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| Thursday, July 28, 2005

On 24 July 2005, heavenly king Andy Lau whom was wearing a medical officer uniform appeared upon reporters to talk about his latest movie - All About Love, occassionally striking a few poses. In this self-invested love story movie, Andy played 2 different characters being a hair stylist and doctor with Charlie Yueng and Charlene Choi as his wives. Andy admits that the movie is not a commerical movie as his main aim is to satisfy his love for movies as earning money is not his priority.

When interviewing Andy, it seems that all the reporters of Hong Kong were present as during the 1 hour interview, the venue was crowded with reporters however Andy didn't put up any airs. For this new movie, he introduce it as a joint production of his Focus Films and Media Asia, purely a love story, he'll be acting as a doctor and hair stylist, the movie's theme is "Gold on to what you have, cherish the present, give your true love, it's difficult to chase love or regret about it". He exclaimed that the script was brought by director Daniel Yu and everybody likes it, "Many of you might not know, Daniel was my classmate in secondary school, he helped me shot a few music videos in the past, thus he can be considered as a new director, I feel that there is no pressure when collaborating with your old classmate, thus I've the confidence to pass this project to him."

Having invested HK$20 million, had a love story theme, not a commercial movie, looking at the current market, Andy said surprisingly: "I never thought of earning money, I did some calculation, some copyright fees had already gurantee some earnings for the movie, even if I would to lose HK$4000,000, I'll still do this movie for myself."

Andy then introduce himself to the reporters: "This is the 2 characters that I played in the movie - Dr Kao and hair stylist Derek." The difference for these 2 characters to Andy is rather troublesome as Dr Kao is clean shaven whereas not Derek, thus for the past 2 months, he always ponders whether to shave or not to shave when he wake up in the morning.

He says: "Today, I'm the combination of both characters, the reason is the convience for all to take photographs, if not there won't be any headlines, it might be tough to write the report."

He added: "Dr. Kao is a man that could only exist in a novel and the unrealistic world of the movies, as he's always faithful to his loved one, seeking perfection, meanwhile hair stylist Derek is the man in the realistic world, love his wife very much, wife is sick and will put all his effort to take care of her, there are times of feeling tired and impatience, he hold on for very long, and finally left her."

Andy express that the men in the real world is the same as Derek as he's imperfect but realistic, meanwhile Dr Kao is a perfect man. Talking about his own life, Andy express that his own life is also very realistic, not one without any temper, he'll vent his anger at times when at work, as venting of anger does not solve any problem.

Although Andy had few allegations as compared to other artistes, but former girlfriend Yu Kexin revealed their old relationship in a book, with regards to this matter, it seems that Andy didn't made any comment, but Andy did comment for the first time, he says: "Actually the incidents had happened and remained, I feel that there's no need to comment on it, I know that when I comment once, many allegations will follows, I feel that it's nonsences to dragged myself into it."

When talked about the female lead, Andy quipped that both of them are very busy as Charlene had many commercials on hand, meanwhile Charlie need to do promotions for Seven Swords, he's the one with the most time as he'll be waiting at the shooting venue for their free schedule.

Andy then revealed to reporters that both himself and Charlene were anxious when shooting the kissing scene due to their huge age gap, but they did kiss without any thoughts, he discover that age is not a problem in love. He joked that his kiss with Charlene was not good enough, he hope to have another chance whereby Charlene played a loose woman, then she might be more open.

news from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Andy Lau HK$20 million invested movie - All About Love had location shooting at Cyperport the previous night as Andy, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi and Mainland China actor Allen Wu were present and were arranged to be interviewed by Hong Kong and Chinese media.

Andy had a kissing scene with Charlene while dancing in the bushes, as it required several camera angles, thus a total of 6-7 NGs, every kissing lasted 2 minutes, thus a total of 10 minutes, almost all were smoothing kisses but Charlene stress that they're not frenching, she says: "The feeling is great, when I watched his movies and concerts in the past, never expected that she'll get to have close contact with him. I don't feel pressurise shooting with him, he makes one very relax, meanwhile I feel embarrasses as I'm scared of strange behaviour, like when my face is too close to his, she might have crossed eyes."

As it was all day of shooting before shooting the kissing scene, thus Charlene was worried that she will have bad breathe, thus she was eating chewing gums throughout the day, luckily they all ate chue cheong fun pior to shooting therfore everyone had the smell of chue cheong fun, thus it was described as "chue cheong fun kiss", but she didn't forget to sing praise of Andy: "He's the man to have the most male charisma. (Andy had many experiences of kissing?) Not that bad, other than kissing me, he also touches my head and hugged me, an attraction hard to resist, then I really fall in love with him, my heart was beating real fast, when he kiss me, I close my eye and it was also past midnight, I'm totally engross in it."

Before the kissing scene, both of them had a warm up by shooting a bed scene as her whole body was hugged by Andy but Charlene need not reveal any skin, comparing to the kissing scene, she says: "Kissing feels better, althought it's just shooting and not in the realistic world, but to be able to kiss with Andy in the imaginary world, I have no regrets!"

Charlie whom is a patient with heart problems was too engrossed with her character that she had a sad feeling and crying most of the times thus not as lucky as Charlene as she only have love relationship with Andy, she quipped: "I also had a bed scene, Andy accompanied me to sleep (Any kissing?) Nope, we did shot a dancing scene till day breaks, we shot for 18 hours, so romantic, a different feel!"

With regards to his "chue cheong fun kiss" with Charlene will be unforgettable for him, he quipped embarrassedly: "The smell is strange, some sweet taste from the different sauces. (Did she had crossed eyes?) I also closed my eyes when I kissed her. Talked about embarrassement, nope!"

When told that Charlie doesn't get as intimate to him when compared with Charlie, Andy says: "She has heart problems, cannot be agitated, I did research before, I also doesn't plan this!"

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This afternoon, Andy Lau's latest movie - All About Love held its first reporters visiting day since it started shooting. Reporters from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong gathers at the shooting venue - Hong Kong Cyberport.

A collaboration between Media Asia Films Ltd and Andy's Focus Films, Andy's former classmate Daniel Yu as director, other than Andy in the cast, it also includes Charlene Choi, Charlie Yeung and Mainland China's singer Allen Lin.

During the interview, the 3 actors reveal their impression of Andy. Being his first collaboration with Andy, Allen takes his hat off to Andy's professionalism. Charlene whom also first collaboration with Andy, is the most active among the three, she says: "Because Andy is my and Gillian Chung's idol, we went to watch his concerts and many of his movies, never expected that one day I could act as his wife, kissing too."

With regards to her feeling of kissing with her idol, Charlene says: "So embrassess! Afraid that he see the bad side of me, thus in order to leave a perfect impression, I had chewing gums at all times."

With regards to Charlie, although she was once the female lead in one of Andy's music video more than 10 years ago, thus it was a long time ago, she get to experience the "power" of Andy. "After shooting for 18 hours, he's still fresh, just like one superman whom need not sleep. Thus when I'm doing promotion for 7 Swords, also sleep lesser, when I feel tired, Andy's face come up infront of my face, really! Then I encourage myself to work harder!"

The Andy whom appeared to the media is still the same evergreen idol, dressed as a medical officer, still looked handsome. In the movie, he played 2 characters, a man in the novel, a fireman medical officer, prefect without flaws, a realistic man, had a sick wife, always vent his anger thus results to breakup. Andy said that actually there is no prefect man, "I've weakness, also will vent my anger." Actually there's uses for venting your anger, no matter on work or love." Andy said like an experienced man.

To Sina.com readers, Andy express his appreciation: "When I attended the Sina China awards ceremony at the beginning of the year, now half the year had passed, thanks everyone for thinking of me." For his thoughts on this movie which will be screened at the end of the year, Andy promote it this way: "If you're looking for love, come and watch my movie, Say I Love You Again (All About Love)."

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau's latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You Again will be released throughout Asia on 4 August, all the songs will be love songs as he hope to moved everyone with the touching love stories.

Earlier Andy was shooting in the studio for the album's pictures, the photographer thinks that red ropes is the signal of love thus he prepare huge and small red ropes as props. Initially the photographer wanted Andy to tie his hands with the small red rope before using the huge red nylon rope to tie the whole Andy up. He thinks that it'll be very difficult to tie down such a abnormal man like Andy thus nylon rope had to be used.

So how difficult would it be to tie down Andy Lau? Andy gave it a thought before saying: "To tie me down is indeed a difficult task, I was once tie down by a woman, and she's the only woman whom can tie me down." Who is this woman, Andy quipped: "Who you think this person is? This woman is my beloved mother! Haha. As I was mischievious when I'm young, she tie me up as punishment. Other than her, currently there's nobody whom can tie me."

When asked when will he be willing to be tie down by love? Andy exclaimed that he doesn't plan it currently but he do wish to be tie down by someone one day, then he will consider telling everybody. When talked about love, he says: "Loving someone is a very heavy responsibility, the red rope of love to one means that willing to be tie down is a happy matter, if not willing to be tie down, it will be a burden or causing hurt, thus I advice all my friends, don't joke with love, being faithful is the best protection for love."

As the title of the Mandarin album is the same as his latest movie, one of the songs will be the movie's theme song. In the music video, snippnets of the movies can be seen, those whom had watched it before find it very touching, thus anticipate the movie to be screened.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News

| Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mandarin album - A Better Day which was released in 2002 was well received by fans and the media, after that Andy Lau had a flying colour result slip in movies with Infernal Affairs, Running On Karma, Jiang Hu, House of Flying Daggers, A World Without Thieves which did well at the box office and won him Best Actor in Hong Kong Films Critics Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards (both for Running On Karma) and Best Actor in 41st Golden Horse Film Awards for Infernal Affairs III.

In between, Andy also released 3 albums which includes Proud of You concert, Cantonese album - Coffee or Tea and Vision Tour 2004. It's almost 3 years since Andy release a Mandarin album thus many fans and media were waiting for Andy to strike again, finally after waiting for 3 years, we will get to listen to Andy's new Mandarin album in summer 2005.

Being in showbiz for more than 20 years, Andy's hardworking and learning abilities cannot be denied nor disappoint, thus his Mandarin release will be a grand affair for Chinese music, he and producer Li Anxiu spend 2 years and 7 months to gather their ideas and creativity, every songs they bought and recorded, time and time of some hinderance stopping them, they maintain their searching and hardwork, finally complete this love songs Mandarin album.

Say I Love You Again (All About Love) is different from other albums as it's solely based on love stories, using 10 songs to narrates different character feelings and views on love, in different incident and atmosphere, using the tune and feeling of the songs bringing one directly into the deep corner of love.

Cantopop star Andy Lau Tak-wah and former Manchester United captain Eric Cantona add to the magic of the shop-till-midnight APM mall in Kwun Tong.

The mall, with 170 shops that are required to stay open at least until midnight, will exceed its first-year rental income target by 30 per cent, say Sun Hung Kai Properties executives at its official opening yesterday.

news from: South China Morning Post

| Monday, July 18, 2005

Being tagged as "Manchester United legend" ex-Manchester United player Eric Cantona and Hong Kong's heavenly king appeared together at the opening ceremony of Kwun Tong's apm shopping mall. The total production fees of the activity was a 8-figure amount as the mall had a Manchester United house where private photographs of each player were displayed and fans can photograph with actual size photograph images of the players.

As Andy and Cantona had many fans, thus the activity attracted around 3000 onlookers, the venue was conjested and crowded, luckily order was maintained and no chao situation. A mustachioed and long-haired Cantona made an appearance with a few young soccer players which immediately create cheers and whistles, however his reaction was rather softer than "local product" Andy whom wore a Beatles T-shirt (Beatles were from Liverpool which is Manchester United's rival, it can be considered that Andy had chosen to wear the wrong T-shirt.)

When asked about his impression of Hong Kong, 39-years-old Cantona answers through an interpreter: "I came to Hong Kong last year, its weather is good, I love the fans of Hong Kong." With regards to his motive of coming to Hong Kong this time round, he says: "Most importantly to promote Manchester United Soccer Academy, delighted to see so many people support this mall."

After watching Cantona demostrate the juggling of a soccer ball twice, Andy was asked to imitate but whenever Andy start, he will take a deep breathe which shows that he's nervous as he might disgrace himself.

Later Andy demostrate his calligraphy skills as he guide Cantona to write his own name.

Cantona did rather well, as he started writing from the center of the paper thus it's not long enough thus he manage to write only 2 characters - 'jian dong' where Andy help him to write the 'na' on the top empty space of the paper thus his name became 'na jian dong'.

Andy and Cantona exchanges gift for keepsake, Cantona gave Andy an autographed photograph and soccer ball whereas Andy gave him a 'jian dong na' calligraphy.

At the backstage, Andy revealed that this is his first meeting with Cantona, when asked if they communicate? Andy quipped: "He asked me who am I." Cantona does not know that Andy is a superstar? He says: "He does not know, I told him but I did not know if he believes me, I never expect him to be so tall."

When talked that his reactions from the audience are louder than Cantona's, he quipped: "Of course, here is Hong Kong, but he's great." When asked whom's more stylish? Andy says: "It's different, the Chinese will say that I'm stylish whereas Western will say he's stylish."

When asked if he will show off his autographed photograph to Manchester United fan Hacken Lee, he quipped: "He should have one himself, I might auction it off for charity, I never expected that I can attend an activity with Cantona."

Andy exclaimed that his favourite soccer player is Ronaldinho and claim that he scared of disgrace himself when he juggle the ball. Andy added that he didn't photograph together with Cantona as when Cantona's assistant see his assistant carrying a camera, Cantona's assitant kept asking for long periods, to avoid any trouble and gave Cantona some privacy, no photographs were taken.

Cantona did held an autograph session which last less than 10 minutes.

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, SingTao News, MingPao

| Friday, July 15, 2005

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau released a Mandarin album, earlier he encounter some weird weather when he was shooting his latest MTV in Hong Kong as it was suddenly raining with water rushing down, the prepared water car was useless and the cameras that worth millions were almost destroyed. Other than facing the flood, heavenly king Andy also got sting by mosquito.

The water rushing down after the rain was rather exaggerating, the situation at the shooting location of Andy's MV was very strange.

Andy says: "Raining, the rain is too heavy, heavy till that extent, I think all of you can't imagine."

To accomodate the sad feeling in the new song, a cemetery was selected as the MV shooting location, encountering such strange situation, Andy was kinda worried as the heavy rain affected his work and his movements.

Every step of Andy was very "mega-star", however due to the bad environment of the shooting location, the heavenly king suffer bites from mosquito, shooting a MV is like shooting a disaster movie, initially the director was well prepared as fear of the weather not cooperate thus a water car was prepared for a scene holding umbrella in the rain, however the heaven helped Andy so much.

news from: TVBS E-news

It had been 3 years since Andy Lau release a new Mandarin album, it will be released on 4 August throughout Asia. Earlier he was shooting the music video for his new song - Say I Love You Once Again (literally translated) in a cemetery at Happy Valley.

In order for a sad feeling setting, the director arranged a water vehicle for man-made rain, however on the day of shooting, they encounter heavy rain, even the weather station send out a monsoon signal but due to his work schedule, the date could not change as shooting need to be carried out.

Upon reaching the cemetery, the rain started to stopped after waiting for 1 hour and shooting started immediately. However after 20 minutes, it started to rain once again, with lightings and thunder.

Although the heavy rain, Andy care little of the heavy rain and get himself drenched as he sit on a drain which water splashing out, he also told the 40-strong crew members not to worry. Unexpectedly, the soil from the hills was also washed down by the rain thus Andy and the crew members experience a mini flood at the cemetery, it was so frightening that some of the cameras which worth millions almost got washed away by the rain.

When the flood gets higher, all decided to leave the shooting location, when Andy tries to help but was stopped by them. Thus he had to use 2 benches as bridge to walk out. When the water reaches his knee level, he had to stand on a chair to wait for the crew member.

A drenched Andy filmed for many hours, when the director shouted 'Cut!', he immediately rushed to the nearby hotel for a shower. Andy says: "Initially thought of shoot something nice thus I sit down without thinking, but I started to worry as I feel uneasy as I'm unsure what was rushing through in the middle, I'm covered with mud, with the shooting location at the cemetery.... I can't bath there."

After 4 hours of rain, mosquitoes were everywhere at the cemetery, Andy and the crew members suffered bites from the mosquitoes as his right eye was bitten resulting in a red patch, he joked to the director: "It's horrible, you can only shoot the left side of my face."

Andy added: "This is the tougest that I experienced for shooting a music video, it's already so tough just experiencing the flood, can't imagine what the victims of the tsunami experienced, however the sight of the rain and a mini-waterfall can't be create even you have the money."

Andy then quipped: "Saying 'I Love You' is difficult enough, saying 'I Love You' once again is more difficult, thus the shooting of the music video is also so tough! Anyway water symbolise luck, the new album will sell!"

The crew members had filmed down the flood and Andy was considering if he should include it as a production special in his album.

news from: SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sina.com, MingPao

| Thursday, July 14, 2005

After more than 6 months of planning, joint-organised by Heilongjian Acrobatics troupe, Henan Province Performance Company and Oriental Daily, endorsed by Harbin Tong Li Da Cultural Development, Andy Lau 2005 Zheng Zhong Concerts will be held at 50,000-seaters Henan Stadium on 3 September.

The concert will be Henan's largest scale and best production performance. Andy will bring along 600-strong entourage from South-east Asia as they will be incharge of the stage designs, investments worth few hundred thousands.

The committee spokesman spoke on the opening of Andy's last year concert in Harbin: "When the concert starts, there will be a closed gate, suddenly there will be thunder and lighting, Andy will appear in the mist, as he will be ejected to the center of the stage, it's like God from the sky, leaving the audience gasped." He added in Zhengzhou the concert will be abt the same, with some minor changes to give Henan fans extra excitement.

news from: Ta Kung Pao

[ Small note: Just another bad report on Andy by the magazine! ]

Andy Lau self invested HK$20000,000 to shoot the movie - All About Love, other than romancing with Charlie Yeung, he also get to romancing with Charlene Choi whom is 21 years junior in hot temperature which makes one wanted to vomit in the heat, to accomodate the script, Andy also wore a black leather coat for his role under the hot sun. The pairing with a younger Charlene become the selling point of the movie.

However, other than Charlene, Andy get to romance with another "female lead" Ambra Xu whom is more younger than Charlene as she's just 20-years-old, 23 years junior of Andy! Ambra is 20 years old (born on 26 March 1985) with a height of 179 cm and weighting 108 pounds, her figure is 33".24".35".

Actually Ambra is experienced as she once pair up with 39-years-old Leon Lai in his commercial and music video. After collaborating with Leon, she refuse to collaborate with him in a new movie and turn to Andy as he's her idol.

In Leon's Hutchison commercial last year, he hand picked well-known 20-years-old model Ambra Xu from Shanghai. In the commercial, Ambra and Leon had a quarrel at the airport and had a chase where Leon fall on the road, Ambra then hold him up and kissed for 10 times! They then hugged each other like a panda bear which sent audience puzzled!

It is known that Andy didn't chose Ambra after watching her commercial with Leon but rather All About Love is a collaboration of Hong Kong and Mainland China, thus Chinese actors need to be used and Ambra was picked by the movie company for her popularity in China, in addition, her acting was well received in a Mainland China drama in 2002, even director Stanley Tong sing praise of her. Ambra also told her manager and the Chinese media that she hope to collaborate with Andy thus when told that Andy wanted to collaborate with her, she request time off to join the cast.

In addition, Leon whom going to start shooting his new movie - Qing Yi Liang Xin Zhi wanted to approach Ambra for collaboration as she's suitable for the role and a talent but andy being her number one idol and schedule crashed, she rather collaborate with Andy.

In the movie, Andy played 2 characters being a medical officer and hair stylist, with Charlie and Charlene as his wives, he also had an affair. Andy then boast that he's lucky to shoot a scene with 20 sexy models wearing only bra top hugging him! It is known that one model pushed herself toward Andy and thus become the target of his affair, the model is no other than Ambra.

Last Tuesday (5 July), Ambra and Andy shoot a scene together, from what seen on the set, Ambra sweet talked a delighted Andy as she tried her best to communicate in Cantonese with him. The scene is shot without any NG and even Andy sing praise of her: "She did not bad!"

Upon hearing, Ambra was all smiles! You should not look down on Andy as he still can handle young 20-years-old girls , he sure like brother-sister relationship!

Meanwhile, another female lead Charlie was not as lucky as Ambra as she only gets to shoot a romantic scene in the rain with Andy! Under the hot sun of more than 30 degrees celius, she need to get wet while wearing swimming suit within her clothes!

news from: East Week Magazine

Ex-Manchester United player Eric Cantona will arrive in Hong Kong these few days and he will also play soccer with Andy Lau! Andy and Cantona will attend apm x craze for Man Utd activity at Kwun Tong's apm next Sunday (17 July), then Cantona will have an autograph session and demostration of flipping of a soccer ball whereas Andy will demostrate heading of a soccer ball. They would also challenge each other in flipping and heading of a soccer ball.

Andy had always likes Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham, and admire Cantona. With regards to attending an activity with Cantona, a delighted Andy said during a telephone interview: "I like Manchester United, but I'm not as crazy as Hacken Lee, I also like Cantona."

When asked that he will be showing off his soccer skills with Cantona, is he pressurize? Andy says: "Just play, where's the pressure, I don't think I'll lose out, I was a player in the celebrity team last time round playing a goalkeeper, later I was too busy for trainings."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Tuesday, July 12, 2005

[Short note: Sigh! Didn't get the chance to meet Andy at the airport, wrong day and time. Anyway, I'm back!]

Sammi Cheng whom finally show face days earlier in a dinner with Johnnie To after close to a month of resting, set off to Beijing for the dubbing of her new movie Everlasting Regret in Beijing yesterday. She appeared refreshing and was all smiles thus allegations that she's in poor health were untrue.

Meanwhile Sammi's good friend, Andy Lau whom returned to Hong Kong from a fan gathering in Japan yesterday was received by around 10 female fans. When asked about Sammi's re-appearance and if he had keep in touch with her to know of her health conditions, Andy says: "It's enough to know that she's happy! Actually she doesn't need to do any clarification. But looking from another angle, everyone should not ask about Sammi or made up any false reports, for those which did those false reports should apologise to her, it would be more fair to artistes!"

In between, some cable TV wanted to interview Andy but was rejected by him as he requested them to remove their station's logo before accepting to be interviewed by them. He said in Mandarin: "If this logo is there, I cannot be interviewed by you."

news from: udn news, Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News

| Friday, July 01, 2005

Dear readers/visitors,

Andy Lau's news in AndyLauSounds will be stop for a few days (2-10 July 2005) as I'll be jetting off to Hong Kong tomorrow

Of course, I'll dropped by Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to see 'Andy and hear his heartbeat', will also keep a lookout if he's location shooting All About Love.

Take care.

Leonard Png