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| Monday, April 30, 2007

The Warlords which gathers a cast which consist Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro had been confirmed to be screened in the cinema during the golden slot of 13 December 2007. The first trailer press conference had been held in Beijing yesterday (29 April 2007), director Peter Chan meet the media reporters with the trailer.

With regards to the earlier leak of the trailer in the Internet, Peter admitted that the leaked version is the same as this official trailer, however the culprit had yet to be caught. Peter expressed that he's headache about this matter, he said: "The trailer leaked from Thailand, I happened to be in Thailand at that time, this make me as the most suspicious person. Anyway, the trailer is not long, I'm afraid that if I show the 30 minutes trailer to the professionals, it got leaked again, this won't be as simple as one minute plus."

At the press conference, Peter sing praise that Andy is the most experienced actor, Jet's performance is the most surprising of the movie and collaboration with Xu Jinglei is very relaxed. Peter said: "Andy is the most experienced actor among the cast, his judgement is more accurate than me, he can become a director." Peter added that Andy quipped that he's the slim down version of Sumo Hung.

In the short one and a half minute trailer, war battles are used as background. Peter introduce that this will also be the opening scene of the movie as it's because of this battle that bond the brotherhood of Andy, Jet and Takeshi. The three male leads' dirtied image is completely different from their previous movies. It's quite a common sight of Jet wearing the armor, a moustached Takeshi has no images of his clean handsome looks, even the mostached Andy whom was riding on the horse get a close up but reporters need to watch the trailer three times before confirming it's him.

In the trailer, Takeshi, Andy and Jet had different timing of close up, the reporters were wondering if this is the ranking of the actors. Peter deny such saying as the ranking is to suit the trailer's content. Xu Jinglei was nowhere in sight in the trailer, Peter explains that he was trying to express the battle scenes in his first trailer, if to add on any love scenes, it would be at least 3 minutes. He said: "She might not even appear in the second trailer, I'll be working on the third trailer which will be about brotherhood love, love and evil plannings."

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com

| Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ever since the Yang Lijuan incident, Andy Lau had been in low profile as he was location shooting in Dunhuang for Daniel Lee's Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, although stirring himself away from allegations, Andy encountered sandstorm, rainstorm and heavy snow during shooting. The average local temperature is minus 10 degree celius, but Andy is delighted as he post his recent working situation on his website, he used the title of Arabian Zhao Zilong as the title as he reveal his Zhao Zilong image for the first time.

In the movie, Andy will play a teenage Zhao Zilong till old, currently he was shooting with the image of his hair braided, wore a blue head band and with moustache drawn, this might be a middle-aged Zhao Zilong. As he was in Guazhou which is having heavy sandstorm, thus during breaks he will mask his face with a scraf and wore thermal wear. Andy even quipped his image as Arabian beauty. Location shooting in a desert, he had to withstand terrible weather, he pointed out that the crew members and director were all as tanned as African, but he cannot be tanned thus he had to become a masked swordsman.

In another post, Andy uploaded photographs of the heavy wind and snow on his last day of shooting at Dunhuang. He had to take a 3 hours car ride to the shooting venue, when he arrived, the venue was covered with snow, as the roads become inaccessible, the director feel that it's very dangerous and decided to call off the shooting, thus Andy had to take another 3 hours car ride back to his hotel. Along the way, the policemen gave him special care and he was not allowed to walk to prevent him from slipping on the snow. On his way back, the snow scene is back to normal, Andy describe it as witnessing the four season in one day which made him remember a song by Paula Tsui. The ever changing weather gave Andy a feeling as he said: "The weather is unexpected, if you was to encounter it, you just need to face it bravely."

Many fans whom had read his posts replied that they feel like laughing after seeing his Arabian Zhao Zilong photograph. One fan pointed out that Andy had lost weight, but it seems that the fans were delighted to see Andy smiling again.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Starring Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro, the HK$ 2.5 billion movie The Warlords ('Tou Min Zhuang') formerly titled Ci Ma which will open in the cinemas in December will starts its promotion in May, unexpectedly the film's 1 minute 36 seconds trailer was stolen and uploaded to YouTube for viewing. Media Asia spokesman was angry and wanted to investigate how the trailer was stolen, director Peter Chan was most worried that the 30 minutes clip of the film will also be uploaded to the Internet.

From the trailer uploaded in YouTube, we can see millions and thousands of soldiers doing battles, with the 3 male leads Andy, Jet and Takeshi in battle mode expression, it's realistic.

Director Peter Chan was told by his crew members that the trailer was stolen, he was nervous as he expressed that there will be a total of 4 trailers for the movie, according to plan the first trailer will be released on 1 May, however now it was being "brought forward", thus not much affect. Peter is most worried that the 30 minutes long clip will also be uploaded as the clip will used during the sales of film distribution rights as it includes some classic scenes of the movie and dialogue, if this clip is also stolen, it would be a big matter. He added that the movie should be enjoyed in the sound system and giant screen of the cinema, because there are huge scenes, if audience was to watch it online, it will not be surprising when watching in the cinema, it would affect the movie a lot.

He supported the movie company to investigate on the matter , although it exchanged many hands during the production of the trailer thus many people would get in contact with the trailer, but investigating how the trailer got leaked would not be difficult because each trailer has its own serial number when it's being copied to be delivered to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand.

With regards to the trailer of Warlords being revealed in YouTube, chairman of Media Asia pointed out that this is a serious offence as this trailer was scheduled to be revealed in May, however now it was being uploaded into the Internet without the company's permission, this matter will be investigated.

View the leaked trailer of Warlords here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiPMroMXaYU

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po

| Monday, April 23, 2007

Andy Lau left a new message in his website's forum as he talked about his location shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon in Gua-zhou.

Original message by Andy in Chinese: http://forum.awc618.com/showthread.php?t=3040

Andy: Due to the strong sandstorm, before setting off each day, we need to dress up.

Andy: Do I looked like a bandit? Hehehe..... this photograph really makes one laughs ~~

Andy: Why you cannot see how we looked like? Of course, the images of the movie must be kept secret.... hahahaha!

news and photographs from: Forum.awc618.com

| Friday, April 20, 2007

Andy Lau is one artist whom is particular of his image, however one reporter discover a slimming recipe on the internet. It was said that during rest days, in order to maintain his figure, his lunch is only a cup of hot coffee and french toast, he would take a normal sandwich. A particular fan said that when Andy first entered showbiz, he looked fat, maybe it's due to this formula of training and food regime thus he could have such good figure.

During work, not only being a workaholic, Andy also ate a lot. The reporter read from the recipe that when Andy is working, he had a heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner would be the same as the crew members as he eat everything. If he's free, Andy would be more particular of what he's eating, he would eat as little as possible for his three meals, but it's very professional and strict. Although he has a food regime, but when meeting friends for meal, his favorite is steamboat. Whereas Andy had good understanding on what he drinks as he would not take cold drinks, coffee and milk tea need to be warmed up. He don't drink mineral water which many artistes preferred, he only drink fruit juice like apple mixed with carrot to replenish water loss. Other than his drinks, he also exercised a lot to keep his body healthy as he had a facilitated gym in his apartment.

When the reporter contacted an actress whom had collaborated with Andy in A World Without Thieves to rectify on the recipe, she expressed: "Andy has good appetite, he would finished everything in his packed meal, indeed it's due to the large amount of energy lost during the tough shooting. But he do remind us that female need to take more fruits, drink carrot juice for skin care."

news from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sammi Cheng was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday, when asked about her best friend Andy Lau being chased by a crazy fan, she said that she always wanted to send a SMS message to Andy but does not know what to say but she believed that Andy would be able to handle the situation thus she decided to send her regards when she meet him.

She exclaimed: "Such matters makes one at a lost and innocent, if it happened to me, I would also not know how to handle, maybe I'll handle it the same way as Andy. There's always a bottom line for artist, for the crazy fan's behaviour, the fan should shoulder most of the responsibility."

Sammi added that she supported Andy for this matter and stand on his side, she said: "Need to scream out loud, to handle this matter alone or facing difficulties, it's a good thing to have more support."

news from: SingTao News

| Monday, April 16, 2007

At the Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony last night, the organiser specially arranged Anita Yuen to go onto the stage to talk about the Andy Lau crazy fan incident to show her support to Andy. She pointed out that she had took up many roles all these years which includes Miss Hong Kong, actress, Best Actress winner, last year she took up the best role -- mother, but she won't be taking up the role of a fan, as she would not go idol visiting, car chase after idol's car, waiting for idol at the hotel, she will respect her idol as she know that they require their personal space too, what a fan should do is to support his/her idol and a successful idol would not like the fans to disturb the fan's life, both side should support and encourage one another.

Anita said: "Last year I acted in Protege while I was pregnant, hope I can win Best Supporting Actress in 2008, currently I'm an Andy Lau fan, although he's under huge pressure, but I wanted to tell him: Andy Lau, I support you forever."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po

To raise funds for UNICEF, Leon Lai held Leon 4in love concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum and he also perform songs of Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Andy Lau with his new way.

When singing Andy's 'Wang Qing Shui', he specially thanked Andy, he said: "If Andy didn't approached me to duet in TVB, I would not be releasing my new album." Mark Lui pointed out that among the four heavenly kings, Andy is the one with the best business minded as he had bought the copyrights of all his songs. Leon specially gave Andy a call to talk about the copyright and Andy gave his answer immediately.

news from: SingTao News

| Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ever since the "crazy fan Yang Lijuan" incident, Andy Lau's movement had become more secretive as he took a private jet to Dunhuang airport on Wednesday, the whole schedule is of high security. Currently, he was in Gansu location shooting for hree Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, there was also high security at the shooting venue, a no-entry zone guarded by the police was set up 4km away from the shooting venue. There are even guards to prevent anyone other than crew members to enter the area.

According to local news, Andy arrived at the shooting venue around 12 noon two days ago, the atmoshpere was tense as anyone whom wanted to enter the shooting venue would need to get pass 3 inspection check-points. The first check-point was managed by local police whom also checked those passing vehicles, the 2 next check-points were in-charge by crew members, crew members can also be seen patrolling on the mountains.

It was shooting the battle scene of Zhao Zilong and Cao Yin yesterday, a group of actors expressed that Andy used body doubles for the fighting scenes but he did those himself for those scenes which can see his face.

The report also mentioned that the crew specially set up a "luxury tent" for Andy as it has advance facilities. Security guards were seem guarding the tent. At the hotel that Andy was staying, police was on patrol, his daily three meals were sent to his room escorted by bodyguards. Due to the tight security, awaiting fans were disappointed as they could not get close to their idol.

news from: MingPao

| Friday, April 13, 2007

Location shooting of Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon in Dunhuang had already started as the filming crew is only waiting for Andy Lau to arrive and wear Zhao Zilong's armour. Finally, on the afternoon of 11 April, Andy took a private jet to the filming location.

Due to effect of Lanzhou fan "attacking Hong Kong", it forced Andy to go into low profile as he took a private jet which flew him from Xi-an to Dunhuang, it's a low profile arrival to Dunhuang by Andy.

When the jet plane touches down around 16:00 hours, the airport securities had strict restrictions as nobody is allowed to gather or take photographs from near. Several fans were blocked outside the airport as they could only wave their hands to Andy from far, one of the female fan complained: "I thought Andy is very friendly? Why is he so un-friendly this time round?"

Reporters could only stand behind the metal barricade to take photographs, 2 well-built escorts from the filming crew also use their hands to block the reporter's shooting angles.

It was heard that fans and reporters not allowed to take photographs are due to securities reason by the airport, however they allow their own staff and air stewardess to take photographs and seek autographs from Andy, that's double standards.

From what the reporters could see, Andy was dressed in white. On arrival, he waved to the crew members whom came to welcome him, he immediately went into the waiting vehicle as it immediately drove off in the direction of Guazhou.

The reporters found out from a certain crew member that Andy appeared at the filming set for the first time on 12 April and participate in the shooting immediately.

news from: Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Sina.com

| Wednesday, April 11, 2007

There was sources saying that Andy Lau was spotted in Yunan, it was said that he looked tired as he participated in some activities, he rented 3 cars and had a low profile in Yunan. When clarify the matter with Andy's company, the spokesman exclaimed that Andy did not go to Yunan as he was in Hong Kong all the while.

In addition, Andy was confirmed to be the male lead of Nanjing: Christmas 1937 which will be starting shooting in November, other than him on the cast list, tentatively Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman,Kate Winslet, Daniel Wu, Edison Chen and Takeshi Kitano were among the list.

news from: MingPao

| Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Star chasing super fan" from Mainland China, Yang Lijuan was sponsered $20,000 by Mainland China's singer to take a flight from Beijing to Shenzhen before going to Hong Kong to settle the funeral of her father. With regards to her plans and schedule in Hong Kong, Yang gave an answer of "never thought of it". However, she still stressed that Andy Lau should take the initiative to see her and pay respect to her father.

Chinese singer Yang Ju Gang's (of Mice Love Rice fame) management company held a press conference in Beijing yesterday afternoon to announce that Yang Ju Gang sponsership of $20,000 to Lanzhou's Yang Lijuan's air-tickets to Hong Kong, food and hotel stay expenses and funeral fees for her father. The press conference attracted close to 500 reporters from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to cover the event, however Yang and her mother did not spoke throughout the event. With regards to her schedule in Hong Kong and the acceptance of the money, Yang answered "never thought of it" as reply.

When reporter asked her if she had reflected on her star chasing actions, Yang sighed: "I just want to bring my father's ashes back to my hometown for a proper burial." When asked about the allegation of seeking $500,000 from Andy and she once hit her father, Yang chose not to reply.

When Yang was leaving the press conference, she was asked by reporters if she still wish to meet Andy in private, she appeared agitated and stress that if she was to meet Andy in Hong Kong is not her dreams as this is what Andy "should do", he should also attend her father's funeral to complete her father's wishes.

According to online reports, a self-proclaimed graduate student in Beijing posted an article in support of Yang Lijuan as the graduate urges all not to look at Yang as a person suffering from mental illness. He also claimed that he was a loyal Andy Lau fan thus he understand Yang's action. He feel that Andy should give her special treatment, even to take care of her for life. He stressed that if Andy didn't do his responsibility to Yang, he would kill himself to protest.

Andy whom posted a "sorrow" post two days ago appeared in Jordan for recording, this is his first time appearing after the Yang Lijuan incident. When Andy alight from his car, his face does not have any expression.

news from: Oriental Daily News, SingTao News, MingPao

| Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Andy Lau and Bill Kong were awarded Outstanding Achievement award for their many years of hardwork in the movie industry. Andy was absent due to work commitments but he did recorded a short clip in advance to thanks the organiser, he said: "There are many people in the movie industry whom work the same as me, it's very meaningful for movie's developments. Being in this industry for 26 years, I feel that it's not wasted, the direction I took is correct; I will continue my path, hope Hong Kong movie will continue to work hard."

Being one of the movie investors, Bill Kong had invested in Fearless, Curse of the Golden Flower in recent years, he hope to do his bit for the movie industry to become everyone's dream factory and also continue to develop his own dreams.

news from: Ming Pao

| Tuesday, April 03, 2007

With regards to Yang Lijuan from Lanzhou whom had "loved him" for 13 years as she care less of her family to continue her star chasing dreams, Andy Lau did made a reply for the first time two days ago, he expressed: "Actually, I very unhappy, if because a girl whom like me and did so much things to hurt her father, I feel that it's a disappointment." Andy urges Yang Lijuan to stop such unreasonable behavior and all fans should not learn from her.

This morning, Andy made another new reply on his fan club official website as he wrote a post titled "You will not understand my depression", although it's a short post but it tells all of his feelings. He thanked all fans and friends whom had shown concern, it's hard to describe using words, he added that it will be the last time that he will be replying on this matter. Below is what Andy had wrote in his post:

Several things happened recently which makes everyone worried.

I received many friends phoned me with their regards, especially need to thanks Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Michael Miu, Twins also and many more, I knew that you cherish me, I know it.

Of course there is also you, for comments alone it's already more than 40 pages ... everything, I read every comment you made!

For those whom normally don't leave message, or those whom leave messages once in a while, all of you specially came in and send me your regards, show support for me ... fans of Andy World Club, you're so great that I've nothing to say

Everyone rest assured, I'm ok ...

One friend told me, you need not think of things which you can't figure out, anyway it's what passed had passed. Maybe some time later, you'll understand. The friend also gave me the words below:

Let nature takes it's course for everything

Handle things naturally

Don't be too outstanding when happy

Take it naturally when facing difficulties

Problems and difficulties are natural

Experiencing is nature

I feel that these few sentences are not bad, thus I share with everybody

PS: I knew that many reporters are concern of me, all the regards that you've passed had been passed down to me by my crew members

I also know that everyone wish to ask me to give some replies, I will say it here, many thanks to all of you, I've nothing to reply, what I wanted to say had been said through my company's spokesman, I have no reply personally, in future I'll also not give any reply. It's being tough on all of you.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, April 02, 2007

Super "Andy Lau fan" Yang Lijuan had returned to Lanzhou on 30 March. When reporters tried to contact her, she expressed that she does not wish to be interview as she only plans to continue her visa application to Hong Kong as most importantly is to "bring her father home and complete his wish". She then exclaimed that reports that she seek $500,000 compensation from Andy is made up by the media.

When interviewed on telephone, she sounds agitated as she stressed that she's not unfilial as per stated by the media as her only aim to get her visa to Hong Kong is for her father and not meet Andy again. She said: "Ask him go and die, I hate him! I don't care where is he!" However, she added that Andy should pay respect to her father in order to complete his wish, her father's disappointment is Andy to meet her alone in private.

Meanwhile, Yang's mother show her anger against Andy, she said: "My daughter is too pitiful, she had given so much all these year, it can't end like this." When reporter asked her if it's worth it for her daughter to spend 13 years to chase after a star, she said: "Whatever my daughter do, I will support her!" Yang's mother exclaimed that Andy is in-considerate as he didn't consider of their situation. When reporter asked her what she will do if they failed to meet Andy if they go to Hong Kong again? Yang's mother did not answer directly but said: "He should be the one looking for us."

Meanwhile, Andy whom had not appeared since this incident had only made statement through his company's spokesman but he finally replied on this matter two days ago, he said: "Actually, I very unhappy, if because a girl whom like me and did so much things to hurt her father, I feel that it's a disappointment." Andy urges Yang Lijuan to stop such unreasonable behavior and all fans should not learn from her.

news from: sina.com

"I don't think that Andy Lau had did anything wrong .... being a fan should have right mentality, meanwhile parents should give their children correct guidance. I hope that my fans are all "good fans" and with the right frame of mind, not take me at the central of their life in order to let me sing for them without any pressure."

Currently, Jacky Cheung was in Guangzhou to kick off his world tour as he sing and dance throughout the concert without showing any tiredness. When talked about the fan whom risked everything in order to see her idol - Andy Lau which resulted to her father killed himself by drowning, the most surprising is that the father didn't put the blame on his daughter but rather Andy Lau, so how do Jacky look at this matter?

Jacky said: "I think we have to shoulder the responsibility for whatever we do. Being an artist, it's really hard for us to control other people's action. I don't think Andy Lau did anything wrong, because he is Andy Lau, he started from a small unknown TV actor until today's heavenly king superstar status, it's not his wrong doing when people idolize him. I feel that being a fan must have a right frame of mind, parents should give their children the correct guidance. I'm also a parent, I know that all parents wanted to fulfill their children's wishes, but the problem is some people would never be satisfied. I can only say that this is an unfortunate incident. I'm relief that my fans only like to listen to my songs, I hope that all my fans are "good fans", and with the right frame of mind, don't take me as the central of their life and allow me to sing for them without any pressure."

news from: Sina.com