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| Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hacken Lee finally wed his girlfriend, Emily Lo of more than 10 years two days ago, the wedding dinner was held at Tsim Sha Tsui's InterContinental Hotel. Hacken's best friend Andy Lau was his best man, Emily's younger sister as the bridemaid, Alan Tam as the wedding's solemnizer.

In order to accomodate his good friend's big day, Andy also set aside this date one year in advance to be his best man, however Hacken expressed that he had accepted his kind intention as he would only invite Andy as his best man.

In addition, Nat Chan, Eric Tsang, Leon Lai, Lisa Wong and many other artistes were also present to send their congratulations.

When Andy leave the wedding dinner, his face was red and appeared tipsy as he helped Hacken with the alcoholic toasts.

news from: Sina.com, Sun News, Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jacob Chang's 10-years of hardwork production A Battle of Wits had been screening for 4 days and it collected $5.7 million and $21 million in the box office in Hong Kong and Mainland China respectively. Meanwhile, a scriptwriter from Hunan named Lee Shu-xin held a press conference to exclaim that Jacob had infringed his A Battle of Wits script copyright.

Lee expressed that in August 1998, Jacob invited him to make changes to the script of A Battle of Wits which he re-wrote the script before passing part 1 and part 2 of the scripts to Jacob in April 1999. Lee said that his name was not listed among the credits of the movie thus infringed his copyright, his lawyer exclaimed that they had filed a lawsuit to request compensation according to the box office collection and an apology from Jacob.

However, when reporters from Mainland China rectified the matter with Jacob, he expressed that he indeed invite Lee to draft the first and second dialogue of the characters but the script was not approved by the movie's investors. Jacob approached another person for help which also failed to get approval from the investors, with his copyright purchased from Japanese side expiring soon, he personally re-wrote the script before finding investors to invest in the movie. On the opening credits of the movie, Jacob was credited as the director and scriptwriter, whereas in the ending credits, Lee's name was listed in the script production team with another 2 scriptwriters.

When Sundream Motion Pictures was contacted, they expressed that Jacob would not harm anyone and would not allow people chances of seizing the opportunity, but he would like the people whom had helped him throughout these 10 years.

Andy Lau who was currently in Beijing preparing for Peter Chan's The Blood Brothers re-make was delighted as he exclaimed that his efforts are not wasted.

Andy liked the 'Mo Gong' manga and admired the "universal love" theme character Ge Li. He said: "If director Jacob had bring the script to me earlier, I would have invested in the movie, maybe the movie would have been completely different." As the movie only translate one third of the manga, the original manga still has many developments in the later parts, Andy added that with the good box office collection of A Battle of Wits, he is prepared to invest to shoot a sequel. However, with the current ending, if there's a sequel, hugh changes would be needed and it would be difficult.

Andy's character is a loner, a made-up character to protect Liang City during the 7 kingdoms wars. Being brave and upright, female general Fan Bingbing fall in love with him. Both of them know each other better during war time, there's even a scene that Fan Bingbing willing to remove her clothes to declare her love to Andy, however it fails to moved Andy whom has a patriotic heart.

In the movie, Andy also discard his usual handsome looks as he appeared rugged in the battlefields, he also acted in water under extreme cold temperature, he totally does not have any intimate scenes with Fan Bingbing, it's considered to be tough and unfortunate.

Andy is considered a super idol as he still looked handsome despite rugged dressed, with less scenes together with Fan Bingbing, thus reduce the chances of arising any allegations. As Andy working hard in water and fire, with the good box office collection, it proves that allegation is not needed to promote a movie.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Min Sang Po, Taiwan's Apple Daily News, Sina.com

| Monday, November 27, 2006

Andy Lau will soon become a high class fashion designer who are full of love and high taste as he would be helping Neway's CEO to shoot a promotional clip. In the clip, Andy dream of designing a venue that's suitable for us to celebrate the perfect moment of our life, he's thinking of an Eden Gardan with images passing through his mind, hoping the place could create the important moments of human. The clip will be ending with a delighted Andy showing his own prefect design to the CEO, in the end making his dream come true.

Andy specially picked 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' from his Voice album as the clip's theme song. The director arranged a hotel in Central for the location shooting. Andy required just one take in order to complete the shooting, the whole process goes very smoothly.

Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing whom collaborate with Andy in A Battle of Wits talked about her collaboration with Andy. She said: "When collaborating with Andy, I benefit alot from him as he could allow my mentality to relax totally, we have a good chemistry when working together."

news from: SingTao News, SingPao

| Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Battle of Wits opened at the cinema two days ago, it became the box office champion with its impressive box office collection in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It managed to collect more than HK$900,000 on its first day in Hong Kong, meanwhile it managed to collect $3.8 million in Mainland China to become the country's box office champion.

When comparing with the other three movies that opened at the cinema on the same day as A Battle of Wits, Ghost Train, Metrosexual and tenshi, A Battle of Wits was leading the pack. Other than good box office collection, it also won good reviews as the audience all sing praise of the impressive war battle scenes.

Currently, A Battle of Wits is screening in 47 screens, 168 showtimes, collected $900,000. To be able to collect $900,000 on a non-holiday period, male lead Andy Lau was delighted when told of the news, he said: "I hope A Battle of Wits could continue its success."

news from: MingPao

| Friday, November 24, 2006

Andy Lau went into the studio for photo-shoot for Cyma's 2006 Winter season wrist watches as he model 3 different designs in 3 different images. The 3 different watches had its own special which accomodate the upcoming Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day. These 3 new posters will be released in December.

Andy had been Cyma's endorser since 2005 in major South-east Asia countries, the company admired his self improvement will, focused on his career and hardworking attitude which is the same as their watches which are up to the tasks of time, thus become the main focus in promotion.

The black western suit showed a successful man, showing off the depth and charisma of modern man with a theme of "Work hard to go forward, to be the master of time". There's also a Champion series which changed to a party background. Andy's look at happiness are: "When it's time to celebrate, you must allowed yourself to be happy."

In order to create the atmosphere during shooting, the studio broadcast party music as Andy even perform small magic tricks and joked with crew members as if they're in a party.

Andy dressed up as prince charming to introduce ladies wrist watch, carrying shiny high heels with his romantic eyes, it makes one think who's the owner of the high heels. The theme of this series are "Two walking together, caring the same target".

In addition, netizens were singing praise of Andy's acting and realistic war battle scenes in the recently screened A Battle of Wits, they also exclaimed that audience were moved by the scene where Fan Bingbing's throat got sliced.

news from: MingPao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News

| Thursday, November 23, 2006

Earlier when Andy Lau was attending the premiere of A Battle of Wits in Shanghai and he was given a "bear hug" by a male fan which gave Andy a scare. Unexpectedly, the unrepentant male fan still publish the photographs from that night on his personal blog!

He exclaimed that Andy is his idol for 20 years, his friends also addressed him as "Wah Zai", he added that his action was not a moment of madness, if he had the chance, he would like to do it again. In addition, he also revealed e-mail addresses and mobile numbers of artistes on his blog which are all fake when rectified by reporters. Some netizens commented that his action will scare away his idol and some admired that he's able to get close to Andy.

When told by the reporter, Andy appeared rather forgiving as he urge him to cool down, he says: "His action will disrupt orderly, the securities will be blamed, if he really support me, he can join Andy World Club! I've a huge fan club office for him to run around!"

news from: Sun News


The skinny: During the Warring States period in China, seven great states battled for dominance.

The minor city Liang, which lies between Zhao and Yan, comes under attack by the massive Zhao army led by strategist Xiang Yan Zhong (Ahn Sung Ki).

Tiny, stranded and against overwhelming odds, the small city seeks aid from the Mohists, followers of the philosophy of Mozi and masters of defensive strategies.

But only one Mohist arrives - Ge Li (Andy Lau) - and he has never even defended a city before.

Still, the greatest danger to Liang may not even be the invading enemy, but its own rulers. The review: 'A good fort needs a gap. The enemy must be lured in. So we can attack them. If we only defend, we lose the war.'

In A Battle Of Wits, this is Ge Li's plan.

First, he deliberately leaves the city's south wall vulnerable; second, he allows the enemy within the gates to be slaughtered.

But this is not a quote from this movie. It is actually from another classic with a similar plot.

The film? One of my favourites of all time: Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

The scale is considerably larger in Battle Of Wits though. It focuses on a city instead of a tiny village; a marauding army instead of roving bandits.

A movie based on a Japanese manga, Battle shares similar themes with Kurosawa's Samurai - the class struggle, idealism versus reactionary forces, the meaning of valour, the value of life, the futility of war.

But Battle has a very different storyline, background and characters. Bloodier and more cruel, it is a no-holds-barred depiction of a struggle between two sides, neither of which can be said to be 'good'.

The film-makers have cleverly appropriated recurring events in Chinese history/folklore - the valiant general undone by a jealous and incompetent ruler, and a conniving, cowardly courtier (think Yue Fei or Jiang Wei of the Three Kingdoms era).

These are sure to resonate with viewers familiar with Chinese history.

But the film is by no means a mindless bloodbath. Is is also introspective, urging us to think deeply.

Is universal love the solution to all our problems, as Mo Zi exhorted? Or is it, as one character puts it, a failure to discern who deserves to be loved?

Morally ambiguous - it rails against war even as it celebrates warrior virtues. Verging on nihilism, it offers no answers.

And while it suffers from some prolonged exposition, it is necessary if only for historical insight into Mohism.

Characters are well sketched and the casting is spot on - Fan Bingbing is lovable as a cavalry woman and Wang Zhiwen is a scene-stealer as the limping king. Nicky Wu, as an archer, is like Legolas, except less annoying.

Battle's main weakness is the few laughable CGI scenes which I hope will be reworked when it's released on DVD.

Apart from this, Battle is thought-provoking, heart-rending, and boasts some breathtaking action.

This is what epic films are supposed to be.

The one scene that justifies the ticket price: Too many. I refuse to pick.

The one scene that will eject you from your seat: Ge Li doing a Tarzan swing.

Best quote: 'Why can't they just surrender? It's the same whoever I pay taxes to.'

Moral of the story: War is futile. - Ho Lian-Yi

news from: The Electric New Paper

| Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In an earlier promotion for A Battle of Wits at apm, Choi Si-Won's fans were far more stronger when compared to Andy Lau's fans. Meanwhile in the premiere of the movie at Times Square two nights ago, Andy's fans made a return as they occupied the good position in-front of the stage with lighted up pla-cards with loud screams whereas Choi's fans were left behind near the exit which were covered by cameras. However Andy was kind enough to put his hands on Choi's waist and walked towards his own fans to show a good hand sign to praise Choi, in return Choi waved to Andy's fans.

Other than Andy and Choi, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Chin Siu Ho, Hung Tin Chiu and director Jacob Chang also attended. However they were neglected as both Andy and Choi had huge fans' support. Several celebrities also attended the premiere to show their support which includes Soler, Ella Koon, Lee San San, Di Lung and Natalie Ng Man Yan.

Andy did his best to promote the movie, when the premiere was about to end, he exclaimed that he doesn't have high hopes for the box office taking of this movie as it does not have a popular theme but he hope for good results, although it was shot with elegant backgrounds but it draws a line from normal wu xia films, but it do have many touching scenes.

Being the best man for Hacken Lee's wedding, he had received his invitation card, he quipped: "I should blame him for letting me to be the last one to be informed! (So would you be helping him out in the alcohol toasting?) I'll try my best, I'll settle everything for him!" Whereas he's still preparing the present for the couple, he would not reveal what present he would be getting, he hope Hacken to be the first person to know what present he bought.

When Hung Tin Chiu was asked by the compere on the "not attack and show love" theme of the movie, he appeared shocked which makes Andy thought that he does not understand Cantonese, thus he asked him in Mandarin: "You're still unsure after shooting the whole movie?" Then he explained to him, the most comical part was that Hung replied to him in Cantonese.

Although premieres had been held in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen but Choi expressed that he's nervous coming to Hong Kong. After his previous visit to the Madame-Tussauds Wax Museum at the peak, he visited the museum again in order to take photograph with Andy's Infernal Affairs wax figure. He expressed that the figure looked realistic from far but from near it lose the handsome and charisma of Andy. When asked if Andy is most handsome with reporters saying that he's more handsome, Choi find it hard to answer as he said: "Don't say it that way, I'm in a difficult position!"

Both Andy and Choi were happy and become good friends after shooting the movie as they hope to collaborate again.

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News

Andy Lau, Nicy Wu, Fan Bingbing and Choi Si-Won attended the premiere of A Battle of Wits.

When asked if he's confident of the box office of A Battle of Wits, he exclaimed that for movie of such theme, he hope that the audience could accept it and he had confidence.

In addition, Andy expressed that he had received Hacken Lee's wedding invitation card. When asked what present he had prepared for the couple, Andy exclaimed that he was still thinking.

Being the best man, Andy told Hacken to rest assure that he would help him with the alcohol toasting as that will leave it to him.

news from: tom.com

Director Jacob Chang lead the cast of A Battle of Wits Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu and Choi Si-Won to attend the press conference where the actors were arranged to exchange gifts. Andy gave a 2007 organiser to Bingbing whom was wearing a low-cut blouse, the organiser came with their work time-table and birthday dates, as Andy, Jacob and Bingbing were born in September, Andy specially talked about Choi's birthday in October before Bingbing got noticed but her reaction was being covered when Andy exclaimed: "Hei!"

Bingbing explained on Andy hinting that she like Choi by saying: "No, he was so much younger than me, he's like a younger brother, Andy is joking! (Are youangry?) I'm not angry, we're just joking." However, Andy revealed that during shooting he get to meet and dine Jacob, Nicky and Choi more often, it's mostly all guys dine together as Bingbing was busy with her leaving the set after shooting thus seldom communicate with her, she explained that she didn't dine with them as she's scared to be photographed and got herself into allegations, thus she's more careful as previously there's allegation when she collaborated with Anthony Wong thus she didn't get in contact with him, she's also unsure if he's in Hong Kong as her last tele-conversation, Anthony told her that he was in Taiwan.

Andy also admitted that he was joking that Bingbing like Choi. With regards to Bingbing's complaint that she often get bullied during shooting, Andy added that he wanted to ask her for dinner every night but worried of allegation, when told by the reporters to consult Anthony, he quipped: "Anthony was telling me that she was also a victim!" Bingbing then tell Andy that he had told reporters that she like Choi, Andy jokes again by saying: "I just told them that you like Anthony only." Bingbing then exclaimed: "You're so boring! I only like you!" Andy then replied: "You're right, you made the right choice to like me!"

In addition, Nicky gave Choi a Chinese dictionary for him to learn Chinese. Choi gave Andy a steamboat stove with any soup inside, Andy intially wanted to treat fish balls to the director but he decided to eat the uncooked fish ball himself as he quipped that he had considered that he should be the one suffering.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, tom.com

| Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The cast of A Battle of Wits: Andy Lau, Choi Si-Won, Fan Bingbing and Nicky Wu were in KwunTong APM to attend APM X Battle of Wits Defence activity to promote the movie which will be screened next weekend.

The activity attracted thousands of onlookers where most of them were fans of Andy and Choi, however what could be seen that Choi's fans occupied the area in front of the stage while Andy's fans occupied the higher levels of the mall, despite that Andy's fans still cheers at the top of their voice. When asked of his fans having to occupy the higher levels, Andy expressed that "there's friends from overseas" as he shows the movie's theme of "not attack and showing love". Andy also sing praise of Choi being hardworking and courteous which he thinks that it's worth Hong Kong newcomers to learn from him.

When the cast were walking down the red carpet and up the stage, enthusiastic fans tried to grab Andy and Choi to shake hands with them, luckily they are well-behaved and didn't over reaction. When the compere asked the cast of their happiness and sorrow when shooting the movie, Choi expressed that he was very happy to be able to collaborate with his idol - Andy. When the compere expressed that Andy had become a teacher, an embarrassed Andy expressed: "I've become a teacher for a long time!" The compere then added: "You're a handsome and talented teacher." Upon hearing, Andy burst into laughters.

One of the games was calligraphy competition, when Andy helped Fan Bingbing to write "Mo Gong" but it failed to come out top as Andy and Choi were joint-winners thus Fan sighed: "We always write with brush or ball-point pen, why did you use brush to brush it?" In order to console Fan, Andy asked her when they're backstage what colour she would be wearing for the next day thus to accomodate her but she refuse to tell Andy.

Earlier, Andy was hugged and carried off his feet in Mainland China, he expressed: "He carried me and turned 2 rounds, he held me too tight and I could not break free, no fans hold me so tight before!" Andy exclaimed that he was hugged by female fans several times but never got kissed by them, he thinks that fans should control themselves: "I feel that you should use the correct method to support idol, I hope nobody would use this chance to promote, adding securities would not help, it's hard to control."

With regards to the male fan whom molest Ella Koon jailed for 2 months, Andy said: "If he understand how to respect people after the 2 months is a good thing, if he don't then it would be hard to say!"

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sina.com, MingPao, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po

| Saturday, November 18, 2006

Starring Andy Lau, A Battle of Wits, a collaboration of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea held two individual premiere in Beijing and Shanghai in the past few days. 1,100 tickets for the Shanghai premiere were snapped up within half a day such situation is hardly seen in Shanghai. Andy also encountered a crazy male fan as he dashed onto the stage to hug and bring Andy off his feet, the securities almost stop the event immediately.

Andy and the cast of A Battle of Wits which includes Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Choi Si-Won, Wang Zhiwen together with director Jacob Chang attended the premiere in Shanghai to meet the audience.

Andy was the last to enter the venue, after he walked onto the stage, the fans began to scream and pushed forward, with all the securities trying to maintain orderly of the crowd, a male dressed in western suit dashed up the stage and hugged Andy till he's off his feet and begin to turn in circles, Andy's clothing was messed up by the male. On seeing the situation, the fans were shocked and screamed, the securities immediately dashed on to the stage to pull the male away. Although gone through all sorts of situations, but this time it did gave Andy a scare as he pat his chest to stablise himself.

When interviewed, Andy exclaimed that he had encountered several enthusiastic fans, in the public appearances all these years, Andy said that he also encounter several enthusiastic male and female fans whom would dashed forward to hug or kiss him, or shake hands to take photographs, but dashing onto the stage and carry him off his feet is his first time which gave him a scare, luckily the man was brought off the stage by the securities whom almost hit the man but Andy plea with them not to do so as he was not injured. Andy said: "When I saw him dashed on to the stage and came towards me, initially I thought he would just give me a hug, unexpectedly he carry me off my feet and refuse to let go, I've no time to react, no time to push him away, such enthusiasm scared me, Haha, luckily he's just too over enthusiasm and nothing else."

For all public appearances of Andy, whenever he encountered enthusiastic fans, he would use the Mo Zi's "Show love, not attack" philosophy, because whenever fans broke through securities and were bring away by the securities, Andy would offer to personally walk them down to prevent any forceful treatments from the securities, he says: "I once encountered some fans, after they dashed on to the stage, they were dragged down the stage with their hair pulled, some securities even hit them, I think this is scary, they didn't do any bad deeds, they didn't injured me, although dashing onto the stage is wrong, but these fans are humans too, it's just a moment of excitment or they could not control themselves, no need to use force on them. Thus, whenever one dashed onto the stage, I would personally escort them off the stage to prevent the securities from hurting them, if I could not escort them off the stage personally, I would plea with the securities not to hurt them. I would appreciate that those fans whom love, support and adore me could cool down and not dashed onto the stage, I timid and would be scared too."

A Battle of Wits will be screened in the cinema officially in Hong Kong on 23 November, Andy exclaimed that many Chinese audience had told him that they love the movie after watching it, therefore he's confident that the movie will do well in the box office, this is an anti-war movie with many reasonings, initially he was worried that many youngsters would not understand the movie but unexpectedly after the Shanghai premiere, he was told by the media that those aged under 25 years old expressed that they love the movie which he could relax.

With such good results at the Shanghai premiere, he's delighted and confident for the movie. Wang Zhiwen being the host treated everyone to celebrate after the premiere.

In addition, during the afternoon's press conference where only reporters were allowed entry. When Andy and Li Bingbing were walking into the room to be interview, before they are seated Andy was aapproached by another male whom had a bouquet of flowers for him. Andy was at a lost as he's unsure of what's happening and the male exclaimed: "I'm not a reporter, I'm also an artist, you're my idol for 13 years, hope I'll get the chance to communicate with you."

An embarrassed Andy smile while the organiser escort this fan out of the room. However this male refuse to leave and get into a quarrel with the crew members as they had no choice but to pull him to the staircase and he shouted: "I hope you'll remember me, I'm also an artist, hope to get the chance to collaborate with you, frankly speaking, I feel that you look down on me." The man was then escorted out of the hotel by the securities.

During the press conference, most of the questions were directed at Andy. Andy expressed that the movie was prepared for many years and success or failure would known now, he hope that everyone show their support. He feel that if comparing A Battle of Wits with House of Flying Daggers, the former is more realistic as during shooting, the director didn't state any expression from the actors in every scene as he gave us the space to act on our own.

When asked to compared Fang Bingbing with Li Bingbing whom he collaborate before the former, he quipped: "Each has her own, Li Bingbing loves fighting scenes, whereas Fan Bingbing like to ride horses thus she looked more of a pretty female warrior."

news from: Sina.com, www.163.com, yule.sohu.com

| Friday, November 17, 2006

Andy Lau's A Battle of Wits will opens in the cinema on 23 November, thus the promotion had been going underways as a premiere was held at Beijing last night around 2000 hours whereas the whole group would be moving to Shanghai today.

Other than director Jacob Chang and Andy, other casts including Ahn Sung-ki, Wang Zhiwen, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Choi Si-Won were also presented. When a calligraphy was displayed to the audience, they were surprised that the 2 words "Mo Gong" was written by Andy.

Andy expressed that he wrote the 2 words in calligraphy after being invited by Jacob, he said: "One day when I need not work and was at home, I received a call from Jacob and told me that the 'Mo Gong' on the cover of the comic looked very strong and he hope that we could come up with something more gentle, I then work on it in my home before asking someone to send over. I told them that if they think that it's not good, they can always not use it as I satisfied to write calligraphy with 'Mo' (ink)."

news from: Sina.com

Battle of Wits, directed by Jacob Chang held its large scale press conference at Beijing yesterday which Andy Lau, Ahn Sung-ki, Wang Zhiwen, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Choi Si-Won attended. To accomodate Mo Zi's "Show love, not attack" philosophy, under the instruction of Jacob, Andy personally demostrate his calligraphy skills by writing Mo Gong to wish the movie a success.

Andy whom was in Pusan International Film Festival recently heard that the media nicknamed him as "national treasure heavenly king", he burst into laughters: "Is my eye bags recently showing? Why said until as if I'm going to retire?" Meanwhile, director Wong Jing had some words on Andy, he said: "If every artiste could work at least 70% as hard as Andy, it's god's fault if you're not popular." With regards to such praise, a modest Andy said: "It's my career that transform me into a megastar, I have a return the favour mentality." With regards retiring to backstage, Andy quipped: "Do all of you bare to see me leave? If I retire to the background, you won't be seeing me anymore."

In the movie, there's a scene whereby Fan Bingbing's character trying to make Andy's Ge Li character to stay, thus she remove her clothes infront of him. When asked of her first collaboration with her idol, and whether the scene of showing love is too modern. Bingbing quipped: "Nothing to feel shy, that's the only chance to express her love, if it's a real life case, I'll also use the same method to show my love. I've waited for this movie for a long time, furthermore I got to collaborate with my idol, I'm delighted when working with him." Andy then sing praise of Bingbing's acting. Bingbing then added that if she could choose her husband, it must be someone like Andy whom will give her a sense of security.

news from: sina.com

On a certain brand electric bicycle endorser contract signing ceremony, a causally dressed Andy Lau whom was in checker wollen shirt and pants doesn't lose any of his charisma as he kept posing during the ceremony, he also demostrate his bicycle tatics, he's enjoying himself. He said: "This is my first time riding an electric bicycle, the feeling isn't that bad, doesn't require much energy and it's also environmental friendly."

An excited Andy added: "Wah, this is so magical! I've only rode motorcycle, bicycle, driving, it's my first time riding this electric bicycle, indeed it doesn't require much energy, it's light too, furthermore the speed range is more than I expected!" Andy was like a kid as he push the bicycle down, "Not bad, really not bad, it's not as heavy as a motorcycle, it's not as slow as a bicycle."

No matter it's A Moment of Romance or Needing You, scenes of Andy riding on a motorcycle had become movie's classic, his charisma while riding the motorcycle is also unforgettable. Nevertheless, the ride had been change to an electric bicycle, his charisma still stays.

news from: Sina.com