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| Friday, September 30, 2005

All About Love which starred Andy Lau, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi and directed by Derek Yu would premiere on 10 October 2005, 19:45 hours at Grand Century Place cineplex.

Andy and Charlie would be present to meet the fans, for booking of the premiere, please call 85186778.

news from: Sina.com

| Thursday, September 29, 2005

It can be considered to be one Andy Lau movie after another as the movie - Mo Gong which is a period war big production directed by Jacob Chang and a gathering of actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea was translated from a comic - Mo Zi Gong Yue had confirmed that has started shooting on the grassland of Mongolia on 24 September.

The cast includes Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Mainland China's actor Wang Zhi Wen and Korea's "national treasure level" actor Ahn Sung-ki as an important character.

In the movie, Andy will be playing the disciple of Mo Zi - Ge Li, in the comic, the character is not good looking, short and plump, had a balding head and huge tummy, with regards to how Andy would looked like in the movie would be kept secret at the moment.

In addition, Andy would have many love relationship scenes with Fan Bingbing, with regards to the ending, everybody would have to wait and see.

Andy had always show support to movies, earlier when his spokesman Ms Tam was interviewed, she said that the movie industry had been concentrating on action movies, it's hard to come by a family relationship theme movie in Wait 'Til You're Older since director Teddy Chan would to produce the movie, thus it need to be supported as Andy is worried that if the movie has no strong cast to support it, there would be problems with budget thus he agree to star in the movie.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chan exlcaimed that he was disappointed with Hong Kong's movie industry although his movie - The Myth did well in the box office collection as he feel that the audience favour Japanese and Korean production thus resulting to the movie industry going down, he sighs: "What's there to be happy? Everybody went into the cinema to watch the movie then I'll be happy, there's no downloading in Korea, even there is, they won't download their own movies, I feel that currently we must anti Japanese and Korean craze to maintain Hong Kong market, nowadays boss seldom invest in money and invest in land properties, only left me and Andy Lau continue producing movies."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily News

| Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Previous night, Andy Lau, Karen Mok, Felix Wong, Lam Ka Tung, Nicola Cheung, director Teddy Chan and Cherrie Ying attended the premiere of Wait 'Til You're Older at Kwan Tung's apm. Other guests that attended include Miu Kiu Wai and his wife and Alex Man.

Andy whom earlier claimed that Jackie Chan's The Myth was produced from the gold mine while his Wait 'Til You're Older was produced by effort thus resulting Jackie to appear at the premiere of WTYO to "create trouble" as he didn't came to murder Andy but instead gave him flowers, a hug and a birthday kiss to the 44-years-old birthday boy Andy. With thousands of onlookers, both with age added up to more than 100 played with each other, indeed they're grown-up children.

Yesterday was Andy's 44th birthday, Peter Lam personally pushed out the birthday cake and bun while Jackie made a special appearance with flowers as he quipped that he happened to pass by a florist shop and bought flowers for Andy. In return, Andy express that he had watched Jackie's movie since young, remember once that he watch his movie at Guo Hua cinema and Jackie was playing a mute. Jackie exclaimed that the cinema had closed down, Andy followed up by saying: "But you're still standing tall! I wished you to remain popular for another 100 years!"

In between, Jackie hugged Andy and Andy also tried to "hit" Jackie while those present shouted. Caught off guard, Jackie suddenly gave Andy a kiss on his cheek.

When asked if he was surprised of Jackie's "attack"? Andy says: "Every guests gave me surprise, I always wanted to collaborate with Jackie but there is no suitable script, if it's a action movie, I'm afraid to lose out when fighting with him, if it comes to acting, he might lose out to me. (Jackie is a Best Actor winner!) I'm also a Best Actor winner! I wished to gather the 5 Tigers for a movie, I once thought of stage drama called 5 TV youth, we're still working on the script, believed it's a bigger possibility to be produced as a movie."

During the premiere of WTYO, many of Andy's friends cried after watching the show, he quipped: "If the audience didn't cry, I would be crying!" Andy exclaimed that he didn't invite his parents to the premiere as he doesn't want his mother to cry.

He also promise to take good care of himself as he would maintain his current looks when he's 50 or 60 years old and he will continue to produce such touching movies. He says: "I promise everybody that I'll take good care of myself, as I'm already more than 40 years old, I'll still look the same when I'm 50 or 60 years old, when I'm 80 years old I'll still need special effect makeup to looked like the old look in the movie, I'll continue to film more touching movie to moved everybody!"

Several fans waited outside his apartment with cakes to wish him happy birthday, once Andy alighted from his car, he collected 3 birthday cakes. When asked on how he's going to celebrate, he quipped: "The boss had something on, rest for a day, I'll celebrate with my family before setting off to Guiyang for his concert."

Meanwhile, Karen whom was Felix's wife and Andy's mother in the movie, she quipped: "The "twin Wah" are my idols since young, never expected that I've the chance to become their wife and mother, till now I yet could stablise my feeling."

news from: MingPao, Oriental Daily News, SingPao, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao

| Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Andy Lau, Faren Mok, Felix Wong and Cherrie Ying was at Kwun Tong's apm shopping mall for 2 premieres of their movie - Wait 'Til You're Older as one of the premiere's box office collection will be donated for charity. Other than the cast of the movie, those whom attended the premiere includes Jackie Chan, Miu Kiu Wai and Alex Man.

Jackie specially gave Andy a bouquet of flowers to wish him happy birthday.

When asked of his birthday wish, Andy express that he hope the movie will do well in the box office and the audience would be touched and break into tears after watching the movie, if the audience don't cry, he would be crying. He believed that different people will have different feelings after watching the movie as nowadays seldom people produce such movies.

Andy exclaimed that he really hope that the movie will do well, if not, nobody would produce movie of such theme and that's the dream of the director and Peter Lam.

After the premiere, a group of fans sang the birthday song out aloud to wish Andy a happy birthday. Andy then quipped that although he's already more than 40 years old, but everyone can rest assure that even when he was 50, 60 or even 80 years old, he will still be as handsome.

news from: Sina.com

Today is Andy Lau's 44th birthday, several celebration activities took place at Beijing earlier. At Wait 'Til You're Older premiere in Beijing, Andy, Felix Wong, Karen Mok, Cherrie Ying and director Teddy Chan were present to meet the fans. Thousands of fans gathered to celebrate his birthday, the fans even brought a banner with the writings - Every Year is Best Actor, high box office collection, they also gave him a spit fire cake.

The fans reminded Andy that the cake will spit fire, Andy quipped that if he was not warned, he might have burnt his eye brow because he will always take a closer look at the cake. Other than the cake, fans also gave him flowers and other presents.

After the premiere, Andy and gang was interviewed by CTV as they brought along their childhood photographs. Andy pointed out that Felix is more handsome than him when he was young. When asked to remember their childhood, Andy exclaimed that he lived in a farm village before he was 6 years old and his wish is to become a farmer. He could not forget that her younger sister's eyes was injured by their neighbour when he was 4 years old and fight with the neighbour as he was so angry, he was later scolded by his parents but he never regretted revenge for his sister.

When the compere asked the artistes how old they think Andy is? Felix pointed out that Andy's mentality is like a 50 years-old but he is 20 years-old physically, whereas his outlook is like a teenager as he's always so energetic.

Karen pointed out that Andy is like a 11-years-old as he's never tired and mischievous, with he's recently crazy about magic and never expected that Andy quipped that he learnt magic to get close to Karen as her "other half" is a magic expert.

As Felix's birthday also falls in September and born in the same year, they cut the cake together and feed each other cake.

news from: MingPao, Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News

| Monday, September 26, 2005

Tomorrow is Andy Lau's 44th birthday, as he was busy with his concert tour in Mainland China and promotion for Wait 'Til You're Older, with a free day to spare, he'll jet off to Hong Kong to celebrate his birthday with his parents. When asked of his birthday wish, he says: "I hope that the sensitive scars left by the makeup in Wait 'Til You're Older will recover soon," this shows that he was still concern of his looks.

Due to the extreme makeup required in Wait 'Til You're Older, when filming ends, the side of his mouth is sensitive and refuse to recover, when he was in Taiwan for the celebration of his album's sales, the scar can be seen clearly. He said last night: "It's getting better after I ate the medicine, hope it'll recover fully soon, it's my biggest birthday wish." Later he will be filming for his new movie - Mo Zi where he's required to stick on long moustache as it was a period movie, thus he's worried that his sensitive skin situation would get worst.

For his concert tour, he only has one remaining stop at Shengyang, during this year's Christmas holidays, he'll held his concert at the Atlantic City, in order to attract the gambling tourists, the concert will start at 1:00am, he quipped: "It's high to held a concert there!"

Actually in his previous stop in Changsha, he also made the fans to the highest as he changed his trousers onstage, the ultra shorts wore inside his trousers is eye-catching as it can be mistaken as his underwear as fans screaming away.

As his Mandarn album - All About Love is selling very well throughout Asia, he'll be holding a celebration party at Tianjing on 30 September.

news from: Sina.com

[Short Note: Hey, I'm back from KL. Back to reality, now at my workdesk, so tired but still have to work, also rushing of my assignment which is due tomorrow. When I've time, I'll share with you the "Andy" sightings in KL!!!]

Andy Lau, Felix Wong, Karen Mok and Cherrie Ying was in Beijing's Changpu He Garden for the promotion of Wait 'Til You're Older yesterday as it attracted many media to report, it was a historic venue as former leader of China which include Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zheming had watch Chinese Opera there before, thus Andy gave a thought and quipped: "It would be great to held the premiere here!"

When all the artistes appeared, they first performed magic and tricks to pass time, Andy won loud applause for his magic performance. When the press conference started, many bubbles were blew into the skies to create a magical effect as Andy shouted out loud to hope everyone's dreams come true.

As Andy's character is 10-80 years old in the movie, thus the compere asked Andy to picked a "boy Andy Lau" among the crowd. When Andy hugged the boy and asked him his name, the nervous boy pronounce his name wrongly as Chen Kaige, a shocked Andy then quipped: "If you're Chen Kaige, then I'm Zhang Yimou!" Andy exclaimed that he was not as handsome when he was a boy when compared to "little Andy Lau", he says: "Frankly speaking, I think I look like a village kid when I'm young, looked so nerdy, haha! I'm not as cute and handsome compared to the boy!"

When asked to comment on Feng Xiaogang's acting, Andy express: "No matter being a director or actor, Xiaogang is great, his acting is great, I can win the Best Actor award, whay can't him?" Andy joked that he seldom talk with Feng at the film set as Feng explained that he's afraid that the actors talked too much when he's the director thus he don't talk much when he become an actor himself.

As it was Andy's birthday tomorrow, the crew members prepared a birthday cake for him after his Changsha concert, he also received many presents from fans yesterday. Andy thanked them for their presents but he hope they would not waste money to buy present for him, he quipped: "Everybody should use the money to buy tickets to watch Wait 'Til you're Older, if this movie does well in the box office, it would be my greatest birthday present!"

news from: SingTao News, Sun News, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po

| Friday, September 23, 2005

[Note: I'll be having a short holiday trip to Kuala Lumpur from 23-25 September 2005. News update will resume when I returns. Take care and have a nice weekend!!]

Andy Lau and Felix Wong was at Guangzhou for the promotion of their new movie - Wait 'Til you're Older. Other than talking about the fun they experience when filming the movie, some reporters also asked some sensitive questions to Andy, with his experience in showbiz, these questions were not a problem to him.

After acting so many different type of characters, Andy was asked if he dare to take up the challenge by taking up a gay character. Andy expressed that if the script was good and the character itself is challenging, he might consider it whereas Felix appear nervous when asked of the same question as he expressed that he will reject such roles.

news from: Sina.com

The director of Wait 'Til You're Older, Chan Tak Sum and 2 male leads Andy Lau and Felix Wong attended the press conference in Shanghai yesterday. This is the first collaboration in 14 years of Andy and Felix since the days of the TVB 5 Tigers. Facing the media, they sing praise of each other as Felix claimed that Andy is his teacher.

Meanwhile director Chan expressed that facing the competition of The Myth and Everlasting Regret which will be screened in the cinema at the same time, he hope that all movie will do well in their box office collection.

The selling point of the movie is Andy's makeup and there was reports that Andy's skin was damage by the makeup and he bought an insurance worth HK$5 million. With regards to the report, Andy says: "I didn't bought that kind of insurance, I'm already so old, it doesn't matter."

With regards to acting the character of different age, Andy expressed that it was not a problem as the character's age gets older, he manage to act it with ease. Meanwhile he find it a bigger challenge to act when the character is younger, he says: "Nowadays children are mature, I do not know how to catch hold of their mentality. Thus I've to learn the movements from the child actors. The most important point is not to let the audience think that the young character's image is acted out by Andy, then it would considered as a failure."

Felix whom was Andy's father in the movie quipped: "I'm younger than Andy but yet I'm his father, that's strange. From the beginning, when Andy told me that I was going to become his father during our game of bowling, I thought he was joking, thus I agree without considering, never expected it came true. Anyway, it's okay, friendship is more important."

Andy and Felix was TVB's 5 Tigers but their last collaboration was in 1991, while Felix had not been in the movie industry for 10 years. Andy quipped: "One was busy with drama serials while the other was busy with movies, we seldom met." Collaborating with Andy again after 14 years, Felix feel that Andy had changed and address him as his teacher, he says: "In the past Andy is mischievious as he always play tricks on us at the film set. But after collaborating with him this time, I learnt a lot from him, thus I address him as teacher - Mr Lau. But if it comes to drama serial, he had to address me as teacher." Andy also remember the days of the 5 Tigers as he revealed that one of his birthday wish is to make a new movies with the 5 Tigers.

Wait 'Til You're Older is a movie that narrates family relationship, Andy expressed that it make him to have new knowledge of family but with regards to whether if he wanted to have children and experience being a father, he quipped: "How could I have children when I'm not married, I never thought of this question. This movie makes me think more on how to communicate for 2 person of different generation, I will consider this question properly before deciding if I wanted to have children."

When asked that the open ending of the movie, reporters asked if his character die in the movie, Andy says: "Different people will have different space to think about it, I'm not dead, the last scene where I sit on the tree with Karen Mok is very touching, it also brought out an important message of the movie."

With regards to the movie to be screened at the same time with Jackie Chan's The Myth, Andy says: "Of course it's pressurise facing The Myth as it's a Jackie Chan movie. But Wait 'Til You're Older is a movie worth watching as everybody think so after watching it." Meanwhile, director Chan hopes all movies do well in the box office as all are Chinese movies, when we worked together then we could compete with Hollywood.

news from: Sina.com, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

| Thursday, September 22, 2005

Andy Lau and Felix Wong was at Shanghai yesterday for the promotion of the movie Wait 'Til You're Older as both of them wore black and white, as if they're brothers. When director Chan Tak Sum saw their dressing and he quipped: "Wah, do I need to change my clothes? Both of you pair up so well, haha!"

At the press conference yesterday, several reporters had watched the premiere of the movie and did some studies on the characters of Andy and Felix. One reporter asked that Felix whom was a father running away from his responsibility, is he the same type of person in real life. Felix denied immediately, he says: "Of course not! In real life, I'm a very responsible person, I'll take care of my family and children! Complete different."

When Andy was asked of 4 movies of his being registered to be nominated in the upcoming Golden Horse Film Awards, he has the most confidence among them. Andy was delighted when told that he had 4 movies registered, he quipped: "Wah! Then do I get 4 awards? Now we don't know if they're nominated as it's just registration, I personally hope that Wait 'Til You're Older will be nominated as the other 3 movies had been screened, whether they're nominated anot won't help in the box office collection, Haha."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sun News

| Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The movie - Wait 'Til You're Older will opens in the cinema on 29 September, the director Chan Tak Sum, actors Andy Lau and Felix Wong attended a promotion activity today (21 September).

As Andy and Felix had not collaborated for a long time, both of them were bombard by questions from the media.

Last year's Golden Horse Film Award's Best Actor Andy had 4 movies registered for the Best Actor award this year, the movies were Yesterday Once More, A World Without Thieves, Wait 'Til You're Older and All About Love, when asked which movie stand the highest chance, Andy exclaimed that he has confidence in Wait 'Til You're Older.

Since their last collaboration in the movie - 5 Tigers in 1990, the 4 Tigers goes separate ways to venture on their own career, this movie is their first collaboration after 10 years but the reporters witness that they still have a good relationship. When Andy remembered the days those years that they were joking around at the set, Felix expressed: "Really remember those moments, we'll mix together after filming together, now we just only study the character of our role."

Several reporters from Shanghai exclaimed that they had watched Felix's drama serials since young and could considered themselves as Felix's fans but after so many years till today, to be able to see Felix in person, they feel that he looked the same as he still has the charisma of Gou Jing and other characters that he had played, being a father already, he's still as handsome as those year making him face red.

In the eyes of Andy, Felix is a good actor and also a good father as he personally witness that he had a happy family which make him admire but Andy's contribution to his career had fruitful returns as he had 4 movies registered for the upcoming Golden Horse Films Awards, each had their own exciting lives.

news from: Sina.com

When shooting Wait 'Til You're Older, Andy Lau whose character range from 10 - 80 years old, it's a torture to suffer 10 hours of makeup but there's also a scene where Andy bump his head until it bleed.

The scene narrates that he suddenly transform to an adult when he was sleeping, as the structure of children's bed was not so strong, thus Andy fall as the structure of the bed gave way. Although it's just shooting but the bed is at least 4-5 inches tall, when Andy fall from the bed, sometimes he lost his balance and hit his head against the pillar of the bed causing his head to bleed and he still had to smile infront of the camera.

There is also a scene whereby Andy leave his home to stay with his classmate but there was no bed for him and he had to take a disposed refrigerator as bed.

Andy seldom take care of his body during shooting as he gave all to acting, but for the sake of the fans and yourself, do take care of your body!

news from: Easy Finder

Being tipped as China's number one scriptwriter Jessica Chau Ching came to Changsha to promote her new drama serial exclaimed that she had finished writing the script for John Woo's The Battle at Chibi, where Chow Yun Fat will be cast as Zhou Yu. She exclaimed that she made 3 drafts of the script and pass the completed script to John which has 100 pages. As the movie has a international production team, the company was currently translating the script into English in order to be passed to the production team.

Due to violation of commercial secret, Chau could not reveal any details of the script but she exclaimed that every characters in the Romance of the 3 Kingdom would be involved. Few female characters appeared in war movies, there was worries that Battle of Chibi would be a "man movie" but Chau revealed that the 3 beauties of the 3 kingdom would appear in the movie but it's not confirmed of the amount of screentime they'll get as the production team would do changes to the script. Chau narrates that Battle of Chibi would be replay of the classic war where the weaker counterparts defeat the stronger counterparts.

Chau revealed that John would arrived in Beijing in October to select location shooting venues before shooting starts.

Meanwhile, Andy Lau's manager whom also arrived in Changsha recently revealed that Andy would be involved in an international production (initially titled as Story of Zhao Zi-long) currently titled as Chibi, he would be cast as Zhao Zi-long. The most exciting part of Zhao is the battle to protect his master, in order to act well the character, it would be an acting challenge to Andy. After his concert tour in Mainland China, Andy would start his preparation of the movie as he hope to bring surprises to the audiences.

Looking at the history of movies, seldom Andy and Chow new movies would compete each other next year, would it be different with the acting of 2 best actors of movies with similiar theme, thus it would a battle of the titans in the movies.

news from: Sina.com

The registration for the 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards ended last night, a total of 72 movies (34 Taiwanese movies) registered, among them, 52 are dramas, 14 short films, 2 documentary films, 4 animation films, it were lesser when compared to last year which have 56 drama films and 20 non-drama films. However, well-known directors and superstars had their production running for awards and it would be competitive. Andy Lau whom was last year's Best Actor had 4 movies registered, showing off his intention of winning the award again.

The 4 movies of Andy that were registered includes Yesterday Once More, A World Without Thieves, Wait Til' You're Older and All About Love. Other actors vying for the Best Actor award includes Stephen Chow (Kungfu Hustle), Tony Leung (Seoul Raiders), Leon Lai (7 Swords) and Jay Chou (Initial D).

The nomination list would be announced on 18 October and the prize presentation ceremony be held on 13 November at Keelung Culture Centre.

news from: China Times

| Tuesday, September 20, 2005

On 18 September, Andy Lau was in Hailing, Zhejiang to perform as he watched the moon with millions of fans and sang 'Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin' (The Moon Represents My Heart), it was a happy atmosphere.

For 2 consecutive year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Andy spend it during his concerts, the moonlight at Hailing was specially beautiful, with the big round moon in the sky, it makes everyone happy. When Andy see the moon, he immediately took out the laterns during the rehearsal as he sing and play with the laterns, he also took a photograph with the moon as remembrance. After the rehearsal, he make his way back to the hotel where his crew members organised a Mid-Autumn Festival party which Andy was asked to join in and spend the whole night partying.

Last year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Andy was having his concert in Taizhou whereas this year in Hailing, Andy heard that Hailing is the best position for see the high tide of Qian Tang River, where this month is the high tide festival, thus millions of people came to see the tides but he could not go out thus unable to see the tide as he only could watch the video tape film by his crew member.

For this Mid-Autumn Festival, he received more than 10 boxes of mooncakes from friends and fans in Mainland China, but fearing that his cholesterol will increase, he afraid to eat mooncakes, fiurthermore he ate vegetarian for the first and fifteen day of the lunar month, therefore most of the mooncakes were distributed among his crew members.

On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival itself, Andy's mobile phone kept ringing as he has greeting sms-es from his friends in Hong Kong and Mainland China, among them, he receive a special greeting sms from a friend in China which use the lyrics of his song 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui' (It's not a sin for man to cry) was changed Mid-Autumn Festival greetings as in 'woman eat it, it's not a sin as no matter how fat a lady is, has the rights to increase her weight, it's sorrow at the back, those whom love you won't mind your waist, woman eat it eat it, it's not a sin, taste the long awaited taste of the mooncake is a beauty', Andy burst into laughters upon reading it, he also tried to sing this new Mid-Autumn Festival song.

After his Hailing performance, Andy will jet off to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for the promotion of his movie - Wait 'Til You're Older, followed by continuing his concert at Changsha. Within a month, he flying for a total of 20 times, Andy quipped that the number of times that he's on the plane is more than he's on a car, sometimes he'll fall asleep, and need to think for awhile before knowing where he was. He had no choice as he will start filming for the movie Mo Zi in October, with such a tight schedule, he had to suffer a little.

news from: Sina.com

More photographs from the movie can be found here

| Monday, September 19, 2005

The movie - Wait Till You're Older will open in the cinema soon, Karen Mok whom was the mother of Andy Lau in the movie still could not believe her character since filming completed till today as she watch Andy's drama serial when she was young but how could it possible to become his "mother"!

Karen still remembers when Andy told him on the phone: "I've one character that's very suitable to you, that's being my mother", she doesn't know how to react. Although being in showbiz for so many years and have multiple images but she seldom become the mother of any actors, especially the person being heavenly king Andy, which makes her feel strange. However, with regards to Andy's choice of picking her to be his mother and feeling that Andy is a good friend that will share with good friends when good things come along as he contacted her when he has a good character for her.

Karen exclaimed that other than a breakthrough in her career, Andy also has a huge sacrifice as he had to me makeup till he looked like a 80-years-old. She says: "When he alight from the car, I can't believe my eyes that the person is Andy Lau!" Andy had to go through 7 hours of special makeup to make him looked old which Karen considered as more difficult than her multiple change of images.

news from: Ta Kung Pao

| Sunday, September 18, 2005

Recently cheats in Taiwan used Andy Lau's name for fraud as the person cheated close to HK$3,000 for 11 items from a Taiwanese comestic company - Aesop. It was reported that a man claimed that he was from a certain recording company telephoned the company and claimed that Andy like to use products of the company and would like to use their products when he come for a photo shoot for a magazine.

When the company heard Andy's name thus didn't suspious and gave the cheat 11 items worth HK$3,000 first before paying, when Andy's management company was contacted and denied ordering from the company, Aesop then realise that the company was cheated.

Andy whom was in Hailing for his concert tour exclaimed that he was not sure what had happened as he only knew that some of his employee in Taiwan had saw someone using his name to recommend a product last week thus gave him a call for enquiry. Andy expressed that he didn't accepted any magazine interviews nor give introduction or said that he used the mentioned products, as this would be some legal issue thus lawyers were tasked to handle the matter. However, it was found out that it was not the company using his name for commercial purposes but rather cheat using his name to cheat the company.

Andy expressed that such actions was very low-class! Although the company was the losing party but nobody was hurt, but he wishes that everybody be careful as not to easily trust unreliable people's words. He also hope that the Taiwanese police could bring the cheat to justice soon to give all a warning.

news from: Ming Pao, Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao

| Saturday, September 17, 2005

The movie - All About Love would be screened throughout South-east Asia at the end of October, director Derek Yu held a celebration party earlier where Andy Lau and Charlie Yeung attended. Whereas Charlene Choi had work on hand thus missing the chance to win a prize money of HK$5,000.

The celebration party was held at a karaoke bar where the highlight of the night was the lucky draw where the organiser prepared the items that were used in the movie to kept for remembrance, followed by cash money lucky draw. Being boss and lead actor, Andy won a light bulb used in the movie which lead him to be either happy nor sad. When it comes to the cash money lucky draw, he won the prize money of $500 but he decided to donate the $500 back for re-draw and further add in $5,000. Meanwhile, Charlie also donated $5,000 for the cash prizes, there was a total of close to $50,000 stand to be won.

As Andy had declare earlier than an absent winner's prize would be forfeited thus when Charlie picked the first $5,000 prize winner which happened to be the absent Charlene, thus her prize was forfeited and need to be re-drawn. When Charlene whom was working was told of the matter, she immediately exclaimed: "Ah ya! How could it happen! I never have any luck in lucky draw, never won any prize in a lucky draw! When I won the first time and it was forfeited, that's bad!"

After the lucky draw, Andy was the special guest of the karaoke session while Charlie sitting off stage as a fan to listen to Andy sing, unexpectedly after Andy had finished singing, everybody asked her to go onstage and sing, she claimed that she had not sang for many years thus she had forgot the lyrics, when the music video of her old songs some 10 years ago was broadcast on the projector screen, she was being dragged onstage by Andy to sing with Andy as her dancer, as she couldn't reject thus she just sing her song.

After she had finished her song, the audience shouted for encore, no matter what, she refuse to sing this time round and quipped: "Please don't broadcast my KTV video again! Help me! I wanted to laugh when I see how I looked in the past!"

NG scenes and comical post production scenes from the movie was also being broadcast which everybody watched and burst into laughters.

Charlie's first collaboration with Andy was in his music video - Qing Shi Nan Mo Ben, collaborating again after so many years, the feeling is still close and happy. For Andy's latest Mandarin album, she also cameo in his music videos. When asked why didn't she duet with Andy for the movie's theme song, she exclaimed that she had no intention making a comeback to sining as she prefer acting!

news from: Ta Kung Pao, SingPao, MingPao, Oriental Daily News