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| Sunday, December 31, 2006

On 29 December 2006's afternoon, A Battle of Wits held its premiere at Seoul's CGV cinema where Andy Lau, Ahn Si-kung, Choi Si-Won and director Jacob Chang attended the press conference and premiere.

On the press conference, Andy said: "Many thanks to the Korean fans' concern and support for me, compared to the past, Hong Kong movies are not as popular in Korea, thus I seldom get the chance to come here, I hope Hong Kong movies would become more popular in Korea to allow me to come here more often."

Andy also sing high praise of Ahn Si-kung's acting in the movie, he added that collaborating with Korean actors is a very important experience.

news from: Sina.com

| Saturday, December 30, 2006

The ever hardworking Andy Lau had returned to work after suffering from flu for four days as he set off to Seoul yesterday to promote A Battle of Wits and he was treated to feast on sashimi and sea urchin but Andy rejected the offer for fearing of contacting Noro virus.

After his Christmas holidays, Andy had started his busy work again as he and Choi Si-won, Ahn Si-kung and director Jacob Chang to Korea's Seoul to promote A Battle of Wits, starting a 3-days promotion trip. The local film distributor wanted to treat Andy to feast on sashimi and sea urchin but Andy whom yet fully recover his flu and fear of contacting Noro virus, he was stopped by his assitant from taking any.

Andy worked for 13 hours yesterday as he was interviewed by more than 20 media, he don't even have time to eat as he could only spare 20 minutes to fill his stomach with salad. Although it was tough but Andy still quipped that it's no problem as he had heard of the tight schedule in Japan and Korea, he said: "Actually I think I should apologise to Korean fans as I seldom come here nowadays, this country is my lucky place as then when I'm not reach the qualification to hold a concert in Hong Kong, I already held a concert in Korea in a venue which could accomodate 40,000 - 50,000."

Andy also had meet-the-fans session with the Korean fans, in between a reporter quoted that he thought that Andy is a Korean as he watched him since young. Another reporter told Andy a piece of good news as he was picked by a influenctial Korean magazine as "the most influenctial Hong Kong artiste" with 76.5% of the votes, this news excites Andy!

Andy would leave Seoul tonight and set off to Beijing to continue his location shooting of The Blood Brothers, he would be spending New Year at the film set. Andy sighed: "I think I would be counting down in the Beijing film set, thus no celebration."

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

| Friday, December 29, 2006

Andy Lau whom was nicknamed 'tie ren' (superman) had finally fall sick! Andy left a message on his fan club's official website yesterday morning that he was initially excited to back in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve, however he was suffering from fever, sore throat and runny nose, although he was resting on his bed on Christmas Eve but he didn't consider it as "tough life" as 'Super Andy' said: "This should be called fortunate, being sick and able to return to Hong Kong to lie on my own bed!"

Andy went to visit the doctor the next day, after wishing the doctor a merry Christmas, he was told by the doctor and his mother to take a good rest, with the strong medicine from the doctor, his eyes would be tired 15 minutes after taking the medicine, he quipped that as if he had taken sleeping pills. Andy then return to his company to celebrate Christmas with his friends in a party, he said: "This is the first time I went for a Christmas feast wearing a mask, of course I remove my mask to eat, stupid.... I'm also careful with what I eat, I didn't eat without any concern."

After partying, Andy returned home to rest until he attend the Metro Radio music awards presentation ceremony on 26 Dec wearing a mask, although Andy won a total of 8 awards to become the night's biggest winner, but he was disappointed of his failure to sing any song. Andy express: "I really have the urge to tell the organiser that I wanted to try sing..." before he could finish what he wanted to say, he was stop by the crew members to prevent spreading the illness to other singers.

In addition, Andy also collected a calligraphy ink and brush boxset and mini-bowling ball Christmas present from Twins, he officially thanks Twins on the net, he said: "Many thanks to Charlene for giving me the bowling ball, I seldom bowl nowadays, never got strike.... Gillian's present made me fall in love with the present, I will bring the box set along to the filming location, I could practice calligraphy when I'm resting."

After resting for one night, Andy had set off to South Korea to promote A Battle of Wits. When interviewed by the media, Andy exclaimed that he had collaborated with Lee Young Ae many years ago in a commercial, he had never expected that she could become so popular, he feel that she look like Lin Ching Hsia. When asked what sort of movie that he would like to shoot, he exclaimed that he would like to be in a comedy as it could bring laughters to others.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News

| Thursday, December 28, 2006

Despite suffering from flu, Andy Lau still attended the Metro Radio music award presentation ceremony and garned a total of 8 awards to become the night's biggest winner. Andy exclaimed that he was satisfied of such result and delighted that his Voice album could garned such good results which could encourage him to do more new albums with the same theme.

Among the 8 awards that he won, Andy expressed that the Best Composer-Singer award surprised him the most, he was so delighted that he bow to thanks the other singers whom were on stage, he hope that these singers could applause as encouragment and show that he deserved the award, if not the media would spread allegations of his win, the singers immediately replied him with loud applause. When interviewed, Andy thank Metro Radio for their love and support.

Other than the 8 awards he collected at the ceremony, he also collected a surprise Christmas present from Twins. Charlene Choi gave Andy a mini bowling ball calendar where he could check dates and play with it, he could bring it along to Beijing where he could kill his time there.

Gillian Chung specially gave Andy a Kangxi Emperor calligraphy ink and brush boxset, it's being thoughful of her. As Andy didn't expected that Twins would give him any presents, thus he didn't prepared any for them.

Although he need to rush back to Beijing for location shooting, Andy would spent some time this afternoon to buy presents in return for Twins. When asked why he wore mask, Andy expressed that he's suffering from serious flu and he visited a doctor immediately after he jetted back to Hong Kong from Beijing.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po

The first result card of this year's Hong Kong music industry - Metro Radio's Music Awards 2006 presentation ceremony was held last night, Andy Lau also rushed back from the location shooting of The Blood Brothers in Beijing to attend the ceremony.

As he was suffering from serious flu, he was wearing a mask throughout the ceremony in order not to spread the flu to other singers, whenever he went onstage to collect his award, he only say his thank-you speech and could not sing.

Andy alone won a total of 8 awards to become the biggest winner of the night, he was so delighted that he remove his hat and sing a few lines.

Andy said: "I just wanted to sing a few lines, I wanted to sing, really wanted to sing, from the first song that win an award, I knew that many fans bought tickets to see me, however I'm unable to sing a single song for them tonight, but I could still share my joy with them on stage, thus I attend the ceremony, I don't dare to sing too much as it might affect others."

On this day, no matter it's at the award presentation ceremony or the post-ceremony celebration dinner, Andy was wearing mask thus nobody could see his delighted expression, to prevent the fans from getting worried, in the middle of the interview, he suddenly remove his mask to tell his fans that he's okay.

news from: TVBS E-News

| Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The first result card of this year's music industry - Metro Radio's Music Awards 2006 presentation ceremony was held last night with a total of 94 awards presented to encourage the singers whom had did their best for the music industry, every singers had an award. Andy Lau whom attend the ceremony despite not feeling well walked away with 8 awards to become the night's biggest winner, he was delighted that he sang a few lines despite wearing a mask.

Andy appeared at the red carpet along with Leo Ku, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee. Hacken quipped that his purpose of attending the ceremony was to take care of Andy.

Andy whom just returned to Hong Kong from Mainland China attended the ceremony despite not feeling well, he was not disappointed as he became the biggest winner with 8 awards which included 2 hit songs awards, Original Composed Commercial Theme Song, Creative Album award, Asia Singer award, World's Best Singer award, World's Best Hit Song award and World's Best Composer-Singer award.

Andy was wearing a mask throughout the ceremony, his voice was hoarse when collecting his award, he said: "I'm feeling well, nothing serious! But I don't feel like standing too close to the microphone tonight, because the other singers would be using the same microphone!"

When presenting the three major awards at the end of the ceremony with all the singers on the stage, all 3 awards belong to Andy. He was first presented World's Best Composer-Singer award, followed by World's Best Singer award which he both quoted why he won both awards.

When his 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing' won the World's Best Hit Song award, Andy feel bad that he's unable to sing his own songs but with the fans' enthusiam, Andy remove his hat to reveal his shaven head look to sing a few lines with the background music to thanks his fans.

Andy's total of 8 awards were more when compared to Leo's 7.5 awards, Hacken and Eason's 6 awards, however one of Andy's awards - World's Best Composer-Singer award would not be considered for the Media Award, therefore Leo is currently leading for the Media Award with 7.5 awards.

news from: Ming Pao, SingTao News, SingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po

| Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Similiar to previous years, Metro Radio Hits Awards will always be the first to be held as it will be held on Boxing Day. Metro Radio Hits Awards which always presented the most number of awards had expressed that due to lesser newcomers, the number of awards had been adjusted as it won't be as many as 121 awards as last ear, however it would be still giving out Christmas presents to every singer, the total of awards would be around 80 plus awards, it's still dividing meat to the singers, it still is the award presentation ceremony with the most awards where megastars and new singers would attend the ceremony to make it a grand affair.

With related news stating that the normal developments of the Hong Kong singers, without any outstanding results, the end result would not be much difference when compared to last year, without any surprises. Andy Lau and Joey Yung whom had stable popularity would continue to be the big winner, Twins would top among the pop groups, whereas the fight between Eason Chan and Leo Ku would be a draw.

Last year's Metro Best Singer was won by Andy, Eason, Leo, Hacken Lee, Joey, Denise Ho and Twins would retain their slots.

news from: SingTao News

| Friday, December 22, 2006

Recently in the movie industry, there's a sudden trend of Golden Horse Film Awards' Best Actors taking up negative roles, after Golden Horse Film Award's Best Actor Aaron Kwok gambling father in After This Our Exile, Tony Leung Chiu Wai's devil cop whom murder his own grandfather in Confession of Pain, Andy Lau puts away his healthy heavenly king image to get a taste of an evil character.

Produced by Peter Chan, written and directed by Derek Yee, Andy will become a drug lord in the Lunar New Year blockbuster - Protege, to accomodate the role, he dyed his hair grey to go away with his handsome looks to become an uncle to do evil things. Under the guidance of director Derek, he acted out a realistic process of drugs manufacturing. If one is not doing, one should be doing it realistic, he said: "If the audience hate my character, this proves that I'm successful."

Other than being a drug lord in the movie, he's also an experience drug manufacturer, in normal days, he's the boss of an electronic goods store. As the story narrate him suffering from inherited diabetes, despite less than 50 years old, his hair is greyed. To look the role, the fit Andy specially eat high fats food, stop exercising for his muscles to sag, during a scene when he row up his sleeves to inject diabetes medicine, he didn't reveal any muscles to make it realistic.

With regards to become an uncle and an evil character, Andy doesn't mind as he like challenges. He was told by the director that among the 60 billion population, close to 20 billion people is addicted to drugs, it's like 1 person among every 30 person is taking drugs. Andy was shocked when told, he said: "If one day people like Andy Lau could become a drug lord, try thinking what this world will be turned to? I took up this character, if people hate me, that means I'm successful."

As he's supposed to be a drug manufacturer expert, of course Andy need to demo it in the movie. On the day of shooting, although without any professional guidance but director Derek whom had done several research was expert in the process as he taught Andy and the others the process of manufacturing drugs. Although it's just props and flour, but need to tag them as several scientific names and linking them up, even though how good on memorizing script, Andy is suffering headaches by remembering the names.

Opium is produced by "milking" latex from the unripe fruits ("seed pods") of a poppy rather than from the seeds as all parts of the plant can contain or carry the opium alkaloids, especially morphine and codeine. With some chemical need to be added, poisonous gases can be created, thus when Andy is manufacturing the drug, he need to wear a mask. All the process looked very realistic.

Director Derek spent three years in research for the movie, he also personally went to interview those whom are active in the drugs circle, therefore the drug manufacturing process and take drug procedure and response, ways of selling drugs are shot as real as possible. As drug is a sensitive topic, with all the realistic scenes, it's an headache for Derek during post-production as he want to have a balance of both sides, the movie does not need to be classified as Category III movie, anyway the movie should be a family movie during the Lunar New Year. "I've tried my best during shooting as I want to shoot the real ill-effects of drugs for everyone to understand," Derek said.

Undercover cop Ah Lek (Daniel Wu) was a gangster and transform to a drug dealer, spent 8 years to win the trust of drug lord Brother Kun (Andy Lau) and become his best sidekick. On one side, Ah Lek was searching and gathering the drug organization information and methods of manufacturing drugs, on the other side selling drugs. The movie had location shooting in Thailand, using realistic ways to bring the message of drug's ill-effects.

news from: Next Magazine

A Battle of Wits will open in the cinema in Japan's Shochiku cinemas from 3 Feb 2007. In order to promote this movie which is adapted from Japan's manga, the male and female leads Andy Lau, Ahn Si-kung and Fan Bingbing will be heading to Tokyo on 15 Jan 2007 to start a series of promotional activities.

It was heard that to accomodate the screening, the Japanese side will be releasing A Battle of Wits manga, novel and original soundtrack CD.

From 2 Jan to 25 Feb, a prized treasures of Chinese art from the National Museum of China exhibition will be held at the Tokyo National Museum which will display items from the period in A Battle of Wits.

Japanese's website: http://www.bokkou.jp/

news from: Sina.com

Protege, a collaborative efforts by two Hong Kong Film Awards' Best Directors in Peter Chan and Derek Yee for 2007's Lunar New Year, it will bring all into the world of drugs as it revealed the truth about drugs. It took 3 years for director Derek to prepare for the movie, the preparation includes long time spent on researching, getting in contact with those whom were taking drugs or active in the drug circle, therefore this movie will be very realistic! The realistic and shocking trailer and poster chose to be released during the Christmas holidays.

The movie has a cast of Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen and Zhang Jing Chu. In the movie, Andy is the secretive drug lord Brother Kun whom thought of retiring as he slowly reveal his business secret in order to nurture Daniel as his successor.....

The cast threw away their idol images to get involved with drugs in the movie, every artistes did their own research as no wonder director Derek could exclaim: "Protege is a movie with "no stars, only actors" production!"

Protege will be the main choice of movie to watch during the Lunar New Year as it's fixed that it would be screened on the 1900 hrs and 2100 hrs time slot on 13 Feb 2007, it would open in cinemas on Valentines' Day 14 Feb 2007 in Hong Kong, Mainland China major cities, Taiwan and Singapore in order to usher the Lunar New Year.

news from: ent.tom.com

| Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The movie - Protege which took 3-years to prepare and would be screened during the Lunar New Year will bring the audience into the world of drugs as it exposed the truth of drugs. The promotional posters and trailers were shocking as it show the audience how drugs were manufactured.

Andy Lau and Daniel Wu were drug traffickers in the movie, Andy said: "This is a special movie, it's like a book, wrote down everything about drugs, re-position the position of drugs, in order for us to decide if we allow such things to continue exist."

As drug is a sensitive issue in Hong Kong, with regards to movie censorship, the detailed drugs manufacturing process could not be screened in cinema halls and public areas, therefore the movie company specially set up an official website for interested audience to surf the website, however it was suggested one should be above 18 years old.

The website also listed the secret code of drugs and price range, some drug rehabilitation organisations visited the website quoted that the website would lead youngster astray. Director Derek explains: "We're trying to bring out the real danger of drugs, thus everyone would beware of it."

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po

| Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Andy Lau specially went to support Jan Lam's Jan Lamb 30 Something Wrong Talk Show and went onstage to joke with Jan.

When Jan was discussing about being Andy's cabinet members and Andy running to be the Chief Executive, the giant screen broadcast Andy's image as he had just return from location shooting in Beijing causing a commotion. Only then Jan knew that Andy was present.

Andy was dragged onstage by Jan. Jan asked Andy why he love to have one hand on his bum and fingers pointing up the sky while he was singing, Andy replied: "No matter what, my fingers will be pointing up to the sky. When I'm wearing headphone, both my hands will be pointing up the sky." Jan then asked Andy why did he stayed to watch the whole talk show, Andy quipped: "If I didn't watch the whole show, how would I know what you've talked about me!", as the audience burst into laughters.

Jan then expressed that he wanted to give one of the giant Lambear to Andy as Andy picked the green bear.

In the end, Jan invited 2 fans onto the stage to photograph with Andy and the giant Bear Bear on the stage, before escorting Andy off the stage.

news from: Sun News, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences' Chinese Filial Activities Committee announced 20 nominees for "China's showbiz Top 10 Filial Son", Hong Kong actor, singer Andy Lau was among them.

The reason that Andy was picked as being a heavenly king megastar, he's also a filial son. He has high respect for his parents and the 50 elders staying in the elderly home also occupied a position in his heart. He used his influence in showbiz to encourage his fans to be filial to their parents, he's spreading the "filial message" to the media.

Andy cherish his time spent with his parents as he would always dine with them whenever he returned to Hong Kong. Furthermore, he had a principle of allocating 10 days each year to tour with his parents.

In normal days, he would think of all ways to make his parents happy. Every year's Father's Day, he would bring his parents to his fan club gathering to celebrate the occasion with more than 1,000 fans. Andy also kneel down to present a giant cake to his father, he also personally wrote "fortunate to be your son" on a T-shirt which delights his father.

Andy's apartment beside his parents thus the easy communication. In order to accompany his parents, he specially made both apartments to be adjoined, he said: "We're a family."

Using his own influence in showbiz, Andy teaches his fans to be filial. Early this year, there was report that a crazy fan of 12 years wanted her father to donate his kidney in order to raise funds for her to meet Andy in Hong Kong. Andy was stunned as he replied through the media that the girl's action is "not correct, abnormal, not healthy and not filial" and he would not entertain her as he hate people whom are not filial. When told of Andy's message, the girl teared and exclaimed that Andy's message woke her up as she promise that she will treat her parents well.

Words from Andy: "No matter how huge the popularity of the children, never forget that you're just a normal person in-front of your parents. You must have a filial heart to treat your parents and allow them to feel your love."

The result would be announced in 16 January 2007.

news from: ent163.com, Ta Kung Po

| Monday, December 18, 2006

Being a Christian, Korean artist Choi Si-Won would be spending this year's Chirstmas with his boy band Super Junior mates, previously he always celebrate Christmas with his parents in the church.

When asked what present would he give to Andy Lau whom he collaborated in A Battle of Wits, Choi exclaimed that he would give Andy a remote control car.

news from: Sina.com

| Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was in Bangkok last week and managed to catch some A Battle of Wits posters being displayed around MBK. Also managed to catch the trailer (without any dialogue) at Siam Paragon's Paragon Cineplex.

Peter Chan's new movie - Blood Brothers which gathered Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro had announced its female lead yesterday, as per being alleged Mainland China actress Xu Jing Lei was picked.

The female lead of Blood Brothers Lian Sheng will be pretty as she's the factor that disrupt the brotherhood love of the 3 brothers, thus she's the pivot point of the movie. The actresses being considered for the role includes Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi but Xu was picked eventually, it was believed that Peter was pipping on her luck whereas another belief is that the investing company from Mainland China strongly recommended her.

The Blood Brothers will be directed by Golden Horse Film Awards Best Director Peter Chan, it's scheduled to be screened during the Christmas holidays in 2007. There will be location shooting in Beijing, Shanghai and Hengdian, the movie would contain many battle scenes, meanwhile the complicated love relationship between the first and second brother and the female lead be the most important.

Peter expressed that Xu Jing Lei would have a "beautiful mistake combination", whereas he's worried of the love scene of Xu with Jet as he feel that other than Jet's Wong Fei Hung's character falling in love with Thirteen Auntie, he seldom had any love relationship worth remembering to date, he might need some coaching.

news from: China Daily Times, Taiwan Apple Daily News, udn news, Wei Wen Po

| Sunday, December 10, 2006

After 10 days of screening, A Battle of Wits had a box office taking of $45 million, however the collected figure does not tally with the $1.5 billion invested. With regards to mixed reviews and the box office collection, male lead Andy Lau replied that A Battle of Wits is a sincere production, but the time it was screened is not correct thus could not blame the audiences' reactions to it but he pipped his hope on his next film - The Protege to win the Best Actor award in next year's Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards.

Andy's acting was recognised in A Battle of Wits, he's also one of the actor in Derek Yee's The Protege and had already shaved his head for Peter Chan's The Blood Brothers, his hardworking can be seen. However, not every movie is doing well, despite collecting $45 million in Mainland China after 10 days of screening, being a large production when compared A Battle of Wits with The Banquet, it do show a difference. Audiences had mixed reviews of the movie. Andy sighed as he said: "A Battle of Wits was screened at a wrong timing as it was scheduled between The Banquet and Curse of the Golden Flower, it's pretty the same kind of movies, the audience in Mainland China had lost the refreshness to period movies. When comparing The Banquet and Curse of the Golden Flower, A Battle of Wits spent too little on promotion, even when the movie was screened, few knew that Andy Lau was casted in a period movie!" Andy didn't deny his love of the movie as from the direction of the story, A Battle of Wits is currently the best period movie.

Reporters understand that Andy next movie The Protege had fixed a screening date as it would be screened during next year's Valentine's Day. The male leads includes Andy, Daniel Wu and Louis Koo. Andy expressed that he will become a drug lord for the first time in 16 years since Lee Rock, the drug lord is the boss of an electronic goods shop, he do his business as usual as few know his actual identity who is a drug lord who control most of the drug activities in North America and South-east Asia. Andy hope that this movie would help him win a Best Actor award in next year's Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards. He said: "I got nominated for Best Actor with Lee Rock, I hope that The Protege would also bring me the same luck."

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Directed by Peter Chan, collaboration of Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, the press conference of The Blood Brothers was held at Park Plaza Beijing yesterday which attracted hundreds of reporters from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwn to report on the matter. However only the three male leads attended but no sight of the female lead, does the alleged confirmed Zhang Ziyi whom the 3 male leads refused to collaborate with is true?

Peter denied the allegation, he pointed out that he was still searching for the beauty that would revolves between the 3 male leads, he stressed that they had never asked who the female lead would be, thus how could they voice their objection? Peter said: "Better don't believe the allegations in Internet, it was saying Shu Qi followed by Zhou Xun. Actually the female lead is the cause of the brotherhood breakdown, she's too important! We've chosen one actress, but she had yet signed the contract with some minor details to be agreed. The 3 male leads never said anything about the selection of the female lead."

The movie with a budget of US$40 million invested by Media Asia and China Film Group had been shooting for 3 days in Beijing. Peter exclaimed that after he watched John Woo's A Better Tomorrow 20 years ago, he always wanted to shoot a brotherhood theme movie, Blood Brothers is one of the 4 mystery case during the Ching dynasty, it will be based during the chaotic war times, talking about the heroes and brotherhood relationship of sworn brothers, the elder brother had ideas on the second brother's wife and killed him while the third brother revenge the second brother.

Peter said: "I'm not doing a re-make but rather create a new movie, it will stress its importance on humanity, brotherhood love and full of anti-war message. Jet, Andy and Kaneshiro would be on their own with their own specialty, although just 3 days of shooting, everyone is excited as in the coming 4 months, everyone would be excited and happy during shooting."

Kaneshiro then exclaimed: "Shooting for 4 months? Why I was told to shoot for 2 months?"

A delighted Andy who attended the press conference with a skin head image made many expressions, occasionally remove his hat to touch his head, he exclaimed that he was lucky that he got to collaborate with Chang Che in Shanghai 13, he was also delighted to collaborate with Peter finally, he said: "I wanted to collaborate with Peter for a long time, he's good at artistic movies, with this action movie, surely it would be very challenging." He added that he would be shooting for 3 months. Jet then quipped: "Then, I'm the worst as I heard that I need to shoot for 4 months."

Andy expressed that he had been shooting fighting scenes for the past three days, he think that Peter had forgotten that he knew how to act. When talked about his character die shortly in the original movie, Andy exclaimed that Peter had made changes to the story thus he would require to shoot for 3 months.

Jet was delighted to collaborate with Andy as he always feel that Andy is great as he could have more than 100 films to his name, in addition to singing and other commitments, his life path equals to a normal person going through 2 or 3 times, thus he would like to see how great Andy is.

news from: MingPao, Sun News, udn news, SingTao News, Ta Kung Po

The press conference for The Blood Brothers was held at Park Plaza Beijing yesterday afternoon where director Peter Chan, three male leads Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li attended.

Andy exclaimed that he always wanted to collaborate with Peter, he said: "Actually I always wanted to collaborate with director Peter Chan, I've watched The Blood Brothers in the cinema when I'm young, I also get to collabrate with Chang Che before, I believed that this generation of actors should not include me, when asked if one collaborated with Chang Che, I did, it should be Shanghai 13 when he approach me."

"As he's a director that's good in wuxia films, as I have never watch Peter directed a wuxia film, how would a wuxia film look like when directed by a director famous for love films, I'm not sure yet, I need to wait for 3 months, I will be anticipating these 3 months, because collaborated with him for a few days, I feel that he was very concentrated, I hope to see an appearance of a different wuxia film, thanks Peter."

When asked of which character he would be playing, Andy said: "I'll be the second brother. My character is one that has strong brotherhood, many of my actions in the movie would be doing for my friends, he's not a civil person, initially he's the largest among the gang, but he found an elder brother and sworn to be brothers to become his elder brother, I'm number 2, very hard to say, this is a long story, if you want to ask, you better ask the director."

When asked of the female lead that he preferred, Andy said: "For the 3 days of shooting, I was lucky to be involved in shooting for these 3 days. We didn't have any collaborated scenes yet, thus we were shooting the same scene at different locations."

"Since I've collaborated with Takeshi in House of Flying Daggers, I like to work with him as we don't feel any pressure, feel that he seems to take everything in a relax manner, I should learn from him, because I'm serious on everything, thus I think such relaxation should require "elder brother to show us some guidance" (holding onto the hands of Jet), we entered showbiz the same year, it's a disappointement not able to collaborate, I was thinking when I get the chance to collaborate with him, never expected Peter gave me the chance. As we were brothers in the movie, I think our relationship would get better after shooting, I hope our relationship will improve.

"On the female lead, I hope it would be Sandra Ng."

news from: Sina.com