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| Saturday, September 30, 2006

Normally Andy Lau only made public appearance for work or playing bowling, seldom you would see him on the streets, however he was spotted on the streets of Causeway Bay.

Wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, wearing a cap and carrying a haversack, a causually dressed Andy was spotted around Sogo Hong Kong. When the reporter spotted him, he was walking back to his nanny's car, whereas his assistant was carrying a huge bag of their purchases.

Just when Andy was about to board the car, he was approached by a male fan for photograph which he didn't reject as he immediately took a photograph with the fan before boarding his car, it can be seen that Andy get along well with people!

news from: SingTao News

| Friday, September 29, 2006

Organised by several radio stations from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China and Hong Kong, the 6th Global Chinese Music Award will be held in Singapore on 28 October. Currently, the online voting had completed last week and the Top 10 Best Male and Female Singers nominees had been revealed.

The nominees for the Most Popular Male Singers are Li Chuan, Guang Liang, Sun Nan, Jay Chou, Andy Lau, Wang Li-hom, Lin Junjie, Eason Chan, Leo Ku and Hins Cheung. The online voting will stand 60% while the 40% will come from representatives from the radio stations.

news from: Sina.com

Peter Chan long preparation of the remake of The Blood Brothers would start shooting soon, it was alleged that the male leads would be Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro. During a press conference yesterday, Peter refuse to confirm on the allegations as he revealed that only one of the 3 actors is confirmed, he was referring to Jet Li, whereas he was still discussing with Andy and Takeshi.

When asked about the 3 alleged actors, Peter refused to answer the question directly, he said: "Better don't ask me whom will I cast in the movie, anyway the allegation is not true. (All are not true?) Some are true some are not, only one is confirmed, but the female lead had yet been decided, we'll announce the cast in the near future!" Peter shall be referring that only Jet Li is confirmed. There's another allegation that Tony Leung Kar Fai would also be cast in the movie, but Peter denied the allegation forcefully.

With regards being cast for the remake of The Blood Brothers, Andy answered through his assistant: "We did discuss about it, at the current stage, nothing can be revealed." Meanwhile, Takeshi's manager in Taiwan denied any contacts about the movie.

news from: Sun News

| Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sources from the Internet pointed out that Peter Chan was recently busy preparing to re-make Chang Cheh's classical Shaw Brothers production The Blood Brothers which starred Ti Lung, David Keung and Chan Koon Tai. Currently, Peter is planning to cast Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, the story will be based in the Ching dynasty, the three male lead would require to shave their head. Meanwhile, the female lead of Jing Li is yet to be confirmed.

In The Blood Brothers, it narrates how the 3 male leads becoming brothers, however Chan Koon Tai was killed by Ti Lung as Ti fall in love with Chan's wife, Jing Li. David Keung then set up a plan to kill Ti in order to revenge for Chan. Peter had decided to cast Andy, Jet and Takeshi for his remake, but he had yet decided on which character each actor will be. Filming is scheduled to start this November.

Andy and Takeshi had collaborated in House of Flying Daggers as they fall outy with each other for a woman, will this time be the same? So far, Jet had yet collaborated with Andy and Takeshi before, but with his kungfu, it would surely be no problem for all the action scenes in the movie.

news from: SingPao

It was Andy Lau's 45th birthday yesterday as his company's colleague gave him a surprise party two nights ago and Andy collected a present which made him laughed non-stop. The special guests were Hacken Lee and Emily Lo Suk Yee, Twins, Lam Jan Lamb , Lin Xi and Anita Yuen had pre-recorded birthday wishes videos in advance. Andy would be sharing his birthday moments with fans on his website.

Two nights ago, Andy was called upon to return to the company for a meeting by his company's CEO, he forecast some surprise from his colleagues, indeed his driver drove him to his fan club office and it was laughters all night. The present given by his colleagues will be kept secret, if not they will faced the "death penalty".

He had 2 birthday cakes and made 2 wishes which were full of laughters everyday and not to be suffering from headaches and back aches.

He mentioned in his website that he had step into his 16425 days of his life in his 45th birthday, calculating how many days he had left? If he is to be alive till 80 years old, there would be a total of 29200 days, he had reached half of it, minus off time for work and sleeping, he had not much days left. If he would not request himself to be happy, it would be silly.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News

| Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27 September is heavenly king Andy Lau's birthday, he posted a post titled "Many thanks to every friends that brought a smile to me in my life" on his personal forum, using it to thanks the greetings from fans, staffs and friends.

When he talked about the birthday party organised by his colleagues and fans, it excites him but only reveal a little: "I received a super huge present from my company's colleagues, I was laughing out loud when I got it.... I almost lost my breathe...." However, he still refuse to reveal what present he received.

In addition, Andy also does not forget to do charity as similar to previous years, he would donate all presents and red packets from his fans on his birthday party to Andy Lau Charity Fund as he share everyone's thoughts with those whom needed it.

Andy's birthday also attracted several artistes which includes Hacken Lee and his girlfriend Emily Lo Suk Yee, Jolin Tsai, Tanya Chua, F.I.R, a pregnant Anita Yuen and the crew of Crazy Stone to send in their wishes. A delighted Andy crack jokes of his close friend, he quipped: "I just completed my work, I've not taken my meal, I'm very hungry, when waiting for his arrival, we had ate up most of the food, Hacken had to eat the remaining carrot cake... luckily he still made it to eat my birthday cake."

Andy also sing praise of Twins, "They did very well when they cameo in my comical commercial, they can be cast in comedies! Hahaha!" Andy also thanked Jolin, Tanya, F.I.R, Anita and the whole crew of Crazy Stone for sending in their birthday greetings.

Andy also made his birthday wish which is full of smiles for everyday, he also wished that he would not suffered from aching of his head and back. After the party, Andy thanked every friends that had brought laughters in his life.

news from: yule.sohu.com

Today is Andy Lau's birthday, he celebrate his birthday with thousands of fans from all over the world at the Ocean Park two days ago. Andy also allow his parents to enjoy the dolphins performance which left them delighted. Andy expressed that when killer whale Willy was still around, he spent most of his birthdays at Ocean Park as he would get into the water to play with Willy. As Willy had passed away, it had been quite a while that he spent his birthday at the Ocean Park.

The Ocean Park gave Andy a trainer uniform and whistle as birthday presents, he was also classified as a VIP trainer where he's welcome to visit the dolphins and sea lions anytime.

When he was guiding the dolphins, he was given his first bithday kiss by one of the dolphins. Andy quipped that he was given a salty and wet kiss with a warmth feeling!

Other than the trainer uniform and dolphin kiss, what surprised him was Ocean Park arranged a clown, carnival acrobatic troop and fans from Andy World Club to perform a dance and song performance for him, he kept applause when watching the performance.

Andy had the same birthday wish as previous years, to be healthy and be happy everyday. For his actual birthday today, he would stay at home with his parents and dine with his friends.

In addition, his record company Focus Music had released the second edition of his album - Voice which includes the theme songs of The Saviour of the Soul and many music videos, it also include the classic scenes of his Yang Gor character.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Pao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

| Monday, September 25, 2006

Andy Lau had a tasted of "3-times champion" as his song 'Guan Shi Yin' was the number one song for the hit charts of 3 different radio stations. An excited Andy said: "Hardly a chance when Mars is so close to Earth in 60,000 years, it appeared to have 2 moons in the sky, I thought I was dreaming!"

Andy quipped that he received a congratulation SMS from a good friend yesterday morning which he thought that it was a joke, he quipped: "The number 1 song for 3 different radio stations, this is so difficult for me, it's like Mars getting close to Earth in every 60,000 years, the sight of 2 moons in the sky is a rare sight!" Then he went to rectify the news with his record company, "They told me that I'm not dreaming, I'm delighted, to have a number one song in 3 radio stations happened some 5-6 years ago, the song is 'Tian Sheng Tian Yang'." One of the radio station is alleged to be not on good terms with Andy, but it also manage to top its hit chart, no wonder Andy is so excited.

His album, Voice is his first album that contains non love songs, he exclaimed that he feel pressurise initially, he says: "Non love songs is not an easy path, recently I received a letter from people suffering from depressive disorders, he told me that he's touched after hearing to 'Mo Fan Sheng' and 'Duo Chou Shan Gan' which was composed by Lin Xi as it wrote out the feelings of a depressive disorder patient. After reading the letter, I feel that for this attempt, I could help people by singing!"

In addition, with regards to reports in Mainland China that he would perform 'bian lian' (mask changing) during the Beijing Olympics Culture Festival, Andy denied the allegation through his manager, he said: "There's no invitation for the event, Andy had no intention to perform."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

Initially Andy Lau wanted to held a series of 20-nights concert during the summer holidays next year, however he had to shelved his plans during to no time slots in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

It's not sure if this is the reason that for his Andy Lau Best Voice Party with Commercial Radio which was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Jockey Club Auditorium, although it's just one show, but it had huge props which the production fees exceeded HK$600,000, with just 2.5 hours of singing, which is similiar to a concert.

Andy became a mischievious monkey on stage as he jumped around, climb up and down as he also fall down, his spirit was high after singing as he climb to the top to sing, it's really an eye-opening experience.

news from: Sudden Weekly

| Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two nights ago, Andy Lau held his The Best of Andy Lau Music Party at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Jockey Club Auditorium. Ivana Wong was invited for a short musical which narrates Andy had no time for his girlfriend after graduating from the TVB artiste training classes thus resulting to parted ways.

In the musical, Andy gets to hug and kneel to Ivana which attracted screams from the audience.

In one of the scenes, Ivana said: "You said you wanted to bring me to the Ocean Park and Hua Zi Restaurant, but you never fulfill your promise, you're always working." Andy then quipped: "I'm sorry, currently not only on the surface, even the paparazzi are improving underground." Then the girlfriend said to him: "You work hard on your career, I decided to leave you."

Andy then revealed that this is a 90% true story being brought onto the stage as Ivava was not his girlfriend. He became really busy after graduating from the artiste training classes, thus have no time to accompany his girlfriend, although his girlfriend was willing to wait for him, but as time goes by, the girlfriend got impatient and fall in love with Andy's former classmate without his knowledge till the girlfriend suggested a breakup during one of their dates as she's getting married. Andy added that during the TVB 5 Tigers, TVB does not want him to get into a relationship, with more than 20 hours of filming each day, if he want to date, he would not have the time. Andy sighed: "This is the price of being an artiste, it's very difficult for people working in showbiz to date as love is a provate matter, if it's not successful, I would not reveal it."

During the performance, Andy asked the audience: "If I was to become a woman in my next life, would all of you still love me? Would you be looking for me?" Suddenly, the photograph of him cross-dressing as a woman in Running Out of Time was being projected on the screen as the audience burst into laughters before shouting out that they will still like him. Andy then quipped: "It can't be, you're not scared if I look like that?"

On the party, a 8-years-old fan whom had won the Hong Kong Open Calligraphy Competition for 2 years in a row wrote a calligraphy "Best Voice of the World" for Andy as present.

A delighted Andy kept jumping up and down the props on the stage, he first appeared on stage climbing out of a sardine can, he even stand on the 3-meters tall roof props to sing Model Student. He expalin that Model Student is narrating the pressure of people and teachers as several teachers committed sucide due to their work pressure then he said: "Can I jump down from here? Don't worry, I'll not jump." Actually the crew members had warned Andy not to stand on the roof props to prevent any accident, but he still took the risk.

In addition, as his birthday falls on 27 September, Andy decided to rest for 3 weeks, but with work committments on hand which includes fans gatherings and promotional jobs, thus he could not go overseas during his holidays. He would also need to jet off to Pusan to collect his Asian Filmaker of the Year, thus he estimate to have only 1 week of holiday.

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Best of Andy Lau Music Party was held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Jockey Club Auditorium last night. There was a short musical with Ivana Wong where she was his lover, due to Andy joining showbiz, their relationship had to go underground.

When asked if the story of the musical reflect his own story? Andy denied as he said that it's not a reflection of his own story but he feel that after entering showbiz, dating, wedding, having children become the concern of everybody, actually all these are not related to showbiz.

When asked if he has any underground relationship, Andy only expressed that when the time is mature, he will share with everyone. Thus, it indicate that he already have a lover, but it was not mature thus he would not disclose the relationship? Andy avoid this question.

When asked if he had tried to have a relationship secretly, he exclaimed that he had but it was when he was still studying as dating is not allowed in school. When asked if he have a relationship secretly after his studies, Andy expressed that he would not answer this question.

In addition, during the concert, a 8-year-old student was invited to write a calligraphy of "The Best Voice in Asia" for Andy which delights him. When he asked how old the student was, he was told that the student is only 8-year-old, he quipped that luckily the student is not 6-year-old, if not he would be alleged to be his son!

As Andy's birthday is approaching, he will be going for a 3 weeks holiday.

More pictures here

news from: ent.tom.com

| Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adam Cheng and Chan Po-chu's musical Only You had its closing show at Sha Tin's Academy Lyric Theatre thus ending its 50-nights run.

Andy Lau was one of the audience last Friday and he went to the backstage area after the musical ends.

news from: SingTao News, SingPao

| Monday, September 18, 2006

Tung Wah Charity Bowling Competition was held at South China Athletc Association Bowling Alley yesterday. The opening ceremony was done by Tung Wah chairman Ong Ka Lueng, Miss Hong Kong Sharon Luk and Andy Lau. For this competition, more than 30 groups participated and they managed to raise HK$1 million for Tung Wah.

The celebrities were divided into 3 teams. The team of Andy, Kent Cheng and Lincoln Yu were the champion with a total of 2178 points, whereas Michael Miu and Navy Cheung's team came in second. For personal records, Kent scored the highest with 600 points, followed by Deep Ng's 539 points and Andy's 518 points.

Andy expressed that he normally scored 180 points per set but maybe due to many fans wanted to take photographs with him and not familiar with the alley, thus he had not much confidence of himself. However, he sing praise of Michael's son bowling skills as he only practice for a few months. It was known that Andy is good in bowling, when asked if anyone asked him to be their 'shi-fu', Andy quipped: "I'm not as good as Deep."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, SingTao News, Ming Pao, Sun News

| Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood recently conducted a telephone questionnaire and survey on idols to the "children" and "parent". In the end, Andy Lau won the hearts of both groups as he tops the choices of both groups. For the children group, Twins and Jay Chou came in second and third while Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui and Chan Po Chu came in second and third for the parent group.

All particpants that took part in the survey are randomly picked, where 250 under 25 years old children and 210 parents were asked through telephone on their views on idols, it was found out that 90% of the children's choices were from showbiz while it was 40-60% of the parents' choice were from showbiz.

At the end of the survey, for the children group, Andy top the table followed by Twins, Jay Chou, Leon Lai and Eason Chan at fourth, Joey Yung, Justin and Jacky Cheung at sixth, Alex Fong, Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung at ninth. In the parent group, Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui and Chan Po Chu came in second and third.

The survey also shows that 25% of the children admire the idol's talent, 66% admire the idol's looks, 25% on the idol's performance and 8% admire the idol's character and 3% the idol's income.

With regards to topping the parent's and children's idol selection, a modest Andy says: "I never thought that I could be No.1 on both camps, I do things normally, if everyone thinks that what I did is correct, thus everyone work hard, while I continue to work hard too to make up for those imprefect parts!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

| Friday, September 15, 2006

Andy Lau could be in the limelight in the 11th Pusan International Film Festival(PIFF) which will be held between 12 to 20 October. Earlier, the committee announced that Andy would be awarded Asian Filmmaker of the Year winner for this year, his funded movie Crazy Stone was also announced to be the closing movie for the festival in the press conference.

As Crazy Stone's director Ning Hao is currently busy working on the script of his new movie, thus it's confirmed that he would not make the trip to Pusan. With Andy's confirmed attendance to attend the ceremony, he could represent Ning Hao for being the investor of the movie for the screening of Crazy Stone. Therefore, he would make more appearance than he initially expected.

news from: Sina.com

Patty Hou whom had just recently broke up with Jay Chou was interviewed before a hosting concert. A smiling Patty expressed to reporters: "There's no meaning to love relationship, it represent that when you have affinity with someone, the love will come naturally."

When asked of her feeling towards the break up, Patty admitted that she feel much better as both herself and Jay are still friends, she don't mind meeting him.

Although she and Jay are an item of the past but Patty expressed to reporters that Andy is "her man forever". It's because Andy is her idol since young, together with her mother, they always went to visit Andy at work. Up till now, she is still very nervous when interviewing Andy.

news from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, September 13, 2006

82-years-old Kwan Hoi San, nicknamed "Uncle Prawn" passed away yesterday morning. He was also called "Hong Kong's number one supporting actor" as he won the Best Supporting Actor award in 1992's Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in Lee Rock. The director of the movie Lawrence Lau and male lead Andy Lau expressed that Kwan is their senior and idol forever within their hearts.

Kwan had collaborated with many artistes and span across several generations, many of the popular actors had collaborated with him before as he grew up with them.

Andy could not forget how Kwan guided him during the shooting of Lee Rock, the movie was one of the classic among Andy's earlier movies as it narrates the life of Chinese inspector Lee Rock, Kwan was Andy's 'shifu' in the movie. The reporter managed to interview Andy through his management company, he expressed that he's very depressed that Kwan had passed away, he said: "Then I could not act too well, Kwan is my senior, he personally taught me many things. He's my 'shifu' during and after shooting, I won't forget his theories of 'know how to be a person before knowing how to act', 'hardwork earned 3 points' and many others."

Andy recalled that for the movie Lee Rock, only Kwan won an award as recognition, he says: "Then I was delighted for him, never expected that it would be also his last movie."

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, September 11, 2006

Even before blogging become popular in the Internet, Andy Lau had already set up his own online diary in his andylau.com.

As the website is under revamping, thus he had moved the address to his Andy World Club discussion board.

Andy said: "In this blog, other than uploading of photographs, fans could also leave comments immediately, it would be a more direct communication."

Although Andy is pressurise at work, there would be a cute version of Andy and Anpanman to pour out his feelings and photographs, it's comical.

The address of Andy's blog: http://forum.awc618.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1

news from: Apple Daily News

| Sunday, September 10, 2006

The 23rd Hong Kong Bowling Open Competition which was held a day earlier to the Yan Oi Tong Charity Bowling Competition which attracted more than 20 teams, the organiser specially arranged a artist challenge cup for the artistes that loved bowling to vye for. Andy Lau, Felix Wong, Cheung Siu-fai and Kent Cheng formed the All Star artiste team to challenge Don Li, Tang Siu Chuen, Deep Ng formed the TVB team, and Wong Lam's team.

The competition attracted many onlookers, mainly Andy's fans. Andy whom was used to such atmosphere, manage to get a turkey which won loud applauses. When he fail to get a strike, he appeared nervous and he lend on Kent's shoulder. His team manage to win the artist challenge cup with a total points of 2,120 points.

Although the team that Andy lead during the preliminaries the previous day, but he only manage to obtain 190 points at Yan Oi Tong Charity Bowling Competition and his team only manage to score 1127 points in total to become second as they lose by 52 points to the second team during the preliminaries.

Before the start of the competition, Andy exclaimed that as it was raining, the air-con was too strong thus resulting him to shiver, he express: "It was lucky to be able to get second, win the team leaded by Michael with a slight margin, and losing out to Hong Kong presentatives team which is okay. However, Michael only manage to get 154 points, that's horrible, it's really a dream team of me, Felix and Michael, dream is referring to dreaming."

Earlier one teacher from his school passed away in a motorcycle accident, when told of the news during the bowling competition, he felt sad as since he graduated, he didn't keep in contact with the teacher, but he remembered that the teacher's hair is grey and a stlish person.

In addition, Jolie Cha expressed that she wanted to learn bowling from Andy, she said: "Maybe I would not be as good as Andy, maybe I can learn a few tricks during the competition, I would like to get close to him and be more healthy, haha!"

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po