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| Friday, January 30, 2009

Born in the year of the ox, Andy Lau's nickname had been changed to 'niu hua' (ox hua). this year is the year of the ox, hardworking Andy had been busy all year, it's the same for this year, other than the arrangement of spending the first day of Chinese New Year with his parents, he had a Chinese New Year celebration with his fans on the second day of Chinese New Year, he pointed out that it had been two years since he celebrated with his fans whom had been writing emails, letters and leaving comments to state their hope of celebrating New Year gathering with Andy. They got their wish this year as they can have a happy second day of Chinese New Year.

Of course Andy gave away red packets to his fans, he gave away a total of 800 red packets. Andy quipped that he depended on his colleagues to help him packed the red packets. With regards to the amount of money in each red packet, he does not wish to reveal, he does not want to strike any comparison with other artistes whom gave out red packets, he just to have a good blessing, most importantly is to make the fans happy.

Andy also received many red packets from the fans, the fans also gave red packets to Andox and Box. Being a understanding "mother", he did not collect the red packets from his sons, he just reminded them to be thrifty and spend the money from the red packets on meaningful stuffs.

During the gathering, Andy said blessing words to fans while distributing red packets to them. The fans also requested hugs which Andy complies, delighting the fans.

Andy expressed that he will resume work on the fifth day of Chinese New Year as he will be preparing for the promotion of his new Cantonese album which will be the first album released by East Asia since joining them, he says: "There is a major change in the financial world last year, I hope that everyone can work positively this year, everything goes smoothly and all dreams come true. Smooth paths for all industries, if everybody work hard and believe in yourself, even how tough the path ahead you, you will get by fine."

Other than the hardworking Andy, his sons - Andox and Box also inherit their "mother's" hardworking genes. Last year, Andox and Box become the collaborator of a Hong Kong fashion label, even become endorsers for electronic shop's ox related products and having their own themed fast food restaurant. Into the year of the ox, Andox and Box will be landing into the world of Internet spreading new ox play as 16 different style of emoticons will be released in MSN.

news from: Ta Kung Po, ent.tom.com, ent.qq.com

| Thursday, January 29, 2009

Andy Lau whom is born in the year of the ox had pointed out that it had been two years since he celebrated Chinese New Year with his fan club members, the members had been sending him letters or emails and telling him during meet-up sessions that they would like to have a Chinese New Year gathering.

As usual Andy will spent the first day of Chinese New Year with his parents, on the second day of Chinese New Year, he fulfill his fans wishes by celebrating with them.

Andy distribute red packets during the gathering, he said: "As I need to give away 800 red packets, thus my colleagues help me to pack them, of course the amount of money is just a show of blessing as he wish the fans can be happy."

However to the fans, they are delighted to be able to see Andy, they also like to hug Andy and they care less of the amount of money in the red packets.

news from: Sing Tao News, Hong Kong Headlines, Apple Action News

| Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Directed by Wong Jing, the 2 months of location shooting of Future Cops in Beijing had ended on 19 January. After the Chinese New Year, the film will be sent in for special effects post production.

It is a large scale scene in the final scene with the car driven by "future cop" Liu Yang fallen from the sky. To make the scene more realistic, the production team invited the special effects team used by the late Ko Shou Liang. More than a thousands extra were used for this scene.

From the understanding of crew member, Andy show off his gentleman behavior throughout the shooting, he also volunteer himself as stuntman for Liu Yang.

In the shooting of the final scene, newbie actress Liu Yang was held in mid-air with limited movements. Looking from below, Andy told jokes to Liu Yang to make her smile as he quipped: "I'll catch you if you fall", he also gave her his thermal water bag for Liu Yang to keep warm. Andy's gentleman behavior is admired by the crew members.

The film will be sent to Hollywood to the team whom did Dark Knight for post production works. The film had hope of hitting the cinema in end 2009 or next year Chinese New Year holidays.

news from: Sina.com

Recently, Andy Lau updated on his own blog exclaiming that he had already completed the shooting of Future Cops. With the temperature at minus 7-8 degrees, in order to keep warmth Andy and the crew members had to eat steamboat on their car. Other than work, they are played pool at the hotel that they are staying to release stress. With regards to the newspaper dailies publishing some ugly photos of him, Andy expressed that he can do nothing about it.

In the extreme cold Beijing temperature, Andy said that he had ways to keep himself warmth. "Ah Li whom do makeup for me know that one will feel warm when the stomach is full and it will also keep one looking good, as a good cook, she will prepare keep warm meals for us. During meal time, we will feast on the food in our resting vehicle. After a day of work, we will played pool at the basement of our hotel, we played pool to release stress. There are some experts in pool among the colleagues, after rounds of training, I've become an expert myself. My family members sent me soft toys for me to keep warm. In addition, there are also my beloved nuts which I love and hate, but I still ate them."

When talked about the newspaper publishing some ugly photos of him, Andy said: "Work does not make me tired, the temperature made me freezing cold, but the recent publishing of some poorly taken photographs, I can do nothing about it. Sigh! It make one angry of the current promotion tactics of movies."

news from: ent.163.com, ent.tom.com

| Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look For A Star director Andrew Lau, cast Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Dominic Lam gathered to have a reunion dinner and write spring paste.

news from: ent.qq.com, ent.baidu.com

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year movie Look For A Star director Andrew Lau went into the kitchen to cook chicken shark fin, stewed black mushrooms and other dishes in a banquet for the cast Andy Lau, Shu Qi and Denise Ho. They also received red packets from Andrew.

Shu Qi and Andy were asked to write spring paste, of course both of them seize the chance to promote the movie, unexpectedly Shu Qi wrote the spring paste with style, similar to Andy.

Actually Shu Qi is a vegetarian for the day, she wanted to eat when she saw Fa Choi in oyster sauce, on seeing the situation Andy said: "Oyster is vegetarian, when I went to the temple for food, an abbot used a stick and stuck it into the ground, saying vegetarian will float up, oyster indeed raise from the ground." A half believing Shu Qi grabbed a few bites.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sina.com

| Monday, January 26, 2009

Andy Lau is as hardworking as an ox, with his Chinese zodiac being ox too, thus he is always been nicknamed as 'niu hua' (ox Andy), which is very suitable. Andy said: "Nobody called me that in the face before, at the most when reporters asked me to take photographs and short-cut by addressing me as 'Liu Hua', but it doesn't matter." Other than him being called 'niu hua', veen his son Andox is a combination of Andy and Ox, his other son named Box is the combination of Black and Ox.

This is his fifth Year of the Ox, Andy exclaimed that he does not believed what was written in those numerology books which wrote that his luck will not be as good this year, he said: "I believe more in myself, for the praying to Thai Sui was done on behalf by my family, seeking for peace, I seldom joined them."

Andy said after entering showbiz, he always do well in singing during the year of ox, in 1985 he officially become a singer and release his first album 'Zhi Zhi Dao Chi Ke Ai Ni', in 1997 he released the classic 'Zhong Guo Ren', he said: "I feel that it's one of the song that made me proud, the fans loved it, because in every year of the ox, I always done well in singing, thus the first thing I wanted to do this year is to release a new album."

It had been a long time since Andy release an album, he will be releasing his new Cantonese album Love Hope on Valentines' Day 14 February, he says: "For many years I have not released a love song album, I sang too much encouraging song. This album had been prepared from 2008 till 2009, it will be my first album released under East Asia, thus my planning for the year of the ox is to work hard promoting the album."

Andy always believed that you'll get rewards when you work hard, thus one must be hardworking, he said: "If you don't do it, the whole sky won't drop for you. I have 2 new songs, one named "I do" and another named "I Wish", although everyone are saying that the economics are not good, I wanted to urge all, I do hardwork and I wish to prosper in wealth."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Sunday, January 25, 2009

Andrew Lau's Chinese New Year movie Look For A Star was shot throughout in Macau. Two nights ago the director leaded his cast of Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Dominic Lam to MGM Grand Macau for the press conference before having the premiere at the Macau Tower.

Shu Qi dressed rather sexy for the event, she wore a Gucci V-neck cleavage showing dress, she also wore $7000,000 worth of Cartier sponsored jewellery which was rather eye catching. Andy whom had experiences with many beauties also exclaimed that he does not look nor get near to Shu Qi too much.

When asked if anyone wanted to gave her expensive jewellery as present, she immediately looked at Andy but instead Andy "reject" her and quipped: "Giving you $7000,000, you think I'm a fool! The ring I'm wearing now only worth $7,000, I can give this to you." When asked why the normally extravagant Andy rejected Shu Qi, he expressed that he's only extravagant in movies, if Shu Qi wanted by a director, he will support her.

During the location shooting in Macau, Andy whom is not a gambler as he will lose money whenever he goes to casino, thus he asked his boss Peter Lam to buy two bets for him, the boss return him a few ten thousands dollars.

During the Chinese New Year, Andy will meet up with his fan club members. He will also be buying some peach flower home for display, this will be his third year displaying peach flower at him, he also need to clean up his ancestors tablets.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

| Saturday, January 24, 2009

Andy Lau and Shu Qi were at Macau yesterday for the premiere of Look For A Star. Andy dressed up as a white prince charming, as he once exclaimed that "he won't grown old alone" was still wearing the wedding ring on his ring finger, it seems that this ring has some significance meaning.

Look For A Star was shot completely in Macau, the romantic scenes were mostly shot in MGM Grand Macau, the premiere was held at the same place. Shu Qi was wearing a cleavage revealing sarong dress, which is eye catching, however it was too long thus requiring the help of Andy when she's walking down the stage.

Shu Qi's expression appeared "cold", when asked about her best friend Kelly Lin alleged to be getting married, she answered: "She didn't tell me."

Wearing all white, Andy received a red paper with half of the Chinese character "Hua", Andy was told that it was a blessing wish that he would find a "hand" to hold soon, he burst into laughters as if it hit his wish.

In the earlier promotion activity in Guangzhou, he was discovered wearing a wedding ring and questions were asked by the media, he admitted it a wedding ring and promise all that "everyone will see my day of blissfulness." He was asked about the meaning of "blissful" yesterday, he said: "Blissful is rather special, when you are not feeling blissful, it show that blissful had run away, if you don't love "it", it will not remain with "it"." Blissful is like a "declaration of love".

When asked about the ring, Andy held Shu Qi's hand whom also had a ring in her middle finger, he quipped: "Our rings are of the same brand, hers cost $70,000 and mine cost $7,000. The boss treat me not so well."

Director Andrew Lau was asked if he feel that Andy is rather in a "blissful mood", Andrew quipped: "New Year is coming."

news from: Apple Daily News, ent.163.com, ent.qq.com, ent.tom.com

On 20 January, director Andrew Lau, Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Zhang Hanyu were in Beijing to promote the Chinese New Year movie Look For A Star. Five of them were invited to be guests at BTV's talkshow Guang Rong Zhan Fang.

When facing sensitive questions from compere Tian Ge about prenuptial bankruptcy agreement and "how to listen to own heartbeat", Andy and Shu Qi used their words and actions to answer these questions. One netizen called in asking Andy if he could be back to the period times where one could have multiple wives, how many wives would he like to have? Without any doubts, Andy answers: "Of course the more the merrier." The fans among the audience screams at his answer.

The relax atmosphere also allow Andy to show off some of his modern dance and the quiet Zhang Hanyu also sang a song, their performance won the audiences' applause.

In the 90 minutes interview, the 5 guests talked about many things behind the scenes. The compere Tian Ge also used her unique way of asking questions to dig out some of the inner feelings of the guests, she also prepared a mystery meal for them which is a surprise to the guests and audience.

news from: Sina.com

In the afternoon of 22 January, Hong Kong director Andrew Lau lead his cast of Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Dominic Lam to Guangzhou for the promotion of his latest film Look For A Star. Andy who is a millionaire who brave everything to look for love was asked about his love in real life, he said: "I feel that the most romantic is to be able to wake up everyday and see your loved one beside you." Andy also admitted that he was wearing a wedding ring on his right hand's ring finger, he added that it's a prop from the film as he expressed that he will not grow old alone, "Everybody rest assure, the day will come for me."

In Look For Love, Andy is a millionaire whom fall in love with sexy dancer Shu Qi, after experiencing many tests and break through many obstacles, they are finally together. The story was touted to be referring to Macao's casino king Stanley Ho and his fourth wife as model. There are many romantic scenes between Andy and Shu Qi in the movie, so is their love life as romantic in real life?

When talked about experiences in romantic, Andy sighed: "When I was still a student, I once dated a girl to meet up at a hotel, in the end I went to the wrong hotel, we both waited two hours for one another. Maybe I entered showbiz too early and I was busy everyday and need to think of many things, I always do romantic things in the movies, but in real life, I feel that I have yet tasted the real romantic, for my whole life, I have not found the real romantic in real life. My current thoughts is that romantic does not means anything, what's important is who you are together with, romantic is when you're able to see your loved one first time when you open your eyes everyday."

At the press conference, Andy was wearing a wedding ring on his right hand's ring finger, he was asked by reporters about the ring. Andy show off the ring for reporters to take photographs and said that this is the wedding ring he wore in the film which is sponsored by the sponsor. When asked when will he wear his own wedding ring?

Andy answered seriously: "Everyone rest assure, that day will surely come. I will not be lonely till I old, I'm afraid to spend the next ten years alone, I didn't do anything evil, heaven will take good care of me."

In the film, millionaire Andy wrote a prenuptial agreement for Shu Qi to sign which makes her wonders how much does Andy loves her. With regards to prenuptial agreement, Andy think that it's ridiculous. He said: "Prenuptial agreement is ridiculous, if the one I loved wanted a prenuptial agreement, I will respect her decision, but I will not request her to sign one, I feel that it's ridiculous."

news from: ent.163.com