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| Thursday, March 31, 2005

On Andy Lau's official website - andylau.com, if fans is to download his songs' ringtone, mobile phone wallpaper, picture and text messages, one need to purchase TOKEN and use the TOKEN to pay for their downloads.

Every TOKEN is worth HK$1 with a limitation to be spent within 6 months. When a fan wanted to leave a message through their mobile phone to Andy, they need to spent 3 TOKEN and the webmaster promise that the message will be sent to Andy's mobile phone.

These services is only targeted to Hong Kong mobile phone users. According to feedback from Hong Kong fans, the reply "happy to chat with you" sms that they recieved didn't state that the writer of the message is Andy, therefore it's impossible to confirm if the message is really sent by Andy Lau himself.

news from: Chinese Financial Web

Bai Ling whom won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards exclaimed that she couldn't understand what the Hong Kong actors are saying during her shooting of the movie in Hong Kong as when they smiles, she also doesn't know if she should follow.

On the night of the ceremony, when he heard her name being called, she know that she won, luckily she didn't made a fool of herself. She says: "Actually among many Hong Kong actors, like Andy Lau, I watched many of their movies, but when I'm in Hong Kong, I do have a feeling that I seen them before but I not sure if I know them, thus feeling embarrasses."

news from: Ta Kung Pao

When talked about the commercial asking fees of male artistes, Hong Kong's male artistes' asking fees are clearly higher than Mainland China's male artistes. Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Tony Leung's fees is around HK$1.6 million while Andy Lau is also around that figure. When Chow Yun Fatt shot a western suit commercial, he pocket HK$1.5 million.

Meanwhile, for Chinese artistes, Hu Bing's fees of HK$3000,000 is the highest ranking male artiste from China, followed by Olympic gold medalist Liu Xiang fees of HK$2000,000, while Tian Liang's asking fees is around HK$600,000.

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It is a common practice for TV stations to repeat its programme, especially to those channels which has limited supply of chinese films, you could use the description of "broadcast till rotten".

According to survey reports from Rainmaker, the locals loves Andy Lau and Stephen Chow's God of Gamblers II as it was broadcast a total of 90 times last year, average of 4 times per day. This year's choice is Chow Yun Fatt and Andy Lau's God of Gamblers which will be broadcast once every 3 days.

The rate of repeating by several channels are scary as they all quote the reason that they wanted to fulfill the requirement of different audience viewing at different times as every broadcast will have a high viewership with the audience enjoying watching it again. For some, they could even close their eyes and narrate the scenes and dialogues that will happen next in the movie.

Frankly speaking, there is no right or wrong in the copyright of the films, which includes the number of times that it will be broadcast, thus it was the main reason for the repeated broadcasting. It was forcast that Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer will be the next victim as next year, it'll be open for non-exclusive broadcasting.

news from: China Daily Times

| Monday, March 28, 2005

Eric Tsang was in Shenyang for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a department store. After the ceremony, Eric went through a short interview by the reporters before ending it quoting the reason that he need to rushed back to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Films Awards ceremony as the Hong Kong movie industry is having downturn, himself being the Hong Kong Artiste Association chairman, he had to support the annual event.

When talked about the ceremony, he had the rights to speak as he was once the committee member, he feel that the biggest winner should be the newcomer or those whom made breakthroughs. From what he see from the 24 years of HKFA, he can see that clearly the line of new actors could not match the experienced actors as he always see familiar faces in the nomination list. A disappointed Eric whom exclaim that this problem will affect the whole movie industry, he sighs: "The Hong Kong movie industry requires the strengths of newcomers!"

When asked if all newcomers need to follow Andy Lau in order to revive the Hong Kong movie industry? When he heard "Andy Lau", Eric's face is full of smiles, he says: "Haha, Andy is imcomparable! No matter it's his drawing power, human relationship, or even box office, he's number one. I'm once a committe member, many members would be willing to cast a vote for him, they just like his performance. Sometimes, when he tries many different type of characters, it'll disperse the votes for him, as some members prefers one movie while the other members pefers another movie of his."

It's heard that Andy is very hardworking as he's always showing concern to the movie industry. Eric reveals that since 1992, Andy had invest money to produce movies which is very encouraging. However, they are artistes whom are willing to invest in their own movies to save the movie industry but Hong Kong is still lack of big companies to support the market, he says: "In the past, Shaw Brothers in the 60's, Golden Harvest in the 70's and Cinema City in the 80's. Currently, movie companies depend on the survive on the sale of the film, thus the producer cannot make his own decision. The cinemas wanted box office gurantee artistes to film commerical films, thus there will be only one genre of films, that's bad for the industry."

news from: Sina.com

For this year's Hong Kong Films Awards, the celebrities that attended is larger when compared with previous years, it includes international stars in Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Liu Xiaoqin, Cecilia Cheung, Sandra Ng, Jaycee Chan, Kate Yeung, Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu. Although it was raining in-between the event, but several sexy-dressed actresses still brave the rain to enter the venue which attracts hundreds of onlookers, the organiser arranged close to 100 securities to maintain order.

Andy made an entrance holding the umbrella used in his movie - Jiang Hu which won the cheers and appulause from the huge group of fans, creating the greatest commotion.

Zhang Ziyi whom was nominated for the Best Actress award gave up to arrive in the organiser arranged car instead arrived in her company arranged Mercedes-Benz and was also escorted by 4 security guards and nanny. Meanwhile, the fans of Andy and Leon were the most enthusiastic.

As this year's ceremony is sponsered by Pepsi, thus the red carpet is fully printed with the company's logo making it into blue carpet. Regarding to this, Pepsi endorser Cecilia express: "My contract had expired, it's just a commercial for a soft drink, not the endorser!" Meanwhile, Taoti drinks endorser Andy and Coca-cola endorser Jaycee didn't avoid the carpet. However, Master Kong's endorser Richie Ren avoid the carpet with the reason of a leg injury and had to enter by the backdoor.

With regards to the blue carpet, Jackie quipped: "Please don't be too chosy on the colour of the carpet, we must support the organiser and event. I could also sponser the event, many others could sponser also, Andy Lau also can, the event could be more grand."

When Lin Chiling gave her "hug of luck" to Andy and Tony during last year's Golden Horse Film Awards, it had become a myth. Anthony Wong and Chiling were the prize presenter of the Best Script award, when the compere joked that they're "beauty and the beast" combination, Anthony request Chiling to give him a "hug of luck" which she agrees, Anthony even remove his coat before the hug and show off to Andy and Tony whom were among the audience before making another request of a 2-minutes hug in the backstage area.

Andy and Carina were the prize presenter of the Best Actress award, Andy crack a joke at Carina: "You looked so happy!" Carina replies: "Ya, I'm so happy." Carina then exclaimed that she wish to collaborate with Andy, she says: "All actresses that collaborate with you will win Best Actress." Andy then exclaimed: "I do wish to be your boyfriend, as being your boyfriend will become Best Actor." Carina replies: "Who asked you don't chose me, you missed your chance!"

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Pao, SingPao, MingPao

Twins adores Andy Lau, in a way to support their idol, Gillian Chung exclaimed: "Ye Kexin, please don't cling onto Andy, please wear back your clothes!"

Although they are idols themselves, but Twins had their own idol too as they exclaimed: "Both of us loves Andy Lau!"

When talked about Andy, Charlene Choi was singing praise of Andy with her eyes wide open: "Andy took good care of us as he'll crack jokes with us, meanwhile he maintain himself very well. Everytime when we were singing onstage, when we sing the singers seated below the stage, Andy will always look at us, similing, applause, knock his head, unlike other singers whom had no expression, he's such a good person." Therefore when both of them entered showbiz, they full hearted supported Andy.

Gillian whom was unfamiliar with the environment will always look down on the floor, unexpectedly being a heavenly king, Andy will pat on her shoulder and asked: "What happend? Troubled by something?" Gillian smiled and says: "My god, he's so concern of me, am I dreaming."

When talked about Ye Kexin publishing her a book on her past relationship with Andy, a sweet Gillian transformed and scolded: "Please ask Yu Kexin not to make use of Andy anymore, please wear back her clothes!"

news from: udn news

| Saturday, March 26, 2005

It was reported that Andy Lau's movie - Child's Dream started shooting in Hong Kong. Considering the good reviews and box office collection of A World Without Thieves, Andy invites Feng Xiaogang and Li Bingbing to cameo in the movie.

According to reports, Li Bingbing had decided to redraw herself from the cast and missed the chance to collaborate with Andy. However, Andy denies the allegations and express that Li will join the shooting on 15 April to fulfill their agreement.

Having collaborated in Cat and Mouse and A World Without Thieves, Andy is singing praise of Li's acting. When preparing for Child's Dream, he personally invite old partner Li to cameo as his "mother". Li whom was busy filming a drama serial in Shanghai told reporters that she seldom cameo but she was moved by Andy, she says: "In April, I plan to go to Hong Kong for the shooting of 'Meng Long Te Jing Dui', the schedule is rather tight but I did promise Andy to cameo in Child's Dream, I have to oblign even though teh schedule is tight. "Although the screen-time is not much, but her role as "Xiao Guang's" mother which is also an important character, as she has scenes togther with Andy and Feng Xiaogang.

news from: Sina.com

| Friday, March 25, 2005

According to reporters, it was found out that for Media Asia's latest movie 'Tong Mong' (literally translated as Child's Dream) has an actress like Karen Mok, but she'll be Andy Lau's step-mother as the dream girl will be Cherrie Ying. Looking at the story, the movie is similiar to France's The Little Prince which narrates a fairytale in the city.

With earlier reports that Mainland China's actress Li Bingbing will be Andy's mother but it was found out that Li will miss out as per in the Infernal Affairs trilogy as she'll miss out on Media Asia's production. With regards to the character of Andy's mother, it'll be just briefly mentioned in narration.

In the movie, Andy will be a boy whom grow up overnight with Felix Wong as his father while Cherrie as his dream lover. Andy whom always wants to be together with his dream lover but they just brush past each other, thus become the most beautiful memory of Andy's character memory.

Child's Dream will be similiar with well-known French's The Little Prince as Andy is a boy whom unable to accept the truth that his father remarrying and feel that he and his step-mother doesn't treat him well, thus wanted to leave home. With the help of a crazy scientist, he become a grown-up overnight and experience the taste of an adult. Not long later, he found out the difficulties of an adult that a boy couldn't understand as his parents still treat him well. However, due to him leaving home, his parents quarrel and goes seprate ways. Feeling bad, Andy tries his best to reunite his parents to form a warmth family.

news from: Sina.com

| Thursday, March 24, 2005

i-CABLE Communications Limited's Sundream Motion Pictures had its launching ceremony yesterday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Financial Secretary Henry Tang was the special guest. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CABLE TV Mr. Stephen Ng, Sundream's CEO Tsui Siuming, artiste Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, movie company boss Albert Yeung and Uncle Ba attended the ceremony.

Mr. Tsui revealed that the company will invest HK$300 million in movies for the following 2 years, he express: "We'll be shooting 15 - 20 movies in these 2 years, they includes big and small productions, estimated to invest around HK$300 million."

When talked about the latest plans of the company, Tsui says: "We've confirmed to start shooting 2 movies in June or July, one of them is a police-thief movie directed by Johnnie To, the cast will includes Andy Lau and Louis Koo, another movie will be a ghost movie directed by a new director." Meanwhile, Sundream is also going for 2 big production, one of them is a collaboration with Jacob Chang and another will be directed by himself - Cao Cao which will have a cast of Andy, Louis and Tony Leung.

When asked if for the role of Cao Cao be a fight between Andy and Tony as alleged, Tsui express: "We thought of using an international actor but we're still considering, with regards to the female lead, we'll be using a new actress." He added: "Oscar winner Peter Pao will be in charge of the film's cinemagtography and Yee Chung Man as art director, we are cosidering using Michelle Yeung to cross-dress as Zhou Yu."

When told that the role of Cao Cao will be between himself and Tony, Andy says: "Today I'm here to show my support, we only have initial contact, because later I'll be collaborating with Jacob Chang which Sundream is interested in collborating, but nothing is confirmed."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Pao

Recently Andy Lau invest in movies again after setting up his Focus Film Limited as he held a joint press conference with Star Chinese Movies Network announcing that Focus Film will start filming 6 High Definition (HD) movies, the movies broadcasting rights had been sold to Star Chinese Movies Channel.

Being tagged as Focus First Cuts, the 6 movies' directors are from many Asian countries and areas which includes Wong Ching Po, Lee Kung Lok and Lam Tze Chung from Hong Kong, Ho Yuhang from Malaysia. Kelvin Tong from Singapore, Robin Lee from Taiwan and another one from Mainland China to be announced later. Individual HD movies will start shooting in different areas where local actors and production teams will be used.

However, the movies' producer and actor of more than 120 movies - Andy never thought to become a director as he hope to shoot more movies to use the fees earned for investment and nurture new directors, even if he's left with a dollar, he'll still invest in movie. Earlier he had claimed that he thought of increasing his asking fees in order to invest in movies, but nobody approach him with increased fees within these 3 months, thus he had to fork out part of his fee for investment. Thus, he asked the 6 directors to do themselves well and wake up by shooting a good movie, he boast their confidence by saying:"Actually my requirement of them is low, even if they are throwing his money out of the window, I'm willing to do so for the sake of movies."

The 6 directors asked Andy which actor does he wish to collaborate with. Andy exclaimed that he wanted to collaborate with Chow Yun Fatt the most in a movie which will be invested by his company as he doesn't have a chance to really collaborate with Chow. Andy says: "If there's a chance, I will be shooting Godfather, as I will re-watch the movie once every 3-5 years, I feel that it's a good movie. (So will it be you or Chow to be the godfather?) How could I be his father! It'll be fine being brothers."

When asked if he'll be venturing into Hollywood, Andy says: "To me, Hollywood is very far away, believed if everyone work hard, Hong Kong movies can be compared with Hollywood movies and we can go there together."

When asked about HD movies, Andy explains that it's a kind of high quality digital picture technology, as normal film won't be used for filming, the quality will be better and cost lesser than normal film, the recent Star Wars movies in Hollywood are HD movies too. For the 6 movies, Andy estimated will be investing HK$25 millions. When asked if he'll be cast in any of the movies, he quipped that there won't be any problems for him to cameo in his own company's production, when it's screened, he'll changed the credits to him as the main lead.

On the 6 directors, he said that they are selected by his company's colleagues. When asked why Stephen Chow and Eric Tsang's favourite disciple Wong Ching Po and Lam Tze Chung as directors, Andy quipped: "Lam was signed on by Stephen as actor, scriptwriter and partner, he aren't signed to be a director. Hahaha!"

When talked about Mainland China actor Ge You confession of buying pirate disc to watch movies, Andy appeared stunned and says: "I have nothing to say. ( Would you approach him on this?) Nope." He feel that there must be some reason for Ge You's action, maybe he's similiar to himself of unable to watch movies in the cinema but would like the feel of watching movies when it was release therefore had to resort to buying pirate disc. Andy exclaimed that for his company's movies, he'll pass the master copy to Ge You to prevent him from buying pirate disc of his company's movies. Andy quipped: "His desire for arts are......." Whereas he'll book the whole cinema to himself or ask the movie company to pass a copy to him, but he'll stay at home to watch foreign TV dramas.

more details can be found at the offical site: http://www.focusfirstcuts.com/

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, March 22, 2005

He had just being selected as one of Chinese Films Media Award's China's 100 actors, he's also the Chinese Film 100 Years Image Ambassador, he's 43-years-old and remain popular for more than 20 years, he's Andy Lau. Recently, he was interviewed by Hong Kong's reowned compere Eileen Cha and let us understand this Heavenly King more.

Elieen (E): Why a 43-years-old man could maintain in this line for so many years and audience still adores you, you still put in all your efforts, sing well and act well? Have you thought before what's the reason?

Andy (A) : I also don't know, but I really find joy in working, I love my job. Actually I exercise to hear people's remark: "Wah, 43-years-old and still so stylish!" Just for this remark, I'm willing to exercise for the whole year.

E: When your former girlfriend Yu Kexin publish a book on your past relationship with her makes you unhappy?

A: I didn't put this in my heart.

E: You never put this in your heart?

A: Nope. Sometimes, I feel that such things will happen. Within one day, there's day and night, how to say one life?

E: Does this matter troubled you?

A: Nope, I hope she got what she wants. All things had happened, actually she also know what had happened, if she feel that it's worth it, I feel that nobody can say that it's not worth it.

When talked about Tian Liang being dropped from the national team.

E: Earlier, Tian Liang was dropped from the national team, which was a big news in the sporting world, recently there's follow-up news, if it's you, what's your suggestion?

A: I feel that he's still a kid, he's a sportsman, his world is different from mine.

E: He started to swim when he was 8-years-old.

A: Correct, his world is different from mine. If you asked for my opinion, I feel that Tian Lian should concentrate on diving. He's 26-years-old, could carry on dive till he's 28 or 30 years old, majority of actors peak after 30 years old. You can't say that his life experience is not well trained, actually life experience changed my way of acting, actually it's not just filming 100 movies that you'll know how to act, that kind of experience will developed in your acting.

E: So there's no need to enter showbiz?

A: If he put his efforts in training, he'll shine in 2008, I'll then double the amount to sign him on,but he need to concentrate on diving now as he could only earn a few million only. After 2008, I'll give it to him if he dives well. If he sign the contract now, I'm not sure what he can achieve.

E: Talked about TVB's 5 Tigers, it seems that you recently are more close to Felix Wong?

A: When I think of Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung leaving us, I feel that I should spare some time to catch up with my friends, like meeting the 5 Tigers for a meal. In addition, I do hope to gather the 5 Tigers to film another movie, I'll send out my invitations, hope it'll moved them.

E: In this business, anything that you doesn't wish to do?

A: If you ask me, I don't feel that there's anything that I doesn't wish to do. Take Wong Jing for example, some people say his stuffs are sub-standard, but I like collaborating with him. I was thinking, one day I must be in his production that help him win an award to make people feel that his works are of standard, then I'll be very happy.

E: On female lead, whom you wish to collaborate with?

A: I hope to collaborate with younger actress, maybe let's say Charlene Choi.

news from: Sina.com

"Filming robot" Andy Lau currently had started shooting his new movie - 'Tong Mong'. Reporters checked with Media Asia and find out the latest development of the movie as Karen Mok and Li Bingbing will be Andy's mother and step-mother.

In 2005, Media Asia will invest HK$300 million in 10 movies, the first movie will be Chan Tak Sum's movie, 'Tong Mong' . On 15 March, Andy, Karen and Felix Wong attended the open shoot ceremony at Hong Kong's Tze Wan Shan Secondary School. According to sources, Andy will be a normal boy but when he met a magical doctor and made a wish to grow up faster. With the doctor's magic, Andy suddenly aged. Although the massive age gap, Andy didn't doubt his acting ability.

Li Bingbing and Karen Mok will be Andy's mother and step-mother. Karen will be Andy's step-mother and she will face the common problem faced by a step-mother that is hard to handle the child especially facing a boy whom had the looks of a 20-something-years-old. Meanwhile, Li whom had collaborated with Andy twice will be Andy's nature mother, she'll change her pretty and sexy image in A World Without Thieves to return to her caring self. Meanwhile, Feng Xiaogang will cameo as the magical doctor.

news from: Sina.com

When asked by reporters that in order to become the actor with the most movies to his name, how many more movies that he expected to make. Andy Lau tries his best to recall and say suspiciously: "I really filmed so many movies? I think I just filmed 100 movies, I really filmed more than 20 movies in these 3 years?"

After the confirmation of all the reporters, Andy quipped: "I'm easy on target in making movies, I really don't know how many movies I can be in, but I do hope that I can become the actor with the most movies under my name in chinese film history. It impossible to film the best but it'll be good to film the most."

Andy had a fruitful year in acting awards thanks to 2 Mainland China production - A World Without Thieves and House of Flying Daggers, when asked which movie he like among the 2, a "cunning" asked the same question to the reporters and got AWWT as the answer. He says: "So you say AWWT, so I like AWWT. But without the success of HOFD which gave Chinese director's confidence in me, I may not be cast in AWWT. I believe AWWT can take my acting career to another level."

news from: sina.com

| Monday, March 21, 2005

more pictures here: 1 2 3

The 5th Chinese Film Media Award was held at Guangzhou's City Garden Hotel yesterday which is a gathering of personals from the movie industry of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Andy Lau is the event's image ambassador and also vying for the Best Actor and Media Respectable Film Person awards. In the end, Alex Fong won the Best Actor award while he defeat Stephen Chow and Feng Xiaogang to win the Respectable Film Person award. Meanwhile, Rene Liu won the Best Actress award with A World Without Thieves and AWWT won the Year's Outstanding Film award.

When Rene collect her award, she first had a hug with Andy before giving her speech, she says: "Many thanks to Andy Lau, he's a good co-actor, I also like to hug Feng Xiaogang, but I can't see him." Then Feng appear from backstage to hug with her.

When Andy, Rene and Sheren Tang arrives, they were crowded by hundreds of media, even the securities could not handle. Andy double up as escort as he hold both ladies through the crowd.

As the event's image ambassador, Andy gave a speech at the opening. He said in Putong Hua: "This time, I represent chinese film's 100th anniversary in this event, when I meet Guangzhou fans this afternoon, I tell them to join chinese film's 100th birthday party. The fans ask me in return, isn't it's just 25th birthday? Therefore I'm curious why they select me as Chinese Film 100 Years Image Ambassador?"

Andy then quipped that actually the organiser wanted the main lead of first chinese film - Ding Jun Shan to be the ambassador, but he was very "busy" and not around. Then, the organiser wanted to approach Kwan Tak Hing who had more than 130 movies, but he was also "busy" and not around, thus they approach a very busy person and he's Feng Xiaogang.

Andy say that among the 100 Best Directors, Feng did not make it , thus he can't be the ambassador, thus he himself had to take over the duty. Andy pointed out that movie is a dream and require many people to work hard to create and complete it. The sweet dream had been around for 100 years, hopefully it can have 200 or even 1000 years, then he's still the image ambassador. He says: "Maybe then I'll be also be very "busy" and not around."

When talked about his feelings of winning the award, he says: "To be able to one of the person that creat sweet dreams, I'm very happy. But there's some outstanding people whom did not make into the 100 name list, like Chang Feng I of Farewell My Concubine whom should have garned a spot. They're outstanding actor." Andy express that his continuous hardwork is proven as it could win the requirement of the media, the 100 years of chinese movie had end but it also represent the beginning of another 100 years which is a new page of chinese films, he'll continue to work hard and hope his name will be listed in 200th year of chinese film.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao

| Sunday, March 20, 2005

The 5th Chinese Film Media Award was held at Guangzhou where 100 chinese film persons attended the ceremony. Other than Best Film, Best Actor and Actress and other normal movie awards, in order to commodare chinese film's 100th anniversary, 100 movies, 100 directors and 100 actors were selected.

Andy Lau was selected as the Chinese Film 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador.

news from: Sina.com

Other than his movies screened and special book published, this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival Actor In Focus Andy Lau also organise seminars. In the special book, more than 20,000 words are from in depth interviews. Andy discuss about his showbiz career and share the changes and experience of his 20 years in showbiz. Here, we take a look at his collaborations with 3 directors - Johnnie To, Wong Jing and Andrew Lau.

Johnnie To - I adores him, he adores me

"When we were shooting Running Out Of Time, everyone never remembered that I worked with Johnnie before." In the 20 years of Andy's showbiz career, he collaborate with Johnnie several times. Up to today, they trust each other and are best of friends, however they're not in good terms with each other when they first collaborate. When shooting A Moment of Romance, he told me: "There are 5 songs in the movie, I'm also a singer, should have let me sing one of them. He answered me: Andy, if you put in more effort on a certain matter, I think you'll fare better results."

From Andy, Johnnie is a forceful director, if he thinks it's correct, he'll refuse to make any changes. "There was one word that I could not ever said in my dialog, but he's willing to take 60 takes for that till I manage to say the word."

When they first collaborate, there was cases of "tough meets tough". "When I have a tiff with him, the helmet is the reason as when I remove it, I pull some of my hair. What's so special of pulling your own hair when removing helmet? Everyone is like that, he doesn't allow me to complain and said that I wanted to look handsome. "You're not an idol, remember it's like this". He'll sometimes will and will not give me space. When we're shooting the alighting from car, he'll shout Cut and ask me to remove the helmet and blow my hair. After I look good then will get into position. From what I feel, it's meaningless."

Andy clearly understand that director and actors had to trust each other and build a good relationship as on eof them need to take the first step. "In the past, I try my best to trust him, as I express my confidence, even its shooting in the rain wearing just my underwear (as in Casino Raiders II), I still follow instructions. When it comes to A Moment of Romance III, I discuss with him in Mainland China, I said: "I really don't know how to be friends with you. I feel that if just friends, I adore you and you adore me, then we'll have good productions." "

"From then onwards, I trusted him more and likewise for him." We settled our differences and have a good relationship. "I and Johnnie had collaborate for more than 10 years, we know the importance of trust. If an actor don't trust you, everything you say will not be good to the ear. In recent 5-8 years, Johnnie changed alot, I told him that it'll be good if I know you now, then we won't have differences of the past."

Wong Jing - He's a good man

"In order to survive in the movie industry, you must chose one director that will did well in the box office, therefore I shoot alot of his movies." In the later of part of 80's, Andy Lau shot comedy and triad movies, collaborate with Wong Jing many times. According to him, they're rather familiar with each other which started from the days of A Moment of Romance. Then Wong Jing was helping preparing his father's retirement movie, Andy then suggest to him to film something similiar to Romancing Star to allow his father to earn more. "But he refuse as his father is a quality film maker, we can't use Romancing Star for his last movie... he's actually clear of his position in this circle. He treat people well, simple said, I feel that he's a good man."

"We did collaborate again, then it comes to lost moment during Full Throttle where I feel that none of the directors trusted me, thinking back, I trusted Wong Jing the most." Therefore Andy went to discuss with Wong to film a movie that people will remember that this is a movie that's of Andy Lau, then it's the birth of Century of The Dragon.

"Up till today, I still feel that the movie is good. Maybe it didn't earn much money, thus not so quality, but Wong had confidence in me, as he asked me to do the editing. I personally did the editing. He asked me if this is what I wanted, I told him yes. Under that kind of investment and recieved such good response. This sort of response gave me the chance to shoot Running Out of Time."

Andrew Lau - required completed script

When he's still a cameraman, Andrew Lau had already collaborate with Andy, when they first met, it should be Wong Kar Wai's As Tears Goes By, later Andrew bacome a director and the movies that they collaborated includes Dance of A Dream, The Duel and among them, the successful movies are Infernal Affairs and Infernal Affairs III which won Andy the Best Actor in Golden Horse Film Awards.

"Andrew need a very complete script, if there's aren't, his ability of creating a new character on the spot is weaker than Johnnie To, but what's he's good is that he can capture the characterisc of the character, can maintain till the end."

Andy feel that Andrew had another plus point to Johnnie. "Maybe his shifu is Wong Jing, if the boss want a director like him, they can rest assured that there won't be any problems with his movies, but for Johnnie, one will be more surprise as he's more self-centred. From the view of business, Andrew's level is higher, he's more well verse in using the finanical and potential available to make it prefect. From the view of arts, Johnnie garns more points. Nobody is prefect, if you cab balance them, they'll prefect directors!!"

news from: Hong Kong Economical Daily News

| Friday, March 18, 2005

Chinese Film Media Awards revealed its Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador Andy Lau's promotional poster. It was heard that this poster will be the main paper promotional item, meanwhile it'll also become the Chinese Film Media Award's 100 Years of Chinese Films series of activities promotional poster.

This poster is designed by experienced art designer Choy Wai, the poster focus on image ambassador Andy whom show lots of concern on it as he pick this photo among the photographs he took, he select this photo as it's the most friendly photo. The poster's has a Beijing Opera figure in the background, it's the picture from chinese first movie - 'Ding Jun Shan' in 1905 to show the depth of 100 years of chinese film. Andy as the fore-ground and 'Ding Jun Shan' as the background shows off the 2 sides of 100 years of chinese film, Andy's smile and 'Ding Jun Shan' seriousness combine into one, representing a meaning of history being passed down, with the combination of black and white, the usage of these 2 colours show that films started from black and white to the current colourful films.

The slogan of the poster is "100 Years of Chinese Film" (Bai Nian Hua Ying), the word Hua was a calligraphy by Andy. The 'Hua' show the importance and charisma of chinese films whcih shows the respect and admiration of chinese film, concidentally 'Hua' is also one of the words of Andy's name. The committee hope that 'Bai Nian Hua Ying' will be remembered in history.

On the Chinese Film gala on 20 March, the committe will present all special guests with the first edition of 'Bai Nian Hua Ying' poster.

news from: Nanfang Daily News

| Thursday, March 17, 2005

A cable TV station will be investing heavily to start shooting a period big production movie - Cao Cao, the total figure invested is estimated to be US$1,500000 or HK$116 milllion, the crew members had been confirmed whom all are of international grade, former Oscar winner Bao De Xin for cinemagtography, Xu Chong Wen as art director, Summo Hung as action director and the director will be cable TV station director Xu Xiao Ming whom had not shot a movie for more than 10 years.

It was heard that the movie will have several huge battle scenes, the talking point will be the love life of Cao Cao. With regards to the male lead, Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau were being considered, however there was no news on the female lead, newcomers might be cast also. Other than Cao Cao and the female lead, the movie also has an important character which is Chow Yu whom had exchange blows with Cao Cao before. Initially it was thought to find a clean and handsome actor but Michelle Yeung was asked to cross dressed. It was told that Michelle had read the script but yet gave an answer.

news from: Apple Daily News