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| Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kelly Chen, Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Alex Fong, Andy Lau, Liza Wong and Stephen Chan will represent showbiz in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Hong Kong torch bearer relay run. On the press conference held yesterday, other than Andy whom had jet off to Beijing to attend an Olympic Games promotional activity, the other artistes attended the press conference. They had a meeting with the other torch bearers and was told of the information needed for the torch relay which includes the way they should run and given the uniform to be worn on the day of the run. Andy will be the first among the artistes as he would run from Tsim Sha Tsui's Hong Kong Space Museum for the 004 running route, whereas Jacky Cheung will be the finale running route 116 from Wanchai towards the direction of Golden Bauhinia Square.

Being the first artist in the relay run, when asked by reporter in a telephone interview, he said: "This is the first time in history that Olympic Games is held in China, and I got the chance to be the torch bearer, I feel very honor."

news from: SingTao News, HK Headlines, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

| Monday, April 28, 2008

Andy Lau brought along his "children" Andox and Blackie to attend Andy Lau Wonderful World Hong Kong concert 2007 Blu-ray disc's autograph session - Andy Lau Bring You Fly Over Wonderful World PS HD Era at Kowloon MegaBox. It attract hundreds of fans and onlookers which jam packed the mall.

When Andy appeared on the stage, he had a Latin dance with three three-years-old girls which stirred up the atmosphere. He also danced with his children which everyone present burst into laughters.

When the disc is released for one day, the sales record had broke the sales record of all Blu-ray disc, Andy is very encouraged by the sales record.

Andy quipped: "Actually this technology is very new, if you want to watch the disc you would need to purchase a Blu-ray player, thus I'm rather reserved when releasing the disc, I never expected it would have such good sales record."

When asked about his concert released in High Definition (HD) format, in other words revealing every flaws (if any), but Andy is very confident of himself as he think HD would not create any pressure, he said: "I'm already drenched in sweat for the opening of the concert, after singing for 3 songs, all my makeup had been washed away, it's close to seeing me bare, this effect is greater.

Actually before shooting All About Love, he did went to Thailand to learn HD makeup and the film itself was also shot in HD format, but he failed to master thus he didn't apply it and rather do facial 45 minutes or one hour before appearing before the cameras. I know that I could not apply too thick makeup, I had facial quite frequently thus my skin is not that bad."

The names for the Olympic Games torch bearer had been revealed yesterday and with his name on the list, Andy expressed that he was not notified. He feel honor to be given this task without being nominated by any sponsors as he had been jogging, his stamina would not be a problem. He exclaimed: "If you asked me to run 800 meters, it could be some difficulties, 200 meters would not be a problem as I've the habit of jogging, I would try to jog more often these few days."

He added that he would follow the instructions to face this event in a serious attitude and run at the speed stated by the committee, he's most delighted that he's able to keep the torch as he said: "Of course I'll keep it in my home." When asked if he's worried that he would encounter strike during the torch bearing ceremony, Andy said: "I do not know, the government should have done all security measures, I will not think about it."

Meanwhile, several celebrities which include Liza Wong, Alan Tam, Eric Tsang, Kate Tsui, Moses Chan Ho and Bosco Wong Chung Chak attended the torch bearer press conference as they all wore the red color T-shirt bearing the "Cheer on China" calligraphy written by Andy.

It's alleged that Andy will be marrying his girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqan of 23 years; his good friend Kent Tong revealed that he and Carol had been together all these years and if they were to get married it would be a good result, Kent also prove that Andy has no children and urge him to get married to have children soon in an interview in Mainland China. Andy seems prepared when asked of this question as he burst into laughters when he heard the names of Kent. When the reporters finished their question, Andy answered: "I should urge him to speak lesser. I had said a few days earlier, I would not like to discuss about this matter, if you want to ask, go ask Michael Miu and Kent Tong." Are you angry of Kent? Andy said: "I will take to his with regards to this matter in private."

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Sina.com

Andy Lau was in Kowloon to attend his concert's Blu-ray disc autograph session, his 2 sons Andox and Blackie were also present to dance to show their support. The event attracted hundreds of fans which jam packed the mall. When asked about this disc breaking the sale record in Hong Kong, Andy quipped that he never thought that the sales of the disc would be so good.

In addition, it was announced that Andy will become one of the Olympic Games torch bearer, he said: "Is this for real? I feel so much honor as I was not nominated by any commercial sponsor, I don't mind running, 200 meters is no problem for me, I can do nothing if people tried to cause trouble, the government should have done all securities measures, its said to run to many places."

news from: Appleactionnews.com

| Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by Commercial Radio as he expressed that his father was diagnosed with cancer (Bladder Carcinoma) 5 years ago and had gone through a huge operation, as cancer has a cycle of 5 years, the doctor said that his father had recovered completely.

When Andy talked about his father during the interview, he was so touched that he teared as he said: "I love my father the most, since young he had taught me many things, it's my father whom brought me into this world, show me the world, teaches me how to look at this world in another angle."

From his father, Andy learn "never give up" and narrates how his father fight against cancer for 5 years, he said: "Approximately 5 years ago, he had a huge operation, it's an operation that everyone need time to face it, I go through with my father, he's willing to take up any challenge, elderly look at illness with a normal heart." As cancer has a cycle in 5 years, this year the doctor had told his father that he had recover completely, thus Andy can relax.

Andy also talked about his 2 "children" as he had become a "mother" for almost 1 year, he personally sewn Andox during last year's Mother's Day and thereafter Blackie was born too. He said: "It really gave me a feeling that I'm married with a family." He said that he earlier brought Andox and Blackie to Europe to witness some artist designing jeans, they do not know who is Andy as they mistaken Andy as a designer, he clarify that he's a superstar from Hong Kong, the artist careless as he is more interested with Andox and Blackie.

Andy was so excited when talked about children, with regards to when he would get married, his answer is up to the point, he said: "I will get married eventually. But I don't have a schedule. Heaven will help me decide! Oh! My God!"

Andy also used his new song 'Yi Ye Zhang Da' to talk about past matters, he said: "When I was feeling very down, a friend of mine become calculative with me, after that I think I've mature a lot and see through many things."

In addition, Andy revealed that he would start shooting Andrew Lau's love comedy at the end of May and September he would start shooting an action movie.

Although Andy did not mention Carol Zhu Liqian, but his good brother Kent Tong was being asked about Andy getting married in Mainland China. Kent exclaimed that he was not sure but Andy is together with Carol all these years, if they were to get married it would be a good ending. Kent also quipped that Andy is way past the age to get marry, if he still don't get married and have children, it would not be suitable when he get older, he can still make it if he get married now. It's always alleged that Andy had children, with regards to this, Kent said: "Andy does not have children. (Is Carol pregnant?) I'm not sure, I think not, maybe they're currently working hard."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Tom.com, Apple Daily News

| Friday, April 25, 2008

As special guest and love consultant, Andy Lau was interviewed by Metro Radios' New Banana Club's 1000 episode, he also send his best wishes for the program to reach the 1000 episode mark. When asked if he's afraid that he would be asked of his love life in the program, Andy replied confidently: "Nope, if not I would not be it's 10,000 episode's special guest."

Andy quipped that he seldom become love consultant of his friends all these while, he said: "I'm no love consultant, because I'm lack of experience." Andy also added that he would not seek his friend's help to solve his love problems, he said: "When there's problem, it can be solved naturally, the problem will be solved by itself."

When asked if he's the cool or the agitated type when handling love problems, Andy gave it a thought and said: "I never thought of which type I belong, thus I'm not sure." When he was young, he did cried over the breakup with his girlfriend, but his busy work made him forget the pain. He said: "Of course I would cry, I was young then, but then I became very busy with work, then I forget about the past."

Several singers are fighting for slots to hold their concert at the newly renovated Hong Kong Coliseum, Andy said that he would not be fighting for slots with the singers, as he had just completed his concerts, he would only hold concert in the space of 2-3 years. He added that the shooting for Andrew Lau's love film will start at the end of May, then he would continue his holiday, go to watch the Olympic Games during the summer holidays before returning to work in October, he will start recording a brand new Cantonese album after his birthday and it will be release at the end of the year.

Recently, Andy had a new commerical and he's currently promoting the comemrcial's theme song - Yi Ye Zhan Da. Andy pointed out that the theme of the song talks about some matters and love matters would allow one person to grow up within a night, he feel that it's a meaningful song.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Liberty Times

In May 2007, Andy Lau "gave birth" to Andox and Blackie. Recently Andy was invited to be the concept designer for Hong Kong jeans label Blues Heroes. With his "children", Andy tour several countries for creative ideas and managed to release some limited edition clothings!

When interviewed by Apple Daily earlier, Andy was surprised that Andox would be able to collaborate with Blues Heroes to release products and also held a show, he also represent Andox to share the creative concept of Departure. Andy hope to go to many countries and get to communicate with people and friends of different nationalities and backgrounds in order to bring different message from the world.

In the exhibition, of course Andy's signature cannot be missed out!

He said: "Whenever I collaborate with other products, the commercial element is rather strong, thus this time's feeling is rather strange, because the commercial element is not strong, feel that it's just bringing others countries back to share with everyone in Hong Kong."

Black T-shirt - HK$390 ; jeans - HK$990 ; tight-fitting jeans coat - HK$990

The limited edition designs released for this collaboration is not many as it mainly focus on black and white T-shirts and vintage flavor jeans, it also has simple designs. Andy express that he like single color and simple design clothings, he loved basic jeans, he said: "I don't like those strange cutting, in the past I could not accept tight fitting jeans, but now I accept them and tried them, up till now, I won't wear t-shirt and jeans to attend music programs recording, whenever it's performing on the stage, it does not matter it's just 300 or 30 audience, must respect the event."

Departure white T-shirt - HK$390 ; Light blue jeans - HK$890

Andy also revealed that he admire French designer Azzedine Alaia's simple and plain design, it's a pity that he does not have the chance to wear his design, he quipped: "I get to know Alaia as I was doing my rounds of concert these 2 years, his design is very simple, mainly based on single color, they're very nice, it's a pity they it's designed for female, if there is a chance I'll approach him."

White Andox T-shirt - HK$390; Black bronze jeans - HK$990

Andox's collaboration with Blue Heroes is a grand affair, a show with Departure as theme was held within a D-Mop store. Other than photographs of Andox holidaying in different countries, 6 designers from different countries were invited to design jean clothings which includes Japan's A Bathing Ape online store mastermind Masahiro Hirai and England's Will Lees and others to form like-minded friends from all over the world.

D-mop's Departure exhibition, with lots of Andox's holidaying photographs.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andy Lau was at Causeway Bay yesterday to attend Andox Meets Blues Heroes Departure concept exhibition to announce the cross over limited edition jeans, T-shirts and jeans jackets that he designed for Andox.

Andy expressed that these products will earn quite a large amount of money for Andox but he currently had not considered to make it into a business and release other products as he only one to make it into a label for Andox to bring onto the stage in order for others to know its life and character.

Andy said that he would be releasing comics on his personal website which will introduce his private life through the eyes of Andox, he quipped: "Only Andox can come into my house and talk about my private life."

When asked about the alleged reports that he would be marrying Carol Zhu Liqian soon, Andy express that he's delighted of everybody's concern for him but when he discovered on forums that there are threads of him and Tony Leung getting married soon made him embarrassed as he does not wish to be involved in such threads. Andy continues: "If I'm getting married, I'll announced it the first thing in my website, it would not be through newspapers or magazine, therefore I will not concern about all alleged reports in magazines."

When asked when Andy set any date to get married, Andy said: "Nope." When asked about Tony Leung announcement that he will wed girlfriend Carina Lau this year, Andy said: "Tony had been forced to say it by the media." When reporter pointed out that Tony said it willingly, Andy stress on his point and quipped: "All of you forced him to say so."

It was alleged that Miriam Yeung would not be renewing her contract with TVB but urging East Asia singers to participate in the shooting of Beijing theme song music video for TVB, being a singer under East Asia Andy expressed that he knew nothing of the matter.

With regards to Andrew Lau's franchise film to The Storm Riders about Wu Ming, it's said that Andy will be given the role of Wu Ming, Andy admitted that he was contacted to discuss of a collaboration but the project had been delayed as it will be discussed again after Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng complete Storm Riders II.

When asked about that he would be highly paid to be Ma Ying-jeou in a film about the new Taiwan president life story, Andy said: "Even Ma Ying-jeou asked me not to accept the offer to avoid any discussion."

Andy was asked if he would become one of the torch bearer for the Beijing Olympic Games, Andy said that he did not get any notice from them and he's not worried that the torch will be snatched away from him, he said: "I think the government will do all the preparation, whoever be the torch bearer is fine, no need to think so much, just do his/her best to run."

It's a dream for everyone to go holiday in another country, one need to save enough money before going on a holiday, it would be some difficulties for those being employed, it's also a problem to Andy. Although money is not an issue to him, but to go holiday and leave his work behind, it would need 2 years to plan in advance as he need to make arrangements to his work before able to enjoy his holiday which is an island in Greece. Andy explains that he choose to holiday in Greece is because of its magical historical trails, plus its romantic sea, holiday there would allow him to enjoy the real feeling of being romantic. Andy exclaimed: "It's hard for me to holiday there peacefully, maybe due to my status, I could not join the local tours, if I have several people wanted to go, we can form a tour group, it would not be a problem to rent a boat to go out to the sea, if it really happens within 2 years, believed I will ask my family members and friends to go to Greece to truly have a relaxing holiday!"

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News, Sing Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com, Ta Kung Po

| Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 27th Hong Kong Film Awards had been successfully held few nights ago, Jet Li won the Best Actor award with The Warlords and Andy Lau was also nominated for the same award with the same movie but it's a surprise that he won the Best Supporting Actor award with Protege which leaves him delighted and surprised. At the post ceremony party, Andy expressed that he's delighted to win the award and quipped that he had booked next year's Best Actor award with Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon.

The Warlords sweep away a total of 8 awards to become the biggest winner, Andy expressed at the post ceremony party that he's very happy that Jet won the Best Actor award as everyone acted very well thus he does not feel that he lose face when he didn't win the award. In 2007, his Brother Kun in Protege and Zhao Er-hu in The Warlords won him nominations, this is a recognition for him, but he's more confidence in Zhao Zilong of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, "I think there's high hope for Zhao Zilong, winning the Best Supporting Actor this year, I'll win the Best Actor award next year, I've book this position in advance." Andy quipped.

Many movie critics also admitted that the characters that Andy had created for himself on the silver screen in the past 2 years had won the hearts of many audience, many had sing praise for his performance in Protege and The Warlords. Currently Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon is being discussed, other than its story, Andy's acting is also being discussed, thus all audience whom had watched the movie had the same remark: "Great!"

Meanwhile, when The Warlords director Peter Chan was interviewed and asked about how he looked at Jet winning the Best Actor award when both Jet and Andy was nominated for the award. Peter said: "Initially I think that Jet will win the award as I have never seen a Jet Li like this before, but I'm not indicating that Jet had acted better than Andy, in actual fact, I feel that Andy had acted better than Jet as he made a bigger change when compared to Jet. To develop the potential of a person is not difficult but it is to change a person. Before shooting, I did chatted with Jet and I never expected that he will acted out this way which give the audience a refreshing feeling. But I didn't feel that Andy would acted out so well as he completely discard how he do things in the past, this is what Andy did by himself, I'm not going to claim any reward. Andy's biggest issue is that he looked like the male lead, but he told me that he acted with a mentality that he's a supporting character, thus goes away with the main lead mentality, thus it's unlike Andy Lau. Andy seems agitated when he win the Best Supporting Actor award, some reporter asked me how am I going to console him, I feel that it's strange because do I need to console him? Andy is so delighted winning the award."

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon was screened throughout Asia for 3 weeks and it managed to collect more than HK$10000,000 in the box office in its first 6 days of screening in Hong Kong. The film was also the top 3 grossing movie when it was screened in Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea in its first weekend. Director Daniel Lee was touched of the result thus he fork out money to treat the crew members and cast for a celebration meal, Vanness Ng specially jet in from Taiwan to attend the dinner.

Daniel Lee expressed that he was surprised of the box office takings of the movie in all countries, he said: "I always have confidence in the film. During the post production, I feel that this film would one of those that would represent my career, with regards to how much the film will collect at the box office, I really don't dare to think about it, because there is many elements to decide whether the box office is high or low, I just hope that the good reviews will allow the box office taking to continue to climb." Actually the director had decided on shooting a sequel, he expressed: "When writing Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, I already have a thinking of another Three Kingdom story. There are many exciting battles in Three Kingdom, the most unforgettable character is not only Zhao Zilong, thus I hope to film sequel of these period legends."

Andy Lau said: "Daniel is a director that I admired, when shooting Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, I knew that he faced a lot of problems which includes money and the actors' schedule, now his dream finally came true and gained a result, I'm very touched." Actually during shooting Andy did gave the director a very crazy suggestion, he said: "I know the director is a Three Kingdom fan and plan to film several other Three Kingdom films, then I suggested to him that to cast me as one Three Kingdom character one after another, first I'm Zhao Zilong, followed by Liu Bei, Kwan Gong, I want to see how many characters that I can be. However, many audience whom had watched this movie had told me that my acting had yet again improve when compared to The Warlords, this makes me to think that I'm really a 'shi li pai' actor rather than an idol."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po

In 1997, Andy Lau was location shooting for the movie Island of Greed in Taiwan and was alleged to cause damage to the rented helicopter thus the helicopter rental company Daily Air Corporation filed a lawsuit seeking for more than HK$3000,000 from Andy, Win's Entertainment Ltd. (formerly known as China Star Entertainment Group) and the producer of the film. The case had a result yesterday as Andy would need to fork out HK$1300,000 for the repair of the helicopter but China Star feel that the judgment is not fair thus decided to appeal.

The case first open in the courts in March 2004, the lawsuit lasted for 4 years to investigate the reason behind the crashing of the helicopter. The lawyer of Daily Air Corporation requested Andy to appear in the court but the judge think that the evidence is enough thus Andy need not appear in the court room.

The pilot of the helicopter during the shooting exclaimed in the court room that he did told Andy not to touch the control knob of the helicopter but Andy still touched it during shooting thus resulting the helicopter to dive and the helicopter was damaged when it hit the banner on the ground. From the words of the pilot, the judge confirm that it's due to Andy's negligence thus resulting the helicopter to be damaged, thus Andy would need to pay the cost of repairing the helicopter, however the helicopter is rented by the producer and Win's Entertainment Ltd., they could also pay for the repair on behalf of Andy.

Spokeswoman from China Star expressed in a telephone interview: "The company feel that the judgment is strange, on the day of shooting, other than renting of the helicopter, we did request a pilot as guide, we followed to his instructions while on the helicopter, so why do we need to pay for the damage? This matter is not related to the actor, I think it's an unfair judgment, we'll be appealing."

Meanwhile, Andy answered through his assistant that he would not comment on this matter.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao

| Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Warlords which starred Jet Li and Andy Lau was the biggest winner at the 27th Hong Kong Films Awards held two nights ago as it won a total of 8 awards. Media Asia held its celebration party at Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate its movies Protege (2 awards) and The Postmodern Life Of My Aunt (1 award) which also won awards. Other than Shu Qi, Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Zhao Wei, Ann Hui, Derek Yee and Zhang Jingchu, even Best Actor nominee Lau Ching Wah brought his wife Amy Kwok to attend the party to congratulates newly crowned Best Actor Jet Li.

It was a joyful atmosphere at the party as they celebrated with champagnes opening and it last past midnight.

Both Andy and Jet attended the post Hong Kong Film Awards celebration party held at InterContinental Hong Kong before making their way to the Media Asia's party after staying for 45 minutes. When Jet arrived, he was interviewed by many reporters and surrounded by many people which resulted in a little chaos which made Jet raise his eye brow when he alighted from his car. Jet pointed out that he was not very excited of winning the Best Actor because it's just acting as he maintain his normal low profile behavior.

When Andy arrived at the party, he was welcomed by large group of fans whom cheered for him, he also enjoyed the celebration by shaking hands with fans when he leaves the party. He exclaimed that he always tipped Andy to win the Best Actor as Jet's win can be also considered as winning the award himself as he's also excited that his friend win the award.

Andy said: "Frankly said, I'm not disappointed that I didn't win the Best Actor award, I don't think losing to anyone this year is not a disgrace, everyone acted very well, I'm happy losing to someone superior like Jet."

When asked if he would considered marriage and have children, Andy quipped: "Didn't the media said that I'm already married and have children? Asking this question means that I'm not married and not a father, everybody please remember! However, I'll try my best to find a wife and have children."

When talked about Jet declaring that if he win the Best Actor award and will give the award to him, Andy said: "Of course not, he would not be saying this as he had win the award. (This is the blessing of joining Media Asia?) I hope this blessing will remains."

Meanwhile, with regards to The Warlords winning 8 awards together with Jet and Andy's acting winning recognition, Media Asia boss Peter Lam expressed that he's delighted and he would treat all crew members to a meal to celebrate. Peter expressed that his motive of shooting movies is not to win awards but to delight the audience and wanted to shoot more movies. With both Andy and Jet winning awards, Peter sing praise of their performance as Jet win it without his usual kungfu movie and Andy's win is also worth congratulating.

news form: Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News