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| Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Everyone would have seen Andy Lau sing and dance, however this time round he become a dolphins trainer in Hong Kong's Ocean Park as he successfully made the dolphins to perform several special stunts, this allows the tourists to witness another side of the heavenly king.

So what sparks could be created from the kawaii dolphins and the handsome Andy? Under the instructions of Andy, dancing and singing was not a problem for the 2 adorable dolphins. Of course, it's too simple for them as we shall see more performance from them of much higher difficulties.

Every instructions given by Andy to the dolphins seems accurate and appeared experienced. It's because since 1993, Andy had been the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation ambassador and he attended lessons to be a trainer.

Andy said: "It should be around 1995 or 1996 when I learnt this, there was a period that I came to stay with the dolphins every morning."

After so many years of training, it seems that other being an artiste, Andy could also become a dolphin trainer.

news from: TVBS E-News

In Association with YesAsia.com: The Return Of The Condor Heroes (End) (English Subtitled DVD) (TVB Series)

Being ambassador of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Andy Lau was at the Ocean Park to attend the Ocean Charity activity.

He was arranged to play with the sea lions, he also get to kiss the adorable dolphins. Andy also performed with the dolphins as he held out his hand for the dolphins to jump over.

When Andy asked the dolphins to jump over his hand, his instructions did not reach the dolphins and Andy had to ask the instructor to give out the instruction again before the dolphins perform the act successfully.

After the performance, Andy explains that the dolphins were unfamiliar with him as the dolphins also didn't follow his instructions during the rehearsal in the afternoon.

news from: Sina.com

In Association with YesAsia.com

Since February, Battle of Wits which starred Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Wang Zhiwen and Ahn Sung-kee and was a US$16 million investment by Huayi Brothers, Japan's Comstock Ltd, Korea's Boram Entertainment Inc and Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd is undergoing post production, the editing had been completed and now the next stage of dubbing for the actors.

As actors from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China are casted, thus a total of 7 actors need dubbing but the most important task is to find a suitable voice for Andy Lau's character - Ge Li.

Actually in House of Flying Daggers and World Without Thieves, his voice was dubbed as a suitable voice that's similiar to Andy was picked thus no audience discover this "secret". However, director Jacob Chang thinks that this requirement is not required for Battle of Wits as Ge Li is a character of more than 2,300 years ago, thus the direction would be on the character itself, therefore it would be rather to find a suitable voice for Ge Li rather than for Andy.

Whether the voice chosen is similiar to Andy is not important, most importantly is through Andy's performance and the "voice", the audience would be convinced that Andy is Ge Li, allowing the audience to get into the story is more important!

Thus, for Ge Li's dubbing, what's the standard set by Jacob? He says: "The voice must be convincing, shows leadership and strong language charisma." Of course, Andy being a heavenly king superstar in Asia, to find a suitable character with a "voice" that doesn't disappoint is no easy task.

Meanwhile for the voice management of the characters in the movie, Jacob seems to look at the direction of the characters, other than Andy, even farmers played by Mainland China actors need dubbing too in order for the audience to be convinced by the characters and the movie, in order to bring out the true meaning of the movie.

Jacon once collaborated with Andy some 20 years ago, he had a new feeling on this collaboration this time round. Jacob says: "Seeing him after 20 years, his performance has improved, also improved as a person, he's unlike a big brother, he's more like an assistant director." What touched the director is when Andy gave everyone present when the shooting ended.

Jacob says: "He gather every crew members' photographs and stick them together as if we had graduated, it's like a graduation photo, allowing everyone to find themselves on it, so thoughful of him."

news from: Sina.com
pictures of Taiwan AWC gathering from: Apple Daily News, Sina.com

Andy Lau

| Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It had been some time since Andy Lau went to Taiwan, although he was busy with the recordings of his Cantonese album, he still took some time off to Kaoshiung and Taipei to meet his fans by organising two gatherings which attracted thousands of Andy World Club fans to get close contact with him.

Andy had many fans in Taiwan, this time round he managed to meet several new members whom are the babies of the fans, th eyoungest being 3 months old. In addition, there were two to-be-mothers whom wanted to register for their yet-to-born babies. Andy quipped: "Unexpectedly that there are so many babies members in my fan club, a total number of close to 100 babies, I think I need to consider singing kids songs."

Hardly a chance to gather with the fans, with Dragon Boat Festival round the corner, Andy seize the chance to celebrate with the fans in advance as he organised dumpling wrapping competition in the gathering as the fans spend all their efforts to wrap delicious dumplings for Andy to eat. Andy also personally demostrate how to wrap a dumpling within 3 minutes as he won the applause from the fans.

The fans were surprised that being a heavenly king, Andy knew how to wrap dumplings. Andy explains that his family formerly opened a provision shop, Hongkongers don't only eat dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival as they would also bought some to eat, thus since young he had been helping his mother to wrap dumplings, however he only knew how to wrapped Hong Kong style dumpling and not Taiwanese dumplings by looking at how they are shaped. Nowadays, he seldom wrap dumplings for himself, if he wants to, he would not add egg yolk as it's high cholesterol and he won't eat it.

In the gathering, other than playing games with the fans and sing for them, Andy also answers all questions from the fans. Some fans asked if he would set off to Hanzhou next month for the shooting of director Xie Jin's movie, Andy expressed: "Frankly speaking, nobody had discussed with me on this matter, I'm not sure how this news came about. I did met Xie before in some gatherings, he also never told me anything on inviting me to be cast in his movies or other stuffs. For some recent news, everyone don't believe them immediately, I also never made any replies as I know that those was not said by Xie personally, I also never said what was reported to Xie as in the report, thus this should be a misunderstanding."

Andy also revealed that he's currently busy recording his Cantonese album which will be released in August, later he would be having some work committments on album promotions and shooting of Derek Yee's new movie.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao

In Association with YesAsia.com

| Monday, May 29, 2006

Being a Buddhist, on the first and fifteen of every lunar month Andy Lau will be a vegetarian. When he was in Taiwan two days ago, it was the first of the lunar month of May and he behave himself by having vegetarian for the whole day, however when the day is over, he immediately rushed off for spicy steamboat!

It had been 9 months since Andy came to Taiwan, he secretly went to meet members of Andy World Club in Kaoshiung, this trip is to have a gathering with his fans and no other public activities, therefore his schedule was under wrapped, even his fans kept quiet and don't want to reveal anything on their idol. After the gathering at Kaoshiung, Andy immediately jet off to Taipei CSK Airport from Kaoshiung International Airport. The fans prepared 5 cars to wait for his arrival, when Andy walked out of the custom, he personally waved to the fans and the arrival hall was shaken by the screams of close to 100 fans which attracted several on-lookers. The fans then followed Andy to the hotel that he stayed.

After resting for a short time in the hotel, he went out for a night tour of Taipei, being a Buddhist, he would eat vegetarian on the first and fifteen of the lunar month, as it was the first day of the lunar month of May, he had vegetarian food for the whole day, when he discover that the day had passed (around 11:00 pm to 1:00am), he immediately asked his crew members to Taipei's famous spicy steamboat restaurant as he ordered several meat.

The "idol-chasing pack" whom were responsible for protecting Andy arrived shortly after, Andy and his crew members choose the minimum NT$1,000 spending per person "top class private room" to enjoy their spicy steamboat. Andy's appearance caused the restaurant to be fully packed as several fans accompanied their idol to eat spicy steamboat. After satisfying his craving for spicy steamboat, a satisfied Andy left the restaurant and take his nanny car back to Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel where he stayed, the fans still followed him as they wanted to catch another glimpse of their idol. A thoughtful Andy said to them: "Good night!"

news from: SingTao News

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| Sunday, May 28, 2006

Acquired from elsewhere, three videos on YouTube when Andy Lau was at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF).




It had been 9 months since Andy Lau came to Taiwan, he specially flew in to Kaohsiung from Hong Kong yesterday to meet his fans. When he alight, he was told that Faye Wong had gave birth to a baby girl as a delighted Andy send his congratulations: "It's cute to have a daughter! Hope she could continue to work hard and form a "hao" (giving birth to a boy) next time round!"

Although he was currently busy recording for his Cantonese album, a handsome Andy still touches down at Kaoshiung International Airport where close to 200 fans carrying a "Emperor arrival" banner and presents labelled "gifts for emperor" waiting for him, when they saw Andy whom was wearing a white shirt and jeans walking out of the custom, they immediately rushed forward to surround him.

In the past, Andy only held gathering with members of Andy World Club when he was in Taiwan to promote his movies or albums but this year he specially took 2 days off from his recording of his Cantonese album. It had been 9 months since he came to Taiwan, thus he missed the soy bean drink and rice cakes, the management company promise that he would eat to his fullest this time round.

How Andy suddenly became a "emperor"? A fans expressed that Andy was the emperor in the drama serial - Duke of the Mount Deer many years ago and many friends idolise him after watching that drama. Furthermore, this drama is selling well in video retail stores, thus the fans decided to address Andy as the "emperor". Andy specially came to Kaohsiung to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with the fans in advance.

Andy is in a good mood for his visit as he would also held another fans gathering in Taipei tomorrow. It will be a 2-days trip in Taiwan as he would not be attending any public activities and no interviews, he's there just for the gathering with his fans.

Although the gathering was solely for fans, but still some media reporters still manage to sneak in. At the gathering, Andy was sitting on a chair on the stage to chat with the fans. He behaves like a old boy as he kept moving around on the chair, a mischievous Andy almost lost his balance and fall.

He also managed to make the fans burst into laughters at ease. Andy felt a sudden itch on his nose and he scratch his nose, this precious moment was taken by a camera of a person whom sneak into the gathering.

Next week, he would be attending Lau Ka Cheong's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum next week as his special performing guest.

Earlier, Daniel Wu was saying that the production line Hong Kong actors was dead as Andy is only in the eyes of directors, he was trying to say that Andy is holding onto the male lead. When asked about Daniel's remarks, Andy just smile and never make any reply.

In April, Andy went to America to meet up with several film producers and distributors to discuss movie developments, he also discuss some new ideas for concerts with some production companies, he also watch some magic demostrations. It's a fruitful trip to the America for Andy as he could use the new creative ideas into his Hong Kong Coliseum concerts.

news from: China Daily Times, udn news, Liberty Times, Apple Daily News, SingTao News

Andy Lau

| Saturday, May 27, 2006

To Mrs Charles Heung (Chan Lam), Rosamund Kwan is the most beautiful actress as she's full of woman charisma, no wonder so many males fall for her. Chan had known Rosamund for more than 15 years, she likes to befriend Rosamund because she's true to friends and dare to love and hate, she also gave all her heart in every relationship, she never step back after failure in love relationship, thus Chan admires her.

When Chan remembered that Rosamund and Andy Lau had collaborated for more than 10 years in her ChinaStar, when they were a couple in the movies, I feel that they're very compatible as Rosamund's big eyes, long hair and gentle was all what Andy's requirement in a girlfriend. Whereas Andy's heroic and kind heart is also admired by Rosamund, when they looked at each other during filming, Chan think that surely they ahve the feel but both of them were careful, especially Andy thus they didn't take another step, therefore there was no beginning at all.

Actually both of them don't dare to take an advance step as both of them had someone in their heart, Rosamund had a boyfriend, whereas Andy has a steady girlfriend, they're both faithful in love, since they have a loved one, their mentality would be hoping for less trouble as they don't want to hurt the other party, thus even with good feeling on one another won't trigger them into actions, maybe this is one of the few disappointment in life!

Till now, they're still good friends, isn't it better that it would be everlasting?

news from: Apple Daily News

In Association with YesAsia.com

After Sundream Motion Pictures Limited and Mainland China's first class movie production company Huayi Brothers collaborated in Battle of Wits, they decided to collaborate again in a new movie to be directed by Sammo Hung.

At Cannes Film Festival, many movie companies set up booths to attract buyers for their movies. Sundream used a scene of Andy Lau and Fan Bingbing kissing to attract potential buyers. The scene used narrates Fan removing the clothes of an injured Ge Li (Andy) and also used her body to hug him to keep him warm.

Sundream's Tsui Siu Ming revealed that every investors were very satisfied with Battle of Wits after its first test screening. They were singing praise of Andy and Fan's performance as they pointed out that the movie will be another height for Andy.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

Andy Lau

| Tuesday, May 23, 2006

With his admiration of Mainland China director Xie Jin, Andy Lau is willing to accept a low fees of $700,000 reminbi to be cast in Xie's new movie, Romantic Evening (literally translated), shooting will starts in Hanzhou in June. In a recent press conference, Xie openly expressed that he was very touched that Andy is willing to take $700,000 reminbi for his fees to be cast in his movie.

Having a healthy image, other than being the male lead for Xie's new movie, he was also cast as the male lead for Stanley Tong's new movie, Diary (literally translated) as he will be an anti-Japanese hero. Diary is based on Nanjing Massacre, this is also the first time that The State Administration of Radio Film and TV P.R.C relax on their restriction in 20 years to allow a movie on Nanjing Massacre.

Stanley expressed that shooting for Diary will starts at the end of the year, it's estimated to have a budget of US$35 million, currently he had Andy, Chow Yun Fat and Maggie Cheung as his cast, with regards to the detail castings, he would decide in a later date.

news from: ETToday

| Sunday, May 21, 2006

83-years-old Mainland China's "national treasure" director Xie Jin will direct a new movie next month, the title of the movie is Romantic Evening (literally translated). Xie is a director which Andy had admired for very long, thus he took the initiative to recommend himself as the male lead and willing to lower his asking price to around HK$600,000 for the movie.

In the new movie, Andy would collaborate with Mainland China's actress He Cai Fei. Andy will be the principal of a primary school whom will fall in love with Cantonese Opera star He. Andy's character will be from 30 - 60-years-old, this would require Andy to don makeup to look old after Wait 'Til You're Older. It's a love story where the couple were in love for the whole of their life before getting together at the end of their lives.

Andy will not reject challenges of acting from young to old as he just exceeded the age limit performance in Wait 'Til You're Older. Xie understand the fees of the artistes but he frankly said that if Andy was to be cast, he would need to lower his asking price. Andy replied: "It's fine with me since you said so." Xie makes a 70-800,000 reminbi discount without any complaints from Andy.

Andy had knew that the development of Hong Kong movie industry had reached its limits, whereas there are still many talents in Mainland China, thus he wanted to collaborate with them thus he had collaborated with Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou in A World Without Thieves and House of Flying Daggers, he would also not argue of his asking fees in order to collaborate with Xie. The former 2 also requires Andy to make a landmark in the international areana, actually Xie initially wanted to approach a new actor for his movie as a good movie would promote a new actor, meanwhile he look for Andy as he think that Andy acted well.

news from: SingTao News, ChinaTimes

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| Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It has been almost 6 months since Andy Lau came to Taiwan. On 27 and 28 May, Andy will come to Taiwan secretly to have a private Andy World Club gathering with fans in Taipei and Kaoshiung, the fans were delighted when told of the news. Taiwanese management company spokesman express that the trip will be solely to meet the fan club members and would not attend any other public activities.

Currently, Andy is busy preparing his Cantonese album as he specially took 2 days off to meet his fans in Taiwan to end their wait to see him. How well Andy treat his fans is for all to see. In the past, when netizens reveal their encounter with artistes, most were bad experience, only Andy, no matter netizens met him in public activities, on the road, resturant or shops by accident, all sing praise of his courteous and friendly approach, it seems to be a miracle.

Other than recording for his new album, news from Hong Kong that Andy would be investing in Stephen Fung's Story of a Discharged Prisoner. Although the management company did not confirm whether Andy would invest or cast in the movie but his collaboration with Star Movies in Foucs First Cut which invest in 6 new and potential directors was rather successful. One of the film, My Shoe Fairy is doing well overseas, Shaolin Soccer's Lam Tse Chung's I'll Call You is getting good feedbacks, other being invited to attend Italy Film Festival, it also won invitation from Taipei Film Festival, this show Andy's eyesight in movies is accurate and special.

news from: udnnews

| Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ex-Tung Wah Social Services's chairman Stephen Chow Chun Kay son Felix Chow held his wedding with late Ko Sau Leung's daughter Jennifer Ko at a Central's Catholic church where her dad's best friends Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau took time off to attend the wedding.

To prevent snatching the limelight, Andy left immediately after taking a group photograph with the couple, without being interviewed, only Jacky staying behind to chat with the reporters.

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

| Friday, May 12, 2006

Stephen Fung had always wanted to re-shoot Lung Kong's Upright Repenter (1969) which Lung directed and starred. He had earlier bought the movie's copyright and was currently looking for investors. It's heard that other than Andy Lau whom had agreed to invest and star in the movie, Stephen confirmed yesterday that Andy had indeed contacted him but nothing had been confirmed but show interest in the script, thus he hope to collaborate with him.

Stephen feel that Andy is the most suitable person to be Lee Cheuk-hung. The poster of the movie had been displayed in May's Cannes Film Festival to test its reactions. Stephen never thought that Andy would be willing to be cast in the movie, he said in a telephone interview, "I dine with Andy earlier and I told him about this movie, he like it immediately and quick to agree for a collaboration, he's also willing to invest, I really had to thanks him as he show his love and support for new directors, other than Andy agreed to take up Patrick Tse's ex-prisoner role, previously the role was given to Edison Chen or Jay Chou, the final confirmation would have to wait till the script being finished." Stephen feel that there should be a hero representative in every generation, there's Patrick Tse in the 60s, Chow Yun Fat in the 80s and Andy would be respresenting 2000s.

When reporters contacted Andy on the matter yesterday, he express that Stephen did get in contacted with him but everything are still being negotiate. Andy pointed out that Stephen showed him the script of Lung Kong's version and feel that it's an exciting script which interest him to act in it, with the expected high investment, even if Andy is to invest, he would be the largest boss or whether there would be other companies to collaborate, it's yet to be confirmed. Andy said: "I'm very interested in this movie, due to the expected high investment, I believe I myself would not be able to be the sole investor, the movie will be introduce in the coming Cannes Film Festival, it shall see the reactions from film companies."

In Lung Kong's version which cast Patrick Tse and John Woo's version (A Better Tomorrow) which cast Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung and Di Lung, when asked if he's worried of being compared? He says: "In the 60s, a definition of a hero is able to do it for the family, in the 80s a hero is one whom is loyal to his friends, so what will be the definition of a hero is the new millennium, believed everyone would like to watch it, every generation is different, it shall not be used for comparison." When asked which character which he would like to act, Andy exclaimed that it was not yet confirmed or would like to create a whole new Brother Mark hero character, he hope that the collaboration would be successful.

In addition, Jacob Chang, the director of Andy's latest movie - Battle of Wits had expressed that two third of the movie requires special effects. Andy exclaimed that his character - Ge Li would be different from his past idol image, he insist not to wear imitation costume and went to take a antique costume, he smell it and said: "This is the smell, this is wanderer Ge Li's costume."

news from: SingTao New, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Apple Daily News

A reporter was told by Huayi Brothers that Battle of Wits, a US$16 million production had completed its first editing. Andy Lau do away with his "prefect image" in the movie as it's without traces of his idol image, it's the period wanderer Ge Li to replace himself. Director Jacob Chang express that this movie does not use camera tatics but rather uses narrative to show off the battle scenes. However, it was the love relationship scenes between Andy and Fan Bingbing that's giving him the most headaches.

Jacob express that since the beginning, he always avoid such "beauty and hero" model as he wanted to bring out the message of cruelty of war, but in the end it would be too direct, "What would let the audience to understand the cruelty of war? That's when you can't even rescue your loved one!" Therefore, under the circumstances of war to bring out the love of Ge Li and Fan's character become the most problematic way of Jacob.

Two third of the movie required special effects, Jacob exclaimed: "The best special effect is to allow the audience to forget that special effects was used."

From understanding, the company had already looking for voice over of Andy, Nicky Wu, Choi Si Won and Ahn Sung Ki, most importantly is to find the most suitable voice-over for Andy's character.

news from: Sina.com

| Thursday, May 11, 2006

Battle of Wits, which will opens in the cinemas during the summer holidays gathers Andy Lau, Nicky Wu, Wang Zhiwen and many other actors, whereas Fan Bingbing is the only female character in the movie. She did not get to appear as a beauty in the movie, she's not even to be considered pretty in the movie. Bingbing said: "In Battle of Wits, not only that I applied cream to make my skin look tan, covered with dirt the whole day, furthermore there's no elegant costume, I only wore battle suit in the movie, but it gave me a satisfying feeling as this character is different from my previous characters, I'm satisfied."

Although being the only female in the movie, but it do shows that female is not the weaker sex. During the water cell scene shooting with Andy, she did not feel as cold as what Andy did. Bingbing quipped that she was in the minue 10 degree celius water for 7 hours, Andy also told her some anti-cold ways, which includes pouring hot water on the diving suit, but not to much help. Despite the cold, she still manage to smile and chat with the crew members, she also kept showing support to the crew members.

With regards to her hardworking and optimistic character, Andy sing praise of her: "This is Mainland China's most hardworking idol 'shi li pai' (with talent) actress."

news from: Sina.com

In Association with YesAsia.com: The Return Of The Condor Heroes (End) (English Subtitled DVD) (TVB Series)

| Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Produced by Peter Chan and directed by Derek Yee, a new movie of the theme of drugs had approached several stylish actors to "cross their boundaries" as Andy Lau and Louis Koo would be taking up negative characters to pit their acting skills with Daniel Wu. In order to accomodate the character, Louis need to lose weight and he tipped it as his biggest challenge in his career.

This HK$20 million production had been planned for years, although the shooting date had yet been fixed, but the actors list had been confirmed. Other than Andy to become a drug trafficker, Louis will be a drug addict whom ask his wife (Zhang Jing Chu) into prosituition to earn money in order to buy drugs. Most of the shooting will be done in Hong Kong, in addition with location shooting in Thailand, no reporting will be allowed to keep the characters' image a secret.

It's known that Andy and Louis would have normal screen time when compared to Daniel's mole role whom would be the main character, but there would be character's development and gun battles. In addition to Peter's partner Andre Morgan agree to distribute this movie in European markets, this would help Andy and Louis to break into the international market, thus both of them accepted to be cast in the movie. As Louis will be starting shooting in a Tsui Hark new movie and Andy had work on hand, the shooting date for this movie would depend on these 2 busy men's schedules.

news from: Oriental Daily News dtd 9 May 2006

2006 MTV Asia Awards was held at Bangkok's Siam Paragon where many stars attended, they includes Kelly Rowland, Lee Ryan, Maggie Q, Twins, Jolin Tsai, Vicky Zhao, Vanness Ng, Se7en, An Kang Ta, Tata Young, Daniel Powter, Seah Roh, Zhang Zhen and Wong Li-hom.

A total of 19 awards were presented, among them, Twins take over from the baton from Joey Yung to win the Hong Kong Most Popular Singer award, it was said that their total votes exceeded by a large number of votes when compared to second-placed Andy Lau.

For the past years, Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan and Joey all won this particular award. Meanwhile, Twins is the first to win the award as a group. The 4 nominees were Andy whom was at second place followed by Joey, Leo Ku and Eason.

Twins were honored and delighted on winning the award, they were also the guest prize presenter for Thailand's Most Popular Singer award, they also specially use Thai to converse.

news from: Ming Pao dtd 7 May 2006

Andy Lau

| Thursday, May 04, 2006

Andy Lau was interviewed by Commercial Radio's Cha Xiaoxin yesterday and he talked about holding his concerts in July or August 2007. He thought of dividing the concert into 3 segments which are : "What happens when Andy Lau is an idol singer?", "What happens when Andy Lau is a singer-composer?" and "What happens when Andy Lau is a singer whom can sing fast tempo songs?"

Andy wanted to bring out the cross-points in life, when you made different choices, you get different end results. He would perform magic in his 2007's concerts as he's currently training playing cards magic.

With regards to his Focus First Cuts, he exclaimed that only 50% supported him, someone from the company did pressurise him, he understand that even though that he help others, others would not even appreciate his help. Since the program started and collaboration with Star TV, it could not result in losses as Wong Jing Po's film could earn US$600,000 in Europe.

When talked about Johnnie To's concern for him, he says: "He's afraid that my image would be affected, he feel that I should follow Tony Leung Chiu Wai to be solely an actor, as an idol, but I feel that I'm just a person, sometimes when you helped friends, you would also not be remember, maybe Johnnie forgot that I helped him shoot Fulltime Killer and it made some money!"

Andy had accepted the offer from Peter Chan to be cast in a movie similiar to Traffic, he would like to be a mole again as Tony was the mole from the police force in Infernal Affairs.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po

In Association with YesAsia.com

Bianca Wu first album, Love Notes was officially released today, her record company held a press conference yesterday as her manager gave her a green jade 18K ball-point pen and a vinyl disc of her new album as presents.

When Bianca was in America, she had a designated Latin dance male partner and they would performed together, compete in competitions and winning some awards. She demostrate her dancing skills when making her appearance. As she does not have a male dance partner in Hong Kong, she quipped that she hope to find a suitable partner during her Latin dance performance.

Among male artistes, Andy Lau's Latin dance is the most outstanding, when asked if she would like to collaborate with him. She immediately replied: "I don't want to set a high target for myself, he's a superstar, I'm satisfied to stand beside him!"

news from: SingTao News

| Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In order to promote 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, Mainland China select Eddie Ng's composition - Olympics Beijing from 300 songs as the theme song. Under the command of music industry principal Alan Tam, all singers from Hong Kong show themselves at the recording studio for a huge duet. Jordan Chan, Andy Hui, Gigi Leung, William So, Hacken Lee, Paul Wong, Chelsia Chan, Shirley Kwan and others appeared to record the song.

Even the busy Andy Lau also specially take some time off for the recording, although he only get to sing 2 lines of the lyrics but he put in all efforts during the recording. As the recording studio does not allow interviews, the reporters were forced to interview the singers on the streets. Andy was also co-operative to stop for the reporters to take some photographs of him.

According to Alan, they were recording the Cantonese version of the song and they would set off to Taiwan and Mainland China to invite singers to record three different versions, namely Hong Kong, Taiwan and China's version.

news from: TVBS E-News

In Association with YesAsia.com