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| Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today is Andy Lau's 46th birthday, he attended a public appearance activity at tmt Plaza where hundreds of citizens sang the birthday song to celebrate his birthday in advance, it was a warmth feeling as he was given two birthday cakes where he played with Michael Miu and Eason Chan as they relived their childhood. Andy then exclaimed that he's worried of his mother's illness.

Recently, Andy was busy with his concert tour in China but he attended the music video of Brothers theme song premiere with Michael and Eason yesterday. Due to the fault in the sound system, Andy and Eason decided to sing without music and won applause from those present.

The 3 of them played games with the fans whom also brought along mooncakes, birthday cakes and flowers to celebrate Andy's birthday in advance, it resulted in a "jealously war" thus 3 of them had cakes on their face.

When talked about his birthday wish, Andy expressed: "Remain young, handsome and a healthy body. (Do you have any celebration planned?) Nope, tonight I'll go online to talked about my birthday with netizens."

Andy revealed that his mother was admitted to hospital for checkup due to high blood pressure earlier, he was so worried as he wasn't in Hong Kong, he said: "Actually she suffered this 2 months ago, she was discharged from hospital 2 days ago, we took vegetarian food, I don't allow her to take rice, I'm scared that she suffering from diabetes."

When asked about Jacky Cheung being blacklisted by the Philippines embassy as he had engaged and changed a total of 21 Filipino maids within a space of 3 years, Andy expressed that he's unsure of the actual facts thus he would not make any comments. Andy added: "For me, my father hired an Indonesian maid, the communication between employer and maid is very important. Hiring a maid need trust for the employer as we must be sure that they won't be up to any funny business. Sometimes, it's affinity. However, I'm not so sure about the situation that Jacky is facing, it's difficult to comment on it."

In between Andy "exposed" Michael of have a second wife, when asked what birthday present would he give Andy, he said: "I would give him a bowling ball that would always strike, it would prevent him from black faced when his ball 'wash' the drain. But the bowling ball company informed me that there are no such products. When he lose to me during a bowling game, he would be black faced as he rightfully lose to me, then he angrily go and foot the bill. (Andy said that you have a second wife?) How could it possible to be two wives, I can't count with my 10 fingers. (Introduce female to Andy?) He doesn't need it, some many females were looking at him just now!"

Eason revealed that Andy show a lot of attention to him during shooting and quipped that to be able to collaborate with the 4 TVB Tigers is like dreaming as he grow up watching their drama serials, he said: "Still got the chance to duet with Andy, we did wrote a song together 2 years ago, but it was sang by Gallen Lo."

news from: Oriental Daily News, SingTao News, MingPao

| Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Andy Lau gathered Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Kent Tong, Lam Ka Tong and Eason Chan to collaborate in the film - Brothers. As all of them are busy, the movie company is under pressure to gather all of them for promotion of the film. During the day of shooting the poster, it become a "catching up with each other session". All of them thanks the movie company for giving them this chance.

Recently there was a un-edited few minutes clip of the film in the Internet, it shows a bloodied Andy lying on the street as his blood flows like a river. The subtitles then remind not to trust people by your side, it seems to create some atmosphere for the film.

The film's theme song is composed by Andy while the music written by Eason and both of them will duet for the song. Andy expressed that he's involved in this film is kinda of affinity as all of them are very much involved during shooting, affecting each other's feeling, thus he still remembers clearly the shooting process.

Andy said: "The director gave me a huge space to develop, the shooting is like the title of the film, everyone are like brothers, everybody put in their best during shooting." After shooting completed, Andy praises: "Director Derek Chiu Shung Gei used a new angle to shoot this heroic film, it's deep, everyone thought that they could change and do good deeds, but no matter how hard they tried, this world cannot be changed."

In addition, Andy whom had return to Hong Kong after his concerts in China will be joining Eason and Michael in the Brothers music video premiere ceremony.

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, MingPao

Andy Lau, Twins and Eric Kot became the three most self esteem artistes among youngsters in a recent "Most Self Esteem Artist" selection. Andy Lau came in first, Twins at second and Eric Kot at third. This survey is organized by Dove Self Esteem Fund and conducted the survey with 500 students and Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association Limited.

Andy is the successful man role model of many Hongkongers, several of those whom are interviewed aren't his fans but it's undeniable that Andy's self esteem is revealed naturally. Andy's self esteem doesn't just include his appearance but his determination to his work. With regards to being picked as the most self esteem artist, Andy thanks the students' support as he thinks that self esteem does not comes from one's appearance but from one inner heart.

news from: Ming Pao

On 24 September, Andy Lau's concert concert tour had reached Changchun's 60,000 capacity stadium.

Once again, Andy's performance is flawless and the stage is amazing.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, September 24, 2007

Andy Lau and Jet Li collaborated in The Warlords, it was alleged that when Jet was filming the sworn brother ceremony, it was revealed that Jet is indeed illiterate, meanwhile Andy gave coaching to Jet for 45 minutes each day, thus sort of becoming his teacher. Yesterday, Andy made some clarification to the "illiterate Jet Li" allegation, he pointed out that director Peter Chan scolded them don't know how to read the words as "illiterate" thus creating such a beautiful misunderstanding.

Andy said that the script in The Warlord is very hard to memorize thus always said the wrong words during shooting, director Peter Chan then quipped that they are "illiterate" as no matter they always said the wrong words, never expected that the joke would become a misunderstanding. Andy praise Jet as a person well verse in language and martial arts, he read a lot and good in martial arts, he's a very knowledgeable person, can communicate well in English and Mandarin, he also read many books on Buddhism, he's should be considered as the modern martial arts scholar. Andy said that maybe Jet kept training his martial arts when young but does self reading to improve himself, he's a role model for the young.

Earlier, Andy was having his concert tour at Wenzhou, he was informed of the coming typhoon when he touched down, the location of his hotel is considered a danger area. The hotel staff informed its guests around midnight to ask them to shift to a safer location, but Andy's crew members refuse to leave as they need to look after the concert's equipments.

The hotel wanted them to sign a declaration form before allowing them to stay behind. Andy was very touched when told that his crew members wanted to look after the equipments even facing death, he said that success of a concert is not an individual's reward. He said: "An artist's success does not own it to his personal hard work, he also need the support of his crew members, many thanks to them for not afraid of the thunderstorm and stand by my side."

Due to the thunderstorm, Andy had prepared the worst of cancellation of his concert, luckily it was a fair and clear weather on the day of the concert because he had a praying ceremony during the afternoon's rehearsal and the rain began to stop. Andy sighed: "Really a big thank you, I've nothing much to say but just many thanks heaven for giving me such a beautiful night."

Andy successfully completed the performances in Wenzhou and Changchun. He is now on his way back to Hong Kong to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with his parents and celebrating his 46th birthday!

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Sina.com

| Friday, September 21, 2007

It would be crowded on the TV screen for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival as on 24 September, the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, the 9th Asia Art Festival gala show will be held in Jiangsu. Mega-stars like Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Jackie Chan, Rain, ShinHwa, Hideki Saijo and many other heavenly status actors and singers from Mainland China, Japan, Korea will gather at this gala show.

Ever since Andy and Tony wore the costume of The Duke of the Mount Deer and performed together on stage by singing a duet, they had never sing together again. From the reporter's understanding, when told that Andy had agreed to perform, Tony make no hesitation by agreeing to perform too as they would be duet the theme song of the film - Infernal Affairs.

Earlier, Andy had gathered the 3 tigers from TVB 5 Tigers to collaborate in a new film - Brothers but with the absence of Tony, it caused the media to allege that both of them are not on good terms, but Tony used his actions to perform in this gala to smash all allegations.

news from: Sina.com

| Wednesday, September 19, 2007

For the more than 10 shows of Andy Lau Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour, up till now, wherever he went or going could not deter the "heavenly king storm". For last week's concert at Nanjing, several fans climb onto trees or dashed through the barricade to catch the "king's performance", thus resulting in lost of crowd control.

Meanwhile for October 27's Shanghai concert, the tickets were sold out in August. After considering that one show would not be enough to satisfy the fans' love, the organizer had announced that they would be adding another show, within a few days, tickets for the additional show had sold around 70%. From the understanding of the Shanghai organizer, tickets for Andy's October 27 concert will go on sale on 15 August, within a space of 15 days, all the tickets which ranged from $120 - $1680 had been sold. Other than fans from Shanghai, fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Japan, America, Canada and other countries had called in to book their tickets. As one show could not satisfy the fans' high enthusiasm, the organizer than announced that they would be adding an additional show, thus Andy would be performing in Shanghai Eighty-Thousand-Seated Stadium for 2 nights on 27 and 28 October. The additional night had been 70% sold whereas the first show is a sold out.

When told of the news of an additional show, Andy appeared excited as he would prepare a surprise for Shanghai's fans. On 27 September, Andy would be celebrating his birthday, colliding with the golden weekends, the tour will stop for 2 weeks. Andy could seize the chance to take a rest. Andy expressed through the organizer that he's in a stage of pink health. After his birthday and long holiday, he would present a more perfect performance for the fans.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sina.com

| Monday, September 17, 2007

No salt, no oil, minimal carbs. No food after 7pm. That is how Andy Lau lost about 5kg in a month in the lead up to his concert in Nanjing, in eastern China last Friday, says Apple Daily.

There, the Hong Kong pop star wowed the crowd of about 40,000 by singing, dancing - and showing off his hard-earned abs. The report says that since about 10 years ago, the 45 years old has been going on a strict, almost taste-free diet whenever he wants to lose weight for a tour.

During the month that he is on diet, his mother will hold the salt and oil when she makes him soup. She also skins any meat she boils for the soup. The actor-singer does all himself a snack of fruit if he gets hungry. After all, he has to get through five-hour dance rehearsals every day.

To boost his energy, he also takes herbal tea prescribed by a Chinese physician, says Apple Daily. Wild ginseng and cordyceps are just some of the expensive ingredients for the tea. One dosage, at about HK$5,000 (S$970), is good only for three brews.

Lau goes back to eating regularly when the tour begins. He said last week: "I don't diet after the shows start. I eat three full meals every day. But midnight snacks are out." To the fans who posted on his website begging him not to get too thin, he added: "I feel in tip-top shape. Don't worry, I won't get any thinner."

The Andy Lau Diet

Breakfast: Peanut butter sandwich. Coffee with less sugar in it.

Lunch: Boiled vegetables. Boiled pork, chicken or fish.

Tea: Polo bun or butter on toast

Dinner: Boiled vegetables. Boiled pork, chicken or fish.

Snack: Apple, watermelon or honeydew melon.

news from: The Straits Times

| Sunday, September 16, 2007

Currently Andy Lau was busy with his concert tour in Mainland China. During his stop at Nanjing, he was being referred by the local media to be plying his mega-star status and made many requests. With regards to this, Andy still take some time off to share about this matter with his fans, he pointed out that in real life there is many different kind of trainings, one should learn how to face them. When interviewed through the telephone, he said that everyone does not know what actually happen, believed the local reporters just knew a little of the matter and does cause this misunderstanding.

Andy, whom also being praise for his good working attitude, he was recently been tagged by Mainland China reporters that during his Nanjing concert, he plied his mega-star status as he absent himself from the rehearsals.

With regards to such allegations, normally Andy would not answer them but last night he wrote a personal blog post titled "trainings", he wrote: "Family members, how are you feeling? The world is full with lots of different trainings, we must know how to face them, nobody could achieve the 100 marks in everybody's heart! Every person could only in their own recognized area and express their comments about people and things, what they hear and see, because it's not complete, thus there is a bit off, that's nothing, please don't waste time to discuss on this matter, I already know that you would be worry about my feelings, correct. It will affect me in the past, now it won't! I've seen through it! Just like Andox's uncle, there's always an area for me to develop, but after reading family members' comments, I have something to say, don't blame them and not angry about Nanjing."

In addition, the report alleged that Andy requested a grand makeup room at the backstage area, Andy then specially took some photographs as evidence, the so-called grand makeup room is just a simple and lousy tent, the truth of the allegation is out. During a long-distance telephone interview, Andy expressed that he's not angry of the allegation, he said: "I'm not angry, everybody know that this is not true, I think the local reporters only know a little of the matter then resulted in this misunderstanding, the media of Nanjing treated me very well, there are huge wordings to sing praise of my good and successful concert, the response from the audience is also good, it's unforgettable for me."

It seems that Andy had lost weight, he admitted that he indeed lost some weight as after singing the first 3 songs in the concert, he would be drenched in sweat and need to change his costume.

After than changing his soaked costume, the makeup artiste also need to touch up the makeup for him, because after 3 minutes the sweat would melt the makeup. Andy exclaimed that he need not starve himself in recent days as he had 3 meals everyday, because the stage is huge, he would digest his food after running 2 rounds. He also tried to eat more as he hope that his weight would drop anymore.

news from: Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News

| Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau sent out Andox and Andox's uncle in a comic story to narrate their experience on the private jet in a new blog post, the plane is very well-built and comes with pretty air stewardess.

Andox walked around the plane as it went to the pilot cabin and toilet because it was showing netizens around the plane. Andy and Andox also show off their family love on the plane as Andy personally helped Andox do a face mask, it was such a loving scene. Meanwhile, Andox and his uncle discussed on the topic on how the strong overcome the weak, thus they decided that they need to become strong ox.

Andox's uncle dragged Andox onto the private jet plane which will fly them to Nanjing. Andox refuse to board the plane without it's "mother" Andy, then Andox's uncle force it to go onto the plane.

Andox become active when it board the plane as he flirt with the air stewardess, Andox uncle ask Andox to go to the toilet but instead Andox pee in public. Andox also went to the pilot cabin and hear that the pilot was eating beef which scared the lights out of him.

Andox whom was still shivering in fear was told by his uncle that the pilot wanted to eat him, he was saying: "If we continue to become a ox that's useful, the selfish human will not eat us." These words enlights Andox which in terms console his uncle: "Talent will be of good use, the world will recognize our efforts."

Andox's head almost dropped off as he waited so long for Andy to board the plane, while Andy was boarding the plane, he waved at Andox. To reward Andox for waiting for him for so long, he personally help Andox do facial which is so comfortable that it fall asleep and even have a dream of Andy!

After his performance in Nanjing, Andy expressed in articles of magazines that he's glad that Andox had grown up during this concert tour.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News

| Friday, September 14, 2007

2007 Andy Lau Wonderful World Mainland China concert held it's 4th concert at Nanjing. Andy who had arrived in Nanjing earlier for rehearsal had performed a perfect performance for the awaiting fans.

The ever changing image of him sees him "flying" around to satisfy his craving of becoming a flying man.

The fans also made used of all ways to see their idol as some of them climbed onto tree to catch a glimpse of Andy, even with their life at risk.

However according to Sina.com reports, the boss of the organizing company complaint to the reporters that if Andy would to come and perform, he would take the job even he was paid $100,000,000 because it was too tiring.

Andy has a secretive schedule in Nanjing. To prevent the fans' chase, there was no arrangement of interviews by reporters or public appearance, even the organizer was not told of his schedule. Andy took a private jet to Nanjing and head straight to his hotel. He stayed at the 37th level presidential suite which cost $20,000 a night, the hotel also blocked and locked out 2 levels to prevent any disturbance from fans.

The local media and fans had no choice but to wait at the performing venue as Andy would need to rehearse there thus they could get in close contact with him. However, Andy did not appear and many fans managed to sneak into the stadium, the organizer could not clear them off the stadium thus resulting in some commotion. As Andy's rehearsal schedule is also kept secret, more than 100 waiting for him, finally there's news that Andy will arrive at the stadium.

Initially Andy was about to set off to the stadium but when told that even the back-door of the stadium's cafe was also jam-packed with fans, to prevent any commotion, Andy had to cancel the rehearsal and asked a "body double" to tried out the positioning on the stage.

The organizer told the media that they are unhappy of Andy's intention as everyone in the company is busy for him and he knew nothing about it. There's also allegations that Andy made many requests as in a private car and makeup room, the car was driven from Guangxi to Nanjing but was told that the car does not have the required facilities. To prevent from huge budget and worries of no returns, everybody is tired, thus if he will be paid $10000,000 he would also not become the organizer of the concert.

It was alleged that crazy fan Yang Lijuan whom "Become pretty have job foundation" sponsored her to Nanjing, it's said that the tight security might be related to her.

news from: ent.163.com, Sun News, MingPao

| Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Andy Lau is the spokesman for Cyma watches for the third year running, the latest Autumn season brand new poster had been released. Earlier, Andy took some time off for the photo shoot of the posters, it gave us a refreshing feeling as the photographer used black and white to present two different themes, giant fans were also used to create a "windy" feeling in order to capture the perfect effect.

The latest series made used of Andy's real life experience and findings to represent the slogan of "Never experienced how would you know". Andy thinks: "There are many things which you need to experience yourself before you will know the meaning within in. Take me being an artist for an example, I always continue to try new things, and done things that people admired me, if the audience didn't personally feel and experience it, that all my hard work and contribution is wasted."

In another poster, Andy wearing the automatic wrist watch and open his arms and looking into empty space, it's like an eagle opening its wings flying to the top of the mountain, it's like facing the cold wind and icy rain, he appeared enlighted. Meanwhile the theme of the poster: "After all the troubles, you would be enlighted with life's darkness and light." Andy said: "There are different challenges in every stage of your life, failure is unavoidable. But I believe that sunny days are more than cloudy days, although sometimes the sun is covered by the gray clouds but it will always be waiting for us, same to said when you experience ups and downs, we would have a brighter life."

Chengdu would be the last stop for Andy's 2007 Wonderful World Mainland China world tour in November. The ticketing office had expressed that they are all out to counter counterfeit tickets as the organizer had made use of the latest technology similar to fight counterfeit the Chinese notes. Meanwhile, the center of the ticket has the most advance electronic chip, each tickets has its own serial number, production of each ticket is different and unique.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po