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| Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In a recent TV programme, Andy Lau talked about the funny moments when shooting Battle of Wits.

Andy expressed that he was attracted to Battle of Wits' story long time ago, he even thought of shaving his head for the movie and be the producer for this movie, however he didn't get his wish as he did not know whom bought the copyright until he collected the script in 2003, Andy feel that he was suitable for the role, he also made request for his character: "My request was that my character does not wear a costume that's not from that period, it must be realistic."

When talked about location shooting in Inner Mongolia, he had to shoot a scene that he rescue Fan Bingbing in -15 degrees muddy water. Andy had to fight the coldness for 3 days and quipped that he used the most ancient way to keep himself warm. He said: "I was wearing diver suit to keep myself warm, I also pour warm water into it, but it get too cold during shooting, thus I used the most ancient method to keep myself warm, that is urinate once .... to obtain some warmth."

Andy added that when he rescue Fan Bingbing, it was so dark that he's not sure which part he touches but after coming up to the surface, he found out that he rescue the female diver instead.

news from: tom.com

Both Andy Lau and Stefanie Sun won 5 awards each to become the biggest winner of the night at the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, Eason Chan whom won one award less than Andy had issued a challenge to Andy, exclaiming that he would win the Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer from him!

During the post-ceremony dinner, Andy said: "During the ceremony when we were seated, I told Eason that singers need to do something for the Chinese music industry." Eason then said: "Andy is the target of the new singers, he must be bored of winning the Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer award, as the new batch of singers, we must work hard!"

Andy quipped: "I'm also a boat on the river, I followed the wave with them!"

news from: Sun News

Many years of hardwork allowed Andy Lau to be the biggest winner at the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards with 5 awards: Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Singer, 20 Most Popular Hit Song, Top 5 of Most Popular Male Singer, Best Album and Most Popular Male Singer.

For many singers, Andy is their mega-star, so what wise words he had for the younger singers? He says: "You must be responsible for your career and fans. When many people loves you, everything you do will influence them."

Next year, Andy will be holding his solo conert in singapore, he would also organise mini-concerts, is that his fans been complaining to him that they hardly see him? He quipped that none of his fans complained thus he decided to come, if they were to complain, he would not be coming.

Andy also doesn't forget to sing praise of the Singapore fans, he says: "They're really great as they supported me for so many years. Previously I was busy filming and unable to attend award presentation ceremonies, when I was told that this year will be held in Singapore, I decided to attend as I have not meet them for a long time."

After returning to Hong Kong, Andy will help to promote voluntary work for the Beijing Olympics Games and writing a song for the games, "I'm not sure if they want my composition."

In addition, Andy is also discussing with the Korean movie industry regarding nurturing new generation directors. He says: "Till now I've yet a popular artiste under my belt, therefore my company will not manage artistes."

news from: Lianhe Zaobao

S.H.E's Ella raved over how friendly and playful he is - he even reached for her hand onstage and pretended to kiss it.

And Gary Cao was as excited as a little fan when he joined the Malaysian media in 'interviewing' his superstar idol.

That's Andy Lau for you, a celebrity role model for many young upstarts.

In town last weekend to attend the Global Chinese Music Awards after a three-year absence here, he was every bit the gracious big brother of showbiz.

No doubt he was the biggest winner alongside Stefanie. Each snagged five trophies.

Yet he was humble enough to acknowledge his lack of musical talent - he cannot compose music or play instruments - while emphasising that he made up for his shortcomings with hard work.


The easy-going star was also not afraid to make a fool of himself, inducing peals of laughter when he mimicked how R&B singers flaunt their falsettos.

Like an impish kid, he even did a little skip and hop on stage.

Backstage in the media room, Andy, 45, was the respectable Hong Kong Heavenly King who has sustained high popularity for over 20 years.

He talked about how he intends to enjoy life and take things slow, devoting himself to worthy projects. Next on his schedule is a Korea-China epic film, Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon.

Lamenting the shrinking music industry plagued by piracy and Internet downloads, he also shared his future plans of releasing singles instead of conventional albums.

'I'm working on a song for the 2008 Olympics (in Beijing) but I don't know if they'd want it or not,' he added with self-deprecating humour.

So, does he have any advice for all the newbies in the industry?

'I can only say, you should feel a sense of responsibility towards your career and your fans. Many people will be influenced by whatever you do, so it's important that you fulfil your social responsibility.'

news from: The Electric New Paper

| Monday, October 30, 2006

Without a doubt, Andy Lau is an idol with an experience of 20 years as in the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards post-ceremony dinner two nights ago, he was the target of all singers whom wanted to take a photograph with him, media from all countries wanted to interview him. However a modest Andy quipped: "The singers I signed are not popular while the movies that I invested does not do well in the box office." Those present burst into laughters.

It had been 2 years since Andy released an album, thus he arrived Singapore a day in advance to have a gathering with his fans as he once again feel the love from his die-hard fans. With regards to his planning, Andy expressed that the new singers had performed well and he had gone into "enjoyment stage", "to do what he wanted to do, to try anything new, if it's nothing then he'll slow down and will not feel disappointed".

Andy expressed that he considered releasing his new songs as single in future, he added that after he completed all major activities on hand, he plan to promote the voluntary work for the Beijing Olympics Games, he also hope to invite male singers from different era to release a duet album.

Andy feel that he had a suitable role in Yik Shu's novel Tong Men for Stefanie Sun and she seize the chance to promote a new director from Singapore to Andy. However, before they could collaborate, Andy look at the pencil thin Stefanie and said: "You need to take good care of your health, you're too thin." Stefanie immediately replied: "I'm ok, ok. Everyone had see how I've age throughout the years but just that I remained so thin!"

Andy whom exclaimed that he had invited to collaborate with Stefanie in a movie for 3 years but yet nothing had come out of it. Andy exclaimed: "She just does not want to act, that's very strange." With regards to her idol's request, Stefanie expressed that she's delighted and surprised as she said: "If I was to act, the story must be a besutiful story." However, Stefanie wanted to concentrate on her singing career, with her lack of acting experience, she does not know how to pick scripts. Stefanie quipped: "I always thought that Andy doesn't mean what he said."

Similarly, Andy is the idol of Rainie Yang as she's excited to be able to meet Andy and Eason Chan. Ella of S.H.E whom was nominated for the Best Actress award in the upcoming Golden Bell Awards had been excited for a few days as she playfully threw confetti onto Andy's head to congratulate him.

Meanwhile, Supergirl's Li Yu Chun expressed that she had been listening to Andy's songs since young. Li added that Andy is her most favorite singer among the singers that attended the ceremony, however she's shy thus she does not dare to go forward to chat or take a photograph with him, she said: "It's enough that I buy his albums."

Malaysia's Most Outstanding Singer winner Gary Cao even become the guest deejay of a Malaysian radio station to interview Andy which makes Gary whom had admire Andy for many years to be so nervous until he almost doesn't know what he was saying.

news from: Min Sang Po, Taiwan's Apple Daily News, China Daily News

| Sunday, October 29, 2006

The 6th Global Chinese Music Awards was held yesterday with Andy Lau and Stefanie Sun garning the Most Popular Male and Female Singer award. This was the third time that Andy and Stefanie attended the ceremony, an excited Stefanie said: "I'm so shy, but I'm a girl, no matter how excited I must hold on to it."

When both of them hold their hands to walk down the red carpet, both exclaimed that they're "electrocuted" by each other. Andy said that he felt warmth and "electrocuted" when he held Stefanie's hand on the red carpet, whereas Stefanie also quipped that she was "electrocuted" by Andy as he gave out a lot of "electricity"!

Both Stefanie and Andy won 5 awards snatching the limelight. Andy whom had not released an album for 2 years thus absent himself from the award ceremony, however this year he managed to win back the Most Popular Male Singer and Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Singer.

Although the "4 Heavenly King era" had passed long ago, but Andy still garned the most nominations for this year's ceremony with his hardwork. Whereas for the fans that attended the ceremony, Andy's fans does not lose out to other singers' fans as they show their support with screams.

In the end, Andy became the biggest winner with his 5 awards which includes Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Singer, Best Album, Most Popular Male Singer, 20 Top Songs, Top 5 of Most Popular Male Singer. Although being through many such events and received many awards, Andy's smile is still so happily.

news from: udn news, ChinaPress, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, Sina.com

Co-organised by seven most influential radio stations, 6th Global Chinese Music Awards was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Many singers attended this year's ceremony.

Andy won a total of 5 awards.

The awards that Andy won include Most Popular Male Singer, one of the Best Album (All About Love), one of the Top 10 Most Popular Singers, 'Heng Xin De Yi Ke' as one of the Top 20 Most Popular Songs and Most Outstanding Singer in Hong Kong.

news from: Sina.com

In order to welcome heavenly king Andy Lau whom had not been to Singapore for 2 years, fans from all ages waited for 3 hours before they could get a 30 seconds glimpse of the superstar!

Andy whom had not been to Singapore for 2 years touched down from Hong Kong around 1400 hours 2 days ago, even though it was an afternoon flight, since late morning, a group of die-hard fans were already waiting for him at Changi International Airport Terminal 1. The fans were of all ages, from 4 to 70 years old, there are even monks among the fans presented, believed they are from Fook Hai Temple which is one of the beneficial organisation of Ren Ci Charity Show which Andy raised funds for them.

When Andy's flight was confirmed to be landed around 1400 hours, fans rushed towards the arrival hall barricade to await his arrival. In order to welcome Andy, more than 100 fans arrived at the airport early in the morning as they prepared banners, some armed with flowers and posters of Andy's latest Cantonese album - Voice.

The organiser announced Andy's flight number to the public, originally scheduled to land around 1420 hours, it landed 20 minutes earlier. When they spotted Andy, they immediately rushed forward to the arrival hall gate, the fans were unable to hold their excitement as it created a small commotion.

Although the plane landed at 1400 hours but it took 45 minutes for Andy to walk out of the custom, accompanying him were 6-7 policemen and crew members. Full of smiles, Andy walk out of the arrival gate, although dressed causally with sports wear and jeans, it still could not cover his heavenly king superstar charisma.

The fans rushed forward to give him a huge bouquet of flowers, meanwhile the fans presented also shouted "Wah Zai", "I love you". While waiting toward his waiting car, he never forgets to stop and shaked hands with the fans, showing off his megastar charisma! When asked by reporters, Andy expressed: "It's been a while I came to Singapore, delighted to see my fans!"

news from: ChinaPress

| Saturday, October 28, 2006

Andy Lau's Battle of Wits will open in the cinemas on 23 November, the movie contains many impressive battle scenes, one of them was Andy's character Ge Li battling with Zhao country's general Hung Tin Ming (son of Sammo Hung), Hung was also hit by arrows, it looked very realistic.

In order for the effects to be good, Andy specially consulted and rehearse several times with action director Dong Wei. Andy quipped: "Although it's been some time that I shoot an action scene, but my skills are still there, my punches are still strong. When I was practicing with the art director's assistant, I just gave a few light punches, on that very night he told me that he was suffering from some swelling, did I hit too hard?" Although Hung is of a bigger built that Andy, with his 40 pounds costume, thus Andy would need tons of strength in order to injure him, this is the speciality of Ge Li, using his brain to solve the problem.

Hung had his career based in Taiwan, with regard to his battle with Andy, he feel pressurise as he had discussed with his father whom told him that he must put feelings in during acting, if he was to relax, the audience would be able to see the lack of feelings on the silver screen, therefore Sammo wanted Hung to do his best when fighting with Andy, no matter what happened, he will explain to Andy on his son's behalf.

news from: Ta Kung Po

| Friday, October 27, 2006

A Battle of Wits which boast a cast of Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Fan Bingbing, Ahn Si-kung, Choi Si Won and many other actors from Asia will be screened at the end of November. It's a collaborated production between Mainland China's Huayi Brothers, Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd, Japan's Comstock Ltd and Korea's Boram Entertainment Inc with a budget of US$1.6 million. It's the first chinese movie that gather four major film companies in Asia to invest in the same movie.

"If this comic does not lies on the hands of Jacob Chang, maybe I'll not take up this movie!", being the main character - Ge Li of the movie, Andy belief in director Jacob is unbelieveable as it surprised the Chinese audience. Actually Andy was cast as the male lead in Jacob first movie The Last Eunuch in China in 1986 where the movie won nominations for Best Director in the 8th Hong Kong Films Awards, Best Actor; Best Supporting Actor and Best Script in 25th Golden Horse Film Awards. Andy said: "The Last Eunuch in China is Jacob's first movie, whereas Battle of Wits is a movie that he waited for 10 years, he would not change his style of this movie whether things happened, this is what I think Jacob is good at. We collaborated again after 20 years, this is affinity!"

However, Andy exclaimed that he's familiar and loved the original comic as he had already read it when the first version of the movie was out, he loved the script and would like to shoot the movie, but then his own production company was unable to produce the movie. When he wanted to shoot the movie again in 2000, the copyright was already been taken up. Therefore, when Jacob approached Andy for the movie, he listen to Jacob's thoughts and feel that the director has his own thinking which is what he had anticipated. Therefore, without "friendship and talent", without Jacob Chang, there won't be a whole heartedly presentation of Ge Li by Andy Lau.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, October 23, 2006

On 22 October 2006, Andy Lau touched down at Shanghai in his normal form which is different from the usual handsome and western suit dressed as we used to see in movies or on stages. His visit to Shanghai is believed for the shooting or obligation of a commercial. At Pudong International Airport, reporters manage to take photographs of Andy dressed in denim and jeans, carrying a haversack with 2 assistants following behind him.

It was told that Andy's visit is for personal reason and not for work as in the past he would have arrange for some media activities, therefore he appeared simple and easy for this trip.

Although this trip is being kept as top secret, but some die-hard fans still managed to get hold of Andy's arrival news as they went to the airport early in the morning to wait for him. Despite seeing Andy's car and fans managed to spot his assistants, but they still missed out on Andy whom had exit from the special guest exit.

Luckily, Andy would be coming to Shanghai again for the promotion of Battle of Wits which will be screened in Shanghai on 23 November.

news from: yule.sohu.com, Sina.com

| Sunday, October 22, 2006

Andy Lau was interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin yesterday and when asked about Hacken Lee's wedding date, Andy quipped: "I remember that he's getting married and I'll be the best man, but I was not informed which day would it be, I asked him to tell me, I'm a superstar, I may not attend if I'm busy."

As Hacken's best man, is he worried that he could not get through the sisters' asking for entrance red packet? Andy answered in a relax mood: "I'm not scared, I think they won't go too much, it's not only saying me handsome and wealthy will do, furthermore the money should be from Hacken. (If Hacken is short of money, would you help him?) Don't say so, Hacken had lots of money, Haha."

It's been lots of good news in showbiz this year, so when asked if he thought of getting married? Andy quipped: "It's this question again, it's just testing me again, seeing if I let out any news, haha, anyway I'm happy for them, I do hope that they feel happy for me, I'll work hard. (No planning?) There's no planning, it's so far away, just like shooting movie, this few years old warrior, me getting married is equal to my movie. (Then we need to wait another 10 years?) I don't know, but movie also has overnight success."

In the upcoming personalised car plate bidding, ANDY LAU is one of them up for bidding, Andy does not consider bidding as he does not hope to spend so much money on a car plate, let say bidding for it, if nobody is bidding it, it would cost HK$5000 for a car plate, the remaining $990,000 could be donated to charities, it's better than pouring the water away. Andy think that spending millions to buy a car plate is acceptable, as he tried using $10,000 on a car plate, if to use $50,000 on a car plate, he could have used calligraphy to write the car plate, it would be a $5000 fine when caught.

news from: Wei Wen Po

| Friday, October 20, 2006

Andy Lau, Nicky Wu and director Jacob Chang were at Commercial Radio yesterday to promote their movie A Battle of Wits.

When talked about rhe reverse handshake which represent a triad gesture was censored in the movie Exiled, Andy said: "From what I was told, director Johnnie To never thought that it's a triad hand gesture, but he could do nothing when the government think so. Battle of Wits is on the positive side, if the government would help in the promotion, it would be great!"

Earlier, there was reports that Andy and Leon Lai would be singing each other's songs in the upcoming TVB anniversary show which is consider "a ice breaking performance", when told of "ice breaking performance", Andy smile and said: "Before this we did duet before, but it's since a long time that we collaborate, it's not ice breaking. The possibility of collaborating is quite high, but I'm not sure what songs we'll be singing, we're still thinking!"

Andy express that he could not confirm if there will be this segment but he hope to help the male singers to victory, he says: "The performance of the male singers were not good last year, thus we failed to be crowned champion, I performed breaking stone on my chest and Shawn Yue cross-dress and we still lose to the female singers. I believe we lose in luck, I believe this year's luck is better and a fortune teller told me that this year the male singers will win." Andy then added: "If I cross-dress or Leon cross-dress would be fine, there will be higher chance of winning, but if we cross-dress together, that will be scary! Leon would also not look so well if he cross-dress as female."

Meanwhile, Kenny Bee booked a restaurant to celebrate after being discharge of bankruptcy. Andy, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Ng Ka Lok were there to celebrate for him with a feast of Alaska crabs, lobsters, beluga and wines. Andy stayed for only 20 minutes. With regards to reports that Kenny would be marrying his girlfriend, Andy express that what he knew was read from the newspaper, he's not sure of the whole issue.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po

| Thursday, October 19, 2006

Heavenly kings Andy Lau and Leon Lai would both be the male singers captains in this year's TVB Anniversary programme to compete against Kelly Chen and Joey Yung's female singers. The main attraction would be putting both of them in a songs round robin segment which sure trigger the ratings.

In the early 90's, both Andy and Leon were ruling the music industry as both camps of fans were against each other! When Andy was singing on stage, a Leon fan throw a light stick onto the stage. It was also alleged that when both were vying for the Most Popular Male Singers, both camps of fans were scolding at each other or booing the opposite singers.

Till now, Leon and Andy had collaborated in a duet in 2003 and seldom have chances to collaborate with one another for some years. TVB's invitation to both of them to collaborate as the male singers' team captains, perform in a songs round robin segment to celebrate the occassion and battle against the female singers. It's alleged that both of them had agreed for the collaborated segment, but Leon rejected the offer to be one of the male singer's captain.

TVB producer admitted that both had agreed to the duet, he said: "We're still selecting the songs, most importantly for this collaboration is everybody is comfortable and delighting the audience. It's yet to confirm that Andy and Leon to be the captains for the male singers, it depends on their schedule." He also revealed that Leon had agreed to attend the press conference whereas Andy need to confirm his schedule.

Meanwhile Leon's recording company high official express that they will try their best to arrange the schedule for him, "TVB suggested that they duet, we will try our best to accomodate and support this happy occasion! (It's alleged that they're not on good terms?) The problem lies with the fans at that time, the music industry is like that then, they're fine with each other! (Leon as one of the captains?) To be a captain one need to stay from the start till the end of the show, Leon need to work on the post production of his music movie, he does not have so much time to rehearse, he could not be the captain!"

Andy's spokesman expressed that everything is not yet confirmed.

In addition, after collaborating with Andy in A Battle of Wits, Korean actor Ahn Si-kung had become good friends with Andy as he said: "Actually I wish to collaborate with Andy again! However I'm starting on my new film, believed I'll be very busy, hope I could attend the premiere in Hong Kong and enjoy my holiday with Andy!"

news from: Oriental Daily News

Ever since Aaron Kwok managed to bid his car plate "AARON" with HK$2500,000, the second round of car plate will be up for bidding from 28 October, one of them includes ANDY LAU, HSBC, JAGUAR, FERRARI and SOS, thus people will be wondering if Andy Lau would like to own it? Or is that another person named Andy Lau?

The reporter went to rectify the matter with Andy and according to his assistant, Andy has no intention of bidding the car plate as he has not used a personalised car plate before, furthermore there are other people with the same name, therefore he believe that other would be bidding for the car plate.

news from: Ming Pao, SingTao News

The press conference of A Battle of Wits was held two days ago where Andy Lau and Nicky Wu attended. It was announced that prmotional clip of the movie will be broadcast on the mini LCD screens on Hong Kong buses.

On the day of the press conference, although it was not cold but Andy was wearing a leather coat which made him handsome but was in advance of the season. Meanwhile, Nicky whom was younger than Andy was wearing a dark colored western suit which made him looked more mature as he quipped that Andy was like a kid during the shooting of the movie as he played with all kinds of weapons at the set.

When asked about collaboration with Peter Chan in the remake of the Blood Brothers, Andy exclaimed that he had enter the stage of negotiating the contract.

news from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A press conference for A Battle of Wits was held yesterday where Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, director Jacob Chang and producer Tsui Siu Ming attended as they particpated in the light-up ceremony.

Nicky said on stage that Andy is very hardworking and very active like a kid, he also become a translator as the movie also has Japanese actors. Andy quipped that he couldn't handle the translations.

Andy exclaimed that injuring his leg during shooting is the most memorable, luckily there's no after effects. He also revealed that he lose his temper once during shooting the scene of 1,000 corpses, he said: "1,000 extras acted as corpses as they were thrown into the hole, stacking onto of one another to be buried but the crew members took their own sweet time, I could not hold it any longer and scolded them as it's tough on the extras, but who would dare to lose temper to the director?"

There's another scene where he need to search for Fan Bingbing underwater, but he mistaken the female divers twice as the water is dirty thus vision is poor. When asked if he touched their "important areas", Andy quipped: "I don't think so, if I really do so, of course I'll deny."

With regards to a scene in the movie Exiled where a reversed hand shake between Simon Yam and Lam Ka Tung was requested by the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) to be censored in order to be classified as Category IIB or be classified as Category III movie.

Andy said: "I've watched that particular scene, I'm not sure what's the rules and regulations of TELA, most importantly must by decided by the feelings of the audience. If it clearly shown as a triad hand gesture, censor it is unavoidable, I think Johnnie To should consider changing his style of shooting movie to suit the rules and regulations of TELA. But I'm not sure how TELA deem this as a gesture of a triad member."

Andy pointed out that he's used to use the opposite hand to shake hand with the other party, he says: "Sometime when the right hand is clutch, left hand can be used to shake hand." He then demostrate at the spot. He continues: "Actually it depends on the motive, if the motive is to represent triad hand posture, it will be a problem. No matter what, it doesn't matter whether the scene to be censored is not important."

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po

| Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Andy Lau was promoting his major period movie Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon which will be start shooting next year on 15 October, his female Korean translater was following closely behind his back. Korean reporters whom find her an eye sore shouted: "Go away!" at her.

This female translater had been following by Andy's side for 4 days, Andy even quipped that she's her Korean girlfriend which envy several Andy's fans.

As the female translater was following too closely to Andy that night thus it anger the reporters and fans. On seeing the situation, Andy immediately pull her aside from the angry reporters and fans as he tapped her shoulder to comfort her.

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau is busy promoting his new movie in Pusan International Film Festival and was interviewed by Korean magazine, when asked which Korean actress that he hope to collaborate, he expressed that he hope to collaborate with Lee Young Ae to compete their acting as he had collaborated with her some 10 years ago in a commercial. In addition, he also sing praise of actor Lee Byung Hun sunshine image and full of energy.

During the Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon party, Lee Byung Hun made a surprise appearance to the delight and surprising Andy. In return, Andy and Maggie Q attended the party of Lee's new movie, Andy only stayed for 5 minutes as he had another appointment with a Korean director.

news from: Sun News

| Monday, October 16, 2006

Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, a US$25 million budgeted movie by Mainland China and Korea held its first press conference during the Pusan International Film Festival last weekend. The movie will narrate the story of Three Kingdom general Zhao Yun's life story, this role will be taken up by Andy Lau. Sumo Hung and Maggie Q also attended the press conference. The movie will start shooting in March 2007.

Andy expressed that he had read the Three Kingdom's comic when he's young and playing the role of Zhao Zi-long whom was full of courage and wits was his dream and it finally come true with Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon. Sumo whom will be the arts director will also cameo as Zhang Fei.

Maggie Q whom had been cast in several Hollywood movies will be playing a new character, Cao Cao's grand-daughter Cao Yin, she will be having a love relationship with Zhao Yun. According to Korean media, another major character Zhou Xun will be played by Leon Lai.

Daniel Li whom is the director and scriptwriter reveal that the movie's characters' image will get inspiration from Japanese's gaming company KOEI Co. Ltd's Dynasty Warrior. "Zhao Yun is just a first-class general, when comparing with Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan, he's one grade lower, but he's the most familiar character in Three Kingdom for youngsters nowadays."

"During the script writing, I maintain the Three Kingdom classic story, for example the battle at Chang Ban Po, on the other side drawing inspiration from the game, in order to let the characters get accepted by the younger audience."

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, October 15, 2006

His voice is already hoarse, his eyes were swollen, if those fans in Pusan whom had been following him around had see his "suffering looks", they might had cried, from early in the morning till 2200 hours, he only took some salad, other than that, he had been running around to several public and private appearances to communicate with all kind of people, he will never change his hardworking habit....

When Andy Lau seat down for our interview, he's all tired out, extremely hungry, when the cameramen were adjusting their cameras, he rushed off to a nearby counter to grab a piece of pizza and took a bite, seeing the situation, we initially wanted him to fill his stomach before carry out our interview, but he shake his hand and said: "I can do it, no need."

This is truly Andy Lau, his never lose out character will follow him wherever he goes, whatever he do must be prefect. There's time it would be worrying if his body could not take it? Sometimes, it's puzzling that he had reached such status and why he's still so hardworking? We will find the answers in this interview with him as we get near this all smiles and never say die heavenly king....

For the past few days in Pusan, Andy could be considered the most busy artiste, from early morning he will start work and busy till night time. The sun and beaches in Pusan is not related to him at all, he's been running around and still full of energy, his name of 'tie-ren' (superman) is indeed true.

When asked that he had obtained today's status, why he's still so hardworking, did he ever consider of resting? Been in the busines for so many years, did he ever considered giving up when going into a rough patch? Andy answered: "I never thought of giving up, maybe I like my job. In addition, these few days in Pusan, I could discuss plans of collaboration with Korean filmmakers, to contribute something for Hong Kong movies, help those director in Hong Kong for some chances...."

Although in public appearance, Andy was singing praise of Korean movies and the film festival, after chit chatting with him, we could sense that he still have huge confidence of Chinese movies, he says: "Talking of the Korean craze, actually our movies had been improving, if you look at the Korean media, Japanese media, they are talking about Chinese movies, from this point, Chinese movies must continue to work hard and not give up, the chances has come, if you do not do well, this can't be blame, if everybody carry on, I believe, finally one day, the Chinese wave will be back, it will be a better future!"

The low budget Crazy Stone becoming a success, Andy's Focus First Cuts had finally become famous. Talking about nurturing new directors and investing in different genres movies, Andy quipped: "There was a time when Hongkongers were saying, any movie that Andy Lau invested will lose money." For now, the low budget Crazy Stone had made a "crazy" success, he finally made himself proud.

"Actually before the downturn of Hong Kong movie industry, we should be doing this, although now it's a bit late, it's better than not doing it at all, a good movie industry require movies of different generes, it require more fresh and creative directors, this is the reason why I set up Focus First Cuts. They might have flaws and made mistakes, but we need them, therefore I collaborate with directors of different countries, give them some money to do what they want. I could not give them a lot of money, also don't dare to give them, I have this ability, in between, maybe some of them committed mistake, made the wrong decision in business, lost some money, but with one movie like Crazy Stone to do so well, we need not afraid, we're able to lose the money! Therefore, if a suitable chance comes by, I plan to produce 20 movies!"

Andy had an old movie called 'Tian Zi Men Sheng' (literally translated into English as heavenly top student; actual English title is Hong Kong Godfather), thus asked Andy if these directors are heavenly top students, Andy answeres: "Don't give them any pressure! If the audience feel that their films are not good, could tell them through the media, or tell me directly." Andy express that he hope these people could borrow his name and goes a smoother path, but he does not want to have any pressure on them, thus hope the media could be more tactful and not gave them the death sentence as they are newcomers when they made mistakes.

In the movie Initial D, Chapman To did said that god is also human, only he could do things that man could not do, therefore he become god. If we look back at heavenly king Lau, his hardworking, he never say die to nurture newcomers, he's forever so spirited, he all smiles in public appearance, his success all these years, he never have a downturn in his career....

On the current Andy Lau, you would not find any trace of Andy during the Moment of Romance days, he's still being followed by fans and loved by them, without any negative news, he's almost a prefect artiste. But having all these, he had been through many hardship. Therefore in this Pusan International Film Festival, Andy clearly see himself clearly, "This had to thanks Hong Kong movies, from 1991 I started to come to Korea to act, the current veterns in Korea, I knew all of them, because we collaborate many years ago."

When talked about his years of hardship, Andy says: "Everyone start from a small actor, I have 120 movies to my name, some good, some bad, some people sing praise of, some people condemn, but in life, it's also the same? The in-between is actally the wealth in the end."

All the hardworks that Andy had put in these 20 years, he finally won honours and success. Andy's fans are all over the world, they also witness how Andy walk into success films after films.

The last question for Andy is about his mystery love life which is also dramatic. When we asked him that he was busy everyday, had he thought of this question or made any planning? Andy points his finger to the sky, with all smiles he answers: "I'm a very easy going person, for a good man like me, the heaven will take care of me! My marriage will be handled by him, he will let me know when to get marry, then I will follow his instruction!"

During these few days in Pusan, everyday there's news of Andy as he appeared in all kinds of activities, and appear in all sort of venues. In Pusan, Andy is the king of popularity, this is like his homeground, this is Asia's biggest and gathering of the most artistes film festival, the first few days had become his personal film festival.

After meeting with Andy, this heavenly king idol is no longer mystery, many times, I have a strange feeling that this person is born for the stage. On stage, he had performed for so many years, he never get sick of it, still full of energy, perform to his best and move on to the next stage. Maybe he had combine his life with the stage, thats why we could not differentiate the difference between him on and off stage.

The stage gave Andy the hard to experience honour and glory, therefore he does not bare to lose what he's having now, he's more devoted than other heavenly kings. For it, he willing to give his all, it hard to see a vetern after in the business for so many years and still work hard for every minute.

On this point, Andy is a combination of heaven and human, he process top-notch acting that nobody else has. He's worth everyone's respect.

news from: yule.sohu.com