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| Saturday, April 30, 2005

From 1 May, Eastern Harbour Tunnel will increase its toll fees with all Hongkongers being affected in some way or another, even Heavenly King Andy Lau express that he'll stop using the tunnel for some time, however he object to Legislative Council Member Leung Kwok-hung holding a banner to block the entrance of the tunnel, he says: "He should have done that on 1 May, now he had become a hinderance to Hongkongers."

Andy was interviewed by Commercial Radio's Teapot Meal. With regards to Leung Kwok-hung holding a banner to block the Eastern Harbour Tunnel yesterday, Andy doesn't support his actions as it affect Hongkongers, furthermore the toll fees yet to increase yesterday, if he wanted to do it, he should have do it on 1 May, as his actions resulted traffic jam.

On the other side, Andy thinks that Leung's objection to the toll increase is correct as Andy will also be not using the tunnel for some time after the toll increase, he says: "I think I'll wait till the New Hong Kong Tunnel Company Limited fail to earn any money, currently Eastern Harbour Tunnel is trying to force us to accept the toll increase, maybe we'll accept it in the end but it's time for us to vent our frustration."

Earlier Deanie Yip had exclaimed that if Andy is free, he could attend her concert which will touched her, however Andy would hope to become her concert's special performing guest, he says: "I plead her to give me a chance to be her special performing guest, I can be the guest of any show, except her show!"

He even quipped: "Maybe I should train with Anthony Lun secretly and force myself onstage, when she's changing her costume, I'll go onstage, when she finished changing, I'll leave the stage, Haha! Or even before the opening when the lights are still off, I could perform first (her concert also has a 15-minutes toilet break?) Toilet breaks performance is okay with me, (what will you perform?) Let me think about it!"

With regards to Deanie request all audience to be puntual, Andy agreed with her and pointed out that it's not a good thing when audience are late, it's worst when singers kick off their concert late, he says: "Late, late, later we can't even do our show, the singers should reflect of themselves, should not put the blame on makeup and hair stylist!"

In addition, Andy and Pak Sheut Si went to watch Kowloon West King City (literally translated) where Pak run aways when she sees reporters.

Meanwhile, due to the 100th year anniversary of Chinese Film, there's a voting for My Favourite Actor and Actress, Andy whom was one of the nominees expressed that he's not confidence as his choices are Bruce Lee, Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung for actors and Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung and Wu Chien Lien for actress.

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News

| Friday, April 29, 2005

Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Departed (Hollywood's version of Infernal Affairs) had started shooting, with Leonardo DiCaprio as Tony Leung's Yan and Matt Damon as Andy Lau's Ming. Similiarly donning western suit but Matt Damon looks fatter and doesn't look as smart as Andy.

When interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday, Andy was asked if he feel that Matt Damon had make the character Ming look ugly? Andy doesn't think so as he says: "He looks okay, maybe the director asked him to put on weight, anyway it's okay if it doesn't affect the movie. Infernal Affairs was based in Hong Kong with the addition of Buddhism favours, I do wanted to watch how Martin Scorsese handles the religion issues, heaven become hell but there are many levels in hell. However, I've confidence in Scorsese, you will know after watching Gangs of New York, even Kungful Hustle copied some scenes and camera angles."

With regards to action against Bit-Torrent(BT) sharing and seeking compensation from illegal download netizens. Andy feel that it's useless for showbiz for doing this as it must be accompanied with the government setting a new rule, if not they'll keep losing. Take example that he filed lawsuit against his image infringement, in the end, it was settled out of court. Andy says: "Filing a lawsuit, when you lose it's because you're not a good actor thus nobody buy tickets for your show, anyway there will be lots of comments to attack you, I tell everyone is that no lawsuit is needed, it would be better that the government set a new rule for BT to become a crime."

Andy sighs that BT had affect Hong Kong's market as the seriousness is similar to those whom was seriously ill, a flu could kill a person, thus everybody should not took too lightly on it as every year's loss in box office is hard to calculate.

In addition, with regards to Internet allegation that he and Carol Zhu Liqian had bought a house together in Malaysia. Andy exclaimed that he never bought any house in Malaysia as all his movies had been invested in the 6 HD movies.

news from: MingPao, Sing Tao News, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po

| Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Hollywood version of Infernal Affairs - The Departed had offically started shooting recently, director Martin Scorsese, male lead Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in New York for location shooting. The major difference between the Hong Kong and Hollywood version would be Inspector Wong played by Mark Wahlberg will become a killer of both sides.

On the location shooting set, Leonardo DiCaprio whom will be playing Tony Leung's role wore a hat to cover his face whereas Matt Damon appeared more steady as he walks wearing his police gun and badge. Actress Nelie Sciutto was also present at the set.

The Departed is still the project of Brad Pitt and his separated wife Jennifer Aniston Plan B Movie Production Company, collaborating with Warner Brothers and many other movie companies. Although they are separated, they're still the producers of this movie.

With regards to the cast, other than Leonardo DiCaprio as Tony Leung's Yan and Matt Damon as Andy Lau's Ming, 2 times Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson will be Eric Tsang's triad kingpin Sam whereas Mark Wahlberg will be Anthony Wong's Inspector Wong.

The script was written by The Kingdom of Heaven's William Monahan, the blueprint of the story was from Infernal Affairs but there are some differences from the original. The story was set in America's Boston, narrating the battle between triads and police, Matt Damon was a triad member whom get into the police school and his career took off after graduation. On the other side, Leonardo DiCaprio was a policeman whom become a mole in the triad but that kind of lifestyle disrupt his mental state as he become inbalance in good and evil.

When being interviewed earlier, Mark Wahlberg reveal the details of his character, he says: "I'm a cop, whom Leonardo and Matt reported to me, I'm a crazy killer, no matter it's good or evil, I kill everybody, we made changes to the script."

In addition, Infernal Affair's director Andrew Lau is very proud that his movie is remake by Hollywood as he revealed in a telephone interview: "From what I know, there isn't a big difference betwwen the Hong Kong and Hollywood version, maybe due to the different culture, some small parts need to be change, like we use the temple as the opening, but they use church, I hope the US version can be good, if it could be well recieved around the world, then as the originals, me and Alan Mak can be proud of ourselves."

When asked whether the copyright of Infernal Affairs II and III was being brought over, he says: "If the first movie does well, I believe there's a chance for me to show the script for Infernal Affairs II and III ."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ye Kexin whom earlier published a book on her love relationship with Andy Lau and exclaim that she will not talk about him again but recently she break her promise as she plans to invest with a Xi-an investor to bring her story into a TV drama where she and her mother will be playing themselves in the drama. The pair will be "borrowing" Andy to earn money again.

When Yu Kexin was promoting her book in Mainland China earlier, although the sales was unsatisfactory due to Andy's fans protest, but she do earn some as per claimed by Yu's mother that they're delighted during the autograph session in Xi-an and an investor called for her collaboration and wanted Yu to become the hounary principal for an arts school, he was also interested to bring the love relationship to TV screen as both parties are going to discuss how to translate the book into script.

As Andy will not accept the role, thus there will be a search for the male lead. When interviewed, Yu's mother express that Yu was in Tainan holidaying and will continue her discussion with the investor when she returns. However Yu's mother seems hestitate when talk about the details of the drama, she says: "We'll not be in the cast as we'll trial for newcomers, maybe it'll be in September or October, we'll meet the newcomers, currently it's only initial planning, when the investor called, Yu was not around, we'll further discuss when she return, if the script is okay, we'll shoot it as a drama serial."

When the reporter asked her if they will be in the cast again, she says: "I don't know about Yu, I didn't consider about this, must ask for Yu's comments, nothing is confirmed."

Actually when Yu publish her book, it stir many objections from Andy's fans as they pointed out that she was using her old love to earn money and promoting herself, if it to be filmed into a drama serial, afraid the reaction will be greater. Yu's mother exclaim that their real name will not be used in the drama, and the story will be changed, she says: "All stated in Yu's book is the truth, but it will not be the same in the drama." When asked if they're afraid of being filed a lawsuit by Andy of privacy invasion or being bombard by Andy's fans again, she changed her statement that nothing was confirmed, she says: "This is the issue of Xi-an, I know nothing, we're just into discussion, not known the possibility, Yu did mention that she wanted to film a drama serial, now only the appointed manager in Mainland China is interested, we need to discuss when Yu returns."

On the other end, Andy appeared quiet and refuse to comment on his past relationship being brought up again.

news from: Apple Daily News

Andy Lau's 6th Taoti Green Tea commerical uses his song - 'Wo De Nei' (in Cantonese meaning I like you) love story as theme, it narrates a male meeting his life's My cup of tea and begin to woo the opposite sex, he even brave the heavy rain thus drenching himself while waiting at the roadside for her to return home.

Andy was arranged to meet the female lead in the rain, in order to express the meaning, he need to run around in the heavy rain several times, he only use a transparent sheet as cover, he took a total of 3 hours for just shooting the raining scene, thus drenching himself. The weather was cold on the day of filming, Andy wore a summer to brave the rain, the director was worried that he will fall sick thus he prepared many sets of clothes for Andy to changed into, however to save the trouble, Andy only use a towel to wipe himself after braving himself in the rain. On seeing the situation, the director requested Andy to change his clothes as he exclaimed that if Andy were to fall sick and unable to continue the shooting of his movie, he can't afford to compensate.

Although he need to brave in the rain for 3 hours, he quipped that it's not tough: "They're very kind to me as they increase my fee for this year, drenched by the rain is okay. With regards to how much they add? Haha, if counting water as fortune, if you can see how heavy the rain is in the commerical, then you'll know how much increase I have!" As it was a heavy rain with strong wind, he continues: "It's like that! The fees for this commercial is almost the same for me shooting a movie! If you say that drenched in rain is tough? Then how I find money to invest in HD movies?"

A romantic scenario of wooing a girl in the rain, has Andy tried before? He says that he's the one whom provided to the director but his story is not romantic as the director thinks that his story is too comical as if the guy to do as per stated in Andy's story, he surely cannot win the girl's heart, thus the part of waiting in the rain is used while the director develop the romantic himself. With regards to his failure of wooing a girl, he quipped: "When I was studying, I tried asking a girl out for shopping, that day was raining cats and dogs, as I stayed in Kowloon and not sure of the name of hotels. The girl asked me to wait for her at Central's Furama Hotel, I heard wrongly and waited for her at Kowloon's Miramar Hotel. We waited for each other at our particular location for half a day. I then explain to her and she doesn't believe that I waited for her. Sigh, of course I didn't make it although I really waited outside Miramar Hotel for a few hours and drenched myself, if she read this now, maybe she'll regret that she didn't believe me, Haha!"

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chapman To was interviewed by Commercial Radio and was asked to picked the top 3 songs among the 30 songs. When talked about his selection of the top 3 songs, he says: "This world is about relationship, we are talking about relationship, the top 3 are closely related to me." When asked if showbiz is about relationship, he frankly says that Commercial Radio is about "making relationship", he says: "I suspect Commercial Radio is." When asked by the compere is he depend on relationship to be the guest, he says: "Without relationship how to appear on Commercial Radio."

Chapman picked Andy Lau's songs for his second spot, he says: "I feel that he's very confident, the artistes that I know are all confidence but doesn't want to let others know, I don't think that Andy is modest, but he's not afraid letting people know, I feel that he look modest on the outside but actually he's ambitious, very real." When asked why he picked Andy as second, Chapman joked: "Because he's used to be not number one in Commercial Radio."

Meanwhile, there's an ongoing allegations that Andy is going to marry Zhu Liqian but no further news, however somebody recently broke news that he saw Andy and Zhu were watering their plants in the balcony of a bungalow in Malaysia. The funny part is that the bungalow become a tourist attraction as the neighbours address Zhu as Mrs. Lau. The policemen on patrol even described the bungalow as Andy's palace.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Monday, April 25, 2005

For the movie Child's Dream, Andy Lau had made huge sacrifice as his character is from young to old therefore most of the time he had to go through 5-hours of special effect makeup, furthermore the tailor-made contact lenses always makes his eyes dry.

Yesterday, Andy was location shooting in a store at Sai Wan with several children. He appeared in T-shirt and jeans as a delighted Andy wave and shake hands with the present supporting fans, he also performed magic which he just master for the reporters, while the jealous fans request Andy to perform again for them.

An unshaven Andy added some taste of sorrow to him. As the director doesn't want Andy's image to be disclosed, the crew members initially used large black cloth as cover but being friendly, Andy always stroll to the nearby salon to touch up his makeup and style his hair, the fans followed him to become a scene of "emperor on patrol". Some fans approached Andy for autographs, he manage to sign a few before the crew members pulled him away.

Reporters seize the chance to ask Andy is this character is tougher when compared to the ones in Love On A Diet and Running On Karma, unexpectedly he answers: "It's more relaxed, at least I need not stick head gear and wear fatso suit."

In addition, sources from the Internet that he was approached to be cast as the male lead in director Zhang Zhiliang's big production - Mo Zi Gong Lue. This movie will be a joint production of Mainland China, Korea and Japan, scheduled to start shooting at second half of this year. The movie claimed to be a wuxia project bigger than Hero and House of Flying Daggers. It will be based on a comic narrating war times of Zhao dynasty in 2300 years ago.

Andy's company spokesman Miss Tam replies: "Actually we did discuss before, the script is with us, but nothing had been confirmed, thus nothing can be revealed." Although Andy had yet signed the contract, but he had read the script and interested in the role as he had also collaborated with the director in Last Eunuch in China in 1988.

Meanwhile for Andy's 'bian lian' shifu Peng Denghuai's 60th birthday, although he could not send his wishes personally as he's busy filming, but he had send over a calligraphy that he wrote over, so thoughtful.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, MingPao, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Pao

| Saturday, April 23, 2005

Director Derek Yee attended a seminar of his latest movie - 2 Young, when talked about the female lead Fiona Sit recent performance in TVB drama The Academy was being criticise as not ideal, Derek pointed out that when Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau first started as newcomer, they also looked silly, whereas only Tony Leung look a star in the making. He was lower the then newcomers Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau as an encouragement to Fiona.

Earlier Derek had praise Fiona's performance in 2 Young will stand a chance to win next year's Hong Kong Films Awards' Best New Artiste as he favours Fiona, asking all to give her a chance and not to give her the death sentence with one drama. He says: "People was saying that she did poorly for the drama, I also watch it before, it gave people the feeling that it was filmed 3 years ago, it's a lot difference now, it can be said as many changes when a woman reaches 18 years old."

Derek added: "Actually TV station is like Shaolin Temple, an experience to newcomers, nobody will care about you, take a look of silly Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat of those days when they are still shooting TV dramas, other than Tony Leung, for so many years whome had been successful for their first time? Therefore, we must give a chance to Fiona! This time, Jaycee Chan also leave a good impression to me, he wrote the songs for the movie, he reminds me of his father."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

Andy Lau whom always respect his teachers, when he know that it was the 60th birthday of 'bian lian' mask changing master Peng Denghuai, he specially ordered a special present to be sent over personally by his staff, however it was a mystery present.

When asked by reporters, Mr. Tang whom was entrusted to send the present refuse to disclose anything. It was because that Andy had informed his 'shi fu' that the present can only be open on the birthday party as he wanted to give his master a surprise.

news from: Sun News

Earlier Mark Lui was being interviewed by Sandra Ng in a TV programme. Sandra quipped that Mark had wrote more than 500 songs but he still yet to collaborate with Andy Lau?

Mark says: "I'll meet Andy in every prize presentation ceremony, he will call me 'fai zai' (fatty) and we never discuss about composing, maybe he doesn't like a fatty to compose for him!"

Sandra than quipped that Mark whom wanted to be handsome mind about Andy calling him fatty in public thus he didn't compose any songs for Andy.

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Thursday, April 21, 2005

TVB Weekly held a Highest Popularity Award for the station's artistes where many artistes attended the ceremony, the males are handsome while the females are pretty, the sight will make one's eye blur.

The night's biggest award - Highest Popularity Multi-Talented Heavenly King award goes to Andy Lau. Andy says: "I'm multi-talented? I don't know about this, I did put a lot of effort in all areas! I'm good at fighting, also good at acting. Handsome, what more can I say, Hahaha! So when you say I'm multi-talented, Ok lar! I hope that this is just the basic, this is the basic what an artiste should have, some requirement, I hope other artistes will follow my basic, hope to see more successful Hong Kong artistes, then we need not be afraid of the future."

Although he seldom come to Taiwan to meet his friends but he do show some concern to his good friend Jacky Wu being attacked. Andy says: "I think such things shouldn't happen, many things or problems can be settled through communication, it'll be a problem when violent is used! Hope the one being attacked or the one whom attack must think over where the problem lies, for the one whom did the wrong things should approach the one he offended to communicate, I feel that this will solve the probelm."

news from: TVBS E-News

| Wednesday, April 20, 2005

TVB held its TVB Weekly Highest Popularity Award, the results are decided by the audiences' voting. In the end, Gigi Lai came out as the biggest winner with 4 awards. The award ceremony was held yesterday at Tsim Sha Tsui's Hotel Miramar, other than a group of TVB artistes in attendance, Andy Lau whom was the prize presenter and winner of the Highest Popularity Multi-talented Heavenly King award was also present.

Andy expressed that he get to see many old friends whom he haven't see for many years, he also get to see artistes of different generation winning awards which delights him, he says: "Take Jessie Tam for example, she won the Highest Popularity Kids King, this to her is an encouragement."

With regards to himself winning Asia Most Popular Chinese Actor, Andy exclaim that he doesn't want to be popular only in Asia but also being recognised internationally as this will let other people know about Asia.

news from: SingPao, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, MingPao, Ta Kung Pao

| Monday, April 18, 2005

Andy Lau's latest movie - Child's Dream was the centre of attention of the media since it started shooting, especially the cast includes several heavyweights making cameo appearances. Other than director Feng Xiaogang as the magical doctor, beautiful Li Bingbing and Karen Mok also cameo as Andy's mother. Earlier, there was reports that Li accepted the movie offer but have to give it a miss however Li appeared at the filming set at 5:00AM for her first day of shooting for Child's Dream thus breaking up the allegations.

After his cameo in Kungfu Hustle, Feng will be the magical doctor who's responsible for transforming from young to old, meanwhile the sexy female thief in A World Without Thieves - Li will cameo for the first time as Andy's mother. Under the arrangement of director Chan Tak Sum had reunite the cast of AWWT, thus the movie is worth anticipating.

Li quipped that she was shocked when told that she will be Andy's mother as she asks herself "Do I really look that old? My god, how could I be Andy's mother?" After reading the script, she finally understand that she was the mother of a 6-years-old Andy, although she fail to meet head-to-head with the real Wah Zai but she get to be a married couple with another Wah Zai in Felix Wong.

Felix will have 2 wives in the movie whom were Li Bingbing and Karen Mok, he quipped: "Initially the director wanted me to have a bed scene with Karen, it really give me a scare, when we started shooting, I only get to chat with Karen on the bed, so disappointing. Actually I think this is good, if it's more intimate I can't accept it!" Felix also sing praise of Andy's old makeup look, he says: "Actually it's really too tough for Andy to makeup old, had to spent 5 hours each time, he also need to wear special contact lenses, he had to wear head gear from neck onwards, I feel that it's tough by just looking at him, but the feeling is very realistic, not even a hole can be found!"

Meanwhile, the small boy playing Andy is Sit Li Yin.

news from: Sina.com, Ta Kung Pao

| Sunday, April 17, 2005

Korean drama Jewel in the Palace is popular throuhout Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan, it even create a Korean craze never seen in Hong Kong, other than the good storyline, the selection of characters is also another reason for its success. After watching the original edition, the Korean netizens came out with a list of characters for the Hong Kong version, the artistes selected are from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them, the House of Flying Daggers pairing of Andy Lau and Zhang Ziyi were selected to be Min Jung-ho and Seo Jang-geum.

In Taiwan, some indicated that they intend to remake Jewel in the Palace while the genre of Hong Kong television always follow the trend, thus netizens specially select a group of artistes that they feel would be cast in the Hong Kong version of Jewel in the Palace, they also put an effort to edit the original casts' pictures and replace the head with those on the list.

Park Eun Hye whom was nicknamed as Korean's Joey Wong and of course the Hong Kong version will have her to be Park's character. Meanwhile , the emporor will be played by Tony Leung with Rosamund Kwan as the empress. With regards to the 3 leads, Jang-geum, Min Jung-ho and Choi Geum-young will be Cecilia Cheing, Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung. Among the pictures, Andy's picture looked almost the same with Ji Jin-Hee , this proves that Andy is the best choice to be the character with strong friendster.

news from: Singpao

| Thursday, April 14, 2005

Earlier when Andy Lau was location shooting A World Without Thieves in Gansu, being always serious in his work, he nearly had an accident. When shooting a scene when Andy was driving with Rene Liu as the passager, with their car almost collide with a lorry. Andy whom had many years of driving experience, decided to do the stun on his own after 2 tries as he thinks that he could do it himself, even director Feng Xiaogang agrees to let Andy do it himself, on seeing Andy's confidence, Rene show her support.

When the shooting starts, as the road of Gansu is full of sand and stone, the 2 vehicles "bang together", after the accident,he continue to sped off and the car come to a stop after make a sharp turn.

Then, Andy was worry about Rene's safety as he will be worry if Rene is injured, luckily Rene was only given a scare, whereas Andy hurt his neck.

news from: Guangzhou Daily

Japanese survey company Video Research had earlier carried out a survey in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to select My Most Beloved Asia Artiste. In the end, Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung garned the number 1 spot for My Most Beloved Male and Female Artiste.

Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat were behind Andy as second and third,meanwhile Chinese basketball player Yao Ming was number ,being the only sportsman in the Top 10. In the female artist, Ruby Lin and Cecilia Cheung were second and third.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Infernal Affairs III will be screened in Japan this Saturday which will concide with Keanu Reeves's Constantine. Reeves and Andy are currently jetting off to Japan to promote their movies. Andy and Tony Leung will be present for the premiere, the Japanese fans will go crazy over them.

Andy arrived at Japan the previous day with IA III's director Andrew Lau, Alan Mak and scriptwriter Felix Chong for the press conference at Prince Hotel Park Tower, thus Andy become the first Asian artiste to held a press conference there.

The press conference attracted more than 100 reporters, it was a grad event. Andy express that he's very happy and was touched till he wanted to cry. Andrew revealed that during filming,he always quarrel with the scriptwriter over the script but Andy is patient to wait for them. With regards to this, Andy says: "I could wait together with Tony, they could take 5 years to complete a movie." This remark made all present burst into laughters.

Tony whom board the early flight to Japan yesterday morning to meet up with Andy for the movie's premiere. Drawing of lots were used to decide the 300 audience,all male audience had to wear suit when attending the premiere.

As fans were arranged to stand by the sides of the red carpet, when Andy and Tony appreared, the female fans dashed forward to shake hands with them, even the security guards fail to handle the fans.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News, Oriental Daily News

This day, it went to Infernal Affairs shoes mausoleum 萋 ü press conference. At the beginning, being to be the schedule where Andy Lau and Kelly Chen visit Japan it does, but Kelly because of a sudden illness was absent, in addition Tony Leung for the hitting adjusting of the next work, starting was late and was not in time to press conference. Starring: Andy Lau, supervision producer: Andrew Lau and supervision script: Alan Mak.

The meeting place was done with Tokyo prince hotel park tower which it is not open formally. Being to be done at the cute place where the sea is visible it does, but the many mass communications ran to collection of data with the completion work of the popularity series and we had become the enormous crowd.

This time, being to hear the question which was collected with in reference, it does, but the question which you refer is introduced.

In order for mind of MING to collapse, it was beautiful. When this is played, looking at whatPlease teach whether, in addition what is referred.

Now in the work, you most the scene and the satisfaction which suffer hardship it to be possible,! With as for the scene which is thoughtIt probably is which scene?

Because it asked one stuffing first, as for the latest work of the cover stuffing whether that scene you thought and you could apply with those which in 3 section works remain in impression to the wind which is said. So, MING concerning the scene of the 3rd work answering, it increases.

news from: http://blog.livedoor.jp/infernal3/

It decides also Infernal Affairs, large 3 section works of the Hong Kong movie which is hit finally complete. As for this work which starts from 10 months later of 1 section, it can unfold the performance battle of Leon Lai which appears focusing on Andy Lau, as a person of puzzle. Andy which plays the central person of this super Daisaku story was heard in Hong Kong.

* The work which remains in history of the Hong Kong movie

Q:From April 16th (Saturday) it is released and ' in Infernal Affairs III ' Hong Kong movie history remain, it thinks, that it became completion volume of 3 section works which, but will the your candid thought which is performed to the work how probably be?

Being to think, that the hero movie which, represents that times in every age it is it does, but that you can perform to this movie which represents 2000 it thinks that very it is honor. This is to remain in history of the Hong Kong movie.

Q:You think that some kind of influence was exerted ' as for the Infernal Affairs' 3 section works for Andy Lau?

The passion for my movie did not change directly. Because I originally like the movie. The kind of feeling which the road whose one is new by the fact that simply this movie is taken opened does. You think that movie one one is my myself artistic work, and, in regard to the movie which in the future is received, either one calls and is bad you think speaking unconditionally. In regard to this movie so is, but when most first the script house and supervising and story, it was not imaginative that everyone to here becomes good ones.

* The scene which remains in impression

Q:Via 3 section works, the existence, marry two comes out, but as for the marry these two you think that it is the existence which produces some kind of effect vis-a-vis the character, MING?

As for the character, this MING vis-a-vis love you think that it was attached enormously. This person was not accepted being very simple vis-a-vis love, therefore loving the alone person, after all. In addition, it is the case that the marry which in the sense that loves in two public attention by himself redoes, is. As yourself in addition there was a feeling that, we would like to redo, you think that it is such man.

Q:Through 3 section works, most just one please increase the scene which to impression remains.

Me myself ' I ' and ' III ' it is performed to 2, the scene that, but there being a scene which in both movie respectively remains in memory, when you say ' I ' to in regard, most by himself coming out of the elevator lastly, showing police proof, "we is the police". In addition, MING for the gun being at the hospital, ' III ' to in regard, the 3 place. The scene that trouble in your own feeling have appeared. That as yourself it remains enormously in impression.

* Humanity of MING

Q:Then, ' overture between Infernal Affairs II nothing ' to in regard how you were viewed?

That because it is the predecessor which describes the fact that you say whether MING why you become such human, development after this keeps knowing by looking at this, you think that the flow is something which very serves to reason.

Q:' II ' it enjoyed as the audience? Or you view as an orator increase high?

Because the predecessor and in the future directly was in the head, in such sense generally you knew ' II ' and ' III ' before taking from, it is something which life of this man how says. Because furthermore it is the case that story expands threely-dimensional with that. ' I ' when being possible, when the variety you want to have discussing the fact that past of the characters and it was something which future how says in the person of the audience. So, however it is the case that ' II ' and ' III ' it can do result partly due to the fact that you said.

* As for actual place pleasant atmosphere

Q:This time furthermore the member increasing, atmosphere and the like on of site very being to be an interest, it does, but. The movie itself very the strain Hari cool being to be feeling, it does, but really actual place was what feeling, it is probably will be?

It was pleasant enormously, is. Always, many people being in actual place, ' being I ' empty to be continued, everyone friend it put out, there is no their own turn, came to everyone play, there was a various food always, was very pleasant is.

Q:From now on ' Infernal Affairs III ' in the people whom you view message.

First, appreciation you say to everyone is supporting the Hong Kong movie truly. These ' Infernal Affairs' 3 section works have described those which one one are different respectively. Becoming ' I ' viewing, when ' II ' you see, you think that ' I ' furthermore likes, and, in addition it becomes ' III ' if viewing, ' I ' with among of hearts of the respective actor who is not recognized knows clearly you think that and, it becomes favorite the respective characters. We think that and, this ' Infernal Affairs' with you can like the whole movie which is said.

And this ' Infernal Affairs III ', everyone liking, because supporting, very it was possible to come to here. We ask the continuation and support may. And, please support also the Hong Kong movie!

news from: FLiX Movie Site

| Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Barcelona Film Festival which will be held next month had announced its nomination list recently, four Hong Kong movies A Night in Mongkok, Jiang Hu, Yesterday Once More and Mudull the Pineapple Bun Prince were selected as exhibition movies, this proves that Hong Kong movies have some influential effect.

A Night in Mongkok's director Derek Yee whom was in Beijing was excited when told of the good news. Meanwhile, Yesterday Once More director Johnnie To says: "Very happy that someone appreciate the movie, as the director, of course I'm delighted, but I should be busy shooting a new movie, I may not be able to attend the film festival."

new from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

April 11th, promptly named 'Infernal Affairs III' the super premiere event was held at Tokyo & Shinjuku Milan cinema where Andy Lau, Andrew Lau, Felix Chong and Alan Mak and the were there to meet the fans.

The venue was jam packed with 1,000 fans and audience. When Andy walk pass the seat passage, onto the platform to introduce himself, the audience reacted with roars, cheers and applause.

When 4 persons are went onto the stage, first Andy says: "Being able come to Japan with Infernal Affairs III' is delightful, Don't you think? Everyone, as for pirate edition please do not see no matter what (laughing)" He continues, "In Hong Kong IA III was released some time ago, but finally it arrives in Japan, I'm so happy."

Alan Mak says: "Andy very has persevered because, if it can have being satisfied with everyone. The fact that everyone likes this movie is expected" Andrew exclaim his joy of the Japanese release.

Furthermore, 2 lucky fans amidst the 1,000 audiences as they are selected to go onto the platform to be handed present from Andy. Andy and company were also presented with bouquet of flowers from the organiser, the super premiere event is a success where they get seated to enjoy the Infernal Affairs III screening.

Furthermore, the super premiere event in Osaka on 14th has been sold-out completely already.

new from: http://www.infernal.jp/news/

| Sunday, April 10, 2005

Andy Lau, Hong Kong's Andy Lau, the chinese's Andy Lau, Asia's Andy Lau? He's a superstar? He's a talented actor? Looking back at the development of Hong Kong movies, someone said that in the 80's and 90's, Hong Kong movie industry is the pirated version of Hollywood, several movie stars came up, meanwhile what themes of movies that the Hong Kong industry came up with?

The movie industry creating superstars as its mainstream, meanwhile for today, what the audiences and movie critics looking are a talented actor.

This year, Andy Lau was selected as the Actor In Focus for the Hong Kong International Film Festival, currently there is a seminar on Andy Lau's charisma and acting skills as the speakers Athena Tsui and Gordon Cheung interviewed Andy and pointed out the movie industry developments in the 80's and 90's.

"The Hong Kong then was searching for an actor with "special character", as non-star actors started to get focused." When the audience shouted: "I've others!" it seems that actors other than stars were the most precious.

Movies reflect reality, it makes directors and audience to believe - our movie industry can follow the other actor other than the lead in the movie Godfather, many many as we can consider them as 'shi li pai' (actors with materials)

Finally we see a different Andy Lau. The speaker pointed out: Andy went to another world, from Hong Kong's Andy Lau to "our Andy Lau", Andy's acting had changed.

In 2004, Chinese's Andy Lau. Meanwhile the main point is that if you look this way, in order to suit the market's requirement, strip off the star's capabilities, and walk into the path of a characteristic actor, is this worth it?

Cheung thinks: "Maybe it's our loss, it's a Andy Lau that had strip off a performance of a star." But, think of it, a person with star's charisma and wanted to strip off the tag of star? If we understand growth, this change is needed.

Stars equals to Hong Kong actor? Indeed Hong Kong movie industry once has a period of creating stars, look, the problem is divided, if not a star, it'll be a talent actor, just like the view of a common audience, if it's not a Hollywood way of acting, then it'll be just a pretty face, so what is Andy Lau's acting?

With regards to Andy, his focus on a character is his eyes. From eyes, you can see a direction, every film is the same, eyes show off the whole body, it make up a strong feeling.

Tsui: "At the moment Andy make a turn, it's a nice performance. Nice movement could move the audience, it depend on the eyes." First of all, have a full steady shot, followed by a 3/4 face, followed by the eyes turn to the corner, head turns slowly, "The eyes reaches before the chin reaches," if you look at it, this is the image from steady to move, eyes is not only of Andy but his most important tool.

In 1992's Game Kids Gameboy, at the moment before the killer open fire, the cameraman had a close up on Andy's eyes, to recent year's Infernal Affairs the speaker stress: "Andy's usage of his eye, it's himself." In 1985, when the eyes of Chow Yun Fatt started to fade, another pair of eyes follows with the focus on stars to support then Hong Kong movie industry. "In order to let audience understand that Andy Lau is a character, not a tool of a film." This is Andy's saying.

'Yan', in English is eye, which sounds almost the same to "Wo" as is "I", not only that it sounds the same, it also reflect a pair of eyes' expression to one self, allow audience to get into the character more, feel the acceptance of fate, thats the most important to success.

Cheung: "Before the interview, Andy Lau in my heart is more complicated, after the interview, I feel that Andy is very simple."

Tsui: "He care of the market too much, I feel that it's not neccessary, he should continue to be himself, proud of himself."

The way of acting affected the whole Hollywood, so acting skills is the best? Constantin Stanislavsky thinks that actor should know how to observe the fact, to show the action in real life, meantime have some thinking training, in order to imagine the character's mental conditions, and through rehearsals to show off realistic life onstage.

In the past, when discussing about Hong Kong actors, the first being in 1999 for Anthony Wong, Lau Ching Wah, Francis Ng, then when discussing about talent actors, , it's like more on image. The focus point then is the actors' mentality changes, their handling on their mental state, how to improve on their acting. In 2001 it's Tony Leung, this year is Andy Lau.

Anyway, Andy walk out of himself or he hope to challenge himself whether he can or cannot do it, meanwhile many audience hope that he'll remain himself, no matter it's stars' idol or potential actor, in the market, be yourself.

news from: Wei Wen Po

| Friday, April 08, 2005

Last thursday (30 March), Next Magazine held its Next TV Awards prize presentation ceremony. Andy Lau whom started in the TV dramas until today's silver screen Best Actor, although he was busy shooting for his latest movie Child's Dream, he still appear as the special prize presenter for the event.

Being an Andy Lau fan, Myolie Hu was so excited upon seeing her idol as she hold onto another fan Ron Ng Cheuk Hai and says: "How I wish I can take a photograph with Andy!"

Although Myolie whom was rushing for work couldn't get her dream come true, but she just can't stop laughing as she get to shake hands with Andy.

Ron is the most patience as after collecting the award to be photographed with Andy is not enough, he refuse to leave at the end of the ceremony as he wait for Andy to be interviewed by the media to be able to take photographs with his idol for another several times, if Myolie get to see this, her saliva could have been dripping onto the floor.

Other than Andy being the spotlight for the event, it must be TV serial War and Beauty winning all major awards and its four female leads well-dressed in attendance for the event.

news from: Next Magazine

| Thursday, April 07, 2005

The 2-weeks 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival had ended last night, with the government promotion and support from the showbiz circle, the box office collection for this year's had increased 3 fold when compared to last year. With such good result, the organiser edited a 3-minutes clip to be broadcast at the gaint screen outside Tsim Sha Tsui's Chungking station where more than 25 artistes will thanks the citizens' support to the festival.

During the festival, Maggie Cheung, Andy Lau, Twins, Jackie Chan, Aya Ueto, Nagase Masatoshi, Daniel Wu, Joey Yung, Jay Zhou, Vanness Wu, Stephen Fung, Karena Lam, Cecilia Yip, Tony Leung Kar Fai and 25 other artistes from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan were interviewed, the organiser edited a 3-minutes short clip from the interviews and arranged it to be broadcast the whole day at the gaint screen outside Chungking station mall lasting for 2 weeks. As the area is busy, thus it is believed that large number of citizens will get to watch the clip, it could also attract the attention of tourists. The clip kicks off with Aya Ueto saying hello to the Hong Kong audience in Japanese with Chinese subtitles, whereas other artistes like Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung follows after her.

news from: Oriental Daily News

Concerts kicking off late in Hong Kong is getting very common, normally a concert kicks off around 15-30 minutes late, this is makes Deanie Yip whom will be holding her solo concert soon unhappy there was once she experience a concert kicking off 45 minutes late as she exclaimed that she's suffering punishment for her wrong doings. She ponders why Hongkongers like to be late.

Her solo concert will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 20 and 21 May. She held a press conference at Harbour Plaza Hotel. Deanie exclaimed that she was nervous but she urge her audience to arrive punctually at 8:15PM or would have to wait 15 minutes outside the entrance, no lightsticks will be allowed to be brought in and no toilet breaks unless the middle break of the concert.

Deanie express that in Hong Kong, only Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau kicks off their concert punctually as from she remember they're only 5 minutes late which is acceptable, for those singers whom are not punctual, the media should report the truth. She follows says: "Being un-punctuality is uncall for, I'm also a citizen living in the city and should be educated, if you're a farmer you'll wake up when you hear the cock sing in the morning, why people in New York can do it while not in Hong Kong?" When asked how long her concert will last, she quipped that she'll not sing long as she's older.

No special performing guests will be invited but she had send out invitation to god-sons Andy Lau and Andy Hui to be her audience.
news from: SingPao, SingTao News

Kelly Chen whom always has an elegant image to become the endorser of toilet bowl? After the well-recieved "I love toilet bowl" commercial by Andy Lau, Kelly become the new endorser as she invites her friends to her house to 'sit on her toilet bowl'.

When asked why she accepted to be the endorser of toilet bowl, she exclaimed: "Because the company approach me, my manager feel that the image of the brand is not bad as Andy was once their endorser." However, she insist that she will not follow Andy to hug, sing and dance with the toilet bowl as she'll be wearing a sexy bath suit, shake her head and hair in a beautiful pose in the bathroom.

Kelly says that the company had delivered to her their latest range of toilet bowl which has many capabilities. When her friends pays her a visit, they would be using it. Kelly doesn't wish to sit on nor even squatting beside the toilet bowl when taking photographs to maintain her image.

news from: SingPao, MingPao

| Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Earlier Andy Lau help Hong Kong Tourism Board to shoot a promotional clip. In the clip, other than introducing the 100 history of Hong Kong, Andy also brought everyone to Tsz Shan village where he was born, from there he introduce to the audience the Hongkongers' culture and villagers' bond.

As Andy need to introduce the 100 years of changes of Hong Kong in the clip, thus the Hong Kong Historic Museum was chosen as the location shooting venue.

Being the first time to step into the museum, Andy was surprised that Hong Kong had really gone through alot to attain today's status, he was part of these history thus made him think of them.

When he walk past the 60's store, Andy immediately rushed in and said: "When I was young, my family also owns a store like this!" Andy than impersonate a wax figure to have his photograph taken.

When he see the barber shop, he jumps onto the barber chair to have his photograph taken.

Since young, Andy followed his parent to leave Tsz Shan village, he had since seldom return there. When the whole crew set off to the village, although the place selected is not where Andy had lived but rather location shooting at a nearby area but the villagers and village head were there waiting for Andy's arrival. When Andy alights from the bus, villagers surrounded him for autographs and photographs, some old grannies even hold onto Andy and asked him: "Do you still remember me? I open a store in the village, you came and help me when you're young, help me send my regards to your mother...."

The village head hold Andy's hand and ask him to come back to pay them a visit and ask one villagers to run back home to get a photograph to show Andy, it's a photograph taken when they are still young and was playing soccer together, however after looking at the photograph, Andy could not recognise which one is him, but the villagers confirms that one of the boys in the photograph is Andy as Andy burst into laughters.

Andy exclaim: "I leave the village around 6-7 years old, but the group of boys in the photographs at least look like 14-15 years old, how could me be one of them? I really don't remember that I took this photograph."

Andy exclaimed that he had not return to the village for a long time while his parents will return to the village shortly to pay respect to their ancestors, as he'll be busy with his work thus he'll be absent. From what he knows that the house that he once stayed is still there but other relatives of his occupy the house now. While thinking of the past, he feel proud of his father as his father is brave to bring the whole family to experience city life and not stay in the village depending on the dirstibution of great grandfather's land to strive on his own.

news from: Sohu.com