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| Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Andy Lau is always the most hardworking among artistes. Even it's Chinese New Year, Andy still appeared in Shanghai for location shooting of Ci Ma thus showing off the role model of hardworking.

Andy expressed in his dairy that he started work on the third day of Chinese New Year as he travel around Shanghai Film Park and Shanghai location shooting venue. It was raining in Shanghai, when he took photograph, the rain looked like snow which made him think of his home, maybe it's due to Chinese New Year. Andy also expressed that he only spend two day at home during the Chinese New Year before setting off for work, as it was raining, the normal busy roads were quiet as everyone was at home for the Chinese New Year.

Although thinking of home when overseas, but he still have many pigs by his side. Andy showed off the cute side of him. On his off day, he sat alone in his room and photograph with the pigs as if he's one of them.

news from: Wei Wen Po
pictures from: Forum.awc618.com

| Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Among artistes, Andy Lau is always being considered as a workaholic as during the Chinese New Year, he still appeared in Shanghai wearing a winter clothing for location shooting for Peter Chan's Ci Ma in Mainland China. On the third day of Chinese New Year, hardworking heavenly king started work in China as he location shooting in Hengdian and Shanghai, some fans even send him off at the airport with presents and red packets which delights Andy.

To rush the shooting for Ci Ma, Peter Chan and his shooting crew members carried on working throughout the Chinese New Year holidays, it's quite tough. Other than the shooting crew members, the 2 male leads didn't get to rest too as Andy whom return to his home in Hong Kong for reunion dinner on the first day of Chinese New Year, he set off for Shanghai on the second day of Chinese New Year. From Shanghai, he set off to the shooting venue in Hengdian, he also need to travel around between Shanghai and Hengdian to complete the shooting. Andy's fans are indeed die hard fans as they also didn't rest during the Chinese New Year holidays as close to 30 fans waited for Andy for the whole day at Pudong airport as they wished to send their presents and new year greetings to their idol.

Around 5:00pm, Andy's flight touched down at the airport. Andy's assistant was send out to check on the situation and didn't see any media reporters, then Andy whom was wearing a snow hat and winter clothings walked out of the custom and get close contact with his fans. Andy is very familiar with these fans whom had followed him around for many years, when he saw the presents, a delighted Andy does not know what to say as he collect the presents and recognise the outlook of the fans as if he wanted to remember the smiling faces of the fans into his memory. Within 5 minutes, Andy's hand was full of red packets, in addition to tibits and flowers were also being stuffed to him, Andy had no choice but to ask his assistant to help him with the presents. Andy also love good luck in the Chinese New Year as fans also didn't forget as Andy collect all the red packets but he won't be using the money in the red packets as the red packets collected every year would be donated to his charity fund for charity purposes, when fans gave him red packets, he would not reject them. In addition, to prevent fans from waiting overnight for him, he specially leave message on his website asking his fans not to wait or meet him at his hotel nor the shooting venue, he's also worried of the safety of the fans.

Andy whom collected so many presents didn't forget to prepare red packets which are all in his luggage. He revealed in his official website that he estimated to give out more than 1000 red packets, "There are around 500 crew members!" Andy would not be suffering from any heartaches for giving out so many red packets as he thinks that giving away red packets is a delightful procedure., he says: "It's fortunate to be able to give red packets." Andy quipped that the most important reason is that he's not married.

news from: Sina.com

The Departed which was adapted from Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs allow director Martin Scorsese to win his first Best Director and Best Film awards in this year's Oscars. Meanwhile, the four creators of Infernal Affairs: director Andrew Lau, director and scriptwriter Alan Mak, scriptwriter Felix Chong and male lead Andy Lau expressed their happiness and congratulations.

Director Andrew Lau expressed: "Many thanks to Martin Scorsese as he thanked us on stage, because this is very honored, this movie won a few awards in the Oscars, the film deserved it, although The Departed is not well received in Hong Kong but it's doing very well overseas, actually we've to learn many things from Hollywood movies, my next movie will start shooting in July or August, preparation works will start in America during March, then I'll meet up Martin for meal and celebrate the win."

Andrew's old partner - Infernal Affair's co-director and scriptwriter Alan Mak expressed: "I'm delighted and honored, this is a perfect story, from 2002 till now, it finally have a perfect full-stop and ending, when I heard that this movie is nominated, I hope that Martin will win the award, I did so little but still bring such a good effect on my idol, I'm delighted."

Felix Chong said: "Of course I'm happy, after watching The Departed, actually they change several parts of the story to enlarge the creativity space, the characters developments is colourful, they deserve to win the award."

Being the representative of the cast, Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Andy Lau said: "The Departed won so many awards, I'm proud of the film-makers of Hong Kong movie industry, we have reached the Hollywood standard, we should carry on to work harder. Many thanks to Martin Scorsese whom know how to admire Hong Kong movies and adapt it to allow it to shine even more, congratulation."

news from: yule.sohu.com, sina.com

| Friday, February 23, 2007

Directed by Peter Chan, Ci Ma had completed its shooting in Beijing as it moved its shooting to Shanghai Film Park. On the second day of Chinese New Year, Peter and arts director Tony Ching Siu Tung join the shooting crew followed by Andy Lau whom flew over from Hong Kong on the third day of Chinese New Year.

Shooting starts on the fourth day of Chinese New Year, it will be shooting a village scene where Andy was the only important actor. Andy whom shaved his head wore a grayish green woolen robe, with "scars" on the left of his head. When he alight from the car, most of the people could not recognise him. It would be a indoor shooting but with the presence of an elevator and Ching Siu Tung appearing, it's believed there would be fighting scenes.

The person in-charge of the props expressed that Andy and the extras only used 15 swords which is a small number. All the swords are made of wood, it can be re-use, the crew had spent a lot on the swords which is a major task on the props department.

It was heard that since shooting had started, an average of 2,000 swords were used, some male leads need to use 15-20 swords per day. Peter had planned one month ago to switch the shooting location to the film park to save time. Despite the difficult shooting, it didn't affect the shooting crew Chinese New Year festive mood as since starting work on the second day of Chinese New Year, Andy and Peter had distributed red packets to the crew members to wish them a good first day of work.

news from: SingPao, Wei Wen Po

Elaine Paige was tagged as the world's number one musical heavenly queen would be performing in Hong Kong Conventional Centre on 23 March. With 30-years experience, she had performed several classic musicals which includes Evita, Memory and Don't Cry For Me Argentina of the Cats musical. For a perfect performance, Elaine would be bring an entourage of 30-members orchestra for her Hong Kong performance.

Elaine whom was performing in Shanghai months ago was quoted saying that she admire Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau and had intention of inviting Andy to watch her performance and meet up with him during the post-performance celebration dinner.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Thursday, February 22, 2007

The box office takings for this year's Chinese New Year movies are better than previous years with Night At The Museum collecting HK$19,939,006 after 6 days of screening to become the box office champion, it's expected to break the $30,000,000 mark.

Although another Western movie - Music And Lyrics is having advance screening but it managed to collect $2,649,090 after 7 days. Animation movie Open Season collected $2,378,426 after 6 days of screening and Charlotte's Web collected $2,375,749 after 4 days of screening.

For Hong Kong production wise, Protege has the best result with $14,936,130 after 8 days of screening to become the box office champion for Hong Kong movies. It's a Wonderful Life, directed by Ronald Cheng collected $4,707,711 after 7 days of screening and Twins' Twin Mission collected $3,237,953 after 6 days of screening.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Before the Chinese New Year, Andy Lau was in Beijing location shooting for Ci Ma. When he took Chinese New Year photograph, he need to wear a snow hat and long thermal clothings as Beijing was extremely cold however when he return to Hong Kong to spend his Chinese New Year holiday, it was hot and he need to wear short sleeve throughout the holidays. No matter the differences in weather, he's most delighted to spend the holiday with his family.

Yesterday was the third day of Chinese New Year, Andy whom wore a snow hat and black sunglasses appeared at the airport as he was going to set off to Shanghai to continue shooting of Ci Ma. A number of fans were there to send him off and prepared to give him red packets.

For the past few days he accompanied his parents and collected red packets from them, he said: "I didn't collect much red packets that contain money, I didn't visit anyone, thus not much money collected." After touching down in Shanghai, he still need to take a 3-hours car ride to the shooting venue, he estimated that he would stay there for 3 weeks, there would be around 600 crew members, he had prepared 1000 red packets for distribution.

Andy also shared his first and second day of Chinese New Year celebration on his website - www.awc618.com with his fans. For the 2 days, many came to visit him. On the second day of Chinese New Year, Michael Miu, Kent Cheng and his colleagues came. They play penalty kicks and Michael was the biggest winner as Andy lost a few thousands dollars but he's still very happy as he won Mark Six lottery for the first time! The Mark Six ticket was given to him by his former assistant Alex in red packet and strike 3 numbers to win $20. He said: "Many thanks to Alex, this is my first time to strike Mark Six, some good luck in the new year is hard to come by, I specially took a photograph to remember this occassion." In addition, he also show the photograph of his blossom peach flower in his living room.

Andy know that Jet Li had set up One Charity Foundation, as he collaborate with him in Ci Ma, Jet had explained the details and reason of his foundation which Andy feel that it's very meaningful and Jet is very noble and he would like to do his part thus he asked his fans to response to Jet's plea, he says: "Jet told me that being a Chinese, one must do something for the country. Myself being a Chinese too, hope that myself being fortunate, every Chinese can also be fortunate. Everyone just need to donate $1, without any effect on yourself and could help others. The charity funds that were managed by Red Cross, I'm also very confident that these funds can be used properly to help build a better life, therefore putting one unreleased song (he rewrote the lyrics for a children song - 'Shi Er Ge Wei Sheng Mo' )onto the web for fans to download for free, hope they will automatically donate $1 or more after download the song to support this charity foundation."

Andy whom was nominated for Best Actor with Running On Karma in RTHK's Hong Kong Special Administrative 10th Anniversary Film Selection, he express: "Of course I hope to win, I also hope that every of my movie could touched people's heart!"

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po

| Sunday, February 18, 2007

Workaholic Andy Lau always has a tight schedule every year, this year is no exception as his work schedule is packed from beginning of the year to the end of the year, other than shooting of This Violent Land (Ci Ma) and Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, in the middle of the year he will start his concert tour in Mainland China, currently 20 shows, this does not includes the 15 nights of concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum during the Christmas holiday. On singing wise, Andy plans to release one Mandarin and Cantonese album, he also accepted 5 commercials from Hong Kong and China, several commercials still in the process of discussion.

With so many work, of course earn lots of money, calculating his $1,20000,000 asking fee for a movie, $1,0000,000 for a commercial and $1000,000 for every night concert earning, a rough calculation would add up to earning more than $1 billion for this year, Andy quipped: "Calculating for me already? Are you trying to steal the job of my accountant?" When asked if the figure is more than what he earn for last year, he said: "I really don't know, actually I never calculate every year, my company will help me manage my finance, I seldom look at the figures, I just know how to work, work and work, haha!" So what's the figure for your most fruitful year? He said: "I'm scared that you'll rob me, I'm not telling you."

Knowing how to earn money, must also know how to spend money, if not it's just a game of numbers, Andy said that he had a spending formula, his flow of earnings is the same for every year, one part for his parents, one part for investment funds, one part for the functioning of the company, he says: "The investment fund is an headache, I'm unsure, anyway most of the money will be deposit aside as funding, it's still stable, prepare for the future. I seldom carry many cash on me, I tried without any money, because I've no chance to use money."

news from: Apple Daily News

The 3 leaders in Hong Kong music industry - Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee send their Chinese New Year greetings on the first day of Chinese New Year with lion heads, they wish all Oriental Daily readers all dreams come true! Eason and Hacken whom had married were carrying lion head and distributing red packets to Andy!

Three of them like to "play" when comes to performing, even the more than 10 pounds lion head they still carry on playing, Andy also become the "leader" to instruct Eason and Hacken to raise the lion head, they also made mischevious pose.

Then Hacken and Eason transform into "Most Popular God of Fortune" to disrtibute red packets to Andy whom wish Hacken: "Wish your first child is a son, if it's a daughter it would be as pretty as your wife, gathering the wits and beauty to become little Hacken!"

Andy then wishes Eason: "Hope you continue to shine on your music career." Eason and Hacken then wishes Andy: "Hope you find a wife quick and borne children, officially can distribute red packets!"

With the 2 men talking to each other, it seems that this year's music industry will be doing very well.

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Friday, February 16, 2007

The 6 movies that will be screened during this Chinese New Year holidays are Protege, It's A Wonderful Life, Night At The Museum, Twins Mission, Open Season and Charlotte's Web had open in the cinema for the past few days.

Protege which starred Andy Lau, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu opens in the cinema this Tuesday (13 Feb) with good box office takings. It manages to collected HK$1880,000 (without calculating the midnight and advance screening), followed by Night At The Museum which collected HK$1440,000 and It's A Wonderful Life collected HK$570,000. Although Protege's theme is drugs and dark, but it's still attracting audience to become the current box office champion, to be able to collect HK$3190,000 in the space of 2 days, at least it won some face for Hong Kong movies.

For just 2 showtime on 13 Feb, it managed to collect $4000,000 in Mainland China, it exceeded $10000,000 on 14 Feb alone. In Hong Kong, the 2 advance screenings collected $1000,000 on 13 Feb, $2120,000 on Valentine's Day (14 Feb), accumulated HK$3190,000 in the space of 2 days.

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao

This year is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 10th Anniversary, to reward those whom had contributed to Hong Kong's movie industry from 1996 - 2006, RTHK and Hong Kong Film Awards collaborated to organise Hong Kong Special Administrative 10th Anniversary Film Selection. The nomination list for 11 awards that was picked by 23 movie industry's professionals after 2 rounds of voting were announced yesterday, the nominees are all heavyweights actors and directors. A total of 11 awards will be presented. The event will be held on 3 April.

Four awards were announced after earlier online voting, the awards are Hong Kong Special Administrative 10th Anniversary Most Unforgettable Film -- Happy Together, Hong Kong Special Administrative 10th Anniversary Most Unforgettable Movie Theme Song -- 'Wu Jian Dao' sang by Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai for Infernal Affairs, Hong Kong Special Administrative 10th Anniversary Most Unforgettable New Actor and Actress -- Alex Fong and Charlene Choi.

For the selection, Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer), Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Infernal Affairs), Anthony Wong (Ordinary Heroes), Andy Lau (Running On Karma) and Tony Leung Kar Fai (Election and Everlasting Regret) are vying for the Best Actor award.

news from: SingTao News, MingPao

| Wednesday, February 14, 2007


14 February 2007
The skinny: Drug lord Kun aka Banker (Andy Lau) wants to retire and pass on his trade secrets to his protege, Nick (Daniel Wu).

But Nick is an undercover narcotics agent, and as he gets embroiled in the trade, he finds himself torn between his duty as a cop and his friendship with Banker.

The review: Films surrounding the perennial topics of drugs, syndicates, and cops versus crooks are nothing new.

But while some movies such as Infernal Affairs set the standard, Protege remains, well, a protege in this genre.

With film heavyweights Derek Yee and Peter Chan as director and producer respectively, you'd expect a little more depth.

I can handle a simple story without an intricate plot, but not when the film-makers appear more interested in drumming in the anti-narcotics message than telling a good story.

In fact, I suspect the story is just an excuse for the message, played out by beautiful people of course.

Granted, the workings of the drug trafficking world are well-researched but when it comes to story-telling, Protege is merely scratching the surface.

Likeable and humane as the characters are, especially Banker, we are kept clueless about what motivates them to go down the path of no return.

Still, Protege is beautifully shot and the actors, especially Louis Koo and Zhang Jingchu as junkies, inject much flavour into their roles.

The one scene that justifies the ticket price:
In quiet contemplation after the deaths of Banker and his junkie neighbour Fan (Jingchu), Nick is about to give drugs a try but Fan's cute little daughter pops in and gives him a hug.

The one scene that will eject you from your seat: The ghastly scene where Fan convulses violently and writhes in pain after her husband (Louis) injects heroin into her neck. Later, Nick makes a grisly discovery of her rat-infested body, with eyes wide open and a trail of dried blood.

Best quote: The part where Nick ponders: 'People take drugs to fill the emptiness in them. So what's worse? Emptiness or drugs?'

Moral of the story: Drugs kill, need I say more?

- Avis Wong, Singapore The New Paper

It was said that Andy Lau changed his usual image and improved his acting in Protege, one said: "He also didn't acted well in the past, however I'm a hardworking actor." So what does Andy think of himself?

He and Ho Mei Ting were promoting Protege in Guangzhou and he finally told reporters what he think within his heart.

At the Guangzhou press conference, a lot of questions related to acting were directed at Andy. It clearly shows that he's used to such questions. In the interview that follows, although he's more truthful but reporters still feel that he's unhappy as his smile is hidden with sigh. Andy said that he despise his own acting: "Nobody ever said that I acted well, to be able to hold on till today is not easy."

He said that he's afraid that people referred him as an idol, whenever he heard this remark, he would have a sour feeling. He expressed that although he didn't show off this side of him but he's still aware of such comments. Andy sighs: "No matter how well I act, people will still refer me as an idol." After saying this, Andy brings up Fan Bingbing whom collaborated with him in A Battle Of Wits, "She's the same as me, maybe it's due to our looks, people just confirmed that we're idol and cannot act."

Although he despise his acting, but that didn't make him lose his confidence. He gave himself 99 marks for his performance as Kun in Protege as he used his own acting methods for this character. "In the past I will act as per to what the director told me to, meanwhile I came out with my own expression for Kun, on acting, everything is my idea, Derek Yee gave me a large space. Derek trusted me too much, other than telling me his requirements on the first day, the following days he just tell me ' Very good, this will do'. Such trust is very important to me, therefore this movie can be considered as my own stuff, if everyone don't like it, this means that my way of expression is wrong." He gave an example, in the Kun commit suicide scene, I've my own recreation, I made the character's feeling lighter, "Because the scene where he parted ways with Anita Yuen is touching enough."

Andy added that Kun is rather similar to him, he said: "Other than the different identity, I feel that I'm similar to him, believe in friends, love own family, despise certain areas. Actually I hope to select a character whom mentality is similar to himself, the same attitude to love in Love On A Diet, to be a good person in Infernal Affairs, I'm also thinking very hard how to be a good actor. (burst into laughters)"

Throughout his long acting career, which character did he like the most. His answer is rather surprising, he said: "The fatso in Love On A Diet."

During the 4 heavenly king era, Jacky Cheung can sing, Aaron Kwok can dance, Leon Lai is handsome, whereas Andy's remark is "a hardworking actor". Andy does not like this remark, he said: "They didn't sing praise of me, thus they said I'm hardwroking." With regards to Jacky and Leon making an return and Aaron kept winning Best Actor awards, Andy also doesn't have much feeling: "That era had passed, 4 heavenly kings is just a memory."

With regards to the "production line cut" in Hong Kong showbiz, Andy thinks that its because the younger artistes had less chances and space. "Both me and Tony Leung Chiu Wai acted for more than 20 years, so many movies to our name, but my movies would not do as well as Chow Yun Fat's movies. Thus said, these young actor did act quite well, but in the past we have a few good movies per year, they don't have the chance now." With regards to who could take over his place, Andy said that it depend on fate: "I'm lucky, with regards to whether this batch of new actors to become megastars, it would depend on their luck."

After Protege, Andy whom's currently shooting Ci Ma, followed by Zhao Zhilong. Andy explain that he does not consider whether there will be a breakthrough, just consideration of whether the script is good or bad, "If the script is good, my face, outlook will leave to the director to decide, anyway all directors are thinking of how to make Andy Lau not look like Andy Lau." With regards to the word hardworking, Andy still have some objections to make: "I'm not only hardworking during work, I'm one whom willing to sacrifice myself." Therefore, he would be acting some characters that would harm his image in order to win awards or make breakthrough. He said: "I'm an actor but I'm also a human, if this character will affect my lifestyle, no matter winning what Best Actor award, I will not accept it, because for a very evil character, my parents and fans would not be happy after watching it."

Andy also expressed that the preparation works for the second Focus First Cuts is undergoing, he says: "Focus First Cuts is the important segment of my company, although I'm currently busy with shooting, but my company had started planning. The most headache is still budget, we still need to raise funds from different ways. Therefore before the funds were raised, we still had nothing being confirmed."

news from: www.ycwb.com, yule.sohu.com

| Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Andy Lau, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu attended the charity premiere of Protege at Kwoloon Tung's Telford Plaza two nights ago. The 3 handsome leads battle each other from the movie till the promotional activity as they show off each of their charisma. Andy was the most popular as his fans filled up the plaza with banners and loud screams, even the member of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Community Chest, Mrs Nina Lam also gave him a hug.

Before the premiere starts, Andy, Louis and Daniel carried out the fireworks and colouring of the lion head's eyes ceremony.

Other than sending out their Chinese New Year greetings to the audience in advance, they also wrote 'Fu' in calligraphy with three kids. The Pigee Baby Qee that the actors designed were also put on sale with all earnings to be donated to charity.

Louis quipped that it's comical that he didn't get to act opposite Andy throughout the movie until the promotional activities. Andy pointed out that he last collaborated with Louis in Century of the Dragon. When talked about Andy hugging with Mrs Nina, it was found out that a male fan rushed on to the stage to kiss Andy during the Shenzhen promotion 2 days ago. When asked if Andy is angry of the fan's action, he quipped: "Nope, people whom love me could get too excited, at least they would not hurt me. That male fan can be considered as well-manners, it's not too outrages, I still can accept but still feel strange about it."

Andy expressed on stage that he hope that Protege could have a sequel but he said that his character dead in the movie, but the story could have some developments for shooting a sequel. When asked if they could shoot a prequel instead, Andy quipped: "Don't try to 'kun' me."

Andy whom is scared of rats was exposed that when the scene of rats climbing all over Zhang Jingchu decomposed corpse was screened during the premiere, he excuse himself to the gents, he explained: "This is heaven's will that I'm urgent and need to go to the gents, actually I do not know that the scene would have rats, if I'm seated, I would close my eyes." He again stressed that he would not accept any shooting together with rats no matter how high the fees, how huge the cast or any awards nomination.

When asked if he had experience of being scared by rats, Andy said: "Got, Michael Dao once used a black and white rat to scare me, he later got beaten up by me. When I was shooting Days of Being Wild, a rat suddenly appear on the set, I asked the crew member to chase away the rat before I agree to continue shooting. With my fear of rats, I don't dare to go to eat at roadside stalls anymore."

When asked if he's scared of Mickey Mouse, he says: "I don't like it that much, I don't like those if the shape look like a rat, that explains why I didn't study Biology." Andy added that he also has slight fear of cats, because he would imagine how the cat eat the rat.

news from: MingPao, SingPao, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com, yule.sohu.com

| Monday, February 12, 2007

The movie - Protege which will open in the cinema on 13 Feb held its premiere in Beijing recently. Director Derek Yee, Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Ho Mei Ting attended the event. When asked about the box office collection of the movie, all had high hopes on the movie. The only female lead, Ho revealed that all the male leads are afraid of rats but she benefit the most by collaborating with them.

It was 16 years ago in Lee Rock that Andy acted as a drug lord again, again Andy would be the brother-in-law of Ho, she said: "Andy take good care of us, we get along as though we're a family, his individual charisma moved everyone, he always create some atmosphere, he's the most popular and highest happiness rating at the shooting set. He's full of energy, he almost never sit down to rest, during free time he would perform magic for us to watch. Such a perfect person could have such a in-perfect thing - he's very afraid of rats, when told of the shooting of the rats scene, he went into hiding."

news from: yule.sohu.com