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| Friday, February 29, 2008

Andy Lau's 100th movie - A Fighter's Blues was directed by Daniel Lee, being the main lead in Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, it would be a gathering of Ah Hu of two generations as Vanness Wu who was the younger version of Ah Hu in Star Runner. Vanness exclaimed that it was a fruitful experience to be cast in the film as he became a Three Kingdom fan and also able to learn acting from his idol Andy.

After collaborating with director Daniel Lee in Star Runner, Dragon Squad till Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Daniel see the potential in Vanness, thus he specially arranged him to be the son of Guan Gong, he have several heavyweight scenes together with Sumo Hung and Andy.

Vanness expressed that he has affinity with Andy, his first movie was casted as the younger Ah Hu in Daniel Lee's Star Runner, Andy was already his idol before taking up the role in Star Runner, to be able to take up the character that his idol had taken up made him excited, Vanness also did not disgrace Ah Hu as he was nominated the Best New Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, he was also received the welcome that Andy will receive on the red carpet ceremony.

Initially Vanness knew nothing about Three Kingdom, now he had become a fan as all thanks to Andy! "I always look up to him as an idol and he also looked after me." When Vanness joined the cast, Andy immediately asked his assistant to lend Vanness huge chunk of Three Kingdom books and DVD as tuition, even prompt him to find stories related to Guan Yu to read, thus Vanness got the "Three Kingdom poison", Vanness then seize the chance to ask Andy to be his master, "Not only learn acting from him, also wanted to learn his hardworking and way of life, we also want to let people know that people in showbiz is very healthy, many kept improving themselves, Andy Lau is a role model for artist."

news from: Sina.com

As early as 2001, Andy Lau planned to collaborate with Shu Qi in a romantic love story film, but it failed to come true. Recently in Media Asia Chinese New Year dinner, boss Peter Lam revealed that his company would soon start shooting a love story film directed by Andrew Lau, starring Andy and Shu Qi. Our reporters managed to contact director Andrew Lau and he confirmed that the film's script had been completed, shooting can start as soon as end of March, this will be their first collaboration after 7 years.

In 2001, when interviewed by Hong Kong media, Andy once revealed that he hope to collaborate with Shu Qi in a love story film, it was titled PC927 at that time. Andy went to look for a scriptwriter and even contacted Andrew Lau. However, Andy's first collaboration with Shu Qi happened in The Wesley's Mysterious File while Andrew directed Dance of a Dream which is a romantic love story film between Andy and Sandra Ng.

When contacted, Andrew expressed that the soon-to-be-shot love story film is not related to PC927, he said: "The script had been completed, it's a romantic love story, however I would not reveal too much." Meanwhile, Shu Qi revealed that she would start shooting of her new film next month when she was attended an activity recently, with regards to the timing, Andrew said: "The fastest we would start shooting at the end of March."

news from: dfdaily.com

| Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The footsteps to the Olympic Games are near, the Beijing Olympic Games will become the talking point throughout the world, among them the transport of the Olympic Flame from Mt. Qomolangma will be the first.

According to director Zhang Yimou, he revealed that the Olympic theme song will be sang by singers from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as it tried to show the unity among Chinese. Meanwhile Hong Kong singer Andy Lau and Macao tourist ambassador Huang Wei-Lin had become the top candidates, Coco Lee could be selected to represent Taiwan.

news from: Sina.com

Directed by Daniel Lee, distributed by Sundream Pictures, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be screened in Hong Kong on 3 April 2008. In the film, Andy Lau is the general with unlimited victories during the Three Kingdom period Zhao Zilong, Sumo Hung is Luo Pin-an whom is the brother of Zhao. The film will narrates the life of Zhao Zilong, they were surrounded by Wei's country general Maggie Q's character Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin in one of their later year's battle.

This is the first time that Maggie Q acted as a period character thus she has special feelings for this film, she exclaimed that the character is full of challenge, it's refreshing to play a Chinese, fight in armor as it was different to what she had know. Maggie Q had collaborated with Andy some years ago, Andy was all praise for Maggie Q's kungfu, he said: "I collaborated with Maggie Q in a modern film several years ago, she need to read the scripts in English, with this being a period film, it can be seen that she spent a lot of time to learn to speak Mandarin, she also need to fight, she spent a lot of effort in riding the horse, hope the audience could see another side of her."

Andy had befriend Sumo for more than 20 years, but this is the first time they collaborate on screen. Andy quipped that during shooting of this film, Sumo is like a big brother as he gave people a steady and control feeling. As for fighting and riding techniques, Sumo did gave Andy many opinions which allow Andy to do some movements that he had never done before. Andy hope that this collaboration is just a beginning as he would have more chance to collaborate with Sumo.

Sumo was asked to compared Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon with his previous film Sha.Po.Lang, Sumo said: "I enjoy the fighting more in Three Kingdom, in a battle scene with Zhao Zilong, I was not careful and almost make Andy into a killing machine." Sumo added that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will not lose out to the Warlords.

news from: Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao

| Thursday, February 21, 2008

Andy Lau whom always kept a low profile of his love life, however a recent Taiwanese newspaper reported that someone witness Andy shopping in a department store in Paris with a "secret woman" during the Chinese New Year holidays.

The witness pointed out that around evening time on 12 Febuary, Andy accompanied by one male and one female was spotted at Paris's 6th district Le Bon Marche department shop to process his tax refund. Andy was wearing a duck cap and black coat, the "secret woman" is small size but seems plumb, her movements are more low profile than Andy's. As it was alleged that Carol Zhu Liqian being pregnant, there's a possibility that the "secret woman" is Carol!

It was pointed out that when the male assistant was helping Andy to process the tax refund, when they discover Chinese around, they tighten their security, Andy whisper into the ears of the "secret woman" and she had her back faced to the witness thereafter. She also did not speak, it seems she wanted to hide her identity.

The male assistant was well prepared as he immediately done up the tax refund within 10 minutes before making a quick exit. The witness said that they did not carry any purchases as the witness think that they could have purchase a huge products which will be delivered to their hotel.

When Andy's management company in Taiwan was contacted, they exclaimed that Andy will go holiday during Chinese New Year and during his birthday, but they would not ask more of his private time. When asked if the "secret woman" is Carol, the management company express: "We would not answer questions on assumptions."

news from: Sing Tao News, Liberty Times, Sina.com

| Wednesday, February 20, 2008

eSun Holdings Limited held its Chinese New Year dinner at InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel 2 nights ago. Shu Qi and Miriam Yeung accompanied boss Peter Lam as they seated at the main table.

Peter revealed that Media Asia will be shooting around 7-8 movies this year, the budget for Andrew Lau and Johnnie To collaboration Shui Hu Zhuan had already exceeded $6 billion. Next month, Andrew Lau will start shooting a new movie which will cast Andy Lau and Shu Qi in a love story. When asked about Andy who is currently on 9 months holiday before reporting back to work, Peter quipeed: "If he does not take this job, he can go holiday for 9 years, then he can not take the job!"

news from: Ming Pao

| Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recently, the movie company in Mainland China revealed several photos from the movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Maggie Q whom collaborate with Andy Lau in the movie revealed that she had many different images in the movie, she is also very satisfied with her collaboration with Andy. She expressed that she will be back in Hong Kong to promote the movie from 25-27 March.

In Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Maggie Q is Cao Cao's daughter, she need to wear an armor, fight with spears and swords, also need to play the pi pa, on the battle field, she would have a final fight with Andy's Zhao Yun.

Maggie Q did all the stunts herself, arts director Summo Hung praise Maggie Q not only have nice body movements but also very agile, she would suit well in action movies. He said: "In time to come, she might take the baton from Michelle Yeoh."

Maggie Q whom collaborated with Tom Cruise in M:I:3, she exposed that when Cruise was location shooting in China, in order for M:I:3 to be able to reach the Asian market, he kept watching Andy's Infernal Affairs in his hotel room many times, it can be seen the influential effect on Asian movie goers.

As Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be screened in April which happens that Chow Yun Fat's The Children of Huang Shi, it would be the returning to Chinese films by Chow and he would go head to head with Andy.

Meanwhile, Wong Jing is preparing his new film Qin Qiang, it would be a scientific film which narrates a love-death story, the film will not specify Qin Qiang but will allow the audience to know about Qin Qiang. It is told that the male lead could either be Tony Leung Chiu Wai or Andy Lau. As it's a big production, both have the audience drawing power, thus it should be a "battle" between the two is unavoidable.

news from: Wei Wen Po

Taiwanese drama It Started with a Kiss allow Joe Cheng to become the idol of many Hong Kong teenage girls. Joe revealed that his idols are Andy Lau and Stephen Chow, he hope that he could collaborate with them, he said: "Earlier there was a fan whom presented flowers to him during his Mainland China concert, the fan was attack by security guard and Andy jumped off the stage to save the fan, I feel that he's super handsome, it's so touching, he's really my super idol."

Joe sounded like a young fan, Joe expressed that if he was to encounter such situation, he will follow what Andy had did to save the fan, sometimes when he saw crazy fans following him, he quipped: "I think it's funny and worrying, I'm afraid that they will fall down, but when I saw them walking in the opposite direction, it's rather funny!"

news from: Apple Daily News

| Monday, February 18, 2008

| Monday, February 11, 2008

Directed by Daniel Lee and an adaption from Romance of the Three Kingdom, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will open in the cinema in April, the trailer of the movie was revealed earlier.

In the 2 minutes trailer, other than the war battle scenes, most of the scenes are around Maggie Q, she seems to snatch the limelight from Andy Lau, it's believed that it's partly due to the popularity of Maggie Q in Hollywood. It's also attracting watching the fighting scene between Maggie Q and Andy, you could see the beauty of her "dancing" with the spear and fighting against Andy.

It is known that Maggie Q will come to Hong Kong to promote the movie next month, before other promotions in South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild had many discussions and think that the song they recorded for the Mainland China snowstorm victims are not enough thus they decided to held a large scale concert to catch the attention of Hong Kong citizens, they also gained the support from the Hong Kong government. The concert can only be held after the festive holidays as it need time to contact the respective departments, discussing of the date of the concert, contacting major movie and record companies and contacting TV stations for their artistes to participate in the concert. The guild chairman Alan Tam and Eric Tsang had put in their best efforts for the charity concert and major companies had shown their support, Media Asia will be financing the event and sending out their artistes which include Andy, Leon Lai, Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Andy Hui and others to participate in the event.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

| Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hacken Lee's solo concert - Hacken's Concert Hall was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum as scheduled. Andy Lau was one of his best friends whom were among the audience to show their support for Hacken.

Hacken wore a T-shirt with his son photograph printed on it and also broadcast his son's photograph on the giant screen.

Andy who was wearing camouflage windbreaker was seem shaking the mini-drum while watching the concert. His appearance also create some commotion among first row audience as many audience use their cameras to take photographs of him.

news from: Sina.com, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

| Saturday, February 09, 2008

Andy Lau whom did not make any public appearance this Chinese New Year, he communicate with his fans through his blog. In the forum of Andy World Club, he show the photographs where he brought along his 2 sons - Andox and Blackie to the flower market.

Other than enjoying the festive atmosphere, Andy also didn't forget about the victims of the snowstorm in Mainland China, he send his blessings and send Andox to represent the victims to suffer instead.

The New Year greetings of Andox and Blackie was to chase away the ice and snow as they wished that after New Year Eve, there would not be any drops of snow, it is indeed creative.

news from: Ming Pao

| Monday, February 04, 2008

Inspired by Phoenix Chinese Channel and Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, coordinated by RTHK and TVB, the Send Warmth in Snow (literally translated) activity was held last night. The main motive of this activity is to send a song of concern to the victims of the snow storm victims in Mainland China.

More than 100 artistes attended the activity to record a song titled Send Warmth in Snow which was translated from Alan Tam's classic hit 'Peng You' (Friends), the song will be broadcast in the media of Hog Kong and Mainland China.

The artistes gathered at RTHK, they included Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Sammi Cheng, Kelly Chen, Charlene Choi, Tony Leung Kar Fai, Leo Ku, Simon Yam, Joey Yung, Cheung Chi Lam, Chang Ming Man, Yue On On, Wu Bai, Wynners, Fala Chen, Liza Wong and Sally Wu as all of them wore T-shirt with the words Send Warmth in Snow printed on them, the recording ended at 3:00 am.

The guild chairman Alan said that the snow storm affected 1.3 billion people, as the financial loss is as high as $5 million renminbi. He watched the news and saw those victims trapped on the mountains without any water and food, the government had already send help and food for them but the problem still could not be resolved. Alan pointed out that no matter how much the victims are trapped, the concern they sent are how deep, they will sure support them mentally. With regards to raising of funds, he will think about it later but he will just send out their concern first.

Meanwhile, Andy Lau was responsible for organizing the artistes, he said: "Although not every artiste is able to express their love and concern, I represent everyone to express their concern, hope the world could see this scene, face and feel the warmth thus supporting everyone to pass this difficult period."

Kelly whom rushed back to Hong Kong from Beijing for the recording hope to do her bit for the activity. She exclaimed that she's unable to do much but only show her concern to every victims, she believed all the artistes came with the same thought, she was most delighted on seeing Andy whom was on holiday also came for the activity.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, MingPao, Apple Daily News, Sina.com, ent.qq.com, ent.163.com

| Sunday, February 03, 2008

The nomination list for the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards was announced yesterday as Derek Yee's Protege become the biggest winner with 15 nominations, The Warlords has 13 nominations as Andy Lau is nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor with Warlords and Protege respectively. When told of the news, he said: "I'm delighted and hope that the snow storm in China could end soon."

Andy is nominated for the Best Actor with Jet Li for their performances in The Warlords, they would be vying the award with The Detective's Aaron Kwok, Mad Detective's Lau Ching Wah and Eye in the sky's Simon Yam. Andy will be vying for the Best Supporting Actor with The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt's Chow Yun Fat, Mr. Cinema's Ronald Cheng, Protege's Louis Koo and Exodus's Nick Cheung, he had a high chance of winning!

The award presentation ceremony will be held on 13 April at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News

| Friday, February 01, 2008

With the Year of Mice round the corner, to welcome the "golden mice", Andy and both his sons duet a Chinese New Year song - Gong Xi Fa Cai Zi Yi Jia Ren and it will be included in his Andy Lau Wonderful World 2007 Hong Kong Live CD which will be released on 1 February 2008. In this festive Chinese New Year combine song, in the middle of the song, Andy suddenly said in Cantonese: "I representing the Ox family, hope everyone in this world would be happy and donate the red packets of my 2 sons for charity purposes." Andox then appeared surprised and said: "Why you have to do this?" Black Andox (Blackie) followed: "Mum, the red packet belong to me." Andy chatted and sang along with Andox and Blackie, they hope that this song will allowed everyone to have a happy, healthy Year of the Mice. However, Andy did tagged along his 2 sons Andox and Blackie in a series of photographs to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in advance, there is also a specially made animation for this song which will be presented to the media.

Bidding goodbye to the Year of the Pig, incoming Year of Mice which happen to be Andy's most feared animal, when asked if he's afraid when heard of the year of mice? Andy burst into laughters and said: "I'm most afraid to see the look of mice, what's there to be afraid in the year of the mice? I'll work hard as usual, being kind hearted, every year will be good for me. I was anticipating the arrival of this year, because I could watch Olympic Games very soon. I want to seize the chance to wish everyone to be happy and healthy, the showbiz could get better."

Every year, Andy will took some festive photographs and produce them into red packets to be put on sale for members of Andy World Club for keepsake. This year, he allow his popular sons - Andox and Blackie as the main leads of the red packets, this allows Andy whom had just completed his concert to rest in advance, thus he need not go into the photo studio. Previously Andy whom was busy with his concert's rehearsal and unable to attend any of the music award ceremonies, he even sent his son Andox to collect the award on his behalf as he won 4 awards to become the biggest winner of the night, he finally understand and tell everybody: "Having a son is great." With his son being popular, a drink company wanted Andox to be the spokesman of their commercial, however the shooting period of the commercial happened to be at the same time of the Hong Kong concerts, thus had to give it up. However being popular is also a headache as Andy suddenly find out a post in his official website: "Stealing of Andy's creation and mis-use of Andox images in their products." This particular fan uploaded photographs of the products, he said that when his mum went to the supermarket to buy tibits, when he was about to open the packaging, he discover that the product has an image similar to Andox, thus he was so angry that he announce of his findings.

Andy always had a wish many years ago, that is creating a brand new Chinese New Year song for Chinese, three years ago he fulfilled his dream by releasing Gong Xi Fa Cai, as it become the highest ringtone downloads and downloading the song for 3 years in a row during the festive period. This song also become the most popular Chinese New Year song as it was played in many stores, restaurants and night markets.

This year Andy decided to bring along Andox and Blackie to duet a series of Chinese New Year songs into one which is 6 minutes long as it covers Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese New Year songs. Among them, Mandarin songs includes 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' and 'He Xin Nian', Cantonese includes 'Cai Sheng Dao' and 'Huan Le Nian Nian'.

news from: Sina.com