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| Sunday, October 30, 2005

Andy Lau would be investing in a Mainland China produced movie for the first time, the movie is currently titled Crazy Stone (literally translated). The cast includes Mainland China actors Jiang Wu, Tao Hong and the director would be China's newbie director Lin Hao.

In addition, Andy would be cameo a role in the movie in 2 scenes, the role was specially tailored for him, filming will starts on 12 November in Chongqing.

When asked why a newbie director was used, it was told that Lin Hao was specially picked by Andy as his talents was admired by Andy, in addition that he wanted to give chances to newbie directors, thus he gave the chance to Lin Hao.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sina.com

| Saturday, October 29, 2005

Due to his filming committments for the movie Mo Gong, last year Best Actor Andy Lau confirmed that he would not be able to attend Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards as he apologise to the fans!

With regards to Andy unable to come to the ceremony, Golden Horse Film Awards secretary Lee Ya Mei expressed that she felt rather regretted but everyone knows that Andy is a very professional artistes, believed that he had tried his best to find time to attend, Golden Horse understands his situation, we welcome him again next year!

Due to Andy's unable to attend, the prize presenter list need to be re-arrange as 85% of the prize presenters had already confirmed their attendance, with the absence of Andy, it had to be re-arranged. Leon Lai and Aaron Kowk had yet replied their attendance and Jackie Chan was still in discussion with them.

Andy's latest movie, All About Love had collected $8 million within 8 days of screening. In addition, it had also done well in Singapore, Malaysia and Mainland China.

Andy whom was currently busy with the shooting of Mo Gong in Beijing was delighted after being told of the good news, Andy says: "Just screened for 8 days and had such good results. I was told of the good news from my colleagues in Hong Kong. Other than particpating in the Tokyo Film Festival, the Korean film distributors also cried after watching the movie as they sing praise that the movie is very touching as they bought it to be screened in Korea, we were also in discussion with European distributors. I think I should celebrate with Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi and the crew members!"

But when he request director Jacob Chang to release him back to Hong Kong for celebration, however Jacob shakes his head and says: "Sorry, cannot."

After a day of shooting and after discussing of the scripts, Andy asked Jacob once again if he could return to Hong Kong for celebration and attending the Golden Horse Film Awards. Andy sighs: "Director, it's okay if you don't release me back to Hong Kong for celebration, but if you don't release me to attend the Golden Horse Film Awards, I afraid that I would be mistaken that I didn't attend as I was not nominated!"

Jacob than quipped: "You'll be in Beijing shooting this new movie, I'll accompany you to the Golden Horse Film Awards next year! I believe the Golden Horse committee is understanding, nobody would mistaken that you didn't attend as you was not nominated, previously Andy Lau didn't won the Best Actor award nor was nominated for many years, but everyone remembers that he would attend and support the ceremony every year! Therefore, you need not worry, you just concentrate on Mo Gong!"

After hearing what the director had said, Andy had nothing to say as he had to stay in Beijing to work.

news from: China Daily Times, udn news, Sina.com

Andy Lau's movie production company - Focus Film Limited held a party in Tokyo earlier to promote his company invested movies which are A Side, B Side, Seaside , The Shoe Fairy and All About Love. As Andy was busy with the shooting of Mo Gong in Beijing, thus Charlie Yeung whom also star in All About Love represented him in Tokyo.

All About Love was selected by Tokyo Film Festival as its showcase movie and would be screened tonight at the festival, however Charlie could not attend, she says: "I've my own matters to attend to, could not stay for another day thus could not communicate with the fans, a little disappointed."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Wednesday, October 26, 2005

With The Legend of Zorro to opens this weekend, the autumn season is going to begins.

The "black horses" All About Love and Election box office takings had moved to the top 3. Without much competition, Jackie Chan's The Myth had been the number 1 movie for 5 weeks as it has a total box office collection of $9.6 millions.

It was rather a surprise that The Myth could extend its screening till the autumn season from the national day holidays. However with The Legend of Zorro opening, it seems difficult for The Myth to excel more in its box office collection.

All About Love and Election which opens last week had similiar results although Election didn't had much promotion as to All About Love. All About Love is heavenly king Andy Lau's second movie to be screened, although his previous Wait 'Til You're Older didn't fare well but his All About Love fare much better.

news from: Sina.com

When the nomination list for 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards was announced, there was a huge response from Hong Kong movie industry, although Hong Kong movies were leading the number of nominations with 2 Hong Kong movies in Election and Kungful Hustle having the most nominations, however many major productions and megastars failed to get nominated thus the nomination list get questioned.

The current Hong Kong most influential megastars Jackie Chan and Andy Lau were both ignored by Golden Horse Film Awards. Jackie's The Myth failed to get any nominations, whereas Andy whom had 4 movies registered for the Best Actor award was missed out and only his World Without Thieves was nominated.

Andy whom had been active in the movie industry in these few years, having acted in several movies and investing, Andy whom was last year's Best Actor winner was not even nominated this year after registering 4 movies for the award which is rather a surprise. Andy was rather in a state of disbelief as he was always confident of his own acting.

The 4 movies that Andy registered were Yesterday Once More, World Without Thieves, Wait 'Til You're Older and All About Love, the characters were different and he was satisfied with his own performance but none of them could moved the Golden Horse Film Awards judging panel. However, outsiders did commented that Andy's performace in these 4 movies is not much of a difference as his performance fails to bring any surprise, which lose out to Aaron Kowk's breakthrough performance in Divergence.

On the other side, Andy could had mis-calculated as he registered 4 movies, it could have divided the votes and resulted of being missed out, not sure if Andy agrees?

After Golden Horse Film Awards, nomination listes for Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Bauhinia would be announced soon, thus Golden Horse Film Awards is just a prelude, would it affect the judging panels of the other awards?

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Since National Day, two Chinese movies' most influential megastars - Andy Lau and Jackie Chan can be said to have their best moments as the box office takings of The Myth had been leading the pack as in the past weekend, it collected another $6000,000 as it's total box office taking in Mainland China had reached $9.6 million. Another Andy's movie All About Love which opened in cinemas on 20 October had become The Myth competition after Wait 'Til You're Older.

All About Love which took 9 months to prepare had a box office takings close to $5 million in the weekend, good news from the cinemas in Guangzhou and Shenzhen is that its box office takings had exceeded The Myth and Election which was also screened at the same time.

The film distributor expressed that All About Love would at least collects $10 million, which is a great result for an artistic movie.

When interviewed earlier, Andy exclaimed: "Being an artistic movie, $6000,000 can be considered as doing well, my target is $8000,000!" Currently with the movie just screened less than one week, with such good results, no wonder Andy's confidence had increased as he says: "All About Love is a slow popular movie, it collected $660,000 on its first day of screening, it collected $5000,000 after a weekend, believed many people will watch this movie!"

news from: Sina.com

The box office takings for Wait 'Til You're Older in Mainland China during the national day period was not satisfying which disappoints Andy Lau as he pipped his hope of a box office revival on his self-invested, to be screened this week's All About Love. Being an investor and actor, when interviewed, Andy expressed his confidence as he had 3 insurances that he's not worried of All About Love's box office takings.

With regards to Wait 'Til You're Older being screened at the same time with The Myth and Fantastic Four during the national day period, its box office taking in Mainland China is not satisfying, whereas it has an explosive box office takings in Hong Kong. Andy express that maybe the audience in China and Hong Kong had different taste, no doubt that Wait 'Til You're Older is a high standard movie, which goes the same to All About Love, Wait 'Til You're Older is one of the 4 movies registered for Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards. "I worked hard to produce good movies, whether it does well in the box office is out of my control!" Andy exclaims the difficulties of being an actor.

With regards to the soon-to-be-screened All About Love, Andy is full of confidence. Being an investor, he analyze that All About Love is a very watchable artistic love movie which is suitable for those in love, which is a main consumer in the movie industry, he says: "Believed those whom watched the movie would find the touching moments belonged to themselves!" Meanwhile, All About Love would not be screening at the same time with major production like The Myth as the audience would had watched visual treats in The Myth and Fantasic Four during the national day period, they could relax and enjoy a warmth and touching artistic movie.

Lastly, All About Love had become a brand as it includes his album, radio drama and comics. On promotion wise, Andy had put in lots of efforts. All About Love had sold 1.5 million copies throughout Asia as he held a celebration party at Tianjing aircraft carrier, with the release of the movie, it's believed that many Andy's loyal fans would buy tickets to watch the movie to catch their idol playing 2 different characters.

Although artistic movies don't usually do well in China, but Andy express: "If it could exceed 10 million, I would be very satisfied as this is an artistic movie, if it could reach my target, I'll hold a celebration party!" When asked if the venue would be as special as the previous one, Andy smile and refuse to answer.

news from: Sina.com

| Saturday, October 22, 2005

Beijing recently released a new English textbook, which you can find popular artiste's name Andy Lau, Yao Ming and Ruby Lin in them as hoping that would increase the students' interest in learning English. However, the students had some opinions on the photographs as they feel that these artistes were rather "outdated".

When interviewed, one student said: "For the inclusion of table tennis national player Deng Ya Ping was rather out-dated, Andy Lau and Song Zuying ...... if you wanted to include, shoud put Jay Zhou, national track and field runner Liu Xiang, Supergirls He Jie and Li Yu Chun."

news from: TVBS E-News

The movie, Election won 11 nominations in this year's Golden Horse Film Awards, with Jet Li showing his support, no wonder director Johnnie To was smoking cigar on the movie's premiere, drank champagne to celebrate his excitment.

There was reports that Jackie Chan once criticize Taiwan's president election, thus his The Myth and invested Everlasting Regret were ignored by the Golden Horse Film Awards.

Maybe his appearance at Andy Lau's Wait 'Til You're Older premiere and kissing Andy dragged Andy into trouble and was also ignored by Golden Horse Film Awards!

However, Andy doesn't believe this saying as he thinks that he registered 4 movies and resulted the votes to be distributed among them.

Never expected the lover thief in Yesterday Once More, loving doctor in All About Love, changed for the good thief in World Without Thieves and young till old in Wait 'Til You're Older could not moved the judging panel of Golden Horse Film Awards.

No matter what, Andy whom was shooting Mozi in Beijing exclaimed that he would attend the ceremony.

Andy says: "I thought I would be nominated which I could tell them that I was nominated thus could give me a day's break, I was told that I was not allowed to go even I was nominated, now I was not nominated, I hope they would pity me and allow me to go, don't make me look petty!"

news from: TVB E-News

| Friday, October 21, 2005

Eric Tsang's hair salon opened a new branch in Shenzhen as he attended the opening ceremony.

When asked about Andy Lau failed to be nominated for the Best Actor award despite registering 4 movies, Eric quoted himself as an example to console Andy, he says: "When I won the award in 1991, I gave people a refeshing feeling as I change my style of acting, later performace were more or less the same, thus Anthony Wong got nominated with Infernal Affairs and I don't get nominated. Andy is a 100 marks actor as he continue to have breakthrough, he could be old or fat."

Meanwhile when Hacken Lee attended an activity, he was asked if Andy would be his competitor in upcoming music award ceremonies, he says: "Which year he isn't? But I was also happy when I saw him collecting awards last year. I was not sure why he was not nominated for the Golden Horse Film Awards, I think the organiser wants to give some chance to others! Actually his house doesn't have much space for awards as there were too many of them!"

news from: MingPao

Joint-invested by China's Huayi Brothers & Taihe Film Investment Co. Ltd, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures, an ancient war epic movie directed by Jacob Chang, Mo Gong (Battle Of Wisdom) held its press conference at Beijing.

Director Jacob and the cast which include Andy Lau, Korean actors Ahn Sung-ki, Choi Si Won, Mainland China's Fan Bingbing, Wang Zhi Wen and Taiwan's Nicky Wu attended the press conference.

Jacob expressed that he prepared the movie for 10 years and the script took 4 drafts to completed as he was delighted to directed the movie with a budget of HK$124.8 million.

At the press conference, Andy was the main attraction for the media fighting to be interviewed. As his appearance created a commotion. Andy exclaimed that he thought of purchasing the copyright of the Japanese manga in 1996 after reading the manga but then his career was at a low and was in debts thus he dropped the idea. Never expected that Jacob came up with the script and handed him the lead character, he expressed that his performance would not disappoint. He quipped: "This shows that I've affinity with this movie, I believed this would be a great movie!"

Andy would be collaborating with 2 Korean actors for the first time. When Korean national treasure stature actor Ahn Sung-ki was giving out a speech, Andy tried to translate for him as all present burst into laughters. Ahn Sung-ki would be playing the role of a general, he had being cast in more than 60 movies since 1980. Meanwhile, Choi Si Won is a singer/actor.

When talked about his image for the movie, his character Ge Li in the manga was weak, dressed cheaply and balding, thus he would have some breakthrough in his skin and other areas to be as similiar as the original character in the manga. However, Andy need not shave his head for the movie as he explains that it wasn't that he refuse to shave as he already had one experience in Running On Karma but rather not required by the director. The character required him to keep a moustache with some stick-on fake moustache enhancement.

In order to do well in this character, Andy exclaim that he had worked on his physic and mental to prepare for the role. He had practice kungful and spent time reading and studied the original Mo Zi books. Andy added that he admire Mozi's anti-war spirit and hope that the movie would bring out a correct message.

With regards to his failure of getting nominated in the Golden Horse Film Awards, he hope that he could be nominated with this movie next year.

In addition, it would be Andy's first collaboration with Fan Bingbing as he openly sing praise of her, he says: "She's tagged one of the four beauties in China, her eyes are really big. (Did you get electric shock from her?) She had yet started to give me electric shock!" Fan revealed that she would have kissing scene with Andy.

Andy revealed that Feng Xiaogang had another major joint-invested movie but shooting had yet started, but he admitted that after accepting to be involved in Battle of Wisdom, he had to reject Feng's offer. He sighs: "Of course I would like to be involved but time is just enough."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, MingPao, SingPao, SingTao News

| Thursday, October 20, 2005

Golden Horse Film Award's Best Actor favourite Andy Lau registered 4 movies for the award but none of them got him nominated, when asked of his feelings, Andy admitted that he's disappointed whereas his fans were unsatisfied with the nomination list.

Andy says: "Of course I'm disappointed! But no choice, maybe the requirement of the judging panel is different this year." The reporter said: "What about next year!" Andy replies: "Correct! This doesn't really matter, really, I'll still could be in many different genres of movies!"

Andy already view awards in a normal way as his love for movies had not reduced but his fans complaint that he didn't get nominated.

A fan says: "What's the reason that 4 registered movies, we Hongkongers think that the movies were very good, but it lose out in Golden Horse Film Award."

Although Andy was not nominated, he would still find time to attend the award ceremony in November as he would be busy shooting in Mainland China to express his support for Chinese movies.

news from: TVBS E-news

Andy Lau was interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin yesterday, although the Best Actor award winner last night and despite registering 4 movies for the award this year, he was not even nominated, when asked by Cha, he immediately says: "Today you don't seems to celebrate wor!"

Andy exclaimed that he was told of the nomination list the previous day's afternoon and knew that he was not nominated, he also checked if Charlie Yeung, Karen Mok or Charlene Choi were nominated, he says: "I knew that this year's award would be completely in gold colour as it was rather green bronze in past years, I was asked if I would dye it gold for my award last year, I told them that it's not needed as I would win the award this year instead, however I don't have the chance!"

In addition, Andy being the protect eyesight artiste, also attended the Whole City Eye Protection 108 activity yesterday. Other than singing the activity's theme song, he was also the prize presenter and share tips of protecting one's eyesight.

Although Andy has no myopia but he's suffering from astigmatic but he went for a lasik operation to recify the problem some years ago and his eye sight was back to normal.

Andy expressed that he had 2 bad habits that is reading while on car trips and switch off the lights when using computer, in order to protect his eye sight, he had change his habit of switching off the lights when using the computer, in addition, he also decided to set the light of his car brighter to lessen the ill effect to his eye sight. Andy believed that many people ignore eye sight protection as he urge all that if one wants a healthy eye sight, one should change those bad habits that could affect eye sight.

During the group phototaking, the compere requested the children to stand in the front row, Andy then moved to the front row to "stand" with the children, he also tried to disturb the plumb boy standing beside him.

Andy will jet off for a month long shooting of Mozi in Beijing today, although the weather had turned cold, he's not worried that it would be tough as he would always on location shooting in Beijing every year thus he's used to the weather there. As he would be shooting the water cell scene and he brought along diving suit to prevent himself from catching cold. When asked if he would used PVC wrapper as double protection, Andy quipped that he was very fresh and need no PVC wrapper as he believed that the diving suit would be enough.

As his Wait 'Til You're Older had done very well in the box office, when asked if he had confidence in All About Love which will be opening soon in the cinema, he added that the the promotion duties for All About Love would depend on Charlie and Charlene as the audience would like to watch their performance, he says: "I hope they could make the box office takings increase, if it can collect HK$3 million then I won't pray them as god and many thanks to them."

As his movie would be screened at the same time with Johnnie To's Election, when asked if he had confidence competiting with the movie. Andy said frankly that Election would fare better as it would include anxious moments as boyfriends would bring their girlfriends to watch Election and might not to watch All About Love. Andy quipped that many male would feel bad after watching All About Love. When asked why he admit defeat so soon, Andy explained that he didn't admit defeat but sing praise that his new movie is touching but there's still market for traid movies.

Andy revealed that if All About Love is able to collect HK$8000,000, he would recoup some and could continue producing movies.

With regards to news reports that he exposed himself that he was married, he exclaim that he was really careless as he thought that he was asked about the story of All About Love thus it was just a misunderstanding.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

| Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Andy Lau, Hui Shiu Hung, Sasha Hou, Charlie Yeung and Charlene Choi attended the premiere of All About Love 2 nights ago and Andy become a love saint as he gave kilocalorie crystal rings to his wives in the movie, he also distributed red roses to guests and the audiences.

Other than the cast, Hacken Lee, Gigi Leung, Felix Wong, Lam Ka Tung, Chapman To with wife, Sheila Shin, Yumiko Cheng, Richie Ren and Sandra Ng were also present to show their support.

Andy arranged to renacted the scenes from the movie in a comical way, First, Andy become a hair stylist as he remind his wife- Charlie to eat medicine before setting off from home and Charlie wanted Andy to cut her hair first but Charlie used the ends of her hair to disturb Andy, Andy immediately kiss her face, resulting an uproar from the fans.

Andy then appear in a doctor robe as he checked the heartbeat of Charlene using a stethoscope causing Charlene to forget her lines. Other than close contact with the female leads, Andy also bought, from his own pocket, a gaint crystal ring each for them which delights them.

However once received a gift need to return as Andy hope the box office takings for this movie could reached HK$3 million, therefore Charlie and Charalene had to contribute HK$1 million while he, himself would contribute HK$2 million. Charlene immediately exclaimed: "So heavy!" Andy then quipped: "Just saying about it, I think the box office takings should have HK$1 million, I'm delighted to see so many people came to support it."

There was a small incident at the premiere when Anita Mui's elder brother came to create trouble as he used a loudspeaker to greet Andy as he shouted: "Andy Lau, can you hear me?", but he was immediately being chased away to the opposite streets but still didn't give as he continue to shout for Andy. Anita Mui's edler brother said: "I just happened to passed by so send my regards to Andy and asked him if he remember a friend like Anita."

When asked if he heard Anita's elder brother calling for him, he says: "I'm not sure as I could not hear what he said! I feel that this world is lacked of love, as a friend, I won't and nobody would forget about Anita, will remember her forever, but regarding to her relationship with her family members, that's their own world, I can't comment on that. Anita would be happy in another world."

Throughout the month of October, Andy's movies were screened in the cinemas which this month being tagged as "Andy Lau month" as Andy quipped: "Those years when I filmed so many movies also don't have such situation." When asked if he really hope that All About Love could collect HK$3 million in the box office, he expressed: "This is an artistic movie, it would be out of this world if it could collect $3 million, adding on screening slot is not as good as Wait 'Til You're Older, to be able to collect $8000,000 to $1 million would be my target, if it could collect more, why not!"

In addition, Charlene exclaimed that she had several intimate scenes with Andy in the movie as she quipped that she would be beaten up by Andy's fans but she says: "Actually the kissing scenes were healthy and not erotic, hope the fans won't beat me up."

With regards to the movie, maybe it was too touching, both female leads became crying babies after watching it as Andy kept passing tissue paper to them. Charlene said with tears in her eyes: "Charlie's character is so pity..... it's not nice for people to see me crying, I'll go out after I finished crying."

Whereas, Andy whom had registered 4 movies for the Golden Horse Film Awards but he was not nominated for the Best Actor award, he quipped: "I'm not disappointed, I can't get nominated every year, I respect the decision of the judge panel, I'll continue to work hard, A World Without Thieves got nominated for Best Movie, I'll call Feng Xiogang to send in my congratulations."

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, SingTao News

| Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Recently Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau was busy promoting his new movie, but he encounter someone creating a mess, the person responsible is none other than Anita Mui's elder brother whom suddenly appear at the press conference, carrying a loudspeaker and shouted out loud, resulting to Andy whom was on stage to feel a bit embarrasses.

Anita Mui's elder brother whom was wearing a yellow checked shirt, carrying a loudspeaker and shouted: "Andy Lau! Andy Lau!" A security guard next to him immediately stopped him as it didn't affect Andy's promotion activity.

Charlene Choi says: "We're alright." Andy quipped: "Your heart is beating fast." Andy then took out a stethoscope and attend to Charlene which the fans reacted with screams. It is because Andy was a doctor in the movie as he used the style of a musical to promote the movie with the 2 female leads, he also broughta gaint ring for both Charlene and Charlie Yeung.

Using all his efforts in the promotion, Andy is not worried that the movie do not do well in the box office. He says: "I've been in so many movies, some of my movies did well in box office and some did badly in the box office, I've tried both, as long as this movie don't disappoint the audience after they watched it will do."

Although Andy doesn't mind the box office takings, but by looking at the fans jam packed the venue, you could know the charisma of Andy is irresistible.

news from: TVBS E-News

Andy Lau, Charlie Yeung and Charlene Choi's All About Love held its premiere and Andy's best friend Hacken Lee and Gigi Leung attended to show their support.

A stylish Andy wore a white shirt, black coat and jeans.

After the good box office collection of Wait 'Til You're Older, Andy is full of confidence for All About Love as he believed that the box office collection would better Wait 'Til You're Older. Andy revealed that the movie is trying to spread a message of cherish your loved ones, whereas Wait 'Til You're Older was talking about family ties but the theme of All About Love is love, also very touching.

Both Charlie and Charlene express that they had confidence that the movie would do well in the box office as they both remind all to cherish their loved ones.

news from: Sina.com

The 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards nomination list was announced today, Hong Kong director's The Election had a total of 11 nominations, Stephen Chow's Kungful Hustle had 10 nominations while Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien's Three Times had 9 nominations.

Last year's Best Actor Andy Lau registered 4 movies but none was nominated, the same goes to Jackie Chan's The Myth which was directed by Stanley Tong. The panel of judges chairman analyze that Andy registered 4 movies thus the support of judges was divided, which is a pity. Whereas Tony Leung Kar Fai and Zhang Zhen both had 2 movies registered each were both nominated for Best Actor with The Election and Three Times.
Only Andy's A World Without Thieves was nominated for the Best Movie.

news from: Central Daily News, TVBS E-News

Shenzhou 6 Capsule's successful a five-day flight 210 miles above Earth represented a huge step improvement for Chinese Aerospace to the delights of Chinese citizens and Chinese around the world. Many people watched the TV broadcast of Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng's safe return to earth, however Andy Lau was busy shooting his MTV overnight thus he could not watch the broadcast as there was no television set on the filming set, thus missing the chance to witness the historical moment.

However, when he return home, he immediately went to watch the repeat telecast, he says: "I feel that both astronauts were very brave, their brave allowed them to experience a different life from others, for China and a new chapter in their life." As an audience, Andy applause for them, although he know nothing about science but he believed that the development in aerospace would help China and this is worth to be happy. Andy added: "Aerospace aside, I hope all Chinese could follow Shenzhou 6 Capsule and continue to improve. Youngsters in China, no matter what profession or what job you do, must follow the astronauts' courage and dreams, learn their spirit, hopefully one day, we would not only be applausing for the astronauts but for every Chinese and oneself, that would be great."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

Stephen Chow whom was earlier being invited to become the creative director for the Chinese version of Korean popular action Internet game - DEKARON, the computer was looking for a spokesman and Stephen was interested but being a spokesman of another Internet game (The Legend of Monkey King), instead he recommends Andy Lau whom was of the same calibre as himself thus the company contacted Andy's management company but unexpectedly Andy was already discussing with another large Internet game company from Mainland China and was considering to be their game's spokesman.

It was heard that the Mainland China company was very sincere in inviting Andy to become its spokesman and the conditions gave was also very attractive. With Andy currently discussing with the company, thus Andy should collaborate with them. In this way, although Stephen's "hero recommend hero" action would be impossible and may result them to become "enemies" instead.

With regards to this, reporter approached the chinese distributor of DEKARON for clarification on the matter, they confirmed that indeed they tried to invite Andy to become their spokesman but nothing had been confirmed, thus they could not revealed any details.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Monday, October 17, 2005

The 18th Tokyo International Film Festival would be held between 22-30 October. Hong Kong would have 5 representativ movies in the Asian Craze segment.

Among them, Andy Lau's All About Love was nominated by the committee with its touching scenes. This movie being Andy's first "crying movie", the committee thinks that it's the most touching movie of the festival.

The other 4 nominated movies were Stanley Kwan's Everlasting Regret, Pang Ho Cheung's AV, Stephen Fung's House of Fury and Benny Chan's Divergence.

news from: Sina.com

It was TVB's 38th anniversary, Golden Horse Best Actor, Hong Kong's heavenly king Andy Lau was present to celebrate and did his best in his performance as he even sacrifice by wearing skirt to perform his tap kicking dance, in the meanwhile almost exposed himself.

If that's not enough, newbie Shawn Yue dressed up as a woman.

Not wanting to lose out to the younger ones, Andy throw himself on the line. His exciting performance would made the audiences' heart beat faster.

news from: TVBS E-News

Andy Lau, Charlie Yeung and Charlene Choi were in Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa for the promotion of All About Love. Three of them made an entrance on a convertible Rolls-Royce car as they distributed heart-shaped balloons to citizens and it attracted thousands of onlookers.

At the activity, the 3 leads played the "looking for lover" game with the audiences. Andy managed to differentiate Charlene's lip-stick mark from the others and touches the hair of Charlie to recognise her. Any whose eyes were masked was delighted as he says: "Never expected could touch so many woman...."

In addition, Andy also distributed the "Actress that spill the most blood" award to Charlene and "Most Cry-able Actress" award to Charlie, whereas he, himself was being presented the "Most Luck with Actress" award from director Derek Yu.

Charlie was transplanted with Charlene's heart, which result to Andy falling in love with her thus becoming his love replacement. When asked if he searched for a replacement in real life? Andy quipped: "How could I tell you the answer?"

When asked if he was a replacement to others? Unexpectedly Andy whom never admit that he was married, said: "If I re-marry ....." The reporters immediately asked if he was married before?

Andy then realise that he said the wrong words and tried to get himself out of trouble: "I'm saying if I'm married, that woman won't replace the feeling of first lover, this is just a transition, if I love 10 women in my life, I would finally settle on one, the others are replacements."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Sina

Jade Solid Gold Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary which returned after 7 years absence was successfully held 2 nights ago at Tseung Kwan O TV City. The highlight of the whole night's performance were Andy Lau's smashing stone on chest, Andy and Alex Fong wore Scottish tartan skirts revealing their "undies" in the European gathering and Shawn Yue's female impersonation, the audience reacted well as it brought the programe to greater heights.

When Andy was told that he exposed part of his backside to the camera, his assistant asked him: "You should have forgotten that you're wearing skirt, why you did such movements?" Andy then quipped that he finally understand why female artistes wearing dress looked so careful when they were onstage, it's too tough. Luckily his prefect legs won him the best costume award.

In comparison, the female singers' performance were more lack of standard as Candy Lo peeped at small notes while singing and Twins sang as though they were were talking which Andy and Hacken to quipped at them: "This is also called singing, although I don't know much about music, but is this really singing?"

However, the white team still won the night's competition with 9,782 votes compared to red team's 8,515 votes, which left red team leader Hacken Lee and white team's leader Cheung Yu Ling surprised of the results. Hacken quipped that he would approached the help of Leon Lai, Aaron Kowk and Jacky Cheung for help next year!

Andy, Miu Kiu Wai, Tong Chan Yip and Felix Wong were to perform the smashing stone on chest for the finale performance. When 2 huge stones were placed on Andy's chest, his facial expression shows that he was struggling and Nat Chan quipped that Hacken should be the person to hit the stones so that he would lose a competitor for the year-end music awards ceremonies, Andy immediately asked for the performance to start or surely Hacken will lose a competitor.

Ronald Cheng was responsible for moving the huge stone as he hurt his fingers in the process as he jumps up in pain, finally Andy completed the performance.

Andy requested the same wushu shifu whom performed the same stunt 20 years ago to be responsible for hitting the stones. However, an accident happened as the shifu was unaware that the stones had already broken into 2, he took another hit and resulted Andy to be hit by the sledge hammer. Felix looked nervous on seeing what had happened, luckily Andy was unhurt.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Liberty Times