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| Monday, January 31, 2005

Andy Lau, Lam Ka Tung, Monie Tung, Stephanie Cheng, Ellis Tang and Cheung Wing Hong attended Po Leung Kuk Charity Bowling Competition at South China Athletic Association Bowling Alley. Other than being the special guest, Andy also compete in the charity bowling competition.

Andy officiate the opening ceremony and attain a strike which won several applause. Po Leung Kuk's chairman will sponser Andy as he'll donate HK$20,000 for strike and HK$10,000 for spares in the game. When the competition begins, with more audience around could have pressurise Andy thus making him nervous and lose his standard, thus he manage to get 1 strike and 7 spares thus raising HK$90,000. Andy apologise when he taking his last ball. But Po Leung Kuk's chairman still donate HK$20,000 to support Andy. In the end, Andy raise a total of HK$200,000 for Po Leung Kuk.

With regards to several celebrities fond of bowling, Andy pointed out that they are afraid of lsoing face when their ball goes into the gutter thus he's looking for a good location to open a bowling alley, the members area will be curtained up thus they can practice with privacy, he says: "I'll set a life-time membership fees of HK$500,000, thus this will encourage all to sing and act more movies to join the membership, I could earn back my investment within 3 months."

Ellis Tang and Cheung Wing Hong hope to be Andy's student as other than asking Andy to pass them the skills of bowling but also issue a challenge to him 10 years later, Andy exclaim: "This is not a problem, but 10 years later, I may not able to lift a bowling ball....or why not wait till my bowling alley is completed, all of you can come and play but I'll be collecting HK$500,000 for life-time membership, wait till all work hard to film more movies, after some sucess than join the membership." When asked if Andy will start lessons and take in students, he says: "I'm very fierce, I'll scold when one doesn't meet my expectation, thus it's not nice asking me to be instructor!"

Monie Tung whom take Andy as her idol since young exposed that she can't sleep the previous night and her heart beat faster when she see Andy from far, she was so nervous that her stomach aches. When Andy was coaching her on bowling, her mind was empty and heart beats very fast as revealed by Stephanie but she still manage to hit 2 strikes thus didn't wasted Andy's coaching efforts. When asked if she'll ask Andy to be her instructor, she says: "Of course I'm interested, but I'm lack of potential."

Reporters asked her to take a photograph with Andy, she was so happy as she blushes with tearing flow down her eyes.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, SingTao News, Sun News, Apple Daily News

| Sunday, January 30, 2005

Andy Lau attended a RTHK Chinese New Year programme - You're a Superman - Gong Xi Fa Cai Liu Nian Xing Da Yun recording where there was close to 100 audience. Guests invited were Ellis Tang, Cheung Wing Hong and Lam Kar Tong whom arrived toward the end of the show. The final segment of the show has Andy and Cheung duet the song 'Ben Xiao Hai'.

In between, the radio station arranged question-and-answer segment, where Andy ask the questions prepared by the radio station and correct answer from the audience will win a prize. When the compere asked what does man fear most, a 6-years-old girl immediately answer: "Curry Chicken" as Andy seize the chance to crack a joke out of an allegation, he says: "No, Guo Jingjing has curry chicken first(earlier Guo Jingjing was in Hong Kong and was spotted with love bite on her neck)" The audience burst into laughters upon hearing this remark. When Andy ask the girl if she wants to be his girlfriend, the shy girl immediately lend to her mother.

The compere follow asking: "What sort of chicken tim sum use flour to make?", however nobody gave an answer, in the end the compere revealed the correct answer to be malay chicken. However, Andy is doubtful of the answer as he says: "I think the answer should be malay cake, he wrote that answer. Actually, if there's really mistake with the answers, I hope he admit it."

Andy also reveal that he will start shooting for a new movie as he play a character whom grow up 10 years every day, thus he needs 7 days to complete his life span, the character's age range from 13-years-old to 83-years-old. Felix Wong whom started showbiz together with Andy will play his father. Andy express that several actress was told that their role is Andy's mother, they immediately reject the offer, but finally one actress took up the offer. He says: "After some difficulties, we manage to find an actress willing to take up the role, but I won't reveal which actress reject our offer."

As the character's age ranges from 13-years-old to 83-years-old, which is a challenge to Andy's acting as he is very interested in the movie as it has a refreshing topic but the only problems lies with makeup as in Running On Karma where the makeup result him getting skin infection and the feeling is terrible.

Andy's movie company will start shooting 6 movies casting Ellis and Cheung in them but details will be revealed during the International Movie Festival promotion. Andy will not be cast in the movies but he'll cameo if there are suitable roles. Andy exclaimed: "My fees are too high, scared it'll affect the production fees, but I'll be the producer."

In addition, there was a scene in A World Without Thieves where remarks made on postage is not relevant and thus the Mainland China's post office is seeking immediate stoppage of such misunderstanding promotion of their service or they will file a lawsuit. With regards to this matter, Andy replies: "I'm not too sure of this matter, if there's really a problem, we will try to discuss about it."

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2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant was held last night where Miss Li Ya Nan from Vancouver was crowned champion.

Hong Kong representative Kate Tsui did not make into the top 3 but she manage to win the Miss Personality title which is also meaningful to her.

One of the judge, Andy Lau who earlier exclaimed that he support Hong Kong as he tipped Kate to win but she only won the Miss Perrsonality title. With regards to this, Andy doesn't want to discuss about it as he's not disappointed that Kate lose out as he feel that she could be under huge pressure as she appeared nervous.

Andy feel that the top 3 contestants are deserving winners. The scores for the 5 finalists are very close. When asked on which area did Kate lose out, Andy says: "I don't know." Andy feel that second runner-up Yang Wen Qi has a good voice, first runner-up Chen Fa La has star charisma and winner Li Ya Nan has a championship look.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po

| Saturday, January 29, 2005

A survey titled "Small Eyes Big Society Top 10 Selection" (literally translated) ask primary school students to selected their most anti-corrupted persons. Among the top 10, half of them are celebrities from showbiz with Andy Lau at the number one spot, meanwhile Tung Chee Wah just manage to get into the top 10. The students thinks that one being anti-corrupted must be not greedy, sincere and obey the law.

The survey result of the top 10 anti-corrupted persons are Andy Lau, followed by Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News

Andy Lau was interviewed at Commercial Radio yesterday as he revealed that as usaul he'll be busy in this year's Chinese New Year but he'll still find time to have reunion dinner with his family on 28th of the lunar calendar, then he'll set off to Beijing to attend gala show before back to Hong Kong on the first day of the new year to welcome the God of Fortune, he joked that he's the main financial provider of the family, thus he had to hold the ceremony.

The other performers of the gala includes Joey Yung, Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee. Andy will perform with 2 robots dancers sponsered by the sponsers. He had met up with the robots through television and Internet, he was surprised that the robots know how to play golf!

Andy quipped that he doesn't intend to pit his dancing skills with the robots but will allow the robots to perform to its full potential. He's delighted to be able to perform with robots on the same stage and hope to take a photograph with them. Andy doesn't intend to buy one of the robots hom as he won't be any usage to him, he understand the development of technology as a small chip can contain many information but the best is still the human cell as scientist started to do research on beetles' brain cell, therfore scenario as in the movie A.I Artificial Intelligence will come true very soon.

Andy exclaimed that he doesn't hope that comupter techonology be too advanced as he quoted ICQ as example as it has made the interpersonal relationship lacking in sincerity and responsibility. He also once heard one news that several companies collaborated to design and manufacture a computer which is capable to answer questions, when the question of if there is God in this world is asked, the computer answer is: "I am!" which is terrifying.

In addition, Taiwan radio station Hit Fm will transform Andy into the God of Fortune as he'll give away NT$10,000 in cash each day from Chinese New Year Eve to the 4th day of the new year. The reason is that Andy's new song - 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' has a strong festive feel and was chosen as the theme song for the segment. Hit Fm express that last year had been a good and lucky year for Andy as he won many awards and even bagged the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Film Awards, therefore the radio station hope to broadcast this song and bring luck to its listeners.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, SingTao News, Singpao, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po

The nomination list for the 5th Chinese Movies Media Award was announced yesterday and A World Without Thieves comes out top against other movies as it garned 6 nominations, followed by 20.30.40 and Ke Ke Xi Li with 5 nominations, while Night in Mongkok, Love Battlefield and Thrown Down with 4 nominations.

The nominations that AWWT garned are Best Movie, Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress and Best New Performer. Andy Lau's Best Actor nomination is in the Mainland China category as AWWT is the Chinese New Year movie in China.

The judging panel sing praise of Andy's breakthrough image with his outstanding performance as a "thief". As usual Andy's competitor is 2046's Tony Leung, Eason Chan and Liu Hua.

House of Flying Dagger's Zhang Yimou, 2046's Wong Kar Wai, AWWT's Feng Xiaogang and Kungful Hustle's Stephen Chow failed to garn nomination for the Best Director award, but Feng, Stephen and Andy were selected as Media's Respectable Movie Person.

news from: Ming Pao

| Friday, January 28, 2005

God of Song Sam Hui had being friends with Andy Lau for many years, although both superstars kept in touch with each other but seldom collaborate. Under the arrangement of TVB, both of them will jam songs together in a variety show, in order to bring some refreshing feel to the audience.

Sam's 2005 God of Song Chinese New Year Carnival will be held on Chinese New Year Eve at the Hong Kong Coliesum. In order for the concert to be successful, TVB specially prepared a God Of Song Best Wishes to You 2005 variety show. Sam personally invited Andy as special guest as he knows Andy loved his song - 'Tou Fu Qiao Hua Sheng Qi', both of them will jam this song in the program as they sing and play the song together.

After the duet, Sam will give his precious guitar to Andy as present. Sam described the guitar accompanied him through showbiz for many years thus it is precious to him and highly collectible item. He also guided Andy to play 'Lang Zhi Xing Sheng' using the guitar. A delighted Andy gave Sam a personally written greeting card wishing him success in his upcoming performance.

news from: Sun News, Wei Wen Po, MingPao

Andy Lau and Tony Leung had been fighting each other for the Best Actor award in movie awards ceremonies several time, they meet each other again in the upcoming 10th Golden Bauhinina Awards, Andy has the confidence to be crowned Best Actor.

Andy was interviewed in Metro radio station when promoting his new song and he wrote a Chun Lian on the spot as present for the radio station and won the deejays praise.

Andy was nominated with his movie A World Without Thieves, whereas his "arch-enemy" is also in the nomination list. Andy exclaimed that both their movies will get nominated in different movie award ceremonies every year, therefore they have many chances to meet each other but he don't consider Tony as his enemy. He says: "How many movie award ceremonies in Hong Kong are there? When the Hong Kong Film Critics Association announce the nomination list, I'm not qualified for the Hong Kong Films Awards, able to qualify for the Golden Bauhinina Awards, I've confidence of winning. (Taking the other nominees lightly?) Nope! Everyone are strong as 5 of us are of different type of actor in different type of movies." With regards to the Best Actress award, he express that he yet to watch Josie Ho's Butterfly, thus he reserve his comment.

When asked about House of Flying Daggers winning a Cinematography nomination in the 77th Academy Awards, Andy says: "The producers are a bit disappointed as they failed to be nominated for the Foreign Language Film, but they hope they can win with their single shot!"

When talked about Nicholas Tse singing praise of his new song - 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' sounds better and has the Chinese favour to gain some market share in China than the duet - 'Ba Xing Bao Xi He He Xi' in a radio station interview, Andy whom heard about it said: "No matter how many people are there, if only can bring out the happiness will do, I chose to sing in Mandarin is for Hongkongers and people in other countries able to listen." Andy added: "Initially I thought of changing the lyrics of 'Cai Sheng Dao' to 'Liu Hua Dao! Liu Hua Dao! Hao Xin De Hao Bao', but due to time constraint, I couldn't use the song as Crossover style of singing."

When talked about Tian Liang being kicked out of China's national diving team for allowing 'commercial activities' to interfere with his training, he says: "I was surprised when I heard this news, feel that he still has few good years left in him and could maintain his standard, still have chance, doen't need to give him 'death sentence' straight away, it's still early with the 2008 Olympic some years away." Andy could only use the word pity as description. Andy exlcaimed that if he really sign up diving queen Fu Mingxia then as an artiste, when she about to sign the contract with me, she made another choice of getting married, Andy sighs: "One should plan for the future, must first understand the situation."

In addition, Law Kar Ying was diagnose with cancer which Andy was told days before the news broke out as his friend dine with Law and know that it isn't a big problem. When asked if he tries to console him personally, he express: "I doesn't know how to say in this situation, but I've entrust my friend to send regards to him, how brother Law can full recover soon."

news from: SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Ming Pao

| Thursday, January 27, 2005

The annual CCTV variety show on the Chinese New Year's Eve will be broadcast in four languages and feature many celebrities including Liu Xiang, who won the gold medal for men's 110 meters hurdles at the Athens Olympics. These remarks were made last Saturday by Lang Kun, the chief director of the show, on the CCTV's official Web site, where some details of the gala were disclosed.

The show, for the first time, will be aired through CCTV's Channel One, Channel Four, Channel Nine and Channel 16 in Chinese, English, Spanish and French. Channel One and Channel Four will mainly use Chinese to broadcast the show, according to Xi Hong, one of the designers of the show.

Language experts in English, Spanish and French will be employed to help with translation and overseas publishing of the show. While Chinese language will be transmitted in sound signals, the three other languages will be sent as subtitles.

Celebrities expected to show up for the gala include kung fu star Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee. Since they have different performance styles, the directors have decided they will perform separately.

Other celebrities includes Andy Lau, Joey Yung from Hong Kong and Jolin Tsai from Taiwan will each sing a song at the show.

For the show, Andy had wrote a new song titled 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' as he'll be singing with 2 adorable robots to send his best wishes to the audience. The robots which are shorter than Andy will not be dressed up, instead they'll dance to the beat of Andy's new song. Although it'll be just simple movements but this is just another way of sending best wishes to everybody through humanity and new technology.

news from: Shenzhen Daily, Sina.com