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| Sunday, February 26, 2006

Andy Lau returned to Hong Kong yesterday's afternoon after a 3-days commercial shooting in Kunming, it was a successful shoot but he had dangerous encounters with paparazzi in Mainland China, the paparazzi even wanted to sneak into his hotel room. With thoughts of reporting them to the police but Andy decided to let them off and would not pursue the matter.

Many reporters gathered at the airport yeterday to wait for the arrival of Korean stars Cha Tae Hyun and Song Hye Kyo, luckily some 30 fans were waiting for Andy in order to pass presents to him, thus the limelight is not totally covered by the Korean stars. However, the high popularity of the Korean idols still make Andy jealous as he asked the reporters: "Whom were you waiting for?"

When being told that the reporters were waiting for the Korean stars, he quipped: "So you'll chase after the Korean stars to take photographs of them and not me!" The reporters then escort Andy to his car, he then suddenly point to his female crew member and said: "This is my new girlfriend." Before the reporters could react, Andy got into his car and drove off.

This time round, Andy went to the highlands in Kunming for the location shooting of a new commercial. To prevent too many onlookers, the shooting was kept low profile but when they started shooting, they were discovered by the villagers as through mouth of words, the summit of the mountain was surrounded by many people, among them whom gather, some were paparazzi.

After the shoot, Andy and the crew drove down the mountain but the driver drove rather dangerously as he increase his speed and detour without warning, it was dangerous with the winding roads of the mountain as worries of falling off the mountain, thus the crew members asked the driver the reason for his actions. The driver explain that there was a car trailing him, thus he took the risk to shake them away. For the safety reasons, Andy instruct the driver to allow the paparazzi to follow them as safety comes first, in the end, the paparazzi successfully followed them to the hotel.

Unexpectedly, the paparazzi also sneak into and was liotering at the level of the whole shooting were staying but they was discovered. The securities initially decided to hand the paparazzi over to the police but to prevent the matter getting blown up and would affect the paparazzi thus Andy decided to let the paparazzi off. Andy said: "The securities did asked me if I wanted to report them to the police but on seeing nothing had actually happened thus nothing could be reported, however I heard that they refuse to reveal their identity but I believed that they're reporters."

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Saturday, February 25, 2006

Last year, with the motive to promote Chinese movies, Andy Lau suggested a project named Focus First Cuts and set up Focus Films Ltd. He also hand-picked 6 new directors around Asia to shoot 6 films on High Definition (HD) technology. The first to get Andy's recognition is Hong Kong's young director Lam Tse Chung's I'll Call You.

With regards to I'll Call You being selected as the first movie, Andy's company spokesman express that most importantly, Lam's talent was recognise by Andy. According to sources, the theme of the movie will be about love in our postmodern society in a comical way. Other than investing 25 million reminbi, Andy will take up 2 characters in the movie, one is the character in Running On Karma, similiar to the original movie, it would be intelligent as he give the male lead Alex Fong guidance.

The other character would be a prison officer, it was revealed that Alex drunk himself with too many alcohol after a failure expression of his feelings to Viann Liang and might meet Andy after being sent into a detention barrack.

With regards to the 2 characters, the spokesman stress: "These 2 characters came within the mind of the male lead, or rather when he was in a state of semi-conscious, or a kind of memory and it's not real; furthermore the scene time total up to about 10 minutes."

news from: Sina.com

| Thursday, February 23, 2006

Andy Lau whom set up Focus Films Ltd has a movie project - Focus First Cuts where 6 Asian new potential directors were selected to produce 6 creative feature films to be shot on High Definition (HD) technology. In order to nurture new talents in providing them the platform to showcase their films to a wider audience, he invested more than US$30 million for the project, it can be seen for his confidence in the project.

The project was the brainchild of Hong Kong based Focus Films and supporting of Star Chinese Movies Network, thus Hong Kong director Lam Tse Chung's I'll Call You was selected to be the first film to be launched. I'll Call You is about love in our postmodern society. The other five films include the collaboration of Wong Ching Po and Lee Kung Lok's PG from Hong Kong, Ho Yu Hang's Rain Dogs from Malaysia, Kelvin Tong's Love Story from Singapore, Robin Lee's The Shoe Fairy from Taiwan and Ning Hao's Crazy Stone from China.

Directed by Lam Tse Chung, I'll Call You is about love in our postmodern society in a comical way. Hong Kong handsome actor Alex Fong (Ah Man) is paired up with Viann Liang (Karen) in a love relationship but Karen thinks that she has a wide variety of guys to chose from thus play around with Ah Man. Ah Man's old buddy Lam Ka Tung, Xiao Long and parents (Lam Suet and Yuen Chou) supporting him to play soccer, drink and become his love consultant but Ah Man still fail until he met Andy dress as his character in Running On Karma for some change.

Lam Tse Chung pointed out that he had special reason for Andy to dress up as his character in Running On Karma but he decided to keep it a secret for the time being.

Meanwhile, a "trailer editing competition" was held for students to participate as an encouragement for them to join the movie industry and also hope to discover potential directors and editors to be the next batch of Focus First Cuts.

The participants just need to download the 2 minutes long trailer and photographs from the official website, using their creativity and imagination, to add background music, dialogue (in Cantonese), subtitles, animation or images into their contesting clip, it must be edited into a 15-30 seconds long trailer and burnt into a DVD format. The result will be announced in a press conference by Andy on 4 March 2006.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao

| Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Short note: Andy had been rather quiet recently, here's a back-dated news for you!!

Eric Tsang, Alan Tam and Nat Chan were the one whom formed the celebrities soccer team. The whole team booked a private plane to jet off to Philippines to celebrate their 20th anniversary on 17 February.

Eric, Alan, Nat, Felix Wong, Law Ka Ying, Sing Fui On and 100 other players and family members of the celebrity team set off to celebrate in Philippines.

In addition, Felix exclaimed that his wife was on a business trip in America thus he asked good friend Andy Lau for bowling to spend Valentine Day, he says: "I spent my Valentine Day bowling with Andy. (Andy need not accompany others at night?) Night is private time, I'm not sure how he spent it!"

news from: SingTao News

| Saturday, February 18, 2006

Everybody knows that Jackie Chan likes to do spring cleaning himself, unexpectedly, Andy Lau is the same.

During last week's "Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert" press conference where Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung were also in attendance. In between, an assitant brought 3 cups of milk tea for them. When Andy open the cover of the cup, 2 drops of tea fall onto the floor.

Actually nobody detected but Andy was asking the assistant to wipe the floor with tissue paper with him as the supervisor as he supervise the assistant to clean the floor. His over obsession may makes one feel nervous and uneasy!

news from: Sudden Weekly

| Thursday, February 16, 2006

Short note: Gossips, gossips!!!!! HK magazine is full of gossip...they're paparazzi!!

Last Saturday, 11 Feb 2006, Pat Chun and her friend went for a shopping spree at Queensway and Central before going for dinner at a country club.

It was about to be 7:00pm, Pat Chun's friend car was driving into the country club's golf course carpark, Pat Chun's eyes sweep the whole area and spotted Andy Lau was about to leave after boarding his nanny car. Pat Chun's eye had another wide sweep and spotted a pregnant Sandra Ng with Peter Chan. Sandra then walk close to the nanny car to have a short chat with Andy before bidding farewell.

Andy and Sandra always keep in touch with one another. Earlier she collaborate with Andy and Anita Mui in Dance of a Dream, Anita was angry that the Mandarin title of the movie was similiar to Sandra's name which result to a period where she was angry with them.

In Sandra's Golden Chicken, Andy also took time off to cameo in the movie. From their good relationship, when Sandra's baby is born, Andy should be the first among showbiz to be the baby's god-father.

news from: Next Magazine

| Monday, February 13, 2006

For the past few days, showbiz has allegation spreading that Andy Lau's alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian went to pray to the snake god. When told of such allegations, Andy burst into laughters and exclaimed that he would rather depend on himself than praying god. Meanwhile his best friend, Felix Wong is urging him to get married soon.

Singing The Moon Represent My Heart, heavenly king Andy was indeed showing off his high "electricity". On the days before Valentines Day, one love song after another, all fans were dazzled by him. However, this "super electric power machine" did met his match.

Andy exclaimed: "Kiss me if you dare!" Charlene whom get to kiss Andy was shouting and jumping around on the stage, Andy was shocked by Charlene's daring action.

Being in showbiz for many years, facing his alleged girlfriend went to pray the snake god, experienced Andy know how to answer the question. He says: "When I heard their voice, I feel motivated to urge me to find my other half, then have children, no need to pray to god! That's not needed! I would rather pray myself than god!"

Andy manage to avoid the question but his best friend, Felix could stand what Andy had said as he exclaim: "I think if one have loved ones should get married soon, I need no translation, as everyone would not understand, get married fast!"

It seems that if Andy is not married, not only his fans are eager, even his friends also urging him to get married.

news from: TVBS E-News

| Sunday, February 12, 2006

Andy Lau held his "Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert" at the Hong Kong Conventional Centre 2 nights ago. With Valentine Day round the corner, the concert's theme was love songs. Andy also seize the chance to spend Valentine Day with his fans in advance as he sang several love songs. His parents and Charlene Choi's mother were also there to show their support. When Andy sang Ma Ma I Love You, Andy's father cried as he use his hand to wipe away his tears, it was a touching scene.

Andy approached Twins to be his special performing guest and they immediately joined Andy World Club as Andy also gave them their membership card on the spot, they were also awarded a special joining membership ceremony which is kissing Andy. Wearing Andy World Club uniform, they sing 'Ben Xiao Hai' and dance with Andy, they were so excited as they asked if they could hug and kiss Andy?

Andy quipped: "Both of you would not pay the double membership fees, you would enjoy the same privileges of other members. If you're dare, I would also allow you to kiss me!" Andy then peck his lips.

Charlene whom had kiss Andy in All About Love immediately exclaimed: "That's great!" and gave Andy a kiss which stunned the crowd. A surprised Andy use his hand to cover his mouth and said: "My celibacy was violated by you!" Charlene then quipped: "But you said so!" Andy then wipe his mouth and said to Gillian Chung: "It your turn," while looking at her, but she exclaims: "It doesn't matter, I have not yet have my first kiss on screen!" When Andy pointed out that she did kiss Stephen Fung in the movies, Gillian then explains that she only had her face close to Stephen only.

Andy express that he has plans to form a new group with Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung called AK47, as they duet 'An Li Zao Mi' while they dance, their full of chemistry performance won the appluase of the fans. Andy exclaimed that AK47 would sweep many awards in the music awards ceremonies in the new year as he never won any group award. Andy said: "This year, we would win the Best Group, Best Singing, Felix and Ka Tung would win Best Improvement and I shall also win the Media award!"

Ka Tung then quipped: "People was at 17, but over age add together had already exceed 70." The audience burst into laughter.

Felix then do a somersault to prove that he's not old as the audience appluase for him. Felix then caught Andy off-guard by saying: "I hope that if you have the other half, I would wish to see you get married soon!" Andy tried to turn the attention off him by saying: "Lam Ka Tung, I'm telling you first, if the newspaper photograph you with someone, my company would not allow artiste to be in relationship!"

Andy then said: "If those people whom was single like me in this Valentine Day ...." , before he could finish his sentence, he got boos reply from the audience. But Andy continues: "I seldom dare to sing 'Yi Ge Ren Shui' (literally translated as Sleeping Alone) , but I really sleep alone. I'm still single." He burst into laughter after saying the sentence.

Towards the end of the concert, Andy said on-stage: "Recently there were many reports on me doing what man should do (getting married), I'll plan it properly, all of you should not worry for me, I'll get it planned soon." After saying, he sang 'Wu Xu Dan Xin' (literally translated as Not to Worry).

With regards to his earlier saying that he would only believe Alan Tam's secret to having a son that he taught Hacken Lee if he confim that Alan has a son, then Alan rebulk by asking Andy to bring his girlfriend out, when asked of this matter, Andy tried to avoid the question by saying: "Please don't affect the good atmosphere of my concert," and added that other than Felix, Ka Tung and Twins, he would not talk about other people.

After the concert, Charlene exclaimed that she actually just wanted to kiss Andy's face but she kiss on the wrong spot. When asked if she's worried that Andy's fans would not let the matter rest, Charlene express that she was very scared but she had prepared red packets as any trouble would be solved by giving red packets. When asked about she and Ronald Cheng went to meet his parents, she replied: "I will only talk about one male today and he would be Andy Lau, I would not reply personal questions."

Gillian whom gave Andy the snub explains: "I'm more shy and nervous! Never tried before and afraid Mani would angry of me. Maybe she should find me to be the female lead in his movie, then I will get to kiss him. Haha!"

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert was successfully held at the Hong Kong Conventional Centre last night. Several of his old friends from showbiz were invited as special performing guests which were Twins, Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung.

For this concert, Felix and Ka Tung specially rehearse a dance to dance and sing 'An Li Zao Mi' with Andy. After the performance, both of them were addicted to dancing as they quipped that they wanted to have a hot dance with Andy next time round.

Andy immediately quipped that how could it be done as it would be difficult for three men to be in a hot dance, furthermore he find it hard to accept.

Twins expressed that the vocal of male and female is different as Andy songs have some difficulties to sing, it was Andy whom blend in with them in order to make the collaboration a success.

Charlene Choi express that she was the honorary fan in Andy World Club thus she seize the chance to kiss Andy, he immediately cover his face and appeared helpless.

Andy later express that Charlene's action was too sudden and it surprised him as Charlene express that she has the special rights of a honorary fan thus she could kiss Andy.

Andy then pointed out that he never get so close to his actual fans as Charlene is his only fan that get to kiss him.

news from: Sina.com

Alan Tam whom went holiday in Canada during the Chinese New Year period was back in Hong Kong as he meet up for a steamboat dinner with his friends.

Andy Lau was alleged that he went to pray to the snake god to ask for a son and Andy quipped that if he would like to borne a son, he would asked Alam about his "special position" and could follow him to have a son too but he would have to prove that Alan indeed has a son. When asked of the matter, Alan quipped: "I never deny about this, looks like Andy need to study the secret on how to borne a son!"

It was not known if Alan was drunk as he continues: "What's the name of Andy's wife? The current society is very open nowadays, it's no problem bringing her out." When asked if Andy bring his wife out, he will follow likewise? Alan quipped: "We can bring them out together, you can say whatever you want then, I've told all today, haha!"

news from: SingPao

| Friday, February 10, 2006

Andy Lau whom always wish to be in a musical could have his dreams come true next year!

The Mandarin version of Broadway musical King and I is scheduled to be staged at Tsim Sha Tsui's Hong Kong Cultural Centre for 15 shows. The male lead had been confirmed to be Andy and he had confirmed that he had contacts with the organiser to check if his schedule could meet their schedule.

The story of King and I narrates "Mrs. Anna Leonowens and her son Louis arrive in Bangkok, where she has contracted to teach English to the children of the royal household. She threatens to leave when the house she had been promised is not available, but falls in love with the children. A new slave, a gift of a vassal king, translates "Uncle Tom's Cabin" into a Siamese ballet, expressing her unhappiness at being with the King. She attempts to escape with her lover. Anna and the King fall in love, but her British upbringing inhibits her from joining his harem. She is just about to leave Siam when she hears of the King's imminent death, and returns to help his son, her favorite pupil, rule his people." (IMDb - Earth's Biggest Movie Database)

The musical was first performed in 1951, Yul Brynner whom is the actor whom shave his head to play the king, become a superstar from an unknown. He was also the male lead in 1956 movie version of the musical.

In 1999, Chow Yun Fat and Jodie Foster collaborated in an adaption of the musical in the movie, Anna and the King.

In fact, Chow Yun Fat was also invited by the Broadway producer to perform in the musical when it was staged in New York but he reject the invitation as it need one year of preparation. If Andy accept the offer, it would take at least 1-2 years to read the scripts, rehearse and perform.

When asked if he would shave his head for the performance? He says: "The king character does not have a bald head, it's just Yul Brynner who shave his head, I playing the king and not Yul Brynner." With regards to the female lead, there's plan of an audition for a newcomer with singing and dancing background.

news from: Apple Daily News

Earlier, Battle of Wits had wrapped up its filming in Mainland China, executive producer Tsui Siuming specially made a trip to paid the crew a visit. Other than a feast to celebrate the occassion, they also played with fireworks, Andy Lau was so excited playing with the fireworks that he almost lose his life as the fireworks just merely miss his head.

Due to the cold weather in Heibei, they celebrate the occassion by having a steamboat feast, Tsui arranged some fireworks activity after dinner to hope Battle of Wits be a success and Asian movie be a spark throughout the world. Tsui hope to use this movie to let the world concern about war problems.

As Hong Kong restrict playing of fireworks, thus Andy was all excited on seeing the fireworks as he took one of one to light them up before trying to light up a stick that will create a 16 times bigger firework but after light up, there was no reaction from the firework stick thus he walk forward to check, unexpectedly after he walked two steps forward, the fireworks exposed with a loud bang, it was loud enough to activate the alarm system of the surrounding parked cars. Wiping his sweat, Andy quipped: "Luckily I didn't step forward another step, if not my head would expose 16 times like the fireworks stick."

As this movie took 4 months to shoot, thus during dinner, all crew members took photographs with the actors for remembrance with Andy being the most popular but Choi Si Won and Chin Siu Ho also didn't lose out too. The female scriptwriter was creative enough to piece up all the photographs together to become a "family potrait" for everyone. Andy sing praise that it was a precious present and he will keep it well for remembrance.

Director Jacob Chang whom took 10 years to prepare for this movie was feeling reluctant that this movie had wrapped up shooting, he sing praise of the three actors, he said: "I knew Andy for a long time, he looked more mature when compared to his old mischievous days. Fan Bingbing is very pretty, very involved in the shooting. With regards to Korean Ahn Sung-kee, he's very understanding and took the initiative to blend into the Chinese lifestyle, this touches me."

Battle of Wits would have its post-production in 4 different countries which includes Japan, Mainland China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau had just completed his filming committments, he would be committing himself into singing performance as he approach Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung to form a mature boy group, as their average age is 40-years-old, Andy suggested to name the group F40.

Attention all audience, there would be a new boy group in the Chinese music industry, wrong, it would be a mature boy group, the group leader would be Andy as he says: "We're the mature group, then in our movements, our style to show off the charisma of 40-year-old male(s)."

The group name would be called F40 as concidentally that their average age is 40-years-old, but it seems that the other 2 members have comments on the group name. Felix said: "F40, we had exceeded 40 lar, should have called 40 plus." Lam said: "It doesn't concern me, I'm not yet 40."

Exposing their age in their group name can be understand as by looking at them rehearsing their dance, for the simple movements of putting out their hands, turning rounds, drawing circles with their hand, move forward 4 steps before making a turn, they did a 2266, they must admit that they're old.

Luckily that they are the evergreen in showbiz, without stamina, they had the determination, they believe that their performance this Friday, F40 would make it in their first battle but Andy still wants to have different looks in-front of the screen as his allegation is catching the most attention as there's a magazine report that Andy and his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian visited a famous snake temple in Kuala Lumpur to pray for a son, the temple also show a record book showing Andy had donated $500 ringgit and a thank-you sign.

Whether it's true or false, need not ask, Andy would surely deny everything.

news from: TVB E-News

Tony Leung Kar Fai was invited to announce the nomination list for the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards, if he was not nominated, it would be rather embarrassing but he didn't disappoint audience by being nominated for the Best Actor award for his performance in The Election and Everlasting Regret.

Also being nominated for the Best Actor award includes Wait 'Til You're Older's Andy Lau, Divergence's Aaron Kwok and The Election's Simon Yam. Tony said: "Aaron had defeated me once and win the award, Simon also stands a high chance, Andy is also an ex-Best Actor, all are tough competitors." When told by reporters that he was also an ex-Best Actor. Tony answers: "With my pool of votes divided, I could lose out."

Meanwhile, another nominee for the Best Actor award, Andy thinks that what Tony was bragging, he says: "He's bragging! Most importantly is that I wish to see different people get nominated, because I was not nominated in the past, it was after many years than I was nominated in Hong Kong Films Awards, then I started to have more confidence in my performance in movies, hope in future, there will be more actors of different type and character could be nominated."

With Wait 'Til You're Older losing out in the Golden Horse Film Awards, but was rewarded in Hong Kong Films Awards and got nominations in Best Actor and Actress but Andy was disappointed that Felix Wong was not nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Andy says: "Golden Horse Film Awards! Still remind me that I was not nominated! Felix was not nominated, I'm disappointed, I feel taht you have to watch a movie in a whole, for the whole movie, I feel that if Felix didn't do to a certain standard, my performance would not be that great too."

news from: TVBS E-News

| Thursday, February 09, 2006

Going into the second day of the year of the dog, Andy Lau specially have a gathering with his fans. The fans shouted: "Andy, we wished you to continue to be handsome, continue to win awards, continue to be popular throughout the world, Gong Xi Fa Cai, give me an ang-paw."

Of course Andy oblign to the fans' request and gave them ang-paw, several fans seized the chance to hug him which he didn't reject their advances. However, being adored by many, there's a little girl whom refuse to accept Andy's ang-paw.

Lam Ka Tung also attend the gathering and under the fans' request, he duet 'Wu Jian Dao' with Andy.

As it is the year of the dog, of course Andy would want to take photographs with dogs. He took photographs with Cash whom literally translated into Chinese as money is the pet dog of Cally Kwong. Cally kept playing with Cash in-front of the camera to hope that it would have a successful photo shoot with Andy. In the end, other than taking photograph with Andy, it also gave him a kiss but it seems that Andy doesn't like the kiss that much.

Writing calligraphy doesn't trouble Andy but when the quiet dog which initially sat beside him suddenly get up which gave everyone a scare, luckily nothing happen.

However, the most funny part was to find a Snoopy mascot to wish fans a happy Chinese New Year to the fans as they hope everyone would have good luck in the year of the dog. Andy says: "Gong Xi Fa Cai and be healthy."

news from: TVBS E-News

The 56th Berlin International Film Festival will open officially tomorrow. Among those announced competiting and screening movies on the list, Chinese movies are a rare sight. However, the reporter understand that other than The Promise, Isabella, Could be Beautiful and You and Me, there are also several Chinese movies which will be screened during the festival.

Andy Lau's self-invested movie, All About Love would be screened on 14 February, Valentine Day. On 13 February, Taiwanese female director Lee Yun-chan's The Shoe Fairy with Vivian Hsu in the cast, will also be screened at the festival. In addition, another Andy sponsered Focus: First Cut project, Mainland China Ning Hao's Crazy Stone which is doing its post production but will also get to screen its trailer at the festival.

Another Focus: First Cut project, directed by Wong Ching Po and Lee Kung Lok's PG had yet started shooting. Another Focus Film Limited movie - After this, Our Exile which starred Aaron Kowk and Charlie Young has started shooting last November. Both movies will start a major promotion at Berlin International Film Festival.

news from: Sina.com

For Valentine Day, a special edition DVD set of Andy Lau and Idy Chan's classic TV drama serial, Return of the Condor Heroes was released. The DVD set include a production special and selection of English subtitles which will meet the requirements of different audience.

There would also be collectible bookmarks of Yeung Gor and Little Dragon Girl, three pieces for each set.

Andy's Yeung Gor is one of his classic works, although he still have baby fat in those days but his deeply in love Yeung Gor still moved many hearts.

news from: Ming Pao

Buy "The Return of The Condor Heroes" (English Subtitled DVD) Now

Andy Lau was rehearsing for his Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert yesterday, other being told that he was nominated for the Best Actor award for his performance in Wait 'Til you're Older at the upcoming Hong Kong Films Awards, another piece of good news was that the 8,000 tickets for the concert was snapped out within one hour which broke the record of Metro Radio.

With regards to being nominated for Best Actor, Andy express that although he had yet watched the other nominees' movies but he was full of confidence as he exclaim: "I've did my best, of course I've confidence. Actually I've yet watch the other 4 nominated movies but everyone did well. Both Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Kar Fai had won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Films Awards and Hong Kong Film Critics Awards respectively, thus I hope that I can be recognise together with Simon Yam. However, I'm disappointed that Felix Wong didn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor, he did very well in the movie." Andy expressed that he would try his best to attend the presentation ceremony.

With regards to Karen Mok being nominated for Best Actress for her performance in Wait 'Til you're Older, she immediately called Andy to send in her congratulations, Andy said: "Other than sending her congratulations, she told me that she never expected to be nominated but I told her that she did very well in the movie, however it was disappointing that Felix didn't get nominated as we were a family in the movie."

Both Felix and Lam Ka Tung would be special performing guest at the concert was also rehearsing with Andy. They express that Andy stand a chance of winning the Best Actor award again. Felix pointed out that Andy's chance is 50-50 as Tony is really a strong competitor, Aaron is a outsider whereas Simon is a dark horse. When told that Tony might not attend the presentation ceremony, Felix immediately quipped that the stats had being changed to 40-60.

When asked on his progress in the rehearsal, Ka Tung quipped: "I've rehearse for 3 hours, should be able to make it, chances of making mistake would be minimise during fast dance, however mistake can be easily detected during slow dance." As Andy is the most attraction of the concert, thus Felix quoted that he and Ka Tung need not be too serious.

Although it was alleged that Andy is married and have children but he never openly express that he has a girlfriend or admitted that he was married, but earlier there was alleged reports in a magazine (Easy Finder) that Andy was eager to borne a son that he went praying a snake god in a temple, Andy explains: "I don't need to pray to the god in order to have a son, it all depend on fate, I could ask Alan Tam whom had gave some guidance to Hacken Lee, I could learnt from Alan but firstly must prove that Alan has a son, of not I would not know if his tatics works."

Andy added that the report has no prove that whether it was true, for having a son, he think that he could depend on himself and would not depend on miracle to help him, he hope that after reading the reports, readers should not believe it.

In addition, there was allegation that Andy's alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian went to a Thian Hock Keng Temple in Kuala Lumpur to pray that she would borne a son for Andy. When a reporter from GuangMing Daily went to the temple to rectify the allegation, he was told by the temple in-charge that Andy indeed came to his temple but refuse to reveal whom accompanied him but said that Andy just prayed for peace. The temple's in-charge then stress that Thian Hock Keng Temple is never a place for people to pray for a son, those people would have go to a Kwun Yam Temple.

There was also a sign to thanks Andy's donation of $500 ringgit to the temple. Talking about the 19-years allegation with Carol, someone mentioned that her uncle is a millionare in Malaysia, whenever Andy went for promotion in Kuala Lumpur, he would stay in one of his hotel, it was said that her uncle also sponser Andy's last year concert in Malaysia.

news from: SingTao News, SingPao, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, China Times, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po