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| Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Both Andy Lau's Protege (14 Feb) and Leon Lai's The Matrimony (8 Feb) will be screened in the middle of February. Before any official promotion started, both camps of fans had already started an online war of words.

Ever since the poster of Protege where Andy was standing while holding onto a hompy flower on his back, it is so much similar to The Matrimony's poster where Leon was also standing while holding a golden tree branch on his back.

Both camps of fans are quoting one poster copying another poster on the Internet. Leon's fans were asking why a hompy flower was used in the poster where Andy's fans replied that it was used as the theme of the movie was anti-drugs, it is an exchanges of words.

The Matrimony's producer expressed that he had not seen Protege's poster before but since both movies are of different themes, thus there's no need of arguement.

news from: MingPao, sina.com

It was announced at the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) yesterday that the 1st Asian Film Awards (AFA), 17 panel judges from Cannes, Venice International Film Festivals were invited. Andy Lau, Chang Chen, Ken Watanabe and Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) would be vying for the Best Actor award, whereas Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi would be battling it out for the Best Actress award.

HKIFF's chairman Wong Ying Wai, CEO Qi Jia Ji and board member Au Man Chu Milton met the media yesterday to announce that the government will give a funding of around $9000,000 to hold the 1st AFA on 30 March, invitations were sent out to 17 international experienced filmmakers which includes chief executives and judges from Cannes Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, movies screened in 2006 would be considered for awards.

The first AFA's nomination list was announced yesterday, for the Best Actor award, the nominees are Chang Chen (The Go Master), Rain (I'm a cyborg, But that's ok), Andy Lau (A Battle of Wits), Song Kang Ho (The Host), Ken Watanabe (Memories of Tomorrow)and Shahrukh Khan (DON).

When asked of his nomination, Andy expressed: "I'm delighted to be nominated for the 1st Asian Film Awards, I hope I can bring glory to Hong Kong."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, MingPao, Sina.com

| Monday, January 29, 2007

Protege which will open in the cinemas during the Lunar New Year is a movie with drugs as its theme. In order to obtain the realistic effect, director Derek Yee lead the male leads - Andy Lau and Daniel Wu for location shooting at the Golden Triangle. Both of them were shocked after seeing the opium plantation with their own eyes.

In the movie, Andy is a drug lord whom want to retire thus bring his trusted helper Ah Lek (Daniel) to Thailand's Golden Triangle to show him his business secrets. Andy explains his Brother Kun character, he said: "In the world of drug trafficking, you cannot find a trusted friend, Brother Kun never trusted anyone until Ah Lek appears, he followed Kun for 8 years, Kun only shows his true self to Lek whom can be considered as Kun's only friend."

As the Golden Triangle is always a mystery, to be able to location shooting there, Andy and Daniel were very excited but they were told later that the opium plantation was man-made as it was made up by 6,000 opium plants a day prior to the shooting. Both of them exclaimed: "It looked so real!"

Daniel added: "The local farmers earned a living by these opium plants in the past, when they see how we manufacture drugs from the plant, they exclaimed that it looked realistic!"

Derek revealed that he once thought of location shooting at the real drug production location - Golden Crescent but the approval would be difficult to get and would also be life endangering thus he decided to location shooting at the Golden Triangle instead. Derek said: "At least when we talked about Golden Triangle, the audience would know that it's related to drugs."

Meanwhile, Protege was premiere in a new 5-star cineplex's opening ceremony in Zhengzhou. It gathers good response as many audience exclaimed: "Although it's common for Hong Kong movies to talk about drugs but never before a movie like Protege to describe drugs in such a detailed manner." The audience also had high praise of Andy's performance, he said: "This is the best performance of Andy, it better his performance in Infernal Affairs."

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Sina.com

Andy Lau won 3 awards at RTHK 29th Top 10 Mandarin Hit Song music award ceremony which is considered not a bad result, he also helped Leo Ku to pick up his award, thus showing off the gentleman side of him.

This happened because after Leo collected his Joint-4-Stations presented Media Award, he went to sing his song, as he forget to wear his ear-phone thus he leave his award by the side of the stage. After singing his song, Leo need to attend to the champagne opening ceremony and toast with guests and he forget to pick up his award. On seeing the situation, Andy pick up the award for him to prevent people from kicking it away. Andy then squeezed himself into the crowd to pass the award back to Leo whom thanked the helpful Andy.

Andy exclaimed that he's satisfied with his results and he expressed that he would go back to shoot his movie and start recording for his new Mandarin album slated to be released in July. Andy expressed that releasing this non-love song album (Voice), he hope that with his idol identity he could encourage teenager to work harder. With regards to the theme of his next album, he had not thought of it but one of the songs would be a specially wrote theme song for Jet Li's $1 charity foundation, there will also be theme song for movie and commerical, it won't be an album with a single theme.

He will be holding his concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in December, he expressed: "I've already sent in my application, it's being processed, 80% would be during the Christmas holidays, it would be at least 18 nights."

In addition, Andy's fans were seen queuing up over midnight at the ground floor of Andy World Club's building as Andy would be having a private gathering after attending the award ceremony.

news from: Sina.com, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, SingPao

The last result slip for 2006's music industry, RTHK 29th Top 10 Mandarin Hit Song music award ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. Leo Ku had been sweeping awards throughout the ceremonies as he was presented the Joint-4-Stations presented Media Award with a total of 19.5 awards won, he won the award for the first time in his 13-years career.

The ceremony was host by Eric Tsang and Miriam Yeung. Similar to previous years, the Top 10 Outstanding Singers award were presented to Miriam, Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Leo, Denise Ho, Eason Chan, Justin, Joey Yung, M. Vidal Janice (Wei Lan) all received their awards except Jay Chou whom was absent. It was followed by Andy, Hacken, Leo and Eason duet the ceremony's theme song.

Andy, Eason and Hacken won 3 awards each. Eason and Andy managed to retain Most Outstanding Male Pop Singer and Country's Most Popular Male Singer award respectively.

A look back at the 4 major music award ceremonies, Leo won the Media award with a total of 18.5 awards thus making a total of 19.5 awards, followed by Andy and Joey whom would a total of 16 awards, Eason won 14 awards and Hacken won 10 awards.

news from: Sina.com, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News

M. Vidal Janice (Wei Lan) would be holding her virgin solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum at the end of March, the tickets are selling quite well. There was a report yesterday quoting that Leon Lai had intention of using the April slots which Janice was using for additional shows as the Four Heavenly Kings concert where Leon would be singing the 4 heavenly kings' classic songs and sent invitation to Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok as performing guests, it would be a gathering for the four of them.

When contacted in a telephone interview, Andy expressed that nobody had contacted him to discuss on this matter, in addition he would be location shooting in Mainland China during that period, thus he would not have time to attend.

Aaron whom was holding an autograph session at Tsim Sha Tsui exclaimed: "I only knew about this matter through the newspapers, from my understanding nobody had contacted me." When asked if Leon contacted him personally, would he attend? He quipped: "I don't think Leon would call me personally."

Jacky also exclaimed that he knew nothing of this matter, as he would be doing his concert's world tour, thus he would not be able to attend.

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao

| Friday, January 26, 2007

On 25 January, Protege held its first nationwide premiere in Zhuhai, its shocking story send shock waves to many.

The movie is a movie that bring one into the world of drugs, it show audience the truth of drugs. It has a cast of 5 megastars in Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen and Zhang Jingchu. The movie narrates the ultimate truth of drugs, it even has location shooting at the "Golden Triangle", and close distance with the opium plant, audience will understand everything about drugs.

Andy take up the role of Brother Kun whom on the surface owning a small business but in the background is a drug lord of a huge drug trafficking empire. Kun had always being careful as he carried out his trafficking activities a secret, because in the world of drugs, it's impossible to find a trust worthy friend, Kun never trusted anyone until the appearance of Lek. Daniel's character - Lek had been following Kun for many years, he was trusted by Kun, he's the only one whom could get close contact with Kun's family and people from the organisation. Lek has been following Kun for 8 years before winning Kun's trust. One day, Kun decided to call it a day and has intention of passing his business to Lek, thus he begin to teach Lek how his business work, he personally bring Lek to his Thailand's Golden Triangle to carry out his trafficking activities. Louis and Zhang are husband and wife in the movie, both are
hard-core drug addicts, horrible father Louis asked his 3-years-old to sell drugs for him. Zhang whom want to free herself from drugs get into a love relationship with Daniel......

The movie idea came from a real case in 1995, it clearly shows the full process of drug transaction. The movie has a human narration of drug trafficking, drug addicts and police's mole, the characters are realistic, with the actors' outstanding performance, this is a shocking movie.

After the premiere, all managers of cinema express that the movie is shocking and it's a movie not to be missed. A cinema manager from Guangdong express: "The Protege has a twisting story, the cast is huge, believed it will be a favorite movie when it's screened during Valentine Day." The manager from Shanghai expressed that comparing the movie with Confession Of Pain, Protege has a more interesting and shocking story, it's more commercialise than Confession of Pain. He said: "Confession of Pain attracted many young audience, Protege would attract a wider group of audience, it's a movie that would attract male audience. However with Hollywood movie A Night in the Museum also to be screened during Valentine Day, thus it would be a fierce competition."

The movie's film distributor in Mainland China is confidence of the movie as he express that under the pressure of The Curse of the Golden Flower, Confession of Pain managed to collect $80000,000 at the box office and won good reviews, its previous release of Initial D, The Myth, Dragon Tiger Gate also gained good results, this shows that the company had accumulated successful releases of Hong Kong movies. The Protege would be the big release during Valentine Day and Lunar New Year period, thus the company is collaborating with Hong Kong side to arrange the cast to attend premieres and meet-the-fans sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in order to draw in the crowds to improve the box office collection, the promotion of the movie had started.

news from: tom.com

| Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mainland China's website yule.sohu.com conducted a re-cap for 2006's showbiz and allow netizen to pick the most powerful personal in last year's showbiz, the personals being picked out were popular artists from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan which includes Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Zhang Yimou, Zhang Ziyi and Johnnie To.

Although it's a tough competition, but the ever-so-hardworking Andy won by 50% votes to become the most powerful personal in 2006's showbiz, with Zhang Yimou at number 2, Jay at number 3 and Zhang Ziyi at number 4.

news from: Sun News

| Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two nights ago, This Violent Land (Ci Ma) was location shooting in Hebei and the shooting crew get into trouble with the villagers.

According to online news, the shooting crew's vehicle was surrounded by the local vehicles and villagers after getting into disagreement after a small accident, one of the cameraman was attacked and is in critical condition, luckily important cast Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li were unhurt. However, when local reporters contacted Ci Ma's promotional crew, they expressed that they knew nothing about it.

It's understand that Ci Ma had stopped shooting today and the injured cameraman will be sent to Beijing for treatment.

news from: Sun News, yule.shou.com

Andy Lau, Zhang Yimou and Sun Nan attended the launching ceremony of the 4th Campaign to Solicit Songs for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at Beijing 2 days ago.

This activity is the last campaign to colicit songs before the opening ceremony for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, opening ceremony's director Zhang Yimou and Hong Kong singer Andy Lau were invited to host the launching ceremony. At the ceremony, the guests pour wine into the ice structure of the words - Olympic Games Solicit Songs launching ceremony.

Andy sang his hit song 'Zhong Guo Ren' at the ceremony while Mainland China singer Sun Nan sang 'Ai Zai Beijing'.

news from: SingTao News, Wei Wen Po

| Monday, January 22, 2007

On 21 January, the 4th Campaign to Solicit Songs for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was launched. The celebrities that attended the event included Zhang Yimou, Andy Lau, Emil Chou and Zhou Bichang.

When interviewed, Andy expressed that the Olympic Games Song could taste like a tea with special Chinese flavour.

Andy said that the 2008 Olympic Games would be the first time that Chinese held the event, this would be the Chinese's Olympic Games, he hope that the Olympic Games song could unite everyone in China with people around the world, improve each other's friendship and communication. He added that in order for people around the world to understand China better, he would pick an English Olympic Games song.

Andy had deep affection for Olympic Games as he once took part in the opening ceremonies of Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta, Seoul and Sydney. He feel that for every Olympic Games, there will be a attention seeking song. He said that he love sports and loves communicating with sportsmen. From the era of Fu Mingxia, he love diving.

news from: yule.shou.com

| Thursday, January 18, 2007

Andy Lau was in Japan to promote A Battle of Wits, it would be a 3-days promotional trip to Tokyo and Osaka for meet-the-fans sessions, premieres and fan club gatherings.

A Battle of Wits will open in Japan's cinemas in January, with the movie adapted from a Japanese manga, thus it attracts lots of attraction.

Two days ago, Andy had a meet-the-fans session at the streets of Shibuya which director Jacob Chang, Fan Bingbing and Ahn Si-Kung also attended. Andy and Bingbing were arranged to arrive at the venue in elegant long limousine.

It attracted hundreds of media to report the news, there were around 600 on-lookers thus it was jam-packed outside Shibuya 109, the traffic congested. The police request the crowd to disperse thus the session stop temporary, after much negotiation, the session ended after 20 minutes, there was also live telecast of the session. At the session, Andy was escorted by policemen and securities to go off the stage and wave to the crowd, he was also presented by the Japanese film distributor a lion head that symbolise a "king", referring him to king of box office. When interviewed, most reporters told Andy that they enjoyed watching A Battle of Wits and they hope that the movie will do well in Japan which could resulted in a sequel.

Andy also told some time off to meet close to 700 Japanese fans, the fans gave him a teddy bear dressed up with his A Battle of Wits costume, the bear also wear a face mask which acts as a reminder to Andy that he must take care of his health during shooting. The Japanese fans also prepared Japanese style New Year cake to wish Andy's family good health.

As the fans requested him to try making new year cake. He was using a huge stick to stamp the cooked rice for 20 minutes and sing praise of his efforts, he says: "It was so tired stamping, now I know it need such a big effort to make New Year cake, no wonder one would be healthy after eating it!"

There was an earthquake in Tokyo the day earlier and the whole promotional group feel the tremors when they're in their hotel rooms. Andy continue his promotion in Osaka yesterday and concidentally it was the 10th anniversary of Osaka earthquake, he said: "I hope that there will be no more earthquake as everyone can live a peaceful life."

In addition, due to the spreading of Norovirus, Andy must avoid sashimi.

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News

| Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When Andy Lau was in Japan promoting A Battle of Wits, it was alleged that he was being attacked, Mainland China's famous news-maker "big mouth" Song Zhude revealed in his blog that Andy was attack after the Jade Solid Gold award presentation ceremony, he also describe how Andy was attacked.

After the news broke out, many visitors to his blog left comments that he's making up the story and tagged him as crazy. When reporters contacted the crew members whom were with Andy in Japan, they pointed out that nothing of such had happened.

news from: MingPao

The first Showbiz's Top 10 Filial Son award presentation ceremony was held at Shandong where Jiang Kun, Tao Hong attended the ceremony to collect their award. Hong Kong artist Andy Lau was awarded "Top 10 Filial Son" special award, although he did not attend the ceremony, he still send his regards through a telephone call.

For many years, Andy is the known workaholic in showbiz and he never neglected his parents as no matter how busy he was, he would still take some time off to accompany his parents. He is also recognized by all the efforts he had put into different kind of charity works. Although he is one of the Top 10 Filial Son, his filial story is being recognized by all thus the committee decided to present him a special award too.

Although being held up by work thus unable to attend the ceremony, he still specially made a telephone call to thanks everybody's support and wish all parents to enjoy blessing forever.

news from: yule.sohu.com

| Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Andy Lau had always supported music award presentation ceremonies all these years, but he found out that he's not happy when he attend presentation ceremonies recently as the honor and importance was not there as it had become an exchange for awards when one worked for the radio or station. Andy describe this as a problem of the record companies and managers which result the award presentation ceremonies to become more commercialize.

Andy was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday as he talked about music award presentation ceremonies, he sighed: "In the past, singer said to deserve the awards they won, currently it was said that the result was fixed. If I'm the one whom won the Golden Hit Song award and was said that the result was fixed, I would also be unhappy. However, I would try my best to take part, actually awards are not important, what's important is every singer feel happy when they attend the ceremonies. Attending ceremonies, I could find out if I'm still popular or being noticed in this music industry. Of course, not everyone is a saint, nobody would want to attend a ceremony and win no award, it's not nice, if I didn't win Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, I would feel strange too." When asked if he feel that Eason Chan deserve to win the Most Popular Male Singer award, he replied seriously: "He is so popular and talented, he deserve the award."

With regards to Kelly Chen feeling disappointed to win Asia Pacific Most Popular Female Singer only and blasted her record company, he said: "Kelly always spoke from her heart, indeed last year she help Hong Kong's music industry in Mainland China and other countries, she deserve credits. Likewise, I must sing praise of Miriam Yeung's sportsmanship, I don't feel that she has deteriorate that much, Paco is really ...."

When asked if he was currently busy shooting This Violent Land (Ci Ma), Andy quipped that there are Jet Li and Takashi Kaneshiro, Jet is having an Hollywood contract (always taking a rest), Takashi having a Japanese contract (more rules and protected by many) and himself a Hong Kong style contract.

Earlier Mainland China's producer Zhang Weiping blasted Chow Yun Fat throwing his weights around during the shooting of Curse of the Golden Flower, Andy expressed that he had not read the report but he support Hongkonger, he said: "Of course I'll support Chow Yun Fat as he's also a fellow Hongkonger. I do know know a bit of Zhang Weiping, he's a direct person."

With regards to Internet's allegation that he rejected Jay Chou's song nine years ago thus he was given a heavenly price of $20 million when he approached Jay for a song, Andy quipped: "If he asked for $20 million, I don't have that kind of money! There's no such things, there's many allegation on the net that was written without any responsibility."

Meanwhile, his earlier application to hold a 20-nights concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum during this year's Christmas holidays had not been replied by the Coliseum.

news from: Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, SingPao, Oriental Daily News

In 2005's CCTV Lunar New Year night gala, Andy Lau sang 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' to express his Lunar New Year greetings to everyone. From that night onwards, this song was sang by everyone as it became the year's best Lunar New Year greeting song.

With 2007's Lunar New Year round the corner, Andy once again used his sincerity in another Lunar New Year greeting song as he release the upgraded version - 'Gong Xi Fa Cai - Da Ji Xiang' to wish every Chinese a happy Lunar New Year.

It was revealed that since the song was broadcast in Guangzhou, Shandong, Tianjin, Jiangshu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jilin's radio stations, the audience loved the song.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, January 15, 2007

Andy Lau and Eason Chan whom won Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male Singer and Most Popular Male Singer respectively.

This is Andy's seventh win as Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male Singer but he exclaimed that he still has space for improvement, with Twins writing their own music, he also hope to write his own music as he had won the Songwriter-Singer award again. He wish to win next year's Golden Hit Song with a song that he composed the music and composed the lyrics, that would be prefect.

Another target is to win Most Popular Male Singer, Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male Singer and Golden Hit Song awards at the same time. Andy quipped: "Although it's difficult, but I want to do it. Since winning the Most Popular Male Singer in 2000, I've lose it. Eason, be careful of a popular male singer like me!"

With regards to Eric Tsang revealing that he would announce his marriage once he won the three awards at the same time, Andy clarify: "This stunt is useless to me, I have never say such stuffs, it cannot be mixed together with marriage, winning awards is because that I put all my efforts into my singing, it does not comes with any conditions."

Meanwhile Andy whom had been busy with work had no chance to collect his best man red packet from Hacken Lee, thus Hacken gave him a $10,000 red packet to him.

news from: MingPao, Ta Kung Po

| Sunday, January 14, 2007

TVB's 2006 Jade Solid Gold music awards ceremony was held last night. The results was as expected, hot favorites Eason Chan and Joey Yung won the Most Popular Male and Female Singer awards.

The night's biggest winners were Andy Lau, Justin and Joey whom won 4 awards each. Andy and Kelly Chen retained Asia Pacific's Most Popular Male and Female Singer awards, this is Kelly's sixth win while it's Andy's seventh win.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sina.com

| Saturday, January 13, 2007

Derek Yee's new movie The Protege although has a drug trafficking theme, but without much censor it manage to get through the Mainland China's films censorship board, it's confirmed to open in the cinemas on 13 Feb, the same day as Hong Kong.

When contacted on the phone, Derek exclaimed that he was unexpected that the movie was passed by the censorship board, he says: "During shooting, I've follow my main objective, I knew that the whole movie was to bring out what harm drugs can bring and not encourage people to try drugs, thus it should not be a problem." He added that he would lead the cast to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to promote the movie.

It was heard that the movie company is focusing on the promotion of The Protege as the company would release 2 different posters in the cinemas.

news from: Sun News

| Friday, January 12, 2007

Andy Lau return to Hong Kong after his location shooting in Beijing, a large group of fans welcome him at the airport. Andy was all smiles and appeared in a happy mood. Recently, it was alleged in the Internet that Andy and Jay Chou were not on good terms as they hold grudge against each other.

A netizen revealed in his personal website that 9 years ago, before Jay became popular, he wrote a song 'Yan Lei Zi Dao' for Andy and was turn down thus hurt the feelings of Jay, this song then became the hit song of Landy Wen.

After so many years, Jay has become the music genius of Taiwan, it was pointed out that Andy approached him for a new song but was turned down by Jay as he could not forget Andy's rejection thus he quoted a NT$100 million price to Andy which was immediately turned down by Andy.

According to records, Andy indeed approached Jay for song in 2001 and Jay composed a song for Andy in a short time which was included in Andy's album but not considered a hit song, thus that particular song was not well received.

When Andy's company was contacted, its spokesman expressed that they had not heard of such allegations, thus would not reply to it.

When reporters contact Jay, he discard this allegation as there would be a standard price for writing songs, how could such a heavenly price came about, if friends approached him for song, he would also lowered his asking price. In addition, Andy is his idol, if he would to approach him for a song, how would he reject him. Jay added that the allegation is too far-fetched.

Jet Li whom is collaborating with Andy for the first time in This Violent Land (Ci Ma), they get along very well. Jet revealed that Andy would be helping him to do voluntary work for his charity foundation. He says: "Andy is a very outstanding Hong Kong actor, we get along well during location shooting for past few days. He have already more than 130 movies to his name, his total box office collection is more than HK$70 million, that's incredible! With such high achievements, to be able to collaborate with him delights me, although we're collaborating for the first time, when I brought up to him during the press conference about my charity foundation, he already agreed to do voluntary work for me, giving me a hand to do well in my charity work"

news from: Guang Ming Daily, udn news, Sun News

| Thursday, January 11, 2007

Produced by Peter Chan and directed by Derek Yee, The Protege will be screened during this year's Valentines' Day. As Valentines' Day collide with the Lunar New Year, thus this drug theme movie would be one of the rare "special" Lunar New Year movie. Female lead Anita Yuen exclaimed that this movie would be unforgettable for her whole life as she is the mother of two daughters in the movie, she's also pregnant, this is a performance of her with her new life.

Initially, when director Derek talked about approaching Anita for the movie, he says: "Initially approaching her, she agreed immediately, actually I'm worried as I asked her to discuss with her family members and her doctor if she could handle? Her doctor gave her the permission thus confirm that she will be in the cast."

Anita expressed the feeling of shooting during her pregnancy was like "an additional mate in war", she said: "This mate in war is not only opponent that simple, whereas it's my baby in my stomach, when I'm agitated during shooting, she would also react, it's like 2 person acting together." This feeling is unforgettable to her.

Even her husband in the movie - Andy Lau also had a special feeling, because there's one scene that he need to feel Anita's stomach, when he felt the reaction of the baby, it allow Andy to be more concentrated in his acting.

news from: yule.sohu.com

| Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Andy Lau is currently busy location shooting in Beijing for the movie This Violent Land (Ci Ma), recently he revealed that he spent a white New Year Eve under minus degree celius, he even used a photograph of his footprint on snow with 'I Miss You' as greetings for his fans!

In his blog, Andy used 'I Miss You' as the title with the contents being new year greetings and asking the well beings of his fans. He also revealed that the hotel room that he was staying had a super huge balcony which could accomodate 20-30 people, he quipped that he asked his assistant to buy a BBQ pit as he shouted out loud after opening the door: "We could BBQ!", it's a pity that nobody replied him, he said: "There's no voice behind me to answer me, because it was freezing cold, I'm the only silly fool whom still think of BBQ."

Andy expressed that it's a white snow world that welcome him back to Beijing after his promotional trip for A Battle of Wits in South Korea, thus he specially wrote "I Miss You" on the snow for his fans.

Andy revealed that he stopped work on 31 Dec and spent a minus 6 degree celius freezing white New Year's Eve, he also recap his past year's achievements and feelings, he wrote a sentence, "getting along with friends requires effort to maintain it, with all efforts given in, what's the end result? I'm missed out in someone's heart." to hint that he was hurt by one particular friend.

In addition, Andy display a photograph which he took together with one world's well-known photographer and quipped that in 2007 was not the photographer shooting photographs for him but rather vying the latest digital camera that he carries, he said: "I can be the endorser."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Friday, January 05, 2007

Other then the annual four music award ceremonies, several websites had joined in the fun of "distributing pork", seizing the chance for promotion, even bus TV channel RoadShow also doesn't lose out and held it's "Top Music Awards Presentation Ceremony 2006" last night at the HKEC.

A total of 51 awards were presented, Leo Koo, Joey Yung and the absent Andy Lau won 3 awards each to become the biggest winners. The awards presented had no positioning with Leo, Andy and Justin bagging the Best Male Singer, it's a surprise that Justin edge out Hacken Lee for a slot with Leo and Andy.

The other awards that Andy won includes Best Creative Singer and a hit song award for 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing'.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sun News

| Monday, January 01, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau was in South Korea to promote his movie A Battle of Wits for three days before returning to continue his location shooting for The Blood Brothers in Beijing as he countdown to 2007 under minus 10 degrees celius.

In South Korea, Andy was interviewed by more than 100 reporters, but he also find some free time to visit over 100 members of South Korea's Andy World Club. A disabled fan got her dreams come true as she manage to hold onto Andy's hand to sing with him, she got so excited that she kissed Andy, the scene was so heart warming. Andy urge fans should take care of one another as they need to take good care of this disabled fan. Andy said: "The total number of members for South Korea's Andy World Club was 80,000 when it's at its peak, but having not been here for any promotion for the past 10 years, the number of members had reduced, to prevent any disappointment for overseas fans, I'll try to promote in every countries and meet the local fan club members."

Due to his tight schedule, Andy could not tour around Seoul and only visit the ice skate in his hotel's ice skating ring, he said: "The differences of standing on the ice skating ring comparing to Beijing is that I'm going to be frozen soon."

On the day that he's leaving Seoul, Andy was noticed by a phone call from Beijing that roads at the location shooting venue was closed due to heavy snow, thus shooting had to be postponed, therefore he could return back to Hong Kong for 2 days to welcome the new year, however he was informed again that the road had been re-opened, thus he didn't get his dreams fulfilled. Andy said: "Korean fans gave me thermal products, vitamin C, ginseng and health products, these things jam pack my luggages, I bringing all of them to Beijing to prevent from falling sick again!"

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News