it has been 5 years since he collaborated with Andy and he hope that he will get another chance to collaborate with him. Andy also expressed that he hope to collaborate with Sorimachi again.

Both said that they had not changed, Andy said that he hope that Asian films could only get better. Andy said: "We have not met each other for a long time, I think for around 4-5 years, I always know that Sorimachi's movies were screened in Hong Kong, I must show my support, in addition I must lend a helping hand to promote movies."

During the champagne toasting to wish the movie do well in the box office, even special guest Andy get to toast with champagne, only ARA toast with orange juice as she's only 17-years-old thus underage to drink champagne. As Andy need to rushed off for recording, he did not accept any media's interview.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Sina.com

| Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Hong Kong premiere of Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and the Sea, a movie about Genghis Khan was held on 21 March where the cast Takashi Sorimachi, Ara and director Shinichiro Sawai were present.

Before the premiere began, a group of fans already gathered for the arrival of Sorimachi. When Sorimachi appeared, they were attracted by his eyes and handsome looks. A red carpet ceremony was arranged, towards the end of the ceremony, a special guest appeared and caused an uproar from the crowd as Andy Lau specially appeared to show his support for good friend Sorimachi.

Sorimachi was shocked when he saw Andy as he never expected that Andy would appeared suddenly. Sorimachi said that he would like to collaborate with Andy again after collaborating with him in Fulltime Killer 6 years ago.

news from: ent.163.com

Rain whom was nominated for the Best Actor award in the recent Asian Film Awards with Andy Lau and Chang Cheh said: "Actually being nominated is a very exciting experience, I was nominated with my first time in acting, this is quite an achievement and honor of it."

When talked about Andy Lau, it seems that he respected him, he says: "In South Korea and many other Asian countries, there's no one whom would not heard of Andy Lau, it's satisfying to be able to be nominated together with him."

news from: yule.sohu.com

| Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Andy Lau whom was presented the Asian Film Box Office Superstar award, he raise 3 fingers to swear in English that he would continue to work hard and never give up no matter whether the movie industry is doing well or bad when collecting the award, he hope that he will continue to produce good result. He said: "Many thanks to everybody's support, many thanks to those friends whom always supported me, fans I love you all."

With regards to winning this award, Andy expressed that he's delighted as he was awarded the award based on the survey results of a trust worthy company, however he's unsure of his total box office collection.

When asked if he will seize the chance to increase his asking fees, he said: "My current asking fees is ok, it's very high already, the bosses will be pressurize, they won't start shooting if it's not a good movie. (Are you nervous when speaking in English just now?) Actually I always spoke in English when I'm overseas, it's more relax when I'm overseas, feel a bit pressurize in Hong Kong." Andy added that this is the first time that someone calculate his total box office takings in Asia, in fact recent years' box office takings are near to Hollywood, thus foreigner started to take notice of Asian's box office takings. When asked if he feel proud, he said: "Of course I'm delighted, this award is like money? Everybody kept deposit money into me, this award represent every movie ticket." Andy thinks that box office takings is very important, take his own company's production for example, although getting good reviews but hardly make any impact at the box office, however Crazy Stone obtain quite good box office takings which is a good beginning.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao

Andy Lau collecting his Asian Film Box Office Superstar award at the Asian Film Awards presentation ceremony.

| Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Andy Lau will be collecting Asian Film Box Office Superstar award at the Asian Film Awards which will be held today, he specially return to Hong Kong from Shanghai yesterday as close to 30 fans waited for him to give him flowers and presents to celebrate for him in advance, Andy says: "I have completed my shooting 3 days ago, I'll not be returning to Shanghai."

When asked if he's confidence of winning the Best Actor award, he expressed that it would depend on situation. With regards to whether he's looking forward to the film festival, he says: "It's good, take step by step."

In addition, according to reports from Beijing's Sina.com yesterday, after the promotional trailer of 'Tou Min Zhuang' (This Violent Land) was broadcast in Mainland China, Chinese artist Wang Ke Wei pointed out that the trailer plagiarise from 10 of his drawings, thus he had filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement and seeking compensation.

On the other side, Andy recently revealed on his official website of his shooting experience in Mainland China and sang praise of Jet Li's deep inner strength as he will still carry on day and night, whatever happens, he will used 'environment not change; mentality change' super strength as he can change back his mood within 9 seconds, thus Andy would like to learn this skill from Jet.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Monday, March 19, 2007

Organised by Hong Kong International Film Festival, boasting a judging panel of 17 international film professionals, Asian Film Awards will be Asia's most influential film awards. The first award presentation ceremony will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, there will be live telecast at 8:30PM in over 50 countries and more than 3,000 media will be there to report on the event.

The organiser had arranged AC Nielsen to present Asian Film Box Office Superstar award to Andy Lau in appreciation of all these years contribution to Asian Films, especially in Asia as he continie to create good box office takings. As a producer and actor, Andy had attracted audience throughout Asia into the cinema in order to become one true box office superstar.

According to Hong Kong UA Cinema Yearly awards ceremony in December 2005, Andy's movie collected a total of $170 million in Hong Kong, his A Battle of Wits and Protege collected more than $41000,000 in Hong Kong in 2006. This is only figures in Hong Kong, if to calculate the total box office takings throughout Asia, it would be scary. Andy whom is currently location shooting in Shanghai will return to Hong Kong to collect the award.

For the event, those whom would attend includes Chief Secretary for Administration Mr. Rafael Hui Si-yan; Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology Mr. Joseph Wong; Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) Mr. Alan Wong; Hong Kong Showbiz Ambassador Tony Leung Chiu Wai; Luc Besson from France; Rain, Im Soo Jung, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Hye Soo from South Korea; Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, Jia Zhangke and Ning Hao from Mainland China; Nakatani Miki, Yoshino Kimura, Masanobu Ando, Hirokazu Kore-eda and Mitsuru Kurosawa from Japan; Siu Fong Fong, Michelle Yeung, Sandy Lam, Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Maggie Q, Twins, Andrew Lau and Josie Ho from Hong Kong and Chang Cheh from Taiwan.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ming Pao

Lam Ka Tung attended a Hepatitis B Prevention activity, the event's theme song music video starred Lam and Andy Lau. As Andy is busy location shooting in Mainland China, Katung specially rushed back from Shenzhen for the event to send out the correct message to the public that all must go for their scheduled medical checkup.

Andy whom injured his finger during shooting, Katung did gave him a call to send in his regards. With regards to Andy's injury, Katung asked all not to worry as even though Andy injured his finger, it didn't affect his normal life, he said: "This will not hinder Andy, he's very dependent, bathing with single hand is not a problem, shooting will wraps up within these few days, then he will return to Hong Kong for treatment, however a contracted actor whom know qi-gong had treated him, I heard that Andy's finger was shivering when he see the actor whom was shivering when he's gathering his qi, it's magical."

It was heard that Katung also injured himself during shooting as he injured his hand when he lost his balance on the slippery floor. Some said that it was due to the company's fengshui, Katung quipped: "Nope, the company is very healthy, we did our prayers, bonus every year, but I do not have treatment by a qi-gong master, I need to visit the doctor myself, actually I just extended my contract for another 5 years, it's a 10-years bond, hope boss Andy can provide medical checkups, 2 tours every year, plus presents and bonus, this would be great! Haha!"

news from: Wei Wen Po

| Friday, March 16, 2007

Andy Lau and Jet Li was at Shanghai's Film City for the shooting of Tou Ming Zhuang. The weather was cold and there's a drizzy rain as they shot the rode horse scene. There was also a press conference where director Peter Chan exclaimed that he handled differently for the bed scenes between Andy, Jet and Xu Jinglei, different in the sense that it's no longer the male that rule on the bed, the end effect is good. Xu suffered the most in the movie as she's tangled between Andy, Jet and Takeshi Kaneshiro that resulted the three brothers turned against each other.

Jet whom always had fear of shooting bed scenes pointed out that this time round was really embrassing throughout his 27 years in showbiz, this is a huge challenge and examination for him. Andy does not think so as during shooting the bed scene with Xu, he discovered that Xu was more shy and embrasses.

Collaborating with Andy in this movie allow Andy and Jet to become good friends as Jet said: "Delighted to befriend a true friend." Both Andy and Jet are Buddhists thus they get along so well. Andy always asked Jet about Buddhist teachings, the more they talk they got together better.

In addition, there was allegation that he would be resigning from the movie Zhao Zilong, when asked Andy expressed that everything is still under arrangement and he himself had not read that particular report, thus he will wait for the company's arrangement.

news from: Ming Pao, SingPao, Sun News

| Thursday, March 15, 2007

Andy Lau whose "pigtail immage" was recently revealed, appeared at Shanghai airport for location shooting of Tou Ming Zhuang. Andy whom had not shoot a Qing dynasty period role for many years had completed the "lose his wife" scene, to appear his sorrow, the makeup artist painted Andy's face black. After shaving his head again, Andy wore a comical clown hat to appear at the airport, the heavenly king had transformed to a mischievious male.

For the shooting of Tou Ming Zhuang, Andy shaved his head for the second time and it seems that he's worried of his bald head as he specially wore a comical hat. Last night, several fans waited for him at Shanghai Airport to welcome him, the most eye-cathcing is his hat. Actually Andy had left the shooting group and he would be busy with other work as this trip is for media interview and visiting the shooting crew.

news from: tom.com

| Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The movie Ci Ma, directed by Peter Chan, starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro had changed its title to Tou Ming Zhuang. Peter expressed that the media had mistaken that this is a re-make of Shaw Organisation's The Blood Brothers, actually since shooting started, the director and scriptwriters had worked hard on the story with reference to novels, history books and self reference thus dissolve the question of whether the movie is a re-shoot, to avoid any more confusion, the movie will be renamed as Tou Ming Zhuang.

Peter explained that the movie narrates brotherhood love, which is almost the same as A Better Tomorrow, the 3 male leads become sworn brothers become the main point as they wrote a will of dying together, as they used their own blood to write down Tou Ming Zhuang (Name Will) which says: "We could not be born together, hope we can die together" thus they go into a no-return path. The name will is a certificate of loyality in the past, when one join a new organisation, he had to sign a name will to express his loyality.

The movie has a high budget of US$40000,000, it's scheduled to be screened in December 2007 and will be used to welcome the new year 2008.

news from: Wei Wen Po

The movie Zhao Zilong which was currently being prepared by director Daniel Lee is suffering from allegation that Andy Lau had resigned from the movie.

It was heard that the funding and approval from Mainland China ran into trouble thus the first day of shooting was delayed many times which forced Andy whom had a tight schedule unable to wait for the movie thus he would resign from the movie. Since the allegation came out, Daniel was at a lost as he tries to push forward the shooting date in hope that Andy would change his mind.

When contacted, Daniel appeared nervous as he expressed: "I'm currently preparing to start shooting on 1 April, everything is going smoothly, all these are allegations. Up to this stage, I can only answer you this much." When reporters tried to contact Andy, his representatives replied that they would not said anything on this matter, and asked the reporters to clarify the matter with the movie company.

In addition, there was news that Andy will be holding his solo concerts at Chengdo in the middle of October, the production fees will be as high as RMB$4000,000, whereas his entourage accomodation and travelling will be more than RMB$200,000. According to Sichuan performing company person-in-charge, Andy's concert in Chongqing was a success 2 years ago which profit the company. With Andy's high popularity, the organiser had high confidence.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Monday, March 12, 2007

Starring Asia's three mega-stars Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, period movie Ci Ma had always kept its filming underwrapped, whereas the bandit image of Andy had been recently revealed.

Earlier director Peter Chan was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, he pointed out that the movie narrates the battle between farmers, thus before shooting starts, he specially went to read books regarding to the cold war in Afghanistan. Andy even quipped that Andy's bandit look was similiar to Osama bin Laden. Peter revealed that a 20-minutes short clip of Ci Ma will be screened during this year's Cannes Film Festival for the world's film distributors to have a quick glimpse.

news from: Sun News

| Thursday, March 08, 2007

For Lantern Festival, Andy Lau specially went into his own blog and leave a post titled "Today's fireworks very beautiful". Andy also wanted his fans to have lantern quiz with him, one clue is a photo of the fireworks and another being him lying comfortably on the sofa with a face mask. He added that he applied the mask after being forced by his makeup artist.

With regards to the answer of the quiz, Andy quoted his company refusing him to reveal the answer as reason, thus fans has to wait patiently for the answer, he also take chance to wish all a happy lantern festival!

news from: Oriental Daily News

Derek Yee's Protege is doing very well in Hong Kong's box office, followed by good box office takings in Mainland China and South-east Asia. It will be screened in Taiwan's cinemas starting 16 March. Andy Lau's drug lord character won many praise and the Hong Kong media thinks that this is the best ever performance by him which even outshine his performance in Infernal Affairs, it seems that he has high chances of winning Best Actor awards.

In the movie, Andy is a drug lord suffering from kidney failure who wanted to pass on his business to his protege Daniel Wu. In order to look realistic for his character, Andy had to spend 3 hours before shooting to dye his hair grey, plus suffering from kidney failure, he need to hold onto his painful waist area at all times which is not simple.

Derek also manage to make Andy wear coffee-coloured shirt which he dislike in order to make the character older. Luckily Andy is satisfied in his character's image as he quipped that it will be how he look like when he grows older.

news from: Central Daily News

| Sunday, March 04, 2007

Being in showbiz for so many years, Andy Lau had many commercials to his name, other than the "customer service" commerical which is well known by all, currently someone posted a promotional clip for TVB when the station was telecasting anime City Hunter, his performance is worth mentioning.

In the commercial, he was wearing a jacket and sunglasses, looking rather different from his usual self, in order to do his promoting job well, he whisper and said: "Bang! Bang! Shooting for prize... did you aim the head? .... it's your turn Ryo Saeba!" It complete fulfilled Ryo Saeba's character, makes one burst into laughters!

Andy's promotional clip for City Hunter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77TDj15dGkw

news from: Oriental Daily News