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| Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yesterday was Andy Lau's 47th birthday and it also happended to be Shenzhou VII spacecraft mission astronaut commander Zhai Zhigang became the first in China's history to complete a space walk. Andy whom was busy preparing for his October concert in Australia was so excited that he sang 'Zhong Guo Ren' to celebrate the occasion.

When reporter contacted Andy's Hong Kong company, his assistant revealed that Andy did not held any celebration activities on his birthday as he was currently busy preparing for his concert in Australia. Working on his birthday, Andy was told of the successful space walk by a Chinese astronaut, he was so excited as he sing praised of the astronauts in Shenzhou VII spacecraft.

Andy's Sichuan Opera mask changing master Peng Denghuai said that Andy told him once year ago that he loved Angida, Calico Bag Lohan (Bu Dai Luo Han), thus when Andy invited him over for his birthday celebration in Hong Kong, he asked someone to crave out a Calico Bag Lohan with wood and prepared to gave him as a present on 27 September, however he was told that Andy was not in Hong Kong, thus they would meet another day.

news from: wccdaily.com.cn

| Saturday, September 27, 2008

Recently Andy Lau had been busy with his upcoming concert in Australia. As 27 September is his birthday, Andy World Club (AWC) held a hot & spicy birthday party titled Andy Ox Family Gathers for dance, songs and joy for their idol. Fans from Hong Kong and other countries gathered together to sing the birthday song for the birthday boy which touches him.

What surprised Andy the most is his staff and good friend So Wa-Wai brought along his 200m dash 24.65 seconds world record gold medal to share his joy with Andy. This touches Andy as he thinks that it's his best birthday present!

In this specially organized birthday party by AWC, thousands of fans gathered together to BBQ, at the high temperature of 34 degrees, enjoying this hot and spicy barbecue gathering, there was also a gala performance at night.

Every year Andy would sat among the audience to enjoy the programs planned for him by the fans, the first to perform were 2 sexy Brazilian gals dancing and blow fire from mouth, when the Brazilian gals walked towards Andy, he showed a blessing expression.

His 2 sons Andox and Blackie also gave a surprise to their "mother". Andox and Blackie played drum and perform Chinese and hip hop dance, they also lead the audience to sing Zhong Guo Ren to wish their mother a happy birthday.

The special guest that attended included So Wa-Wai, Lam Ka-tung and some of Andy's best friends. Andy also invited So Wa-Wai on to the stage to sing Everyone is No. 1 together. Andy sing praise of So's good result in this year's Paralympics Games, the audience replied with loud applause.

Andy exclaimed that he could not watch how So win the gold medal with his own eyes as he had to jet back to Hong Kong for work but So specially brought the gold medal to show Andy. Andy burst into laughters and said: "This good result is the best birthday present I have." They also took a photograph with the gold medal.

The fans trained hard to perform several dance numbers for Andy which includes Chinese silk dance, Can-can dance and many other dances, they also have special presents for Andy, their presents includes lively buns and flowers. Andy was touched by the efforts of the fans.

The most comical part was upon seeing the fans performed dances, he suddenly had an itch and asked Shirley Ng on to the stage to perform a Latin dance number.

Although just a few moves but the fans enjoyed their performance as they replied with loud applause.

Andy also sang more than 10 songs for the fans, he picked several classic songs for the fans. Other than fans from Hong Kong, some foreign fans were also here to celebrate with Andy, they shouted out: "I love you!" AWC would give out education awards to students with good results, there are a total of 10 students with good results, Andy hope that they would study hard.

Andy's birthday celebration does not stop here. Earlier he was rehearsing with a group of dancers for his world tour, the dancers specially prepared a birthday cake to surprise Andy. Andy only really get to rest on his birthday actual day, he would gave himself a few days leave before setting off to Australia for his concert. Andy's birthday wish is the financial crisis ends soon, everyone is healthy.

Media Asia also seized the chance to released Andy's Concert in Shanghai LIVE CD, the album also includes some post production footages.

news from: yule.sohu.com, sina.com, ent.qq.com, wei wen Po, Ta Kung Po

Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour Shanghai (2CD+VCD) @ US$16.49 only

| Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Wa-wai posted a message on Andy Lau's website yesterday, thanking the care and concern shown to him by his boss, he also thanked Andy for lending him his website, he wrote: "I wanted to thanks all those whom supported, his blog has a high hits, thus many people will read what I wrote here, I don't know how to talk or write, I even might have typo error, but my boss will surely do the correction for me."

On Andy's birthday party, So Wa-Wai kept saying thanks many times, he did not have ideal results from the first 2 competitions in the Paralympics Games, thus disappointed but he knew that many supporters specially jet over to Beijing to support him, which included Andy, this touched him as it made him wanted to win more, he said: "Luckily my mum is by my side, she told me not to think so much, nobody will blame me if I had given my best, finally I won the gold medal in the 200m sprint, initially I thought that I won't compete in Paralympics Games anymore, now I wish to compete in the 2010 Paralympics Games in London, many thanks to all once again."

news from: Wei Wen Po

| Monday, September 22, 2008


Andy Lau and Rosamund Kwan

When talking about who's most compatible with Andy Lau, everyone would think of Rosamund Kwan, they are being tagged as the "perfect couple", Andy also once exclaimed that his ideal girlfriend has big eyes and silky long hair.

Rosamund also openly admitted that she had collaborated with Andy in many films, thus they are familiar with each other, thus easily have chemistry. She also knew that many people feel that they're very compatible, not only movie fans, but also friends around them as many people said something like this in the past. For them, they had sing praise of each other on different occasions, but they just don't feel anything for one another. She said: "He's like one of my family member, like my elder brother. Some relationship can only reach this level, this is our character, there's nothing can be done, maybe we lack of some affinity."

Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng

The Golden Triangle of Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng and Johnnie To had collaborated for many years. From colleagues in Needing You, to two fatso in Love On A Diet, before a divorced bandit couple in Yesterday Once More, the relationship between Andy and Sammi is different and the end result is also different, because of Johhnie To's stories, this pair had three love hate experiences. Recalling the three collaborations, Andy and Sammi felt the same, their chemistry are stronger. It can be seen that Sammi can also be considered as Andy's best silver screen partner.

news from: news.cqnews.net

| Saturday, September 20, 2008

Barbie Hsu whom is the ambassador for Tissot watches was at the opening ceremony of a new store in Tsim Sha Tsui with director Benny Chan.

Barbie exclaimed that she would like to collaborate with Andy Lau and Tony Leung, she exclaimed: "It would be great if we can be husband and wife." Barbie expressed that she would choose Andy as her husband, she said: "I feel that he would protect his wife, Tony is romantic, suitable to be a boyfriend."

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News

| Friday, September 19, 2008

Andy Lau is the ambassador for CYMA Swiss watches for South-east Asia countries. For this season's advertisement, Andy wore a loose fitting purplish gray cotton sweater with T-shirt and khaki pants, sitting on a black leather sofa, enjoying his music. Putting heart to every details in work is what Andy expected of himself, this has always been his perseverance.

To many people, requirement and rigidity are like twins, it hard to draw a line between them. But Andy thinks that a slight off-balance of requirement and rigidity could lead to great problems. He says: "Blindly persevering is also a kind of rigidity, because nothing is perfect in this world." He recall himself as a singer, he says: "Many people will built their foundation of singing on techniques, when I first start singing till now, I also kept persevering on this, hope to gain the acceptance of audience. But after more than 10 years, I discover that I could not fulfill their requirements, then I feel like changing, I wanted to use my own feelings to move them. Today, I didn't blindly persevering on my singing techniques, but they accepted me. Because what the audiences wanted is a performance that they can acknowledge. Therefore, I feel that choosing the right thing then can be considered as perseverance, if not that is called rigidity."

Andy also added: "Every people will face different kinds of situation in their life, it's the same for experience, with different character, experience and feelings of the person, they will have different type of acceptance. Take the example of a cup half filled with water, some will be sad that they have a half filled glass of water, some would be happy that that they have a half filled glass of water, it's that simple."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News, yule.tom.com

| Thursday, September 18, 2008

Several artistes like Daniel Wu, Leon Lai and Adam Cheng were being photographed in their own apartment by paparazzi. The Hong Kong Artiste Guild had held press conference urging the government to enforce new rules against paparazzi. When asked on this matter, Shing Fui-On replied: "I'm an upright person, I'm not afraid of the paparazzi." Shing Fui-On whom had never been photographed by paparazzi before said: "They don't dare to take photographs of me, I'll chased after them with a chopper."

When talked about Andy Lau performing in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games, he accidentally said something he should not say: "Although Andy is currently not married, but he's cohabiting, this is no difference with being married!" When he realized that he had said something wrong, he immediately changed topics. When reporters asked more about Andy cohabiting, Shing Fui-On said: "It's a woman, I can't reveal any more."

news from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hong Kong athlete So Wa-wai smashed the world record and won the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games 200m sprint, as his employer Andy Lau was unable to be present in Beijing to witness So's outstanding performance, but he immediately left a message on his fan club website as he sing praise of So ability to overcome his confidence and fighting spirit despite his previous failure, this delights Andy.

In the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games, So only managed to get a bronze medal and ranked sixth in the 100m and 400m sprint respectively, he lost out to Ukraine's Paul Pavlikovsky, but it did not shatter his fighting spirit as he managed to run the 200m sprint in 24:65 seconds smashing the world record and win the gold medal.

As So's boss and always supportive of the Paralympics Games, Andy was one of the performer at the opening ceremony, he also stayed behind to watch some of the competition, but due to work commitments he had to return to Hong Kong thus he failed to see So smashed the world record and win the gold medal at the Bird Nest, but he's delighted of So's achievements as after being told of the good news, he immediately post a message on his fan club website, other than singing praise of So, he also expressed his delight.

In Andy's message, he said: "This gold medal, makes everyone happy, it allow me to rest my mind, because our "miracle kid" did not lose his usual strong confidence and fighting spirit after the earlier failure, "Never Give Up" this phrase had been displayed by all the athletes in the Paralympics Games every day, being an experience athlete competing in the Paralympics Games, this spirit cannot be lack of in So, it's tough enough to compete in four consecutive Paralympics Games, So Wa-wai managed to win a medal and re-wrote the world record, everyone is proud of him, the sports world will also cheer for him."

news from: Apple Daily News

YounHa Vol. 2 - Someday

| Monday, September 15, 2008

TVB Jade Solid Gold 2nd Selection was held two nights ago, other than singers that won awards which includes Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Charlene Choi, Hins Cheung,Chau Pak Ho, Ivana Wong, Jade Kwan and Stephanie Cheng.

The cast of the popular drama Moonlight Resonance were also present. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Andy duet with Louise Lee Sze Kei 'Yue Er Xiang Ling Mong' (Moon Look Like Lemon), they also performed a short skit.

Louise was there as an award presenter, she expressed that when she was rehearsing with Andy, she does not know that Andy wanted to held her hand thus she kept flinging her hand. She was later told of Andy's intention by her assistant.

When asked if she was mesmerized by Andy when singing the duet with Andy, she quipped: "Nope, I still think that he's too young to be my younger brother, could not be my son either, I still remember when I first met Andy, I feel that he has handsome features, thus leave me a deep impression and feel that he'll be popular in showbiz."

Louise exclaimed that she had collaborated with Andy in a movie but she failed to remember the name of the movie.

Andy won a hits and most popular commerical theme song award for his 'Ya Ye Zhang Dai' (Grow Up Within a Night).

Andy said that he had not been appearing in the program for a long time as he was working overseas earlier, he will try to attend more often when he has time.

He quipped: "I hope that I'll still win an award when I'm absent, I'll try my best to attend every prize presentation."

When talked about So Wa-Wai failure in the Paralympics Games 400m sprint, Andy understand that he had did his best, he feel that the disabled Hong Kong sportsmen lacked of a good training environment and the facilities are not enough, he said: "The foreign athletes are improving, so I hope the government will give our athletes more support."

Andy express that he will continue his concert world tour in Australia in October, thus he would not make another trip to Beijing, he would be "recharging his batteries" in another place.

In addition, Andy was invited by Ivana to watch her concert, Andy reveal as the date falls on his birthday, thus he would support her secretly.

He revealed that he will be coming back to Hong Kong on 25 September to celebrate his birthday before flying to Australia for his concert on 1 October.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

 Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony DVD

| Friday, September 12, 2008

Andy Lau was at the Water Cube and Bird Nest Stadium to show his support for He Jun and So Wa-wai, all the volunteers working in the Water Cube were surprised of Andy's appearance as all of them wanted to take a photograph with him.

Andy expressed his interest in the fury red flowers specially produced for the Olympic Games. Andy was told of the meaning of the fury red flowers' meaning, every flower is tied into a bouquet of flowers in a cold storage before being delivered to the venue in a cold refrigerated delivery vehicle, the bouquet will only made its appearance during the medals presentation ceremony, all time must be controlled between 6-8 hours.

It is heard that the flowers does not bred in Beijing and it must be delivered early in the morning from Kunming, all the requirement of the flowers are also very strict as it could not be too "fat or thin". Andy is surprised and proud of the florists in charge for the Olympic Games flower. Andy want to use this flower to wish the 2 games be exciting, the Paralympics Games will also be fury red. Being a Chinese, to be able to witness the Beijing Olympic Games in person, the excitement of Paralympics Games and the broadening of Chinese culture, Andy feel proud and honored.

news from: Qianlong

Chinese Paladin (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (US Version)

| Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After performing at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games opening ceremony, Andy Lau stayed behind to watch the games and show his support to the disabled sportsmen as he was spotted at the Bird Nest Stadium and Water Cube. In the morning 9:00 hours, he was at the Bird Nest Stadium to watch the men's T36 100m sprint, he used his digital video camera to record the whole contest.

When the other spectators spotted Andy, they cheered him causing a small commotion.

Among all the contests, Andy take special note of Hong Kong 100 sprint representative So Wa-wai, although he did not win the gold medal but he do helped Hong Kong to win a bronze medal, can considered as bringing glory to Hong Kong thus Andy kept applauding for him.

Especially when So Wa-wai reached the finishing point, Andy shouted 'Jia You' for him. After the contest, So Wa-wai ran towards Andy and hugged each other. The cameraman captured the moment and broadcast on the giant screen with the spectators applause and cheered.

In addition, around 1900 hours, Andy went to the Water Cube to watch the swimming contest to show his support for Chinese He Jun, Andy stand up and applause him when he made his entrance. Throughout the contest, Andy kept shouting out to cheer him on, but He Jun only won a silver medal.

Andy had a promise with He Jun in Athens Paralympics Games 2004 that he will meet He Jun in the Beijing Paralympics Games, thus he forgo his work commitments to support him.

In addition, Hou Bin whom light up the Paralympics Games torch during the opening ceremony met up with Andy for dinner as they knew each other when Andy shot the Paralympics Games charity commercial earlier this year when Hou Bin visited Andy.

Hou Bin revealed to Andy that he kept his wife in the dark about the his participation in the opening ceremony, when his wife only knew after watching him on television, because his mission is classified as top secret.

Andy said: "This is really very touching, I feel that many people started to support the Paralympics Games, billions of people supporting the Chinese, this is specially touching."

Andy had been supporting Hong Kong disabled sportsmen for many years, after the Athens Paralympics Games in 2004, So Wa-wai whom had graduated wanted to give up running as he could not cope with working and training, Andy took the initiative to contact him and hired him to do data entry and uploading of photographs to his website in his fan club office.

Andy also allowed him to take time off for his training in order to prepare for this Beijing Paralympics Games.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao News, Wei Wen Po, yule.sohu.com

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