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| Friday, June 30, 2006

Bravo China - Hong Kong Handover 9th Anniversary was held at the Hong Kong Coliesuem last night.

Around afternoon, performing stars which includes Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Denise Ho, Jordan Chan and Mainland China singer Sha Bao Liang were present for the rehearsal and praying ritual.

Andy also fed other singers with roast pig after the ritual.

Andy revealed that he would pick some positive songs to sing as he had picked 'Zhong Guo Ren' and 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing'. As this is the 9th anniversary, Andy expressed that he participated in different celebration activities every year as he feel that it's a birthday party where everyone come to celebrate.

With regards to the earlier report of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts decided to present him to become its Honorary Fellow Member, Andy revealed that HKAPA would present to him in July. When asked how he felt? He expressed: "After contributing so much to showbiz in recent years, it's been rough times, take for example going overseas film festivals to promote Hong Kong, when I feel tired, this Honorary Fellow Member award gave me encouragment."

When asked if he would like to receive a Degree of Doctor, Andy expressed that he had not thought of it. When asked of his parents' reaction being presented the Honorary Fellow Member, he quipped: "It's the same reaction as you (reporters), they asked me what's a Honorary Fellow Member?" After explained to his parents, they encourage him to work hard as though he was the top three of the class.

When asked if he was presented the Honorary Fellow Member late? He quipped: "I'm the same age with Anthony Wong, he only being presented last year, both of us were presented late, previously only Chow Yun Fat and Pak Sheut Sin were presented."

Some reporters were quipping that Andy had "promoted", he immediately quipped: "Maybe it's too early! This is just an encouragment, hope I could be like them to have some big contribution." When asked if his parents would be present for the presentation ceremony, Andy expressed that his parents would be jetting off to visit his sister, he quipped: "I always get to meet my parents, but meeting your married daughter would not be too common, thus they would be flying off to meet her."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Sina.com

| Thursday, June 29, 2006

Being the producer of the movie Crazy Stone, Andy Lau attended the promotional activity of the movie in Shanghai. Actually he's also one of the founder for Focus First Cuts, when interviewed, the reporter asked him how he become a producer and Andy has something to share with us.

Being in the movie industry for more than 10 years, the production of a movie should be at the fingertips of Andy, just like a director abd producer, Andy would be able to take up the posts. However, when asked why he choose to be a producer instead, Andy express that he's too soft-hearted, thus he does not want to be a director which will hurt people's feelings.

Andy says: "I feel that (being a director) will hurt many people's feelings, I scold the person (till he cries). I find that many directors are not really good temper, they'll vent their temper, only the one paying won't as I need to tell what I want and requested, then I can leave, they can see the whole creation, I need not fight with them."

Reporter asked: "You want returns when you invest, so what's your standard when you invest?"

Andy: "Then, I'll tell them (directors) that what I wanted is some commercialise and I don't care of the rest, I just mention about commercialise."

It seems that after some consideration on whether the audience will like the movie before investing. Before Crazy Stone is screened, it had already won good reviews from the audiences, Andy didn't made a wrong choice.

Andy: "I only watch the movie today, I feel that other than the commercialise that I've requested, there's still an additional element. I'm very satisfied, very satisfied, I've nothing more to say."

Andy will continue to invest in the rest of the film projects of Focus First Cuts, although the money invested is not much, but Andy express that small budget doesn't produce bad movies, he himself was in small budget movies until he reach this stage.

Andy says: "I've many movies to my name, basically from 1990 to 2000, no people invest a lot of money on me, I was in some small budget movies, many new directors work with me, in Hong Kong, I was in the first movie of Jacob Chang and Wong Kar Wai, many new directors all look for me, I really hope these new directors will become a big directors, then in future they'll remember me, I'm just the investor."

news from: cctv.com

| Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At the large scale variety show Bravo China, heavenly king megastar Andy Lau sang the song Zhong Guo Ren, his singing won the hearts of many patriot's hearts.

Many years ago, Andy help the government to trigger the economy by shooting a commerical with the golden phrase which similiar to his songs won the hearts of the citizens, he said: "The current customer service is not up to standard!" This commercial encourage the citizens to hold onto their job and show more sincerity in order to attract tourists, this allow Hong Kong's economy to revive. So what kind of encouragements does Andy has for us?

"If you asked me, I think I'll use back the phrase of 'The current customer service is not up to standard' to encourage everyone. Because people are still using this phrase, this shows that Hongkongers had a hardworking mentailty, no matter how difficult days are, they're not disappointed, we're still trying to improve, this phrase not only show the attitude of those in service side, it represents every hearts in Hong Kong, with the current prosperity in Hong Kong, we still need to improve, we hope Hong Kong to be well forever."

"The society is formed by people, if everyone did their part, the society will get well. After handing over for 9 years, everyone experience the high and low finanical periods, no matter what happens, I strongly believe Hongkongers could get through it. In the past 1 year, Hong Kong's financial seems to get better, but the same old phrase current customer service is not up to standard' . We can still improve, still many things to work hard on, I believe the Hong Kong government, Chinese government has the same hope as us, thats Hong Kong to be doing well. However, Roma is not built within one day, thus all must endure and continue to work hard, a society need to collaborate in order to succeed, the government need to improve, we also need to improve, everyone work hard then we can achieve our dreams."

Andy was once be voted by teenagers as the man to become the Chief Executive, it's because of his healthy image, filial and hardworking. Andy has a nickname of 'tie ren' in showbiz, everyone thinks that he's as hardworking as his Chinese zodiac - Ox.

"Hongkongers are famous for being hardworking, this is the beauty of Chinese, I don't mind to be an ox, hope everyone continue to work hard and built this society. China is our parents, Hong Kong is like a children that came back from overseas studies, on certain point of view and thoughts, the parent and children think differently, should not fight with each other but need to communicate and agree on terms, this will have harmony, I believe no parents would harm their children, and believe that Hong Kong will want to be a good children."

news from: Wei Wen Po

It had been more than 20 years that Andy Lau joined showbiz, he had won numerous awards for his music and movies, with such an outstanding result, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts decided to present him to become its Honorary Fellow Member in appreciation of his contribution in showbiz.

When informed through the telephone, Andy expressed that he was delighted to be able to become the Academy's Honorary Fellow Member.

Past Honorary Fellow Member includes Jackie Chan (in 1998), Chow Yun Fat (in 1999), Siu Fong Fong (in 2000), director John Woo (in 2002), Anthony Wong and Stanley Ho in 2004.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Veteran Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau has denied rumours that he is gay.

Asked by an interviewer on Hong Kong's TVB station on whether he is a homosexual, he said: "I'm not, but if you say I am, I don't think it's a bad thing. Maybe my attitude has caused misunderstanding. I've never pronounced loudly I'm not gay, and I don't think there's the need to do so."

Lau, 44, said he has gay friends, in the interview carried in the Ming Pao Weekly magazine on Sunday after it was aired on Saturday.

Asked about experiences with gays showing romantic interest in him, he said: "It's very direct. They're a frank crowd."

He is known as a fierce Chinese nationalist and in the interview, he took issue with people who complain that he performs frequently in the traditional Chinese robe. "Some people say, 'He's singing in cheongsam again?' I think it's very annoying, " he said.

"What's wrong with cheongsam? I don't know if the people who say that are Chinese."

news from: The Straits Times - LifeBuzz!

PPIG had won the copyrights certificate for Andy Lau's 2006 latest Cantonese album's mobile services from National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China. This means that the company would be launching the ringtones, song dedication, music streaming and pictures of Andy's soon-to-be-released Cantonese album.

The vice-chairman of NCA(PRC) said: "According to copyright ruling, there will be copyright issues. This copyright certificate protects the rights of the copyright owner and it also allows the certificate owner to perform its rights legally."

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, June 25, 2006

Despite Andy Lau being a heavenly king megastar, still has to taste the good food is around the world, he still visit the tea-house restaurant frequent visited by normal Hongkongers. Around 5:30pm, he was spotted having fish ball noodles at Central, he also had some take-aways, he did spotted the reporters when boarding his car and he wave to them.

In addition, Andy was earlier interviewed by TVB's top executive Stephen Chan. They talked about his love life, Andy did not admit or denied of his alleged relationship with Zhu Liqian but claimed that he will get married and have children at the suitable time. He revealed that he does not discount the chances of getting married 2-3 years later, he said: "If I like to have children, I will get married as soon as possible but currently I'm not yet mentally prepared, it's a huge responsibility to be a father, I wish to accompany my son to grow up, maybe within these 2-3 years I suddenly will have a girlfriend, suddenly get married." He pointed out that he would be the same with others when in relationship, most of the time will go overseas.

Recently, many Hong Kong artistes had ventured into Hollywood, Andy revealed that in the early 90's he was actually being offered a scene of sucking his toes in Madame Butterfly but was rejected by him, he said: "I told him, I'm an asian superstar, can I be exempted from that scene? The person told me that I'm not thus he found a replacement." With regards of venturing into Hollywood, Andy stressed that he would not fight for it as he always think that they don't treat Asian artistes seriously.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

Andy Lau whom is widely known as "tie-ren" in showbiz took some time off to meet up with good friend Lin Xi two nights ago.

Around 9:00pm, reporter discover Andy's 7-seaters was parked at Causeway Bay's Sunning Road. Until around 1:00am, Andy, Lin Xi and a friend walked out of the Japanese restaurant. They bid each other farewell and went their separate ways.

Andy's assistant expressed yesterday: "Andy and Li Xi was discussing about collaborating in music, they went off around 1:00am, Li Xi had to go home early to compose song!"

In addition, there was an alleged report in Beijing earlier that Andy was murdered which makes Andy's management company and fans unhappy, Andy's music distribution company in Beijing yesterday held a press conference to express that they will file a lawsuit against the newspaper.

news from: Sun News

| Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lee Ang, Feng Xiaogang, Andy Lau and Cold Mountain's director Anthony Minghella attended a secret party titled Silver screen's London organised by England's Embassy at Shanghai Grand 18. The surprise appearance of them was the the highlight of the event.

Around 11:00 PM, Lee Ang arrived with securities and was welcome with screams before being escorted into the VIP room. Half an hour later, Andy dressed in white western suit arrived which caused a major stir. After Andy enter the VIP room to meet up with Feng Xiaogang and Anthony Minghella. The four of them left the VIP room after 1:00 AM. The awaiting fans were excited after they managed to take some photographs after waiting for more than 3 hours.

Feng revealed that they discussed on plans to develop Chinese movies, they though of mixing the Chinese and Western to accomodate each other, the concrete actions are still under discussion. The two Chinese directors also seize the chance to introduce Andy to the foreign directors.

This one-week Silver screen's London activity is organised by England's Embassy to provide a chance for Chinese-British movie industry to communicate. The Silver screen's London film festival, England Movie School Trip seminar, Anthony Minghella movies showcase and England Short Film Festival will be held in Shanghai, audience will get to watch Pride and Prejudice, Match Point, Closer, English Patient and other movies.

news from: Ta Kung Po

Yu Kexin held a press conference in Taipei yesterday to clarify that she had no intention of "hiring someone to murder Andy Lau's son", with regards to Song Zude exposing her, she feel that: "So sorry to Mr. Lau!"

Yu expressed that she's unsure of Andy's current love life as it does not concern her. She said yesterday: "Everything about Andy Lau is none of my business and does not concern me, he has no children, I don't care and not asked about it, if it hurt our beloved heavenly king, this is what I would not like to see."

Yu then admit: "Song tried to woo me and I rejected him, he then approached me to be in a sex enhancement commercial where he will be my husband and the fees being raise to NT$2 million from NT$200,000, such commerical tarnish my image thus I won't accept it no matter how high the fee is. All this accumlated, maybe he hate me."

On Song creating news using her name, she's very troubled as Song helped her set up a blog on Sina and post messages without her permission which angers her, she said: "Never expected that such matters still related to me!"

news from: SingPao, ChinaTimes, udn news

| Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Recently Andy Lau, Lee Ang, Feng Xiaogang and Cold Mountain's director Anthony Minghella attended a London movie week party organised by England's Embassy.

The four of them stayed in the VIP room for a discussion that last 35 minutes. According to inside analysis, this gathering should be related to the Chinese development and collaboration with overseas suggested by Feng Xiaogang during the earlier Shanghai movie award ceremony, it's also a chance to introduce Andy to overseas' directors.

news from: Sina.com

After watching the premiere of Crazy Stone, Andy Lau was delighted with the movie and its director Ning Hao. After the press conference had ended, Andy had an exclusive discussion with Sina.

Sina (S) : Andy, Crazy Stone is one of the project of Focus First Cuts, how you come about this plan?

Andy (A) : Before starting Focus First Cuts, my company went out to look for some new directors and found out that many new directors had directed good films. After watching Mongolian Pingpong, the kind of humour is within my heart, I will feel that it's slow when watching it. I then picked the director of Mongolian Pingpong and asked my staff to check if he has any new projects and I need to discuss a collaboration with him. Then he gave me crazy stone, a movie similiar to a Hong Kong production. Maybe the director need to change a bit by looking at the commercial side, after that I only watch it today, I feel that it's higher than my expectation.

S : Are you very satisfied with Ning Hao's movie?

A : I'm extremely delighted! I've nothing more to say.

S : So how you think Crazy Stone will fare in the market?

A : I think if I can accept it, the audience will accept it too. Because I'm very commercialise, the market should accept around 90%.

S : How you think about the box office collection?

A : This is hard to say, box office collection is not related to a good movie.

S : Crazy Stone is a movie converse in Sichuan language, wil you think people from other areas or countries would accept it?

A : I'm not sure of Mainland China, if it's overseas like Hong Kong, no matter what language, whether you understand, he's only watching, if it's a dialect, I think it's passable.

S : Crazy Stone is a black humour, do you think this is a genre that's worth looking at? So would your company produce black humour movies?

A : I hope, I hope Chinese movies can be similiar to European movie. I watched some European movies, they're commercialise but the the quality is there. Amercia is different, I heard that Infernal Affairs made a huge change, I've yet watch it, they will look at the commercial value and change the whole feeling. I feel that Ning Hao's direction should to something like Woody Allen, maybe one day he be shooting comedies.

S : Would the audience in Hong Kong like Crazy Stone?

A : After watching it today, my first thought is to bring this movie to Hong Kong, I feel that they should feel it too.

S : As a producer, how would you promote this movie in Hong Kong?

A : As I don't have a complete distribution network in Hong Kong, I will approach some very good people to watch it and we can screen it in some artistic cinemas in order for the audience to accept it.

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau was in Shanghai to attend the press conference and premiere of one of his Focus First Cut's project, Crazy Stone. His presence attracted more than 200 reporters to "support" the heavenly king.

Before the premiere, the organiser arranged director Ning Hao to talk with the press. However when reporters detected Andy at the door, screams can be heard as all the camera lens changed to his direction.

Discovering that he had snatch the limelight, he hide behind the door and this does not stop the reporters to stop snapping away. On seeing the situation, the organiser quickly asked Andy to come onstage. The reporters then exclaimed: "Andy, look here!" ; "Andy wave your hand!", the moment Andy went onstage, it started a 5-minutes photo-taking session.

Andy wore a causal black western suit, he appeared tired and slimmer than before. Similiar to past events, he's still the prince charming of the female audience. When he appeared, he immediately received a bouquet of flowers from a pretty lady.

As Ning Hao is the only representative of his Focus First Cuts' director from Mainland China, thus he came with a jade necklace as gift for him.

Throughout the 1.5 hours of screening, there would be laughters for every 3 minutes and there were at least 20 times of applauses. After the screening, the audience applause for a total of 5 minutes.

Seated at the fifth row, Andy was delighted of his invested film's popularity, and he loved every characters in the movie including the supporting characters as he immediately asked Ning Hao: "I hope to collaborate with you, what about in your next movie? I can't wait to collaborate with you."

Andy added: "After reading the script, I knew that Ning Hao will do well, now the end result exceeded my initial expectations. Previously when I watch Ning Hao's previous movie - Mongolian Pingpong, I feel that the humour could not be found in Hong Kong movies." Andy express his disappointment not to be cast in Crazy Stone as he quipped: "Ning Hao look on the outlook, when I introduce myself initially, he told me that my image is a far distance from this movie."

However he appeared nervous during the question and answer segment. It's not known if he's afraid of questions asking about his "son", all reporters has no rights of coming up with questions as other than questions asked on World Without Thieves, the other questions were pre-set by the organiser.

Reporters asked that Crazy Stone was similiar to Feng Xiaogang's World Without Thieves as even the commercials was similiar. Andy answers: "This is also the first time that I watch the whole movie. If any parts that's similiar to World Without Thieves, I can only say that it's coincidence."

After a few questions being asked and 20 minutes passed, the oragnsier announced that the press conference had come to an end. Andy then said to the reporters: "Thanks you, hope everyone could promote this movie, this is not a bad movie."

The reporters shouted out his name and questions to display their unhappiness. Seeing the situation is not right, Andy runs to the reporters to hear their questions, before the reporters could say "Song Zude", the compere immediately said in a louder volume that the event has come to an end before Andy was being escort away by the crew members.

When reporters contacted Andy's management company with regards to the "son's photograph" matter, they only replied: "Currently there are too many crazy stone." The company's spokesman exclaimed that Andy would only spent time to promote the movie and would not care of such allegations.

news from: Sina.com

Song Zude whom was famous for his "big mouth" in Mainland China has a "new work".

During his promotion of a new film in Shanghai Television Festival, he brought out a photograph of a little boy claiming that it was the photograph of Andy Lau's "son", he claimed that he bought the photograph from Yu Kexin with $400,000. The "3-years-old son" was borne by Zhu Liqian and the photograph was bought from Zhu's nanny with $600,000 by a private investigator hired by Yu whom had initial plan of killing the "son".

He also added that Zhu borne Andy a "5-years-old daughter" and the "3-years-old son", he thinks that Andy should gave Yu a large sum of money for her "to enjoy the rest of her life".

Meanwhile, Yu whom is currently in Taipei was angry of the allegation as she exclaimed that she got a telephone call from Song two days ago to instruct her on the "photo of Andy's son that was bought from the private investigator", he also reminded her: "If reporters asked any questions, please don't tell them anything." Yu said that Song always exclaimed that he was attracted to her eyes which caused him to "lose his senses". Yu added: "It's surely the case of his failure to woo me and came up with such allegations!" Yu had contacted her lawyer in Mainland China to investigate this matter to bring a lawsuit on Song.

Andy whom was in Shanghai to attend his Focus First Cut's Crazy Stone press conference answered Song's allegations, his spokesman replied: "This is not true, Andy whom attended the premiere for Crazy Stone and never expected to see things crazier than the movie had happened." The spokesman added: "This is rubbish, we would not be replying on this matter."

news from: Ming Pao, SingPao, Sun News, udn news

Although they're not TV artistes but Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, "Taiwan's number one supermodel" Lin Chiling and Korea's 12-members group Super Junior popularity shaken Shanghai S.E.A Stadium where Shanghai Television Festival opening ceremony was held.

Lin was the compere of the event with 2 other top comperes from Mainland China. When the compere introduce Lin whom was dressed in a bare-black dress was welcome with loud applause and she said: "I love Shanghai, your enthusiasm is too cute, all my initial nervous are gone."

All performing guests were arranged to sing one songs except Andy whom was arranged to sing two songs namely 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian' and 'Zhong Guo Ren'. Other than the fans were attracted by Andy's charisma, even sexy godness Lin transformed into a fan as she show her enthusiasm by clapping and singing along with Andy who replied with a gentleman and charisma look back to her.

Other than attending the opening ceremony, Andy will also get to meet some directors that he admired to discuss about collaboration, he says: "I'll meet Tian Zhuang Zhuang and Luc Besson, I love their films, Luc Besson's films is suitable for Asian and I always wanted to collaborate with him."

In addition, Andy revealed that he would start shooting a new movie directed by Peter Chan and Derek Yee next month, he admitted that Olivier Assayas did discuss with him on a collaboration, due to crash of schedule, the collaboration will be postponed.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Apple Daily News, Sina.com

| Monday, June 19, 2006

pictures from: Sina.com

Andy Lau had a Andy World Club gathering with 2,000 fans from all over the world on the night before jetting to Shanghai to attend Shanghai International Film Festival. As it's AWC's 18th anniversary thus it was a rowdy gathering, Andy also seize the chance to celebrate Father's Day with his father.

Andy invited Lam Ka-tung to perform several large scale magic performance with him, both of them are full of expressions and comical which won the cheers and applause from the fans and Andy's parents.

Lam pointed out that he was very excited of the magic performances as it's the first time that he would use knifes to "insert" into his boss. He exclaimed that he was really surprised when he was told that he could insert knifes into Andy. He quipped: "How would I have the heart to do this to such a good boss, but during the performance, when inserting at the most difficult position, I feel pressurise, adding on to the painful screams from Andy, my hands are shaking."

Andy performed "empty-heart-person" as Lam insert his hand into his body and "grope", suddenly a female assistant was grabbed out from his body.

Andy pointed out that these magic are small tricks as he hope to learn and perform more magic for his fans.

When asked if he would pass this "won't die after knifes inserted into body" trick to his good buddy Hacken Lee whom had many allegation recently with regards to his compering of the World Cup programme. Andy express that he also supported Hacken as he did a great job, the tempo of the programme is good, he can be considered as a professional compere, he should continue to work hard.

Andy says: "I think Hacken already had an iron body, nothing to be afraid of. If he really wants, I could teach him the skill, this trick is very easy to learn, inserting the knifes into a beauty will also do, hope it would chase the unhappiness away."

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com