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| Thursday, August 31, 2006

Andy Lau was nominated for Best Actor with World Without Thieves and Best Supporting Actor with House of Flying Daggers at this year's Hundred Flowers Film Awards. A modest Andy said that he was already satisfied to be nominated.

Andy said: "I feel that they have recognised me by nominating me for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor as this really touches me."

With regards to winning the awards, Andy made the right choice to collaborate with Mainland China's film-makers.

Andy said: "I collaborate with many Mainland China actors, we're like a family."

Among the actors, Wang Baoqiang whom collaborate with him in World Without Thieves leaves him a deep impression. Andy says: "I still remember when I first meet him, he told me that he had no present for me except giving me a punch, he was sweating after playing with me for 3 minutes, this kid is very hardworking."

Among the other nominees, other than Andy, it also include Kungful Hustle's Stephen Chow, Fearless's Jet Li, The Myth and New Police Story's Jackie Chan, so which one did Andy tipped to win.

Andy says: "Stephen is liked by youngsters, the matures like Jackie, being a youngster and mature, but picking some points from them, Jet Li's Fearless is showing off his kungful, all these years he had moved audiences with his kungfu, I feel that it's great.... I really hope that I could collaborate with him, I have not collaborate with them, which is rather disappointed."

Andy whom had won numerous awards since entering showbiz, awards are not longer important to him, most importantly is to enjoy movies and continue to suprise the audience.

Andy says: "Please pay attention to the Hundred Flowers Film Awards, cast a vote for me, I'm Andy Lau."

news from: Sina.com

Andy Lau was in Beijing yesterday to attend the press conference of 2006 Hepatitis B Prevention and Educational Promotion Ambassador activity, as Andy was diagnosed to be a Hepatitis B virus carrier some 20 years ago, thus he was appointed as the ambassador for 2 years.

Other than shooting a commerical and music video with Lam Ka Tung, he also compose a song 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' as the theme song hoping to spread the message of Hepatitis B prevention. Andy revealed that when he was writing 'Xin Gan Bao Bei', he initially thought of naming it 'Gan Jiao Ji' (literally translated as liver is anxious) but forgo the idea as it would sound too serious. Andy expressed that he was delighted that Mainland China is promoting Hepatitis B prevention, he will do his best and work hard with everyone.

After Andy touched down at Beijing yesterday, the organiser arranged him to Beijing Friendship Hospital to visit 2 Hepatitis B patients, he was told that one of them was diagnosed with liver cancer, although battling against illness, both of them are still optimistic. Andy gave them his latest album as present.

Andy revealed that Hepatitis B is not dangerous as 1 among 10 people will be a carrier. When asked if he went to check, he expressed that some 20 years ago, he was screened to be a Hepatitis B carrier in a blood examination report, when the doctor told him in a relax manner: "Don't be afraid, nothing to worry about for a young man like you, just keep your body fit will do."

From then onwards, Andy will have a medical checkup every 3 months, with him working in showbiz where night and day were reversed, insufficient sleep will result in Hepatitis B, thus increasing the chances of getting liver cancer. When asked if he would reduce kissing and intimate scences to prevent spreading the virus? He says: "It won't be spread through kissing, however I have few kissing scenes in recent years, because many actresses reject kissing scenes because of their image or get criticised, the movie would also be classified as 2A or 2B."

In addition, with regards to a tabloid in Mainland China alleged that he was being gunned down, Andy express that he already knew about this report early this year, the publisher does not have any commercial license thus he would not pursuit the matter, he says: "I don't wish this to be used as a joke again."

news from: SingPao, Sing Tao News, MingPao, Sun News, udn news, Ta Kung Po, Sina.com

| Wednesday, August 30, 2006

After reporting Andy Lau's death several months ago, there is a website announced that a tabloid's headlines in Beijing state that Andy Lau was being gunned down yesterday, however a lively Andy appeared at the press conference thus it seems that the report is very creative.

The Beijing tabloid was selling in train stations with the content stating that how Andy got "killed", it narrates that Andy and his bodyguard set off to the outskirt of Kowloon, he encountered 6 gun men at Yu Fon Bridge which resulted that Andy and his bodyguard got killed, this happened because Andy has intimate relationship with the daughters of 2 secret societies' bosses in Hong Kong.

Andy's assistant replied to reporters: "There was such allegations at the end of last year, Andy will not answer to this, but he would reserve the rights to investigate this matter. Andy had just finished shooting of The Protege, he will be back to Hong Kong soon."

It's heard that Andy had arrived at Beijing for the promotion of his new album, thus fans need not worry!

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2006 would be held from 23 September to 8 August at 3 different cinemas where 67 Asian movies would be screened, actors from 7 Hong Kong produced movies attended the press conference yesterday.

Among the movies to be screened is one of Andy's Focus: First Cut project My Mother is a Belly Dancer which star Kristal Tin, Lam Ka-tung and Monie Tung. Lam expressed that he once took script to his boss (Andy) to go into production, however he was rejected by Andy as was told to carry on acting to earn money for the company. Lam added that he hope Andy would invest for him to produce movies as he currently has 2 scripts on hand which he had already passed one to the company, he hope that it will be made into a movie.

news from: Ming Pao, SingTao News

| Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Golden Harvest and DaChina set up Golden Harvest cinemas in Shenzhen and Golden Harvest C.E.O Raymond Chow Man Wai and his daughter attended the contract signing ceremony in Shenzhen.

As Golden Harvest focus on cinemas but when asked if it would do more movie production, he said: "A good movie require a good cinema to screen it, currently there are several new generation producers producing good movies, take Andy Lau's Focus: First Cuts is successful. I respected Andy, being an actor, he's willing to fork out the money to nurture new directors and actors, the spirit of gaining from movies contributing to movies is worth commenting! We also thought of doing something like Focus: First Cuts before, but we had no time, now that Andy had did it, we'll support them. Their small budget movie can also be screened, we're giving enough screening days for Hong Kong and Chinese movies."

When asked if Andy has the potential to become a movie magnate and become the successor to him, Raymond quipped: "I don't have the popularity that he has, he won't be happy upon hearing this." From the praises of Andy from Raymond, it seem that he had tipped Andy to be an important person in the movie industry.

news from: Wei Wen Po

The Hong Kong artistes could not stand paparazzi any longer, they made their feelings known again as more than 100 artistes from different generations gathered at Hong Kong's TVB Tseang Kwan O TV City to state their anger on Twin's Gillian Chung before photograph by Easy Finder magazine.

Those presented includes Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Sandra Ng, Rosamund Kwan, Nat Chan, Jaycee Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Pinky Cheung, Andrew Yuen and many representatives from the female groups and legislative committee.

Photographs of Gillian changing backstage in her concert in Malaysia were published on the cover of Easy Finder thus angering Hongkongers, after reporting the incident to the police, people in showbiz gather to seek action to be done to the offending media.

Andy whom initialy could not attend this activity also made an appearance as he says: "I'm in showbiz for so many years, be-friend several good reporters whom protect artistes, I'm one of the artiste that seldom suffered from paparazzi, I just wonder why some reporters whom photograph under the skirt still publish them, basically they're molesters, committed a crime, really don't understand why such a high educated person would publish such photographs? Gillian is the victim this time round, it's like my sister being photographed, I feel uneasy, standing behind me all represent a part of Hong Kong showbiz, what we had done wrong? If an artiste take drugs, that should be reported, I would join in to beat him up, but what's currently being done is the action of a sex pervert, the readers should not read this, if it's to satisfy the fantasy of the readers for publishing it, this is rubbish, if the one being photographed is your sister, how would you feel?"

news from: Ming Pao, udn news

| Monday, August 28, 2006

Recently many artistes got photographed by paparazzi without their notice, this caused a huge reaction from showbiz thus a press conference was held today where more than 100 showbiz personals which includes Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Nat Chan, Sandra Ng, Simon Yam, Eason Chan, Rosamund Kwan, Daniel Wu, representatives from female groups and legislative committee were present at TVB TV City to attend this activity named "Privacy.Respect" to show their anger at Easy Finder for publishing photographs of Gillian Chung changing in a changing room during her concert in Malaysia.

At the press conference, artistes took turns to express their anger on paparazzi.

Andy expressed that being in showbiz for so many years, he had a love-hate-relationship with the media, he hope that the media will reflect on themselves in order to allow artiste to work at ease.

news from: Sina.com

| Friday, August 25, 2006

Andy Lau is the spokesman of Cyma watches for South-east Asia again as the brand specially tailor-made the idea for the commercial, the slogan for the commercial - dash forward bravely, the eyes see the huge earth and sky, the sea is wide and skies empty (literally translated) is the same as Andy's philosophy of life.

Andy said: "I like being number 2, dashing forward for my target." In one of the commercial's image, a causual dressed Andy show off his "full of confidence for battle" eyes, posing in a confident looking far pose, with a camera on his left hand.

In another image, he become a jockey wearing a sporty wrist watch with a whip in hand, he's still handsome.

In a split second, he wore shirt and pants, wearing another range of wrist watch, loosen his tie and fold up his sleeves, leaning onto the side of the table with concentration on his work, showing off his passion for work.

In fact, Andy is very serious of the details of the commercial as he changed the leaning onto the table for several times as he wanted to have the most comfortable standing position and the effect would be more prefect.

Andy says: "In this world, if there's no expect you won't experience, then you can only see if you fight for it with 100%."

news from: SingTao News, MingPao, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po

| Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by Metro Radio's Sandy Chan as he talked about his personal lifestyle and his new album. He revealed that he perspire when he sleep thus when he woke up he would find a "water-print" of himself.

Thus, Andy went to seek help from a Chinese physician and was told that his body is "weak" and was currently undergoing treatment for this problem and it's improving.

In addition, due to his inherited high cholesterol problem, other than avoiding eating organs, he had to cut down on his favorite chicken wings. He seize the chance to recommend to listeners a light breakfast recipe, that's using the wrap commonly used for wrapping Beijing duck, applied with seafood paste and sesame sauce, it would be light and able to fill stomach. He quipped that TVB once suggested to him to appear in "handsome kitchen" together with Eric Tsang and Daniel Wu, he joked that he rejected the offer as Eric would be appearing together with him.

When talked about his new album, he exclaimed that he does not know how to sing the song 'Duo Chuo Shan Gan', but in the end he decided to sing it as the view of a doctor.

With regards to the photographs that comes with the album, Andy expressed that each photograph has its own theme, like the "sardine photograph" was to bring out the pressure suffering by those living in the city. He was initially requested to bare his body for the photograph, but he quipped that it would looked like too similiar as a sardine thus dropped the idea.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Apple Daily News

| Monday, August 21, 2006

Recently, Andy Lau and Charlene Choi went into the photo studio and took a series of photographs.

Andy is handsome with Charlene in company, both of them showing off their stuffs in the photo shoot.

Take a look.

news from: Sina.com

Currently, Andy Lau is in Chiangmai, Thailand location shooting for his movie The Protege, he was told of the news from his Hong Kong recording company that his new album Voice had been selling very well as there were additional orders from Mainland China and Taiwan, whereas it was sold out within 3 days in Singapore, this piece of news delights him. Thus, when the whole crew stopped work early 2 days ago, Andy treat them a grand seafood dinner to the 80 crew members from Thailand and Hong Kong to celebrate the occassion and it also happened to be Anita Yuen's last day of shooting in Thailand.

Andy exclaimed that he never expected the weather of Chiangmai to be cooler than Hong Kong, he also added that he see more paparazzis when compared to coconut trees and Thai babes. He says: "I could see many reporters when I reach Chiangmai, today I witness them moving into the same hotel as I was staying. Sigh! I initially thought that working here would not be tough as I could sun-tan and swim, because of their presence, I had to cancel my planning and I could only watch the tapes or DVDs in my hotel room after finished shooting."

In Protege, Andy's character is a drug lord as he brought police mole Daniel Wu to his drug factory in Thailand, thus the location shooting took place in the mountains.

Andy said: "Tomorrow, Anita and my "daughters" would be returning to Hong Kong, leaving me and Daniel to complete the shootings in the mountains, I was told that I'll be riding an elephant, there would be many mosquitoes at night, I asked the crew members to prepared insecticides to prevent being attacked by them. Actually the paparazzi can pack up and go home as really there are nothing for them to shoot, if they want to follow, they better be careful and bring along their own insecticides, if not they would be attacked by the mosquitoes at full force, haha!"

Meanwhile, director Derek Yee was recently interviewed by Mainland China's media as he talked about the actors that he had collaborated before, he referred Tony Leung Chiu Wai as an actor to be promoted which is different from Andy as his acting is like drinking red wine, must taste slowly, he feel that Tony's collaboration with Wong Kar Wai had reached the highest peak as they're too familiar with one another.

Derek whom had collaborated with Andy in Full Throttle and most recently The Protege, he feel that Andy had changed after this collaboration, his acting had matured and doesn't care too much of his image. With regards to Anthony Wong's saying that no matter how Andy changes, he's still Andy Lau, Derek feel that Anthony was saying the truth, Andy is not petty if it was another person, the person might not stomach this remark.

news from: Ta Kung Po, MingPao, Apple Daily News

| Friday, August 18, 2006

The news broke out in Beijing that Andy Lau had won the Asian Filmmaker of the Year at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) which is built on the success of his Focus: First Cuts project.

A delighted Andy invite director Ning Hao to celebrate the occasion and Crazy Stone ranking $20 million at the box office to become the year's box office champion.

Ning Hao's movie kept making news, being a $3000,000 low-budget movie manage to earn $20 million at the box office, thus being alleged that he would collaborate with Warner Bros. in a new movie titled Crazy Racing (literally translated).

Andy expressed that he had nothing to do with the new movie, he says: "If Ning Hao speaks out, I'll do my best to collaborate with him."

news from: yule.sohu.com

| Thursday, August 17, 2006

It was stars galore at Beijing's China Hotel on 16 August as Mainland China's leading movie company Huayi Brothers Multimedia Group celebrates its 12th birthday. This is a very crowded, star-stubbed celebration which attracted major stars and big wigs from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Before the cocktail party starts, there was a red carpet to welcome the guests and Huayi artistes. Celebrities that attended included Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Yu Quan, Nicky Wu, Raymond Wong, Tsui Hark, Alec Su, Zhou Xun, Feng Xiaogang, Liu Yi Fei, Tsui Siu Ming, Yuen Woh Ping and many other celebrities walked on the red carpet. More than hundreds of excited fans waved their posters and signboards, screaming out names of their idols.

Walking down the red carpet, the pairing of the old and young in Andy and Liu Yi Fei was the most eye-catching.

news from: Sina.com

Mainland China's movie company Huayi Brothers was celebrating its 12th birthday, it was a grand affair as many celebrities grace the event at Beijing's China Hotel.

Directors Feng Xiaogang and artistes like Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Zhou Xun, Ling Bingbing, Fan Bingbing were in attendance.

news from: yule.sohu.com

Andy Lau had been in showbiz for more than 20 years, he was once criticised to be a poor singer and actor, down the road, he won Most Popular Male Singer awards, Hong Kong Film Awards' Best Actor, even the HKAPA presented him Honorary Fellow Member, without much negative news of him, his professionalism had become a role model for current youngsters.

With regards to previous criticisms, Andy doesn't mind as he says: "Time can prove everything, although people do think that Andy Lau cannot make it, until today, there's still people thinks that I depend on my looks, but now I've lack the young people's anger, I don't feel much for these criticisms anymore."

Looking at his current success, Andy's career doesn't seems to have its lowest point? "In work, I've never tried it before, the previous lawsuits was not my unhappy moments, because for everything to happen, I will know what problems I'll be facing, must know what's losing face, then there's nothing that cannot be solved. Meanwhile I'm not unhappy at being mistaken, take for example that many people think I dread to become the Best Actor, if I don't win it I'll kill someone, actually it's not true, I'm just working hard to win awards, if it's mine I'll win it."

On awards, he's not anxious, like what he had said, he will get whatever for those which belongs to him, meanwhile the "fake awards" given to him by others leaves the deepest impression to him. "In 2000's Hong Kong Film Awards, I was nominated for Best Actor with Running Out of Time, the reporters were worried that I could not win, thus they made a plastic one for me, I'm so touched and happy, because they treated me well, thus I cherish that "award", it's not saying that the other awards are worthless, just like Outstanding Young Person and Outstanding Youth, it need hardwork to win it, that plastic award is given to me because people thought of me."

As an actor, going international is the ultimate dream, Andy had his chances, recently Maggie Cheung's ex-husband Olivier Assayas invited him to be his new movie's male lead, but he reject the offer as he had to shoot Derek Yee's The Protege, he says: "If you asked me why I won't feel pity or regret my decision, I can only said that I've no choice, I gave my words to The Protege, although Peter Chan when told did tell me that if I said so, he would be angry with me, but I don't like to do this, as I'm a man of my words, I'll do whatever I agreed."

In Andy's latest album Voice, almost all the songs reflected the current soceity, when asked if Andy need not care about the market? "It's not that I don't care about the market, I just feel that such songs are very rare, those mature people cannot find any songs to listen, furthermore all these songs are wordy, if love songs are like this would not have the feel, such songs would win the agreement of people. I'll continue to sing love songs, because female love to listen to love songs, no matter what you can still sing love songs even you're 60 years old."

There's a song in the latest album called 'Guan Shi Yin', he explain that the song's meaning is "Looking at the voices of the world", it's name is related to Buddhism. His beloved song of the album is 'Xin Zao' which he wrote the lyrics, this is a song for a friend. He says: "This song is a reflection to a friend, I asked myself if I'm a wide-hearted person, able to accept everything, if I quarrel with a person, I'll forget the next day, if there's one person I hate, he should reflect on himself, if people's friendship was bulit on benefits, it's worthless." He sighs: "I've said what I could say, if I quarrel with my friends time after time, maybe I'm in the wrong."

With the album titled as Voice, so what's his favorite voice? "I loved to listen to baby's laughters, because their laughters gave people a peaceful feeling, I remembered once I listen to an Italian music, it recorded different baby's laughters, the feeling is cute."

When an artiste attain the success of Andy and become the role model of everyone, of course will be pressurise, but Andy said confidentely: "I'm not pressurise, the Honorary Fellow Member proves that what I did was correct, they may not be singing praise of my acting, they are showing off my success in moral, I asked myself that I'm a responsible artiste, and my image is real and not tailor-made, if my image is not real, of course need to be extra careful, to maintain this fake image, I just wanted to be myself, being natural won't be pressurise."

It's still very far for Andy when comes to retirement, but he quipped that he won't leave showbiz totally as he had already leave a mark in showbiz, thus unable to leave it.

news from: SingPao

Andy Lau was awarded the Asian Filmmaker of the Year at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), as he was currently in Beijing, when told of the news, a delighted Andy exclaimed that all his years spent on movies were not wasted.

This Asian Filmmaker of the Year was presented every year to a Asian filmmaker whom had contributed to Asian movies. Most past winners were well-known directors which includes Iran's Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Taiwan's Hou Hsiao-hsien, last year it was presented to Japan's TV channel NHK as it had been doing its best to promote Asian movies since 1995.

At PIFF, it was said that 45-years-old Andy Lau had been in showbiz for more than 20 years, his performances includes TV, movies and singing, all with outstanding results. In recent years, he's involved in movie production works, setting up comany and nurturing new Asian directors which is a great influence in Asia.

Andy said: "When told that I've won this big award, other than being happy, it's some kind of consolidation. All these years, working hard to support movies are not wasted. Ever since I started Focus: First Cuts last year, even film distributors in Japan and Korea wanted to collaborate with me in the second Focus: First Cuts. They feel that this project is none other than a contribution to the movie industry, it's what Asia really needs. We will create a bigger and wider developing space, this delights me, because initially when I do this project is to give more developing chances to this business, with the current results, I hope my company will do better in the future."

In addition, one of Focus: First Cuts' project Crazy Stone had did well at the box office, while promoting his new album in Beijing, he took some time off to meet director Ning Hao and the Mainland China actors for dinner to celebrate. Andy brought along several autographed albums to those crew members present, he wrote some encouragaging words on the CD cover, hoping everyone to cherish the current success and continue to work hard for future movies. He also added that he recently thought of a good story and hope that it could be shot into a movie, considering to ask Ning Hao to direct.

He says: "This is a sports movie that talked about friendship, when I attended the Paralympic in Australia to show support to Hong Kong's athletes, I encountered an unforgettable incident, I witnessed a blind athlete doing the 400 metres run, he had a normal person to assist him, in the end, one athlete won and of course he got excited! Although his assistant had no winning medal but he had a satisfied and supportive expression, this touches me, I hope Ning Hao can direct such a movie. If everything goes well, I hope it can be shot in 2007."

news from: Ta Kung Pao, udn news

| Wednesday, August 16, 2006

With the loud and rapid drum beats, Qin dynasty terra-cotta soldiers, Andy Lau's brand new Cantonese album Voice was lauched in Beijing, his new song 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' was also launched in a special way by premiering through mobile phone networks.

When Andy was invited to come onstage by the compere, with the terra-cotta soldiers welcoming him, he quipped: "Woah, they looked more like SDU than terra-cotta soldiers!" as close to 300-400 fans erupted with screams, it seems that this heavenly king whom had been in showbiz for so many years had not lose his popularity.

Andy appeared in a black western suit with sports shoes, although his dyed hair had mixed reviews but a heavenly king is indeed the heavenly king as his mature voice attracts those present to scream. Andy quipped: "With this dyed hair, I seems to look older."

Andy also sang 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' to bring the event to greater heights.

Andy also introduced to everyone that this album also added with some rock flavour, R&B which he rarely touch on. The album's first hiot track 'Lei Duo Lei' is the song with rock elements, it's also the theme song of Andy's invested movie The Crazy Stone. In addition, Andy also explained the meaning of the song in Cantonese terms, he says: "Even I'm not good, everyone don't think about good, if my album's sales is not doing well doesn't means that everyone's album will also not do well." After saying, everyone burst into laughters.

The organiser also did a survey before the press conference with fans and many of them expressed that Andy's deep and male voice touches them every year, his 'Bing Yu', 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian', 'Lai Sheng Yuan', 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' and many other songs touches them to tears. When told, Andy said: "I really don't know what to say, all these years support is a big motivation for me. Only you still like me, support me, I will carry on singing!" Andy also revealed that his greatest wish now is to collbaorate with Lin Anxiu and Chen Yao Chuan whom he collborated with them in 'Wang Qing Shui', he said: "I hope that we could together write a song for the Olympics Games, to be able to sing at the games would be great, that's my longtome wish!"

With his 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' was very popular in Mainland China as it's the most popular mobile ringtone there with more than millions download within one week, the organisers also prepared 2 special gifts for Andy which were a crystal "echo wall" and a vinyl disc player which symbolise Andy's voice as classic and worth listen again repeatedly.

Andy exclaimed that he hate to hear the voices of war whereas the voice he loved to hear is her mother's, he said: "I love the voice of my mother when she scold me, although it's quite irritating, but it cannot don't exist."

In addition, Andy will be holding a celebration dinner with the director and actors of Crazy Stone due to its box office success in Mainland China today, when asked if he earn a lot of money with the movie, he said: "Nope, I've yet cpver my previous loss, but with this movie doing well, nobody can laugh at me losing money.

With regards to his earlier expression that he would find a script better than Brokeback Mountain and he expressed that he had yet to find it as his thoughts is only on the current shooting of The Protege. Due to the shooting, Andy dye his hair grey, he said: "Actually I can't stand this colour, to an idol like me, I feel so pressurise, it's like I'm 10 years older."

Meanwhile, he also revealed that he would continue to invest money to nurture new directors and Ning Hao's new movie script came from the winner of the script writing competition and added that he was not invited to act in the movie.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sun News, Sina.com