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| Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Andy Lau, Yumiko Cheng and Wang Qiwen performed at TVB's Jade Solid Gold previous night. Andy appeared in a white shirt with black pants and tie.

His new song - 'Wo Tak Nei' become the number song in JSG. He also sang his old songs - An Mo Nu Lang and Wang Qing Shui live in jazz as he express: "I'm Man In Black, as I'm going to sing Jazz, it would be better to have a glass of red wine, but one prohibit to drink at this time slot." At the end of the programme, he almost had a fall when he was running up the stairs.

Andy whom had collaborate with Anthony Wong several times talked about his recent remarks on Jay Chou lack of acting skill in the movie Initial D and several deejays talks in a lazy manner, he show support to Anthony as he says: "I think he should stop being interview for the time being, surely he's a good guy, but had to add a 'strange' word in front, he means no harm, he had disturb me for more than 10 years, always comments that I don't know how to sing or act, but then nobody spread the news around, now being popular as he's a Best Actor, he's dead!"

Andy revealed that he always quarrel with Anthony until they were shooting Armageddon, as they wanted to study each other's acting thus they asked the director to act out a quarrel scene using their own dialogue as they're really angry of one another, thus they've to end the scene with "supper". Andy added: "After that incident, Anthony begin to comment that I show improvement."

Andy express that Anthony had not changed his way of scolding people but he just that he become more out-spoken now. With regards to Anthony does not admit to what he said, Andy thinks: "I don't know, if he had changed, he's no longer the old Anthony that I know, I was sad reading the articles, it damage his image."

Anthony once comment that Metro Radio's deejays were not clear in their pronunciation, Andy explains for him: "He graduate from arts, he stress on it, however we can't do anything on trend, sometimes when I was recording for a song, the producer asked me not to be too accurate in my pronunciation." Andy exclaim that he had a telephone conversation with Anthony whom express his unhappiness, he says: "I think his hurting words were being used as promotion, his intentions are good, but there's problem in his expression."

Wong Jing praise Andy is sincere to movies

Meanwhile, Wong Jing have a new comdey Kung Fu Mahjong to be screened next month was interviewed, when asked that it was 5 years ago that he shot a comedy, if he feel that comedy are not doing well in Hong Kong. He explains: "It's hard to film a comedy, thus all younger directors will avoid them and chose to shoot artistic movies. (Did you see any upcoming young director?) Their standard are poor, when compared, they'll lose out to new directors from Mainland China. (With regards to Andy Lau investing to promote new directors, what's your view?) Very positive, enthusiastic and sincere, but still have to see the end result, Andy is one of the few that had a heart for movies, he'll return back what he had gained from movies."

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, MingPao, Ta Kung Pao

With regards to Beijing prohibiting its artiste to endorse any comestic or beauty products or they'll be charged for commercial fraud. Many Hong Kong artistes expressed that they're more careful when chose endorsement of such products.

Andy Lau express that he had not endorse beauty products for many years. He says: "I would normally test the products myself, I'll endorse it if the product is good as it's different from apparel or shoes, thus had to chose carefully, thus if I've no time to test the product, I would just reject the offer."

Meanwhile, Gionee Communications commercial consultant revealed that the company will approach Andy as its endorser, they'll invest $10000,000 to cast Andy in a Feng Xiaogang directed commercial which will be broadcast in end of June or early July.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Monday, May 30, 2005

Last night, Andy Lau, Yumiko Cheng and Wang Qiwen(Mouse Love Rice fame) attended TVB's Jade Solid Gold.

Andy's new song - 'Wo Tak Nei' become the number one song as he sang the song live with his fans.

news from: Sina.com

| Sunday, May 29, 2005

In Jiangsu's Huai An Qing Xi business street, a group of bicycles hanged with a huge poster of Andy Lau (endorsement of a certain brand of apparel) ride past the street.

With the competitive market, all kinds of commercials was born, commercials is everywhere for the lifestyle of Chinese in Mainland China.

Andy Lau accepted Edward Lam's invitation to be interviewed in RTHK yesterday. Both sing praise of each other as Andy praise Edward's talented while in return he commented that Andy's acting kept improving.

Andy exclaim that he always hope to collaborate with Edward as he approach him earlier for a movie script, but Johnnie To was a step faster as he approached Edward first, however Andy will not be disappointed as he decided to asked Edward to write a script for him after he had completed Johnnie's script. Other than movies, Andy was also invited by Edward to sing the theme song for the musical The Great Entertainer, thus Andy also hope to collaborate a muscial with Edward.

Edward praise Andy had shown improvement in every movie, as Andy had lost his feeling of a star thus he need not seek changes and returns to acting with poses. Upon hearing, Andy quipped that he took 20 years to transformed himself into a acting category, never expected that this date, he heard advice that he need not changes. With regards to this, Edward gave his opinion as he pointed out that Andy still have a star's action in the movie Fulltime Killer. Andy explains that it was the requirement of the director as he also feel that it was unnatural.

Alan Tam mentioned in an earlier interview that if Andy were to become a showbiz magnate, he should retire and concentrate in backstage works. Andy quipped that if he were to retire, he rather not to become a showbiz magnate, on seeing that he set up his own company will let others think that he wanted to become a showbiz magnate, but that was not his intentions.

With regards to Alan's comments that maybe he was affected by the producer as he seems to sing Live better, Andy says: "I don't know how to answer, half he was correct, about the other half, let all of you guess!"

news from: Wei Wen Po, MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News

| Saturday, May 28, 2005

Alan Tam will be holding his solo concerts during the summer holidays. It was heard that his concert will be held from 25 August at the Hong Kong Coliesum, titled Alan Tam 30th Years of Love Concert, 10 nights were confirmed, there will be different performing special guest each night, and the first guest will be Andy Lau.

When asked why he approach Andy to be his first night's guest, he quoted that Andy sang one of his composition - 'Xia Yu Wan Shan'. Then, Andy was being put into cold storage by TVB, Alan then console and advice Andy, he told him to shoot 2 more years of movies before releasing an album, if not he need to work harder, that is 10 times more hardworking than others, differ yourself as an actor to become a singer, love your fans as though they're your family members, with the success that Andy is enjoying now, Alan feel happy for him.

With regards to Andy's singing, Alan pointed out that there are still room for improvement, he says: "I think he sound better when he sang Live, I don't know why, maybe due to the requirement of the producer or his focus, he's a tough guy."

In addition, Alan gave another advice to Andy: "If he really want to become a showbiz magnate, then you must concentrate in the backstage, you can't be on the stage and backstage together. Once I see him in a fan club gathering, he was full of ease on stage creating a good atmosphere, but when he came offstage, he was all exhausted on a bench, it's too hard for him, he's too tired as he need to handle everything, he should share the burden with someone else."

When talked about Andy when he first entered showbiz, Alan expose him as he says: "There was once when I perform onstage with him, he was suppose to duet my song with him, however he failed to remember any of the lyrics, as he could only 'lalala' throughout the song, then I told the audience that this is the 'La La Song' brought to you by Alan Tam, he had creativity."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News

| Thursday, May 26, 2005

Andy Lau whom had contribute his efforts and money into movies, his Focus Film had collaborate with Star Chinese Movies Network to produce 6 movies with 7 new directors. The first movie to start shooting had been confirmed to be Taiwanese director Lee Yun Chan's fairy tale Mermaid, Taiwanese Vivian Hsu stand a high chance for the female lead while the male lead will be either selected from Formula 17's Yang You-ning or Duncan, the movie will start shooting in Taiwan in June.

With regards to how Lee Yun Chan was discovered, movie company's spokesman says: "We had noticed Formula 17 and feel that it's been some time a Taiwanese movie to have such a good market, then when we attended the Golden Horse Film Awards, we met the production team whom were all very young, we feel that it's good and they recommend Lee Yun Chan to us. (Did Andy involve in selecting the cast?) Nope, He only stress on the script and won't be involved in selecting the cast, Andy always points out that the 6 movies must be meaningful but the way of presentation must be normal."

The other 6 directors were currently working out the scripts, like Ng Ching Po and Lee Kung Lok collaborated PG Parental Guidance and Lam Tze Chung's Free to Drink Tea.

PG Parental Guidance narrates a married middle-aged man facing the choice of an affair and getting along with his 16-years-old daughter. It was alleged that Leon Lai was cast for the character but his schedule could not permits. Meanwhile for Lam's movie, in order to discover newcomers, an audition will be held.

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tang Kin Kwok, Yu Kexin and Dou Dou discuss of collaboration

Since Yu Kexin published her book - Qing Hai Xing Kong - I and Andy Lau which create quite a stir. It was heard that a scriptwriter from Mainland China, Tang Kin Kwok had decided to bring the book to the silver screen as he invite Yu to his bungalow in Guangzhou for their first round of discussion.

Tang's idea is that Yu will not be another character in the movie, whereas she'll be like the female lead in Titanic whom will only narrates her memories, thus she will only appear in the beginning and the end of the movie, meanwhile a newcomer that resemble Andy will be chosen as he male lead.

Tang express that he had picked a newcomer who is 'Dou Dou' whom played the male lead character B in the musical Snow.Wolf.Lake. Yu was excited of the idea and has a high chance of collaboration.

Tang added that if nothing crops up, the movie will start shooting in September or October, he says: "We must respect history as we will be location shooting in the actual venue that Yu and Andy dates."

news from: SingPao

| Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Recently, many Hong Kong's newspapers received a secret email from Eric Ip with the content of Andy Lau's 80-years-old makeup looks in the movie Child's Dream. However, the movie company expressed that they never distributed any photographs and they made an announcement yesterday stating that many of Andy's photographs in Child's Dream were being stolen and had reported to the Hong Kong police, they also plea the media not to publish photographs from unknown sources.

Andy expressed that he'll leave the matter to the police and hope to find out the reason behind the stolen photographs. Director Chan Tak Sum was also annoyed at the incident, he says: "When I was told when I returned from Thailand last week, I was unhappy and stunned, I and Andy were very serious about these photographs and had discussed that we will distribute to the media later, we have photographs ranging from 1-80 years old, with some incident happen, I feel that it's unfair, the movie company will investigate on this matter."

Child's Dream will finish shooting at the end of April, currently it's undergoing post production. Andy's old makeup looks had been considered as top secret thus he always meet the fans with his own looks. It is because the investing company Media Asia had invested heavily to hire the makeup artiste whom had collaborate with Andy in Running On Karma for the old look's makeup, they are banking on it as the selling point for the movie.

With the photographs being stolen, Andy express that he wants to know the reason and take legal actions against misuse and violation of copyright. Meanwhile, spokesman of Andy's company - Focus Group had expressed that if anyone had received photographs from unreliable sources, please do not use them and should immediately contact them or the police to assist in investigation.

news from: Sina.com, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, SingPao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ming Pao, SingTao News

| Saturday, May 14, 2005

It was Friday the 12 yesterday as a big joke was being played. Around 12 midnight, there was allegations that a megastar was being brought in to Mongkok police station for procession of drugs. The news spreaded through showbiz and to the media, after some time, it was alleged to be Andy Lau which shocked everyone.

Our reporter immediatedly went to check but Andy was having steamboat in his house, when told of the allegations, he burst into laughters and doesn't want to explain, he went to sleep after filling his stomach.

While Andy's assitant was busy answering calls to clarify the matter, the victim was changed to Leon Lai then to Andy Hui, which is rather chaotic, thus the reporters went to Mongkok police station to wait for news. Leon later denies the matter while Andy Hui was in Mainland China. After waiting till night falls, the police and reporters dismissed and the matter was dissolved, it seems that someone played prank on Friday the 13th.

Although some younger celebrities were being caught for drug procession, but Andy and Leon whom had healthy image were being dragged into, which is rather disappointing, if discovered, the person whom started the allegation would be dead.

news from: Apple Daily News

| Thursday, May 12, 2005

Peter Lam's invested movie - Child's Dream starring Andy Lau had started shooting in March but the image of "80-years-old" Andy had been kept under wraps, the movie company even set rules to prevent the image from leaking but our magazine manage to discover a "80-years-old" Andy photograph widely distributed in the Internet. His face is full of wrinkles and spots, it look so real as you have to applause the makeup effect!

The movie narrates a small boy grow to 83-years-old after taking a medicine, thus there are many scenes where Andy will appear with the makeup, every makeup session will take up 5 hours and need a highly concentrated alcohol to wipe clean his face thus resulting to infection near the chin area.

Just looking at this photograph, you can confirm how "good" the movie will be!

news from: Xpweekly

It was alleged that since broken up with James Su, Lin Chiling's current boyfriend is Scott of HCG as they are often seen photographed together openly in public, her friends comments of Scott is that he's very obedient and one whom doesn't like to party.

With regards to Scott, Lin says: "We know each other when we were studying overseas and went out for fun together, after graduation, we occassionally will meet for movies, from the view of outsiders, we might be dating, I'm familiar with his family, his brother and sister are very cute, I even joked that I'll help them design their toilet bowl, when I went to his house, I immediately run to take a photograph with their product endorser - Andy Lau's photoboard. It's so fun."

news from: udnNews, udnNews

| Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Twins will be accepting Chinese New Year movies offers in the near future. In the past, they used to be supporting actress in Chinese New Year movies but this time round, they'll be the lead. Charlene Choi quipped that the action scenes will be passed to Gillian Chung while she will handle the artistic part.

As they had collaborate with Andy Lau only in commercials before and not in movies, they asked the reporters to relate the message to Andy that they could take up roles of 15 - 20 years old, they could also be his cousins as they are willing to take up roles of different age to suit Andy.

With regards to Andy's praise, Charlene expressed that she was delighted with Andy's comment.

news from: MingPao, Sina.com

| Monday, May 09, 2005

Nancy Seet, Kenny Kwan, Vangie Tang and Candy Lo attended a Mother's Day activity at the open space of Olympian-City yesterday.

Nancy proudly show off an English article sent by her eldest daughter from the States. Her eldest daughter whom was studying in UC Davis University in the States has been promoting Hong Kong movies to them as she successfully make Andy Lau and Tony Leung's Infernal Affairs to be screened in the university. She also arranged a newspaper to have a full-page report on Andy. A delighted Nancy always bring this Mother's Day present along with her.

news from: Oriental Daily News

| Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, Andy Lau and Chan Po Chu came out top among the mothers in a Commercial Radio 2005 Mother's Most Filial Male and Female Artiste.

The voting sent invitation to listeners of mother status to vote by calling in, Andy came out top but he would like to share his title with Chow Yun Fat as he thinks that Chow is very filial. On Mother's Day, he'll stay at home to accompany his mother. As her migrated sisters had returned to Hong Kong, thus the whole family will have a meal together. In previous years, he'll give present to his mother, there's no exception this year. He says: "My mother always dislike the present that I gave her, I've tried bring clothes and handbags back for exchange, I also tried buying mushrooms and seafood, but my mother asked me not to buy as she told me that I can never get a better price than her."

news from: Ta Kung Pao

| Friday, May 06, 2005

The copyright of hit song - Mouse Love Rice was bought by EMG and Twins were arranged to sing the Cantonese version, however Andy Lau was one step faster than Twins to sing this song!

The reporter discover a Andy pirated VCD in Guangzhou which has more than 30 low quality music videos, one of the song being Mouse Love Rice and states that it was sang by Andy!

The pirates wrote the Cantonese lyrics and ask for a cover singer and quoted the song sang by Andy, the music video of 'Chang Yan Dao' was used for Mouse Love Rice which is ridiculous!

With regards to this, Andy's management company's spokesman Ms Tam says: "It's impossible for Andy to sing this song because Andy is afraid of mouse, his hair will stand once he sing it, maybe he could sing Andy Loves Bowling!"

In addition, the song Mouse Love Rice had been popular in Hong Kong as it's the number one dedicated song in several KTV charts, the original Internet singer Wong Kai Men had been arranged to attend a RTHK programme at the end of the month to make his first appearance.

news from: Sun News

Johnathan Cheung Wing Hong had entered showbiz for 3 years, he had starred in Give Them A Chance, Infernal Affairs II and The Park. Johnathan exclaimed that he never thought of entering showbiz when he was still studying but when he went to learn kungfu after his graduation, his instructor happens to be a friend of Andy Lau thus he was signed up by TeamWork.

He says: "I'm always very proud of Andy, currently I still take note of what he does every year, I take him as my target, I hope I can be a Best Actor when I'm 40 years old, counting my fingers, I still have 17 years to reach my target."

He was once being referred as the god-son of Andy, does it makes him unhappy? He says: "He bring me into this business, when people remember of him first would be natural. Of course I feel pressurise! Lucky I've no problem with my own name, scared that it would affect others."

news from: SingTao News

| Thursday, May 05, 2005

Zhang Ziyi whom was described as 'China's gift to Hollywood' won praise from Andy Lau, when interviewed in a radio station programme he says: "She's great, she has great PR skills, she was yet popular when I know her, she even entrust Zhang Yimou to get an autograph from me. (So you think she's good?) As an artiste, out of 10 marks I'll give her 9 marks."

Among those whom also got 9 marks were Cecilia Cheung, Sammi Cheng and Charlene Choi, Andy added: "Hope Charlene can be more mature." With regards to his personal actresses with 10 marks, he says: "Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan and Jacqualine Wu."

Andy also reveal that his asking price had increased to HK$10 million from HK$8 million, he had accepted 3 new movie offers and he quipped: "Some bosses refuse to give me that amount! For Hong Kong artiste, it may considered expensive."

As Andy once exclaimed that he won't be investing in movies but he's currently investing in HD movies. Andy quipped that he'll only invest on his own and not collaborate with others.

In an earlier online voting for the Hong Kong version of Jewl in the Palace, both himself and Zhang Ziyi was chosen as the main leads as they garned the highest votes. With regards to Zhang Ziyi winning movie awards and picked for the female lead of Jewl in the Palace, Andy exclaim that she had her charisma, as he once collaborate with her before, he feel that she was very involved in her work and also wanted to improve herself. Andy knows that he is her idol as she once asked Zhang Yimou to help her get an autograph from me before she become popular. When she was still a student, she could not afford to buy the tickets to Andy's concert, she will dance for the security guard in hoping to let her into the concert.

Andy express that the real meaning behind his new song - 'Wo Tak Lei' is I Love You. When asked if he found his "cup of tea", will he forgo his career, he says: "Till then, my career will be changed from a huge matter to a small matter! However I won't be doing this as my career is part of my life." He added that he believe the one whom love him will know that he's happy only if he's working, it doesn't require to accompany your loved ones for 24 hours.

In addition, Anthony Wong was initially cast to be Andy's father in his new movie Child's Dream but Andy feel that Anthony is not suitable thus it was changed to Felix Wong. With regards to this, Andy exclaim that Anthony is not quite suitable for the role. When asked if he's worried that he'll anger Anthony, Andy says that he did told him and sing praise to him that he's a good and frank person, however he'll always be misunderstood as he do things anxiously.

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News

| Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Recently Andy Lau had been going to radio stations to promote his new song - I've Got You, yesterday he was interviewed by Sheila Chin in a radio programme. When Sheila asked him any matters that surprised him recently, Andy thought for a while and said that Kenny Kwan sang with feelings for his new song - Not To Be Too Sad When Broke Off (literatally translated), when he hear the song, he never expected that it was sang by Kenny as he feel that he had shown improvement.

Although many singers like Leon Lai, Miriam Yeung, Karen Mok and Nicholas Tse released their new songs at the same time but he prefers Kenny's new song as he explains that he would like to give newcomers a chance, furthermore he had shown improvement.

After watching a musical, East Wing West Wing 2005 – West Kowloon Story recently, Andy plans to add the songs from the musical into his albums as he hope to collaborate with Edward Lam. When told about matters that make him unhappy, he exclaimed that it was the toll increase of Eastern Harbour Tunnel, in act of objection, Andy rather to set off from home early and change his route thus avoiding Eastern Harbour Tunnel as he stress that the toll increase is unreasonable and lack of sincerity from the company.

As Mother's Day is approaching, a filial Andy had express that he had made an appointment with his family for a gathering, he decided to make glutinous chicken rice dumpling for his mother.

Andy also went to watch Michael Hui's talk show the previous night, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) Donald Tsang was also in attendance as Donald asked Andy how he keep fit.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao