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| Monday, December 31, 2007

The Warlords which starred Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro opened in Taiwan's cinemas a few days ago, the box office takings in Taipei for a single day had broke the $5000,000 mark as it knocked down the original box office champion National Treasure: Book of Secrets from the number one spot and its box office takings also surpass American Gangster which opened on Friday night. With the good review of The Warlords, it had become the most talked about film in major BBS movies forums and it's box office takings could create new heights.

In recent years, many Mainland China directors had shot huge production historical films, however the results are less than satisfied, meanwhile The Warlords had an exciting trailer and a surprisingly huge cast, the film distributor also screened it on many screens, good reviews had been spreading before it opens in the cinemas, on it's opening night on Friday, it was almost sold out in major cinemas, The Warlords immediately become the talking point for film buffs.

The acting for the three male leads are praised, the story is also convincing for the audience, the discussion of the story of The Blood Brothers which really happen in history. Even local TV station telecast The Blood Brothers for audience to compare the new with the old.

The Warlords which had been doing well in the box office of Mainland China and Hong Kong, now it's doing well in its Taiwan premiere, it's forecast that during the New Year holidays, the box office takings will make a breakthrough.

news from: udn news

When artists were asked whom is their ideal Most Popular Male and Female Singer, Ella Koon said: "Of course my ideal Most Popular Female Singer is Sammi Cheng, I feel that her songs are very nice and performed very well on stage. Her songs brought back many memories, when I was still a student I had already loved her, I grew up with her music. For male singer, of course it would be Andy Lau as he's always being my idol, he's also so handsome, earlier there was news that he rescue his fan, he was so stylish."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Saturday, December 29, 2007

Earlier Guang Liang and S.H.E's Ella were in Hong Kong to collect their awards at Metro Music Awards Presentation ceremony as they decided to stay for an additional day to watch Andy Lau's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Both of them were full of praise for Andy's superman style concert performance.

As Guan Liang and Ella belong to different record companies thus they were arranged different seats, Guan Liang quipped: "We always knew where we will be seated but she told me that she could not find me, but I can see her with one look as she was really too high, so eye catching!"

After the concert, both of them went to the backstage area to meet Andy.

news from: Sina.com

As The Warlords had been doing well in the box office, the green wood hero Zhao Er Hu portrayal by Andy Lau had won wide recognition from movie buffs, it's said that his acting had improved once again, when interviewd, he seize the chance to promote his latest movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, he said: "Zhao Er Hu is just a green wood hero, to watch me must watch me as Zhao Yun, there's the complete hero with wits and skills!"

Andy whom was currently busy with his Hong Kong concerts expressed that both singing and acting is his favorite as he can't bare to give up either one, thus he rather busy throughout the year, after shooting movies, he need to record album and do his concerts, although it's tough but he's delighted to be able to do the things that he like. In recent years, not only his singing had improved, his acting had won recognition from many people, from Battle of Wits to Protege, because of his exciting performance and influence, not had done well in the box office, for The Warlords it can be said that it's another major leap for his acting. Andy expressed that he was not happy when he heard that people was saying that he can't act well, then he work harder for his next movie in hope to win the recognition of the audience, now many people had changed their views, the hard work that he put in all these years is not wasted.

The Warlords had been the box office champion in Mainland China and other South East Asia's countries, his Zhao Er Hu had won the praise of audience and media which delights Andy as he expressed that Zhao Er Hu is just a green wood hero because he's simple and direct, he said: "Although it's not perfect, but he's very cute, if you want to see a perfect hero, then you will have to wait till April 2008 to watch my new movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon."

When talked about Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy expressed that in the world of the three kingdom, Zhao Yun is undisputed the most perfect general as he also have some similarity to Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun always risked his life to save his master, his own showbiz career is also gone through many twist and turns; Zhao Yun is a handsome hero, he also stand out with his looks; both himself and Zhao Yun are "people whom live for others". With these, Andy agreed to take up the role of Zhao Yun, he had done his homework as he photocopied those pages in Romance of The Three Kingdom where Zhao Yun appeared, he bind them into a book as he brought it along during shooting to read. "During the shooting in Hebei for a few months, this book was flipped by me till it's wither!" When talked about Zhao Yun in Three Kingdom, it's all at his fingertips, Andy quipped that he could appear in a talk show to talk about Zhao Yun.

With regards to Zhao Yun, Andy had a special understanding. He thinks that Zhao Yun is China's traditional hero role model. Andy said: "I think Zhao Yun battles need not more explain as everybody know about it, he also has a perfect character." For a better understand of Zhao Yun, through his friends he help from teachers and obtain a view point: "If you study Zhang Fei, you will look on martial arts when looked at Zhao Yun, you will not have a true understanding of Zhao Yun. In the history of the three kingdom, Zhao Yun don't only go to war, he also has intelligent, he's a general whom know about politics. He always look at the benefit on the whole when considering a problem, he also maintain his own view point, he's brave and have a plan on his own, it can be said that Zhao Yun is a talented general with perfect character! The teacher has the same view point as me, thus Zhao Yun is always the perfect hero that I wanted to portrayal."

It is understand that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon which has a cast of Andy, Maggie Q, Sumo Hung and Vanness Ng, directed by Daniel Lee will open in the cinema in Mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia countries in April 2008.

news from: Sina.com, yule.sohu.com

| Friday, December 28, 2007

In this Christmas holidays, Peter Chan's The Warlords had been leading the way as after 2 weeks of screening, the box office taking had exceeded $20.36 million, I Am Legend which premiere on the same day only managed to collect $18 million which is considered not bad as Pang Ho Cheung's Trivial Matters only managed to collect $2.2 million after one week of screening.

Meanwhile, Protege was ranked number 2 for 2007 Top 10 Mandarin Film Box Office Chart as it collected $26.53 millions after 37 days of screening, The Warlords at number 2 with $17.03 million collected after 12 days of screening, Battle of Wits at number 6 with $16 million collected after 42 days of screening and Brothers at number with $11.25 million collected after 42 days of screening. Meanwhile, Protege made it into number 7 for the Top 10 Box Office Charts with $26.53 collected after 37 days of screening.

news from: Apple Daily News, yule.sohu.com

On Christmas Day, Kenny Bee brought his girlfriend Fan Jiang and his two daughters to watch Andy Lau's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Andy specially dedicated a song 'Jin Tian' (Today) to him which touched Andy to tears which in terms touches Andy to tears too.

In the middle of Andy's concert, Andy suddenly said: "I wanted to thanked a person, whenever I have a concert and he would be among the audience supporting me, many thanks to brother Bee, today I specially picked a song for him." The spotlight shone on Kenny whom was sitting in the VIP seats, looking at him Andy sang 'Jin Tian' with the audience clapped along, Kenny stand up and also clapped his hands, he cried as he was touched by the lyrics as Fan Jiang gave him tissue to wipe his tears. On seeing the situation, Andy also can't help and cried as he pull down his hat to cover his crying.

Recently Kenny release a book of his life story McDonald Says as Andy wrote the forward for him, Andy wrote that Kenny bravely faced the up and down of his life which made him remember the lyrics of 'Jin Tian', thus he specially dedicated the song to him as Kenny was there to watch him perform. Kenny quipped: "I'm not sure if Andy is trying to make fun of me as he made me cried on Christmas Day. When I heard that Andy will be dedicating the song to me, I'm already very surprise, the lyrics reflect my feelings, in addition to the atmosphere, I can't hold it any longer and cried. I've never cried in front of millions of people, this is an unforgettable Christmas."

For the past couple of days, when Andy shake hands with the audience, he was also pull towards the audience seats, he fall down the previous night. Andy then raise his right hand to show the scratch marks and quipped a warning: "I'm warning all of you, if you pull me till I fall down, I'll really beat you up, if you still don't cut your finger nails, I'll cancel the segment of shaking hands, how am I suppose to say to the woman in my house? If I can explain to the first one, I could not explain to the second one lar!" The comical part is one fan shouted: "You come here and sister will show care to you." Andy quipped: "Still come over? You don't believe that I'll beat you up?" The audience burst into laughters.

After the concert, Kenny specially went to the backstage and told Andy that he had performed a good show as they gave each other a hug. Kenny's daughter wishes Andy Merry Christmas as Andy gave her a kiss and told her that she's very cute.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News

| Thursday, December 27, 2007

After 13 days of screening, The Warlords had managed to collect an average of $1.6 million per day as its total box office takings is close to $2 billion. Meanwhile, the three male leads of the movie Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jet Li and Andy Lau came out as the top three sexy Chinese in a survey conducted with foreign females.

Being tagged as the most profitable Chinese film of the year, The Warlords box office takings had been increasing, although blockbuster films like The Assembly, Two Stupid Eggs, My Blueberry Nights hitting the box office competition, but they do not have much effects on The Warlords as till press time, The Warlords had collected a total of $1.6 billion in Mainland China, adding to the box office taking of Hong Kong and South-East Asia, its total box office takings are close to $2 billion. It's said by Polybona's CEO that The Warlords is doing well throughout the Chinese market.

Hollywood film Will Smith's I'm The Legend which had collected $7 million in America but in Hong Kong it's number 2 on the box office charts behind The Warlords. In Singapore, it had collected $2.6 million which is a high for box office takings that had not been seen for many years.

In addition, the film company had expressed that since The Warlords had premiered in Taiwan on 28 December which is 15 days later than other countries but the local media had been reporting about the film in a grand manner, the pre-sale ticketing had also been doing very well as insiders had forecast the box office takings for The Warlords will be more than the earlier Lust.Caution.

Director of The Assembly Feng Xiaogang expressed during his promotion that although his film had no huge cast but it still managed to do well in the box office, he's referring to The Warlords. Meanwhile the film distributor of The Warlords explained the charisma of The Warlords as other the audience could see the drama and major nwar battles scenes, most importantly is the drawing power of the 3 male leads. "Of course Commerical films need to have star drawing power, the more popular the star, the box office drawing power will be stronger, it's the same for Hollywood and throughout the whole world." He expressed that the 3 male leads Jet Li, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau have incomparable box office drawing power in the Chinese market, thus the film doing well is unavoidable.

The film company revealed that not only the 3 male leads had the drawing power in the Chinese market, recently there is a survey with foreign females and it show they also seems to attract foreign females as in the voting for the most sexy Chinese male, the 3 of them occupied the top three spots, the sequence being Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jet Li and Andy Lau, followed by Liu Ye and Tony Leung Chiu Wai at fourth and fifth. It's said: "Although the 3 superstars used up a large amount of fees, seeing from the current situation, their influence indeed brings profit for the film."

news from: ent.tom.com

2007 first report card of the music industry - Metro Radio music awards presentation ceremony was held last night.

Although the radio station is currently downsizing, but it still distributed presents to the singers as they gave out 94 awards last year but they gave away 115 awards this year.

The biggest winners are Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee as each of them won 5 awards each, thus the three of them currently lead the 4 Station Joint Presented Media Award. On the female singers side, Joey Yung currently leads with 3.5 awards.

However, it seems that no matter how the station tried to distribute the awards equally, it does not seems to achieve it as the record companies would still make noise. There is no surprise for the results as what we have is just a long list of winners.

Despite Andy was in the Hong Kong Coliseum for his solo concert, Metro Radio brought the 5 awards that he won which include Hit Song Award, Original Composition Commerical Song, World's Stage Performer, World's Songwriter-Singer and World Best Singer awards to be presented to him in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Andy said: "I've to do my concert tour this year thus I have no time to attend several music award presentation ceremonies, many thanks to Metro Radio, although I'm unable to attend the ceremony, they still presented the award to me, hope that wherever I go, the other organization would also "go" there to present me the awards."

news from: Ming Pao, Sina.com

| Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was Christmas Eve 2 nights ago, other than China's Latin dancing queen Wong Yui, there was another special guest on Andy Lau's 4th night concert, this special guest is none other than Jet Li's 7-years-old daughter Jane Li. It is heard that Jane had been a student of Wong Yui, when Andy was thinking of looking for a young dancer, Wong Yui told him that Jane danced very well thus Andy asked Jet for permission, Jet asked his daughter and she agreed immediately as she said that to be able to perform with Andy is like a Christmas wish came true, forgoing the Christmas holiday also does not matter. For that night's performance, Jane had been practicing for 4 days.

Playing the role of Andy's "daughter", they had a Latin dance and Jane had inherited from her parents' talent in performing as she does not disappoint a crowd of 13,000 as she gave a professional and cute performance. After her performance, Jane return to the VIP seats to accompany her father to watch the remaining of Andy's concert, whereas her mother Nina Li Chi sat another side to watch the concert with her younger daughter. Andy said on stage: "Brother Jet, your daughter danced very well, wait for me to reborn and will dance with her, we didn't say anything, you and me is enough. I'm also very touched that you came to support me."

Jet later revealed that he won the martial arts champion when he was 11 years old, his daughter is more smart than him as she had already won the local dancing competition championship twice and also won competition overseas.

Other than Jet and his family, Liza Wong and Lau Kar Ying also went to the Hong Kong Coliseum to show their support to Andy as he hurried them to get married, he thanked them for coming to support him and asked: "When would you get married?" The audience got excited and Andy continued: "Why not propose now!" Liza immediately stand up and kept herself a distance away from Lau Kar Ying and they seemed embarrasses, Andy then came to a conclusion: "Everybody had been asking me for a long time why I'm not yet married, I can't asked people to take action, cohabited will do, most importantly is be happy."

The audience refused to leave as Andy came out for encore twice as he quipped that if every audience was to come out with $10, they would be able to count down as the fine for overtime would be not an issue, he finally sang 3 more songs and the concert ended at 11:35 pm.

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po

| Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Andy Lau Wonderful World concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum got into its third night two nights ago but he already got scratched by the enthusiastic fans' fingernails. Several artistes went to support Andy which includes Hacken Lee, Twins, Adam Cheng, Karen Mok, Dayo Wong Tze Wah and "Most Beautiful Miss. Hong Kong" Loletta Chu who became a photographer as she brought along her DSLR.

Being the fans of Andy, Twins had special hugging privileges from Andy. Both girls sing praise that it was a great concert, meanwhile Hacken gave Andy 101 marks.

As the audience requested for encore every night, Andy exclaim that his voice started to go coarse and he's worried that fans might see him sing until he lost his voice thus the audience shouted out last night: "There are still 13 nights, please save some strength". The most popular segment is the hand shaking as whenever Andy walked near to the audience, the audience will hold onto him and refuse to let go, the previous night he was almost lost balance when grabbed by the audience as the securities came to "rescue" Andy from the fans.

Whenever Andy went to shake hands with the audience. he would be scratched by fingernails, some fans even snatched away the red nose of Andy's clown costume, however he does not mind and expressed it's to return the gratitude to the fans. He said: "I so happy to be able to shake hands with the audience as I hardly see them normally, many thanks for everybody's support, even it's shaking for 10,000 times, 1 billion times is not a problem." The only segment that he does not wish to get near to the audience is when he was wearing the expensive diamond ring, "I'm scared that I will lose millions."

Meanwhile Jet Li brought his wife and his 7-years-old daughter to watch Andy's concert last night.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

Directed by Peter Chan, The Warlords had been doing well in box office collection in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The complicated relationship between Andy Lau, Jet Li and Xu Jinglei was the most discussed topic, Mainland China's ent.163.com had seize the chance to create a battle game which include the three characters.

The background of the game narrates "Andy" fining out that his lover had an affair with his big brother "Jet", the player will need to help "Andy" win back his lover as he fight with "Jet" for his lover. The game is different from other fighting game as the player only need to execute their moves through the keyboard, one will win if can defeat "Jet" in the stated time. If one to lose, the screen will have "Andy" crying and kneeling on the ground, "Jet" then wave to "Jinglei" and said out a victorious phrase. It's rather comical. Check out the game at http://ent.163.com/special/000327LU/toumingzhuang.html

Meanwhile Peter went to Taiwan to promote The Warlords for the second time and he specially clarify what he said in his previous promotion's press conference when he said that Andy had prepared to become the supporting actor because he had become the supporting actor in the movie. He said that Andy is the second leading actor, despite that he had acted very well, he's just like Chow Yun Fat in A Better Tomorrow who is also the third leading actor which he did a great performance and everybody remember him.

Peter stressed that Jet is the first leading actor in The Warlords and does not means that Andy and Takeshi Kaneshiro are the supporting actors, three of them are leading actors, thus when registering for the Golden Horse Film Awards or other film awards ceremonies, 3 of them will be registered together.

news from: Apple Daily News, China Daily Times

| Sunday, December 23, 2007

Recently an "artiste asking price list" was posted on http://www.xinhua.org/. Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau were ranked top with an asking price of more than $700,000. When reporters went to check out the prices, it shows that this list of about 80-90% accurate.

From the surface, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai were asking for $700,000 and above, some show promoters said that these prices can be lowered, take Andy for example, when he attend some show promoter's activities, if he was to sing 2 songs, it would be $1000,000 and above whereas Rain who is Korea first-line artist had to considered "international traveling cost" and his accommodation, it should be asking more than $1000,000. The show promoter think that it's really difficult to invite Hong Kong artistes as they don't attend whatsoever activities, he said: "Andy Lau always asked for a high price for us to bargain, if it's for CTV, it would need at least $100,000 to move him."

news from: Sina.com

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau held his concert in Hong Kong, he once again stepped onto the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum the previous night as he put his life on the line as he transformed himself into Bandai effect as he allowed 700V of electricity through his body before being passed to the 3 dancers whom were carrying swords. Andy quipped that his fingers were numbed by the electricity, but he's still a daredevil as without any protection he almost lost his balance at high height, jump off from high height, it looked dangerous, really put his life on the line. 46 years old Andy even shouted on the stage that the idol wanted to get into a relationship!

16 nights of Hong Kong Andy Lau Wonderful World concert 2007 kicked off at the Hong Kong Coliseum two nights ago, this time round it's different from the earlier Mainland China tour as a 4-sided stage was used, even the content is value-added which included electricity shot from the air. Wearing a metallic suit appeared on the stage, the dancer help him to wear a silver helmet, he raised his both hands, electricity shot from the top of the Coliseum to his head and body, after the performance, the electricity supply was cut off for a short moment for it to discharge.

Andy had tried playing with wind, fire and water effect in his past concerts, this time playing with electricity, he specially invited professionals from America for this effect. When talked about his feeling of being electrocuted, Andy said: "The suit will help me to discharge the electricity, we had a throughly check before the concert to confirm there is nothing wrong with the suit thus we stopped anyone from coming to the backstage area for interview, the 2 dancers whom help me wear the helmet must be very steady, there's nothing wrong with my body, but my fingers are a bit numbed."

During the concert, a few dangerous incidents happened, Andy was standing at a platform that's 35 feet off the ground without any safety belt as he only used his hand to steady his body.

When he was singing 'An Li Zao Mi', the platform suddenly begin to wobble, which gave him a scare as he held onto the railing tightly.

There is another platform of the shape of Christmas tree, he was performing a flying act as he dashed down which made one nervous.

As there are many traps in the stage, Andy was singing 'Ben Xiao Hai' and having a close body contact dance with the female dancer, the female dancer almost lost balance and Andy held her his hand in time.

Later Andy also dressed up as Cow Herd as he collaborated with the female dancer whom dressed up as Girl-weaver for a short musical, they were so concentrated in the performance, after they hugged in mid-air, suddenly the female dancer dropped to the stage, although it was pre-arranged but the audience was apparently shocked of it.

Throughout the night, Andy changed a total of 7 costumes, it's multi-changing as it included civilize handsome image, after the concert kick off, he wore a white construction worker suit with a $1 million diamond ring, he used his strength to pull aside his suit to reveal his chest, even the button of the pants was almost pulled off to reveal his underpants, luckily the diamond ring is unharmed.

As he was wearing the $1 million diamond ring for his show, Andy tried to keep himself a distance away from the audience as he quipped: "This ring his highly secured, people specially help me to wear it, after removing it for me he would leave the Coliseum immediately."

Andy also dressed up as clown and magician, what's surprisingly is that he asked the fans: "Does the idol has a girlfriend?" The audience replied: "Should have!" Andy continued: "I wanted to introduce a female friend, I've been in a relationship with her for 14 years, she always need to change her image in order for everyone not able to photograph her." After saying, he waive his magic as he sing and change the costume of the female dancer at the same time. When he sang love song, he quipped: "From playing with electricity at the start of the concert, hugged many females, till now I'm performing magic, hope everyone can enjoy my slow songs."

At the hand shaking segment, the atmosphere is pushed high again, Andy was afraid of accident as he stopped running to the center of the stage and urge the fans to cool down before getting closer to the audience, the concert ended at 11:15 pm.

After the concert, Andy celebrated with champagne. When talked about the girlfriend he mentioned on stage, he said that it was not his real story but rather an introduction of his performance, but with regards to whether he was in a relationship, he said: "The fans said that I should be, actually it true, idol is also a human and not a peacock. I think I will." It was reported that Chapman To was chased away by his landlord who happened to be Andy, he explain: "The lease will expire next year, Chapman had called me earlier telling me that he wanted to buy his own apartment, thus he will moved after he found one."

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, SingTao News

| Saturday, December 22, 2007

Andy Lau's Hong Kong Wonderful World kicked off at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night as tickets for 16 shows had been sold out. With a ticket hard to come by, Andy's parents and family members, boss Peter Lam, good friends Rosamund Kwan, Deannie Yip all attended on the first night. A counter was set up to sell concert items and also a Andy World Club membership registration counter.

Andy used a thunder effect as opening, before becoming a white prince charming to sing love songs, before transforming into an astronaut to drop from the sky, following the stage screen it kept changing from outer space to Great Wall to the moon as Andy bring the audience on a tour in outer space to create a magical characteristic.

For the thunder effect, it was told that Andy is the 18th person in the world that had tried it. Andy had spent more than $40 million on the stage production, there are a total of more than 15 trap doors, just take the thunder opening for example would already cost more than US$1 million. As the thunder will have a direct hit on Andy's body before being transferred to the dancers' body, thus the organizer bought insurance worth billion.

As after the thunder was transferred from Andy's body to the dancers' body before to the stage, thus the stage must have good electricity surge protection, the electricity transmitting area must use metallic electricity receiving board.

Then, Andy walked off the stage and changed into a white coat with it unbutton and a white pants to sing 'Hua Hua Shi Jie' and 'Wo Heng Wo Chi Xin', before walking toward the audience to shake their hands. In between he release 2 buttons on his pants and button another button as he begins to shake which reveal his white underpants several times.

Andy then went back to another corner of the stage and button up 2 buttons to sing 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui', walked into another corner to remove and throw away his jacket which the audience response loudly. Andy then expressed that he could dance with his jacket removed but it would be not suitable for slow songs.

In addition, around 6:00pm, Andy and his crew members carried out a praying to god ceremony to wish for a successful concert. Fans were present carrying a "good show" board and shouted: "You're always the most handsome!" which made Andy sneak a smile.

news from: Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News