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| Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Andy Lau would be releasing his Cantonese compiliation and new songs album in December but his old record company Capita Record seize the chance to release a album that include 3 un-released songs that he recorded 20 years ago and comes with free topless photographs. The un-released songs includes 'Di Er Chi De Ai', 'Wo Yuan Yi' and 'Xin Zhong Qing' which the latter 2 were sang by Leslie Cheung before. The 3 songs were recorded in 1985, then he was being put into cold storage by TVB thus the songs were not released but Capital Records also did not inform him of the release.

With regards to the matter, Andy said: "Actually I'm not singing Leslie's songs, 'Wo Yuan Yi', 'Xin Zhong Qing' and 'Wei Ni Zhong Qing' were songs prepared by Capital for me in my first album but with my contract dispute, production of my album stopped after I finished recorded 'Wo Yuan Yi' and 'Xin Zhong Qing', when I was being put into cold storage, the songs were passed to Leslie to sing. When I re-sign my singing contract with TVB in 1995, Capital then officially recorded songs for me, thus in my first album, the 3 songs were not included."

Andy exclaimed that then he was a newcomer and have no decision on things, he doesn't mind the songs passed to Leslie to sing as he's happy that Leslie made the songs popular. Then, he himself made the decision not to sign his artiste contract with TVB, thus missed the chance to sing the popular songs, it's his own decision, there will be gain and loss in one's life, don't be too calculative. However, he objected the idea of being asked to remove his clothes to take photographs for his album sleeve, being a newcomer, he don't dare to object the company, he was not satisfied of the photograph either, Capital promise him that the topless photographs would not be used at all, never expected after 20 years, without being informed, the words were "eaten" by them.

Andy sighs: "Luckily I was not fat during that time, how could the topless photographs be presentable? Haha!"

Andy's new album will be released on 13 December, is Capital thinking of fighting business with him? Andy quipped in the long-distance phone-call: "It's nothing of fighting business, it had different collective value, but I won't get any sales benefit. Everybody could enjoy my songs of different stage of me from these 2 albums and feel my improvements and change in style over the years, it's not bad."

Meanwhile, the press conference of 2005 Joint-stations music awards was held yesterday. Miriam Yeung feel that Joey Yung and Andy would become the winner of this year's Media award. Joey tipped Andy to become the biggest winner as she quipped that when comes to year end, Andy would be very strong!

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily News

Korean newcomer Wing Si Won was currently filming the movie - Battle of Wits in Mainland China, earlier he receieved a special present from his co-star Andy Lau which delights him.

During the press conference of the movie, Wing told reporters that he receieved a drawing drawn by Andy. On 15 November, when he return to the hotel room after filming, Andy asked him how to write his Korean name and jot it down for Andy. The very next day, he recieved a drawing of his Korean name from Andy.

Wing exclaimed that Andy used his writing on the paper as blueprint and make changes in the drawing.

Win initially came from a 12-members strong boy group called Super Junior. He expressed that he was excited to be able to collaborate with Andy.

news from: Ta Kung Pao

| Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Leslie Cheung had a popular song titled 'Wo Yuan Yi' in those years, but this song was secretly recorded by Andy Lau and was never being released. After 20 years, it had see the light, together with some never been seen old photographs, that inlcudes a nipple exposed photograph exposed for Andy's fans for collection.

Capital Records would release Andy's first album - Zi Zhi Dao Qi Ke Ai Ni, the album would include 3 un-released songs which were 'Wo Yuan Yi', 'Xin Zhong Qing' and 'Di Er Chi De Ai'. The 3 songs were recorded in 1985 but due to contract problems as he was at loggerhead with Capital's parent company TVB, thus the 3 songs were buried.

It's told that 'Wo Yuan Yi' and 'Xin Zhong Qing' was recorded and released by Leslie, when Capital decided to release these 3 songs, Andy was first to be informed, the album sleeve also include 20never seen-before photographs of Andy. Although he looked inmature with baby face, but he still looked handsome.

As currently Capital Records had no contracted singers, when they found the "buried" songs of Andy, they invested heavily to send the album to Austria for production, it would be Asia's first n-CD which is anti-download, as music fans could not upload n-CD for download in websites to share with friends, the music file will have a 5-days limit, it's hoped to solve the piracy problem.

news from: Oriental Daily News

Recently there is a list which shows how much artistes are worth was spread around the Internet, it revealed close to 800 Hong Kong and Mainland China artistes' asking price for singing, acting and product endorsement.

For product endorsement, Chow Yun Fat came out top as a 2-years contract would cost HK$120 million, Jacky Cheung is second with an earning of HK$50 million per year. With the recent Korean craze, Korean artist Kim Hee Sun and Song Hye Kyo stand side by side with Hong Kong megastars Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai at HK$80 million.

It's alleged that some company wanted to increase its revenue and release this list. When the media in Mainland China went to rectify the list, the price being answered is not far from what's stated in the list.

news from: Wei Wen Po

HONG KONG actor Andy Lau thinks very highly of local film-maker Kelvin Tong.

The latter was hand-picked by Andy's production company Focus Films and Star Chinese Movies Network (StarHub Ch 62) to helm one of the six short films for the Focus: First Cuts regional film project.

At a press conference last Friday, Kelvin expressed surprise that he had been picked.

'I was like, 'Huh? Why would Hong Kong want us? I mean, you are talking about Hong Kong, they are way beyond us (in movies) What use can we be of to them?'

Then when the 33-year-old presented his first idea to Andy and other bigwigs in Hong Kong, they were so impressed that they decided to make it into a full-length feature instead.

That is how The Pool Chronicles, a chick flick about women and nine-ball pool, got on its way to a bigger platform. The feature film is in pre-production now.

Speaking to The New Paper later, Kelvin said: 'They just got really interested and asked if I had more ideas. I was like, 'Of course! Where do you want to start?''

He then whipped out his script for Love Story, a story about a writer who blurs the lines between fiction and reality in between chasing skirts and churning out prose.

That idea was approved, and the project started rolling last Wednesday.

Chinese singer-actor Allen Lin takes the lead as the writer, while local actors Evelyn Tan, Ericia Lee, Tracy Tan, Amanda Ling, Benjamin Heng and Ben Yeung co-star.

When asked his impression of Andy, Kelvin said: 'He's a very tall and good-looking boss. A very nice man. His initiative is a good push for the film industry.'

He also added that Love Story was a 'vacation' for him after his horror flick The Maid, which was released in August.

'I've always wanted to do something about writers, and about love. Writers are egocentric and self-destructive, yet beautiful. And you can do so many things through their sheer creativity,' said the former Straits Times film reviewer.

He was quick to add that the story was not based on his life.

Kelvin likes his cast to be of a mix of old and new, experienced and inexperienced.

He said: 'I chose actors I had worked with before, because it's like working with old lovers, you can communicate in shorthand... But I also like using completely unknown actors. If you keep using only the experienced ones, then it feels so much like work. But with complete newbies, it forces me to see movies from their fresh point of view and reinvent myself.'

But as highly as Andy thinks of him, chances of him appearing in a Kelvin Tong film are slim.

'I tend to use people around me. I'd prefer to, like say spot a Malaysian actress and cast her in my movie and she gets big. I like to think local. But while I'm a local person, I still hope to score beyond Singapore.'

news from: The New Paper (Singapore)

| Monday, November 28, 2005

Directed by Hong Kong well-known director - Jacob Chang, Battle of Wits was currently location shooting in Hebei. Earlier reporters went to vist the filming set.

As Andy Lau's leg injury yet recovered, thus the director arranged him to film a scene where he prepare for battle in a horse stable.

Due to the tight filming schedule and fear that shooting would be affected, investors Huayi Brothers initially only allowed reporters to take photographs from the window of the horse stable, they had to wait for 2 hours before allowing normal photography, some reporters left in anger, the crew members then allowed the remaining reporters to enter the horse stable.

As the horse stable was rather small, with so many reporters, the crew members had to have "no crossing over" line to prevent the reporters from getting near.

From what can be seen, Andy is holding onto a twig and giving instructions to several generals by drawing on a patch of sand.

In order to snap a good photograph, most reporters used flash-light on their cameras. This result the director to shout: "Please shut off your camera's flash-light, if not we could not continue filming!"

However, it seems that the director's words had no effects, thus Andy had to take actions as he made a facial expression and shout at the reporters: "Don't let me see flash-light, if not I'll beat all of you!" After saying, he burst into laughters. However, the reporters didn't burst into laughter, it was not known that the movie company wanted to use the visit to promote the movie but no interview with the director and photography time was arranged?

news from: Sina.com, Sohu.com

Sundream Motion Pictures' Battle of Wits, which is currently location shooting in Hebei (Beijing) held a press conference yesterday as its cast which includes Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Hung Tin Chiu and Korean actor Wing Si Won talked with the media on their filming experience.

Both Fan and Nicky sing praise that Andy was normally humorous but during filming, he was serious, strict and clever. Fan pointed out that Andy being strict and when Andy looked at her, he quipped: "Don't scared of me, only none hardworking actors scared of me."

The Chinese media pointed out that Andy's image was rather modern which is not quite accomodating, his image in House of Flying Daggers also received the same feedback? Upon hearing, Andy asked the media to give him a chance: "Actually I tried to improve, everyone please give me a chance!"

As Fan's character is the house stable leader whom had several love relationship scenes with Andy. She feel that Andy is very hardworking and able to withstand hardship, she exclaimed that she could withstand hardship better than Andy, that is when they were shooting the underwater scenes where Andy shiver as he was so cold whereas she didn't feel cold.

The underwater scene shot in Beijing went underway in the lowest temperature of below zero degree celius, Andy had to dive into the water cell for a hero resuce beauty scene. Andy, Fan, crew members and a group of cameramen had to be in the cold and dirty, 4 feet depth, minus 7 degree celius water for 6 hours as Andy could only exclaimed: "It's not easy for a hero to rescue a beauty, I really don't under those hero, when it was so tough and they could thought of the beauty, I could only feel that it's very cold, other than shivering, there's no feeling of the beauty."

To shoot the beautiful scene, director Jacob Chang whom was suffering from flu and 20 over crew members also get themselves into the water throughout the shooting without leaving the water. Jacob also did a demostration himself, he also kept on encouraging the actors. Although he knew that 6 hours in the water would cause his flu to get serious but he must set an example for others. Initially he was scared that Andy and Fan could not withstand the cold, luckily they didn't complaint which touched him.

Before shooting starts, some medical officers and divers were present as precaution, 10 oxygen tanks were prepared for Andy and Fan's usuage. Although Andy and Fan were wearing diving suit, but the water was so cold that it did not serve any thermal function. Only hot water, towels and ginger soup to be provided for them to keep themselves warm during breaks.

Andy was worried that the water to be too dirty, he bought eye lotion in advance, however he never expected that the coldness was far more worst than the dirty water. As it was too cold, Andy couldn't open his eyes thus he knock his head against the pillar several times, he says: "Initially I couldn't find the route, even the oxygen tank delivery diver could not find me, I had to get my head out of the water to catch my breath, I feel that I was shooting Titanic, later I was so cold that I have no strength to move, as though my whole body, hands and legs were frozen, when I get out of the water, even my mouth could not move, the crew members kept putting towel, pour hot water on me, but I kept on shivering, never experience so cold." The scene was completed with 6 takes, although it's tough, but when shown the beautiful and exciting footage, he thinks that it's worth it.

After filming the scene, the whole crew get to enjoy steamboat. Andy quipped that the soup of the steamboat looked like the dirty water of the water cell.

In addition, after injuiring his leg, the doctor specially prepared a titanium support for his leg to allow him to continue filming. Andy express that his injury had recovering well, he had no problem filming scenes where he ride on a horse.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, SingPao

Collaborating with Andy Lau would be admired for most actresses but Fan Bingbing told reporters that she felt pressurise when collaborating with Andy as he was very strict, "Although he occassionally would 'electrify' at times, but I'm quite afraid of him, he's a perfectionist, he had high requirements for himself and people around him but his professionalism is worth admiring."

With regards to her love relationship scene with Andy, Fan said: "It's very bland, just small feelings, nothing exciting."

Although Andy's leg injury yet recovered as he still need help to walk down the stairs but he still tell the reporters at the press conference that he had recover fully and he could even ride on horse. When the reporters visit, he was shooting a scene at the horse stable where his character - Ge Li was giving instructions to the people of Liang City on prevention on being attacked, but the people don't trust him as they didn't listen to his words.

On the press conference, he introduce his character: "Ge Li brought along Mozi's anti-attack thinking and hope for peace, coming to Liang City, he use his wits to assist the weak in Liang City to counter the attacks of the Zhao army, but facing the enemy, he had changes and in the end, Liang City's king fear that Ge Li will be loved by his people and decided to chase him away, thus my character is controversial, he was always wondering is his belief is wrong, but he still maintain his belief, can be said to be one tragic character, but I tried my best to act with a normal mentatily."

The Ge Li character looked very modern and Andy thinks that it's the requirement of movie and manga, "Actually my character could be more exaggerating, shaven head with moustache, but everyone could not accept and kept saying me, thus I look this way."

In Andy's eyes, Battle of Wits is a movie with flavours, "It uses camera angles to narrates, had a feel of a documentary, some war battle scenes are impressive."

When talked about Fan's fear of him, Andy quipped: "Non-hardworking people will afraid of me." Fearing that reporters misunderstood what he just said, he added: "I'm not saying that Bingbing is not hardworking."

news from: Sohu.com

| Sunday, November 27, 2005

Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Ahn Sung-kee, Wing Si Won were currently shooting their new movie - Battle of Wits (Muk-gong) in Beijing.

As the weather started to turn cold, with the filming location in the rural area, snow was spotted in the morning and the lake frozen, director Jacob Chang was worried of the change in weather as if it started to snow, it would be difficult to carry on filming, the crew had to finish shooting of war scenes before it started to snow, thus every actor had to stay at Beijing and no leave would be granted, everyone had to continue filming with the cold wind blowing.

Sundream Motion Pictures arranged close to 100 reporters to visit the filming set as they get to witness the Liang City which was built with millions of dollars.

After a few days of rest in Hong Kong, Andy return to the shooting of Battle of Wits in Hebei, although his leg injury yet to recover fully as he still need to undergo physio therapy but he still risk his injury to continue filming, his attitude is professional.

Andy, Nicky and a group of actors were shooting a scene where they had a discussion before going to battle, and a war scene. As Andy injured his leg earlier, he could hide his wound throughout the shooting, he says: "I changed a new support for my leg while I'm in Hong Kong, not only that I could bend it, it also won't affect me when filming action scenes, I filmed a scene where I was riding a horse yesterday."

Andy added: "Shooting this movie, the biggest problem is bathing, I need to purchase a water heater, but there's only hot water and no cold water, there's no bathtub in my hotel room, thus I have to buy a bathtub. After work everyday, first time to do when I'm back in my room is to open the tap to fill up the bathtub with hot water, then wait till it's not so hot before I can bath."

If the working environment was not so dusty, he would not waste an effort to bath if he was too tired, he quipped: "It's troublesome to do so much just to bath, but the location shooting venue's environment is poor, it's not as bad as location shooting of House of Flying Daggers in Ukraine, there is nothing to eat there, at least there's many things to eat here."

However, Andy still need help when going down the stairs. When asked if Andy would join the others in the major scenes? Andy quipped that this movie is a big production, thus every scene can be considered as major scene.

Andy express that the movie being invested by companies from 3 countries, thus whenever they start work, it's like a united nation as several languages were used to communicate, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English were used, it's very comical as he manage to learn to speak some Japanese and Korean.

With regards to his collaboration with Ahn Sung-kee, Andy respected him as he don't understand Mandarin thus the director arrange his lines to be similar to Korean, it would be easily for him, Ahn work hard to memorise his lines and acted well.

Although it's a united countries collaboration, Andy exclaimed that they collaborated very well. As he stayed on the same floor with the Korean artistes, they became neighbours and he would treat them the Chinese food he cooked and soup that he brew, whereas Wing gave Andy thermal wear and also treat him Korea's famous spicy preserved vegetables, they're like one family.

Ahn expressed that he had watched many movies of Andy when he was in Korea, he feel that Andy is very handsome, seeing him is believing, he's happy to collaborate with Andy and he respected Andy for continue working even though he was injured, when Andy was shooting the scene riding on the horse, Andy seems very familiar on riding horse.

More than 20 reporters from Korea were present for the visit, also all of them wanted to take a photograph with Andy as they exclaimed that they grow up with Andy's movies. When Ahn was interviewed by a reporter, he asked her: "You like Andy Lau very much? Haha!" The female reporter's face immediately turned red. Some female reporters even shouted to Andy: "Andy, I love you."

Reporters from Mainland China pointed out that Andy had been location filming in China many times recently, Andy quipped that he never differ Mainland China from Hong Kong as it's all movies by Chinese but there's one question that he doesn't understand why he was so popular in Korea but no movie company from Korea approach him for collaboration, he hope to collaborate with a Korean director in the future.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Sina.com

| Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's not every day that an international artist takes an interest in Hong Kong's stars. But Paris-based Hungarian painter Anton Molnar (below) is fascinated enough by Andy Lau Tak-wah to make him the subject of two canvases. The oils are featured in a new exhibition at the Opera Gallery, on Queen's Road Central, opening tomorrow.

Molnar says he was introduced to the artistry of Lau by an old Hong Kong friend, celebrity gourmet Chua Lam.

'I've known Chua Lam for 20 years and when he was in Budapest he talked a lot about Andy Lau,' says Molnar from Paris. "Then, in Singapore I saw a beautiful book about him and thought it would be interesting to capture in a painting a little bit of his career evolution. Chua also showed me some of Andy Lau's records and I thought, "Wow, they're fantastic". But I've only seen one of his films and it was only in Chinese. I don't know the film, but he changed the colour of his hair in it."

Molnar will be in town and is hoping the Canto-pop king will drop by for the opening, too. "Chua told me Andy Lau said he will come if he can."

news from: South China Morning Post

| Friday, November 25, 2005

Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures invested movie - Muk-gong was currently under filming, the images of Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Nicky Wu were kept under wrapped, the movie company finally revealed their image to the media yesterday. When Andy request to shake bald to look the same with his character's image in the manga being rejected by the director, he decided to keep a moustache to accomodate the character.

The movie is based on the blue print of Muk-gong which is the war stories during the Qin dynasty, all the characters were dressed very simple, the most eye catching would be Andy's image as his hair was styled to the center which looked more modern, whereas he was dressed like a wanderer which fit Ge Li's wanderer character.

It was told that Andy initial wanted to shave his head to be original as the manga but his suggestion was rejected by director Jacob Chang as he need not follow the original manga and most importantly to have his own style. Although Andy couldn't shave, he change his mind to keep a moustache instead, he explains: "During war, everyone put their time to protect lives, as one will forget when to eat, how they could have time to shave?" Indeed, Andy had good intentions.

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, MingPao, Wei Wen Po

Earlier Andy Lau went into the studio for the photo shoot for Cyma 2005 winter season watches poster advertisment, his partners for the commerical were a pretty model and a Golden Retriever. Many director would had agree that an animal and children are the most hard to control actors.

For the purpose of multiple images, Andy suggested to the company to shoot the first series with his moustache image which met the feeling of carefree and happiness.

As for the female series, it was more creative as it stress on the importance of partners supporting each other, Andy thinks that moral support between each other is important as a word of concern from your partner is the mental medicine.

In another series of commercial, Andy had a Golden Retriever as his partner, when he caress the head of the dog, being not used to it, the dog runs back to its owner behind the camera. Andy was disappointed that the dog doesn't appreciate his love. Andy then asked the owner: "It's a male or female?"

When told that the dog is a male, he quipped: "No wonder I couldn't attract him!"

He will shoot for the later series after he had shave his moustache.

news from: MingPao, SingTao News, Orienatal Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

For the major period movie - Muk-gong, Andy Lau kept a moustache to become the subordinate of general Mozi.

Although many people feel that Andy looked more fresh without the moustache, being hardworking and professional, Andy says: "Without the director's permission, nobody can touch my moustache."

Muk-gong which is directed by Jacob Chang and an investment of US$16 million, Andy whom recently injured his left leg's tendon when he was shooting a scene where he require to jump off from high heights, thus he was switched to shoot non-action scenes.

Two days ago, Andy jet back to Hong Kong to seek treatment. When he seek treatment from doctor in Mainland China, the doctor advise him to rest for 6 weeks, whereas the doctor in Hong Kong thinks that his injury is not that serious and it would recover within 2 weeks, an excited Andy can't wait for the movie to complete shooting.

The temperature in Beijing is less than zero degree celius, however with his previous experience of location shooting for House of Flying Daggers in Ukraine, he knew what is meant cold, thus he could still brave the coldness. Actually director Zhang Yimou gave him thermal coat when location shooting in Ukraine, thus when he feel cold during the location shooting in Beijing, he would wear the thermal coat to keep himself warm.

news from: United Daily News

| Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's just 3 weeks away from Andy Lau's Vision Tour concert, it's heard that the tickets sales was doing very well. Other than that, the organiser also arranged 200 tickets for disabled students to share their joy with Andy!

The in-charge of the disabled centre expressed that whenever there is a concert, their students would enquiry on the possibility of watching the concert. Most of the time, the centre would approach the organiser to express their interest of some special tickets for the concert.

Absolute Entertainment director expressed that whenever Andy hold a concert, he would always support such charity actions, thus base on Andy's doing charity spirit, the pathway near the stage would be specially reserved for the 200 students to enjoy the concert.

In addition, Andy would arrive in Malaysia on 9 December to prepare for his concert, although Andy injured his leg when location shooting in Mainland China recently but the director gave the fans a confidence boost by expressing that Andy's injury is not serious and he would put up his best show for the fans!

news from: ChinaPress

| Tuesday, November 22, 2005

[Note: Apologise for the typo error in the title, it should be "suitable" instead of "suitabel", had corrected it!]

Andy Lau and Felix Wong had known each other for 26 years, they built their friendship from the days of TVB 5 Tigers. Andy then invited Felix to be his father in the movie Wait 'Til You're Older, when talked about whom among the 5 Tigers is not suitable to become a father, both said Tony Leung Chiu Wai!

Both Andy and Felix were members of TVB 5 Tigers, since it dis-band, both seldom contact each other. Andy revealed since the death of Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, he feel that he should not neglect his friends and one should slow down the life tempo and spend more time with friends and family members, thus he became buddies with Felix and invite him to be his father in Wait 'Til You're Older, Andy quipped: "When I read the script, I immediately feel that Felix is suitable for the role, when I see him obeying his wife and children, thus I invited him."

In the eyes of Felix, Andy was very hardworking when he entered the TVB artiste training classes, "Andy wanted to do everything, no matter working or training, he's very hardworking."

Felix was also influenced by Andy as he also loves bowling now, being the instructor, Andy praise that Felix is talented as he only trained for 6 months and could reach the standard that he took 2-3 years to reach.

When talked about the old friends among the 5 Tigers, whom is a good father, Felix recommends Andy, "I think he's in a correct thinking on teaching and management, he's great." Andy thinks that Miu Kiu Wai is a very serious father. When asked whom doesn't look like a good father, both quoted Tony as not a good father. Felix says: "Tony don't look like a father, he look like a kid." Andy agrees, "I think that Tony is still searching his own world, he's a very romantic person, so romantic that one doesn't like to have children, when he become a father, his romantic level will drop."

Wait 'Til You're Older did well at the box office in Hong Kong as it could collect HK$20 million, it was still screening in Taiwan, several parents think that it's a suitable movie to bring their children to watch the movie, Andy says: "This movie is mainly talking about time, cherish and the misunderstanding of 2 generations, time is important to both adults and children."

Although Andy had to endure the hardship of putting up makeup but being an old man is not difficult for him, whereas the scene when he just transform to an adult is more difficult, he says: "It's a huge challenge, it can't be too exaggerating."

With regards to sacrificing his handsome face for the makeup and challenging his acting and physical limits, Andy says: "I understand why many people reject such characters, it's really tough, but life is tough, no escape, after this experience, I believe Hong Kong's makeup special effect could develop, we won't lose to Hollywood!"

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau whom injured his leg during Muk-gong's location shooting in Beijing, the director gave him several days off to jet back to Hong Kong to see doctor, thus he seize the chance to hold a rewarding celebration for All About Love which had collected HK$12 million.

Although he was not tipped to do well whenever he invest in movies, but Andy never gave up his dream, his invested All About Love earn money and had a good box office takings, another of his invested movie - The Shoe Fairy won the Best Art Direction in the recent Golden Horse Films Awards, which delights him.

He said: "Maybe when I invest, I won't earn a lot of money, but at least I didn't lose money, if I continue to work hard, produce more good movies, then people would not worry for me, when I've job, everybody would have job!" Andy's speech won the applause from those present.

Andy's Focus Film had invested in 6 movies where The Shoe Fairy would be screened next year but already won an award in the Golden Horse Film Awards. Another 2 movies Free to Drink Tea and Sun Rain (both literally translated) had already finished filming. Andy hope the other 5 movies would have good results and reached his initial target, that is, giving newcomers a chance and bred new blood for the Hong Kong movie industry.

Andy had a 20-tables dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui's Royal Garden Hotel previous night. Being the boss, he had HK$100,000 from his own pocket as the prize money for the lucky draw in order to reward his workers, this delights them.

However, the 2 female leads - Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung were absent due to work committments. Charlene called Andy from Mainland China to complain: "What's wrong, asked you to wait for me and you didn't."

Charlie whom was location shooting in Malaysia made a long-distance phone call and said: "I'm sad that I'm unable to attend the celebration, I've no chance of winning the $100,000 prize money, it's not reasonable, I feel that Andy should wait for me and Charlene to return and do another celebration."

The "tomorrow braclet" that Andy gave Charlene and Charlie in the movie sold out several times when put on sale on his official website, someone even auction it in the internet and the price was raised to HK$1,000 from HK$120. In order not to disappoint fans, he decided to release a 2,000 sets of special edition DVD in early Decemeber which would include the movie pictorial book, twin DVD with the making of the movie and a "tomorrow braclet".

After being checked by Hong Kong doctors, the doctor pointed out that his inhury was no longer serious, most importantly is not to do too much huge movements and bends too much, it would fully recover within 3 weeks. Before leaving Hong Kong, Andy would take a flu prevention injection to ensure he return for work with a healthy body.

news from: Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po

| Sunday, November 20, 2005

Last week, Andy Lau fall from high heights and injured his left leg's tendon. Around 1:00AM, Andy whom yet recover from his injury return to Hong Kong with his assistants from Beijing to seek treatment in Hong Kong.

After his injury, there was allegations that he broke a bone in his leg, there was even allegations in Internet that he had passed away, when fans knew that he was returning to Hong Kong, they brought presents and wishing cards to the airport to pick him up. When they see their idol walked slowly out of the arrival hall, albeit limping, but they can at least relax.

From what is seem, Andy walked rather slowly, he expressed that his injury had yet recovered as he would feel slight pain when he walks. After receiving the presents and cards from fans, Andy urge the fans to go back home to rest as it was not early.

According to sources, the purpose for Andy's trip back to Hong Kong is to seek treatment and have another thorughly check before returning to Mainland China to continue shooting of Muk-gong.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News