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| Friday, November 30, 2007

Recently Andy Lau appeared in a new poster for Cyma watches with the theme of "Only for those experienced, you'll understand the excitement of black and white". In the photographs, Andy was totally focused and considering what's his next move for his chess game. It seems a simple setting, but it's hard to decide as every step need to be very careful. Andy remembers when he first entered showbiz, he and other newcomers all anticipating a glamours lifestyle, however when time goes by, he feel that it's normal and nothing pretty. Looking at the game of chess, he quoted an example: "Just like this game of chess, although there are only a different of dark and light colors, but within it contain many different characters, it can made up of many different outcomes, and fill of many exciting areas. Thus, after you experienced it, naturally you will enjoy the importance of being normal."

In another series which has the theme of "understand the shortness of day and night, you will cherish those things and people around you", Andy wore a simple Western suit in the photograph. He look at an antique toy car, his eyes is full of childhood memories. Looking at this toy which resemble his childhood toy, it would make one sighed at how time flies. He says: "Just like when I always looked at sun rise and sun set would also feel major changes. People will grow with age and will feel that time passed very fast, there is 24 hours per day, there are still many uncompleted jobs, thus missed out many people and matters around you, actually it's also quite a huge enlightenment. God is fair, he gave everyone 24 hours per day, I feel that in this short time, most importantly is what we had done, but what we had share with others."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao

| Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tang Wei whom was nominated for the Best Actress award in Independent Spirit Awards, her price had upped 100 times since Lust, Caution. There is allegation in Mainland China that she would partner Andy Lau in a martial arts film directed by Jacob Chang next year titled Thang Ka. Thang Ka is pronounced in Tibet language, meaning Buddhist scroll, it's alleged that when princess Wen Cheng entered Tibet, to prevent Gao Yuan from taking away the Buddha stature, thus invented the drawing of image of Buddha on scroll.

The story will be about Tang Tai Zong Li Shi Ming trying to prevent princess Wen Cheng from being assassinated when she entered Tibet, thus prepared a highly martial arts skilled clone, this role will be played by Tang Wei, thus she would taking up a fighting role for a change. the shooting of Thang Ka will take 6 months in Tibet, however Andy had not confirmed whether the shooting will accommodate his schedule, meanwhile Tang Wei management company spokesman did not reply on this matter.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here comes two mega-stars, The Warlord's director Peter Chan, heavenly king Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei had agreed to the invitation of Raintree Pictures, InnoForm Media and Shaw Organization to meet the Singapore fans on 8 December.

It was heard that Andy cried 14 times in the film, his crying skills is to be proud of. But it was also said that among Andy, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy got the most scenes cut in The Warlords? It it to said that Andy failed to meet the requirement of director Peter Chan? Or is it due to some unknown reasons?

"Who told you that? Andy's scenes were not cutted, from a 3 hours movie edited till to more than 2 hours, there is not one male leads' scene being cut, the structure of the script is the same, just the tempo is faster." Peter explained.

This year should be the year of allegations for Andy as he earlier experience crazy fan's family broken up, jump off the stage to rescue a fan, triad enter the race for tout tickets of his concerts, his scenes in The Warlords being cut? It's no wonder that the more allegations Andy has, his popularity increases, because it allow people to see how he handle situation and his caring side.

news from: Lianhe Zaobao

Sammi Cheng attended MTV Super Awards presentation ceremony in Shanghai two nights ago, she revealed that she would return to the movie industry as she would be shooting a new movie with Eason Chan. Sammi also sing praise of Andy as he's the person that she trusted most, she said: "I think we should have many chances to collaborate."

When asked about the allegation that Andy would be collaborating with Media Asia's Peter Lam, Sammi appeared excited as she said: "I'm so happy, I've never thought this would happen, I'm happy for him more than for myself, he's a person in showbiz that can gave me 100% trust and security, I think we should have many chances to collaborate."

When singers were asked to chose an artist that would live till 100 years old. Gigi Leung chose Andy, she said: "I would chose Andy Lau, because he's really full of energy, he's also so hardworking, love his job and put all efforts into it. He had more than 100 movies to his name, I believe that if he would to live till 100 years old, at least he would have 300 movies to his name, then he would have broke the world record. Most importantly, Andy gave people a feeling that he's full of energy, his energy seems unlimited, even if he's 100 years old, he would still be so fresh."

news from: Apple Daily News

In the beginning of this year, an incident happened whereby Yang Liquan kept going after Andy Lau until her father end his own life, Andy had always not wanted to talk about this in order not to incur any other incidents. However, when he was interviewed by Yang Lan earlier, this matter was brought up again. Andy answered: "Of course this matter will bother me, everybody think that you need to pay a heavy price for perfection, but it's not the price being a celebrity, everyone would encounter such difficulties."

Yang Lan then asked why Andy did not give a title to the woman beside him, Andy said: "If one want to be the woman beside me, she must understand that after marrying to me, or borne me children, she must face huge pressure, you'll face the pressure wherever there is Chinese, but I'll try my best, I would even risk my life to protect her and hope that she would not suffer such huge pressure."

news from: Ming Pao

| Saturday, November 24, 2007

Soft Hard, Eason Chan, Joey Yung and Twins was performing for Ronald McDonald House 2007 Children Day 2007 Concert, they managed to raise $28 million and Andy as the guardian of the organization went on to the stage to present the cheque and explain the operation of the organization.

When asked about his collaboration with Media Asia, he said: "There will be a press conference on 5 December, you'll understand by then."

There is an allegation that Charlene Choi hope that her idol Andy would be the special guest for their April concert, when told of it, Andy said: "When I have time, I will see how, it must depend on whether my schedule will crash." When asked if he would invite Twins to be guest of his concert, he said: "It depends, I would need them to change quickly on the stage, I'm afraid that they would change until they lose their clothes."

That day was Gillian Chung's birthday, she was given a birthday cake by Charlene and all singers were asked to gather when she cut the cake and celebrate the occasion together, this touched Gillan. When Gillian try to blow the candles, her idol Andy helped her to block the wind.

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po

This year Andy Lau become the guardian of Ronald McDonalds House. Earlier he specially went to a hostel in Sha Tin to shoot the new music video of his new song - Angel Without Wings to urge people to donate. On that day, he play and shoot the video with a bunch of children, Andy even played hide and seek inside a cupboard with the children, he also performed magic for them to bring joy to them.

Andy wrote the lyrics of the song as he urge all people to lend a hand to help Ronald McDonalds House. In order to understand the charity organization, Andy specially go to the hostel of Ronald McDonald House at Sha Tin, he signed autographs for the children and took photographs with them, he also treated them with fresh fruits and snacks, he performed magic for them to the delights of the children.

Andy get along with the children very well as they stick to him throughout the shooting. Andy was specially caring to a group of girls, when playing games with the children during the shooting, he was overpower by the children and Andy chose not to fight back and allow them to overpower him, he's so comical that he even hide inside a cupboard.

Andy pointed out that the purposes of Ronald McDonald House is to provide a temporary staying place that is near to the hospital for the family members and children, when the children are receiving treatment in the hospital, the family members can also stayed in a comfortable home. In order for more hostels to be built in 9 areas in Hong Kong, donations are needed.

Together with Eason Chan, Soft Hard, Andy were the performing artistes for Ronald McDonald Children Day 2007 concert, all earnings from the concert will be donated to the fund.

In addition, during the shooting, Andy did managed to chat with some of the children and understand about their background stories, there is one girl from Hubei whom is receiving treatment from illness, Andy is proud of her mother whom is providing her with her full support.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peter Lam lead his artists Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho and Janice to attend AMusic Macao New Talent Quest.

When asked about using $1.5 billion to capture mega-star Andy Lau under Media Asia, boss Peter quipped: "You're talking about Andy Lau?" When asked how long he took to discuss with Andy, he said: "I've collaborated with him for 20 years." When asked if the high fees moved Andy, he said: "Correct, it's difficult as he always asked me to give him tickets of his own concert." When talked about the good response of Andy's concert and if there is any thoughts of adding more shows, he said: "There are no more slots for the Hong Kong Coliseum." When asked if the venue be moved to AsiaWorld-Expo, he replied: "Andy treated his fans very well, he does not wish them to take a long time to reach the venue."

When asked about Andy joining, Miriam appeared delighted as he sing praise of his boss, she said: "Boss has a sharp eye on estate investment, Andy is a landmark, I'm honored to be in the same company with him."

Denise whose idol is Andy was also excited as she does not think that Andy joining the company would minimize her role in the company as she feel that Andy would help the company to make more money.

Although both parties had not make any comments on the allegation, but Andy wrote a post titled "Don't be anxious" on his website as he wrote: "Not everything being reported in the newspapers cannot be trusted, just collaboration on my music, believed my decision, because I want to spent more time on composition, wait for his announcement in December, the future will be better." For Andy joining Media Asia, it would be the parent company whereas Leon Lai's AMusic is just a sister company thus Andy would have the upper hand. There are also allegation that Andy joining Media Asia, he also brought his management contract and Focus Films over, however Andy revealed that it was only collaboration for his music.

In addition, when Twins and Soft Hard performed in McDonald's World Children Day 2007 concert and Charlene Choi was told that Andy would also perform in the concert, Charlene said that she anticipated to duet with Andy as she revealed that Andy reject her request to be the special guest performer of her concert as he was too busy, thus Charlene's Christmas and birthday wish was hat Andy could be the special guest for their April 2008 concert special performing guest. When talked about Andy joining Media Asia, Charlene sighed: "That's great, I admire him." Gillian Chung express that her price would be hard to be compared with Andy as he had been in showbiz for more than 20 years, whereas Twins are only in the business for 6 years.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News

| Saturday, November 17, 2007

In recent years, Andy Lau had collaborated very well with Media Asia's Peter Lam. In 2002 when Andy got into a lawsuit with Clement Mak's CCT Telecoms, Peter shown him huge support. When the court case is settled, there is allegation that Peter was the middleman as it was alleged that Peter help Andy paid the $50 million compensation for Teamwork, thus it was said that Andy "sold himself" to Peter to repay his kindness, however such allegations are just pure allegation. These few years, Andy had set up his own companies to produce his albums and films, the court case with CCT had left him bad memories, but Andy still be his own boss to decide his own directions.

In recent years, Leon Lai also collaborated very well with Peter as other than being casted in Media Asia's films, Media Asia is also responsible for his albums, the company is also the organizer of his concerts. Finally, Andy and Peter had agreed on a heavenly price to join Media Asia, thus the company now has 2 heavenly kings who is Andy and Leon, including Sammi Cheng, such stable should consider as the strongest in Hong Kong!

When reporter rectified Andy joining Media Asia with the company, their spokesman didn't made any reply. It's believed that Andy joining Media Asia will be announced in a grand and official event, thus nothing can be revealed at the moment.

Currently, Media Asia has a strong stable of singers which include Sammi, Andy Hui, Denise Ho, up and coming Ivana Wong, Cheng Yung. Their sister company A Music is lead by Leon, its stable includes Miriam Yeung. With Andy joining the company, it would develop a battle for the number one brother of the company. When Media Asia first set up, it was alleged that Ady will be joining, until A Music was formed and Leon joining, it was touted that one mountain cannot contain 2 tigers, thus the allegation die off. Now Andy had suddenly decided to join Media Asia, it believed that Peter is supporting him to greater heights. It rumoured that Andy will be signed on with a fee of $2 billion for 2 years, will be releasing Mandarin and Cantonese albums; having collaborated with Media Asia in Infernal Affairs trilogy and The Warlords, Andy had agreed to participated in 2 Media Asia produced movies.

Media Asia will be holding a major press conference on 5 December in a 5 star hotel, it's believed that news of Andy's joining the company will be announced.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News, Orienatal Daily News, Apple Daily News

Andy Lau was earlier being interviewed by Commercial Radio as his The Warlords which he collaborated with Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro will open in the cinema on 13 December.

During the shooting of the film, Andy got his finger broken, he said: "There is a scene which show that my finger was broken by another person, upon seeing how realistic it was, actually my finger really broke."

Although director Peter Chan sing praise that Andy had a high chance of winning an award, but awards to Andy is very bland to him because whenever he feel that he acted well, he would not be praised by those concern.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Christmas light-up ceremony of Harbour City was held yesterday evening, this year's ceremony had invited the lead of The Warlords Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei and its director Peter Chan as the film will open in the cinemas during the Christmas holidays. Andy wore a gray suit which made him looked like a gentleman, Xu Jinglei was wearing a Celine low neckline dress worth $150,500 and wearing Cartier sponsored earrings, rings and bracelets worth more than $200,000. During the light-up ceremony, the baton that Andy was holding failed to light up.

Andy had just completed his Mainland China concert tour, upon facing the current tout tickets, organizer Media Asia had reported to the police to deal with it. During the ceremony, he told people that after watching his concert could go and watch The Warlords, he also asked Jinglei and her friends to go and watch his concerts. When Jinglei was blessed with delight, Andy then told her that he has no tickets, Jinglei then "hit" Andy.

Peter's Christmas wish is to hope for an ideal box office taking, Andy exclaimed that he hope that it could collect $6 million as $5 million would be meaningless as there need to have some space for Stephen Chow to catch up. Jinglei then express that she hope the box office taking in Mainland China would be $3 billion, Andy quipped: "No problem, you're worth 2 billion, me, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro would worth 5 billion."

Andy sing praise that The Warlords is also the most expensive production in history that is similar to The Promise. The Warlords started shooting without a budget, there is a scene where 5000 people were gathered for shooting, it took 2 days to arrange their position, thus during shooting it felt like earthquake and the 3 male leads are excited during acting.

Andy's year-end concert had people rushing for tickets earlier on, recently someone exclaimed that Andy had added 4 nights and selling the tickets, every ticket need an administrative fee of $300. The organizer Media Asia had reported the matter to the police. Andy expressed that such person need to be arrested, maybe the person overheard Peter Lam saying that he's going to add 4 nights thus coming up with the trick. Andy sighed that he hope that nobody would use the Internet to do bad things.

Andy's tickets are hardly come by, such response is he had not experienced for so many years, it gave him a magic feeling, he shall wait after the concert to research why it's so magical. Andy said that his friends scolded him when they failed to buy the most expensive tickets, one should be lucky if one is able to purchase the $200 tickets. Andy exclaimed that whether any more shows will be added, but one seeing that tickets are not enough, he once suggest to Peter Lam that on Christmas and New Year Eve, 2 giant screen can be installed outside Hong Kong Coliseum to broadcast the 30-45 minutes before the countdown but it was rejected as the police would have been deployed in most important areas, there is not enough police in Hong Kong Coliseum, such matters need to request in advance. Reporter suggested that they could employ securities themselves, Andy said: "Cannot, if the government approve and something happen, I could not take the blame!"

Andy also thought of asking the sponsor to take out some of their tickets for the fans but he did read online that some fans whom bought the tickets for 3 shows are willing to give up their ticket for one show, he's very touched. With such support from the fans, he does not feel the pressure as he quipped that all tickets are sold out, he could even not switch on the lights in Coliseum and he need just the music and microphone in order to sing, it's like performing magic. As the tickets had been sold everywhere, thus he's not sure where the tickets came from. When talked about two tickets selling at $3000, an unhappy Andy quipped: "Because of $3000 and start a bidding war, it's a disgrace to me!"

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

HE is not just a hero onscreen, but offscreen too it seems. A video clip of Andy Lau protecting a male fan from being manhandled by concert security personnel during his Chengdu concert in China last week, was uploaded on a file-sharing website. And in just two days, the clip taken by a fan attracted 560,000 hits, said Hong Kong reports.

It shows Andy, 46, receiving a bouquet of flowers from a male fan during the concert. Just as the fan shook Andy's hand, he was pulled off the stage by security personnel. A scuffle broke out. Andy stopped singing and pointed at the group but the security continued to drag the fan away. The star then jumped off the 2m-high stage to give chase. He even hit a security staff member.

Andy was pulled away by others as he scolded the man. He then pulled the fan over to him and they walked off together to the 60,000-strong crowd's cheers. Andy's action has won praises from fans.

A netizen, hubitwo2, said: 'Andy is indeed the role model. He has morals and a kind heart... We should call him a hero in future.' Said another, jiabaoqi07: 'Stars should be like that. Those who think for their fans are real stars.'

But others took pity on the security personnel. 'The security guards are quite pitiful. They have to protect you Andy Lau, yet also get beaten up by you,' said one. And others have wondered if it was all a publicity stunt. 'I think this may have been staged. Stars should be quite used to security personnel playing it rough to stop crazy fans. 'Why should Andy get angry and hit the security guards? It's just to create some mood,' a netizen, liong23, alleged.

news from: The New Paper

ANDY Lau has been groped, kissed and molested by strangers. Fret not, for it's not the Hong Kong Heavenly King who has been harassed, but his wax figure at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong museum.

Reports from Hong Kong quoting a member of the maintenance staff, said enamoured female fans have leaned so closely on Andy's figure for photographs that they leave behind lipstick marks. 'We have to change Andy's white shirt regularly. The most serious was having to change the shirt twice a week,' said the worker.

The 46-year-old's figure counts as one of the most popular among the over-100 figures at the museum. Other popular wax figures at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong include girl group Twins and British soccer star David Beckham. His figure has been on display at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong since 2001, a year after the museum opened at The Peak Tower.

It underwent a makeover two years ago and the new figure has a silicon heart that beats. Curious visitors would therefore put their hands into his shirt to feel the simulated heartbeat and leave behind palm prints on his chest. Some cheeky visitors would even unzip the trousers.
Andy's figure is currently undergoing maintenance in the Hong Kong museum apparently because of the fans. But it's still on display at the Shanghai museum which opened last year.

Mr Edward Fuller, general manager for Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and Shanghai, told The New Paper that visitors can get a little 'over-excited when they get up close to Andy's wax figure'. A maintenance and customer service team is on hand to ensure that the wax figures are well-preserved and maintained. Maintenance is performed every day and can range from dusting suit jackets, touching up on make-up, re-styling hair, washing and ironing clothing, to quick replacement of fingers and hands.

Each figure, made from wax and fibre-glass, costs more than HK$1 million ($190,000) to create.
The interaction from visitors are expected, says the museum. Hence, there are no velvet ropes or barricades cordoning off the figures. Said Mr Fuller: 'Given the fun and interactive element, we do not impose strict museum-like rules. We only ask that each guest respect our wax figures like they would if they were to meet their idol in person.'

Most times, visitors are just happy with taking photographs or mimicking the poses of the figures. But sometimes fans would hug and kiss the figures, a spokesman told Shanghai's Oriental Morning Post recently.

news from: The New Paper

| Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Andy Lau will be holding 16 nights of Andy Lau Wonderful World concert 2007, after the earlier fans rushing for the tickets, there was a complaint from a reader that people are seizing the chance of the sold out concerts to make a profit for themselves. It was said that "with the support of boss Peter Lam, 4 more shows are added with the last show on 8 January" thus a netizen nicknamed volagirl is selling the tickets on Yahoo Auction, she expressed that people could buy advance "tickets" from her, each ticket will have an additional $300 administrative fees, this is purely out to make a profit!

Initially her post attract many fans to clarify the matter with her, however fans feel that something is wrong as Hong Kong Coliseum 8 January slot had already been booked by famous pianist Langlang, but the seller exclaimed: "Peter said 4 shows will be added, you trusted Andy more than Peter?" However, the trap was easily broken by fans as they revealed: "Don't get cheated, it's fake! Andy said that no more shows will be added!"

When told of the matter, Andy had announced through his spokesman that there would be only 16 shows: "Everyone in Hong Kong knew that the concert will be held from 21 December to 5 January, I believed that Andy's fans will not be cheated as the way that the seller is selling tickets online is a big joke, hope the auction item will be removed as soon as possible, because the seller is not selling tout tickets but cheating people, it's against the law."

In addition, the clip showing brave Andy rescuing a fan during his Mainland China concert had been posted online, many fans praise Andy and suggested him to become Chief Executive.

Andy's The Warlords will be holding a Christmas light-up ceremony in Harbour City today. Other than Andy, female lead Xu Jinglei will also attended as Cartier sponsored her jewelry. With regards to the expectation of The Warlords, Andy had high hopes of it as he said: "With Protege, Brothers and The Warlords, I should be the favorite of this year's Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards, I tipped The Warlords, it's full of blood and bod!"

When talked about shooting of The Warlords, Andy quipped that he played poker cards with Jet Li and predicted that Jet would win next year's Oscar's Best Actor award and wanted him to treat him to a meal. After knowing that Andy knew a few tricks of magic, Jet quipped: "You're great, can quit as an actor and we open a teahouse and you'll perform and Takeshi Kaneshiro could draw in customers! Business will be good!"

Streaming videos were uploaded to The Warlords official website, the hits exceeded millions on its first day.

news from: Sun News, udn news, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po

| Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Earlier it was found out that a netizen uploaded the clip where Andy Lau jumped off the stage to save a male fan from the securities during his concert in Chengdu last week onto youku.com. The clip was titled: "Andy Lau Chengdu concert save fan without caring his own safety". Within two days that the clip was posted, more than 560,000 had watched it, indeed surprisingly.

The clip lasted 1 minute and 14 seconds, it recorded the whole process whereby a brave Andy save the fan. The clip started with Andy singing on the stage and then a male fan break through two barricade to be in-front of the stage and gave flowers to Andy, he also successfully shake Andy's hand. Less than one second later, more than 10 securities approached him and pulled him away, the fan was being forcefully treated by the securities.

Andy immediately stop singing in stage and asked the securities to stop, he then jump off the seven feet tall stage to stop the securities, the fans immediately break into a commotion, other crew members also went forward to help Andy, the male fan managed to leave safely. Andy was very angry as he kept shouting at the securities.

On seeing things are getting out of hand, Andy was immediately pulled away by the crew members but Andy still appeared very agitated. After scolding the securities, Andy then leave together with the male fan as he escort him to the backstage area. The audience cheered to Andy's action.

The clip resemble a scene from Andy's movie, the reporter was shocked after watching it, no wonder close to 6000 leave comments as large group of fans supported Andy saving the fan. It's believed that after this incident, Andy's heroic image will be remembered by all.

You can watch the clip at the following URL : http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_ca00XMTEwOTE0NDA=.html

and http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_ca00XMTA5NDg0MzI=.html

news from: Apple Daily News

| Monday, November 12, 2007

Andy Lau's Wonderful World 2007 concert had just earlier announced that it would add its 16th show on 5 January and public ticket sales started on 9 November. In order to get the tickets, Andy's fans went to queue at the ticket booth early in the morning, some even used stools to book their positions!

After the ticket booth had opened for one minute, all the most expensive tickets at $480 and $300 had sold out whereas the rest $200 and $100 tickets were snapped up within 30 minutes.

With regards to this, Andy's spokesman replied: "Andy was stunned and delighted when told of the news, although he would like to add in more shows, but it really cannot be done!"

Meanwhile, Apple Daily received complaints that people were selling Andy's concert tickets at Yahoo! Auction, when reporters visited the website, this complaint is verified as there are a total of 22 pages auctioning his concert tickets, however not many bid for the tickets.

In addition, Peter Chan whom is an expert in artistic films like Comrades, Almost a Love Story, Perhaps Love but he invested US$40 million to gather Andy, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li in war film - The Warlords. Peter was at a loss when shooting a slaughtering scene but thanks to old pal Tsui Hark whom pay a visit at the shooting site helped out. During Tsui Hark's visit, Peter was shooting a scene where Andy was killing a general, he requested Andy to kill with one swipe of the sword, the general died after vomiting blood with a focus on his bloodied eyes wipe open. However he failed to capture the bloodied atmosphere, Tsui Hark advice the actor to lie down for 30 minutes in order to make the actor's eyes red-blooded and swollen before it's an OK take!

news from: Sun News, Apple Daily News

| Friday, November 09, 2007

Andy Lau would be holding his Wonderful World 2007 concerts in Hong Kong next month, the ticket sales for the 15 shows had been good, the internal sales had been fully booked whereby the tickets for public sale had been sold out immediately. Andy had to apologize to fans for the lack of tickets.

Unexpectedly even people from triads had started to enter the fight for tickets. It is known from Andy's crew members, concert organizer Media Asia had received threatening calls requesting for purchase of large number of concert tickets, it's like they're trying to battle it out with the touts ticket market!

An insider said: "Whenever they called, they would said that they wanted tickets, buying up whatever tickets remaining, be it the expensive or cheap tickets, the person also revealed that he's from the triad, told us not to put him in a difficult position, anyway it's so scary!"

Although the ticket sales for the concerts had been doing well, but there are no more slots in the Hong Kong Coliseum for additional shows, due to this, tout tickets would be able to make money thus even triad members joined in. Although such calls kept coming in but Andy is still unaware of this incident.

The insider said: "Andy is currently touring in Mainland China, we does not like to bother him, in addition to the previous stop in Changchun where many fans whom failed to buy tickets and set fire at the venue which already made Andy worried that other fans or his crew members would get hurt, to prevent this incident from affecting his performance, he was not told of it."

news from: stars.zaobao.com

| Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Andy Lau's Mainland China concert tour had come to its last stop at Chengdu, since the start of the concert the fans were already very enthusiastic, until the encore segment where it's going to be the last song and dance, everybody stand up and rushed towards the stage.

One particular male fan even break free from the police defence line and managed to get onto the stage to shake hand and gave flowers to Andy.

When the security and ploice noticed that somebody managed to get onto the stage and grab hold onto Andy, they immediately went onto the stage to stop him as they tried to dragged him away. On seeing some many securities surrounding the fan.

Andy asked them not to take force against the fan, without thinking he jumped off the stage to protect that fan, it resulted a chaos as all crew member and securities rushed towards the stage to protect Andy, it resulted that Andy could not carry on singing as he personally bring that fan back onto the stage and urge the securities and police not to take force before he continue his performance on stage.

It is believed that Andy is the only singer in the world that care-less of his safety to jump off the stage to rescue the fan.

After returning to the stage, the audience continued their screaming as they looked Andy as a hero, they kept screaming "Wah Zai I Love You", upon seeing Andy jumping off from such a high stage and safely returning to the stage, furthermore could continue to sing and dance, it shows that he didn't injured himself. Andy said on stage: "I know these securities and policemen are out of good for you, apologize to let all of you worry, I'm okay! I'm very good!"

Then he followed to guide the fans, "There is rules for concert, no matter how enthusiastic the fans are, I also hope that you remember the importance of safety, there's no need to rushed forward and do anything against the rules, if all of you love me and support me, I knew all of that, if you want to get close to me is not difficult, join Andy World Club, we can always meet in my fan club gathering! Please don't use any un-safe methods to make me worry and also made the securities and policemen in a difficult position."

After the concert ended, Andy initially thought he could celebrate the success of his last stop, however such matter spolit his feelings. He said: "When I see the fan being pushed and hit by the policemen, I was shell shocked, I immediately asked them to stop but nobody listen to me, thus I jumped off the stage.

The fan had done wrong as he should not break the defence line and come onto the stage, maybe he did this as he supported me, I'm worried what the securities would do to punish him, thus I jumped off the stage and tell them to let this matter goes, just forgive him once." Andy said that he knew that many fans will be worried upon seeing him jumped off the stage, it also scared several crew members, thinking back it's quite risky on his part, luckily he's not injured.

He quipped: "When the concert just started, I just promise the fans that I'll take good care of myself as I would not do any dangerous stunts, unexpectedly until the encore I performed a dangerous stunt, it must have scared the 60,000 audience, I apologize for that!"

news from: Sina.com

| Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The music video premiere and press conference of the movie The Warlords was held in Beijing earlier, there is also an online game contract signing ceremony. Director Peter Chan, actor Andy Lau and actress Xu Jinglei attended the event. Several fans attended the event held banner with writings "Welcome heavenly son back to Beijing" to show their support.

In the poster of The Warlords, Jet Li's face occupied the most important position, Andy said: "It's because Jet Li is the main line ma! Take A Battle of Wits for example, I'm the main character thus my face is the largest on the poster. Actually before shooting start, Peter asked me to choose the characters, I feel that the other characters I've acted before, therefore I chose a more challenging characters. I'm an actor, not definitely to be the main character, this also don't represent that I'm not as handsome as the main character!"

There are many crying scenes in the movie, Andy once took 14 takes for a crying scene, he quipped that he does not understand why the director wanted them to cry so many times. Peter sang praise of Andy's professionalism as he always cried out loud, he's very touched! When talked about shooting crying scenes, Andy expressed that he always feel like crying when he's singing 'Zhen Yong Yuan', he said: "I always tried to endure, but failed everytime, I also does not know why."

Meanwhile, there is a also a "bed scene" between husband Andy and wife Xu Jinglei, but due to the cold weather, no clothings are removed during shooting. When talked about his first collaboration with Xu Jinglei, Andy pointed out that he had watched Xu directed A Letter from an unknown woman, he went on to discuss the film with her, he told her that the film did not bring out any surprises, maybe his way of putting his views cause discomfort to Xu. Andy also revealed that he read the novel of the same title between 1986-1987, he thought of shooting this film but he could not think of any new ideas thus shooting it has no meaning, thus he dropped the idea.

This year, Harbour City had invited Andy, Xu Jinglei and Peter Chan to be the special guests for their Christmas light-up ceremony, the ceremony will take place on 14 November. It was a huge success when Harbour City collaborate with Peter for his film Perhaps Love in 2005, thus this year Harbour City decided to collaborate with Peter again for his film The Warlords. This would be Warlords first promotional activity in Hong Kong and it would be the second time Andy collaborate with Harbour City since making an appearance riding a horse in 2000. Previous special guests for Harbour City's Christmas light-up includes Alan Tam, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Hacken Lee, Gigi Leung, Zhou Xun, Leon Lai and Ji Jin Hee.

Andy become the actor with the most box office taking in Hong Kong as he accumulated more than $5 billion worth of box office taking within 10 years. According to the calculation of a movie magazine on the box office takings in Hong Kong between 1997 and 2007, Andy is leading other actors as he accumulated a total of $5.7 billion box office taking, leading Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Eric Tsang and Jackie Chan, no wonder he's still doing so well in the film industry after so many years. Sammi Cheng is the box office queen while Johnnie To is the Most Bankable Director. When told of the good news, Andy whom was in Chengdu for his concert expressed: "I'm so happy, even more when compared to winning the Best Actor award, because box office taking equals to my films is watched by people, this kind of satisfaction is beyond description, hope in the next ten years, my box office taking can advance into another $5 billion."

Lastly, Andy's concert is added another show on 5 January - the 16th show! Tickets will start on 9 November 10:00 hours at URBTIX.

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News