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| Thursday, May 31, 2007

Newly crowned Cannes' Best Actress Jeon Do-yeon would be getting lots of film offers after having garned international fame overnight. However, before she was crowned Best Actress at Cannes, internationally renowned arts director Yuen Wo Ping had already invited her to shoot a film in Hong Kong where she would collaborate with Andy Lau in an action romantic film.

Yuen Wo Ping whom made his name with films in Matrix, Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon and Kill Bill, had already decided to return to his roots (Asia) as a director, it creates many guesses and it's alleged that he would be shooting the story of Zhou Yu which is untrue. Yuen whom was in Cannes Film Festival to distribute limited edition promotional book to international film distributors expressed that he would be working on several film projects, among them would be 'Tie Mian Xia' where the male lead had been decided to be Andy and for the female lead, Jeon Do-yeon is one of the actresses being approached. When Yuen approached Jeon Do-yeon, she was yet crowned Best Actress at Cannes, with her career upped another level, Yuen feel happy for her and send his congratulations to her through her manager!

Other than Jeon Do-yeon, Song Hye Gyo and Im Su-jeong were also approached by Yuen. Yuen is very serious of his first film as a director after so many years, currently he's designing the fighting scenes, his fighting scenes in Matrix movies made Keanu Reeves popular, he hopes to challenge himself to create fighting scenes that are more exciting than those in Matrix in order to improve the reputation and market price of Hong Kong action films.

When contacted by reporters, Yuen answered in the telephone interview: "I indeed approached Korean actresses for collaboration, but no details had been concluded, I'm in no position to reveal anything now, I've to wait for the company to announce."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Andy officially replied on allegations that his apartment is haunted and his father is sick

Reporter: On your website, you mentioned that you and your family members are being harasses? Are you unhappy about it?

Andy: Nope ... I just want them to read those, because currently when he asked I'm also not sure what he will do thus I want to tell those people whom adored us first in order not to let them to worry. I'm okay, I'm perfectly alright.

Reporter: Is your family members unhappy?

Andy: My father is a bit angry. When my father is angry, I told him not to be angry as current news are this way.

Reporter: So you're going back to Mainland China to continue your shooting? Are you worried that people would harasses? Did you take any precaution measures?

Andy: I ... I can do nothing about this. I've no choice but I've told them to be careful, told my family driver to look after them.

Reporter: Would you call home more often to send them your regards?

Andy: No need to send them regards, because they all knew, just a bit angry only. If only the media does not disturb their life, I think it doesn't matter.

Reporter: It seems that it's tough on you, it's so hot and there's also huge sand storm.

Andy: Actually the scenes at Dunhuang had been completed

Reporter: So where are you going now?

Andy: I'm going to Beijing now, the temperature will be high during summer, but I think it's still okay.

Reporter: So how long will you be location shooting there?

Andy: There's still one month of shooting. Ok, thanks.

Earlier our reporter was informed that Xiang Xiang and Andy Lau would be participating in an activity to show appreciation to soldiers. According to the introduction of the organiser, Xiang Xiang and Andy could have the possibility of duet a song titled 'Bing Ge Ge Bing Mei Mei' (literally translated as Soldier Brothers and Soldier Sisters) under the request of the organiser to sing for the soldiers present and those watching the TV at home.

Heavenly King Andy whom had recently escaped from the disturbance of crazy fan could finally relax and continue with his normal lifestyle and start on his new challenges. Andy also expressed his appreciation to the media and friends' support and concern, he feel touched.

Xiang Xiang whom is a fan of Andy herself was also busy with her tight work schedule, when told of chances to collaborate with Andy, she expressed her excitement and delight. She doesn't mind even if the organiser does not allow her to promote her latest song, it had been since more than one year that she last met Andy, she seldom keep in touch with Andy as she was busy, but if she get the chance to meet him again, she will chat with him, she would also seize the chance to present her latest song 'Wei Le Ai' (literally translated as Because of Love) to Andy for him to give her some pointers.

When asked how she feel to be able to collaborate with Andy, an excited Xiang Xiang said: "Of course it would be great, I'll seize every possible chance to collaborate with Andy, if we would collaborate 'Bing Ge Ge Bing Mei Mei' should not create any allegations? If there are any allegations, it would be bad for Andy," Xiang Xiang then burst into laughters. It seems that this "music little genie" had matured but still innocent about love relationship.

news from: ent.people.com.cn

Andy Lau whom is interested in gathering the other 4 Tigers Tony Leung, Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Ken Tong in a film, however Tony could not particpate the project and allegations had been flying around with some stating that the 4 Tigers are at loggerhead with Tony due to his decision of staying with TVB many years ago despite the others refusal to renew their contracts with TVB.

As the boss of the "5 Tigers" film, Andy revealed when interviewed by Commercial Radio's Cha Xiaoxin, he said: "It doesn't really need to gather the 5 of us, I'm in not position to force anyone to join the cast, this group of people grew up together with me, there's no chance to become closer with Tony as though we're like a family member friend, this is due to affinity, I think the 5 Tigers in TV serial is classic, for them to express needs a very special channel."

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po

| Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon which was currently shooting had announced its poster earlier, the image of Andy Lau's Zhao Zilong had been criticized by netizens as the armor that "Zhao Zilong" wore looked like a Japanese samurai, World War II English soldier and Korean general.

"White helmet, white armor, white horse, holding a silver spear" is the classic image of Zhao Zilong (Zhao Yun) for the readers of Romance of the Three Kingdom. Meanwhile in the poster of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy's version of Zhao Zilong was wearing a black helmet and armor, the side of the helmet was rather flat. Wearing a pouch on his waist and hand-held a sub-spiral weapon.

The "white armor silver spear" image of Zhao Zilong

When the image being revealed, it immediately spurns wide argument in the Internet, some netizens were critical of Andy's "Zhao Zilong" image as netizens think that the armor looked like a Japanese samurai. Netizen Vince thinks that armor is similar to a certain computer game. With regards to "Zhao Zilong" helmet, netizens had more views on it, some think that it looked like ancient Korean helmet, Yuan dynasty helmet, World War II soldiers' helmet and European 14th century helmet. In addition, the waist pouch that "Zhao Zilong" was carrying was being referred to be the waist pouch carried by English soldier during World War II.

One netizen exclaimed: "I don't understand why the Chinese armor looked great and yet the director love such irrelevant stuffs." Many netizens were angry that the images in Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had destroyed their brave image of Zhao Zilong's "white armor silver spear" image. There are also netizens does not mind as they expressed "most importantly is whether the movie is good or not, images of character are secondary."

According to xmnext.com investigation, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon's Zhao Zilong's image is a huge difference of the armor during China's Han dynasty till North-South dynasty period.

The image of Zhao Zilong in Japanese game - Sin Sangohumusou (Dynasty Warriors)

Some opinions think that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon's script was mainly extracted from Japanese Three Kingdom computer game, thus lead to the characters' image to look Japanese, however xmnext.com found out that the Zhao Zilong image in the game still maintained the "white armor silver spear" look.

xmnext.com tried to contact the creative team of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon for clarification but still failed to contact them.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, May 28, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau who was shooting his new song's music video and returned to Hong Kong. In order not to tangle himself with allegations, he posted the photographs of him returning to his company to discuss his concerts on his website, he used the title of "There are only angels in my apartment", the content narrates that allegations kept tangling around him and his family members, there's even telephone calls to check if his Kadoorie apartments is haunted, if his father is seriously ill thus need to spend money to hire someone to perform a ritual ceremony for his father.

Andy did mentioned in his post that he heard that reporters asked if his apartment is dirty (haunted), he re-bulked : "How you define dirty?" This sort of question is rather far-fetch , he added that it's like a "rainstorm", if it's the old him, to encounter this matter, he would be very angry but now he know how to handle the situation and learn how to walk during the "rainstorm", to live happily as per normal and continue his busy work.

Andy stressed that his father is healthy, he said: "My apartment is my heaven, there are only angels." The reporter called up Andy after reading his post and he mentioned in the phone conversation: "Indeed these 2 days reporters came to my apartment and talked strangely, making one to be superstition, thus I write it out for people to laugh at it, I've already said that there's nothing wrong, hope they think about it before writing any allegations, if it's to boost sales, I can't help it. I won't feel anything but my company will send out lawyer's letter to them."

Click here to read Andy's actual blog post!

news from: Apple Daily News

| Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eight consecutive nights of Sammi Cheng Show Mi concert concluded two nights ago at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Many friends from showbiz were present to show their support, they includes Andy Lau, Liza Wong, Hacken Lee, Peter Lam, William So, Han Hong, Eddie Ng, Tanya Liu Hai-juo and ex-boyfriend Andy Hui whom walked to his seat around 8:50pm which caused a small commotion! Sammi then appeared on the stage to sing their theme song - 'Wei Du Shi Ni Bu Ke Qu Dai'. After singing the song, Sammi said that the concert had came to it's final night which makes her happy and sad to part with it, she thanked all the friends from showbiz whom came to support as the audience shouted out "Andy Hui" name.

Denise Ho was Sammi's special performing guest, shen she saw Andy Hui among the audience, she said: "It's dangerous to be the guest for the final night, for the final night the guest should be someone named Andy, it would be better!" Upon hearing, Sammi asked Denise not to go too far and create trouble. Denise then pointed out that she was referring to Andy Lau this leaves Andy Hui shocked and emotionless as he seated among the audience, but she added: "All the guests are here tonight, if the audience shout louder they would come up!"

In the end, Sammi only invite Andy Lau to go onto the stage. When Andy got onto the stage, she immediately jumped onto Andy and sing praise that he's handsome. Sammi also requested Andy to remove his shirt as Andy quipped: "I'm so skinny but yet my waist is larger than your breast, my waist is 31.5"! Since I'm already on stage, I'll do what you've asked." Andy also added that after seeing Sammi dances, he started to worry about his year-end concerts.

Although Sammi asked him to remove his shirt but Andy only unbutton 2 buttons of his shirt and stretch open his shirt to make Sammi burst into laughters. Both of them duet 'Wen Wo' and Andy also kneel down to present a bouquet of flowers to Sammi.

Sammi exclaimed that she's glad that Andy specially flew over from Taiwan to watch her perform and added that she was Andy's best partner in films. Andy then rushed everyone to come out with a script in order for him to collaborate with Sammi again.

news from: Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News

Sammi Cheng's consecutive 8-nights Show Mi concerts ended at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 25 May and it was a star-stubbed night as other than Sammi's parents in attendance, several friends from showbiz also attended to show their support, they included former boyfriend Andy Hui, good friend Han Hong, Andy Lau, William So, Eddie Ng, Hacken Lee and Shu Qi.

Sammi was very high and gave an energetic performance throughout the night, she shouted out loud which got her voice hoarse.

When Sammi invited her good friend Denise Ho to come onstage again for a duet, Sammi also went off the stage to invite Andy Lau onto the stage to duet "Wen Wo".

At the end of the concert, Sammi read a letter to her fans as she expressed that this concert is her first homework for her return to singing. After saying that, Sammi was so touched that she break into tears, Andy Hui, Shu Qi and her parents also broke into tears, it was a touching scene.

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau who was earlier hassled by the crazy fan from Mainland China earlier had been concentrating on shooting his new film and didn't make any public appearance. Around 1:50 PM on Friday, he returned to Hong Kong.

Carrying a haversack, upon walking out of the transit area, Andy was welcome with more than 10 awaiting fans whom also showered him with presents. Andy was all smiles as he revealed that he would only stay in Hong Kong to rest for two days before jetting off again to Beijing to work.

One hour later, Joey Yung also returned to Hong Kong. When she saw reporters, she asked them if they were waiting for Andy as she said: "I met Andy when I was at Taiwan just now, I know that he took a flight earlier than me."

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The posters and screen shots of Andy Lau's first collaboration with Maggie Q, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had been revealed in Cannes. Andy will be playing historical figure Zhao Zilong while Maggie Q will be playing Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin, both of them standing with a desert background, it seems to have a strong atmosphere, looks like this movie does not want to lose out to John Woo's Red Cliff.

The film started shooting last month in Gansu, a small scale press conference was held at Cannes earlier with photographs of Andy's Zhao Zilong, Maggie Q's Cao Yin and Vanness Wu's Guan Xin (Guan Yu's son) were revealed for the first time, there's also a one-minute long trailer premiere worldwide. It was earlier touted that Summo Hung would be playing Zhang Fei but actually he would be playing a character made up for the film, Zhao Zilong's best friend Luo Ping-an.

The film's poster used Andy and Maggie Q as theme as their period dressing looked strong, especially Andy's Zhao Zilong image, with the sorrow desert background, this shows the strong atmosphere. Among Maggie Q's photograph, there's one that she played the Qin in-front of the army.

Andy will invest $2,000,0000 next month to shoot a TVB 5 Tigers theme film - Xiong Di' did not include Tony Leung but included the other 3 tigers Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Ken Tong. It's alleged that Tony going against the other tigers to remain in TVB to advance his career resulted their relationship to go sour. Felix and Alan Tam attended a celebrity soccer match activity in Mainland China and was asked about Tony being replaced by Eason Chan, Felix admitted that indeed there are some problems between Andy and Tony, he replied in Mandarin: "This matter is very complicated, it require Andy to explain personally, it happened some 20 years ago, I'm not sure about the details, indeed there's some problems, to gather the 5 Tigers is impossible, there's also problems in the asking fees, it seems that cannot agree on the amount." Felix pointed out that the other 4 Tigers had agreed to act in the film without any fees as they would split the earnings of the film.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sun News, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao

Andy Lau's charisma is indeed irresistible for aunties as when Andy set off to Arrow Studio to shoot his latest album's music video, large number of aunties hired four taxis to follow him all the way, some even carry their children along!

Andy can't bare on seeing the fans carrying their children, due to the earlier "Yang Lijuan" incident which made him love and scared of his fans, thus he could only used his "caring eyes" to look at the awaiting auntie fans under the hot sun. The funny incident is that these fans disappear when night falls, because they had to rush home to prepare dinner!

After resting throughout the night, Andy walked out of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel around 11:00 am to be welcome by awaiting fans, his appearance created some commotion as everyone rushed forward to pass their prepared cards to Andy's assistant. Andy whom had always concern of his fans, collected all the cards, used his "caring eyes" to look at the fans, he did not went forward to chat with the fans nor stayed behind for autographs and photo-taking as it would means that he encourage them to follow him thus he immediately went to board his nanny car which will be heading to Linkou's Arrow Studio. The fans also boarded their hired taxis to follow behind Andy's car, there's one fans among them whom was carrying her children along to follow her idol. As the sun was very strong, this idol chasing mum didn't forget to prepare a hat to shield her child from the sun.

When night falls, these auntie fans disappeared suddenly as the reporters found out that they had to rushed home to prepare dinner thus they were unable to wait until Andy finished working. However, they would be satisfied that their cards were passed to Andy.

Already passed the 40-years-old, Andy was still popular among aunties, this also allows him to have film offers coming in to him. It was reported on Sina that director Jeffery Lau had intentions of inviting Andy to collaborate with Cecilia Cheung in a Oriental version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. As Cecilia would be giving birth in July, Jeffery hope that Cecilia would be able to start work in September, this would be her first movie project after giving birth but it seems that Andy had no time for this film.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Smith story, Andy and Cecilia would have several intimate bed scenes, it would be a great chance for Andy to show off his well-maintained figure.

news from: Liberty Times, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News

| Monday, May 21, 2007

Andy Lau arrived in Taiwan last night around 6:00 pm, although it's a low profile visit but around 60 fans had rented 8 Volkswagen to welcome him at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Andy wore a sunglasses and dressed causally touched down in Taiwan from Hong Kong. As he was location shooting in Mainland China's Dunhuang for Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, under the hot sun everyday, he looked tanner and thinner.

To prevent the pushing and scuffling of the fans from hurting Andy, crew members gathered around Andy but still failed to stop one fan from rushing through the barrier to give him present and took photograph of him. Andy faced the fans with all smiles, showing off his friendliness. When arrived at Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza and meet the awaiting media reporters and fans whom shouted out loud: "I Love You".

Although always 46-years-old, he still doesn't look old and when he saw fans squeezing in the hotel lobby, he slow down his steps and talk to the fans. He told the fans modestly: "Be careful not to hit the people at the back, be careful, quick go back, don't wait and squeeze around here, it's not nice for people to see this, is it okay? (OK, Bye bye) OK!."

It was told that he was in Taiwan to shoot his music video (according to ETToday), discuss with his record company on his new Mandarin album. It had been one year that he meet up with fans of Andy World Club and two years since his last Mandarin album, he would also discuss on his concert in Taiwan at the end of the year. (according to Apple Daily News) There would not be any public appearance, being this trip not revealed to the media, the loyal fans still got the news of Andy coming to Taiwan thus they went to the hotel that Andy would be staying to wait for him as catching a glimpse of him would satisfied them.

It had been two months since the "Yang Lijuan" incident, it seems that he had already walked out of the crazy fan's hinderance as he would posted his photographs taken during shooting on his blog. He was also friendly with the awaiting fans at his hotel, while his assistant was busy collecting presents from the fans. When asked if he had anything to say to Yang Lijuan? Andy expressed embarrassingly: "I'm not going to answer this question at the moment," before making his way with his assistant to the hotel room to rest.

news from: Taiwan Apple Daily News, ETToday

Andy Lau whom was location shooting in Mainland China for Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon continue to use his sponge figure as his representative to answer the allegations that he was injured during shooting.

In his website, it can be seen that Andy tailor a shirt for the sponge figure and his "bloodied" hand which is the makeup required for shooting, Andy said: "Allegations are one of the things in the world that one should not believe." It can be seen that Andy has a smooth and successful shooting.

In addition, there's reports in Mainland China that after Cecilia Cheung gave birth, she would collaborate with Andy to shoot a Mainland China's kungfu film titled 'Zhong Hua Da Zhan Fu', it will narrates a martial arts husband and wife getting along with each other. The report stated that Cecilia would gave birth early July and shooting would start in September in Beijing. However, Andy replied through his assistant to deny this piece of news.

Note: Click here for more photographs and actual Andy's posting

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Sunday, May 20, 2007

It was revealed yesterday that Beijing Forbidden City Film Limited Company would be shooting a new kingfu comedy film titled 'Zhong Hua Da Zhan Fu' (liertally translated as Chinese Large Husband) for its 10th year anniversary, it's touted to be the Chinese version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The cast of the film had been confirmed to be Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung, this would be they collaborating after Cat and Mouse and Running On Karma, this would be the first movie for Cecilia after she had given birth.

The film would have a huge production team with director Jeffery Lau of A Chinese Odyssey as the producer, Wong Fei Hung's art director Yuan De to be a director for the first time. Beijing Forbidden City Film Limited Company introduce that the film would be different from traditional kungfu film, as it has a wide story with the combination of many different types of kungfu. Jeffery revealed that the movie talks about love as it used a martial arts husband and wife to show how husband and wife should get along well with one another.

Beijing Forbidden City Film Limited Company's spokesman exclaimed that Andy admired Jeffery as both of them did collaborate in a film a few years ago. Jeffery had mailed the script to Andy at the beginning of this year and strike a deal immediately. The spokesman also said that Cecilia will be giving birth in July, she would join the cast after she get enough rest. The film will start shooting in Beijing this September.

news from: Sina.com, YanZhao Metropolis Daily

| Saturday, May 19, 2007

Andy Lau recently had an exclusive interview with Nanfang Daily.

Nanfang Daily (N): We're still puzzled on how you came about Focus First Cut?

Andy Lau (A): Coming up with this project is that I feel that movies had entered a downturn during that period, there're many new directors whom could not get a chance to enter the market to be known by the audience, in order for film investors to have confidence in them, many background crew members could not start work. While I still have the ability, thus I try to start such a project. Many people within the industry should have laughed at me, exclaimed that a silly person investing without thinking .... as a real businessman, he would not do such a business like mine which is not earning money, no guarantee, a business that one cannot see any future in it, I deserve to be laughed by others. I also didn't plan to make any money from this project, the company had caculated that I would not lose a lot of money in this project thus I decided to go ahead. It's the same as Jet Li's "One Foundation", everyone came out with a dollar, very fast it would reached 100 million, 100 billion. For Focus First Cut, I took out a dollar, for other people to see it, get interested, will continue to follow me, you took out a dollar, he also took out a dollar, the movie industry can be saved.

N: How you looked at the effects that Focus First Cuts project had done to the Chinese film industry? What does that name "Andy Lau" do anything?

A: Focus First Cuts had a huge effect in the Chinese film industry, it's not now but 10 years later, everyone would have a definition that I produced an effect, or this batch of new directors opened the doors of movies. I only knew that after me, many people started to invest in such new directors projects, many boss will not reject new directors. One movie company's boss once told me that he had actually read Ning Hao's script but he don't understand why his staff didn't like it and missed out, he told me that he scolded his staff for that.

N: From an actor to an investor, what changes made to your mentality? Which role suits you better?

A: From an actor to an investor, my mentality had not changed, I still used the same words and spirit when working: "I love movies." I'm more suitable to be an actor, because I've been an actor for more than 20 years. As a boss, I feel that I'm still not experience, I'm not ruthless enough, still not sure how business works, haha.

N: Why you always stress that Focus First Cut films are not boring, not in the direction of artistic films just similar to drama?

A: I stressed to the new directors, I hope that every one being a new director, first and second film would be commercialise films, or films that the audience will like. But they did they listen to me? Did they understand the meaning behind these words? This I'm not so sure, I think the only one whom understand and digest it is only Ning Hao.

I'm not sure who's the one who categorise movies as commerialise and artistic. I only know that they are movies that are nice to watch and not nice to watch. Many new directors does not like the word commericalise, actually it represent "the audiece like to watch". To buy a ticket into the cinema, it's not just a few person, it's thousands of audience.

N: So what would you advise to those new directors whom wishes for people to inest in them?

A: Should borrow what Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill had said: "No wisdom is new wisdom", I'm not sure of the direct Chinese translation of this phrase. For the new directors, they should learn from those whom started in front of them, doing something new, thus the "old" can be reborn. This is what I've to say, better think about what Churchill had said, then go and write your own script, it's your movie, good movie will surely be supported by people.

N: So what you wish what the new director repay to you?

A: I really never think about it, if I want them to repay me, give me in a few good movies, it would delight me and the audience, maybe if they have a good script, they could cast me in them, I'll be delighted.

N: Details of the second Focus First Cut had not been revealed, is it facing any problems?

A: When I started the first Focus First Cut, I never plan to have a second. At the beginning of 2007, all the movies of Focus First Cut had been screened, there's still some post works need to be done, like helping these movies to be sold to other and overseas market, we're never rushing for the second Focus First Cut. Many people are starting similar projects, if I'm not doing, other people would be taking over me, thus there's no rush. I'm very busy recently, after The Warlords I'm going to become Zhao Zilong, followed by concert tours, thus take it slowly. Currently my company had been collecting new directors, many new scripts coming in, people are reading them and choosing them, similar to the last time, when we're more or less prepared, we will start the second Focus First Cut. Maybe next time I don't invest in movies, let's have one music Focus First Cut, that will do too.

N: With your win of Chinese Film Media Awards' "100 Media Respect Award" and "Year's Outstanding Film-maker award, this is after last year's Pusan Film Festival's Year's Outstanding Film-maker award, your identity is recognised for the second time, how you feel about that?

A: Many thanks to Nanfang Daily for giving me this award. The year's Outstanding Film-maker, I really don't dare to take it, I also not sure what to say. I could not collect the award due to work committments, hope all of you don't mind, this award should not only be my own, it should belongs to everyone in the background and those whom had contributed in Focus First Cuts.

In addition, I also wanted to seize the chance to thanks the media for their long support for Focus First Cuts, without you reporting on the project, without your applause and encouragement, Focus First Cut would not be this successful, for every praise, support had nurture this batch of new directors. Hereby I represent the new directors in Focus First Cuts to express their thanks and hope all of you to continue support the old and newbies in the movie industry to allow us to have more spirit and strength into new challenges.

news from: Sina.com, tom.com

| Friday, May 18, 2007

Organised by Nanfang Daily, the 7th Chinese Film Media Awards was held at Kowloon's Shangri-La yesterday with Andy Lau's invested movie Crazy Stone winning 4 awards which includes Best Film, Best Director, Best Script and Best Supporting Actor. Andy was also awarded the Year's Outstanding Film-maker award, the winner of the award was selected by voting of more than 100 media reporters, it can be seem that his contribution in movies had gained recognition.

As Andy was location shooting in Mainland China, he pre-recorded a short clip to be broadcast, he thanks the organsier, he said: "I'm delighted and unsure what to say, how after today, Chinese film will continue to improve and popular throughout the world."

Director Ning Hao of Crazy Stone pointed out that he need to cool down after the film won so many awards as he wishes to continue producing his new film Crazy Racer (literally translated) with a normal mentality, he added that the new film will start shooting in July. With regards whether Andy would cameo in the film, he's still discussing with Andy, no decision being made.

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po

| Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The cast of the re-make of Chang Cheh's classic Five Venom initially includes Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Edison Chen and several big stars, it's scheduled to start shooting in September.

However when interviewed, director Wong Chi Keung revealed that Andy would be busy shooting 'Xiong Di' thus unable to participate in the shooting, therefore he would have to withdraw himself from the production.

news from: Sun News

| Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Andy Lau and Vanness Wu were location shooting for Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. The filming crew had switched base from Dunhuang to Gansu.

Earlier, both of them were shooting a horse riding scene and both fall off from their individual horse, an agile Andy suffered no injury but Vanness whom played Guan Yun elder son fall off his horse after riding for 1,700 metres before falling and suffering from abrasion.

Sumo Hung expressed yesterday that both suffered light injuries. They are rushing shooting day and night, it's not sure when this rushing will end.

news from: Sina.com, CRIOnline

| Monday, May 14, 2007

Andy Lau is currently location shooting in Mainland China for his movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, he posted photographs of his location shooting with the title "Who am I? Why always have to suffer in this world" on his website around midnight yesterday. He personally put up his self-produced Mother's Day story on the Internet to send his Mother's Day regards to his mother and granny.

Andy used sponge as material to sew and cut during shooting free time in his vehicle, he seems to be experience in sewing as he managed to produce a figure as he quipped that he's the mother of the figure as he produced it, he said: "My mummy is a man ..... after I was born, I then find out that my mummy is a superstar." Andy also guide the sponge figure to be filial to parents. Andy then arranged the figure to call back Hong Kong to his mother and wish his mother a happy Mother's Day. It's rather comical.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sin Chew Daily is going to bring great news to fans of Andy Lau and Jay Chou as both heavenly kings from Hong Kong and Taiwan whom had not been performing in Malaysia for years are expected to hold their concerts in Malaysia early next year, fans would be able to catch their performances again.

Concert organiser Absolute Entertainment chairman Adrian Wong was presented 2007 Individual Self-Improvement award by Martell VSOP on Thursday (10 May), when interviewed he revealed this good news.

33 years old Adrian whom has quite a good relationship with Andy said: "We organised less concerts this year as most of the venues are fully booked, but our next target is to arrange Andy Lau and Jay Chou to stage their concert in Malaysia early next year."

He exclaimed that if he's successful, Andy's 2008 concert will be totally different as Andy will bring surprises every times he came.

Initially Adrian was an outsider to showbiz as he set up Absolute Entertainment in 2004. Within a short 3 years, he organised 18 concerts which includes Andy Lau, Guang Liang, Jolin Tsai, Rain, Pussycat Dolls and Alicia Keys. He exclaimed that for his today's success, he take Andy as his "baron" because Andy always gave him pointers and support. Andy Lau Vision Tour World Tour - Malaysia 2005 was Absolute Entertainment's first Chinese singer's concert.

news from: sinchew-i.com

| Friday, May 11, 2007

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, a Chinese-Korean US$250 million collaboration was announced in a high profile manner in Pusan International Film Festival, it's cast includes Andy Lau, Maggie Q and Sumo Hung. It's known that it was currently location shooting in Dunhuang, however it seems that only a few backup soldiers extras are starting work, with Sumo appearing once in a while for his role as the film's art director.

Due to the bad weather, there will be sandstorm in the morning which one unable to open their eye thus the filmimg crew had to set off to Ya Dan National Property Garden nicknamed Devil City for shooting instead. As there was many tourists at the garden, assuming that they could get a chance to see Andy, they refuse to leave. According to local reports, despite already arrived at Gansu, Andy will not make an appearance as his scenes were completed by body double.

This movie is often being compared with Red Cliff which is also based on Three Kingdom. Many audience are worried that it would be similar with Red Cliff which will have many characters, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be based on the story of Zhao Yun, thus Andy will be the main attraction in the film, the other main character would be Luo Ping-an played by Yu Rongguang. Luo Ping-an is a made-up character that betray Zhao Zilong, they transformed from friends to enemy, good against evil, thus he would also get quite a lot of screen time. Currently it was confirmed that Maggie Q would be Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin, Sumo as Zhang Fei and Ti Lung as Guan Yu.

news from: SingTao News, Sina.com

| Thursday, May 10, 2007

Andy Lau whom had been venturing into the movie industry in recent years had once revealed that he wished to unite the TVB 5 Tigers to collaborate in a film. Actually he had been working towards this wish all these while as he will invest to shoot a film titled 'Xiong Di' (literally translated as Brothers) where shooting will be starting next month. He personally invite Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Ken Tong to collaborate, however Tony Leung was missed out in the 5 Tiger's gathering, whereas a non-related Eason Chan become one of the male leads.

In the early 80's, Andy, Tony, Michael and Ken were highly used by TVB to become idols, when requested to inked a 5-years contract, five of them decided not to sign the contract after discussion, however Tony "betray" them to sign up with TVB and become the sole idol that's TVB was promoting, he lose his friendship when he opt for a chance for stardom, thus resulting the relationship of the 5 Tigers to break down. Having suffering together when they were young, the other 4 still pick up their feeling despite being angry with Tony to collaborate for the first time in 1991's The Tigers. After that film, they seldom collaborate, in addition to Tony's character of being lonely and left out groups, this form a hatred on him among the other 4 members. Andy and Tony had been competing each other in the movie industry until Andrew Lau approached them to collaborate in Infernal Affairs. In Andy's 2004 September concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum which happened to be his 100th concert, the other 3 tigers came to send in their congratulation with no sight of Tony.

With Andy gathering the 5 Tigers to collaborate after 16 years, it show their hatred towards Tony as he was not invited. When interviewed, the film's producer Kent Cheng expressed: "I'm just the producer of the film, more details will be announced by the movie company, I'm not in a position to reveal anything." When asked why Tony was left out, he said: "Why he's not included? You would have to ask Andy, it doesn't means that without Tony this film cannot work out?"

On the other side, Andy answered through his assistant that he was currently location shooting in Mainland China, details can asked the director. Director Derek Chiu whom was in Thailand to scout for location shooting venue for the film expressed through telephone interview: "I've never thought of casting Tony, Eason, Felix, Ken, Michael and Andy are in the cast." When asked why he didn't consider casting Tony, he answered: "There's many reasons, financial problems as he would be asking a high fees." Derek reveals that the film would start shooting next month, there would be location shooting in Bangkok before continue shooting in Hong Kong, the production fee of the movie is estimated to be around HK$20000,000.

The selling point of the film is brotherhood, it narrates that the triad had nominated the elder son Michael to be the new leader, younger brother Eason whom return from overseas has no interest in triad matters. Michael passed away due to illness and pass his leadership to Eason which slowly reveal his evil side of him. Felix is the sworn brother of Michael. Ken will be a villain triad members, whereas Andy will cameo as a violent policeman who behold justice.

news from: Apple Daily News

After being entangled with crazy fan Yang Lijuan, currently there is one 23-years-old male from Sichuan who self-proclaimed as "Lin Yin Xiong" (literally translated as Hero Lin) appearing in Guangzhou, wandering in the street with a cupboard stating his desire to meet Andy Lau.

He claimed that he was attracted by Andy when he watched him in video tapes when he was 14 years old, he had been wandering in the streets for 9 years, from Sichuan to Guangzhou as his only wish is to meet Andy. He even added that if Andy is willing to meet him, he would give Andy $1000,000.

With regards to the matter, Andy exclaimed that he would not reply on this matter.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by A Date with Lu Yu (literally translated) and was asked of his love relationship.

Andy does not need "her" to be pretty but she need to think through many problems. He expressed that being a media figure, he exclaimed that he's facing difficulties when he's in this business as it was to ask him to let go of his career and fans for his lover would not be possible. "I think if it's true love, there will be a possibility, thus she must love me 10 times more than I lover her." After hearing what Andy had said, Lu Yu claimed that she must be a very noble female.

When asked if he want to marry when would he reveal to all? Andy quipped that allegations are troublesome, if he would to declare his love relationship or wedding, it would attract many for discussion, thus his girlfriend or wife would be under huge pressure, thus he said: "It would have to wait till he's 50 or 60 years old as then nobody would care much about "her". Then I can introduce her to everyone!" With regards being rushed by his family members, he quipped that he had already past that stage. He said: "My father did tell me, if my children reached 18 years old, I would be 60-years-old, that would not be good."

Among the female friends of Andy, only Yu Kexin was the openly declared girlfriend, there's also his first girlfriend. He still thinks about his first girlfriend as he quipped that they might still be a couple if he didn't signed on with TVB. He revealed that he met up with her recently, she's still pretty and maintain a good figure. When she got married, Andy gave her an air-conditioner unit as wedding present, when she gave birth to her first baby, he don't dare to visit her as he quipped that he's scared that the baby looked like him!

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Wei Wen Po

| Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau specially took some time off to Zhongshan (Mainland China Guangdong Province) for location shooting for the latest green tea commercial. Initially there was a planned scene with the circus monkeys but they're hard to trained as they would go wild and attack people when they lost their temper, the director decided to replace the monkeys with children.

The children whom collaborated with Andy are as active as little monkeys as they're so excited that they pour onto Andy together until he's pushed to the ground, some even climb onto him to chase after one another, everyone is so excited as they mixed with each other.

Andy was totally "conquered" by the children as he need help from the crew members.

Some children got over excited as they fall down and began crying. On seeing the situation, Andy dashed over to lift up the kid for treatment and console him, the kid immediately stopped crying. After Andy helped to apply plaster for him, smile returns to the kid as he continue to play which makes Andy in a lost.

Other than collaborating with children, the director also asked a puppet master to teach Andy to control a puppet. Andy expressed that this is the first time he control a puppet, the feeling is refreshing and fun. He later perform a puppet show with the puppet master for the children, which delights them as they applauses and cheered.

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Ta Kung Po