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| Thursday, June 30, 2005

Andy Lau is going to held his concert in Kuala Lumpur in December!

Last year, Andy held 2 concerts at Genting Highlands however he chose to hold it in Kuala Lumpur and the organiser will announce the concert details next month which includes the dates, venue and ticket prices but it was heard that the concert will be held before Christmas.

The theme of the concert will be the same as last year August's 15 nights Vision Tour 2004 in Hong Kong Coliseum. Before coming to Malaysia, Andy will start his concert tour in Mainland China in September, Malaysia will be his only stop in South-east Asia.

Currently Andy is busy with the shooting of his new movie, All About Love where he'll take up 2 characters with Charlene Choi and Charlie Yueng as his wife.

With regards to whether Andy to come to Malaysia to promote for his concert, you have to take note of the reports from e News.

news from: China Daily Times

| Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hong Kong Disneyland will be opening on 12 September and major record companies were battling each other for their artistes to perform in the 911 gala show. It was heard that other than Disneyland ambassador Jacky Cheung as the finale performer, other singers that will be performing includes Kelly Chen, Eason Chan, Twins, Joey Wong, Nicholas Tse, Wang Lihong, Jolin Tsai and others, even heavenly king Andy Lau and international star Coco Lee had expressed their interest in the event, so does Hacken Lee and Leo Ku also express their interest.

For the opening ceremony of Hong Kong's Disneyland, they also care less of the sensitive date of 911 to hold their gala show. It's heard that the organiser has been strict in picking their performers as they require top and healthy image artistes, those singers whom performed will have the chance to record a Disney compilation album. According to sources from a record company staff, almost all high officers of record companies take initiative to approach Disneyland for their artistes to perform for free, however Disney stress that they rather opt for quality than quantity as they reject several record companies' offer, meanwhile some record companies does not give up and hope to move them with their sincerity.

According to inside news, it's alleged that Andy Lau is a favorite choice to perform but considering Andy and Jacky are both tipped as megastar for the big occassion of their own, as they already have Jacky as their ambassador, of course they will do their best to support their "friend", thus whether Andy could have some affinity with Disney, the organiser are still discussing.

news from: Oriental Daily News

There is no question for the love of movies to Andy Lau as this time, he decided to collaborate with his friend of many years to shoot a love story movie, other than investing HK$20 million, he's also the movie's male lead and will be partnering Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung. Andy dressed as a doctor at the press conference, indeed he look like a doctor.

In the movie, Andy will take up 2 roles which is an intern doctor and a hair stylist. Andy whom is already 43 years old will be playing husband and wife with Charlene whom is 21 years old, Andy quipped that it is challenging. Andy quipped: "He loves her and also loves her, thus this happens, in real life, many man will always love one and love another, then this is call he loves her and then love her."

Andy says: "I've known the director for around 28 years, he's my secondary school friend, everyone stop guessing, he's talented but with no looks."

In the movie, Charlene will be Andy's ex-wife and current wife being Charlie whom had a heart transplant donated by Charlene. For the love story, Andy highly recommended and even the story touches Charlene and Charlie.

Charlie says: "I feel that the script is very realistic, maybe this story is not complicated so those whom watch will know what's happening with just one look, it relates to love stories of the people around you."

news from: TVBS E-News

Earlier Andy Lau and Miriam Yeung attended True Strength charity music concert activity. As the first year endorser, Andy step down and passed the baton to the second year's endorser Miriam. Although Andy was rather worried if the busy Miriam could have enough strength to join the activities but Miriam herself was rather confident that she could handle the job and she would also try to influence fellow artistes to join her.

To accomodate the theme of the charity event, Andy specially wear all green from head to toe, whereas the new endorser Miriam wore all white. Miriam says: "I did asked during rehearsal that if I need to wear green, but he (crewmember) told me that the background is already green, if I wear green, it looks like I'm stick onto the wall, when I arrive and found that Andy wore green but it doesn't matter, outlook is not important, what's important is inside my heart."

Andy says: "When I first started, if I always wear green, it appeared a bit odd, after one year, I feel that this is very meaningful thus I must show support."

It was alleged that Andy will be cast in Impact Entertainment movie which has a background of Three Kingdom as it narrates the life of general Zhao Zhi Long, meanwhile John Wu is also preparing to shoot another similiar theme movie with Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung. With the same background and strong cast, but both movies yet start to shoot and were already created some comparison.

Andy says: "I think it's impossible, I don't know about their time, I feel that this 2 movies would not be screen within these 2 years or start shooting this year, it should be next year or thereafter, it would need more investment."

news from: TVBS E-News

| Monday, June 27, 2005

Wait’ til You’re Older

Year: 2005
Cast: Andy Lau, Karen Mok, Felix Wong
Director: Teddy Chen
Category: IIA

Twelve-year-old KONG (Sit Lap Yin) is an unhappy child. In fact, he has not been happy since his mother’s suicide three years ago, which he blames on his FATHER (Felix Wong) and STEPMOTHER (Karen Mok). Having to live under the same roof with them, he finds not only his emotion increasingly stunted but his height as well. He yearns for freedom as much as he yearns for love. But only if he can outgrow his treacherous father, he believes, can he finally find peace and happiness.

One unspectacular evening Kong decides to run away from home after another customary tiff with his stepmother. He chances upon an eerie OLD MAN (Feng Xiaogang) who claims he has a potion that can speed up the life process. As much as he would like to believe it, this is all baloney to him. So when he accidentally taints his blood with the potion, he hardly expects his fate is about to change forever.

It is an impossible dream comes true when Kong wakes up the next morning to find himself already a twenty-year-old young man. Plunging into the adult world in full earnest, he is ready to take revenge on his parents while getting his hands on all things hitherto forbidden. But another day passes and he becomes ten years older. Only now does he realize the tragedy of his situation: his growth rate is exponential. When he finally uncovers the harsh reality behind his mother’s death, Kong has to race against time to right things wrong with his parents.

news from: MediaAsia

Andy Lau always had a tie with movies as the screen test ceremony for his new movie - All About Love, literally translated as Say Love Me Again which was being prepared for 9 months were held yesterday. Andy will be investing HK$20 million into this love story, this figure does not include the actors' fees. He expressed that he liked the story very much but nobody wanted to invest in the movie thus he had to invest himself for his dream.

Andy expressed that the movie's script is a novel script that was hardly seen in the past 10 years as he hope that different genres of movies will have a certain box office results in Hong Kong, although it may be an artistic movie but he hope the ending could be bright.

In the movie, Andy will take up 2 characters, as the husband of Charlene Choi (doctor Ko) and Charlie Yeung (Derek), one of them being a doctor whom fail to save his wife Charlene from death, thus Charlene will die when she appeared at the beginning of the movie, she will re-appear when narrating her life with Andy. When Charlene dies, her heart was donated to Charlie, however after her transplant operation, she always suspicious of her husband Derek, after having some time with doctor Ko, she then understands what is love.

When asked of the age gap with Charlene (22 years old), Andy (43 years old) exclaimed that age is not a problem as their outlook is more important. He says: "Outlook wise, I think we look compatible, Charlene's character is around 23-24 years old young wife, she's close to that afe. Whereas my character is a difference of 10 years which is quite a big challenge for my acting." When told that his age is more suitable to be Charlene's father, he quipped: "You said too much!" Andy added: "I've many intimate scenes with the female leads, but only on thought and not actual initmacy."

He exclaimed that when he was thinking about the movie, he already planned to approach Charlene and Charlie to be in the cast but he was afraid that they are unwilling to take up such love story movie but they agreed immediately, this movie had been planning for 9 months. He exclaimed that it'll be a challenge taking up the role and his casting with Charlene and Charlie would be very refreshing as he had collaborate with Charlie in 'Qing Shi Nan Mo Ben' music video more than 10 years ago as he feel that she was rather queit last time as they hardly talked, but seeing her now feel that she's more open, maybe she had some experience that changed her.

With regards to his name being mentioned in her friends to thanks by Sammi Cheng in the internet, he quipped that she need not thank him as most important is that she's fine. When talked about his disciple Cheung Wing Hong and Leon Lai's disciple Charles Ying meet in the same place, he says: "Those years when I and Leon survive in showbiz together, they could also."

When asked if he'll be cast in 'Zhao Zhi Long Chuan', he expressed that he had yet seen the script, thus he's not sure of the starting date of shooting.

Charlene whom will be Andy's wife, she exclaimed that she's delighted as she always love to watch Andy's movie especially A Moment in Time as she envy Wu Chien Lien, however she quipped that her collaboration with Andy and be his wife will be rather rush as they should have been neighbours and be friends first. When asked does she look like Andy's wife, she says: "You just wait and see, give me confidence!"

She said that she will die at the beginning of the movie but Andy still loves her and couldn't forget her, the story is very touching but it was still unknown if there are any intimate scenes. She knew that Andy is a very puntucal actor thus she will be early at the set to prevent him to wait for her. Meanwhile, she had collaborate with Charlie in New Police Story before but they didn't get to have any scenes together.

Charlie claimed that Charlene is a new generation actress with potential, although she didn't officially collaborate with Andy but she knows that he's very hardworking. She will be a sickly patient, but afraid of big changes in her emotion, she tried before when she was filming The Lovers, she believe that the company will assist her.

Charlie sing praise of Andy, she says: "Andy is a very good actor, he did what he said." She also respect Andy.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po

| Sunday, June 26, 2005

2 nights ago at Green Apple True Stength Youth Group activity at the Hongkong International Trade & Exhibition Centre, last year's group leader Andy Lau passed the baton to new group leader Miriam Yeung.

Cheung Wing Hong whom was a newcomer under Andy's company stand on stage fto sing 'Wo Heng Ni' for the first time. When asked of Cheung's singing, Andy says: "I will support him, he'll be nervous for his first time, I've chatted with him to ask him to relax, he also bring several different clothes and asked me to chose for him! (So what about your first time on stage?) My first time was in the Hong Kong Colieseum singing a duet with Annabelle Lui, I was so nervous, my first time was at the Colieseum, I'm fated to venture in this business!"

Cheung was indeed nervous, he was given a scare when he discovered that his boss (Andy) was present. With regards to his own performance, he gave himself 50 marks as he hope to give himself a bigger space to improve.

When asked if he really asked his boss to select the clothes for him, he express: "Ya! I've no experience. (So what's your development?) I'll release an EP 2 or 3 months later, my boss is great as I'm in his company for a total of 4-5 years. (Will you asked your boss to compose a song for you?) I don't think so, I hope to depend on myself and develop slowly, my boss's name is too huge, I doesn't want to give myself a feeling that I'm not doing well and affect boss, I will go location shooting in Malaysia in August and I hope to sing more songs and fight for more acting assignments."

news from: Sina.com, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po

| Thursday, June 23, 2005

This year is the 20th anniverary of Impact Entertainment, other than Alan Tam's Rave & Dance Party at the Hong Kong Coliseum in August, it had also scheduled to start shooting a new movie at the end of the year or beginning of next year. It was heard that the film will have a production fee of US$200 million from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea movie companies, Daniel Lee will be the director and location shooting will be carried out in Mainland China.

The film will be a war theme narrating general Zhao Zhi Long of the Three Kingdom life and achievements, it'll be based on the comic book. Andy Lau will be cast as Zhao Zhi Long and he will Zhao from young till 70 years old, Zhao was the oldest general during the 3 Kingdom period as he brave his life to protect the country and will battle to his last breathe.

Actually John Wu had also been preparing a movie based on Three Kingdom and will start shooting in Feburary next year, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung and John Chiang was casted as the lead characters thus Andy might fight face-to-face with John Wu's vehicle!

On the allegation, Andy did admit that he had discussed to work on the "Zhao" project as he exclaim that he once signed the management contract with Impact thus he's one of their family member, he'll try his best if they need help as he'll have a tight schedule at the end of the year, thus more details need to be discussed.

Meanwhile Impact's spokesman express that the company had no film projects for 9 years but collaborating with Andy concides with their collaboration of more than 20 years and Andy is one of the shareholder. When asked if the project will go head-on with John Wu's project, he says: "Although the background will be similiar but the time of screening might be different." With regards to whom will be cast as Zhao, he expressed that it was yet to be confirmed but when told that Andy had raise his asking fees, he says: "Never mind, it's worth it!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

| Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Although many other stars were present at the opening ceremony of Oriental International Showbiz Education Centre but Andy Lau seems to have the highest limelight among the 4 Tigers present as most of the questions were directed at him as the other 3 Tigers and artistes were neglected. The exciting question and answer from Andy always win applause from the audience.

He also show off his calligraphy skills on the spot which is an eye-opening experience for all. It was heard that calligraphy that was hanging in the school was also written by Andy.

A funny question was asked at Andy, "Stephen Chow was initially address as Xing Zai but later being upgraded to Xing Ye, so when will you be upgraded to Wah Ye from Wah Zai?" Andy quipped: "If everyone thinks that I've reached that level, then address me as Wah Ye but I think all of you should hide this idea within your hearts as addressing me as Wah Zai would be fine, don't expose my identity."

Eric Tsang then added: "Stephen Chow being addressed as Xing Zai was because he's cuter those days but now when he had gre older and become more naggy, thus he was addressed as Xing Ye mah!"

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cai Kang Yong and Lin Chiling's new programme - Power School was well recieved, do you know which artiste that Chiling wishes to invite as guest teacher?

Chiling says: "Me ah, I think I will invite my idol Andy Lau as the guest teacher."

When facing her idol since young, Chiling also have helped heavenly king Andy think of ways to avoid questions! Chiling says: "When invited to our programme, there is a segment where you can asked the artiste 10 questions, mostly the students would ask those spicy questions or allegations, I believe I can save him, when any bad questions were asked, I'll counter them, they'll feel bad as I'll answer for him, therefore Mr Andy Lau need not worry, you won't be hurt in our programme."

Reporter ask: "Okay, let us demostrate, if the student ask about Andy's first time....." Chiling says: "What sort of question are you asking, how could you asked such bad question!"

Reporter says: "I'm asking about first time on stage, you're too agitated." Chiling says: "Haha, sorry, I think the other way, however they always ask about such questions wor...."

news from: TVBS E-News

Heavenly King Andy Lau specially jet off to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of a artistic school sponsered by Hong Kong artistes. Although appearing as a "teacher" in a school but Andy was welcome by screams of the students, he was also force to sing his song on the spot.

When they see Andy walking into the hall, the students completely forget what is called "respect the teacher".

Andy went to Beijing's Oriental University with his TVB 5 Tigers members and Eric Tsang as these Hong Kong artistes sponser to set up an artistic education center. Andy says: "I'm not sure what I can teach all of you, I can discuss with you on everything, or share with you the days that I'm in showbiz."

Although becoming a teacher, Andy sounds more serious when giving out his speech and also writes a calligraphy of "Excel in Studies", however the students are waiting for him to sing more than him giving speeches. Andy says: "Thanks everyone, it makes me not to resemble a teacher!"

For Andy's appearance, the hall deployed with more than 10 security guards with cool expressions, a police car is also packed at the main door, making the distance to less than 100 meters.

news from: TVBS E-News

Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Miu Kiu Wai, Tong Chan Yip and Max Mok attended the opening ceremony of Oriental International Showbiz Education Centre yesterday, the education centre invited Andy as principal consultant, Eric as artistic executive, Tong as education centre's planning and administration manager, while Max, Miu and Felix as his assistant.

The centre will offer a 6 months course and school starts in September, it plans to take in 300 students.

It's a rare occassion that Andy, Felix, Miu and Tong to appeared together thus the cameras of the media kept taking photographs and the students kept screaming, everybody rushed towards the stage, it's kinda chaotic. On stage, the 4 Tigers talked about their past days together, they burst into laughters, likewise those off stage.

With regards to his role of principal consultant, Andy says: "I'm not sure what can I teach all of you but we can studied together, hope everyone can be more attentive during lessons." Andy also express that he won't be teaching any classes as he quipped that his acting is not as good as Eric thus Eric will be in-charge of teaching the students how to act. When asked what's he's good at, he thinks that he one of those in showbiz with the best morale, thus he'll be teaching morale. Andy express that he'll draw some free time to attend the lessons himself.

When asked about putting the 5 Tigers together for a movie, Andy says: "I'm currently discussing this with Carina Lau, as Tony is not here, I've to ask her, I hope to reach an agreement with her soon. Haha!"

The reporters than asked him: "You have spent 20 years for everyone to recognise your acting, so what will you be asking from the students? You wish how many time that they will spend to let others recognise their acting?" Andy quipped: "I hope our student will try their best to be themselves, act themselves, to certain extent, people will recognise you, I acted for 20 years, people then start to recognise my acting, the main reason is that I'm too handsome, thus people didn't notice of my acting, now when I'm old, not so handsome already, people then start to notice my acting. Like Anthony Wong whom claimed that his acting is better than Yuen Wah, its because he's not as handsome as Yuen Wah!"

Andy was friendly as he answered all the questions asked by reporters and agree to the audience request by singing Chinese without the music.

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau celebrated Andy World Club's 17th anniversary with more thousands of fans from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan and Korea 2 nights ago. They also celebrated Father's Day at the same time, other than sending his blessings to his father with the fans, a filial Andy also kneel down to present the cake to his father which delights him.

The 17th anniversay gathering was held at Kowloon Conventional Centre, other than the fans in attendance, Andy's good friends which includes Felix Wong, Miu Kiu Wai, Lam Ka Tung and Andy's god-daughter Ellis Tang also attended. They also celebrated Father's Day with Andy's father, as it was also Miu's birthday, they also sing a birthday song to him, it was a happy occassion. Andy also show his fans what is filial by kneeling down to present the cake to his father. With regards to the Father's Day present, Andy exclaimed that he had prepared a red packet for him to go and purchase the items that he liked.

Andy quipped that he doesn't know the feeling of being a father but he know the feeling being a god-father but there isn't a special day for god-father thus he doesn't get to collect any presents. However Andy will be "retiring" from his god-father status very soon as his god-daughter Ellis decided to leave Hong Kong at the end of the year to continue her studies overseas. Andy prepared a "All the best to your studies" gold plate for her and asked the fans to send her the blessing and hope that she could have a new chapter in her life. Ellis never expected such caring from Andy as she was moved to tears with the sudden present and she immediately gave Andy a hug to thank him.

Having being in showbiz for some time, Ellis said that she was fortunate to have Andy taking care of her but she still chose to further her studies in the end as she plans to jet off to France to continue her studies on beauty and makeup, she hope to start a business when she returns.

Las week, Andy's new song - 'Wo Tak Nei' was the number one song of Commercial Radio's 903 Charts, his songs had not been at the number one spot in Commercial Radio for 2 years, when asked if he's happy of that? Andy exclaimed that he's happy and he said that all his hardwork all these years failed to "moved" Commercial Radio but his first song this year had opened the gate of Commercial Radio. In August, he'll release his new Mandarin album and a Cantonese album at the end of the year, he hoped that all of them could "moved" all major radio stations and continue to rule the number 1 spot, his aim is to "move" everybody in the world.

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hong Kong's TVB artiste training class had been the breeding ground for South East Asia's megastars for the past 10 years, it nurture Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau.

On 20 June, using the format of TVB artiste training class and mixing Mainland China and foreign countries (which includes Hollywood and ex-Soviet) artistic education system's Beijing Insititue Oriental International Showbiz Education Centre will hold an event at Hebei Langfang where Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Miu Kiu Wai, Tong Chan Yip and Max Mok will be present to lend their support.

This will be the first appearance of the famous 4 (Andy, Felix, Miu and Tong) from TVB's 5 Tigers to appear together in Mainland China.

news from: Sina.com

Best Actor Andy Lau was in Taiwan for the press conference of his new invested movie, when reporters asked him about the health conditions of his good friend Sammi Cheng, Andy express seriously: "I tried to contact her with all sort of ways, I can gurantee to everybody, she's fine."

Currently, there are allegations of Sammi's poor health as she has cancer and depressive disorder. As her best friend, Andy is really concern of her health, he express that Sammi is indeed hard to locate as he tried all sort of ways to get in contact with her thus he seize the chance of the press conference to tell all concerned fans of Sammi that she's doing fine, thanks for all the concern.

Andy and Sammi had collaborate in many movies before, they could talk anything under the sun, if Sammi is facing any difficulties, she should also seek help from her friends, with the best actor helping her to clarify the allegations, the percentage of belief is indeed increased.

| Saturday, June 18, 2005

Andy Lau's Focus Film and STARS Chinese Movie Network collaboration - Focus First Cuts held a press conference yesterday for their first project - The Shoe Fairy. The film will be directed by Golden Horse Film Awards Best Short Film director Robin Lee and the male and female leads were Duncan and Vivian Hsu.

Andy appeared at the press conference as a special guest to show his support to the director and cast. Vivian was stunned and shocked when she found out about Andy's appearance. Andy also perform magic as he "create" a golden shoe from his bare hand.

Vivian expressed that she likes The Shoe Fairy's script very much and took her hat off for Andy's love for movies, she quipped that she won't mind even if the fees she got for the movie is just NTD$2000 (around HK$500).

With regards to whether Andy will cameo in the movie, director Robin Lee expressed her anticipation as she expected the boss will be visiting her at the set as she prepared a "technican" role for him, but he didn't appear thus the role was given to Lam Tze Chung.

Robin expressed that there will be half day characters and will be prepared for Andy to cameo if he pay them a visit, she also thanks the support from Andy.

Shooting has begun on the first project, Robin Lee’s The Shoe Fairy, in Taipei. The “fairy tale love drama” is a co-production of Three Dots Entertainment and Focus Films. Upcoming films include PG from Hong Kong’s Wong Ching Po; Rain Dogs from Ho Yuhang in Malaysia; I’ll Call You from Hong Kong’s Lam Tze Chung; Singaporean Kelvin Tong with The Pool Chronicles; and Crazy Stone from China-based director Ning Hao.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Pao

| Friday, June 17, 2005

The boss behind Vivian Hsu's new movie is Andy Lau, it will be his first time investing in Taiwanese movie. Today is the press conference, concidentally his former girlfriend Yu Kexin is also going to become film maker as she will be bringing her past relationship with Andy onto the silver screen. With regards to Yu's action, Andy doesn't want to comment.

Andy whom is present at the press conference but the reporters were more concern about the health of Sammi Cheng.

This time round, Andy's presence in a movie activity, he's not a star but rather a boss to show support to the actors. Being his first time investing in Taiwanese movies, Andy is confident of the box office taking. Andy says: "Few will find the deep artistic feel in Taiwanese movies but it has a strong commercialise feel, now with handsome guy and pretty gal, it should earn money!"

With Andy investing in movies, concidentally, former girlfriend Yu Kexin is also going to bring their past relationship onto the silver screen! What's the intention of Yu? Andy doesn't want to talk about it.

Since Yu likes to talk about her past relationship, Andy doesn't wish to let her gain any advantage, the most clever way is not talk about Yu Kexin.

news from: tvbs E-news

Andy Lau went to the recording studio to record a new song titled 'Tian Bi Gao' for the Commercial Radio to be inline with the new government change, new chief executive Donald Tsang Yam Kuen. Andy expressed that his new song message is to urge Hongkongers to work hard and strive for their dreams. When Andy was told that Lin Xi will be writing the lyrics, he praise that he had wrote the feeling of the singer, Andy says: "I think I should meet up with him, he's really the shrink of showbiz, no matter which singer he had help compose songs for, the singers' mental state and way of doing things is within his knowledge."

Andy added that the song wrote out his feelings on dream striving: "Many people asked me, why am I so hardworking, I really wanted to say if I'm not hardowrking, how could I achieve the success of today, or with my current success I shouldn't work so hard? The lyrics encourages me once again, hope all Hongkongers will be the same as me and continue to work hard and let Hong Kong continue to prosper."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, MingPao