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| Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From our understanding, Andy Lau and Nan Ying will duet 'Happy Niu Year' in the Chinese New Year gala show, this would be their second collaboration since they duet 'dong Fang Zhi Zhu'.

A crew member express that this segment is tailored for Andy, he said: "Next year is the year of the ox, during the Hong Kong handover in 1997, he duet 'dong Fang Zhi Zhu' with Nan Ying, we're all anticipating they collaborate again."

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com

| Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Future Cops is currently location shooting in Beijing. When Sina had a site visit on 27 December 2008. Barbie Hsu whom quipped that she would be so nervous till she could faint was shooting with Andy Lau, their chemistry can be seen. When talked about how close they get in the film, Andy sighed that it a big disappointment.

On the day of shooting, the crew were shooting the kidnapping scene of Andy and his daughter Xu Jiao and Barbie came to their rescue. All the actors were interviewed, Barbie whom was late for the interview session was neglected, Andy then seize the chance to introduce: "This is Xiao S." Barbie then coordinate with Andy by following up: "I'm Xiao S's elder sister, I'm Da S!" This allow everybody to feel the chemistry between two of them.

When being invited to be in the film, Barbie did exclaimed that she's unable to act normally opposite Andy at the beginning as it was like dreaming, before shooting starts she would need to get herself prepared, reminding herself not to faint. As the shooting get to mid point, although Andy is till her idol but the distance between them had disappear.

When talked about their love relationship scenes in the film, Andy said that this film focus on action, love is not the main content, because he had shot too many love films in the past. When asked if Andy gets to kiss Barbie, Barbie said: "Just hugging and kissing." Immediately Andy coordinate with her by sighing: "What a waste, what a waste."

With her sister having a blessed marriage, the media asked Barbie if she had found someone to protect her. Barbie was speechless as Andy immediately came to help her by saying: "This would have to depend on me!" This sentence helped Barbie as she said: "I'm going to faint again!"

Meanwhile, it was heard that for the upcoming Chinese New Year gala show, other than Jay Chou, Andy had confirmed his attendance to perform in the gala show.

news from: Sina.com

Popularity throughout Mainland China Andox and Box contract signing press conference was held at Beijing Happy Valley on 28 December. "Mummy" Andy Lau specially went onto the stage to dance and sing for his "sons", showing some support for them entering showbiz. With regards to the birth of the 2 sons, being the "mummy" Andy gave us a detailed answer.

When talked about his anticipation of his two sons, Andy expressed: "I specially hope that they could walked into everybody's family." Holding the role of father and mother to take care of these two children, Andy had tried his best, this time round he "married them out", this would make him more relaxed, "passing them to someone I can trust so that I can continue to work hard on my own work."

Talking about the birth of Andox and Box, Andy said: "In May 2007, I was out location shooting during Mother's Day thus I'm unable to wish my mother "Happy Mother's Day", thus I created a son to self experience being a mother, using this way to wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day, Andox was born this way, around one month later I feel that Andox would be lonely thus I created Box, it's just so simple, initially I never thought they would become what they are today, most of them I only introduce them to my fan club, then appearing in my concerts, slowly everybody know about them."

"For my 4 March 2009 concert, I'll be separated from Andox and Box, they will have their own performance in future." The performance of the two characters are very popular thus Andy would like them to be imaginary artistes to earn some money, "You could say that, but I'm not so sure now because they had not earn any money, haha!"

These 2 sons had already exceeded their cartoon character images and become his real family members, "They are not only imaginary cartoon characters, I always feel that they are people beside me, only belong in an imaginary world. When I was location shooting in Beijing and have no time taking care of them, but I will have a reunion with them in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year."

Becoming the mother of these 2 sons, there are sweetness and bitterness, "What I'm worry is their future and their behavior, I hope that they will have a good future, what's blessing is that I have them accompanying me when I'm lonely." When asked if he would favor any of them, Andy quipped: "Currently there is no favoring, this world is fair, I will love who whose performance is better."

If he had real children in future, will he consider allowing them to enter showbiz. Andy thinks that it would depend on the interest of the children, "Andox and Box loved music, they are more popular than me when comes to music events, thus I allow them to enter showbiz, if I have my own children in future, it would depend on whether he/she like it, but I feel that I should be worrying if I "have" children rather than whether my children would enter showbiz."

When asked what's his expectation of Andox and Box, Andy does not wish them to self learning, he said: "I'm in showbiz for so mnay years, my image is a great influence to children, thus I would like someone closer to children image to influence them more."

Becoming the mummy of Andox and Box, Andy admit that he's actively looking for a "father" for them for some time, "I've been looking around, due to my busy work, I have no time to find a suitable candidate."

Chinese New Year is round the corner, being filial, Andy exclaim that he would be duet 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' as a present for his parents.

news from: Sina.com

| Monday, December 29, 2008

Heavenly King Andy Lau appeared at Beijing Happy Valley for the contract signing of his 2 "sons". When interviewed, Andy revealed that the family of three will focus most of their work into Mainland China.

The 2 soft toys Andox and Box (Blackie) were born in Gansu during the location shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. Andox is white in color, has a caring and quiet character whereas younger brother Box is in black, is more active and loved to act cool.

Although they are not real idols but ever since the press conference of A Miracle World, Andy Lau's 2007 - 2008 concert tour and Andy's 2008 birthday party, two of them had been popular with fans, they were so popular that even their "mother" is jealous of their popularity.

Andy said: "Initially it's for fun, because it is Mother's Day thus wanted to have the feelings of becoming a mother". The birth of Andox and Box had touches the softest part of Andy, it allows him to discover truth and cutness, the mischievous kids will be the continuation of his showbiz.

Under the guidance of heavenly king "mummy", the 2 characters had all what it takes to be an artiste as they can sing, dance and host. At the contract signing ceremony, Andox and Box appeared in the center of the stage under the exchange of reality and magical world, their expression won cheers and applause.

Andy said: "Today is the first time I hear them singing 'Zhong Guo Niu', I'm very touched, because I knew they spend a long time to practice this song." 2009 is the year of the Ox, it's the year of Andy and his sons, this song represent the anticipation of Andy for his sons, it's also a blessing to China.

The press conference attracted 300 media and 1,400 fans. Andy also sang 'Cao Ren' with Andox and Box.

Andy quipped: "People would like to have a baseball or soccer team, but I would like to have an ox family of 12 different zodiac, thus they will have all kinds of characters and abilities, it will be a crowded affair."

With regards to the number one for the 2nd Mainland China Highest Commerical Value to become the artiste most worth the money.

Other than thanking everybody's support, he added: "I'm not know in future will there be a similar report for the most popular cartoon character for children, if there is, hope Andox and Box can be listed."

Andy also announced that the 20 years Andy World Club will be reaching from Hong Kong and Taiwan into Mainland China as a new branch will be set up in Shanghai in 2009, there will be a celebration party in Shanghai in February.

Andy said: "Many things happened in 2008, some good some bad, hope in the year 2009, everybody will be a happy year."

With regards of giving up his sons to be signed up by another company in Mainland China, Andy expressed that he was "forced" to sell to the boss, he said: "I have collaborate with boss Kim for a long time, that day I was telling him to help me promote my sons by signing them as his artistes. Boss Kim agrees to sign up both of my son and including me, in the end I also signed up for the benefit of my sons, now I hope the whole family can be taken good care by the boss!"

It is said that Andy will be releasing his new Cantonese album in early 2009 and continue his concert tour in March and April 2009.

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| Sunday, December 28, 2008

Future Cops had its location shooting at Wal-Mart Supercenter which is next to Beijing's Happy Valley. Director Wong Jing and art director Chan Siu-tung took care of 5 cameras shooting all angles of Andy Lau's daughter Xu Jiao being kidnapped, Barbie Hsu rescue people, Andy Lau exerted his "powers" till he could fly and goes underground. The professional Andy lie inside the ice-cold cement and Barbie looked good holding a gun, she quipped: "I wanted to hold 2 guns, but the director fear of any danger."

Andy had been Barbie's idol since young, to be able to collaborate with Andy for the first time, she expose: "I really does not know what am I doing, no matter its shooting or not shooting, whatever Andy said to me, I would be in a daze, even when a caring Andy help paste a thermal bag on my back, I didn't said thank you to him." Andy then quipped: "Barbie is like an adult now, she know what to do, please say you love me." Upon hearing, Barbie burst into laughters.

Actually Andy always asked Barbie how to be relax, Barbie said: "There is a scene opposite Andy, I failed to get it right, Andy then asked me to relax, asked me to think about it at the hotel, I discover the bad habit that I got from all the shooting of drama serial that is being too anxious is at it, after all the advice from Andy, I hope I can change and improve."

Even Andy is Barbie's mother idol, Barbie said: "When Andy had his concert in Taipei, my mother attended the concert even suffering from flu, with her sore throat she still shouted: Andy I Love you. Recently she used the intention of visiting me on site to come to Beijing to spend the new year together with Andy, I asked her not to come as we will be working."

news from: udn news

| Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was minus five degrees celius in Beijing yesterday, Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Xu Jiao were arranged to shoot a heart warming family scene in the studio for Future Cops.

Initially Andy was arranged to bare his chest and Fan Bingbing to wear a tight fitting sleeping robe, but at the actual shooting, both of them were all covered up.

From our understanding, Andy kept to his words as he does not want to show his bare chest. When asked by reporters, he explains: "I don't know, Fan Bingbing did not strip thus director Wong Jing asked me to wear back my top."

For this particular scene, Andy had a "discussion" with Fan Bingbing and Wong Jing in the nanny car for more than half an hour. The initial scheduled time of media visit at 2:00 pm was pushed back till 3:00pm. When Fan Bingbing made an appearance wearing a huge bath robe and revealed just her legs. Andy was wearing a thermal long coat and pants without socks!

In the end, Andy was wearing a singlet and Fan Bingbing wearing a huge bath robe. When both are asked, they said: "We do not know that we need to strip."

When talked about the limit that Andy can go during shooting, he said: "I've a bottom-line when comes to acting, I cannot appear on scene wearing just my underwear."

When talked about his image in the film, Andy said that he would be something like Transformer, he said: "I'll transform into a robot, less my heart and head, the other parts will be robot."

When reporters asked him what's his outlook of the future, he said that he don't think that the technology will be so advance in the future as per shown in the movie, he said: "I feel that the future's technologies will be not so advance, because human will slowly know the importance of natural, cherish ancient living."

When asked if he would have comical performance in the movie, Andy modestly expressed that he does not do comedy well, thus it will leave the job to Lo Kar Ying, "Ru Hua" and Blackie Chen Chien-Chou, he said: "I'm not comedy enough, thus we required so many comedians, I need someone to bring me out when shooting comedy."

Recently, there are many weddings in Hong Kong showbiz, Carina Lau, Michelle Reis and Vivian Chow all got married. When facing the "getting married" question, Andy did not changed his answer as he said that he would not reveal his love relationship to the public.

With regards to the shocking news of Vivian Chow getting married, Andy quipped: "I first hear the news of them getting married before knowing that they broke off a few days ago, anyway congratulations to them!"

In the film, Andy get to time travel, in 2085 his wife is Fan Bingbing and in 2008 his girlfriend is Barbie Hsu, Andy said: "It's nothing when a man has 2 women." He was asked that Xu Jiao is her daughter in the film, thus in real life how many children he like to have? Andy quipped: "It would depend on whether Fan Bingbing and Barbie has time for me."

Wearing back his thermal long coat, Andy was asked of his requirement to be his girlfriend, must the girl be the same as his mother? Andy said: "My wife must be able to accept my working conditions, normally woman would like their man to spend more time with them." When asked if his wife should be quiet or hyper-active, Andy said: "Quiet when outside and active at home."

2009 is the year of the ox, as his Chinese zodiac is ox, he was asked did he went to prayed for peace? Andy quipped: "My parents will help me prayed for me on my behalf, I just have to concentrate on my work."

Xu Jiao was the "son" of Stephen Chow in CJ7, now she's the daughter of Andy, when talked about the differences of two fathers, Xu Jiao said: "Both of them are concern of me, during shooting, Andy would asked me to go into the van to keep myself warm, it was also cold when shooting CJ7, Stephen would asked me to rest in the tents."

When talked about the guidance that both superstars gave her, Xu Jiao said that Stephen taught her the movements of Bruce Lee and some comical expressions, whereas Andy will teach her to get involved into the script.

In addition, Metro Radio music awards was held on Boxing Day. Despite his absence, Andy still won 3 awards which includes Best Original Composed Commercial Song, Hit Stage Performer and Hit Singer award.

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| Friday, December 26, 2008

"He's are a millionaire, his heart is awaiting to be released .... She's a dancer ... both of them met each other...." The story of prince charming meeting Cinderella had been repeated many times, but it will be the first time for the team that brought you Infernal Affairs. Recently, distributed by Huayi Brothers and Media Asia, directed by Andrew Lau, Looking For a Star had released a 1 minute 40 seconds trailer, with the couple of Andy Lau and Shu Qi as lead, all the romantic and beautiful scenes will be able to attract audiences during the festive holidays.

This film will be a 2008 Lunar New Year film and 2009 Valentine's Day film, to be opened in the cinemas on 26 January. Directed by Andrew Lau, Andy Lau and Shu Qi in the cast, the story arranged three different pairs of "couples" to show off their brave love without boundaries, the scenes are beautiful and romantic, the main attraction will be the millionaire's wedding, to bring the views and dreams of male and female into a reality.

In the trailer, you can see Andy and Shu Qi using Yoyo ball to make a wish under the sky, Shu Qi learning dancing from a master, the most romantic will be Andy and Shu Qi riding a "single horn monster" in the garden, believe the film will have many tactics that lovers would get to use on Valentine Day.

Other than Andy and Shu Qi, other couples included Zhang Han Yu and Denise Ho.

Watch the trailer here: http://video.sina.com.cn/ent/m/c/2008-12-25/195031321.shtml

news from: Sina.com

| Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wearing shiny diamond necklace and an elegant dress, Shu Qi has a smile of happiness and sweetness, sitting beside her is "Diamond Bachelor" Andy Lau, this is the fairy tale being presented in the poster of Looking For a Star, it will open in the cinema on 26 January.

In recent years, Andy had been cast in several major productions, it's also not the first time that Andy being cast as a "diamond bachelor", when asked how high grade is his "diamond", a gentleman Andy expressed: "Bachelor I am, whether I'm diamond would have to depend on everyone see me."

Shu Qi whom just concluded a love relationship with Ge You in If You Are The One and immediately goes into the hug of Andy, comparing these 2 "lovers", Shu Qi expressed: "It's more relax collaborating with Andy, because it's a fairy tale story." When talked about Ge You, Shu Qi expressed: "There are 2 different type of people, so hard to compare, but Ge You is more of a quiet person, Andy is more talkative."

It was said that Looking For A Star is a movie about "managing bread and love". Director Andrew Lau express: "Looking For A Star is more difficult to shoot when compared to Infernal Affairs. I added in a lot of tactics that I used when I'm in love, for example writing love letters and sending flowers."

news from: dnkb.com

| Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Even during the Lunar New Year, Andy Lau do not stop working as he's busying jetting around for his concerts, shooting of Future Cops, promotion of Looking For A Star, shooting of commercials.... currently he become the top choice creative artiste of Cow Parade Taipei 2009, the ox that he created will be unveiled for the first time on 24 December's Cow Parade Taipei 2009.

2009 is the year of the Ox, it will also be the 10th anniversary of the world's largest, famous and oldest international public arts creation activity Cow Parade. Andy whom was nicknamed an ox in Hong Kong is immediately invited by the organizer of Cow Parade Taipei 2009 to become the top choice creative artiste. Andy's ox will be displayed during the parade.

The organizer air freight the ox to Hong Kong in November, be it busy from day till night, Andy would also spend time creating this artistic ox. Andy says: "The annual Cow Parade had reached its 10th year, 2009 will be the year of the ox, I'm very lucky to be invited to be in this designing activity, the organizer gave me a large ox as design platform for me to create an artistic ox, maybe the organizer had witness the creation of my two sons, this is the show of my liking of designing ox. Thus I cannot take this easy, no matter how busy am I, I'll still make an effort to complete it, although it's a bit of rush, well it just meet the theme of the "rushing cow"."

Andy's creation is the combination of 40,000 rounded shape, using 3 dimensional to bring closeness, standing at different side of the ox, you can see Andox and Blackie standing at different direction. The point to point must be paste carefully in order for it to look nice, as there is only one ox, it would not make it in time if there's any failure, thus I can only open my eyes big and wide during creation.

When talked about there is a white mist when spraying the white paint and protection layer, Andy said: "The toughest and most funny part is the spray paint time as fear of the smell will affect those employees, when spraying the white paint and protection layer, there is a white mist, everywhere is white, only a mask mark on my face, lying down facing the ox stomach and stick on the nipples feel strange. After sticking the round shaped stickers, what I can see if black dots in my eyes."

When talked about the idea of his designed ox, Andy said: "I have an affinity with ox, my Chinese zodiac is ox, my first soft toy designs are also 2 ox: Andox and Blackie, I called these 2 creations of mine, my sons. I'm glad that I'm able to take part in this designing activity of Cow Parade Taipei 2009, it gives me another platform to design ox, I treat myself as the big ox, I've limited ideas, drew my 2 sons on the body of the ox, they're rushing towards Taipei, thus meet the theme of the festival, this is also a charity, this is some bits that we can do as a family."

With regards to this ox creation, Andy is excited as in recent years he fall in love with art painting. Andy once mentioned that he would like to learn painting, he would read some books on painting when he's free. No matter what type, he would like to learn, also hope to arrange time to learn from a master.

Towards the end of the year, Andy said: "Hope everything will be better, the financial tsunami be over soon and everything back to normal."

As Christmas is round the corner, the organizer arrange a musical car parade on 24 December from 6:30 - 9:30 pm, Andy's designed ox will also be paraded.

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