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| Sunday, February 27, 2005

Unveiling a prestigious new film award. Because even cruddy flicks can have their surprisingly cool moments.

Scorsese is up for another Oscar, same with Hilary Swank and Leonardo DiCaprio. zzzzz.. wha!? Oh excuse me, must have dozed off there for a moment. There weren't many surprises in the recent Academy Award nominations. But these days, surprises are hard to come by. If you leave out the thornier questions of quality and awards at all, some of the best film experiences you can have are the ones in which you have no expectations. You haven't read any reviews, you haven't seen any trailers, you haven't watched clips on Entertainment Tonight or been inundated with countless ads.

Many films will never be the belle of the ball on Oscar night, but they still deserve a little recognition. This being the season of awards ceremonies -- the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the Razzies -- perhaps we can add one more contender to the pack, the Tyeeies. Breaking away from the Hollywood formula of best actor, best adapted screenplay, etcetera., these awards will reward those odd little details that stay with you long after the film itself has ended -- those little surprises that add up to the joy of cinema.

Best Use of Foreign Food in a Foreign Film

Sometimes the best thing about foreign films is the foreign food, whether it's drinking Gazpacho in Pedro Almodavar's films, eating sweet buns in Shaolin Soccer, or, in the case of Infernal Affairs (Wu Jian Dao 2002) drinking bottled green tea. Food often plays an incidental role in the plot itself, but it the crucial little details that add up to the experience of another time and place.

The runner up is Infernal Affairs, the Hong Kong gang buster currently being remade by Scorsese, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Walhberg. Infernal is full of foody bits like Andy Lau gesturing at a fellow police officer to give him a drink by making the universal tippling motion, or the sequence where he arrives at the police station and is offered a cup of coffee by his fellow policemen, which signals his acceptance into their ranks. Whether it's the mafia boss eating his take-out dinner in the police station, or the heart stopping scene where the dueling moles, one cop, one robber, try to undo each other, while drinking copious amounts of green tea, Infernal Affairs makes you wish you were there rather than here. Part of that has to do with food. I'm not quite sure why, but like Mr. Proust was heard to say, "Give me a goddamn madeleine before I shoot your ass off," or something like that.

news from: The Tyee

Hosted by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society and sponsored by Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited, this highly anticipated annual entertainment event will be held from March 22 to April 6. This year's festival features 240 films from 41 different countries and regions. There are 338 shows scheduled during the 16-day film festival, and the selection of films from different cultural origins will most certainly satisfy audiences with a variety of tastes and demands.

This year, we are proud to have Christopher Doyle as our poster art director. The featured poster image was captured at the Cannes Film Festival by Christopher Doyle - a red carpet image showing his intense emotions and enthusiasm at that event. Beginning on March 22, HKIFF will have a series of promotional events at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and "red carpet" will be the centre of the focus and excitement.

The 29th HKIFF will have a series of events to celebrate. The year 2005 is also the 100th anniversary of Chinese filmmaking, and HKIFF will kick off the celebration by showing the 2005 digitally remastered version of the classic "Centre Stage", and we have invited lead actress Maggie Cheung, director Stanley Kwan and cast to mark the beginning of the opening ceremony.

With the advent of advanced technology, films can now be fully restored digitally, giving crystal clear picture quality and fresh new audio tracks that will lend a new cinematic experience to audiences of these classics.

The 29th HKIFF will also bring you a brand new experience - the largest air-screen for outdoor screenings ever in Asia!

Moreover, Andy Lau is the "Actor in Focus" of this year's HKIFF. Through 11 films that have been chosen from his filmography, we can peer into the marvelous spectrum of his acting and entertainment career. Andy Lau speaks of his participation: "It provides a chance for me to share my career insight, from the past to the present, through different screenings and words in this festival. The audience can also can experience my real self, so that I can say what I want and share my true experiences. I'm very proud to have a programme within the film festival."

Andy shows his support to this special event by presenting his well-known calligraphy skills. Banners with his artistic brushwork will be on display in different regions throughout the city. At the same time, HKIFF will be distributing a special publication of Andy's past personal interviews, analytical essays and filmography, which is essential to understanding, in detail, his development within the entertainment industry.

Banner locations and dates:

7-shape banners (2 versions):Date: 24/2/2005 - 7/4/2005
Place: Salisbury Road pedestrian railings (from Chatham Road South to Star Ferry) and Canton Road pedestrian railings (from Salisbury Road to the Gateway)

Lamp pole banners (1 version):Date: 24/2/2005 - 7/4/2005
Place: Island East, Island Central & West, Kowloon West Online and postal booking will start on 26 February, and counter booking will start on 17 March.

Press Inquiries : Pauly Lok
Contact Number : 2102 7380
Email Address : pauly_lok@hkiff.org.hk

news from: http://www.hkiff.org.hk/hkiff29/

| Saturday, February 26, 2005

Andy Lau exclaimed that his most unsatisfied movie is Prince of Temple Street as he feel that he didn't did his best as when he watch the movie now, he'll still get the goose pimples.

He exclaimed that he hope to re-shoot Lee Rock as the movie earns him his first nomination in the Hong Kong Films Awards. He feels that the character's outlook and inner feeling is not good enough, if he were to reprise the character, it'll be have a deeper insight.

news from: World Daily

It's known to all that Andy Lau has the support of Media Asia's Peter Lam and he shall not have much worries of him. However on 22 Feb, our reporter manage to catch Andy and EEG's Albert Yeung in a secret meeting. Around 1pm, Albert arrives with his bodyguards at Tai Tam Hong Kong Park View for a meal in his nanny car. 3 minutes later, Andy being chauffeured by his driver arrives without his assistant nor nanny and went in to meet Albert alone. Both had a meeting for 2 hours before leaving separately around 3 pm.

All along, Andy never seems to keep in touch with Albert, what the reason that they meet secretly? Frankly speaking, Andy's movies had the support of Lam but he's still a free agent for his music albums, therefore major record companies had approach Andy for collaboration. It's known that Music Nation had earlier approached Andy, therefore Andy may be meeting Albert for the discussion on collaboration for his music albums. But whom will inked a contract with him, Andy had yet decided, if you're him, of course will make your choice slowly!

Once it was sung 'One has to be alert on making money', but the times had changed, not that one can make by just being alert, if one don't have the substance, one cannot make it, if one have substance but not alert, again one will fail to make it. People are saying Andy knows how to make it , other than having the substance.

TVB presented a Most Popular Male Singer to him, he know to repay kindness as at the end of the year, he travelled deep to the nursery to teach all how to buy Chinese New Year flowers, he also gave a hands-on on how to make new year goodies. He also filmed a short film titled 'Strong' to encourage everyone as he accompany everyone from the first to the fifteen day of the Chinese New Year, have you ever see other singers repaying TVB after winning awards from the station? It doesn't stop there, he relief his Heavenly King status to sing Chinese New Year song, his song - 'Gong Xi Fai Cai' even edge out the other song sung by a group of new singer from EEG to become the highest air-play song in major radio stations during the festive period.

As a heavenly king, best actor and even become one of the 100 actor in Chinese movie 100 history, who upon reaching his state, when there is no worry on daily life, is still so humble and polite, still striving so hard ?

news from: Sudden Weekly

| Friday, February 25, 2005

A group photo with the other guests.

Andy greet the media with a smile.

Andy recieving his award.

Andy being interviewed at the press conference.

Andy and the compere.

Andy is full of smiles at the press conference.

Andy with his calligraphy - Hong Kong International Film Festival

More pictures here: URL 1 & URL 2

The 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival had been confirmed to be held on 22 March to 6 April as a press conference was held yesterday to announce the details. The organisers has selected 240 movies from 41 different countries to be screened in a total of 338 screenings during 16-days festival, different genres of movies were selected to satisfy the audiences' taste.

This year's festival invites Christopher Doyle to design a "red carpet" theme as poster. From 22 March, a series of activities will be held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, then the "red carpet" will be the searching point of buzz for Hongkongers.

Andy Lau whom had won several movie awards will be this year's festival in-focus figure as 11 Andy Lau movies were selected for screening which includes On the Wrong Track, The Unwritten Law, A Moment of Romance, Dances With Dragon, Saviour of the Soul, Casino Tycoon, What a Wonderful World, Running Out of Time, A Fighter's Blue, Love On A Diet, Infernal Affairs III to allow the audience to understand his acting history. Meanwhile, Andy also write a calligraphy for the Hong Kong International Film Festival as support, it will be used as a banner to be hang in all street lamps during the period of the festival. The organiser also specially publish a book on Andy which includes interviews, analysis focusing essays on him, his biography, filmography and introduction of his works.

Andy also attended the press conference yesterday as he exclaim that he had since acted in 111 movies and hope to become the most male lead actor as he quipped that he wish to break Kwan Tak Hing's record of 138 movies. Among his movies, Andy hope to share with audience his Saviour of the Soul which he lost he most money investing in and his tougest movie - Love On A Diet.

Having filmed more than 100 movies, so how many stages does he look in his acting career? Andy exclaimed that it's only one stage as the road is yet finished but yesterday is a turning point of his life. He feel that he's a commercial actor, Hong Kong International Film Festival seems some distance away from him but this year's theme - 'Let's movie!' seems to be pushing the movies to the mass audience.

The film festival will be screening 11 of his movies, he feel that the organisers missed out some of his movies, take Boat People for example but the quoted movie was screened in several movie festivals before. Other than Saviour of the Soul, he also like What a Wonderful World which is his lowest box-office taking movie. andy feel that Saviour of the Soul is similiar to The Matrix but just that it was shot 10 years earlier, later movies like Black Mask and The Heroic Trio were of the same theme. Andy still feel that the movie is up to standard and doesn't lose out after watching it several times. He quipped that his most memorable is the collaboration with Cora Miao in Boat People as he need to film a kissing scene with her in their first collaboration.

Anthony Wong and Lau Ching Wan were selected as In-focus Actor in the past film festivals, does Andy feel that his artistic status had raised? Andy quipped that they changed their image while he himself is still a commercial actor. When asked what's his weakness in acting? He quipped that it's intimate scenes as he would never take off his underwear. Therefore Johnnie To is the smartest as he make use of make-up technology to make Andy has a full nude performance in Running On Karma. Although he was frequently cast as the male lead, but in recent year's Magical Kitchen and Jiang Hu, he was the supporting actor, but he don't understand how he become the male lead in those movies.

news from: Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao, MingPao

| Thursday, February 24, 2005

Being the "In Focus Actor", Andy Lau attended the press conference of 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival. The organiser selected 11 Andy Lau movies to be screened during the festival, allowing all to understand his acting journey.

Andy express that Saviour of the Soul is his the movie that he's proud of throughout his acting career as Saviour of the Soul bring a new trend into the movie industry, the pioneer of Hollywood movie - The Matrix.

news from: metro radio

more pictures here

The Hong Kong version of Comical Dae Jang Gum was unveiled as many netizens changed the heads of several lead characters to of Hong Kong actors.

Among them, Andy Lau was turned into lead male character Min Jung-Ho while Lin Ching-hsia was upgrade to become Chosun Dynasty Emperess, Cecilia Cheung and Zhang Ziyi were also "casted" as villians.

news from: Next Magazine

Andy Lau and Gigi Leung specially take some time off to attend their good friend Chan Hoi Kei's programme - Direct From Hong Kong as special guest yesterday in support of Chan whom was leaving the programme. Andy whom was on holiday but still accepts Chan's interview, on supporting her, Andy says: "Today is like chatting with Hoi Kei in a coffee house, if I don't like it I won't be her."

In the programme, three of them discuss about the problems faced in the development of Hong Kong's arts and movies. In between, Andy reveal that he'll be investing in 6 movies to nurture a new batch of directors, therefore he'll be asking an increase which will total up to HK$8 million in his asking fees in the next 3 movies offers.

Andy explains: "When I asked around among some bosses to fork out HK$8 million for some new talented directors to shoot movie, nobody agrees as they'll run into difficulties in their budget planning, therefore I decided to increase my fees and will use the money for the new directors to work on their projects. I also stress that I won't be accepting their (the bosses) movie offer if they don't accept my increase in fees, the bosses says no problem to my increase. I've calculated that there will be an excess of HK$8 million, the money is enough for them to shoot 6 movies."

According to a newspaper report, Andy whom contribute a lot to the Hong Kong movie industry will be presented a In-Focus Actor award in 22 March's Hong Kong Movie Festival to reward his contribution in the movie industry. The organiser also selected 11 among the 120 Andy Lau movies for screening. Movie Critics Li Cheuk-to express that Andy is in the peak of his career and sing praise that he could remain popular for 20 years!

In addition, when talked about 24-years-old Korean actress Lee Eun-joo committed suicide due to stress in work, Andy sighs: "I did watch her movie - Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War before, she's a good actress, I feel that it's a pity when I heard this news." With regards to Andy who always seeking a breakthrough in his career and the difficulties that he encounter in his work recently, how to he handle pressure? Andy exclaim: "I've being in this line for so long, had already get used to it. Most important is your friends to tune our emotions." Then he mischievously look at his crew members and quipped: "I'm without stress whenever I work, because there're many people to be scolded by me! When I have a meeting earlier with them, I asked for their forgiveness. Haha!"

When talked about the current craze of Korean drama Dae Jang Gum which stars Lee Young-ae whom collaborate with him in a chocolate commerical in 1991, Andy says: "I remember her! She gave people a comfortable feeling, she was just a newcomer then."

Meanwhile, Gigi pointed out that Andy is an "alien" as he can't stop working. Gigi express: "Because Andy never stop working, he's full of energy, wanted to explain how he's so successful, he can be borrowed as a mirror, take him as a learning example, there'll be none other than him."

news from: Ta Kung Pao, MingPao, Apple Daily News, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News

| Wednesday, February 23, 2005

10th Golden Bauhinina Awards will be held on 6 March as this is the 10th anniversary, the organiser specially invited directors like Tsui Hark and Yan Hao, meanwhile the guests that had confirmed their attendance are Daniel Wu, Josie Ho, Yuan Hua, Yuan Qiu, Simon Yam and Bruce Liang.

In addition, although Andy Lau's A World Without Thieves failed to be nominated in the Hong Kong Films Awards, but it get to contest in the Best Movie award in Golden Bauhinina Awards. Thus, director Feng Xiaogang had already agreed to attend the prize presentation ceremony.

The ceremony will be broadcast by ATV, with the nominations of AWWT, Andy could appear on ATV programmes.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po

| Tuesday, February 22, 2005

With regards allegations that she will be signed up by Peter Lam's East Asia Entertainment, Sammi Cheng didn't rule out the possibility. When asked that she was being persuade to join East Asia by Leon Lai, she exclaimed that there are not such matter but she doesn't mind any chance of collaborating with him.

Although her manager do help out in East Asia Entertainment, but it won't affect Sammi's decision. She then expose that Andy Lau is in negiotations with East Asia as she took the initiative to ask the reporter if Andy Lau already signed up by East Asia Entertainment, when told that it was a joke, Sammi said: "It'll be great that Andy signed up with them! (What about you signed up with them and persuade Andy to join?) Haha, wait till he thinks that I'm one of the shareholder?" She exclaimed that Andy is her good partner and hope to collaborate again.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, SingPao

| Monday, February 21, 2005

This year is the 100th anniversary of Chinese movies, many countries celebrate the occassion, other than Hong Kong Films Awards to be presenting the Century Star award to Bruce Lee and invitations to several mega-stars to attend the celebration, being tagged as the Chinese Oscars - Chinese Movie Media Award had invited experienced movie personals to select China's 100 mega-stars, China's 100 Directors and China's 100 Movies.

The Chinese Movie Media Award is organised by Nanfang Daily and Guang Dong TV in appreciation to the actors and directors that had contributed to chinese movies in these 100 years. They had invited appraisal committee from the Golden Rooster Awards, Golden Horse Awards and 60 media appraisal associations to form the appraisal committee, Hong Kong senior movie personel Luo Ka and director Su Qi as the consultants. After 6 months, the committee selected China's 100 mega-stars, China's 100 Directors and China's 100 Movies and professional narrators were asked to record down the achievements and effect of these three '100' in chinese movies history, a memorabilia book titled Chinese Movies 100 Years will be published. Supporting organisations includes Xinhua Association, CCTV Movie Channel, CETV, Hong Kong Cable TV, People's Daily, Shanghai Youth Daily and 38 other media companies from China and Hong Kong.

Every name on the list are respectable figures, it includes deceased or current actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The deceased includes Ruan Lingyu, Bai Guang, Lin Feng, Liang Xing Bo, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, the current stars includes Chow Yun Fatt, Jackie Chan, Lin Ching-hsia, Stephen Chow, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung and Andy Lau. Among them, the organiser think that Andy had a definite influence in showbiz and society, with his outstanding performance in chinese movies for so many years and his healthy image, thus he was invited to be the Chinese Movie 100th anniversary ambassador.

The standrard of the committee doesn't just consider on the popularity but rather on the movies/person influence on society and history and their achievements as a standard therefore Kwan Tak Hing's popular portrayal of Huang Fei Hung, Cantonese Opera's Yam Kim Fai and Pak Sheut Sin to be nominated has been the talking point.

The organiser had decided to held the 5th Chinese Movies Media Award prize presentation ceremony on 20 March in Guangzhou with a chinese movies 100 years segment where 100 mega-stars are invited. Sources said that family members of Lai Man Wai and Bruce Lee are also invited as the organiser are currently contacting Bruce's daugther Shannon Lee to represent her father to recieve the award from super-fan Stephen Chow.

With regards to Chinese Movie 100th anniversary ambassador Andy Lau, his managerical company spokesman said in a telephone interview: "We did recieve the invitation, but currently Andy is on holiday, we can only answer once he return, of course he'll be honor to become the ambassador, but he's due for filming in March, we've to see his schedule if he could attend, we'll try our best to arrange time to show our support."

news from: Apple Daily News

| Sunday, February 20, 2005

The 5th Pepsi Music Charts music awards nomination list was announced earlier in Mainland China. Jay Zhou's name appeared the most times as he compete the Best Male Singer with Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung. He also got nominations in Best Album, Best Singer-Composer, Best Lyrics, Best Composition, Best Arrangement and Best Producer.

In addition, Andy also has many nominations, other than Best Male Singer, he's also in the running several Catonese songs awards for Best Male Singer, Best Album, Best Lyrics and composition.

news from: MingPao

| Friday, February 18, 2005

Media Asia Group and East Asia Entertainment held its spring dinner of more than 40 tables at Inter-Continental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, including lucky draw prize money, prizes, the total expenditure estimated to be around HK$2000,000. Several celebrities attended which includes Stanley Ho's foruth wife Angela Leung, Albert Yeung and wife, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Richie Ren, Michael Hui and wife, Anthony Wong, Nick Cheung, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Daniel Wu, Chan Po Chu, Josie Ho, Andrew Lau, Wong Jing, Cheung Yiu Wing , Winnie Yu, Nicola Cheung, Chapman To, Tin Yui Lee, Johnnie To and Dennis Law Sau Yiu.

Other than lucky draw and game segment, Richie and Terence Yin sing for the occassion.

In the past, Andy and Leon had being "fighting" with each other in their singing career, Andy acted in several Media Asia movies in recent years and Leon joined East Asia Entertainment, thus they meet each other and was arranged to sit in the same table. The compere request a duet by them, with the crowd in support, an enthusiastic Andy dragged Leon onstage to sing a duet for the first time after the Peter Lam and those present even dedicate which song to sing.

After dragging Leon onstage, Andy says: "We yet have a duet, I'm not sure if we have a chance in future and win the Best Duet award in music award ceremonies? Our fans please joint hands and support our song." After saying, the 2 Heavenly Kings sang Sam Hui's 'Lang Zi Xing Sheng'. They sang the duet well as Yuki Hsu and Nicola went onstage to present them with flowers.

As everyone is not satisfied, Andy invite Richie and Lam Ka Tung onstage to sing 'Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin', the compere then asked boss Peter onstage to sing a song. The compere says: "Hmm, what song should Mr. Lam sing, if Mr. Albert Yeung come onstage too won't be a problem." Yeung then quipped that he sing better than Andy in the past but now then he lost his vocal, he had stopped singing. Lam then joke as he look at Yeung: "We're the Old Twins." Although Yeung didn't went onstage but under the intensive persuasion of Andy, Peter finally went onstage and sing 'Ben Xiao Hai' with Andy, Leon and Richie. Andy quipped: "Let me introduce what is called 'ben xiao hai', those love to produce movies are 'ben xiao hai'." Peter then follows: "You (Andy) want to release an album with Leon, you can't signed up with another company, sign with my company!" Leon then help Andy: "You must state in the contract that you (Peter) won't file a lawsuit against him."

Yu Po Chu and Uncle Ba then donate HK$150,000 into Andy and Leon Charity Funds, Peter then sing 'Bin Yu' with the 2 Heavenly Kings in appreciation.

Although there's a downturn in the movie industry as the box office collection for Seoul Raiders isn't doing well, but Media Asia will continue to stretch its muscles this year as its business director revealed that the company will invest HK$300 million to produce 10 movies. Andrew Lau, Alan Mak and Chong Wen Keung will collaborate in 3 movies, Johnnie To 2 movies and the first movie to start shooting is Chan Tak Sum's Tong Mong which has a casting of Andy, Cherrie Ying and Karen Mok. Although Seoul Raiders's good box office collection in Hong Kong is less then ideal, but it was doing well in Mainland China and Malaysia.

Andy exclaimed that he doesn't like the title Tong Mong but the director refuse to change the title and it will be a fantasy drama which is similar to The Big Fish, it narrates himself being 13-years-old and grow old 10 years each day to become 83-years-old within 7 days. He feel that it's most difficult to play 23-years-old as he'll try his best to put on weight. Andy says: "I need to increase my weight till 160 pounds, thus I was rather relax during this festive period as I kept eating and my weight shot up to 150 pounds, my muscles shrink, after finish shooting for this age, I need to slim down again." When asked if he'll signed up with East Asia Entertainment, he says: "Nope, I'm still on holiday, we'll start discussing only in March, I welcome other companies to approach me."

news from: MingPao, SingTao News, Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Sun News, Sina.com, Oriental Daily News

| Thursday, February 17, 2005

Although many singers are people's idol, actually they themselves also have their own idol. Take Life Is Beautiful's Elise Liu for example as her idol is Andy Lau. Since working so long in Hong Kong, she cried when she thinks of her family members and when her work gets tough, Andy is another person that make her cry.

In an earlier award presentation ceremony, Elise met Andy for the first time as broke into tears due to being too nervous and was even being referred to be a small fans by her company's colleagues. However, Elise is still very nervous everytime she see Andy, luckily the other 3 members help her out to ask Andy to take a photograph together as remembrance and Andy oblign to their request.

At Sam Hui's concert, Elise meet up with Andy once again as she already knew that Andy was also invited by Sam to be his guest thus she arrived at the venue early and show him a song that she compose for him, however it's uncompleted. After seeing it, Andy encourage Elise to finish the composition before passing to him which delighted Elise.

news from: Tom.com

Nobody will object in referring Andy Lau to be the role model of showbiz, even during the "resting" festive period, he was still busy with the filming of the new movie - Tong Mong. When he manage to have some free time admist his busy schedule to be interviewed in Hong Kong, he leak the secret that many reowned directors hoped to collaborate with him in 2005, but he still craves the invitation from Zhang Yimou.

Felix Wong as Andy's father, it's no joke as this is the casting for the movie Tong Mong. When talked about this movie, Andy frowns as to act from a 23 to 83 years old is no easy feast. Andy says secretly: "In the movie, I'm a 13-years-old boy, Felix is my 30-something-years old father, but one day I met a magical doctor whom found a medicine where one can grow old 10 years within one day, after several days, I found myself to be 83-years-old, who will be older than my father played by Felix." This story is very comical as Felix will be his father and the chance to look like a 83-years-old.

The movie industry is watching at Andy Lau's acting as he didn't deny, he says: "Exactly, many people is willing to discuss with me regarding acting, Johnnie To told me that I didn't act well in House of the Flying Dagger, this never happen before." However, what makes Andy happy is when he met up with John Woo during the Golden Horse Film Awards, John expressed that he would like to collaborate with him, Andy express: "Maybe he's just joking!" During the Beijing directors gala, met up with Chen Kaige, even he told me his intention of a new image for me in his new movie. Among all the invitations, obviously Andy is eyeing on Zhang Yimou. He revealed: "Zhang did ask me if I'm able to accept his next movie, of course it's a good thing to be able to collaborate with reowned directors."

With his good results in the movie industry of Mainland China and Hong Kong, many people would like to ask if he'll seize the chance to venture into Hollywood? With regards to that, he seems to understand the situation and says: "I still don't understand what's there to venture into Hollywood, I don't mean it's bad going there, but you still have many partners to collaborate in Asia, I still have many characters yet to experience, why should I go?" When told that Chow Yun Fatt did quite well in Hollywood, Andy thinks that he should come back and he'll feel the 100% more respect from locals than from foreigners.

news from: Sina.com

Daniel Lee, director of A Fighter's Blues and Star Runner is prepared to start shooting a movie titled 'Jian Long Che Jia' based on the life of Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdom) victorious general Zhao Zi Long, chances are high for Andy Lau who's the newly crowned Best Actor of the Golden Horse Film Awards to be cast for the role.

Daniel whom was in Taipei International Book Fair promoting his book Sangokushi - 'Jian Long Che Jia'. Daniel listen to stories of Sangokushi since young as bedstories from his father thus it was always his dream to direct a movie based on Sangokushi, also in respect of his father. Andy whom collaborate with Daniel in A Fighter's Blues has a very high chance of collaborating again, however as the fundings are still under discussion, Daniel doesn't want to reveal anything.

Daniel exclaimed that he'll seek investment from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, estimated a budget of US$20000,000 and the movie will be shot in location in China. Andy will play a 70-years-old Zhao Zi Long thinking back of his younger days. It was heard that Daniel had a actors wish list for Zhao Zi Long and Lou Pin An (the guy whom betray Zhao) but the 2 actors could have problems collaborating thus the casting might have some changes, therefore he doesn't want to reval anything.

news from: China Daily Times

| Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's Valentine Day, Hong Kong Heavenly King Andy Lau and sexy actor Tony Leung are dream lovers of many female. However, did you know how Andy look like 20 years ago? Andy who was a newcomer in showbiz even have to perform dangerous acrobatic, whereas Tony was always block from the camera.

Do you know who's wearing the tight-fitting red suit, correct, he's Hong Kong Heavenly King Andy Lau who was 22-years-old then when he just entered showbiz, he had to do anything for the effect of the programme, he need to somersault, jumped the horse back, sprawled on the floor crawling like a centipede. After all these stunts, Andy gave us a smile, should be that he feel that everything was fine.

Meanwhile, Tony with his shy movements, almost caused Andy to fall during the acrobatic performance. Looking at the picture, Tony was blocked by the compere, no sight of him at all. However as times goes by, the past extras has become mega-stars.

news from: Yahoo! News

| Monday, February 14, 2005

God of Song Sam Hui's fifth night of his 2005 God of Song Chinese New Year Carnival was held at the fourth day of the new year with an 80% full audience. Other than 12 Girls Band, Ella Koon and Life Is Beautiful as performing guests, Andy Lau was the special performing guest and was introduced by Sam as the one who rule the showbiz in 2004. When Andy see Sam and joked: "I see you when I'm very young, but hope that you won't blame me for saying this, currently many people also keep telling me this."

However Sam doesn't mind at all as he says: "Doesn't matterm I also see myself as just 30-years-old." Andy then follow up: "You're right, I feel that you're reborn, so the next time when I have my solo concert, I'll ask you to be my performing guest." Sam agreed to Andy's request as he quipeed: "You belittle me, Ok, I agreed.".

Then both then went on to duet 'Lang Zi Xing Sheng' and under the request of the fans, he sing his Chinese New Year song - Gong Xi Fa Cai which bring the concert to greater heights.

After Andy, Ricky Hui make an appearance and he was also "scared" of Andy, he quipped: "When I see Andy at backstage, I almost have a heart attack when I think I'm dead for it when I'm suppose to sing after him." However Ricky did find out that there are fans carrying card board of his name before he said: "Wah, after singing for 40 years, this is the first time I see people carrying a card board of my name, feel delighted."

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Sun News, Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po, MingPao, Ta Kung Pao

| Sunday, February 13, 2005

For the past year, Andy Lau could be considered to be lucky from start to end as he recieve countless awards in movie and music awards ceremonies, of course he hope for a lucky year in the new year. Lam Ka Tung whom under Andy's company know how to do as he gave Andy a funny looking chinese new year flower to symbolise good fortune which made Andy all smiles as he immediately went to play with it. In return, Andy gave them abalones, ginseng and shark fin feast. He also personally decorate and clean up his 2000 square feet fan club house. A transformation from boss to maid.

As Andy has a strong family bond as he will always spend the Chinese New Year in hong Kong with his family, except this year as he jetted off last Saturday to Beijing for the preparation of the Chinese New Year Eve gala show, as it was the annual big event of CCTV, Andy had to stayed till the night of the first day of the new year before he return to Hong Kong to accompany his family members till he resume work on the 7th day of the new year, Andy says: "Normally it was said to be an auspicious day to start work on the 7th day."

Earlier, Andy invited Lam Ka Tung and god-daughter Ellis Tang to Andy World Club for reunion dinner as they take turns to give their boss new year presents, hoping that he'll be as lucky as the previous year. Lam gave Andy a elephant boxer shorts and a toy gun, there's a pair of ears at the centre of the boxer shorts, between them is the long nose of the elephant. It's erotic and comical, Andy can't help to play with the "elephant nose". Lam explains his reason for his present, he says: "Giving this boxer to my boss, hope he'll prosperity and wealthy, and a gun for him. " Andy exclaimed: "Wah! It's new year, not good to play with guns!" Lam continues: "An Elephant goes to battle with a gun, hope boss will face all problems bravely til the end, please don't think otherwise!" Andy burst into laughter upon knowing the meaning behind Lam's present.

Meanwhile, Ellis gave Andy home-made seasoned oranges, she says: "Hope god-father will sing for the whole year and has good voice, its good for the throat."

Andy thanks their kindness and specially arranged an abalones, ginseng and shark fin feast. In between Andy didn't forget to crack a joke as he gave the best sea cucumber to Ellis and quipped:" You wore so little material , have this to boost the body so that you'll not get cold!"

news from: Sudden Weekly

| Saturday, February 12, 2005

The recording of TVB Cruel Ring of A Bell was recorded last Wednesday where contestants dressed up as Japanese babes, flying dagger swordsman and even one whom sing and spit fire at the same time, however special guest judge Andy Lau didn't lose out as he cannot control his laughter in the studio, in the makeup room backstage, he and compere Hacken Lee and Joey Chun Leung Wing were chatting as he lift his T-shirt up to reveal his hair on his stomach. Wah, it's an eye feast for his fans!

news from: Sudden Weekly

Earlier Commerical Radio deejay invited Andy Lau to be her programme's special guest to talk about his recent years.

Andy exclaimed that he found out recently that many people whom care and love him. He describe that his old self is like Full Throttle as it only knows how to dash forward and won't stop for the care and concern for those at the side, not even saying a 'thank you' thus people think that he's cool.

In recent years, he tends to relax on his work then he found and learnt how to enjoy the love from others. Just like his friendship with one of Five Tigers Felix Wong was rebulit in recent years. Currently he had learn to seize time to gather with friends, in the midst of showing concern to friends ha also learnt to accept the concern from friends.

news from: Ta Kung Pao

In the year 2004, Andy Lau whom had a fruitful year in movies and music can be considered as emperor of emperor. Just like normal workers, after the new year holiday one need to return to work, however what is different is that what this "emperor" did id to distribute red packets to his employees, everyone has one, delights for everyone! The "emperor" also command to play the new year song - Gong Xi Fa Cai, wishing all Hongkongers, all good will comes and bad please go away!

When asked why the emperor has to personally handle the stuffs, Andy quipped: "You really think that I'm the emperor? This emperor's surname is Lau ('Liu'), how could he be a emperor? You need not do anything once you're the emperor? I've studied, it's tough being a emperor, in ancient China, emperor has to wake up 4-5 am in the morning to meet his officials, whereas peasants can sleep till the sun rises!"

Andy had played emperor several times in his acting but he doesn't look forward to the life of a emperor, he says: "He has too much responsibility, I rather be a peasant, life is simple and without worries, when asked me about politics, I knew nothing. With me believing in others easily, my countries can be easily cheated away, ha ha!"

It was heard that Andy being the boss emperor had been handling all matters, when our reporters paid them a visit to take photographs, the reporters personally witness that he roll up his sleeves and move the furniture away with his assistant for space to take photographs!

Every worker would dream to become a "worker emperor" (boss), so how would one become a emperor? Andy says seriously: "Put all efforts to your job, work hard and don't complain, willing to do is half success, if there's anything that you wish to attain, must think of ways to attain it, no matter how mych time and effort needed."

Andy remember the time when he was shooting Return of the Mount Deer as Kang Xi Emperor, in order to play the character well, he went to the library to read up reference books on official rankings and the accessories that a emperor wear until he fully understand, he says: "I'm hardworking to search for information to get myself into the character, therefore everyone still remember the Andy Lau emperor in Return of the Mount Deer."

Andy also quote the example of shooting Return of the Condor Heroes, he told the producers that he wanted to sing the theme song, while the producer agree but he was so busy until he sleep for 2 hours each day, so tired till could die, when the producer asked him for recording, he's so tired that he doesn't wish to sing. Andy quipped: "When I need my hair to be tied up, I ask for help so that I could sleep for another 1 hour! When I went for recording, Er Hu was one of the instrument used for live recording. After several bad recording, I vent my anger and say I won't be recording! The producer then told me that if I don't record it well, it'll become part of my history and I better think this properly! In the end I re-record and recorded for another 100 times before I recorded my best recording!"

Andy exclaim: "If I gave up the last time, there won't be today of me. Many time, when one fails, it doesn't mean that his skills lose out to others, therefore I hope everyone could use your every minute and seconds to make them exciting and worthwhile, thus no matter where you go, you're the emperor."

Return of the Mount Deer is Andy's drama serial 21 years ago, wearing the emperor suit again after 21 years, other than a naivete face, it has changed to one that is handsome and radiant. In the eyes of million, there aren't any difference between the Andy of today and 21 years ago, he's still the emperor in showbiz! So how Andy look at himself?

He quipped: "I just past 21 years only, still a hardworking perosn, I'm no emperor? You ask my employees, who will become my emperor? Just now when I ask them to pretend to collect teh red packets, they refuse, haha! They're the emperor! I ask them to work according to their will, therefore it's not fun being a boss, working emperor is the true emperor!"

Andy's fans and friends will tell him that it's tough working and envy him being a boss. Andy quipped: "You'll know its tough when you become the boss! Actually no matter what you did, most importantly is happy and satisfied, just like what I wrote: Happy can cure diseaster! Look on the bright side, think for others, you'll be happy no matter where you go!"

Before the photo-taking, Andy went to change into the dragon suit but he turn his head and apologise that he's waiting for his assistant for the red trousers as he told reporters that red trousers must be wear beneath the dragon suit.

One minute after taking the photograph, Andy remove his hat as it leave a round mark on his head, he quipped: "Teh hat is too heavy and tight, my head aches, tough to be a emperor!" His could-not-be-bothered attitude embarrassed the reporters, he had been enduring for so long without a word of complaint. A superstar is such an easy person to be with, he is earnest with his work, his earnestness has won the respect of all, the new-comers have a lot to learn from this Heavenly King Lau.

news from: tom.com