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| Friday, June 29, 2007

It was 5 years ago when Andy Lau released the Mandarin album - 'Mei Li De Yi Tian' (A Better Day) as he asked the fans to participate in a time capsule activity where fans would write down what they wanted to express and the letters would only be sent out 5 years later, the idea came from a true story in Japan. The response of the activity is very good as many filled up the white blank time capsule sheet that comes with green envelopes and sent back to the record company . On 5 July, it would be the fifth year and Andy would be sent out the fans' letters that he kept for 5 years to the their relatives, friends, himself and other artistes in order for the letter to reach to the addresses on the letters.

Andy narrates the true story that initiate the idea of time capsule, the story is about Uchida couple that live at Kofu, Japan received on a time capsule letter from their deceased daughter of 8 years on 2000's New Year Eve, the daughter whom had sent out a time capsule 16 years ago this regards from the their deceased daughter touches the Uchida couple.

Andy whom was in Taiwan recently to shoot his music video saw some letters addressed to his mother, he's really puzzled on what's the content of those letters, but Andy follow the rules and he would not open the letters, he shall wait for his mother to tell him the content of the letters. He quipped: "I really want to know what the fans wrote to my mother, maybe they say thanks to her for giving birth to such an outstanding son?"

news from: udn news, MingPao, ChinaTimes.cc

| Monday, June 25, 2007

Although 48-years-old this year, Michael Miu still have love allegation with actress such as Toby Leung and Charmaine Sheh, for the benefit of their family, his wife Jamie Chic Mei Chun suggested to have a game with celebrity bowler Andy Lau after the shooting of the music video for the movie Heng Dai. A listless Michael was seen spitting his sorrow to Andy several times resulting Andy to lost his bowling standards as he score nil and down the drain several times, when spotted the presence of reporters, Andy seems unhappy.

Since the allegation between Michael and Toby, followed by Charmaine being reported, his wife Jamie had been following him around as she even followed him when he was location shooting in Thailand for the movie Heng Dai, it seems that Jamie wanted to keep watch at Michael for 24 hours. An insider revealed: "Women would not like to share their husband with other women, with the current allegations, it's hard for Jamie not to get worried."

Last Friday, after Michael cameo in the music video for Heng Dai's theme song, as Jamie did not tagged along, Michael seems rather relax as he asked Andy for a game of bowling after a hard day work.

Around 7:00pm, Andy, Lam Ka Tung and several crew nenvers went for bowling at Nam Wah Bowling Alley, their presence attracted the attention of the bowlers present. Andy was seen taking out his private bowling ball and gloves, preparing to warm up with Lam Ka Tung sitting behind eating his meal box. Although he was too busy until not enough time to sleep, Andy still seems hyperactive at the alley as he got several strikes as he display a V hand signal. Moments later, a dejected Michael arrived the alley.

From what seen at the alley, a listless Micheal kept missing to hit any pins, Andy then went forward to studied some bowling postures and tips with him. After 30 minutes of play, Michael still has no improvements, as their points difference becoming huge. Although leading several points, an unhappy Andy decided to have a chat with Michael, it's not known if Andy was sharing sharing some tips on getting along with Michael as he was seen agreeing to what Andy had said to him.

Initial thought that a few words would made Michael stand up again to bowl well, however Michael started to spit his sorrow which made Andy frown, it lasted for several minutes which made Andy lost concentration on his bowling thus making him garned no points. When Andy discovered the presence of reporters, he could only smile embarrassingly.

When they were leaving around 8pm, around 20 fans approached Andy as one fan even asked for bowling tips from Andy as reporters heard her asking: "Andy, Andy, what is the correct hand posture? You played so well, can you teach me a few tips?" Continuous questions silent Andy as he does not know how to answer. When reporters rushed foward to asked why he lost his bowling standards and what's he's busy recently, an unhappy Andy said: "Which company are you from? Recently I busy shooting Heng Dai, okay, it's enough, thank you." After saying, he board his nanny car immediately.

news from: ent.163.com

Director Ning Hao's new movie - 'Yin Pai Che Shou' (literally translated as Silver Plated Racer) will start shooting this July in Xiamen, details and cast of the movie had not been revealed. A press conference was held in Shanghai yesterday as it was found out in the planning menu that the cast would include Andy Lau, Anthony Wong and Tony Jaa of Ong-bak fame.

When interviewed, Ning Hao expressed that he wished to keep the same cast as Crazy Stone for this movie, however only Huang Bo's name appeared as the racer. The movie's name was changed from Crazy Racer to Silver Plated Racer, it's announced that it would be Hong Kong-Mainland China-Taiwan-Thailand collaboration and the cast on the menu reflected the collaboration. From Hong Kong, Anthony will be Huang Bo's shifu and Andy would appear as himself without much description of his character; from Taiwan Li Li Qun would be playing a shrewd businessman and compere Long Xiang will be triad drug dealer. Due to schedule problems, Andy's character could also be taken over by Jack Kao; from Thailand would be Tony Jaa whom will be an international drug lord who's a master of disguise.

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, June 24, 2007

Andy Lau supposed to be location shooting for Three Kingdom - Ressurection of the Dragon in Beijing but he returned to Hong Kong recently and appeared yesterday at Wan Chai's Star Street for the shooting of the music video for 'Heng Dai' theme song around three in the afternoon.

Michael Miu and Lam Katung who were in the movie also appeared to cameo for the shooting of the music video. The weather was very hot yesterday as it's more than 30 degree celsius. Andy whom returned to Hong Kong to escape from wearing period costume would never expect that Hong Kong would have the same hot weather as Beijing.

The shooting location was outside a building, it attracted many onlookers including some office ladies whom had just knocked off from work, as the production team was blocking the entrance and exit of the carpark, thus causing a hinderance for vehicles to enter and exit the building, unhappy tenants called the police as the police came down to understand the situation before shooting can resume.

Andy was wearing a Western suit, under more than 30 degree celsius; Andy, Michael and Lam were sweating until their shirt were soaked with sweat.

Andy quipped that he was delighted when told that he will be returning to Hong Kong to shoot the music video as he could not stand the heat when he wore period costume for the location shooting of Three Kingdom - Ressurection of the Dragon in Beijing but he need to wear Western suit for the location shooting, it's much more hotter than Beijing.

Therefore during break time, Andy would immediately remove his coat and the crew members would help him to wipe away the sweat and fan him to disperse heat while he was drinking cold water to prevent himself from getting a stroke.

Meanwhile, there was allegation that due to Andy refuse to attend CCTV's The Same Song related activities and was put into cold storage by CCTV. It's spokesman denied as they said that the event would be held in Gansu which happened to be the hometown of crazy fan Yang Lijuan, to prevent any trouble, they decided not to invite Andy to perform. They expressed that they also understand that Andy was location shooting thus unable to attend but they would still collaborate with him in future.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News

| Friday, June 22, 2007

Once again Andy Lau got himself into allegation, he's currently location shooting in Mainland China and was invited to attend a CCTV programme 'Tong Yi Shou Ge' (literally translated as The Same Song) collaborating with China Fire Service in a charity event titled 'Yin Xiong Mu Qin' (literally translated as Hero's Mother) to sing 'Zhong Guo Ren' (Chinese) but several invitation by the event's director was rejected thus making the female director cried as she failed bad for unable to make the wish of Hero's Mother come true.

According to reports in Mainland China, Andy was not informed of this matter, when told he took the initative to write a calligraphy for Hero's Mother Charity Fund in September, however the matter did not stop there, the calligraphy matter did not have any follow up. There was a report in Mainland China's dailies and Internet that another programme of CCTV 'Zhong Hua Qin' had dropped it's idea of inviting Andy, thus allegations of CCTV put Andy into cold storage, the producer pointing out that they would only invite suitable performing guest to perform.

With regards to the above allegation, Andy nor his management company made any response, however it spurned several discussion in the Internet. Basically, netizens think that Andy did not do anything wrong, the whole incident is made up by the programme, Mainland China's programme don't normally invite superstars for their charity programmes, Andy had the rights to arrange his own work schedule, he's not entitled to attend these programmes.

Although Andy did not response on this matter, but he did use Dragon Boat Festival and Qu Yuan to explain why people want to remember Dragon Boat Festival? Because Qu
Yuan is a national hero who is loyal to his country and love its people, but he was framed by corrupted officials thus drowned himself in the river, then Andy's "son" said: "I wanted to tell Qu Yuan, actually not to be sad, it's very hard to make everyone understand you, he's very brave ...." Andy had no choice but to maintain his own stand.

news from: MingPao

| Thursday, June 21, 2007

Andy Lau had spent a meaningful Dragon Boat Festival as he transformed into a "history teacher" to explain how the festival came about to Andox, however Andox failed to understand him as it mistaken the Chinese word 'Yuan' of Chinese national hero Qu Yuan, which makes Andy sweat and angry!

Recently, Andy loves to put private photographs of him and Andox online onto his blog, Andy used the title of "Using this Dragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan" as title to upload several photographs to narrates the comical experience of him giving Andox a history lesson. It's a comical conversation between the "mother and son"!

First, Andox asked it's mother when during Dragon Boat Festival people like to row (Andox address as crawl as the pronunciation sounds the same). A knowledgeable Andy then explains to Andox: "Qu Yuan is a truthful national hero, he was framed by corrupted rulers, thus he drowned himself as protest, people know remember him by having Dragon Boat Festival, the dumplings were threw into the sea to keep the fish from eating Qu Yuan's body."

However the young Andox could not understand much of what it's "mother" explained as it mistaken Qu Yuan as elder brother of Watsons (beauty and personal care retailer store), it also asked if Qu Yuan ('Yuan' as in round) suffered until it become a circle? It also asked if the Dragon Boat Festival is an excuse to cook delicious dumplings, this anger and made Andy sweat as he "vomit blood", as he quickly asked Andox if there's problems with it's brain. However Andox has it's own theory as it says: "I wanted to tell Qu Yuan not to be too sad as it would be difficult for everyone to understand you, he's very brave, he jumped into the river although he didn't know how to swim, I do not know how to swim, I don't dare to jump, mummy ..."

Such "reasonings" from Andox almost made angry till his nerves burst, he had not choice to force Andox to go to sleep.

Andy's original blog posting here

news from: Sun News

| Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Andy Lau's 2007 Mainland China concert tour will kick off on 1 September, Inner Mongolia's Hu He Hao Te city would be the tour's first stop. The news spokesman expressed that Andy would sing a Mongolian song for the local fans.

In Mongolian language, Hu He Hao Te means City of Green. It was heard that this concert would be the largest, highest production and invested concert in Mongolian history. After this stop, Andy would set off for Nan Ning, Ling Bo, Nanjing, Yiwu, Chang Chun, Yan Tai, Hanzhou, Tianjing, Beijing, Taizhou, Shanghai, Jinjiang, Chengdu and other cities.

The spokesman also revealed that Andy is very concerned of this concert in Mongolia as he had take some time off to learn a Mongolian song 'Ji Xiang San Bao'. The spokesman forecast that Andy would ask the audience to sing along the Mongolian song with him.

news from: Ta Kung Po

| Monday, June 18, 2007

In showbiz, Andy Lau is well-known to be hardworking artist role model had took some time off to write a letter for all the patients suffering from Hepatitis in Mainland China. Ever since becoming the ambassador for China's Hepatitis Prevention Foundation in 31 August 2006, Andy had participated in a series of Hepatitis charity activities as he revealed that he was also a "Hepatitis virus carrier".

In the open letter, he expressed: "I'm delighted to be able to become the ambassador of Hepatitis Prevention and participating the activities personally, I hope that through my voice could bring concern, confidence and encouragement to Hepatitis patients in Mainland China. Ever since becoming the ambassador, many patients and their family members had wrote to me to express their gratitude and support, they sing praise of our activities had brought them huge confidence and encouragement. Here, I would like to use the media to thank the support for the patients."

In addition, he also expressed that although he is a carrier of Hepatitis virus, as he's able to go through long periods of body check-ups and plan well his resting time, thus it has no effect on his lifestyle as he could live as a normal person. Andy hope to tell patients through his own experience that facing it with a positive attitude, listen to the doctor's instruction thus creating a correct mindset of treatment, whether your life is exciting depend on your own hands!

Another motive of Andy's open letter is to announce the writing composition of "You & I, Fighting Hepatitis together". Andy urges everyone to take part in this competition. He said: "In the past, the society have many misunderstanding of Hepatitis which makes patient don't dare to face it, some patient gave up as they're scared to be looked down on, I hope that through this competition, patients could pick up their pen to write down and thus share with everybody the process of fighting against Hepatitis, also to encourage each other. With regards to non-hepatitis patients, they could read the stories to be touched by the stories and get relevant information."

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, June 17, 2007

At the afternoon of 15 June, Andy Lau was shooting his music video in Beijing. The sudden appearance of Andy for the 3 hours outdoor shooting satisfied the residents near Gao Bei Dian and Hsin Long Estate.

Around evening time, Andy appeared at the entrance of a seafood restaurant near Hsin Long Estate. A few hundreds of residents gathered and jam packed the place, some fans even climbed onto the wall or barricade just to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Among the crowd, a few satisfied waitresses were discussing loudly: "Andy is very friendly, when we waved at him, he would smile back and waved back at us!" Actually Andy had just dine at the restaurant that they worked. A waitor named Xiao Wang whom personally served Andy told the reporter that Andy like to drink Pu Er Chinese tea and eat sesame biscuit as he ate two pieces at one go.

After that, Andy whom wore a grey top and white hat to shoot a car accident scene. Some onlookers whom just joined in screamed out loud as they thought that he was really being knocked down by a car. When being "knocked down" by the car, Andy was seen communicating with the crew members.

One hour later, Andy who was sitting on a wheelchair had changed into a sports wear and was playing baseball with his mates in the music video. The resident interrupt the shooting several times by dashing into the view of the camera, they were told off by the securities.

news from: Sohu.com

| Saturday, June 16, 2007

At the afternoon of 15 June, Andy Lau was shooting his music video in Beijing. The sudden appearance of Andy for the 3 hours outdoor shooting satisfied the residents near Gao Bei Dian and Hsin Long Estate.

Around evening time, Andy appeared at the entrance of a seafood restaurant near Hsin Long Estate. A few hundreds of residents gathered and jam packed the place, some fans even climbed onto the wall or barricade just to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Among the crowd, a few satisfied waitresses were discussing loudly: "Andy is very friendly, when we waved at him, he would smile back and waved back at us!" Actually Andy had just dine at the restaurant that they worked. A waitor named Xiao Wang whom personally served Andy told the reporter that Andy like to drink Pu Er Chinese tea and eat sesame biscuit as he ate two pieces at one go.

After that, Andy whom wore a grey top and white hat to shoot a car accident scene. Some onlookers whom just joined in screamed out loud as they thought that he was really being knocked down by a car.

news from: Tom.com

Watch the full music video of 'Mu Di' @ Sina.com


| Friday, June 15, 2007

It had been 2 years that Andy Lau released a Mandarin album. Although just slept for 3 hours the previous night and didn't applied any makeup, but his face was rosy and all wrinkles seems to have disappear, it makes one wonder if he had "did anything"? However, Andy denied that he went for a facelift nor taking botox, he exclaimed that the secret of him maintaining his youth is having a bland diet and maintain a haapy mentality.

For the music video of 'Mu Di', he collaborated with last year's 17th Taiwan Golden Melody Best Music Video Director Shu Jun Teng. It's the first time that Andy tried using animation for his music video. Although Andy does not appear in the video, but he's still concern about the content of the animation as he specially dropped by Shu's production workshop to witness the creation of the animation.

Shu had met Andy 5 years ago, then Shu was just a music video assistant but after 5 years, he's already the winner of Taiwan Golden Melody Best Music Video Director. He told Andy that he had not change these 5 years thus was curious of how Andy's youth secret. Andy quipped: "Ah? I didn't changed, but you're doing great, you already won yourself an award at the Golden Melody Awards." This sentence revealed Andy's grief as he had never won any awards in the Golden Melody Awards.

It had been 2 years since his last Mandarin album, Andy is very serious with Mu Di as he would have a world premiere of the song at HIT FM, whereas the music video will premiere at Channel [V], this will give the fans to listen and watch 'Mu Di' as the album will be released next month.

Watch 'Mu Di' music video here (Select item #1)

Watch the Making of 'Mu Di' music video - Part 1 (Select item #2) | Part 2 (Select item #3)

news from: udnNews, Sina.com

| Thursday, June 14, 2007

The song

Click the green arrow to listen to 'Mu Di' 牧笛

What did Andy said in the music clip:

1st round: Hello everybody, I'm Andy Lau. It's since 2 years I last released an album. This is the album that I took a long time to prepare, the concept of the album does not differ from my life, there are many songs, firstly I'm going to introduce to you - 'Mu Di' ...

2nd round: 'Mu Di' is a legend, it's a love story between Cowherd and Girl-weaver, the music direction and style is rather Chinese, it's a rather new way of presentation ...

3rd round: 'Mu Di' is a legend, and it has a very good presentation in comic to tell you a story, hope you'll like it


喔 你這一生我唯一的期待
天長也哭不盡 我對你思念惆悵
喔 你這一生我唯一的期待
喔 滴瀝瀝 滴瀝瀝 滴瀝 
滴瀝瀝 滴瀝瀝 滴瀝 
滴瀝瀝 滴瀝瀝 滴瀝
那每一次鵲橋兩岸 那每一次鵲橋兩岸

| Wednesday, June 13, 2007

East Touch Magazine Issue #628 12.06.2007

Editor: Andy Lau

Scans extracted from: Andy's Paradise's Guestbook

It had been two years since Andy Lau released a Mandarin album, he will be releasing a brand new Mandarin album this summer holiday. His new song 'Mu Di' (Flute) would premiere worldwide today, the music video is a collaboration with Taiwanese illustrator Wu Ling Wei had just returned from further studies on animation in England, he's also the winner of Best Music Video in last year's Taiwan's Hits Awards. The music video will be represented in animation format, it will be a touching Cowherd and Girl-weaver story.

Earlier, Andy was in Taiwan for the shooting of music video, within a short period of a few days he need to shoot music videos for 3 - 4 songs, it was a tight schedule as he get only 3 hours of sleeping time. Andy exclaimed that he admired Wu's animation as he sing praise that he had his own personal style. Meanwhile, Wu is also a loyal fan of Andy, due to his shy character, he asked his colleague to autograph on his Andy's posters and album. Andy then quipped why Wu don't dare to meet him but wanted him to autograph for him on posters and albums.

Andy expressed that album producer Lee An-xiu wanted to made the house-hold Cowherd and Girl-weaver story into a romantic love song. When recording the song, Andy already feel that the song is very touching, while singing he sighed that he's the modern Cowherd as his girlfriend can only become a girl-weaver because he was always working and need to jet around the globe for shooting, his work took up almost his whole life. Andy quipped that being a cowherd and wanted to meet the girl weaver, it might not be once a year but once every ten years, he believed that the girl weaver would not be waiting for him and would be scared away by him!

Recently, Andy made himself a sponge figure - Andox (meaning Andy and Ox) that is very popular as Taiwan news station's programme was amazed of Andy's sewing skills as they produced a story on Andy making the figure. Andy wrote a new blog entry in Beijing last night to announce that many people love his hand-made Andox figure, thus he decided to release merchandise of Andox to allow his fans and those adore Andox to own one, he's also prepared to bring his little ox Andox to participate in July's Taiwan Toy Fair, he also asked all to give Andox a Chinese name. Andy also revealed that it was quite a fiery situation when he first met Andox as he thought of using a bowling bowl or drive a jeep over Andox, luckily they managed to settle their differences.

When asked if Andy will made another girl-weaver figure for Andox? Andy quipped that he never thought of that as Andox is only one month old on 11 June, it would be too fast to get a girlfriend, it's impossible. Being the mother of the figure, he's still yet to find a wife, how could Andox get a girlfriend?

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News

| Friday, June 08, 2007

The media got a site visit to Chinese-Korean collaboration Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon Heibei's shooting venue a few days ago, however Andy Lau who's playing Zhao Zilong was busy shooting and thus unable to attend. On 7 June, Andy and her lover in the movie Jiang Hong Bo met the media together. Andy exclaimed that he admire Zhao Zilong's valuation of his family as a man will always retire to take care of his family sooner or later. With regards to whether when he would retire to take care of his family, he expressed: "Anytime."

When interviewed by the media, Andy and Jiang Hong expressed that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon is different from previous Three Kingdom dramas and movies as they focus on battlefields and battle of wits. Although there are several battlefield scenes in this movie but it takes about human fate and relationship.

Andy said: "The battle scenes took up half of the movie, there are 2 important battle scenes, one is to rescue Ah Dou and another being Zhao Zilong's final battle at 70-years-old. However, we're focusing on fate as if his life had pre-arranged by heaven, only retirement is his own decision. When he become a soldier at the age of 20-years-old, he's just a supporting soldier. Three Kingdom is like a game of chess, every person is just part of the chess game. For those whom had watched Three Kingdom would have the most impression in Liu Bei and Chao Chao, but when the story of Three Kingdom ended, both of them had deceased. We would be asking: What are they battling for?"

Andy once expressed that among the many characters in Three Kingdom, he would like to play Cao Cao as he's more stupid thus losing his battles. With regards to playing Zhao Zilong, Andy feel that the similarity between the both of them is their hope and responsibility for their families, he said: "Zhao Zilong always wanted a complete family, he's a person who value his family members, he not much of a hero, basically he's still a human."

When reporters asked if Andy also wanted a complete family, he quipped that the reporters had "think too much", he said: "In the movie, Zhao Zilong had a home always waiting for him, I also hope to have a home. However it's different for us and their time, because in the past if a male don't retire, he has the possibility of dying on the battlefield, will I die in my current job? Every man would thought of the day when he retire in order to take care of his family, this is what should be done."

With regards to when Andy would really retire and return to his family, he gave a prompt reply: "Anytime."

When asked about the online discussion of his image of the movie looked like one in a Japanese manga, Andy gave a positive reply. He expressed that although he had some reservation initially but still willing to respect the director's opinion. Whereas the history alleged "white helmet white armor, holding to a silver spear" Zhao Zilong classic image also add to many imagination.

"When I was passed the image design, I also feel that it's different thus I did approach the director and tell him about the books that I've read. However the production team had their own direction, our job is to act well our character, the image is handled by a dedicated group of people, we should not affect their creation. The director is an image designer in the past, he has strong knowledge of Chinese culture, his calligraphy is better than mine. We shall listen to them." Andy said: "Actually it's not very clear written about Zhao Yun in histroy books. Take for example that he wore a white armor, I can't imagine wearing white to go into battle. Maybe it's a myth that in this way it would looked handsome and stylish this add some space for imagination."

Meanwhile, in the poster revealed recently, Andy seems to be carrying a sword. Andy replied modestly: "Please don't be fuzzy of the sword, I'm not using that as weapon. I'm using a spear, on the day of photo shoot, the spear is too long to be included in the photo thus I just randomly picked a sword for the shoot." In actual fact, the spear that Andy is using in the movie is very heavy as it's impossible for him to carry it with one hand, he need to carry it with both hands. Whereas for those battle scenes while riding on a horse, if the spear fall it could not be retrieve, there are many battle scenes while riding on a horse, he quipped: "My backside quite rubbing and rubbing, often get injured."

In Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, other than Zhao Zilong battle for his country with his life, there are also focus on two love relationships - that is his brotherhood love with Luo Pin-an played by Sumo Hung and love relationship with Ruan Er played by Jiang Hong Bo.

Although these two characters are made up, but it was the presence of these two characters that allow Zhao Zilong inner feelings and love to be more complete and fruitful.

Andy said: "Zhao Zilong and Luo Pin-an came out from Chang Shan together, they have a brotherhood love, but along the way Luo Pin-an kept comparing his career with Zhao Zilong thus making it uncomfortable, but he still want to walk down the way with Zhao Zilong. Ruan Er always love Zhao Zilong, but love during war times is difficult, because the country stand before family, she's always waiting for him."

Jiang Hong Bo's Ruan Er fall in love with Zhao Zilong before he become a soldier, she sent him to the desert and return to their village to wait for him, she's the representative of kind and gentle in the movie, it allows the movie to have some romantic elements.

With regards to collaborating with Andy, Jiang Hong Bo expressed that it was a very good experience collaborating with Andy as she stress that Andy is very friendly and without a doubt is a good actor. When asked by reporter to compare Andy with Jiang Wen, Jiang Hong Bo quipped: "They're different", but did not want to elaborate more, but she stressed that both are "heavenly king superstars" .

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, June 05, 2007

As both movies based on Three Kingdom, there are many comparisons between Red Cliff and Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, however the latter had been low profile as it only allow the media to visit the shooting venue for the first time recently. As "Zhao Zilong" Andy Lau was busy shooting in the studio, he was unable to meet the media with only director Daniel Lee, art director-actor Sumo Hung and Vanness Wu present.

When the poster of the film was revealed in the recent Cannes Film Festival, Zhao Zilong's helmet and armor was being criticized by netizens that it looked like a samurai. With regards to the matter, Daniel replied that they did not copy other countries' warrior look as this image is decided after many research by the crew to conclude with this image that gives one the 21st century feel, although it's troublesome for Andy to wear during shooting but it looked very nice. Daniel also guarantee that it's a creation of Chinese arts, he said: "I like to read Three Kingdom thus I respect the author and Chinese culture, I hope to do a revamp with all these."

The revamp also includes the film's story, although Zhao Zilong is a general in original story, but seldom being mentioned, the director would be setting off from some small stories that was being neglected in Romance of the Three Kingdom and go through some logical imagination, he said: "Of course Zhao Zilong is a great hero, but there are also questions on a hero, why he want to go to war? Why is he so strong? What's his character?" To Daniel, Zhao Zilong is a hero who is under huge pressure and has a loner character. The largest imagination was to transform Cao Cao's grandson Cao Yin into grand-daughter, and also allow her to watch Zhao's performance since young to leave a deep impression on the little girl, thus will there be a love relationship between the two, the director refused to reveal anything.

When asked about the comparison with Red Cliff, Daniel said: "No matter how many ships there are, it won't block the sea, it's so huge in Three Kingdom, it could still being filmed into 100 films! I've yet thought about the box office collection, there are more important problems currently for me to worry."

This would be Daniel collaborating with Andy since A Fighter's Blues, Daniel had high praise of Andy, he said: "He gave me many surprises when playing this character, I never expected that he would presented it this way, he will always use many professional imagination and expression to help us to mould this Zhao Yun character, it will also surprise the audience."

news from: Sina.com

| Friday, June 01, 2007

Recently Andy Lau invited three of the TVB Tigers Felix Wong, Ken Tong and Michael Miu to shoot a new film titled 'Xiong Di', Tony Leung is the only one TVB Tigers being left, it leads to allegations that Andy and Tony are not on good terms. One particular experience crew member from TVB revealed the inside news of dis-band of the 5 Tigers.

During that time, Andy is very particular of loyalty, he would not forget about his "brothers" when he's about to change company, Tony being the first one to distance himself from the group thus result to the dis-banding of the 5 Tigers. When interviewed , Andy exclaimed that it's a pity that he could not become a "family member" friend with Tony.

It was known that when the 5 Tigers prepared to jump into the movie industry, Andy expressed that he wanted to bring the other tigers along with him. One crew member from Cinema City revealed that during that time the two major movie companies in Hong Kong namely Cinema City and Golden Harvest wanted to sign up Andy and Tony but were not interested in the other 3 Tigers. Being loyal, Andy used his future as gamble as he stress that if anyone was to sign him up would have to sign the other tigers up as well, but his wish did not come true in the end.

Then, TVB knew that the 5 Tigers were going to leave the company together, thus the company decided to discuss with each of the tigers individually thus secretly dis-banding the 5 Tigers. One particular TVB producer revealed that Tony whose family depend on his pay and him being working rather in a low profile manner, the high ranked officials in TVB decided to start their work on him as they kept asking him to extend his TVB contract which includes an additional fees to be included in his pay as bait. In the end, Tony surrender to the attractive offer and extend his TVB contract.

After extending its contract with Tony, the 5 Tigers camp came down. However Andy refuse to extend his contract, thus he was being kept in cold storage by TVB for one year, the initial plan of releasing an album for him was shelved.

After Tony extending his TVB contract on his own, the other 3 Tigers have some hatred of Tony, but Andy never express his anger at Tony, all these years Andy had expressed that Tony's decision was correct as all of them did not know what's expecting them outside TVB, each has their own choice.

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